he's sang our song

Will you now forever remain/ out of reach of my arms~
—  Lumière & Plumette, Beauty and the Beast (2017) aka two extra lines I didn’t expect Ewan to sing
Our anthem

How would BTS react if thier s/o (also an Idol) wrote a song a bout them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would perform this song at an award show?

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Joonie would be really touched by the fact that you chose a song you’ve written meant for you and him to a whole crowd of people, and at an award show! like he’d seriously be a proud and happy boyfriend. As you sang you’re heart out to the song about you and him he becomes all shy but would have the biggest grin on his face while he watched you perform. Once the song was over there is a small break so he rushes backstage to see you. “Baby you did amazing!” he embraces you in a great bear hug. “You really liked my performance?” you look up at him smiling. “All of it,” “that’s good this song is already special but I wanted to make it memorable for you.” You nuzzle your head onto his chest hugging him a bit tighter. He can’t help but smile and kisses the top of your head. “I love you y/n.”


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When he sees you on stage and hears the familiar tune he would be a little caught off guard and laugh away his shyness. But as you began to sing the song jin would stare up at you with so much love and sing along with you. After you’re performance he heads over backstage to tell you how well you did and how it surprised him a bit. “Y/n I can’t believe you sang our song,” he hugs you. “Was it too much, I just wanted to sing it for you and I thou-” he cuts you off by capturing your lips with his in a quick kiss. “You did great and I loved every minute of it.” You blush and hid your face a little “You liked it that much?” “How could I not it’s our song y/n you made my heart jump and every thing!” You laugh at his reaction and kiss him again. “I’m happy you enjoyed it.”


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Personally I don’t think yoongi would be able to hide that gummy smiles of his because he’d be so freaking flustered the moment the music began to play and realizing it was the song you wrote about your relationship. Like he tries to be chill about but he can’t because he’s kinda low-key fanboying over you. He would see the way you poured your heart into singing the song and how much passion you were showing in front of the crowd would make him all giddy inside and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. When your stage was over he sneaks away to find you. “Interesting choice of song babe,” “Did I surprise you?” you grinned at your boyfriend and gave him a playful hit to the arm. “maybe a little, but you did great up there?” he puts his arms around you and pulls you closer to him. “A little?” you raised a brow. “Look I really liked that you decided to sing it ok, you can tease me later about it just let me hug you.”


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Hobi gets emotional at certain times and this would probably be one of those times. The fact that you’re singing your guy’s song at this time in front of all these people, with him there would take him over the flipping moon. He would smile and sing along and then at some point just cry a little because his heart just hurts from all the love he’s feeling. When you finish he wastes no time to get to you and hugs you like it’s his last day on earth. “Hobi did you cry?” you held his face in your hands and tried not to laugh. “Psh no,” he sniffles a bit. “I had something in my eye,” “both your eyes?” Hoseok smiles widely and kisses  the top of you’re head. “Don’t judge me I was bound to with you singing our song.”


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First things first, he would have the biggest smile the second you came up on stage. He claps and cheers along the crowd and the other boys to just feeling so proud to see you up there. Although he’s already seen you perform multiple times. And the second he hears the beginning of the song he’d instantly become shy and hide his face a bit as the members teased him a bit. He’ll see you singing to him and just kinda wave at you not really knowing what to do with himself. “Y/n!” you turn to see him calling you over to him. “So our song huh?” he smiles shyly.  “Yep I thought It was the perfect time to sing it,” ‘’Ah, good thing too now everyone knows how much you love me,” he smirks and slings his arm around you. “But they already knew mi-” “shh I know I’m just happy. let me have this moment.”


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Tae would be a happy puppy singing along with you with just as much passion as you showed on stage. He’d be cheering for you and sometimes look at the crown behind him to point at you like yeah that’s my girl up there. Tae would have that boxy grin that you love so much plastered onto his face the whole entire time and even after when he went to go see you. “JAGI, Y/N,” he was basically speed walking to you. “Hi tae,” you kissed his cheek. “I saw you down there you were really excited,” you laughed. “Of course I was you sang my favorite song,” he did some cute little dance while singing a line or two from the song. “So it’s your favorite song?” “Well why wouldn’t be?”


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You walk on stage, the crowd is cheering and with jungkook as well. The music starts and he freezes mid clap because he’s like wait a hot second. He’ll listen for a moment hearing you sing and trying to comprehend what your saying before he realizes and is like oh wait it’s our song. He’ll become shy because one, your up there singing to him, and two, his hyungs would tease him a bit but would think it’s really freaking cute. “Kookie did you like my performance?” you look up at him and smile waiting for his response. “Yeah I really liked it,” he chews his lip a little “I was a little surprised though I didn’t think you were going to sing it.” he laughs a little. “Thank you?”  “For what?” he shrugs his shoulders a  bit. “For singing it, I don’t know what else to say,” he chuckles nervously. “You’re happy, and you love me?” “Yes, very much.”

Hope you like it 😊
Much love~💖

i’ve never known how to respond to people when they ask me if i’m okay or if something’s wrong.

i could sit there and try to explain to them how my heart is cracking every second i’m away from him. i could tell them that the emotional pain manifested into a physical one. i could sit for hours and tell them that he was the best thing to ever happen to me and that i was too selfish and took him for granted. i’d go on to tell them that there were nights i’d stay awake looking at all the pictures and crazy videos we would take. and our car rides, boy could i talk for days about our car rides, with one hand on the wheel and the other holding me close as he sang along to his favorite songs, to our songs. i could tell them about how i was missing a part of me without him here and it was all my fault. but what good would that do?

so when people ask me if i’m okay, i say ‘of course and how are you?’ and when they ask if something is wrong, i just say ‘no, i’m just a little tired.

I met David Bowie when I was twenty-two, and like a baby goose imprinting on some fantastical winged creature, I took him as the model of what I ought to grow up to be. He is my ideal adult human artist.
He wore beautiful cologne. He read all world literature. He took time for everyone in the room. He remembered people’s names. He wore a plain T-shirt to a nice dinner . He sought out new music and evangelized when he liked something.
Arcade Fire played two songs with him for TV — his song “Five Years” and our song “Wake Up.” Earlier on the show, he sang “Life on Mars,” wearing a wrist bandage and a fake black eye. I saw him build a character and modulate that character with his voice and with small movements. I saw the distance between the artist off stage and on, and that the distance was an artistic creation, too — something to be played with.
I hear him playing with that distance on Blackstar, and it’s stunning and my God it’s heartbreaking. I wanted to see the next twenty years of David Bowie making art
—  Will Butler on David Bowie

{May 25, 2015}

I dated someone for 2 years before Kaleb walked into my life again. I didn’t realize how toxic it was until Kaleb came along. Never have I ever felt so respected, so loved or cared for. When I’m with him, I can be 100% myself and not feel judged. He treats me like a Queen.

I’m grateful to have spent a lot of time with Kaleb this past month. Commuting two hours back and forth every other weekend or so makes you have something to look forward to.

Kaleb came to my prom (the long prom dress) and we had fun, but it’s much different when you’re on a schedule trying fulfill each prom festivity such as pictures, dinner, dance, and post prom. Then I went to his “prom” called Mayfest the next weekend (the short dress) and it was easily one of the best nights of my life. We went to dinner with all of his friends whom are so so welcoming and then we danced the night away. Afterwards, Kaleb, Marco (one of Kaleb’s best friends), and I all went back to Kaleb’s house and had a laid back night.

Halfway through our long night, Kaleb took me to the kitchen, sat me in a kitchen chair, told me to wait, and left. When he came back, he had his guitar in his hand. I had been asking him for weeks to play for me. Not only did he play for me, but he sang for me too. He learned one of our favorite songs “All the Same” by Sick Puppies. No one had ever done anything so meaningful and thoughtful for me before in my life. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. I know I am.

Later on that night, Marco ended up falling asleep and Kaleb and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking. We talked about everything. Our past, our present, and our future. I had never felt comfortable talking about that kind of stuff because you never know if they are going to be in your future. After that moment of talking about everything, I knew he would be a part of my future. I fell for him. So hard and so fast over the course of that night. It’s one of the best feelings in the whole wide world.

Kaleb and I had a conversation back in December about falling love. He told me he didn’t like talking about it because he felt like you just don’t know you’re in love until you are. Like when you get married. So I knew that this topic wouldn’t be easy to bring up but I wanted him to know. No matter if the feelings are mutual or not. I looked at Kaleb at 4 in the morning and said, “Kaleb. I have something I want to tell you. And I know you don’t like talking about it because you don’t know until you know…” and he cut me off. He looked at me with the most beautiful green/blue eyes, held me tight, and said, “Shelbie, I’ve fallen for you. There’s no doubt in my mind that I am completely in love with you.”

It’s moments like those. Those moments of impact that’ll change your life forever. The way you see things, the way you feel things. My life will never be the same. Life is sweeter, brighter, better. I’m in love with my best friend, and he is in love with his.


compilation of tao’s funny voice messages on tengxun live-chat event, he said a lot of funny, cute and even weird things, he sang some songs and melted our hearts with his marvelous laughter and giggles, try not to scream while watching it ( ◠‿◠ )

the video source and subbed all credit to LunchBox

Watch Peter Capaldi Give A Beautifully Emotional Reading Of An Astonishing World War I Letter
In celebration of Letters Live returning. Warning: it's pretty moving.
By Kimberley Dadds

They finally posted the video of Peter reading from Letters Live! This was a while ago, something I nearly forgotten about because I couldn’t have access to view/listen to it. Anyway, it’s here (and hear!) now at a little over 11 mins long, so enjoy! :)

Also, here’s the full letter Peter reads (he paraphrases here and there):

I have just been through one of the most extraordinary scenes imaginable. To-night is Xmas Eve and I came up into the trenches this evening for my tour of duty in them. Firing was going on all the time and the enemy’s machine guns were at it hard, firing at us. Then about seven the firing stopped.

   I was in my dug-out reading a paper and the mail was being dished out. It was reported that the Germans had lighted their trenches up all along our front. We had been calling to one another for some time Xmas wishes and other things. I went out and they shouted “no shooting” and then somehow the scene became a peaceful one. All our men got out of their trenches and sat on the parapet, the Germans did the same, and they talked to one another in English and broken English. I got on top of the trench and talked German and asked them to sing a German Volkslied, which they did, then our men sang quite well and each side clapped and cheered the other.

   I asked a German who sang a solo to sing one of Schumann’s songs, so he sang The Two Grenadiers splendidly. Our men were a good audience and really enjoyed his singing.

   Then Pope and I walked across and held a conversation with the German officer in command.

   One of his men introduced us properly, he asked my name and then presented me to his officer. I gave the latter permission to bury some German dead who are lying in between us, and we agreed to have no shooting until 12 midnight to-morrow. We talked together, 10 or more Germans gathered round. I was almost in their lines within a yard or so. We saluted each other, he thanked me for permission to bury his dead, and we fixed up how many men were to do it, and that otherwise both sides must remain in their trenches.

   Then we wished one another goodnight and a good night’s rest, and a happy Xmas and parted with a salute. I got back to the trench. The Germans sang Die Wacht Am Rhein it sounded well. Then our men sang quite well Christians Awake, it sounded so well, and with a goodnight we all got back into our trenches. It was a curious scene, a lovely moonlit night, the German trenches with small lights on them, and the men on both sides gathered in groups on the parapets.

   At times we heard the guns in the distance and an occasional rifle shot. I can hear them now, but about us is absolute quiet. I allowed one or two men to go out and meet a German or two half way. They exchanged cigars, a smoke and talked. The officer I spoke to hopes we shall do the same on New Year’s Day, I said “yes, if I am here”. I felt I must sit down and write the story of this Xmas Eve before I went to lie down. Of course no precautions are relaxed, but I think they mean to play the game. All the same, I think I shall be awake all night so as to be on the safe side. It is weird to think that to-morrow night we shall be at it hard again. If one gets through this show it will be an Xmas time to live in one’s memory. The German who sang had a really fine voice.

   Am just off for a walk around the trenches to see all is well. Goodnight.

   Xmas Day.

   We had an absolutely quiet night in front of us though just to our right and left there was sniping going on. In my trenches and in those of the enemy opposite to us were only nice big fires blazing and occasional songs and conversation. This morning at the Reveille the Germans sent out parties to bury their dead. Our men went out to help, and then we all on both sides met in the middle, and in groups began to talk and exchange gifts of tobacco, etc. All this morning we have been fraternising, singing songs. I have been within a yard in fact to their trenches, have spoken to and exchanged greetings with a Colonel, Staff Officers and several Company Officers. All were very nice and we fixed up that the men should not go near their opponents trenches, but remain about midway between the lines. The whole thing is extraordinary. The men were all so natural and friendly. Several photos were taken, a group of German officers, a German officer and myself, and a group of British and German soldiers.

   The Germans are Saxons, a good looking lot, only wishing for peace in a manly way, and they seem in no way at their last gasp. I was astonished at the easy way in which our men and theirs got on with each other.

   We have just knocked off for dinner, and have arranged to meet again afterwards until dusk when we go in again and have [illegible] until 9pm, when War begins again. I wonder who will start the shooting! They say “Fire in the air and we will”, and such things, but of course it will start and tomorrow we shall be at it hard killing one another. It is an extraordinary state of affairs which allows of a “Peace Day”. I have never seen men so pleased to have a day off as both sides.

   Their opera singer is going to give us a song or two tonight and perhaps I may give them one. Try and imagine two lines of trenches in peace, only 50 yards apart, the men of either side have never seen each other except perhaps a head now and again, and have never been outside in front of their trenches. Then suddenly one day men stream out and nest in friendly talk in the middle. One fellow, a married man, wanted so much a photo of Betty and Nancy in bed, which I had, and I gave him it as I had two: It seems he showed it all round, as several Germans told me afterwards about it. He gave me a photo of himself and family taken the other day which he had just got.

   Well must finish now so as to get this off to-day. Have just finished dinner. Pork chop. Plum pudding. Mince pies. Ginger, and bottle of Wine and a cigar, and have drunk to all at home and especially to you my darling one. Must go outside now to supervise the meetings of the men and the Germans.

   Will try and write more in a day or two. Keep this letter carefully and send copies to all. I think they will be interested. It did feel funny walking over alone towards the enemy’s trenches to meet someone half-way, and then to arrange a Xmas peace. It will be a thing to remember all one’s life.

   Kiss the babies and give them my love. Write me a long letter and tell me all the news. I hope the photos come out all-right. Probably you will see them in some paper.

   Yours, Jake


I had the most amazing weekend!!!

We visited Tongariro National Park which was GLORIOUS (also mt doom). We went to Hobbiton which was SO COOL and adorable. I’m SO glad I was able to go!!!! Dreams come true everyone!!!!!

We also did blackwater rafting through these caves in Waitomo!!! We climbed through the caves and up these waterfalls and it was AWESOME. It was low key spelunking, I swear. Also there are glow worms everywhere in it!!! At one point we were just floating down on our intertubes in the dark with glow worms above us while our guide sang to us. He sang Hallelujah and some song from LOTR or the hobbit (I think it was edge of night but idk basically it was MAGICAL).

Lovely weekend!!!!! Also our tent was on top of our car and it was super fun. This place is magical.

The Voice auditions

okay so we had to drive 8 hours from Ohio to Philadelphia and we got to the building to audition and waited for HOURS. we finally got in the audition room and I literally was so nervous I almost vomited lol. anyways, like 3 people sang before me & then my sister sang, AND THEN ME. so I was like “hey!!! I’m going to sing Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson!” so I did & he was like “you’re really good! you remind me of a past winner of the voice!” AND HE ONLY COMPLIMENTED ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND THATS A HUGE COMPLIMENT CONSIDERING I REMIND HIM OF A WINNER & I sat back down. everyone else in our group of 10 people sang and then he was like “okay so I am going to give *named two people* a maybe for now, I will call you with a definite answer” and I was like dang lol and tHEN HE SAID “BUT, I am for sure going to take Ray (a girl in my group) & McKenna” I WAS LIKE FUDUDIDIJ. and then we sang one more song and he gave us our callback pass and I literally was acting all chill and when I ran outside with it I jumped on my oldest sister waiting and a crowd of like 200 people standing outside cheered and I was bawling so hard. SO HARD. I couldn’t even say thank you because of how hard I was crying. then I ate some great food. sorry this is so long, so much happened.

Good Problem

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1071

Summary: Dean and the reader are living together, and are working together through their love.

Part 5 in Bad and Good Series. Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, and Part 4 here.

Link to Good Problem by Josh Turner here.

The last and final part! I have loved this series, and while I want to continue it, I think this is a good place to finish it off. :) Thank you everyone who has loved this series as much as I have! Enjoy!

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Hoshi On His Deathbed
  • Scoups: Is there anything you need to tell us?
  • Hoshi: Yes, I-- I do
  • Jeonghan: Tell us, don't be afraid
  • Hoshi: I just need to know...
  • Scoups: Yes....
Early Mornings - Calum 5SOS Imagine/Preference

6:00 in the morning and your alarm went off, it played Airplanes every morning, something about it felt mystical to wake up to. You laid in bed for a minute listening to it, it was nice to just lay there before you had to get up, especially when it was so cold. When you finally turned it off, you looked over at Calum who was sound asleep. You thought about waking him up but you decided to just let him sleep in. 

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[NEWS] 160430 GOT7 First Concert: "Fly in Seoul" Press Conference

GOT7 Thanks Fans For Filling JB’s Empty Spot During First Concert

GOT7 is currently holding their first set of concerts since their debut, and the members revealed how they feel during the press conference before the event.
Jr. said it took a long time to prepare for the concert and also mentioned the absence of the group’s leader JB, explaining, “We prepared a lot since this is our first concert in Korea. I’m glad that our first concert yesterday ended well. It felt a bit empty since our leader JB was not there, but we still tried our best.”
He continued, “We sang the songs excluding JB’s parts, but our fans started singing with a loud voice and filled his spot.”
Mark added, “We were very thankful that the fans filled JB’s spot. It was touching.”
Meanwhile, JB could not participate in GOT7′s first concerts on April 29 and 30 due to a spinal injury.

BamBam Explains Why He Wanted To Cross-Dress For GOT7′s Concert

The boys of GOT7 have shared their honest thoughts on holding a solo concert and having a successful year so far.
On April 30, the members sat down for a press conference ahead of their first solo concert “Fly in Seoul” held at Olympic Hall in Seoul.
Youngjae commented, “I’m feeling great. We’ve been able to grow thanks to our hard work and the love shown by many people.”
Member Yugyeom said, “It feels like a dream to win No.1 on music shows and hold a concert. I can’t believe that my dream has come true. I’m now thinking that I must work hard.”
“We’ve worked hard from the beginning, and this was made possible thanks to our agency staff and fans. After winning No.1, we started preparing even more for our concert. We want to thank and give back to our fans, so we put a lot of effort into the preparations,” Mark explained.
BamBam surprised everyone by sharing how he is excited to finally try cross-dressing during the concert. “I’ve seen other singers do it. I thought our fans would like it, and it would allow us to show another side of ourselves. My dream has now come true.”

Source: © Soompi 1 | 2