he's really the best actor


draw the kids in sweaters to forgeter your regreters

bonus coran (he hand knit it, it took him 4 weeks):

Jared’s Gadreel was so inadequate that they had to give him blue shiny eyes just to differentiate between the regular cranky Sam and an celestial being aka an angel.

Jared’s soulless Sam was so all over the place that people had no idea if Sam was just being his meany self or he was genuinely possessed/different than usual Sam in any way. 

And don’t even talk to me about Jared’s stints with various evil Sam’s that have burdened this show with their presence. It’s like he has a set of facial expressions –flaring nostrils, heaving chest, flexed muscles and angry, bitchy frown –which he uses to convey everything from demon!blood addiction to possession to outright fury to bitchy attitude to concern over his brother’s wellbeing. It’s honestly not possible to not notice his overall inadequacy as an actor while watching some of Sam heavy scenes. 

Yet, Jared!fans/Jensen!haters (I’m looking @you lol-jensen-ackles and your faceless, coward minions who pretend to be fans of both J’s) have the audacity to call Jensen an average/bad actor while praising Jared for his oh-so-phenomenal acting? You think the actor who invariably gets praises from critics over his extraordinary performances is worse than the actor who just phones it in these days? All because Jared has played so many versions of Sam? Yeah, talk about being delusional. 

p.s. : I don’t think Jared is the worst actor ever. Although they are becoming increasingly infrequent, he has had his moments and at times he does deliver. This post is more about the hypocrisy of the so called J2 fans and less about Jared’s capacity as an actor.

Pancakes and Coffee [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader got stood up by her date and Lin is there to save her.

Word Count: 1,164

Warnings: None, not even cursing, this is THE PUREST FLUFF OF ALL

A/N: This was THE CUTEST???? I read a post on a promt like this sometime ago and just had to work on it. I love how this turned out, and I hope you guys like it was well!

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“I’ll just wait a few more minutes, he’s probably stuck in traffic, thank you.” Your eyes went back to your phone once again. You could feel it, the staring. The coffee shop you chose for your blind date with the guy your coworker set you up with was near close to Broadway, only a few blocks away from Times Square, there was no way he didn’t find the place or got lost in traffic.

You’ve been stood up for the first time.

It wasn’t a good feeling, at all. You could almost listen to the old women gossiping about it a few tables away from yours, and the waitress talking about how you were sitting alone with a glass of water on your booth, waiting for a date that just wasn’t going to show up.

When the bell by the door ringed for the millionth time since you arrived, you looked up from your phone, hoping for Mike, but it was just another guy: long hair tied up in a ponytail, headphones around his neck and a backpack that didn’t go with the gray sweater he was wearing on that autumn morning. Something about him was just captivating, so you watched him go stand in line to order.

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Celebrating 25 years of Sooraj Barjatya
featuring: maine pyar kiya ★ hum aapke hain koun  ★ hum saath saath hain ★ vivah  


青柳翔 1stシングル『泣いたロザリオ』

Did I already mentionned I love Sho Aoyagi ?

I don’t care, I swear I don’t care. (I totally care!)

I have a bone to pick with that Degrassi Heartthrob poll. Yes, hi, why the fuck is literal #1 heartthrob of ALL DEGRASSI HISTORY CRAIG MANNING NOT IN THE TOP 4????

Jake Epstein was literally it throughout TNG. He’s still it, okay? Even with the newer generation. (Munro is probably the only one who can even be considered as a close second. And maybeeee Dylan Everett.)


(I’m just biased, okay? I just love him so much.)

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holy god your sirius looks awesome - i couldn't breathe for a moment. i always thought it a pity that there was no gothic or sexy sirius in the movies, because that was how i pictured him. you've portrayed him so well!

Gahhh, thank you so much! I really like Gary Oldman–he’s one of the best actors out there, and in the context of the films he works fine, but he’s not how I envisioned Sirius, so I wanted to bring the book version to life as best as I could. I’m glad you think I pulled it off! (And that it’s sexy? I mean, Sirius definitely had that rocker thing going on, so I did want to add a fair bit of Back In Black–pun intended–to the look. I do have a decidedly not-sexy Azkaban-era Sirius in the works, so in the immortal words of Uncle Scar, be prepared. ;) )

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cole said in a recent interview that his real passion is for photography, and if it takes a more prevalent role in his life, he'll likely never return to acting. am i evil for wanting that to happen asap lol

No you’re not evil, Cole knows what’s best for him because he really isn’t a good actor


I love you.

Game Night

The last few days have been insane. I couldn’t believe that my closest friend was friends with the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio. How could she have kept that from me for so long!? Either way it was pretty rad. 
It was after the Oscars in which Leo won for best actor; kudos to him! He really deserved it. Not to mention when he dedicated his acceptance speech to global warming, it made me respect him even more. I don’t know how I ended up at a DiCaprio Game Night party, but fate had it that way. 
“Ok, so the first game of the night will be…Pictionary!” 
             He was so handsome in person
My friend jumped up and said that she wanted to be on my team since I could draw decently. Leo chuckled, taking a drag from his vape, and blew out thick white smoke. The party was lowkey, but there were some A list celebs there.  It was too surreal.  Kate Winslet was there, Martin Scorsese, Idris Elba, Johnny Depp, Jason Segel and some supermodels of whom I did not know. I’m sure it crossed their minds that my friend and I were literally nobodies. 

We broke up into 2 equal groups.  My friend, Depp, Segel and myself versus Elba, Martin, Winslet, Leo. Being around all these famous people made me as stiff as a doornail. I did not want to say anything that made me sound like an idiot. We set up the game and it was time for the first round. We went first. 
            Fucking great! D…for difficult words…Pollute…how the fuck am I going                                                        to draw this…
I took a deep breath and nodded when I was ready for the 1 minute timer to start. Quickly I drew a power plant with a nuclear symbol and smoke with dead ‘m’ shaped birds falling to the ground. Everyone on my team were yelling out different answers, none of them being ‘Pollute’. Leo had looked at the card since his team wouldn’t gain anything from it, and he chuckled some more.  I couldn’t tell if he was laughing at me or with me.  Depp kept saying ‘Pollution’ which technically didn’t count and it only frustrated me. BEEP BEEP BEEP. “Gaaaaahhhh! Pollute…The word was pollute.” I said rubbing my forehead. It was Leo’s turn and of course his team got it immediately….damn Elba was great. They were halfway around the board before we got to go again. Finally, we were beginning to do better, with Segel spitting hot fire! Depp was doing well with his simplistic drawings that got to the point.  He was really good too. We were able to surpass them when some wanted to take a smoke break. I saw this as the perfect time to use the bathroom. –Man had I been holding it. 

I was able to relax a bit due to everyone buzzing off of the competitiveness of the game.  Leo offered to escort me to the closet bathroom due to the size of his home.  “It can be a bit confusing.”  “Thanks!” I said.  
“You are really good at drawing!” he said taking a hard pull from his vape.
“…Thanks! Your team is really good! Especially Kate! Too bad she can’t just be the designated drawer!” I responded. 
“Haha! Yeah, we used to play this all the time! Especially when we had downtime on the Titanic set…Your friend is cool too. I’m glad she brought you! It’s rare when you find a non-celebrity who is so chill and not a rabid fangirl, you know?”         Man, this bathroom is hella far 
“I know what you mean! I used to work Guest Relations.  I would always get fans who just took it too far. Thanks for allowing me to be her plus one!”

He smiled and stopped walking.

“You may think this is weird, but, do you want to go out for coffee?”
“….what?…Like, when? Now? But what about the game? Uh, like…um, I mean….I guess…Yes? I mean, of course….um…” I became flustered and I could feel my face turning red. How do you decline an offer like that? You don’t.
“Hahaha, I thought you said you were chill?”
“Being chill and being flustered are too different things! I mean, like, you are so cool and I respect you so much…Like, I’m just plain ole me…”
“Don’t think so little of yourself! It’s such a relief to hang with someone who isn’t a celeb, you know? Some of them are such tools!” He began to laugh and he sweetly kissed me on the cheek.  I blushed a bit and wondered if this was the beginning of something? My thoughts raced. Quickly I ran inside the bathroom and slammed the door. 

I forgot I had to pee. Badly. 

To Be Continued

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i feel like nobody talks about yixing as er ye enough. like hes not really the best idol actor ever (that belongs to ksoo) but hes there and hes giving his best and basically i just want to point out that er ye is the best character yixing ever had and when ya tou died??? yixing portrayal of someone whos dead inside is just 💯💯💯

Yeah Er Ye was by far Yixing’s best role and I’m glad it’s been recognized and memorialized with his wax statue. And I think Yixing has way more potential in acting than has been shown but he just doesn’t often get roles that require much–depth I guess lol. But that will improve as he gets older and like…can’t play a high schooler anymore lmao

  • Teen Wolf: Yeah, Dylan. You are just the funny background character, k? k.
  • Dylan O'Brien: But-
  • Teen Wolf: You heard us comedic relief!
  • Dylan O'Brien: No, I really can act, look.
  • Teen Wolf: ...
  • Dylan O'Brien: ....
  • Teen Wolf: Shit, he's the best actor we have. Quick give him a really angsty background story and a main story plot.
I just wanna thank all the actors

I’ve just finished watching the last episode of ‘Blood’. The only thing I want to do is to thank the actors, because they was trying hard during this drama. I was happy to see Ahn Jae Hyun playing the main character. I also was glad to see him developing as an actor during this drama. I hope, he will get more main roles in future. I really like this actor. Actually, he is the reason I started watching this drama.

I’m thankful to this drama because I’ve found here a really wonderful actor. He is Jung HaeIn. I believe he is the best actor in this drama. I really fell in love with his character! He is so lovely! Like an angel. And I was crying so much when I found out that HyunWoo was killed TT But… I’m really glad that I’ve learnt about this wonderful actor, so I’m looking forward to his new roles! (His smile is so beautiful!)

I also was impressed by Kang Sung Min’s acting. I really hated this character. I was really affraid of him, but his acting was really amazing, so I can’t help mentioning him.

I’m really grateful to all the others actors. You all guys did your job very well! Thank you!

And I have one more favourite character in this drama. 

I wanna my own LUUVY *O* It is so nice and cute!!! Where can I buy it? If someone knows the place where I can get LUUVY, just let me know ^^

As for the drama, I believe it was great till the 18th episode. It was really hard to watch last 3 episodes. It was really cruel to kill all the main characters. (Especially HyunWoo!!!!!!!!!!!!) As for the ending, it is really strange. Lots of things remain unclear and the last scene… No comments… I really didn’t like its ending!

The only thing I know is that I will never watch the dramas of this scriptwriter anymore.

But I don’t think that watching this drama was just a waste of time. I found out some good actors and I was able to enjoy Ahn JaeHyun’s main role, so I’m thankful for this. 

Its the little things that count

I saw another user do this, so I decided to make my own version.


Lily loved fall. She loved jumping into piles of leaves. Loved taking long baths. Secretly a hopeless romantic. Loves the color green. Always burnt candles when she read. Loved to draw, and was fantastic at it. Hiker (”Lily, why dont you just apparate, it’s so much easier.” “James, its the journey that makes it worth it”). Had a huge bookshelf at home. Wanted to read every book in it before she died.


Took long showers. Loved baked goods, though he couldn’t cook to save his life. Hated tomatoes. Loved taking candid pictures of his friends. Loved going out, though he didn’t mind staying in. Was amazing at transfiguration and Charms. Pulled major pranks, though he wasnt caught (most of the time). Loved summers. He was great at swimming and was once dared to swim naked in the lake at Hogwarts (by Sirius, of course. And of course he did it). 


Was AMAZING at cooking. The mastermind behind all their pranks. Terrible dancer. He didn’t drink much, but when he did you wanted to be there to see it. One of his deepest secrets was that he was a cat person. Always wanted to dye his hair blue. Loved Dickens. Remus adored the rainy season. Whenever it snowed, he curled up near the fire with a book.


Great Actor (duh). He could sing really well. His best subject was Care of Magical Creatures, and DADA. Dreamed of a brick house which he and Remus could live in. Wanted to adopt dogs (”Sirius, may I ask what twenty three dogs are doing in our house?”). Always smelt like honeysuckle, with a hint of wet dog. Bad at shopping (”FOR THE LAST TIME SIRIUS, WE DONT NEED FORTY POUNDS WORTH OF MARSHMALLOW SHOOTERS!” “maybe you dont, but I do, Moony”). 


Loved sweaters, and fuzzy clothes. Always wore socks, no matter the whether. Slept with lots of pillows. Was the best at skipping stones. Didnt read much. Was just a bit spoiled. His bedroom always had lots of mirrors and plants. The best in their year at Herbology. Was good at fake crying.