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Anon requests: hey hey hey :) i was wondering if i could request a jughead x reader where they’re best friends have been for as long as anyone could remember, but they’ve been in a relationship for quite a while now and nobody knows until the others (betty, kev, veronica and archie) notice one night when they’re all at pops that reader and jughead are sharing quick glances and yeah i think you might get what i mean, you don’t have to but i thought it was pretty cute :) x

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: The reader and Jughead have been keeping their relationship a secret, but their friends are growing tired of the sexual tension

Warnings: none

Word count: 715

A/N: so we hit 300 followers today?? This is insane, thank you guys so much for the support, you are all incredible!! Enjoy!

The heels of my boots clicked against the floor as I walked down the school hallway.  I scanned everyone’s faces, searching for my boyfriend. An arm grabbed me and pulled me into an empty classroom.  I looked up and saw my boyfriend.

“Jug!” I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist.  “You know I have to get to French class in a few minutes.”

“I know,” he smirked, “which means we have a few minutes.”  I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“The bell’s gonna ring any second,” I whispered, my face inching closer to his.  Jughead’s smirk faded into a smile as he leaned in.

“Better make every second count then,” he replied.  Our lips were millimeters apart when the bell rang, causing me to jump out of his arms. When I saw him pouting, I winked before exiting the room.

“Au revoir, Jughead,” I called over my shoulder.  He rolled his eyes, but there was a smile etched on his face.

Later that day, I was sitting with Betty and Veronica at lunch.  

“So you’re still coming to Pop’s tonight, right (Y/N)?” Betty asked.  I smiled and nodded.

“Of course!” I replied.

“And will Jughead be joining us tonight?” Veronica asked, her lips curving upwards in a smirk.  I rolled my eyes but nodded.

“Yes he is,” I responded. Betty and Veronica shared a smirk, causing me to shake my head.  “Oh my god, guys, I know what you’re thinking.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Veronica waved her hand, dismissing me.  “I know what you’re gonna say.  You and Jughead have been BFFs since day one and blah blah blah ruin friendship and so on so forth.”  She shook her head.  “Whatever. You know what we have to say, and it’s your choice.”  I laughed to myself, amused by Veronica and Betty’s lack of knowledge about mine and Jughead’s relationship.  For a second, I considered telling them the truth.  Instead, I just smiled and shrugged nonchalantly.

Jughead was the first person to arrive at Pop’s that evening.  Once I arrived, he perked up and waved me over to the booth.  When I sat down, he pecked me on the lips.  I playfully pushed him away.

“Our friends are going to be here any second,” I scolded him with a smile.  He laughed and rolled his eyes.

“We have to tell them eventually,” he reminded me, and I nodded.

“I know.”  The jingle of the bell signaled someone new entered Pop’s, and we turned around to see Veronica walk in.  I waved at her and she quickly caught sight of us, striding over to our booth.  She slid into the seat across from us.

“Hey lovebirds,” she greeted with a smirk.  I smiled back at her, unbothered.

“Hey, V,” I said. Kevin, Betty, and Archie arrived soon after, and we ordered our food and fell into a playful conversation. Occasionally, Jughead would steal some fries from my basket.  In retaliation, I would take his onion rings.  Our other four friends noticed these playful exchanges.  At first they said nothing, but when Jughead and I started to lightly shove each other, Kevin stopped us.

“Oh my god, just date already!” he shouted, slamming his fists on the table.  Jughead and I shared a glance, then burst out into laughter.

“What?” Archie questioned, all four of our friends looking back and forth between me and Jughead.  I bit my lip and smiled up at Jughead, ignoring our friends surrounding us.

“Oh my god,” Betty muttered, her eyes widening.  “You guys are…”  She couldn’t finish her sentence, her train of thought lost in shock.  Veronica and Kevin gasped.

“Are what?” Archie asked, still not getting it.  Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Dating, Archiekins,” she explained.  “(Y/N) and Jughead are dating.”  His eyes widened.

“You guys are dating?” he gasped.  “Since when?” I shrugged, not making eye contact with any of them.

“About a month?” I said, looking at Jughead for confirmation.  He nodded.

“Sounds about right.”

“And you didn’t tell us?” Kevin demanded.  I bit my lip guiltily and shrugged.  

“We were waiting for a good time to tell you guys,” I explained, but it came out more like a question.  The whole table groaned at us, but everyone wore smiles.

“Well,” smiled Betty, “it’s about time.”

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So I absolutely love Bughead (who doesn't?) and I need more fanfics. Could you possibly write something where all of their friends don't approve of their relationship because Jughead doesn't seem to care but it slowly grows on them as the relationship goes on?

Thanks so much! I Got you!

Betty and jughead, the oddest pair to walk Riverdale halls since Dilton Doiley had landed that model from Sweden.

Jughead Jones was all types of dark and moody, keeping his head down and a permanent grimace on his usually grumpy face, Betty Cooper on the other hand, was sunshine wrapped up in a pretty blonde bottle, always willing to lend a hand or a smile to absolutely anyone.

So when the pair came out to the school as a couple, the response was not positive. Almost everyone would awkwardly stare at Betty when she clung to jugheads arm chatting his ear off as he nodded absently. and when he showed up at football games, lurking in the corners to watch her cheer they were both on the receiving end of some disapproving stares. The support their relationship received left nothing to be desired.

Veronica lodge was no exception, she had pulled Betty out of her booth at pops shooting Jughead a challenging look, as archie slid in across from him. Dragging Betty to the counter, she placed a comforting hand on her best friends shoulder.

“Betty, we have to talk.”

Raising a brow, Betty quirked an unamused smile

“I kinda caught that when you dragged me away from my boyfriend. What’s up?”

“It’s about Jughead..”

“No.” Betty cut her off

Pleading eyes caught Betty’s

“Betty just listen.”

“No. I’m not doing this with you, you’re my best friend v and I love you, but we are not discussing my relationship, we’ve already done this countless times.” Betty turned to leave by Ronnie grabbed her wrist.

“You deserve someone who cares about you, someone who actually wants to be with you, I love Jughead too Betty, but he isn’t made for relationships. You know that.” Shaking her head, Betty leaned against the counter. While Veronica was grilling the blonde, archie had taken it upon himself to share his opinions with jughead.

“She’s a great girl, betty I mean.” Archie said anxiously

Jugheads face turned to stone

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m dating her.” His tone was even and calculated as he stared the red head in the eyes.

“Is that why?” Archie challenged.

Placing his burger on his plate Jughead leveled Archie

“What’s that supposed to mean ..pal?”

Archie looked serious now, no longer nervous just concerned.

“Look jug, you’re my best friend but so is Betty and people… well people are talking. They’re saying you’re only dating Betty because you feel bad, you don’t really care about her, you just owe her for getting your dad a job.”

Jugheads knuckles turned white as he clutched the table so tight he thought he might splinter the wood.

“Me and Betty don’t pay attention to gossip, we know how we feel and that’s what matters.”

Archie shook his head , unconvinced

“does she?” his eyes moved to the blonde walking over to the table the raven haired girl shaking her head as they reached the two boys.

“Juggie, can you walk me home, I’m not feeling too well.” Betty said quietly. He just nodded, stuffing his text book in his bag and grabbing her water bottle. He placed his hand on the small of her back, gently shoving her to the door.

“I’ll see you guys at school.” She threw over her shoulder.

As soon as they hit the street, Jughead grabbed her backpack out of her hands and thread his fingers through hers. She smiled at him weakly and he returned it giving her fingers a squeeze.

“Are you really feeling sick or just sick of our annoying friends?”

She giggled “a little bit of both, I think I’m just tired is all, Alice cooper has decided her youngest daughter can not get Bs so the studying has been upped quite a bit.” She leaned into his shoulder as they walked.

“Well Jughead jones has decided his girlfriend can get whatever grades she wants as long as she gets the appropriate amount of sleep.” He said raising a brow at her as she twisted to see his face.

Reaching up she pressed her lips to his and they fell into familiar conversation about their plans for this weekend, too soon they arrived at her door and his hands went to her waist, he took a deep breathe ducking his eyes to meet hers

“I love you, you know that right?“he asked seriously

She smiled her heartbreakingly gorgeous smile, eyes lighting up as she placed her hands on his cheeks

"I know. I love you too, so much.”

When they kissed, he felt the same warm, safe essence of home that was purely Betty. He felt her getting more and more passionate and he could the moan that escaped his lips. Sliding his hands lower in her hips he tugged her center to his. Gasping into his mouth as his lips moved to her neck, nipping lightly

“Juggie” she whispered

“Betty.” He returned, panting slightly in her ear

All too soon the familiar porch light turned on and he knew Hal had heard the pair.

“Okay Juliet, time to return to your tower.” He said pecking her lips one more time.

She giggled moving to the door, “I’ll see you tommorow Romeo.” He turned throwing her a wink and a lazy wave. Before she called his name causing him to turn back.

“We’re okay. We always are.” She smiled showing off her pearly whites.

He laughed and returned her smile

“We’re okay. We always are.”


The next day at school, the pair was greeted by the familiar, questioning stares and the faces of their friends.

Cheryl was ranting about the fact that one of the vixens had dyed their hair pink.

“Our uniforms are blue! Blue! No one can pull off pink hair, literally no one.”

“I bet Betty could.” Everyone’s eyes snapped to Jughead who was smiling down at the blushing blonde connected to his arm. Looking up he noticed everyone’s eyes on his and shrugged “s'true”

Who knew Jughead could be cute? Veronica sure didn’t, And by the looks on everyone else’s face they didn’t either.

The cute just kept happening and Veronica and Archie were certainly confused.

At lunch Betty had started coughing, choking on the apple she was eating. Jughead had nearly broken an ankle reaching for the water in his bag, after she had calmed down he was rubbing her back soothingly “no more apples for you” he had said dropping a quick kiss to her lips.

During free period, they had all decided to hang out in the blue and gold office. Leaning back on the couch Veronica close to Archie, Kevin had started laughing.

“I’m guessing this is jugheads station.” The desk was covered in a mess of paperwork and food wrappers but what caught the most attention was the framed picture of Betty and jughead as kids, sitting in a tree house holding hands displayed proudly amongst the mess.
Archie chuckled “is this Betty’s doing?” He gestured towards the photo.

Jughead shook his head

“No I put that there. It’s my desk.”

It went quiet in the tiny office, minus Cheryl’s declaration of

“That’s hashtag cute.”

Archie and Veronica shared a glance.

The final straw was when, the group was walking home. Archie had asked Jughead to come over and play video games with him. Betty was wrapped up in his jacket and she went to take it off, She lived next door so it wasn’t that far a walk to brave the cold. Jughead immediately placed his hands on her shoulders keeping the jacket firmly in place.
“I don’t think so. Keep it on, it’s cold out. Don’t need you getting sick, I’ll pick it up tonight.” Then with a smile he was walking into the Andrews house.

An hour later Veronica was laying in Betty’s bed reading the newest glamour magazine, her brain on something entirely different

“What was with jughead today?” She blurted out

Betty looked up from painting her toes, a confused expression on her face.

“What do you mean? He seemed fine to me.”

Veronica shook her head

“No I mean he’s fine, it’s just he was extra… lovey today.”

Smiling gently at her friend Betty turned back to her toes.

“He’s always like that, you just never payed attention before.”

Staring at the beautiful blonde girl next door in front of her, she couldn’t help but think

Maybe Betty was right, maybe she just wasn’t looking hard enough.

Love hides in mysterious places.

I’ve found it to be a tricky bitch trying to figure out which of the Foxes would put Pineapple on Pizza but I’m going to give it a good honest try:

Andrew: Of course he likes pineapple on pizza. First of all, he prefers his pizza to be a cookie pizza made entirely of chocolate chip and covered in frosting. But pineapple is a sweet enough substitute that he’ll take it. And though he pretends to not give a flying fuck what others think, he secretly enjoys being an absolute menace about this. For instance, during a good ol’ fashioned foxes movie night, Andrew orders two large pies. The entire team perks up, completely flabbergasted by Andrew’s sudden generosity, before realizing that they are both completely covered in pineapples. And for those few on the team who do like pineapples, he doesn’t share anyway.

Neil: Food is food? Andrew shares his pineapple pizza with Neil only because 1. Neil doesn’t make a fuss about what’s on the pizza and 2. this pisses everybody who is anti-pineapple off. Neil just shrugs and says, “I don’t get what the big deal is,” as he puts away his fourth slice.

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Dating Jughead would include

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• Always hanging out at Pop’s and sharing food

• Watching old movies together

• You take his beanie just to mess with him

• You’re the only person he shows rough drafts of his book to

• Helping him out whatever way you can when he goes full investigator mode

• When you finally find out about the drive-in and his dad being a Serpent, you convince him to sleep on your couch

• He’s reluctant but gives in so you stop worrying about him 

• Eventually you become friends with Archie, Betty, Veronica and Kevin

• Betty and Veronica also ship you two

• You’re probably the most sarcastic couple ever

• He feels safe with you

"Exactly what are you seeking from my son?”

Or, Joaquin meets Kevin’s dad.

@ihavenocreativitysonousername requested “Joaquin meeting Kevin’s dad OR Kevin meeting the gang OR both”

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Pretty fluffy, some momentary angst

Warnings: mentions of guns, gangs,and parental death

Read it on AO3

I would like to note that all of Joaquin’s family history in this has been completely made up by me and is complete headcanon.

     “Kev, are you sure about this?” Joaquin asked nervously, shifting from one foot to the other. He was standing outside of Kevin’s dad’s truck which was parked in Kevin’s driveway. He could feel sweat growing on the back of his neck, underneath the collared shirt Kevin had insisted he wore. “I’m just, well, I’m not really the kinda boy that people bring home to meet their parents. And, your dad is a cop.” It wasn’t that Joaquin didn’t want to formally meet Mr. Keller, in fact, it was exactly the opposite. Joaquin wanted everyone to know that he was Kevin’s boyfriend. He wanted to be Kevin’s official boyfriend, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. However, Joaquin was worried that Sherriff Keller wouldn’t be a fan of his son’s gang member boyfriend. Kevin went out of his way to make his dad happy and not to disappoint him in any way. What if Joaquin was a disappointment? Joaquin wouldn’t want Kevin to choose between him and his dad.
    “Joaquin, chill out okay?” Kevin chuckled at the other’s nervousness. “It’s gonna be just fine, I promise. My dad isn’t completely oblivious, he is a cop, and he probably has an idea of who you are.” Kevin knew that his dad had seen him and Joaquin together at Pop’s, he’d seen them kiss behind the shed in the Keller’s backyard, and he had definitely seen Joaquin hastily sneak out of Kevin’s bedroom window.
    “He has an idea of who I am, and that should calm me done?” Joaquin exclaimed.
     “Yes. Because my dad knows not to judge a book by its cover. He has a gay son, you may remember.”
     “Yeah, a gay son who is dating a gay Southside Serpent. I’m sure that’s all he could hope for.” Joaquin was aware that he was overacting slightly, but this could really make or break his relationship with Kevin.
Kevin sighed, a little exasperated by Joaquin’s anxiety. He brought his hands up to cup his boyfriend’s face, slowly leaning in and giving him a gentle kiss.
     “You look fantastic.” Kevin grins, giving Joaquin an appreciative once over. “You are a kind, funny, and smart guy. I see it, and I’m sure my dad will as well.” Joaquin smiled, a blush rising up his neck onto his cheeks. “Let’s go, you ready?”
     “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Joaquin sighed, taking Kevin’s hand and following him up to the front door. Kevin opened the door and Joaquin was hit by a fantastic aroma. Whatever Sheriff Keller had made for dinner, it smelled fantastic. Kevin voiced Joaquin’s thoughts.
     “Wow Dad, that smells incredible. What is it?” Kevin’s dad was leaning over the stove, stirring something in a pot.
     “Well, we’ve got ham and rolls on the table, and now I’m just finishing up the garlic pasta.” He wiped his hands on a towel that was hanging over his shoulder before turning around, seeing Joaquin face to face for the first time. “And, you must be Joaquin. Kevin, actually, has not told me much about you.” Joaquin shook Sheriff Keller’s hand, trying to exude confidence while being respectful.
     “It’s, uh, it’s nice to finally meet you sir.” Joaquin stuttered out, any semblance of confidence gone as soon as he opened his mouth. Kevin, sensing the slight rise of tensions, spoke up.
     “Dad, is the pasta ready yet? We could sit down for dinner and talk some more.”
     “Sure, son.” Sheriff Keller responded, but waited for a minute before taking his eyes off of Joaquin and returning to the pot on the stove. As the sheriff finished the pasta, Kevin led Joaquin into the dining room where they began to talk in rushed whispers.
     “Does your dad always carry his holstered gun around the house like that? Or am I receiving special treatment?”
     “That’s just for you, I think.” Kevin admitted. “Uh, Joaquin, there is something I forgot to tell you.”
     “What?” Joaquin exclaimed, his nerves causing his voice to rise from a whisper.
     “Shh, calm down. It’s just that I just realized, I’ve never brought a boy home to meet my dad, serpent or otherwise.” Kevin felt slightly embarrassed at the admission that he had never had a real boyfriend before. “So that might be why my dad’s being weird, not the whole serpent thing.”
     Joaquin went to respond, to comfort or to freak out Kevin didn’t know, but he was cut off by the entrance of Sheriff Keller.
     “The pasta is ready, let’s eat.” He said hastily and with no welcoming tone. Joaquin sat down with a rushed and nervous manner about him. Meanwhile, Kevin sat down with the casualness of someone who had been eating at this dining room table all of his life. The food was spooned onto plates and quickly enough Joaquin was sitting in front of a plate full of delicious food; it was something he hadn’t seen in a while. Joaquin was speechless, staring at the pile of food and listening to Kevin and his dad share the stories of their days. He didn’t even notice when they stopped talking until Kevin kicked him under the table.
     “Ouch.” Joaquin exclaimed before looking up from his plate to see that both Kevin and Sheriff Keller were staring at him. “I, uh, I’m sorry I got distracted, what?”
     “My dad asked if you liked the food.” Kevin clarified, looking slightly concerned. Joaquin looked back down at his untouched plate before responding.
     “Um, it looks fantastic. It’s been a while since I sat down to a home cooked meal.” Joaquin confessed, but immediately regretted reminding the cop in front of him that he came from trailer trash. To avoid the momentary silence, Joaquin picked up his knife and fork and began to cut into the slice of ham on his plate. Sheriff Keller broke the silence,
     “So Joaquin, tell me a little about yourself, and exactly what you are seeking from my son.”
     “Dad!” Kevin gasped, and if Joaquin was right, kicked his dad beneath the table. Joaquin finished chewing the ham that was in his mouth. “You don’t have to answer that Joaquin.” Kevin stated.
     “No, no it’s fine Kev.” Joaquin wiped his mouth quickly before answering. “Uh, I moved to Riverdale when I was about four with my older brother. He used all of his savings to buy us a trailer on the Southside. Um, after that, there isn’t much to tell. I don’t really play any sports, I’m not an art person really. I guess I’m kinda into photography.” Joaquin shrugged, not really sure how else to describe himself. “As for the second part of your question, I don’t know if seeking would be the right word. I’m hoping to form and maintain a loving relationship with Kev.” Joaquin had shed some of the nervousness from before settling into the conversation. Sheriff Keller seemed happy with the answer, but had a few more questions for Joaquin.
     “And you are a serpent yourself?”
     “They are the only family I’ve ever known sir. But no. I’m not a serpent yet, and recently I’ve been hoping to do something with my life besides gang activity.” Joaquin was telling the truth. After spending time with Kevin and hanging out with kids on the Northside, Joaquin wanted to achieve something in his life bigger than what the serpents could provide.
     “And how do your parents feel about that?” Sheriff Keller asked, very nonchalantly. At the mention of Joaquin’s parents, Kevin sat forward and reached for Joaquin’s hand.
     “Dad, seriously.” He hissed, but Joaquin nodded gently.
     “Kev, seriously, it’s okay.” Joaquin reassured. “Uh, my parents died in a car crash before we moved to Riverdale, sir.”
     “I’m sorry, kid. I didn’t know.” Sheriff Keller seemed taken aback. Joaquin shrugged. It really was fine, he had never really known his parents anyhow.
The night continued with more surface level, but amiable conversation. Joaquin finished his meal and spent the rest of the night holding Kevin’s hand and enjoying the overall feeling of family. As the night came to a close, Joaquin shook Sheriff Keller’s hand before Kevin walked him out.
     “Well, that went well.” Kevin smiled, fiddling with the lapels of Joaquin’s jacket.
     “Yes, I would say it did. You’re very lucky to have a dad that accepting.” Joaquin leaned into Kevin’s touch, leaving mere inches between the two.
     “I am. Very lucky, I have a dad who is super accepting and now I’m standing, alone, with my very hot boyfriend who I’ve been wanting to kiss all night.”
     “Oh yeah?” Joaquin goading, bringing them closer.
     “Yeah.” Kevin mumbled, their lips almost touching.
     “And what are you gonna do about it?” Joaquin began to tease, but was interrupted by Kevin pressing their lips together. Joaquin, still high off of the success from dinner, felt as if he was suffocating from happiness. This was too much, he shouldn’t be allowed to be a part of something as perfect and sacred as this. Kevin finally pulled away, resting his forehead against Joaquin’s. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.” Joaquin admitted when he regained his voice.
     “I completely agree, Joaquin. This is pure bliss.” Kevin mused, kissing his boyfriend gently.

Hit me up if you have prompts, ideas, want to beta, or would like to be tagged in my future Kevin/Joaquin fanfics.

Also, if you guys want it, I might write a sequel of this were Kevin meets Joaquin’s brother and maybe some of the serpents.

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What do you think of Riko as a character inside the books? (no HCs) / Any fave HCs you want to share? / Any pairings/ships you like with him? / fic recs? / art recs? / Kevin&Riko - do they have/had feelings for each other? / Thoughts on his finale scene? / Did you read Nora's extra content? // tag other bloggers you think have something interesting to say about him! (maybe someone we don't know yet??) #Thoughts on Riko Moriyama

What do you think of Riko as a character inside the books? (no HCs)
From a writer’s point of view? He’s a fucking tragedy. (and no, I don’t mean the pieces of background story we did get on him, that’s been said and discussed before) He’s kind of the worst villain a story can have - and here is why: 

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jughead week, day 3: self discovery/acceptance! @jugheadweek

I’m not much of a writer or artist, but I will share my personal headcanon about how I think Jughead would figure out he’s aroace.

Because Jughead cares much more about food than about romance (duh), I’ve always gotten the feeling that labeling his orientation honestly doesn’t concern him for most of his life. It’s actually one of his friends (probably Betty or Kevin) who makes the connection, and it takes them asking Jug about it before the possibility even occurs to him. 

I’ve always felt that it wouldn’t take long for him to realize/accept that he’s aroace once he’s been exposed to the possibility. Really, he’s probably just thrilled that there are other people in the world who also think that kissing on people is boring and video games are objectively better.

After making the connection, he spends the next several weeks amusing himself by developing his repertoire of aro/ace puns. He wants to be Ready™.

could you do a preference with everybody (archangels, angels, team free will, Crowley and Kevin). How would they react and what would they do if you were kidnapped by something not supernatural, just some really evil humans? What would they do and how would they react when you were rescued?

Requested by Anon~

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Characters: Kevin x Reader

Words: 820

Request from @kittycatcutie88: “Can I request a Kevinxreader where they slowly fall in love while she’s like watching him tablet and such and she makes sure he eats better and sleeps and stuff and she thinks he doesn’t like her but he does and just floof?? ❤”

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tfc!vampire au: jaws addition

prompt: vampire au with kevin and neil being the bloodsuckers. canon divergence occurs after Neil’s traumatizing trip to Baltimore. 


“Neil? Hey, Neil.”

Things were not okay.


They found him in the Columbia house. A writhing mess of pale skin and jutting bone, blue eyes a thin slice of black in bloodshot white. He had been missing for weeks, for months. The Foxes had forfeited their chance at the Championships when their number ten had not returned from the riot; Andrew had all but forfeited his chance at finishing the semester when Neil Josten did not return to their ranks; Kevin and Dan had put their heads together for the next year’s recruitment, but it had been half-hearted on her part and a desperate distraction on his, and led to spats that made Wymack send them both from the office.

Is that really him?

Holy shit. Holy fuck. It is. Look at him, he’s a–

They found a shadow of Neil Josten crouched in the Columbia house bathroom, his face a mottled mess of burn scars and festering gashes. He hisses when they open the door. He lunges when Nicky takes a step closer, and Nicky is saved from having his throat ripped out by Kevin’s reflex alone.

The two fought. That is, Neil struggled to reach his original target, and Kevin easily pinned his wild but weak opponent with a bruising grip around his wrists.

The bathroom reeked of rotten things, of sulfur and mold, of roadkill left in the sun. The smell clung to Neil with all the jealousy of death, and permeated the kitchen Kevin had him pinned to.

“Leave us,” Andrew demanded of his brother and cousin. Aaron had not hesitated in following the order. Nicky, with one fearful glance and a stumbling promise to call Wymack despite it being the first day of summer vacation, retreated soon after.

They found a Neil Josten that lacked recognition or cognition. They found him with teeth too many and too sharp, which was something they associated with Kevin Day but not Neil Josten.

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oKAY okay so I know there are probably lots of ‘foxes at the theme park/fairground’ hc posts but still

please imagine

•  they all decide to go as like a team building thing

•  (most of them didn’t particularly want to go - especially Aaron because Katelyn is going out with some of the other Vixens that day and can’t tag along)

•  (Kevin is mad too because they skipped early practice to drive there and be the First Ones in the Park™. Let’s be real waiting in line sucks and Renee is the only fox with any patience tbh)

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heroictype  asked:

pls give me any specific autistic/neurodivergent Carlos headcanons that you have, please share them


  • he reeeeally doesnt like loud sudden noises so when he watches tv or whatever he keeps the volume down or even muted. he’s had many a chat with his Radio Boyfriend about this specific thing, so cecil does his best to keep it down unless theres extenuating circumstances
  • cooking stuff is a bit of a stim probably! so he’ll spend his whole day off making a Fuck Ton of food for the week, or for janice’s lunch (or, when he was still stuck in the DO, for the masked army’s lunch. he [+ kevin reluctantly probably] individually packed like fifty lunches for when the army went out to war. he likes to micromanage these little gestures)
  • he really really really loves infodumping, but this is basically canon
  • back when he was actually in school, he ran into some trouble because his attention span is at a nice solid 0 most of the time. hes good at paying attention to science/other special interests, but im willing to bet history was really tough on him
  • as a teacher he was pretty good about having students with learning problems, because he can Relate ! he would make extra special note to remember if a student needed extra help with anything at all
  • i bet his labcoat is discreetly weighted just so he can have something thats light but also very…solid? i guess? so instead of having to wear a heavy coat in the desert to feel comfortable he can just wear a labcoat! much better
  • i made a post about this earlier but he 100% loves that kinetic sand. also real sand. sand in general (but the kinetic sand is easier to clean up lmao)
  • he’s really sensitive to Extreme Colds, and even though he’s in the desert it does cool down a lot at night. hes very fond of sticking those hand-warmer packets in every pajamas he owns to stay warm.
  • prior to coming to night vale, he got kinda weirded out by mirrors anyways. he’s very glad to have found a kindred spirit in No Mirrors (carlos and cecil take pictures of each other to make sure they look ok in lieu of actual mirrors)
Auld Lang Syne

Summary: It’s your first New Year’s Eve at the bunker, so naturally you want to have a small party!
Characters: Reader x Sam x Dean (plus a few cameo appearances!)
Word Count: 1,270
Warnings: None! It’s just a fluffy, feel good piece.

A/N: So this was a little something I threw together for my dear, Bovaria. You’re the best gal I know, my love! I’m also really sick with the flu and a sinus infection, so this isn’t my best work. I just wanted everyone to have a little glimpse into life the first NYE at the bunker. Lastly, Happy New Year to ALL of you beautiful people! xx

- - - - - - - - - - - -

You weren’t normally the type of girl to get all gussied up, but tonight was different. Tonight, you were doing the whole nine, whether you liked it or not.

I mean, how could you not dress up for New Year’s Eve?

Sam, Dean, and you had managed to find a string of days free of monsters and you had decided to put together a small little shindig to welcome in New Year. It was two days after Christmas when you had announced your plan to the boys. You figured Sam would be easy to persuade, but knowing Dean, he would need a little more convincing.

So, of course you decided to bring it up while the smells of apple pie wafted throughout the bunker, calling to Dean like a siren’s song.

‘Was it that? What’s the smell?’ Dean poked his head around the kitchen wall, eyebrows raised.

‘It’s the apple pie I’m baking for you.’ You answered sweetly, smiling at the emerald eyed Winchester. ‘It only has a couple more minutes left. Grab some plates and I’ll slice it up as soon as it’s ready.’

Sam was already at the table, laptop opened in front of him. Dean grabbed three plates and forks and walked over to the table. He set them down, then closed Sam’s laptop.

‘Come on, man! I was reading something!’ Sam protested, glaring at his older brother.

‘Y/N made pie.’

Sam tried to open his laptop again, but once more, Dean’s hand came down on it.

‘Pie, Sammy.’

‘But Dean-‘

‘Pie!’ Dean exclaimed.

Sam sensed the note of finality in his brother’s voice and rolled his eyes, moving his computer to the far side of the table. The oven timer went off and you pulled the dessert out. You were assaulted with the scent of fresh apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg and you instinctively knew that Dean’s mouth was already watering. You walked over to the table and set the pie down in the middle. Within a couple seconds, Dean began to reach towards the still too hot pie, but you swatted away his hand.

‘Not yet! You’ll burn your mouth!’ You laughed at how overeager he was when it came to his pie. ‘Besides, there is something I want to talk about with you two.’

The boys looked at each other for a beat, then turned their gazes back on you.

“Okay… what about?’ Sam said apprehensively, now knowing where this was going.

You checked the temperature of the pie with your fingertips, making sure it wasn’t too hot to consume. Satisfied with your results, you began slicing it up and served the boys your creation. Dean’s eyes were as round as the plate when you put the pie in front of him, his lips forming a smile full of childlike excitement.  

‘Well, you know, it’s New Year’s Eve in a couple days, and it’s obviously my first one with you guys, my first one here in the bunker. I was thinking that maybe we could, you know…’ you treaded carefully with your words, ‘…get some of the gang together and celebrate.’ You looked at the boys, trying to gauge their reactions.

Sam smiled from ear to ear, so you knew you had him on board. ‘Of course! Yes!’ He enthusiastically responded.

Dean, on the other hand, didn’t say a word.

‘Dean?’ You asked gently.

‘What does a man gotta do around here to be able to enjoy his pie in some friggin’ silence?’ He glanced around at you and Sam, irritated that you were interrupting him.

You looked sheepishly at Sam, hoping he could sense your need to help get Dean’s approval.

‘Dean, the pie will still be here in thirty seconds. Look, Y/N wants to have some people over, and I think we should too. It’s been a long year for all of us.’

Sam smiled at you, so you picked up where he left off. ‘Yeah, you won’t even have to worry about anything, either. I’ll make a supply run, grab some beers and a little food. Throw up a couple streamers and we’ll be good to go. Please Dean?’

You gave him your best puppy dog eyes, and Dean started to break. He glanced over at Sam, who was giving him the exact same face.

‘Alright, alright. We can have the damn party.’ He said, throwing his hands up in defeat. ‘Now just let me eat my pie.’

‘Well, there’s just one more thing.’ You started to say, just as Dean dropped his fork on the plate and shot you an exasperated look. ‘I want us to dress up.’

‘No!’ The both replied in unison.

‘Oh come on! It’ll be fun! Please?’ You were not above begging, as it turned out. Dean went back to eating his pie and Sam was staring at you, straight faced. ‘Guys, I’ll wear a dress. When have I ever worn a dress?’ You pleaded.

Sam started coughing, obviously startled by your declaration. ‘Okay, okay, if you wear a dress, then we’ll dress up too.’

You looked at Dean, who gave nothing away.

‘Dean. Me, in a dress. Come on. I know you want to see it.’ You teased, but were met with grumbling from him. You sighed heavily, giving him what he really wanted. ‘Alright, fine. I’ll make you another pie if you agree to dress up.’

You waited.

And waited.

Finally, he held up two fingers and you squealed with delight.

It was now New Year’s Eve, and you had gotten out of the shower about an hour ago. Your hair was down, curled in big, loose waves and your makeup was for once, pretty spot on. You walked over to your bed and gazed down at the dress you picked out for the night. It was a sleek little black number, one that hugged your body just so. It was knee length and had delicate, lacy sleeves. You felt beautiful in it, and you couldn’t wait to get downstairs to see everyone. You slipped into the dress, zipped it up, and with one last fleeting glance in the mirror, you made your way downstairs.

Dean was talking to Kevin at the bottom of the stairs and his chiseled face was beaming when he saw you. He held out his hand for you, which you took, and he pulled you into a crushing hug. He kissed your cheek, telling you how beautiful you looked. You complimented Dean on his three piece navy suit, letting him know that Eliot Ness would be proud of him. Next you hugged Kevin, expressing how excited you were that he and his mother could make it.

You excused yourself from the boys, grabbed a beer, and made your way around the room. You spotted Charlie with a gorgeous brunette, huddled together and laughing. Mrs. Tran was talking with Jody and Donna, while Sam, Cas, and Garth were swapping stories over pigs in a blanket. The night was filled with family, laughter, and food. At one point, you thought you were going to pee your pants because Sam was sharing a story about Dean being afraid of a kitten. You all counted down the ball drop together, and exchanged hugs and kisses once it was officially 2015.

A warmth had spread throughout your body, one that wasn’t caused from food or alcohol. Instead, it had flourished from all the love you felt in the room. These people were your family and you would die to protect them. You couldn’t think of a better way to usher in a new year than being surrounded by those who meant the most to you.        

[HQ Scans] UKISSme Mag Vol. 3
cr: @YuriJseop64
※DO NOT share on twitter/ Editable

Four emotions Kevin ver. The moments when they feel…

Joy— When I see our fans’ smiling faces from the stage.
Angry— When I’m hungry/ lack of sleep
Sorrow— When my family and the members fall sick.
Happy— When I go traveling and when I eat delicious food.

anonymous asked:

can i make a bucky x reader fic request? where the reader is a waitress and bucky comes to visit at work and gets jealous when he sees a customer flirting with her

Bucky swept his bangs back with his sunglasses as he entered the building, seating them on the top of his head. The diner was packed and buzzing pleasantly with conversation. His eyes trailed across the room, noting the regulars and the faces he didn’t recognize before he finally found her taking care of a booth at the back. She looked lovely. Tired, but still happy with a bright smile on her face. Bucky watched her share a laugh with the family of four before she tucked their menus under her arm and made her way to the kitchen window to place their orders.

“Hey. Come to visit your sweetie?” His attention, fully focused on the way her legs looked in the skirt she was wearing, was broken by one of her coworkers. He met Margie’s knowing eyes. “There’s a table by the window over there. I’ll send her over.”

Bucky followed her direction and took the seat where he still had the most visual of the restaurant. He flipped open the menu despite the fact that he always got the same thing and Marge had probably already placed his order. He kept an eye on her as she scurried across the diner to give several tables their drinks or food. Her smile never faltered, so he knew she must be having a good day. When Margie caught her at the fountain, her eyes immediately sought him out.

She waved cheerily, and he tipped his head to her with a little grin. She beamed, overjoyed that he’d come to visit her at work. As she passed him on her way to the table that had just been seated, she dropped off his glass of Coke. “I’ll be with you in a minute, babe.”

“Take your time!” He called to her, and she tossed a flirty kiss over her shoulder. He hid his laughter in his cup of soda.

She stopped at a nearby table with a man perusing the menu. He was facing away from Bucky, but he could see the side of the guys face as he gave her the once over. “What can I get you to drink today?” She asked pleasantly.

“I think I’ll just have a water,” he told her. He smiled up at her, and Bucky knew exactly what was going to happen next. “And maybe another one of those pretty smiles of yours?”

She laughed out of sheer nervousness. Bucky could tell she didn’t quite know how to handle the situation. “I’ll be right back with your water.”

It was almost funny as she snapped her wide eyes to Bucky to see if he’d witnessed what had just happened, looking almost panicked even as she shrugged with a tense chuckle, but he couldn’t help the twisting of jealousy in the pit of his stomach. He tried his best to look reassuring. It was innocent, really. He knew she wouldn’t let it go anywhere, but something primal and possessive inside him felt like it was trying to claw its way out.

She brought him his food on her way to the guy’s table with his water. Her shoulders were strung tight and she’d lost a little of the glimmer in her eyes. “You okay?” He asked gently.

She nodded, seeming to turn in on herself for a moment before her radiant smile was back in place. “Yep. I’m good. Can I get you anything else, babe?”

“No, go ahead and take care of your customers.” He tamped down the jealous streak, swallowing the lump in his throat as she started toward the flirty man.

As soon as she was within eyesight, the charm was turned on. “Sorry if I made you uncomfortable,” he told her as she set his water on the table next to him. “I just think you’re really pretty. My name is Kevin.”

Kevin. Bucky crunched a fry in his teeth, pretending it was the dude’s head. Of course this guys name was Kevin. Bucky always hated the name Kevin. If looks could kill, his eyes would be burning a hole through the man’s skull.

“Nice to meet you, Kevin.” She tugged her pen and pad out of her apron. Her tone was clipped and professional. Bucky tried to distract himself by cutting his burger in half. “What can I get you today?”

“Your number?” He smirked, trying to look coy, but just seeming a little arrogant. Bucky’s hand twitched into a fist, pinching the knife he’d picked up into an L shape. He mentally noted that he’d have to pay for that later.

“Uh, actually,” she stuttered, “I have a boyfriend.”

Kevin sat back in his chair, nodding. “Should have known. Ah, well. Can’t blame a man for trying, right?”

She shifted awkwardly. “Do you know what you want?”

He placed his order, still wearing that flirty smirk but not trying it further. She tended to a few of her other tables, swooping through the diner with ease, her skirt swishing around her legs in a way that would have otherwise kept Bucky’s attention if he wasn’t so annoyed. Bucky watched Kevin-he sneered the name in his mind-watch her, sipping his water patiently as he waited for his food. There wasn’t anything particularly lecherous in his gaze, and Bucky felt a little foolish for his reaction.

Then she brought Kevin his food, and Kevin stared right down the front of her top as she leaned over to set his plate in front of him. Bucky felt his blood pressure skyrocket. She didn’t notice, asking Kevin if he needed more water before she left to cash out the couple a few booths over.

Suddenly Marge was at Bucky’s elbow. “You haven’t touched your food. Something wrong?”

Bucky took a deep breath, glancing down at his now stone cold burger and fries. “Nah, I’m fine.” His eyes flickered to Kevin again.

Margie followed his line of sight, crossing her thin arms over her chest. He was eating slowly, every so often looking up to find her wherever she was in the restaurant. “I see.”

The diner was clearing out by this point, the lunch rush petering off into a slow afternoon. Kevin was still taking his time on his food, casually following her with his gaze as she tended to her last table besides him. She was having a nice time talking with the older lady and her daughters, about what Bucky couldn’t tell from across the room. She had her back to him but he could tell by the way she held herself that she was back in better spirits after she’d shut down Kevin’s advances.

Marge patted his shoulder good naturedly. “I’ll go get your sweetie for you. She needs a break.”

Before Bucky could say anything, Margie was across the room, intersecting his girlfriend on her way to the kitchen window for pickup. They shared a quick conversation ending with Margie waving her off towards him and taking the food to the table for her. Bucky watched Kevin glance her way as she passed him to sit in the seat across from Bucky.

She started with an apology as soon as she sat down. “Hey. Sorry, we were crazy busy and I didn’t want to just abandon my tables when the rush died.” He still had his attention partially on Kevin, curious to see if he would crane his neck around to find out where she had gone. She followed his eyes, but didn’t say anything.

Bucky snapped his gaze back to the woman in front of him. “You don’t have to apologize for being a hard worker and caring about your job.” He pushed his food out of the way so he could slide his hands across the table to offer to her. “Had a good day?”

She let him fold her hands in his, leaning down to brush a kiss along his knuckles. “Yeah. It was busy, but everyone was super nice and the kitchen didn’t have any mishaps.” Her grin was devious when she continued, tossing her head in Kevin’s direction, “Some a little too nice.”

“I’ll say,” Bucky mumbled under his breath, but she heard.

She snickered. “Were you jealous?”

Bucky shrugged, feeling a little foolish. Now that she was out of Kevin’s focus, the whole thing seemed silly. “Maybe a little.”

She opened her mouth to respond, but they were both distracted by the conversation going on between Marge and Kevin as he paid and prepared to leave. “Will you make sure my original waitress gets this?” He asked as he passed his receipt back to Margie.

She read whatever he had scribbled down. “Oh, I think this is actually meant for her boyfriend.  And how convenient that he’s right over there!”

Kevin turned stiffly in his seat, eyes connecting with Bucky’s. Bucky leaned back in his chair to cut a more imposing figure, his thick, muscular arms still stretched out across the table and pecs visible through his thin shirt. He quirked an eyebrow. “What’s for me?”

Kevin hastily tossed a few bills for tip on the table and made his escape, scowl set deep in his face. Margie let out a peal of laughter. “Maybe next time he’ll take no for an answer!”
She dropped the strip of paper on their table before she went back to bus his empty table. “Oh, I was meant to give this to you.”

When you get rid of the boyfriend give me a call, beautiful. :)

Under the choppy handwriting he’d printed his number. She rolled her eyes and Bucky started laughing. “It’s not funny!” She protested, snatching up the receipt to crumple in her fist. She tossed it at him, but Bucky batted it away easily.

“It kind of is,” he said after his giggle fit was under control.

She huffed. “What happened to you being jealous?” She was faking annoyance. Bucky could see the little quirk at the corner of her mouth where she was trying to hide a smile.

He flashed her a cocky grin. “Did you see the look on his face when he saw me? He won’t be back anytime soon.”