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I love you.

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Hi, thank you for your last answer about handsome oppa. I'm glad that you liked his role in Voice. I think it's the best he ever had and personally the only one in which i enjoyed his acting. He was really the best actor for playing Mo Tae Gu. Speaking of the devil, I'm curious about one more thing: what is your favourite scene (if you have one) for this character? For the other leads?

Ahhh, good question, although I’ll probably struggle to answer because I’m a love’em & leave’em kind of girl so I’ve already forgotten a ton about this show even though it’s barely been a week.

As for Tae-gu’s most memorable scene, hmm… how shallow would I be to say it’s whenever he’s in the bath? Kidding! Kinda… Honestly, probably just about anything from the last couple of episodes would do, especially when he finally got to act in the same room as everyone else. Probably his stand-off with Jin-hyuk as Jin-hyuk threatened him to shoot.

For Kwon-joo, ahhhhh, it’s hard to decide, since honestly a lot of her scenes run together for me since so much of the time she was in the call center talking to everyone over the radio. But the moment she had to break the news about Choon-ok’s death to her brother had a lot of understated emotion in it, which is all thanks to the lovely Lee Ha Na.

For Jin-hyuk, I’ll forever adore that lowkey scene when he’s like, “hey, we all make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up about it. I forgive you.” I can’t even remember what case it was, but it was somewhere in the middle, and Kwon-joo was super apologetic that she had heard wrong. It was such a small moment, but it meant a lot to me when it came to figuring out his character, and it felt like the tipping point of their working relationship when he went from angrily thinking she let his wife’s killer get away to deciding that he was finally going to trust her and treat her with respect as a coworker and boss.

For Dae-shik, no question, the scene in ep 15 where Jin-hyuk confronts him about being the mole. Baek Sung Hyun was phenomenal in that scene.

Even though there was woefully not enough of Hyun-ho and Eun-soo, and what we did get was mostly wasted exposition and PPL, I loved their first meeting when she shut him down and was willing to report him for sexual harassment because he wanted to know how to hit on girls in Russian. I think I also loved that scene because it gives me the sensation of what dynamic these two characters could have had if only the writer had allowed a little more opportunity for character development. Although Yesung with the puppy deserves a little love, even if it wasn’t necessary to the actual plot. But it was dang cute.


“To have the oppurtunity to work with him has been awesome. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him. When we’re on screen and when we’re filming together, there’s a level of trust there so we can really go anywhere. He’s one of the best actors l’ve ever worked with in my career.’‘- ▶ Lana Parrilla on Robert Carlyle

I just wanna thank all the actors

I’ve just finished watching the last episode of ‘Blood’. The only thing I want to do is to thank the actors, because they was trying hard during this drama. I was happy to see Ahn Jae Hyun playing the main character. I also was glad to see him developing as an actor during this drama. I hope, he will get more main roles in future. I really like this actor. Actually, he is the reason I started watching this drama.

I’m thankful to this drama because I’ve found here a really wonderful actor. He is Jung HaeIn. I believe he is the best actor in this drama. I really fell in love with his character! He is so lovely! Like an angel. And I was crying so much when I found out that HyunWoo was killed TT But… I’m really glad that I’ve learnt about this wonderful actor, so I’m looking forward to his new roles! (His smile is so beautiful!)

I also was impressed by Kang Sung Min’s acting. I really hated this character. I was really affraid of him, but his acting was really amazing, so I can’t help mentioning him.

I’m really grateful to all the others actors. You all guys did your job very well! Thank you!

And I have one more favourite character in this drama. 

I wanna my own LUUVY *O* It is so nice and cute!!! Where can I buy it? If someone knows the place where I can get LUUVY, just let me know ^^

As for the drama, I believe it was great till the 18th episode. It was really hard to watch last 3 episodes. It was really cruel to kill all the main characters. (Especially HyunWoo!!!!!!!!!!!!) As for the ending, it is really strange. Lots of things remain unclear and the last scene… No comments… I really didn’t like its ending!

The only thing I know is that I will never watch the dramas of this scriptwriter anymore.

But I don’t think that watching this drama was just a waste of time. I found out some good actors and I was able to enjoy Ahn JaeHyun’s main role, so I’m thankful for this. 


Retired Massachusetts State Police Detective Bob Long spent more than a decade trying to bring Whitey Bulger to justice, and having put in hundreds of hours watching and listening to Bulger from hidden surveillance posts, he has an unusually detailed knowledge of both Bulger and John Connolly.

Long attended the film’s premiere in Boston earlier this week, and said it was like “stepping back in time.”

“I spent years on Bulger, so I know all his mannerisms and his habits,” said Long. “I swear to God, I don’t think anybody in the world except for Bulger himself could have done a better job than Johnny Depp did. He is one talented actor.“

Long had similar praise for Joel, "He was so freaking good, he should get an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  He really portrayed Connolly how he was. So both of them deserve Oscars.”

Whether you hate this Hive plot or hate Ward, can we all appreciate how absolutely BRILLIANT Brett Dalton was this episode? His acting never ceases to amazing me. His voice, his expression, his gestures are all different now and I really feel like this is something that is not human. That it’s some Ancient Inhuman monster.

Bravo, Brett. I’m so happy he’s finally being allowed to stretch his acting and go places he never could before. He really is proving himself to be one of the best actors in AOS.

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Does Josh's voice break when he says the thing about if Jen got ebola or was that just my imagination?

it definitely wavers, at least to my ears.  he’s either the best damn actor ever, or he was really in the moment and actually feared for jen.