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r-reverie  asked:

YAAAAAYYYYY thank you so much!!! I'll let you know when I post it! ❤❤❤ And about the request........... It can be basically anything on Otayuri HAHAHAHA like headcanons on their Skype chats or how they act when they're visiting each other :3

Otayuri skype headcanons omfg:

-when they first connect otabek has learned to make sure his headphones are off.

-because yurio literally screams. like a f*cking pterodactyl. 

-otabek thinks it’s cute so he always starts smilin right away 

-yurio gets verbal diarrhea and will rant about random things that happened lately for about 3.5 minutes before Otabek can say more than “hi” or “oh, really” or “wow”

-”you should have seen the look on Yuuri’s face when i landed that quad he’d been working on for hours right in front of him! it was almost as good as winning the gpf, otabek. it was really was. OH did i already tell you about the mouse? i don’t think so. ok so..” all in one breath.

-when otabek begins to talk, he gains momentum slowly, till he’s almost as intense as yurio but not nearly as loud.

-yurio doesn’t want to stay in one place and carries his laptop all over his apartment and sits in weird places (on top of the back of his sofa, with his legs out the window, in the shower, on the kitchen floor leaned against the fridge…)

-otabek stays in one place mostly, and laughs because “one of these days, you’re going to drop your laptop out of the window. or yourself out of the window. what i mean is stop.”

-otabek likes it so much that he loses track of time when he and yurio talk. his coach wasn’t happy when he was a full hour late for practice. two days in a row.

-yurio tries to get otabek to play stupid games like truth or dare or twenty questions.

-otabek always says yes the third time he asks.

-otabek wishes yurio didn’t fall asleep on skype as often as he does because of course he likes to talk to yurio but he also kind of doesn’t mind so much because it’s frankly adorable to see him asleep.