he's sizing you up


Darry has a fight with Ponyboy’s new English Teacher…

You had a long night ahead of you grading paper that were due the next day, the whole week you had been awful sick and you just hadn’t gotten around to it. You sat in your classroom, it was way past 7, and you should’ve been gone hours ago. 

So, when a loud knocking sounded at your door you had to stop yourself from screaming. 

“Come in” You breathed, you looked up the moment the door opened and right before you, you saw the most beautiful set of pale blue eyes staring back at you… if he was the ocean he’d have swallowed you whole, and you weren’t sure if you’d mind. 

“Mrs Y/L/N, I presume?” He stated in a stern voice, he folded his arms and it seems as though he was sizing you up. Uh oh- confrontation- the last thing you needed. 

You assumed it was another Soc’s big brother wanting nothing more than to yell at you for giving their sibling a bad mark, maybe he’d even try to buy you off with money that you didn’t want. Maybe he’d threaten you like Charlie O’Brien’s big brother did last week… the possibilities were endless. 

“Yes, is there anything I can do for you, Mr…” You trailed off, waiting for the last name so you knew just what you were dealing with. You got up from off your chair and you extended your hand. 

“Mr Curtis. Ponyboy is my kid brother.” 

“Oh.” You said in surprise. “Is something wrong? Is he okay?” You were feeling slightly panicked, had something happened to him on the way home? Was it another no good Soc picking on the younger greaser kids? Did he get beat up? 

“He came home upset the other day, because of you!” His voice was raised and you involuntarily took a step back from him. “He said you accused him of plagiarism.” 

“Mr Curtis, please-” You tried to explain yourself. You felt horrible, you hadn’t meant for him to take it that way. 

“What you think that because he is a Greaser he is stupid? I’ll bet you’re one of those Socials that look down your nose at us. I’ll bet-”

“First of all, Mr Curtis” You yelled, closing the distance between the two of, so you were looking directly in his eyes. (or up at them). “Don’t you dare belittle me, you don’t know me.” 

“I know you’re a snobby soc that likes to take the credit away from the likes of my kid brother-”

“I’m a greaser, just like you, just like Ponyboy. I grew up on the East Side, my parent’s were so poor that they couldn’t afford to feed me and my three little brothers and sisters every night. We were so poor that we almost lost our home. I worked three jobs to help my parent’s keep our home and to feed us. You know how I got here? Pure dumb luck. I got a scholarship that probably shouldn’t have been given to me in the first place.” 

For the first time this afternoon Darry was silent. He didn’t know what to say to you. He was beginning to feel foolish. 

“But you know what I see when I look at your brother? A goddamn genius. He has something special Mr Curtis and it’s your duty to make sure he doesn’t lose that gift. He writes beautifully, he talks beautifully. One day he is going to make something of himself, he is going to leave us all behind. And let me tell you, I don’t know a single kid who deserves it more. And that is the truth.” 

“He said you accused him-” This time he was speaking softly, all suspicions of malice was lifted from his voice. 

“He took what I said the wrong way. I asked him to stay back after class and I asked him if he wrote it. And do you know why I asked him? Because it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s poetic, it is something you could never expect a young 15 year old kid to write. He writes of loss and tragedies… and he turns it into a masterpiece. I couldn’t comprehend someone so young writing something like this. So yes, I did ask him, but I never said I didn’t believe him.” 

You walked away from him, your heels clicking on the cold, wooden floor. You made your way to your desk and opened the draw, pulling out a 15 page document. 

“Read it, Mr Curtis. You’ll be lost for words.” 


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook taking a whole tissue roll and rolling it out across the living room.
*presses play on your phone and bgm starts playing*
*puts on his jacket and walkes on the tissue*
*stares at you*
“You are welcome to watch my model session if you want.” *continues walking to the beat*

Love Triumphs Chapter 5: Awkward Conversations

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1050 Words

Story Summary:  AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

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Frozen to your spot, you watched the interaction unfold between Jared, his kids and his ex wife. Not wanting to intrude, you thought about heading to the kitchen, joining Jensen and trying to hide. Before you could make a move, Jared was calling you over, a kid hanging off of each arm.

Nervously, you walked over, hating this moment. Knowing that the woman he had first loved was sizing you up. She had a polite smile on, as she studied you closely. Stopping by Jared, you took a deep breath, before she held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Gen, but you probably already knew that by now. And you are?”

“Y/N.” You answered, shaking her manicured hand as the boys clambered all over their dad like he was a playground.

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Jacksepticeye Imagine:Through the stomach- AKA Holiday Cookies with Jack!

Jack finished up his latest recording. The smell of your baking had started to fill the house an hour ago. It was driving him mad. Had he not been recording a longer playthrough video he would have joined you in the kitchen ages ago.

He walked down the hall toward the kitchen. Sugar. Vanilla. Cinnamon. Melted chocolate. Seeing as it was a few days before Christmas, he assumed you were stocking the house with holiday sweets. His stomach gurgled, and he rubbed at it.

Sometimes he swore you were trying to kill him. Because the first thing you said as he sized up the wire cooling racks of cookies he could see, was:

“Real food first.”

That was a thing with you, nowadays. A few months younger than him, you had recently experienced the downside of trying to make a meal out of sweet things. You didn’t want him to feel that sickly hideousness anytime soon. So real food. Then sweets.

Teasingly you ask:

“Do I need to get out the wooden spoon?”


You were deadly with wooden spoons and spatulas, as Mark could attest to. His knowledge came from a week spent in LA, where, over at his house for filming and you taking over the kitchen had led to an incident Jack had only heard from the couch.

Mark went into the kitchen, then there was a hurt-puppy yelp that could rival Chica. He came back out sucking on his fingers, the spot of a well-placed rubber spatula smack.

Dude. What did you mess with?” asked Jack

“I just wanted some frosting…” Mark groused, his inner seven-year-old shining through in a pout.

“Don’t mess with __________ in the kitchen. I learned that a long time ago.”

You still spoiled them both with huge chunks of cake for dessert. You weren’t heartless.

You teased once more before giving in, putting a plate with cake before Jack.

When Mark looked at you as if to say ‘where’s mine?’, You folded your arms across your chest. Fixing him with a stern look, you stated:

“Frosting thieves don’t get any of the finished product.”

You headed back into the kitchen.

You filled a cup with coffee for Jack sweetening it to his liking. You grinned at Jack’s failed attempt to stop his laughter. You smoothed your features back into sternness and went back to the boys.

You kissed Jack on the cheek and put his coffee down.

Going back, you made your own, sweetening it with vanilla creamer.

Hiding a plate behind you, you walked back.

Looking at Mark you tsked. You slid the other plate in front of him.

“You are worse than Chica. Those puppy eyes. Jeez. ”


“Hey, the real food is light. Then all the cookies you can handle.”

Grilled cheese and Creamy tomato rice soup were dished out and eaten.

You put the dishes into the sink to soak.

Jack was bouncing in his seat like Tigger. Could you really blame him? A whole plate of homemade holiday goodness was about to be his.

You placed a plate in front of him. Getting up, you fixed coffee for him and poured milk for yourself.

He couldn’t quite decide what to eat first.

Sugar cookies, with thick frosting, Chocolate crinkle cookies. Peanut Butter blossoms  Triple chocolate chip. Gingerbread and buttery shortbread. Others he couldn’t name.

You smiled as he chose one and took a bite, groaning softly.

That reaction is worth all the hard work.

imagine huddling up in a corner of your room because of the terrible emotions hitting hard. jimin would squat down in front of you, gently cup your cheeks with his hands and lift your head so that you’re looking directly into his eyes. “hey, listen. focus on me. it’s okay, it’s alright and you’re okay,” he’d say softly and press his lips on your forehead, giving you a long-lasting, comforting, gentle kiss. 

Preference #11 Height Difference

John Murphy:

You and Murphy honestly had no idea how much taller he is than you until he, playfully, walked up to you and sized you up and you looked up to meet his eyes and you were practically straining your neck.

Cisco Ramon:

Neither of you even thought to check the height factor, although, the rest of the team does. Considering you two are always standing next to each other it is quite obvious that the top of your head only reaches his eyes. 

Carl Grimes:

You both remember a while ago when you first met, it was after the incident with his mother at the prison. At this time, you were slightly, by an inch, taller than him. This became something you teased him about on a regular basis even after he grew to your height. This continued until you met again after you were separated when the prison fell when you both realized that he was indeed quite taller than you. This became something he teases you about on a regular basis.


Okay so this six foot giant is way taller than you, he knows it and he uses it. On occasion he’ll grab something you own and insists on holding it above his head whilst you, in his words ‘adorably’, jump for it. He does anytime you need cheering up.

Peter Parker:

Peter is only a couple centimeters taller than you but he doesn’t forget it, he’s constantly calling you ‘shorty’ and ‘short stuff’ and even ‘fun sized’. He loves being able to easily place his head on your shoulder when he hugs you from behind.

Head Canon of Big Bro Maui to Lil' Sis Moana

So Moana is a beautiful young woman now and a chief to be. Courting and marriage has to be on the table. So she starts allowing suitors to approach her.

Tui and Sina are like so besides themselves and are already having her traditional wedding garb made. However who does Moana marry? Should it be a good fisherman? Or maybe the best person, second to her and her father of course, who sails on her island. He definitely has to be kind and brave.

Maui finds out his little wayfinder is getting marriage offers. They didn’t have mail back then so maybe the ocean kind of was spying on her and just let him know. He decides to visit. You know, and size up the men vying for her hand.

He of course challenges them to ridiculous things like Hakas, arm wrestling, wrestling contests, and hunting trips to Lalotai. None of them can keep up with a Demi-God.

Maui is rather proud of himself, Tui and Sina are exacerbated, and Moana is pissy and goes for the oar and ear grab.

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What about one where the reader is Tony DiNozzo's sister, and married to Shawn, and gets shot?? Happy ending please w. some fluff maybe???

The two men in your life were having a staredown. Tony narrowed his eyes as he judged Shawn. He didn’t like Californians. And now his sister was married to one.
Shawn smiled coyly. “Are we having an eye battle, or are we eye lovemaking?”
Tony’s eyes slightly widened, but he didn’t let it phase him. “I’m just sizing you up.”
“Well, don’t forget my hair.” Tony’s brother in law reached up and smoothed back his locks. Tony grimaced. Great. Californians.
“Mister Spencer?” A nurse asked as He approached.
Shawn and Tony sprung up. “Yes?” They both said.
“I’m her husband.”
“And I’m her brother.”
The nurse nodded and looked down at his clipboard. “We removed the bullet from (Y/N) and stopped the blood loss, so she’s stable now. She’s in and out of conciseness. She said if you were both here,” he flipped another page. “You needed to get along or she would die.”
“Mm, she’s always been extreme.” Shawn nodded. “Especially when it comes to food. (Y/N)’s very passionate about gummy worms. Did you know that, Tony?”
Tony’s brows raised as the nurse walked away. Was… was this guy SERIOUSLY challenging him? “Yeah. Sour only. No gummy bears unless she’s sad.”
This time, Spencer was the one who looked slightly surprised. “Cheese?”
“On salad and soup, orange is fine. On sandwiches, white only.”
“She’s a little racist about her cheese colors.” Shawn leaned a little to Tony’s face. “What about onions?”
“Soft. No crunch.”
Shawn and Tony stared for a little while more, then sat back down. Even though they’d clash, maybe they could bond over one thing: how much you mattered to them.


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Undertales of Creation part 2

An undertale fan comic created by Cygniphantom

Undertale © Toby Fox

That ol Razzle Dazzle.

The woman raised her feeble hand to her eye to remove the prison allowing him to come out. Her body transformed into a tall lanky man with long hair and a tan. “Ladies and Gentlemen a pleasure..” he would boast flickering his hair in a flamboyant manner.  The figure smiled and did a little head nod with a manic laugh. “Name is Hallelujah. “The man would bow.  He would glide in a flamboyant manner to each side of the stage with his long lanky arms wide open.

“I need a volunteer. “  He would look into the crowd. “Someone would like to come up and help out. It will be real quick I promise. “He would wait until someone volunteer.  He would grin at the volunteer sizing them up. “Oh yes, you will do just fine.”  Hallelujah flicks his wrist and a tiny top hat would appear. He showed the audience and asked, “See anything yes or no?” He handed to the volunteer. “Please state if it’s empty. “

A smirk would grace his lips. “Now hand it back to me thank you.” Hallelujah did some hand tricks flipping the top hat to and fro. He popped it once and placed it upside down in the palm of his hand. He pulled out a skinny elegant sword. Hallelujah placed the top hat on the ground upside down. He took the sword and balanced the sword on his finger tip. With a few whirls and small dance he stopped.

Hallelujah placed the tip of the sword at his teeth tilting his head back the sword began to slide down his throat slowly. He would bend over showing the sword is down his throat with a wink he bends back up.  He would swing his hips side to side playfully. He motioned his assistant to grab the hat. He pulled another sword out. Hallelujah placed the tip on the teeth and it slides down his throat with ease.  

He would motion his assistant to grab the handle. He would grab the other and with a motion, they would pull the two swords out together. Hallelujah would showcase his assistant and would bow as well. “Thank you all. I must go for now. “He would wink once more raising his hand to be set back into his prison. The form would change back into the female that was standing there before.

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He’s sizing up someone giving him the cut eye from across the sidewalk. Hands tucked into pockets, the dude is no twig either, some sort of athlete no doubt. “Look man, I didn’t hit on your girl so knock it off.” Momo stated his case, but the guy remained waiting, as if wanting Momo to make the first move. No doubt a fight would break out, should either of them take the tiniest step forward.

The Game- Bad Boy BTS AU: Taehyung (Part 2)

Part 1

You drove him crazy, all throughout your first day in school, and you definitely were causing an impression.

You sat on the seat beside him, the one which was usually reserved for Jimin. Taehyung tried to warn you, but you merely shushed him with a swift hand gesture, as you took out a notepad and a pen. When Jimin arrived to class, about 5 minutes late as per usual, he looked at you in surprise. He stopped at the door, with his eyes open widely, and a cheeky smirk placed on his lips.

He was quick to change his demeanour, ready to impress you with his muscular physique, and his shirt a full size too tight, as he strutted up to you cockily.

“Cutie, you probably don’t know but that’s my seat.” He started off, ignoring the teacher’s disapproving look. The next line he had prepared was already on the tip of his tongue, ready to roll off as soon as you had excused yourself.

“If it’s so much of a big deal, you can sit on my lap cutie.” You replied, your facial expression depicting the perfect graphic definition of boredom. Jimin’s smirk froze, before he stared at you with utter shock.

The whole class burst into laughter at your attitude, no one had ever dared to sass Jimin like that before. He had girls falling at his feet wherever he stepped. Taehyung smirked at him with a knowing stare, kind of glad that you didn’t fall for his cheap pickup lines and old tricks, but also slightly turned on. He liked your attitude, he liked your rebellious nature, and how you quite clearly (In Suga’s own words) didn’t give a shit.

“Kitty got claws I see… Let’s see how long that lasts.” Jimin composed himself, not willing to lose to you, as he calmly found another seat behind Taehyung. You smiled to yourself, so satisfied you could almost hear yourself purring.

“If only your brain was as big as your ego…” You sighed, rolling your eyes dramatically. Taehyung began grinning, you sure were a handful, but he wasn’t one to give up easily, and god he loved a challenge.

Class ended, and you quickly packed your things, ready to go home. Your first day in school had undoubtedly been a success. You had established your persona, and you knew for a fact, at least your class knew who you were.

During lunch break, you sat by yourself at a table, eating whatever it was you had managed to buy at the cafeteria. Before you even knew it, you were surrounded by a group of popular people. Boys who were asking you out in the most slimy and obvious of ways, and girls who desperately wanted to be your friends in order to establish their popularity further. They were pathetic. You didn’t need them, you were fine alone. You had no intention of participating in this false show of social hierarchy.

You were too busy trying not to snap at these idiots, to notice Taehyung and his group staring at you from a table nearby.

“She’s hot, is she new?” Namjoon asked the boys, as he examined your figure. His eyes stopped at the undone buttons on your shirt, and his lips curled into a cheeky smirk.

“Who? Oh her? She’s the new girl. Everyone in class was talking about her I think.” Hoseok spoke, his eyes ungluing from those of his girlfriend very briefly to look at the new girl with obvious disinterest.

“Hoseok doesn’t care about her, he’s already got a girl.” Jungkook spoke, before taking a bite of his pizza.

“She’s hot alright, and she also has a terrible attitude.” Jimin spoke, as he side eyed you.

“You’re just bitter because she sassed you in front of everyone, and made you look like an ass.” Taehyung laughed loudly, as he patted his friend on the shoulder.

“She did what?” Namjoon asked, laughing loudly, his charming dimples poking through.

“Jimin tried to use one of his greasy pick up lines with her, and she completely flipped it on him!” Taehyung laughed, explaining the whole situation, making the whole table burst out laughing.

“To be fair, it’s nice to see there is finally someone here who doesn’t let you guys get away with everything.” Hoseok’s girlfriend spoke, before squeezing his hand lightly.

“I think what she needs is someone better, someone who knows how to deal with her.” Namjoon replied, smirking at her bored figure. Taehyung’s whole body tensed.

“No.” He replied quickly, his deep eyes narrowing into those of the older boy.

“Oh… Our little Tae has a crush I think.” Namjoon teased, knowing very well what he was doing.

“She’s hot. I want her. I called dibs on her earlier. She’s mine.” Taehyung replied rushed.

“You can’t call dibs on someone Taehyung!” Hoseok’s girlfriend glared at him, and Taehyung was about to open his mouth but he opted out of it.

“I don’t care. You guys watch, I can get her to fall for me in less than a month.” Taehyung claimed, as he turned around to look at you with desire burning in his eyes.

The game was on.

Living with pocket-sized Woozi means

Having to set an alarm in the middle of the night to make sure the little bundle of attitude and love for music actually goes to bed for real. First alarm is on his own tablet to remind him he couldn’t stay up any longer, and second alarm is on your phone. Pocket-sized Woozi cares about you too much thus he would always return to bed in time to turn off the alarm so he wouldn’t wake you up, and he’s also a (pocket-sized) man of his words so when he looks at your sleeping face he would remember the promise and reluctantly go to bed.

Bam Bam: You surprised him after his last concert and he was so happy to see you and he hugged you really tight but you quickly said “not too tight” he pulled away confused, since you always love his tight hugs. You look down at your tummy and his eyes follow and he notices the slight difference in size. He looked up at you quickly. “Are you pregnant..?” You look up at him and blushed, nodding. It was silent for a moment before he literally squealed. He picked you up and ran to the other guys, telling all of them about the baby you two would be having

Jackson: You paced around the bathroom trying to figure out how to tell him. He surely had to be wooried at this point, you being in the bathroom for 10 minutes. As you started to freak out more, there was a soft knock on the door. “Jagi is everything alright? You’ve been in there for a while” Jackson said through the door. “Uh y-yeah I’ll be out in a sec okay..?” you could hear him walk away and you sighed. Now or never. You came out holding the test behind your back. You walked over and handed it to him. He immediately threw uit being like “ew yo peed on that!” and then he looked down and actually looked at it. “Does a plus sign mean you’re pregnant…?” he asked quietly. “Y-Yeah…” He stood there in silence for a moment before hugging you tightly. “im gONNA BE A DAD!!! I CANT WAIT TO TELL THE GUYS!!!”

JB: He’d just know. Like you’d roll out of bed and run to the bathroom and throw up and he’d just be like ‘hmmmmmm’ and he’d think about like your recent actions and if you’ve had mood swings or anything because he would never let you get a cold. When you come back he immediately asks you. You hesitantly nod yes and he smiles widely. “We’re gonna have a family!” he giggled and you two cuddled all morning just talking about the future

JR: He was out with the guys when his phone buzzed. He looked at the text from you. ‘I need to tell you something’. He froze, nervous. ‘Cant it wait?’ he asked but you quickly replied with a no. ‘Okay what is it? Is everything alright?’ his phone didn’t buzz for 20 minutes. He got nervous. But when it finally buzzed he looked over and saw ‘Im pregnant’ on the screen. He grabbed his phone quickly and excused himself, calling you quickly. “Jagi are you sure?” “I’m sure, I just went to the doctor” “Oh my god.. I’m going to be a dad…” “Are you angry..?” “Of course I’m not, this is amazing. We can start a family now Jagi. How amazing..”

Mark: He came home early to surprise you but you weren’t in the living room. He walked around quietly and he heard you throwing up in the bathroom. He snuck up behind you and as he was about to ask you if you were okay, he saw the pregnancy test on the floor. positive. “Jagi” you literally jumped so much, he felt bad. “You’re.. pregnant?” you started at him with wide eyes before nodding weakly, scared of what he’ll say. He sits down next to you. “We’ll get through this together okay? You can do whatever you want. I want this baby, but if you don’t that’s your dicision okay? Okay” he kissed your cheek as you smiled weakly

Youngjae: You two were joking around and he poked your stomach a little roughly and you quickly told him to stop. He was surprised by the sudden reaction. “Don’t do that, Youngjae. Just don’t.” he was extremely confused. “Jagi is everything okay?” “Yeah just.. don’t do that again..” you looked away. “Jagi what’s wrong..?” “I was going to tell you this next week, on our anniversary, but.. I’m pregnant..” he stared up at you, his jaw dropped slight. “Really?” you nodded and teared up “Yah, don’t you dare cry, not over something so amazing” he kissed your cheek and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m here”

Yugyeom: You came to the studio to tell him. “Yugyeom, I need to talk to you in private” all the guys looked at you two with wide eyes. “Can’t you tell me here in front of my hyungs..?” You bit your lip. “No. We need to talk in private” He looked at Jackson worried before following you out into the hall. You two sat down. “What is it, Jagi? You’re not breaking up with me right?” You quickly shook your head and he let out a soft sigh. “Then what is it?” you took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant..” you closed your eyes and you looked down at your lap. He looked at you quickly “wh-what?” he whispered “I’m pregnant” “but we used protection” “they don’t always work yugyeom..” it was silent. “I… Wow um… I don’t know what to say.. I need a minute..” he got up and went back into the studio. The moment he was gone, you started crying. You knew he didn’t want this, he’s so young, it’ll just be bad publicity. A couple minutes later the door opened slowly and you wiped your eyes. You couldn’t look at him. “I’m gonna be a dad..?” you heard him whisper and you nodded. You suddenly heard an excited squeal and you were being hugged by him. “Jagi I’m so excited! This is amazing! I love you so much!” “I love you too Yugyeom”

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seokjin;; mini-love

❝based on this post by the lovely @pocketbangtan because omfg it’s sooo cute (( @kimseokjinsprincess ♥ ))
►636 words // pocket-Jin;; i couldn’t help myself imsry
© (photo credit) 

The house is oddly quiet today, though, usually with Seokjin around it shouldn’t be. You glance up from your book, to see him situated in the middle of the coffee table, as if he’s patiently waiting for something. He’s at the size of your palm, barely if he curls up into a seating position.

You discard your book, sit on the floor and eyeing him carefully. He should notice by now, but at how hard he’s staring at the large screen, he doesn’t.

You follow his gaze, of a random show before it pops up into something that brightens his eyes.

He’s jumping excitedly all of a sudden and you bite back a laugh at the way he’s throwing hearts at the screen. Literally.

You take your eyes from him, to see what’s gotten him all worked up and it seems to be an advertisement for—“Look at it, look!” He manages to grab onto one of your fingers when you hand it to him and he hugs onto your pinky finger, pressing his small cheek against it, “It’s so… pretty…” He murmurs in awe, falling to the glass to sit and he’s still clutching onto your pinky, his tiny puff of breath tickling your skin.

With a suppressed grin, you sort of know what to make your little pocket Seokjin happy.


“Hey! Where are you?!” You hear him yelling and for someone who looks so small, man, he sure can scream.

“Kitchen!” you say, and Seokjin groans, “I just left there! Come to the bedroom and get me!”

Rolling your eyes and setting everything up properly on the island, you make sure it’s perfect before you actually head on over to fetch him.

You see him on the bed, curled up in the sheets but you can still spot him.

“Jinnie, close your eyes, yeah?” You say, putting him in your hand and he raises a brow, fumbling with his sweater, “What? Why?”

“Just do it, please?” You say, and Seokjin’s a sucker for when you use that tone on him. He sighs, yet, his tiny palms going over his eyes, “I’m blind now!”

Chuckling, you walk and all Seokjin feels is like a rollercoaster ride. It was hard at first, but now he’s even gotten used to when you run, sprint. He feels himself being placed on a surface and his heartbeat quickens when you say open your eyes, Jinnie.

He moves his hands away, then his jaw falls to the floor when it’s—“I-It’s… this is… oh my god,”

It’s the same kitchen set he saw on the television, something that he would die for and now it’s in front of him. A mini kitchen set for a mini person, and for someone who adores food all day every day, Seokjin’s about to combust into happiness.

“This—is this—“he’s at lost for words, already smoothing his hands over the counters that feel foreign on his skin, loving how it’s buzzing with excitement because no fucking way—there’s a stove, microwave, oven, toaster and grill?!

“Don’t think I didn’t notice the way you were all sparkling eyes,” You chuckle, situating yourself on a stool, looking down on your little boy opening the fridge, gaping at—“There’s a full supply of ingredients!” He squeals and you’re smiling at how happy he is.

“Thank you!” He runs towards you and you catch him with a hand. He does something with his hands, and you bring him up to your shoulder. He climbs, making an effort to reach your cheek and he plants a kiss there. He kisses you too many times, on your cheek, then crawling over to your forehead, kissing the middle of your eyes then he slides down your nose and you catch him in time before he slips off.

“Now I can cook properly!” He hops off your palm, scrambling to the fridge where he buries himself inside, digging out the things he wants.

“What’re going to cook?” You ask, folding your arms on the island, watching him set the things he’d need on the counter, “Your favorite dish, of course!”


Read Part 1 here!

“Hey, you’ve seen (Y/n)- I mean kitty?” Dean snickered and Sam did the same, looking up from his computer screen.

“Uuuh no, now that you’re talking about it. No idea.” Sam shrugged inoccently.

You growled - a littel adorably actually - wanting to scratch at Dean’s feet but only pawing at them.

“Oh (Y/n)! There you are! I didn’t see you! It is kinds hard, though, considering your size” he chuckled as he bent to pick you up.

You growled at him, showing him your teeth but it actually made him laugh even more. He took hold of your one leg as you were about to scratch at him - if you actually could - taking hold of th other one as well with his other hand.

“Hey I saw a video with a cat and she could extend her body so much that it got insanely long, can you?” he held you by your paws.

You wanted to snap at him but it only came out as a quiet adorable ‘Meow’

“Huh? What was that (Y/n)? I didn’t really get it. Sorry I don’t speak cat-ish” he snickered, earning though a bitch-face from Sam and a roll of eyes from him.

“Look at you. Ain’t you cute, huh?” he grinned cheekily, moving you back and forth.

You really wanted to speak and snap at him but it only once agian came out as a ‘Meow’

“You know I was gonna throw you in the air” his words made your eyes widen “But I really don’t wanna have to deal with Sam’s bitch-face for the rest of the day while he tries to get you from up there”

Both you and Castiel let a small sigh of relief.

“Dean I really think you should stop teasing her. This is not funny” Castiel defended you and for the first time you could not be more thankfull about him.

“Hey you’re saying that because you did not see your face when she fell asleep ON it. Literally it was so much like (Y/n)! Sprawled all over your face literally!” he could hardly keep his laughter.

“Really? How did I miss that?” Sam could not keep his laughter either.

“It happened this morning, when you were out for supply run. You should have so seen him!”

“I just did not want to wake her up. She was comfortable, and I had not noticed it either when I was watching a show. She was next to me, I hd just fed her and was petting her at that moment. She wanted to sleep next to my head but then moved more and more and yeah.” he shrugged with a small smile.

“R-really?!” Sam exclaimed, unable to keep his laughter “Please tell me you go that on a photo!”

“Hells yeah!” Dean exclaimed.

You only glared at him, although he couldn’t really see it, but as you pawed at his hand you finally magaed to scratch him a little bit wich of course caught his attetnion. Maybe not the way you really wanted to though, because as he exclaimed at the small pain his grip on you immediately loosened which resulted in your falling. You first tried to hold on his shirt but your nails would just not come out now and the end result?

You landed in a place that if you did not have a furr you would be certainly blushing fifty shades of red.

“Whoa easy (Y/n)! Moving a little fast aren’t we? I mean it is completely fine by me but maybe we could wait till you are fully human again?” you certainly wanted to wipe off that smug grin from his face but you were too embarassed to care about that at the moment.

You only opted to growl at him, in a quiet adorable way let’s not forget that made him laugh more, but you moved away from there as quickly as you could and up to the table and away from him.

Sam did laugh a little but he still sympathized with you “Come on, Dean. Stop teasing her. Come here (Y/n). Promise I won’t do anything”

You were reluctant but you did decide to do as he told you and slowly, with steady steps - still not sure on how you should walk on four, until you finally made your way to him.

“Here” he smiled warmly at you, taking you in his big arms that made you feel all the more small and vulnerable.

“It’s ok. You’ve had a big day, maybe you could use some sleep” he sais softly, his chest lulling you even more to sleep as he held you against it. The warmth by both his hands and chest made it even more hard to resist sleep. His heartbeat only adding to it.

“Just sleep. We’ll take care of you” his low voice made it impossible for you to keep your eyes open and so you didn’t.

A sly grin spread on both their faces as they locked eyes. This was going to be a long week.

Imagine pocket-sized Dino making you hold one side of a gummy worm with your mouth so he can hold the other side and kiss.
Reality is, his mouth is too small to fit it and so it takes super long.
“I’ve seen this in the movies… It’s not working..” *continues to munch on the gummy*