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I received a message recently asking about it so I’m gonna give you guys a few more things about him. Links to more stuff about him here:  drawing 1 / drawing 2 / drawing 3 / drawing 4 / drawing 5 / drawing 6Comic 1 / Text 1 / Text 2  / Text  3 (bro I’ll make a masterpost or something eventually)

Headcanons for Resistance Lance

(in no particular order)

-Lance has been fighting since he could hold a blaster
-He lost his leg in an explosion he set to save others
-(^He thought he would die^)
-losing his leg quickly lead to him getting captured (shhhh)
-He has something he keeps close and private from team voltron to remind him of his family
-the first time he killed a galra was a horrible experience
-sometimes getting captured is part of the plan
-he collects trinkets from ships and planets and sticks them in the blue lion
-he’s never really owned a ‘ship’ he would hitchhike or trade them to throw the galra off of tracking him
-he’s more in tune with human tendancies than Keith
-Shiro can beat Lance in an arm wrestle but Lance can beat shiro in a leg wrestle
-Lance will take naps in Pidges cave and let her tinker with his leg
-his body needs quintessance to survive if he runs off of charge for too long he’ll get sick and die in a week or so
-he is a sneaky gymnist and really agile
-he’d rather hide than kill
-he underestimates humans they always seem to surprize him
-he love learning about earth from Hunk 
-Lance has a slightly muddied heritage (not pure altean but I’m not sure what)
-he fell onto earth with Shiro but neither one remembers a whole lot of that
-Keith when he goes to save shiro Lance is the first one he finds
-He started what is known as the Rise of Resistance
-He didn’t become the rebel until his first capture where he was going to be tormented and kept for being a ‘rare artifact’
-hes the first altean the galra have know about for a good thousand years (the rest have hidden themselves or mixed with other aliens so much they have no altean blood OR are captured and enslaved to the galra but generations of mistreatment has changed their appearance)


I can’t believe you were expelled because you laughed too hard at a gay joke.

probably how Keith got expelled lmao

bonus klance:

It was the only time he laughed at the Garrison’s too.
How do you know that?

this might be a stretch for a theory but hear me out: each of the members’ solo shots are seen in one area for the entire mv except for jinyoung and why is that? this is where each member died. jackson died on impact of the collision which is why he’s seen crashing through the wall the same time the car hits the barrier. jaebum died when the car crashed in the water which is why he’s seen on the top of the car as it’s submerging. yugyeom died on the way to the emergency room probably in the hallway as they were rushing him in. bambam died upon resuscitation, he’s wearing a mask (even though it’s a gas mask it’s emitting some sort of gas could represent oxygen). youngjae died while trying to break the car windows, he broke the glass case jinyoung was trapped in here and in hard carry and mark died while saving jinyoung, he swam back to rescue jinyoung from the accident and died from drowning. jinyoung is seen in all of scenes because he’s the only member to survive and go through each of these moments.


Sherlock checking up on John (John checking up on Sherlock)

“but if we can’t blame either batman or jason todd for the death of robin, who CAN we blame??”

One of my campers this week was a really sweet kid, very respectful and engaged, and honesty one of my favorites… but holy shit was he a weeaboo. He did the Naruto run everywhere he went, named a crab he caught on the beach “Sasuke”, and before every challenge course, he’d plop down in front of everyone in the lotus position and announce that he needed to “meditate” in order to “replenish his chakra”. Once, he did this in the middle of a dodgeball game and got nailed in the face by the ball. (He was fine, and thought it was almost as funny as everyone else did.)

To my surprise, his classmates just kind of rolled with this, and framed everything he did as a ninja challenge. After I got unclipped him from the giant swing, he shook his head sadly and announced that he’d failed his training by showing emotion and screaming.

  • [during sex]
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUKE!
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: I can explain
  • Naruto: It's a habit
  • Hinata: What?
  • Naruto: No, wait. What I mean is- the only person who shouts my name like that is Sasuke and I usually shout his name too, like, when we fight
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Naruto: I don't know. It's kind of our thing. We've been doing it for years.
  • Naruto: Well, not doing IT, you know, not like we just did. But that name thing, 'it.' I'm not in love with him, I swear! At least, not the same way I'm in love with you.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: I mean, we only kissed once, and it was totally an accident.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: Or, twice, unless you count that other time-
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUK- Hinata, I meant to say Hinata, see? It's like a reflex.
  • Hinata: Go sleep on the couch while I think about this relationship.
  • Naruto: Fine, but can I ask you something?
  • Hinata: *hopeful* Yes?
  • Naruto: By 'this relationship,' did you mean yours and mine or mine and Sasuke's?
  • Hinata: Get out.