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Pancakes and Coffee [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader got stood up by her date and Lin is there to save her.

Word Count: 1,164

Warnings: None, not even cursing, this is THE PUREST FLUFF OF ALL

A/N: This was THE CUTEST???? I read a post on a promt like this sometime ago and just had to work on it. I love how this turned out, and I hope you guys like it was well!

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“I’ll just wait a few more minutes, he’s probably stuck in traffic, thank you.” Your eyes went back to your phone once again. You could feel it, the staring. The coffee shop you chose for your blind date with the guy your coworker set you up with was near close to Broadway, only a few blocks away from Times Square, there was no way he didn’t find the place or got lost in traffic.

You’ve been stood up for the first time.

It wasn’t a good feeling, at all. You could almost listen to the old women gossiping about it a few tables away from yours, and the waitress talking about how you were sitting alone with a glass of water on your booth, waiting for a date that just wasn’t going to show up.

When the bell by the door ringed for the millionth time since you arrived, you looked up from your phone, hoping for Mike, but it was just another guy: long hair tied up in a ponytail, headphones around his neck and a backpack that didn’t go with the gray sweater he was wearing on that autumn morning. Something about him was just captivating, so you watched him go stand in line to order.

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you know, i know the show is called shadowhunters and they will always 'have time' for shadowhunters stuff, AND simon. they ALWAYS have time for simon. not hating though. i'm just not interested in him? and it seems like a lot of other people don't care about him too? no hate on alberto, who is great...

It’s totally legit if Simon is not your fave character on the show, Anon. But I think you have to differentiate here because there is a difference between Simon being there… and Simon having his own plot.

Like, it may look like there is a lot of Simon lately but in fact he only got his real own plot with 2x15 now. Yeah sure, there were always some bits when he turned into a vampire f.e. in s1 but mostly he just served as the nerdy and funny sidekick with no real purpose. I think the “problem” here is now that they kinda …. I don’t wanna say ruin because that is not true…. well… didn’t know what to do with him. Which was pretty visible all through s2a. That’s why they shoved him to Clary and annoyed us all with C/limon which literally nobody wanted to see. And not only this but it also didn’t help his character. He was so annoying and kind of disgusting the way he acted in 2x12. I am all here for Sizzy rising and all but the way they wrote that… I didn’t like it one bit. But now with 2x15 it looks like we will get the old Simon back who I have come to like, but who is kinda “growing up” and getting used to the world he is now living in.


Celebrating 25 years of Sooraj Barjatya
featuring: maine pyar kiya ★ hum aapke hain koun  ★ hum saath saath hain ★ vivah  

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cole said in a recent interview that his real passion is for photography, and if it takes a more prevalent role in his life, he'll likely never return to acting. am i evil for wanting that to happen asap lol

No you’re not evil, Cole knows what’s best for him because he really isn’t a good actor


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what are your favorite things about paul and why?

i just really admire him and he’s honestly one of the best actors out there and he’s proven that with love and mercy, there will be blood and prisoners. i’m surprised not many people know him, he’s always off the radar although with okja out, it seems to be giving him some more attention and i’m grateful but i still wish it happened sooner. he deserves all the recognition in the world - rita

Its the little things that count

I saw another user do this, so I decided to make my own version.


Lily loved fall. She loved jumping into piles of leaves. Loved taking long baths. Secretly a hopeless romantic. Loves the color green. Always burnt candles when she read. Loved to draw, and was fantastic at it. Hiker (”Lily, why dont you just apparate, it’s so much easier.” “James, its the journey that makes it worth it”). Had a huge bookshelf at home. Wanted to read every book in it before she died.


Took long showers. Loved baked goods, though he couldn’t cook to save his life. Hated tomatoes. Loved taking candid pictures of his friends. Loved going out, though he didn’t mind staying in. Was amazing at transfiguration and Charms. Pulled major pranks, though he wasnt caught (most of the time). Loved summers. He was great at swimming and was once dared to swim naked in the lake at Hogwarts (by Sirius, of course. And of course he did it). 


Was AMAZING at cooking. The mastermind behind all their pranks. Terrible dancer. He didn’t drink much, but when he did you wanted to be there to see it. One of his deepest secrets was that he was a cat person. Always wanted to dye his hair blue. Loved Dickens. Remus adored the rainy season. Whenever it snowed, he curled up near the fire with a book.


Great Actor (duh). He could sing really well. His best subject was Care of Magical Creatures, and DADA. Dreamed of a brick house which he and Remus could live in. Wanted to adopt dogs (”Sirius, may I ask what twenty three dogs are doing in our house?”). Always smelt like honeysuckle, with a hint of wet dog. Bad at shopping (”FOR THE LAST TIME SIRIUS, WE DONT NEED FORTY POUNDS WORTH OF MARSHMALLOW SHOOTERS!” “maybe you dont, but I do, Moony”). 


Loved sweaters, and fuzzy clothes. Always wore socks, no matter the whether. Slept with lots of pillows. Was the best at skipping stones. Didnt read much. Was just a bit spoiled. His bedroom always had lots of mirrors and plants. The best in their year at Herbology. Was good at fake crying. 

Whether you hate this Hive plot or hate Ward, can we all appreciate how absolutely BRILLIANT Brett Dalton was this episode? His acting never ceases to amazing me. His voice, his expression, his gestures are all different now and I really feel like this is something that is not human. That it’s some Ancient Inhuman monster.

Bravo, Brett. I’m so happy he’s finally being allowed to stretch his acting and go places he never could before. He really is proving himself to be one of the best actors in AOS.

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I think him winning Cannes Best Actor basically encapsulates everything we love about him:

  • uh, he won Cannes Best Actor (which is a really big frickin deal)
  • he was scared as hell upon getting called up and his wife was worrying about him back at home, how precious is that
  • dressed sharp and handsome but slightly dishevelled like always
  • he tries to make a dorky joke that doesn’t quite get through (bonus: related to alcohol)
  • his speech is humble and heartfelt and super sweet and funny, which is basically how he is as a person “I’m gonna share this with my wife, Hanne, Viola, Carl - that was not three wives, those are my kids”
  • he forgets to actually take his award because of course he does
  • he takes a million stupid pictures while cuddling and smooching and drinking with the trophy afterwards

so basically show your grandma this shit and maybe also show her Jagten as supplemental material

bonus: he can go from this

to this

in .5 seconds

  • Teen Wolf: Yeah, Dylan. You are just the funny background character, k? k.
  • Dylan O'Brien: But-
  • Teen Wolf: You heard us comedic relief!
  • Dylan O'Brien: No, I really can act, look.
  • Teen Wolf: ...
  • Dylan O'Brien: ....
  • Teen Wolf: Shit, he's the best actor we have. Quick give him a really angsty background story and a main story plot.