he's really not dead... as long as we remember him


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One thing you learned in your forced travels to the north was that vampires were territorial.

Extremely territorial.

Not that your creator thought to tell you. He didn’t tell you anything. You were simply plucked off the street and turned into a vampire with absolutely no explanation.

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i saw @bluephoenixprincess‘s tags on my altean prince lance (langst) comic and i just want to say yes to the reincarnation au!! i wasn’t even thinking about that honestly but now i want it. thank you

so lance had given all of his quintessence to save allura (she had already lost hers so even if she desperately wanted to save lance, she couldn’t without both of them dying and altea values her more anyway). a year or so later, zarkon attacks and that’s when allura and coran go into their 10,000 year sleep.

lance is reborn on earth and space has always called him for a reason he doesn’t know and basically his time at the garrison follows canon. but when he meets up with the rest of team voltron to search for the blue lion, the reason she chooses him is because she recognizes him from his past life and wants to bring him to allura to reunite them (and defend the universe that’s v important too). 

this could also be the reason allura falls right into lance’s arms. because that’s the exact position they were in when she died. and now we could either follow the canon that he hits on her (because he doesn’t remember his past life) or completely ignore that bc hitting on his sister would be a no-go here.

anyway, her first comment to him is that his ears are hideous and maybe she says that because she always remembered him having ears like hers. and being in a coma for so long, she doesn’t recognize him right away without white hair and pointy ears. he really reminds her of her brother but it couldn’t be him because he’s been dead for over 10,000 years. but he’s so much like the lance she knew and it gets harder and harder to be around him.

idk how to end this but just know that lance has no memory of his past life and allura is starting to suspect reincarnation but doesn’t know for sure. it’s just painful to be around someone she loved so dearly

  • 1. "I want to do something for her... but what?"
  • "Well, there's the usual things- flowers... chocolates... promises you don't intend to keep..."
  • -Beauty and the Beast
  • 2. "How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!"
  • -Aladdin
  • 3. "Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or... learn from it."
  • -Lion King
  • 4. "I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you."
  • -Pocahontas
  • 5. "You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity." -Toy Story
  • 6. "Look at that disgusting display."
  • "Yes, sir!"
  • -The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • 7. "My little baby, off to destroy people." -Mulan
  • 8. "But it's a rock."
  • "I know it's a rock! Don't you think I know a rock when I see a rock? I've spent a lot of time around rocks!"
  • "You're weird, but I like you."
  • -Bug's Life
  • 9. "Pull the lever!"
  • [pulls lever]
  • -Emperor's New Groove
  • 10. "Okay, first of all, it's "creetin". If you're gonna threaten me, do it properly." -Monsters Inc
  • 11. "Why me?"
  • "Because you saw me when I was invisible."
  • -The Princess Diaries
  • 12. "Girls talk too much!" -Peter Pan
  • 13. "But if you want to leave, you can. I'll remember you though....I remember everyone that leaves." -Lilo and Stitch
  • 14. "Just keep swimming" -Finding Nemo
  • 15. "Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid."
  • -Pirates of the Caribbean-Curse of the Black Pearl
  • 16. "We are talking about the greater good!"
  • "'Greater good?' I am your wife! I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!"
  • -The Incredibles
  • 17. "I don't like food...I LOVE IT." -Ratatouille
  • 18. "Is this a habit of yours? Falling off of stuff?"
  • "Only when you're there to catch me." -Enchanted
  • 19. "I have made the decision to trust you."
  • "A horrible decision really." -Tangled
  • 20. "Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it." -Brave
  • 21. I'm bad, and that's good! I will never be good, and that's not bad! There's no-one I'd rather be... than me." -Wreck-It Ralph
  • 22. "Does it look bad?"
  • "No."
  • "You hesitated." -Frozen
  • 23. "People keep saying he's not really gone, as long as we remember him. But it still hurts." -Big Hero 6
  • 24. "Stop tellin' everyone I'm dead!" -Brother Bear
  • 25. "Ooh! I like her."
  • "Hm. 'Bout time someone hit him. I'm just sorry it wasn't me." -Atlantis-The Lost Empire
  • 26. "People do crazy things... when they're in love." -Hercules
  • 27. "His eyes were intense... and focused, and... I've never seen eyes like those before."
  • "Oh. Shall I - ahem - leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment?" -Tarzan
  • 28. "Have I gone mad?"
  • "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are." -Alice in Wonderland (2010)
  • 29. "Close your mouth, please, ____. We are not a codfish."
  • -Mary Poppins
  • 30. "Hello, out there! Oh, I hope nobody answers."
  • -The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 36-FINAL) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 35


Steve seemed to be immune to the wedding day hustle that was happening all around him, finding himself more than willing to stand guard in the living room entryway, leaning against the wall casually with arms crossed.  At least, he appeared casual; inside his stomach was churning and fighting the burn of acidity as he watched his boy and his girlfriend sitting on one of the couches together, their fingers intertwined playfully as they spoke to each other too quietly for even him to overhear.  She seemed nice enough, Steve had quickly decided after she arrived, having known nothing more about her than what T’Challa had shared, but nice didn’t quell his concerns that Anthony was still too young as far as he was concerned.  

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Thoughts on, “No Regrets” (Agents of Shield)

So many great and sad surprises! Spoilers below.

1. Gotta start off with the one I’m sure most people are pumped about. Freakin’ Tripp is back! So great to see his face. Its been too damn long! A little surprised Jemma’s reaction to seeing him wasn’t bigger. Even though she knows its fake, he’s been dead for a few years. It would catch me off guard is all I’m saying. Super happy to see Tripp!

2. Mace died! I don’t remember if we knew that was the real Mace or not, but he sure died a heroes death. That was a fantastic scene. He died knowing that what he was doing would save lives and that’s all that mattered. Regardless if they were “real”, they were real to him.

3. I really liked what Ward said at one point. He asked Jemma if she could feel the love between Mack and Hope. She said yes. Then asked, “Doesn’t that make it real?” (Or something to that effect). That is a great question. Can believing something’s real make it real? I would argue yes. Just looking at the placebo effect. People think a fake pill works and then it somehow actually works! Its a weirdly proven thing.

4. “…a hive like itch.” That got me so good! Coulson cracking jokes without even realizing it.

5. “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Fitz about Daisy. They just keep slipping in these very current political things. I dig it! 

6. The May/Mace fight was solid. 

7. Loved how they got May to turn. It was because of the kids and Mace’s sacrifice. That was really good!

This episode was packed full of other goodies, but I’ll just end it here. Such a fantastic season. They need to hurry up and renew another season already!


metallicdeceiver  asked:

What about vampire killjoys??? Vampire killjoys trying to find a solution for the desert sun...

of course!! This took me a minute to figure out but I think I have something good here👀

Fun Ghoul had been sat there for five hours.

He wasn’t really a brooding person, Jet did oh, so casually. Party Poison was a stormer, stomping away at the lightest inconvenience while his brother… Kobra had the tendency to hiss at people that annoyed him. His teeth getting all impossibly sharp and his ears turning into a bat’s sharp design.

He was lucky, all Fun Ghoul was able to do was sulk. But by Destroya, he would sulk.

Their little ‘affliction’ carried them through everything, but they each had their own little weaknesses that came with it. Party cried blood and needed more to compensate, Jet was fast, too fast for the human eye sometimes, he disappeared and sometimes they would have to try and catch him. Kobra was twitchy, he heard everything, having bat-like features didn’t always help, it was like the pills in the city had held off all of these things, only letting past their hunger. And Fun Ghoul?

“Oh he’s just fine!” Fun Ghoul mocked, “Really it’s fine! He just bursts into flames whenever he goes outside! Fuck off.” He huffed, sitting down on top of a crate inside the diner, wondering when his friends would come back so he could sulk with an audience to empathize with him.

Or at least tell him to go into another room because he was ‘making them uncomfortable.’ Fun Ghoul rolled his eyes.

He wondered if they had made it to Tommy’s by now, dropping carbons everywhere, practically pissing themselves because he had gotten a new shipment of hair dye.

Tommy had once tried to sell him an SPF 500 Sunscreen (Tans and Protects!) and Fun Ghoul had almost handed over the seventy carbons until Jet angrily pointed out that Tommy had spelled ‘Aloe Vera’ wrong and that he was a werewolf and everyone knew werewolves were nothing but con artists save for Dr. Death-Defying.

Fun Ghoul had emptied the entire bottle of SPF 15 onto Tommy’s lap.

Then he had to pay for the dry cleaning. 

Why is life so unfair? Fun Ghoul remembers his mother asking the sky, rather dramatically, her long black lace clothes and high arching eyebrows completing the look, sometimes thunder would boom and her pale features would glow. Why must we persist in the shadows? We remain youthful, yet ever cursed!

He really wished she was here for a monologue, she was always better at them then he would ever be.

He slept like the dead waiting for them, his arms crossed over his chest, face down, snoring as he drooled.

“Hey,” Kobra whined, “Get up, discount Dracula.”

Fun Ghoul snorted awake, “What?”

Party Poison threw something at him, like a lance, long and pointy, “We got you a new umbrella, loser.”

Smoke Pt 2

Story Summary: You knew Bucky and Steve back when you were kids. When they both disappeared in the war, you let Peggy experiment on you with the serum. It had a different effect on you than it had on Steve, and you’ve spent your life in hiding. What will happen when you finally make yourself known?
Word Count: 1,292
Warnings: Feels. Angst.
A/N: I hope you guys are liking this so far. And if you have any advice, I’d love to hear it!

His eyes scanned your face for a few moments, before he let out a small sigh. “I.. I feel like I should remember you.. You were a big part of my life, weren’t you?” He asked softly as he walked closer to you, taking a better look at you. You nodded slowly, chewing on your lip. Steve watched your interaction closely, his eyes never leaving Bucky. “You really don’t remember her?” Steve breathed, and you saw the pain on Bucky’s face as he came closer. “Your eyes..” He whispered, and you kept eye contact with him, hoping that it might spark something inside of him, but he just shook his head, running his fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry.. I don’t..” He whispered, and you let out a small sigh, shaking your head at him. “It’s okay.. It was a long time ago.” Steve came closer, resting his hand on your shoulder, smiling in apology. “Give it time.” He whispered, and you nodded, but the feeling in your stomach just made you want to cry. He couldn’t remember you.

Steve made you sit down and explain to him how exactly you were still alive, and so young… He didn’t really like the answers you had for him. “You.. You did this because you thought we were dead?” He’d asked, his raising an octave. You nodded, “Steve, you two were all I had.. I thought that maybe since you were gone.. You’d want me to try and save people, like you did. I was.. I was trying to make my big brother proud.” You told him softly. He was about to open his mouth, when Bucky interrupted him, “But the serum didn’t work. Not all the way, anyway?” You let out a small breath before answering, “Right. Instead of becoming a super soldier like Peggy and I had hoped, I was just cursed with this.” You held your hands up in front of your face, your eyes narrowing at the smooth skin. “I had to watch everyone I got close to grow old and die, while I never changed.. Even Peggy..” You whispered the last part, and Steve’s body tensed up. “Peggy knew you were alive?” You nodded slowly, “She knew.. She helped me through so many dark times over the years.. Now that she’s gone.. I knew that I needed to find you.” You told him, your eyes scanning his face. “She loved you, you know.” You told him, and his lips pressed into a thin line. “I know.”

You stayed and spoke with them a bit longer, when you finally decided you should probably go back to your apartment, let this sink in for them a little bit. Bucky had looked incredibly uncomfortable the entire time you had been there, and you felt a little guilty. He didn’t remember anything you were talking about. He couldn’t even remember the day that he left to go fight the war..

“Bucky, please. Don’t go.” You begged, tears streaming down your face. He wiped them away with his thumbs as he cradled your face in his hands. “Y/N.. You know I have to do this.” He whispered brokenly. “But.. I-I love you.” You sobbed, and his eyes softened as he took a step closer to you. “I love you too, doll. I always have.” He told you, and you managed to smile through your tears. “Promise me something.” He said, his eyes scanning your face. You nodded, “Anything, Buck.” He leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to your lips, the kind of kiss that makes you weak in the knees. His arm snaked around your waist tightly as he continued kissing you and you wanted to stay lost in that moment forever. You didn’t care about all the people who were staring at you. Your hands tugged at his hair gently, and he pulled away from the kiss, pressing his lips to your forehead lightly. “When I get home.. I want you to marry me.” He whispered, and you felt my heart flutter. “B-Bucky?” You stammered, and he smiled down at you, one of his famous crooked smiles. “Promise you’ll wait for me.” He whispered.

You had waited for him, alright. James Barnes was the last romantic interest you had. And sitting here with him, even though he wasn’t saying much of anything, just made you remember all of the feelings you had for him. Steve knew it, too, as he kept touching you and giving you sad looks. He knew this was hard for you.

“You could always stay here, you know.” Steve had offered, and you shrugged as you stood up, wrapping your arms around yourself. “That’s okay. I have an apartment, not too far from here. I’m sure Tony will give you my address and my phone number, in case you want to visit. I rarely sleep anymore, so if you need me, don’t hesitate to call, I don’t care what time it is.” You told him, and he smiled softly at you, taking you into his arms for another hug. You’d gotten an awful lot of those from Steve today. Not a single one from Bucky, though. You supposed it was weird for him. “I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll probably give you a call tomorrow. I feel like we have a lot to catch up on.” He told you, and you nodded, smiling as you ended the embrace. “You guys could come over for dinner sometime. Bring your friends, if you want.” You told him, and he grinned. “You always were a wonderful cook, we might have to take you up on that offer, we’re free tomorrow night, right Buck?” Your eyes darted to Bucky, who was still just staring at you, and he nodded stiffly. “Sure, sounds great.” He replied, and you chewed on your lip as you took a few steps towards him.

“Well.. I guess I’ll see you soon, then.” You said awkwardly, wringing your hands together. He took a few steps towards you, leaving only inches between you as he searched your face again. “I should know you..” He whispered, and you smiled sadly. “It’s okay, Buck. It’ll come back to you.” You told him, though you weren’t sure you believed it, myself. His hand lightly touched your hair, and you had to fight back a shiver. He noticed, and chewed on his lip lightly. “I’ll see you soon.” You told him, taking a step away from him. “Promise?” He whispered, and your head whipped back in his direction. “What did you say?” You breathed, and he just stared at you, his mouth hanging open slightly. “You promised me something..” he whispered, “But I can’t remember what..” You smiled at him, feeling tears form at the edges of your eyes. “Like I said, Buck.. It’ll come back to you. I promise you that.”

You couldn’t stay there any longer, and you turned your back to him, waving goodbye to Steve as you headed down the hall so you could leave the building. Once you were outside, you realized how dark it had gotten. You let out a shaky breath, wrapping your arms around yourself for warmth as you began the walk back to your apartment.

You could feel eyes on you the entire way home, but it didn’t make you feel nervous or afraid, you just figured it was Steve making sure you made it home okay. Like a big brother, always watching you. Your heart fluttered at the thought. You finally had them back. Maybe it would take awhile before Bucky could remember you.. maybe he wouldn’t remember you at all.. but now that you had your boys back, now that you had your family back, you weren’t going to let them go so easily.

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This is kind of a rant bouncing off a self-conscious anon over at @sirussly‘s blog, but I feel like a few people might need it.

I didn’t have my first ‘boyfriend’ until I was 15. He was a long time friend, and we didn’t really know how to make the platonic / romantic transition. We held hands, and wrote stupid notes, and went bowling once. He somehow managed to make a bowling ball stop dead in the lane and then roll back up the incline. Still not sure how. 

When I was 18 and in college, I ‘dated’ a guy. We held hands, and people I didn’t know asked me where he was, like I knew where he was every waking hour. We used all my cell phone minutes over Christmas break, talking about shit I can’t remember. I gave him an awkward kiss on the cheek, and people I didn’t know told me he’d deep-throated a light saber while drunk at a party I didn’t know about. At nineteen he became a full blown alcoholic and dropped out. People still ask me what he’s up to. We haven’t spoken in five years. 

When I was 22, I did what I always did at my friend’s parties. I had a drink, played Ring of Fire with a cup of soda, and crashed in her bed early. Another friend came to change clothes after deciding the pool looked like a fantastic place to be, draped themself over the bed, and drunkenly demanded a kiss. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, and they loudly, goofily demanded a real kiss. My roommate promptly had a tantrum because she’d been trying to steal my first kiss for months. 

A couple of months later I realized I was a little bit gay. 

At 23 I realized I was definitely biromantic, but also an asexual. My mom and I talked about it in the two hour car ride home for spring break, after telling me that she really wouldn’t mind if I was a lesbian. I haven’t told her I’m bi, because bi people are sluts and coupled with my asexuality I’m not sure she could grasp someone capable of being attracted to multiple genders but not interested in sleeping with any of them.

I’m 25, I’ve still never slept with anybody, and it has not impacted my life in the slightest. 

My really delayed point is, don’t let anyone make fun of you for sleeping around, or for not. Who cares. Life is short. I know everybody says that, but after my best friend lost her fiance three days after he proposed, it’s really hard to ignore. If you want to get married and have kids, more power to you. If you’re comfortable how you are, that is what matters. If you want something more, take chances. Try a little harder.

Personally? I’m perfectly happy being a 25 year old virgin who watches shitty TV, writes bad short stories, and slapping my roommate’s ass when she … well, does anything. 

Be happy. Take care of yourself. Eat three bowls of ice cream and kiss chicks at bars. Or don’t. And if anyone gives you shit, cut them out of your life. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.  

Lingering Scents (Epilogue)

Taehyung x Reader (smut) ft. Jikook

Genre: Fluff/Angst, incest, smut

Note: This is just a short epilogue that very fluffy lolz more of a scribble than anything~

And be warn there is incest since not everyone is comfortable with this.


Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Epilogue(Ft. Jikook))

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Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam, Jody, Bobby

Summary:  Dean inherits and item from Bobby.

Word Count:  1400

Warnings:  None, this is just pure fucking fluff. I didn’t know I was capable.

This is for @chelsea072498 ‘s challenge, “Chels Birthday Challenge.”  I was assigned candy corn and “a main character finds an old heirloom”. Also, the number 37 needed to be worked into the fic. Happy birthday girl!

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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“Wider, Dean!” The handsome hunter opens his mouth as you count. “33…34…35…”

“Hey guys, I need to tell you…what are doing?” Sam stands in the doorway of your room, leaning against the doorjamb, hands shoved into his pocket. He watches the two of you on the bed.

Holding up a finger, you indicate that he needs to wait one second. “36…37!  You did it!” you exclaim, clapping your hands together and bouncing up and down on your knees.

“Did what?” Sam asks, his eyebrows raised at the two of you.

“Fit thirty-seven pieces of candy corn into his mouth. He beat his record!” Dean high fives you and attempts to say something around the mouthful of candy but it’s useless and he almost chokes when you start laughing.

Sam shakes his head and sighs while you bang on Dean’s back. “You two really are meant for each other.” You dissolve into giggles and Sam just rolls his eyes. “Meet me in the library when you’re done.”  


Sam is waiting patiently for the two of you in the library. Taking the seat across from him you ask, “What’s up Sammy?”

“So, I just got a call from Jody. Apparently the First National Bank of Sioux Falls is renovating and they are trying to track down the owners of all the safety deposit boxes. Jody is helping locate the owners or next of kin, and came across a box owned by a ‘Robert Willis’. She recognized it as one of Bobby’s aliases.”

“Were headin’ to Sioux Falls, then?” Dean asks.  


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Girl Meets the Inevitable - a future GMW script headcanon (part 3)
  • Part 1: http://theory-of-riarkletivity.tumblr.com/post/146566230581/girl-meets-the-inevitable-a-future-gmw-script?is_related_post=1
  • Part 2: http://theory-of-riarkletivity.tumblr.com/post/147630622206/girl-meets-the-inevitable-a-future-gmw-script?is_related_post=1
  • (Topanga’s scene, everyone is working on their projects)
  • Cornchip Dave: So I’m thinking that Keats’ use of the word “Truth” in this context-
  • Zay: *staring at laptop* Ya know this guy was only 5 feet tall??
  • Cornchip Dave: *stares at him incredulously*
  • Zay: That’s so little!!
  • ~meanwhile~
  • Sarah: Let’s see, this poem is making a claim about art. As you know, my dad’s a director, and he always says--
  • Lucas: *staring at laptop* Ya know this guy was only 25 when he died?!
  • Sarah: Yeah, of tuberculosis.
  • Lucas: Life is REALLY short, Sarah!
  • Sarah: *stares incredulously*
  • Lucas: I could be like...9 years away from dying! alone!
  • ~meanwhile~
  • Maya: So you haven’t been saying much.
  • Smackle: That’s because we don’t really say that much.
  • Maya: Whaaat? Pleeease. We talk constantly! What about that one time.....yeah okay you’re right.
  • Smackle: I am also slightly perturbed by the subject matter.
  • Maya: Keats? He’s easy! Wait… DO I UNDERSTAND SOMETHING YOU DON’T?!
  • Smackle: Psshhh.. No…of course I- *looks at poem and gets slightly dizzy, then snaps out of it* ...Okay yeah, you do.
  • Maya: Wow, this is just the best day of my life!
  • Smackle: All right, don’t get used to it Blondie, just teach me your flowery nonsense *shoves papers at her*
  • (Camera cuts to Farkle and Riley, or at least, the table where they should be studying. The chairs are empty.)
  • Lucas: Hey, where are Riley and Farkle?
  • (It is then revealed that they sitting on the floor in opposite corners, both facing the wall.)
  • Maya: Okay, this is getting ridiculous. *nods at Lucas, signifying the plan for each of the to get up and yank Riley and Farkle out of their corners, drag them to the table and plop them in their respective chairs*
  • Lucas: You’re tellin me.
  • (Riley and Farkle sit across from each other, staring with terrified expressions.)
  • Maya: Riley? You have to come back from Rileytown now, okay?
  • Riley: *softly* No thanks.
  • Lucas: You guys have to work on your project or you're gonna fail, is that what you want buddy?
  • Farkle: *whispers* It doesn’t matter.
  • Everyone: *gasps*
  • Maya: Alright, this is just too far. *marches back to Smackle*
  • Zay: How you gonna fix it?
  • Maya: Like this! *grabs Smackle by the arm and drags her to the table*
  • Smackle: Woah woah woah, I am not involved in this!
  • Maya: Yes you are, you know how to fix this so do it.
  • Smackle: *sighs* Farkle, do your homework.
  • Farkle: *keeps staring*
  • Smackle: My spell doesn’t work on him any more Maya, you know that.
  • Maya: That’s not what I meant.
  • Smackle: ???
  • Maya: *not so subtly gestures towards Riley with her head*
  • Smackle: Fix Riley? But she’s your best friend?
  • Maya: I can’t help her with this *cough* particular problem *cough* I’m not as *cough* experienced in this *cough* particular area.
  • Smackle: *eyes go wide and she looks at Farkle* oh, THAT...
  • Zay: I knew it!
  • Lucas: Wait, that’s what’s going on here?? I thought they were just fighting! Or having another identity crisis or something!
  • (everyone rolls their eyes at him)
  • Maya: *still trying to be subtle* Not exactly the situation here buddy.
  • Lucas: But THEY can’t…. This isn’t… *panic*
  • Maya: Listen Lonestar, *grabs shirt and pulls him way out of earshot* you’re gonna have to get over yourself and let this happen, or everything is gonna be weird for the rest of our lives, is that what you want?
  • Zay: Why’s it always gotta be the rest of our lives.
  • Maya: *points at Zay, not missing a beat* Slow down Babineaux, that’s my line.
  • Lucas: But... *looks at Riley and sighs* yeah, okay ...*Maya lets go of him and he raises his hands and backs away* Letting it happen.
  • Maya: Good.
  • Zay: Very mature of you, Freak.
  • Lucas: Flat butt.
  • Zay: You really gotta bring that up? *they go back to their projects*
  • Smackle: *cringing* Riley, I need to talk to you.
  • Riley: *does nothing*
  • Maya: You’re gonna have to try a bit harder.
  • Smackle: Fine. *gets right up next to her ear and yells* RISE AND SHINE BUBBLES. YOU HAVE A MEETING TO ATTEND. *grabs Riley’s arm and struggles to yank her out of Topanga’s while Maya giggles at the situation*
  • (Now that Riley is gone, Farkle wakes up as Maya sits across from him in Riley’s seat)
  • Farkle: Wait, where am I, what happened? I taste blue, did I pass out again?
  • Maya: *grinning* I knew it
  • Farkle: Knew what?
  • Maya: That it was inevitable.
  • Farkle: *in denial* that what was-
  • Maya: You know what.
  • Farkle: I really don't
  • Maya: -then why can't you say a word to Riley?
  • Farkle: I don't know what you-
  • Maya: You just flinched at the mention of her name! You have got it bad, Minkus.
  • Farkle: I have got nothing of the sort!
  • Maya: You totally love her.
  • Farkle: Of course I do, I love you both. Equally. Since we were six. I’m not going back on my promises here. And SHE is the one being weird-
  • Maya: -you guys are both being equal amounts of super weird and you know it. And I told you I’m down with you breaking that promise, everything is good on my end. Which means you’re free to admit that you’re totally in love her.
  • Farkle: I’m not admitting anything when there’s nothing to be admitted.
  • Maya: Um I think there is.
  • Farkle: Well then you’re really good at making assumptions.
  • Maya: What’s there to assume? You and Riley are totally in lo-
  • Farkle: Would you stop saying that? You don’t know that. We don’t know anything.
  • Maya: Excuse me, I’m her best friend I know a lot more than you do.
  • Farkle: *panic* Wait has she been saying stuff???
  • Maya: Maybe.
  • Farkle: What kind of stuff??
  • Maya: Well not much lately *gestures at her empty seat*
  • Farkle: You know what I mean.
  • Maya: Why don’t you ask her yourself, Romeo?
  • Farkle: You know I can’t do that, Maya.
  • Maya: Why are you so scared? It’s you and Riley! You know how important you are to each other.
  • Farkle: We don't know what's gonna happen, Maya. Breaking promises just messes stuff up. I don't want everything to change.
  • Maya: You've gotta talk to her.
  • Farkle: Why??
  • Maya: Becuase things are changing whether you like it or not and if you want to know what's making her so 'weird' then you're gonna have to let her tell you herself.
  • Farkle: *makes indistinguishable panic sound*
  • Maya: You gotta.
  • Farkle: It could ruin everything!
  • Maya: Yeah, well, Farkley, Life's tough, get a helmet *Eric-bumps him on the forehead*
  • Farkle: *is dazed, then offended, then gives up because he knows she's right and sighs* Fine, I’ll do it, we just… we need to get our project done first.
  • Maya: Coward.
  • Farkle: Yep, that’s me. *grins stupidly*
  • ~meanwhile~
  • (Smackle plops Riley down in the seat across from her at the table outside Topangas)
  • Riley: *snaps out of it in a very Sleeping Beautyish (or Dorthy-esque *cough*) type of way, she’s smiling as if she doesn’t know what’s been happening* Oh hello there Smackle, what can I do for you?
  • Smackle: You’re kidding.
  • Riley: Kidding about what?
  • Smackle: You did not just forget about everything that just happened.
  • Riley: *is now worried because she realizes Smackle is on to her* About what that just happened?
  • Smackle: Riley, look, I’ve been down this road before, I know how Farkle can-
  • Riley: There’s no road to be down! There’s no Farkle! Farkle isn’t even real!
  • Smackle: ...wow, sunshine, you are in some intense denial.
  • Riley: ...saying “am not” is gonna make it worse isn’t it?
  • Smackle: I’m afraid so.
  • Riley: ...you must hate me.
  • Smackle: How does that make sense?
  • Riley: Because I put you two together! I made sure you guys got together because I wanted you to learn how to feel and I wanted Farkle to understand love, now you’re broken up and here I am just-
  • Smackle: You and Farkle belong together, Riley
  • Riley: … well I sure didn’t expect THAT.
  • Smackle: It’s kind of been obvious since the beginning of time.
  • Riley: *smiles all stupid* The beginning of time you say?
  • Smackle: I’m a genius, don’t question me. I know these things.
  • Riley: But how could you know?! I didn’t even know! It wasn’t until that night at the ski lodge...
  • Smackle: And therein lies my only problem with this situation.
  • Riley: *defeated* So you ARE mad at me...
  • Smackle: My problem is that it took you so long
  • Riley: You are full of surprises, Smackle!
  • Smackle: *dead serious* Yeah, I’m a real hoot. Riley, Farkle has been in love you since the first grade.
  • Riley: Yeah but that wasn’t real, and he loved me AND Maya. He divorced us for you, remember?
  • Smackle: Oh, honey, it was real.
  • Riley: Was it really?? But what about you? I thought you guys were in love.
  • Smackle: *sigh-smiles* he liked me, I liked him. Technically, we made sense. That hasn't changed.
  • Riley: Then why break up?
  • Smackle: Because relationships can't be quantified by logic alone. From what I’ve observed, some of the best of them make zero sense whatsoever. Sometimes what we think is best for us, ends up not being what we need. You know that better than anyone. *Riley looks down* Farkle and I were good for a while, we supported each other and helped each other grow more confident, we’re still doing that. But we are better as teammates than we are as boyfriend and girlfriend. We were a good match. Not a great match. *puts her hand on Riley's shoulder* You two, are a great match.
  • Riley: You really think so? *shaking her head* It doesn’t even matter though, he’ll never see me the way I see him. He promised he would always love Maya and I the same and Farkle always sticks to his promises. *shrug-smile* It’s one of the things I love about him.
  • Smackle: Does he though?
  • Riley: Does he what?
  • Smackle: Love you and Maya the same? Or does he just love you equally?
  • Riley: *perplexed* I don’t understand. There’s a difference?
  • Smackle: Riley, Farkle will always be there for all of his friends, we all know that. But there's a reason he crawls through your window for advice and support. Not mine, not Maya’s, but yours. All I could ever do to help him is tell him what he probably already knows. And Maya, well, crawling into Maya’s window might be dangerous. He needs you unlike he needs anyone else. He needs you to show him the side of things he can't see, and you need him in the same way. He may not understand that yet. But he will. It’s you, Riley, it has always been you.
  • (Riley takes a deep breath, taking in all the information)
  • Riley: Smackle, can I ask you a question?
  • Smackle: I love questions.
  • Riley: How long have you known?
  • Smackle: Quite a while.
  • Riley: How long is quite a while?
  • Smackle: *smiles* Since the day I met you. I was confused for a while, but that didn't last long.
  • Riley: And you really don’t mind? I could never hurt you and neither could Farkle.
  • Smackle: I promise you no one’s getting hurt.
  • Riley: *satisfied with the outcome of conversation* Good...*she realizes what comes next*...wait...this means that now I have to-
  • Smacke: *patronizing* Tell him how you feel?
  • Riley: Yeah, can we skip that part? I could just...ya know...not?
  • Smackle: Riley.
  • Riley: Right now??
  • Smackle: I mean you should at least start on your project, studies always come first.
  • Riley: Ah yes, the project. We’ll just finish our project and see what happens next.
  • (they get up to walk back into Topanga’s)
  • Smackle: Riley?
  • Riley: *turns around* Hmm?
  • Smackle: *grabs Riley's collar in a Maya-esque fashion* Don’t. Hurt. Him.
  • Riley: Yikes!
  • Smackle: I mean it, bubbles! no more of this Canada nonsense! We both know that Farkle is incredible, but sometimes he doesn’t. So you better let him know how amazing he is and just how much you appreciate him, you got it?
  • Riley: Okay!
  • Smackle: *Gets very close to Riley’s face with one questionable eyebrow raised* Do you mean that? Or are you just terrified right now?
  • Riley: Can I be both really terrified and still mean it??
  • ~camera cuts to Lucas and Zay working at different parts of the bar with their respective partners~
  • Zay: *turns around on barstool and nudges Lucas with foot* What is going ON out there??
  • ~camera cuts to the view of Smackle and Riley through the window and then back to Lucas~
  • Lucas: *not even looking up* Don't even wanna know, dude.
  • ~back to Smackle and Riley~
  • Smackle: As long as you mean it.
  • Riley: I do!
  • Smackle: *Lets go of Riley, brushes off her shoulders* Good. Just making sure. Because I know you’ve had the Charlie’s, Evans and Lucases chasing after you your entire life, but there is no one better than Farkle Minkus.
  • Riley: *smiles* You're right, Smackle. I know that now.
  • Smackle: Good. Meeting adjourned.
  • Riley: *Hugs Smackle in her over-the-top way* I LOVE THAT WE CAN TALK LIKE THIS NOW.
  • Smackle: *at first looking uncomfortable, then relaxing and hugging her back* Me too. Thanks for helping me get there.
  • Riley: Really?! I helped you get there? *smiles really big*
  • Smackle: I just mean that you never apologize for being you. You have taught me a lot, Riley Matthews. *looks perplexed* I never thought you could teach me anything but you have. You taught me how to feel. You and Farkle both have.
  • Riley: *laughing at Smackle's backhanded compliment* Thanks, Smackle. I’m glad my overwhelming mediocrity has inspired you.
  • Smackle: You’re welcome!
  • Riley: ...and thanks for everything else, too.
  • (Girls glance in Topanga's, camera shows Farkle and Maya talking through the window then cuts back to Smackle)
  • Smackle: Just playing for my team.
  • (P.S. This scene was co-written with bmwwritinggmw so huge special thanks to her! Everything she writes is amazing and her Ski Lodge Spec script takes place in the same timeline as Girl Meets the Inevitable! Once I'm done with this one we'll be co-writing an episode that connects our two episodes and then we'll be writing an episode that takes place directly after this one! It's very confusing lol but the moral of the story is stay tuned for loads of stuff from both of us and check out her script (which can be found here: http://bmwwritinggmw.tumblr.com/post/148576274814/ski-lodge-spec-script-pt-6-conclusion-reblog-if) if you haven't already!
He’s not really dead, as long as we remember him.
—  Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy (DeForest Kelley) in The Wrath of Khan, in relation to the passing of Mr Spock (Leonard Nimoy) 
I believe that today of all days, this is the one quote to use, not only has Leonard gone to join his dear friend De, but the quote can be used on us, because he will never truly be gone, as long as those who love him remember him, and remember him we shall. 
You lived long and prospered, may you now rest in peace, honorary gramps. We’ll love you and miss you forever. Always in our hearts. xxx
03. 巻島の機嫌
03. 巻島の機嫌

Makishima’s Moods
MAKISHIMA: Yeah, I’m over my cold now. Sorry for worrying you, Kinjou. Huh? …Oh, the class notes for what I missed in lectures, huh? Yeah, of course, the sooner I get them, the better. [opens and closes door] Huh? Today? Huh? Onoda and the others are already on their way? I can’t leave the house then… Yeah, I’ll be waiting here. Yeah, see you.

x x x

ONODA: Sorry, Imaizumi-kun, Naruko-kun, for making you come when it’s me that Kinjou-san left his notebooks to.
IMAIZUMI: Don’t worry about it. I have a CD that I still need to return to Makishima-san anyway.
NARUKO: That’s right, Onoda-kun. The old man said [imitating TADOKORO] “he’s probably bored outta his mind” and gave me a video of a bike race he recorded to give anyway.
ONODA: Thanks, you two. [thinking] Makishima-san skipped club while he was sick, so I can’t wait to see him again after so long.

x x x

MAKISHIMA: Sho–Sho–Sh–ac–shoo!
Hmm? No, that was just a sneeze. My cold is all gone.
[turns over]
Huh? Someone is talking about me? Kwah! The only person who’d do that is you. So, what are you calling about? Hm? The latest edition of Cycle Time? No, I haven’t bought this month’s yet…
Huh?! W–Wait! Don’t read from it! He–Hey, wait!!
…I look forward to the next edition every month, you know!
…Huh? Of course it’s enough to make me want to sigh. You took my enjoyment from me! It’s because of someone that I’m stuck wallowing in my room in the first place… You’re asking me who’s fault that is? Look inside yourself and ask that! Bye, Toudou. Tch!
[hangs up]
Jeez, that guy is unbelievable.
[phone rings again]
[picks up] I told you, don’t talk to me about bikes anymor– Ah. It’s you, Tadokorocchi. Sorry about that. No, that was something else. No, I’m not mad. So, what’s up? Oh, I heard from Kinjou that Onoda and the others are coming. I know. It’ll be fine, nothing for you to worry about. Yeah. Yeah. I just have to greet them with a smile, right? Yeah. A smile.

[The front bell rings]

MAKISHIMA: Sounds like someone’s here, so I’m hanging up. Yeah, it’s probably them. See you.
[hangs up]
Yeah, yeah. You don’t have to keep pressing the bell like that, I can hear you.

x x x

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a possible estimate to how many years Mikleo had to wait for Sorey to wake up.

Not really. We at least know that Rose is long dead and Mikleo had time to grow out his hair, so we’re looking at at least a hundred years. If we look at the novelization of the epilogue, there are a few more clues that indicate Mikleo waited a lot longer than that:

“At those times, their other friends would smile to themselves, looking at them with fondness and even exasperation. He still remembered it like it was yesterday. Enough time has passed since to be called an eternity. It had already been a long, long time since the last humans to be the same age as him were gone. Time still marched on, never stopping, changing the shape of the world little by little. Countries locked in wars had grown steep in friendship, reaching the point where they would solve their shared problems together. Even the shapes and forms of the countries themselves were no longer the same.”

(Also! Random but interesting thing about the epilogue: you know how Sorey says something to Rose that we don’t hear before sending her away to have his final battle with Heldalf? Well in the novel we find out what it was: “And the girl, too, who took up his childhood friend’s resolve, his will, his purpose. Left alone by herself, with all the feelings roiling in her heart, the path she chose to walk was to bring peace to a world that had lost its Shepherd. When someone says ‘see you later’ to you, you’ve just got to make it so that you can go see him again someday. The girl had said that, smiling, devoting the rest of her one life to an undertaking without end.”)

Stages of Grief (BH6)
  1. Denial: Tadashi isn’t dead! We even never saw a body! He’ll show up at the end and hug Hiro and everything will be fine!
  2. Anger: It’s not fair! He was such a great person & loving brother. I hope Hiro kills Yokai!
  3. Bargaining: Please Disney, use some Frozen-esque plot device and bring him back! I’ll buy so much BH6 merch if you do!
  4. Depression: He’s really gone isn’t he? I feel so empty inside.
  5. Acceptance: Tadashi’s not really gone, as long as we remember him.
On Passing Stars

By now, most of you (if not all of you) have heard the very sad news. Today, Leonard Nimoy passed away. There are few things in this world more difficult to deal with than the loss of a loved one. Do not feel bad for feeling sad, for crying (or not), for whatever you are feeling right now. Grief comes to us all in different ways and at different times. 

Leonard Nimoy was a treasure to have and his loss is incredibly impactful, as was his life. Remember him for his best moments, for what he inspired in all of us, for the beautiful stories he left behind, and for the reminder that we are all loved dearly. 

Remember his final public words: “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.  LLAP” (Posted 2:36 AM - 23 Feb 2015)

Remember what Tasha Yar taught us:  “Death is that state in which one exists only in the memory of others. Which is why it is not an end. No goodbyes. Just good memories. Hailing frequencies closed, sir.” (TNG 1.22)

Remember what Leonard McCoy said: “He’s not really dead. As long as we remember him.” And what Kirk replied: “It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before. A far better resting place that I go to than I have ever known.” (Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan)

We send Leonard Nimoy not into the void, not into some unknown place, not into loneliness. We each keep him with us: in memory, in our hearts, and in a thousand small things we don’t even realize yet. Remember that, despite never knowing each of our names or the creases of our face, Nimoy loved each of us, adopted each of us, and wants us to “LLAP.”

Death is not an ending. 

All of our love to you, to Nimoy, to the fandom at large,
dewcake and starfleetdicks

kara-barnes  asked:

Whedon thinks he has to kill off a main character to make the audience connect emotionally to the film. He overuses this trope so much, that it entirely lost it's intended shock value. He seems to fail to understand that there are things worse than death. I mean, look at CATWS - the most gut wrenching film in the MCU and no one dies there. On the other hand I couldn't care less about most of the new characters in AOU. I even predicted that it would be Pietro who dies. Main characters were (1/3)

killed off by other filmmakers since Buffy, it’s not as new and innovative as he seems to think. Instead of killing off Pietro, he could have made it so Clint looses his hearing. He could have even made it look at first as if Clint was dead. It would be as emotionally crushing to Natasha as it was to Wanda. But then him waking up in the hospital and doctors telling him, avengers and his family that he lost his hearing. That’s how we could have got canonically deaf Clint and living Pietro. And the film still would have had the “real world consequences” effect that he really wanted to add, without the senseless death. P.S. I’m sorry for the long rant, but remembering Pietro and what happened to him (killed off for the shock value!) makes me a bit angry. 

McCoy: He’s not really dead. As long as we remember him.

Kirk: It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before. A far better resting place that I go to than I have ever known.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Truer words never spoken.  He lived long and prospered and will be greatly missed.  May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bear Leonard Nimoy on his way.

Just heard Bloodlines wasn't ordered.

I think it’s a shame in that I really liked the idea of the Supernatural universe living on after the next, potential final season.

But I can’t say I’m surprised, I guess. 

It didn’t feel like Supernatural to me, it felt like a glom of CW archetypes and tropes, and of all the things to spinoff, I just can’t understand why this is what they decided on. I mean jeez, Madison Mclaughlin deserves leading lady status on something and Krissy’s hunter team moving to a city would have set the tone so much better than what we got. 

I guess I’m just still peeved that we didn’t get a lady protagonist, and what we did get was one (admittedly cool) black guy and two of the most CW brand hot, whitebread actors I’ve ever seen. 

I mean Violet? Years of asking for better ladies and we get a weepy self-loathing damsely wolf lady who's already in a Romeo and Juliet love triangle? And another woman who’s about to start a war when her more rational brother steps in? And a fiance who gets fridged in the first five minutes? That just didn’t bode well for the rest of the series to me. 

I dug Ennis, but another missing-ish father? Another dead girlfriend? Like is he a weird fusion of Sam and Dean? Plus there wasn’t a lot of chemistry between him and the shifter (holy moley I don’t even remember his name), and chemistry is arguably the only reason Supernatural survived so long. 

Here’s what bugs me the most–we got this cool case where the monster-of-the-week was essentially a human hunter. We could have had Ennis siding with the monsters against the Winchesters, or some big moral quandary that forced Sam and Dean to really challenge their assumptions. Heck, take it one step further and they could have cast Sam and Dean as the villains, and have them square off against Ennis and the shifter to defend the human hunter, only to be forced to realize they’re on the wrong side (kind of like “Bitten”). It would have been way more interesting than having them stand around the impala while Ennis and the shifter did important plot things.

The monster mafia thing has a lot of potential, but I wish it had been handled in a more grit-and-flannel way than a mansions-and-champagne way. Supernatural’s about getting gross and bloody, not standing around expensive furniture discussing politics.

Basically, I’m not surprised, but if you were super-invested in Bloodlines sorry bby I know this is probably a rough day for you and I’m giving you a tiny kiss on the head through the internet.

Just got back from APCC Manila

And I basically lost my voice screaming about Paul Bettany and the Captain America Civil War trailer. Like my throat just absolutely hurts right now. 

I’m actually so happy that I managed to see Paul Bettany pretty up close considering I wasn’t able to get photo-op and autograph tickets for him. I’m glad that the coordinators just allowed the guests to walk around. He was so tall and so cute I am seriously dead.

Anyway on to the important stuff which is Civil War footage!! Yey~!! We had to line up an hour early because at that point the line was already pretty long. They had us leave our phones outside so sadly no recordings so I’ll be going by what I remember which might be sketchy since I was really really shaky with excitement (I WATCHED THE FOOTAGE A FEW FEET AWAY FROM PAUL BETTANY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

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