he's regaining some of the power he felt before

The Siren and the Insomniac

Title: The Siren and the Insomniac

Chapter No./One Shot: Chapter 4

Original Imagine: 

Imagine you’re part siren and you live in the Stark Tower. Your bedroom is next door to Loki’s, and you become annoyed with him because he stays up all hours. So after many futile arguments with the god, you use your power through the walls to put him to sleep. When the time comes for you to move out, Loki begs you to stay, claiming he can no longer sleep without you.

Author: Starrynight35

Rating: M

Notes/Warnings: Comments are always welcome!!! I hope you like it!

Chapter 4

Raidne watched as Tony dragged Loki’s limp form into her room, grunting through the entire process. When the god’s robe slipped, she tried her best not to peek, but she decided her willpower was not that strong. She was still staring when Tony stopped pulling and turned to look at her. 

“Jeez, there’s a mental image that will last a lifetime.” 

Raidne met his eyes with the look of a child who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. 

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