he's really kind of panicky about it

aight fam question: what if mermaid au didn’t take place in this fantasy land with vague pirate undertones? what if mermaid au takes place in the regular ol NHL setting? The team finds out when they’re playing beach volleyball (Sidney really didn’t want to come, but it’d be weird if their Captain wasn’t here, especially when the cameras are rolling). When someone jokes about throwing Sidney in the ocean, he gets kind of panicky, which then really elicits a team response, and a bunch of players pick Sidney up and head towards the sea. 

Sidney is yelling out that he can’t swim, and Flower retorts, “Stop lying, we’ve all seen you at the pool party.” But that was pool water, but if Sidney touches salt water–

And even now, after years of not being back in the ocean, he feels the sea call to him, the voices of his brothers and sisters wailing for him to come home, he can see the disapproving expressions of the High Council, begging for their Fifth Prince and the next-in-line Commander of the Northern Seas to reconsider and give up this human sport. And oh God, his betrothed, the first son of a General from the Western Isles, will come looking for him. The waves, tame only a minute ago, is growing more turbulent in broad daylight, licking the shores and reaching out to Sidney like arms. It had taken Sidney six nights of planning to sneak out the kingdom, and multiple bribes to the Old Witch to conceal his presence from his kingdom while he was on land, so long as he never feels the cold of ocean water lapping at his skin.

“Stop, stop!” Sidney says, but his teammates are all laughing. They think he’s playing along. He turns to Geno, hanging in the back with a few players, and shouts, “Geno! Geno, help!”

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Let's talk about Eulogy

Okay, ready to clear up something!

Someone mentioned how Evan was very panicky about his sexuality, there’s a reason for that. When I wasn’t on Tumblr I was figuring out myself and what kind of people I liked,,,that was scary. When you don’t know what bisexual or asexual or pansexual are it’s fucking terrifying. Sure my friend explained it to me, but that didn’t really help because I was stuck on “what’s wrong with me” for so long.

I think, in the universe I’ve built, Evan doesn’t know what all these sexualities are so he’ll be a little scared, for now. Only for now. Maybe that’s a plot point or somethin idk.

The Ballad of Joe Yogurtsack: A True Story of Fear, Friendship, Theft, and the Worst Roommate I Ever Had

The first time I met Joe, he was standing in the middle of my kitchen, offering me stolen yogurt from a large black garbage bag.

The kitchen was in Minneapolis, where I was renting a portion of a house while I interned downtown. The food, he told me proudly, he had lifted from the breakfast buffet of a nearby hotel. The man was my new housemate.

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anonymous asked:

The mercs reacting to accidentally being caught naked by Miss Pauling? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


wouldn’t take much notice, he isn’t very embarrassed about nudity. he would just slowly cover himself up at his normal pace or just get dressed not even thinking about being naked.


not embarassed at all, mostly because the man just doesnt have any boundaries and if hes naked its for a reason and she is the one walking in on what ever he was doing, and whatever he was doing requires him to be naked so it doesnt really matter.


super embarrassed, and covers himself up as much as possible, Ms. Pauling is pretty okay with it, but Heavy apologizes even though it was her who walked in. hes not really panicking about it though, more just… guilty?


kinda jumps to cover himself after letting out a short and only slightly girly scream. but then starts laughing and making jokes immediately.


angry but just keeps getting dressed in his own time. cant show weakness. gives her a smart ass lecture during.


freaks out, and is super embarrassed. tries to play it off like he doesn’t care and is kinda okay with it but in reality he is freaking out and is really embarrassed about it. cant stop him thinking about what she thinks of him and starts feeling really self conscious around her.


laughs a little and just covers himself up with a smile. hes not that shy about being naked, but he does move a little quicker. at the moment he doesnt really think about it much and makes a small joke and them moves on with his life, later he might spare a glance at himself naked in a mirror to see what kind of a sight he forced upon poor Ms. Pauling.


swears and gets super panicky embarrassed about it. apologizing, then starts telling Ms. Pauling off for walking through doors without knocking. gets super red and awkward, his brain kinda turns off for a while and itll take him a bit to just smile and laugh it off.


absolutely mortified. kinda hides themselves and shuts down. Ms. Pauling needs to assure them that she didnt see anything and that its okay. Pyro though actually gets pretty angry and her and she might not want to spend to much time around them untl theyve gotten over it. 

anonymous asked:

How would the 1ps react to their s\o going into labour. And holding their child for the first time

Aww real cute! Whoa, these got kind of long. Got a little carried away XD

APH Denmark: He would be a total mess when his S/O went into labour. Not like a panicky mess, but a distracted one. He would seem like he didn’t really understand the seriousness of the situation, and it probably wouldn’t hit him that he was about to be a father until his S/O freaked out at him to get their things in the car and drive them to the hospital. When his child was finally born, though, his immaturity and irresponsibility would be out the window. He would look at them with this weird fatherly expression that no one has ever seen before, and would oddly be able to hold the baby perfectly and calmly.

APH Finland: When his S/O told him to get them to the hospital, he would find himself scrambling. Everything would be ready to go, but he would be fumbling his keys and freaking out internally. He would trip over everything possible, and his S/O might even have to stop him to remind him how to breathe. The labour would be a nerve wracking one,  but when he saw his baby’s face for the first time he would be totally overjoyed. He would pick them up as careful as ever, and might even start tearing up. When his child’s eyes looked back up at him, it gave him more emotions than the little kids on Christmas morning when he brought them their presents. 

APH Sweden: Sweden would have been 100% prepared for his S/O to go into labour. Like totally prepared. Car seats would be buckled into the car, the whole nursery would be as if the baby was already there, and the hospital bag would have been ready to go at least a month ahead of time. When his S/O let him know that they were going into labour, he would be cool and calm, and his stone face wouldn’t even break. He would be there with them the whole time comforting them, and getting what they needed in a totally calm fashion. But no matter what he did, nothing could prepare him for the moment that he held his child for the first time. He would be a shaking mess, and would be terrified of breaking them, like they were made of glass.

APH Iceland: Iceland would hear his S/O shout at him from down the hallway that they were in labour, and it would take him a minute to react. He probably wouldn’t be paying much attention, and would have answered with a, “Mm, thats nice,” before he actually realized what was happening. He would then proceed to freak right out, because it was totally random and he was not at all prepared. He would be the type to forget where the hospital bag was, and what he was even supposed to be doing. His S/O might have to give him a little smack for him to snap out of it. The whole labour experience would definitely be a shock to him, but holding his baby would be the hardest part. He would have no idea where to put his hands, or how to support it. He would be blushing badly, but it would really be a cute scene.

APH Norway: Norway would be the coolest of out all the Nordics in this situation. He would most likely have read up on the whole birth process, and would know that labour does take quite a while sometimes. He wouldn’t be in a rush, and he would make sure to keep calm so that his S/O was able to keep calm as well. He would do whatever they needed him to while they waited for their baby. When he held his baby, he would be totally silent. He would find himself just staring at them quietly for hours on end without even moving. But his S/O would find the scene to be really adorable, because they could definitely see the love in his eyes. He would really love and protect that baby forever, and they would wish that the father and child moment would never end.

- Chella

therubyfox713  asked:

Headcanon request! MC has to get jaw surgery, which requires having their jaw wired shut for a month (so no talking or solid food either). How would the RFA + V handle it (particularly when MC gets feed up and moody 2 weeks in)? Love your work! <3

Thank you so much!! Sorry this one took so long to get done!

Note: V’s headcanon may contain spoilers!


  • This poor boy is really nervous about the whole thing
  • Worries that he won’t be able to take care of MC well enough after the surgery / that he might do something wrong
  • Wants to do absolutely anything he can to make MC comfortable and make the month of recovery as painless as possible
  • Stops playing games cold turkey so he can stay by MC’s side as much as possible in case they need him
  • Goes shopping and stocks the fridge with as much non-solid food as he can think of and tries looking up recipes he can try so MC doesn’t have to just eat the same old things
  • When MC gets moody, he’s kind of hurt at first?? Takes it kind of personally because he’s doing his best
  • Realizes they’re probably just moody because of the stress of the situation and is really patient with them after that, making sure to give MC space when they need it
  • Really helpful & pure, just wants MC to be comfortable and happy what a cutie


  • Considers dropping everything just to be there the whole time for MC
  • MC is against it because he really shouldn’t just stop going to rehearsals like that, but he’s pretty determined
  • After MC gets the surgery, Zen ends up working himself to the bone, rushing back and forth from rehearsals to their apartment whenever he can
  • It really bothers him that he can’t call MC on his breaks like he normally would to ask them about their day and tell them about his
  • This makes him a lot more stressed than normal, but he hides it well
  • Goes crazy with the shopping, tbh
  • The fridge is oVERFLOWING
  • Asks a lot of questions; like how MC is feeling and if they need anything, if it hurts much ect.; MC answers with thumbs up or thumbs down
  • Honestly all his worrying probably is what makes MC moody because it’s so incessant
  • Realizes he’s probably smothering them a little bit and tones it down, opting to just be physically around them when he can, and helping them if they want him to
  • Probably watches sappy movies with them to cheer them up


  • Has everything planned out before the surgery even happens
  • She really wants to make sure that MC’s recovery goes well and that they’re as comfortable as they can be
  • Asks for a vacation beforehand at work because she knows there’s no way she can help MC if she’s stressed & swamped because of work
  • Jumin’s pretty understanding and gives her some vacation (she just has to come in twice a week)
  • Before the surgery her and MC went shopping for the kinds of foods MC would want to eat during the month (really cute shopping adventure tbh)
  • After the surgery, she’s very patient with MC, and is careful not to smother them too much
  • Spends time with them watching movies and musicals
  • MC probably gets moody because they’re tired of the non-solid food / tired of not really being able to talk a lot with Jaehee as they normally do
  • End up using text to have some conversations, which helps a lot
  • Really loving and kind the whole time, what a babe


  • He wants to take a whole month off of work, but knows that would just be impractical
  • Probably hires a chef to make meals that MC can eat so that they have some variety and so food will be available whenever they need it
  • Is really upset he can’t be there with them 24/7
  • Really anxious tbh?? Texts MC a lot when he’s at work to ask how they are
  • Stations more bodyguards than normal outside the apartment just to be sure that MC will be safe
  • MC probably gets moody because he can’t be around as much as they’d like him to
  • Really hates how powerless he feels and ends up taking off at least once a week to come and spend more time with MC
  • Reads their favorite books to them because he knows how much MC loves when he reads to them (he has a really soothing voice that calms MC down)
  • Gentle & caring, just all around wants to be there as much as he can within his limitations and misses MC’s voice like crazy because honestly their voice calms him down, too


  • Lowkey panicky about the whole thing because he’s never been good at taking care of himself let alone someone else (or so he thinks)
  • Actually goes shopping and stocks his kitchen with something other than the PhD Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips he normally has stocked
  • Jokes around a lot to hide how nervous he is about the whole thing, but MC kind of sees right through it, so they try to quell his fears
  • He’s honestly really happy his job requires him to be at home so he can be there for them the whole time
  • MC and him make a list of movies they want to watch / games they want to play during the month to pass the time
  • After the surgery, Seven goes into full nurse mode and is really, really helpful
  • Actually super good at helping MC and taking care of them
  • Dresses up as a nurse to make them laugh, this little shit
  • His joking gets on their nerves after a while, though, so he tones it down a bit
  • Breaks out the white board and dry erase markers to communicate
  • Hilarious doodles ensue
  • MC doesn’t know what they would have done without him around


  • He’s nervous about it because of his failing eyesight
  • Can’t really cook or make anything for MC, so he has to rely on pre-made store foods that MC can eat
  • Feels bad he can’t do more honestly because he wants to help as much as he can
  • MC assures him that just him being there for him will be enough
  • Communication is going to be the most difficult, he can use text for a little while, but it hurts what little sight he has left after too long
  • They decide on using head nodding as communication, since it seems like the easiest thing
  • He’s so soft and gentle?? it would be really hard to get moody with this cinnamon roll around tbh
  • If MC gets moody at all, it’s probably because of the frustration of not being able to eat the foods they want and not being able to talk
  • V’s there for them the whole time, and tells them stories about his travels as a photographer which is really nice and makes MC feel peaceful
Jungkook - I Need U

request - Hi! Your writing is seriously amazing! Can i request a Jungkook scenario? An I Need U AU possibly? Where his Gf breaks up with him and he decides to go for a walk to clear his head but ends up getting jumped by thugs. His best friend (the reader) finds him and helps him recover and they fall in love? Possible angst with fluffy ending? Thanks so much! Xo

word count: 3,359

Originally posted by jeonggukaf

“Jungkook, I’m breaking up with you.”

“What?” Jungkook stops beside her, pulling his hand from hers. “Seoyun…. Why?”

Seoyun turns her back to him, “I’ve come to love someone else.”

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obergato  asked:

Got this. Write a short fanfic of Tabby Pearl coming for Jasper as currently situated in main SU storyline.

How had it all gone so wrong?

“We’ve got another mission,” Her Jasper had told her in the events prior. “I’m escorting a Peridot to Earth, something about a kindergarten. The report was full of nonsense, I just skimmed it. Probably just a routine gig.”  


That was all it was supposed to be, just another boring mission in the lineup. She’d composed three new songs and dances to entertain her Jasper for the upcoming dullness they’d learned to expect on these outings. She’d shown her two of them between the datawork- filled cycles of the journey, and when they’d had the privacy (away from the jittery, chattering Peridot that seemed to enjoy pressing Jasper’s buttons at every turn) she’d entertained her in more intimate ways. They finally touched down on the planet, and as per usual, she had been left behind in Jasper’s quarters where it was safe.

She’d watched from the doorway as they drug in the prisoners.

Two poofed gems, a sapphire and a ruby, were carried to cells an unusually far distance apart and sealed in. Tabby had wondered briefly if they could have been THE sapphire and ruby, but had quickly waved the notion away, telling herself that she must not allow her imagination to get the best of her again.

An amethyst, wriggling wildly against her restraints and lashing out with insults and names Tabby didn’t understand, so intent on irritating her Jasper that the rebel had taken no notice of the lean figure observing her. She was dressed so oddly, spoke so strangely, and she was so very… tiny. Overcooked, Tabby had thought sadly. Homeworld would not be kind to this one.

A strange earthly creature, organic and small and soft, was carried to its own cell and its limp body was tossed rather carelessly onto the floor. She heard her Jasper mutter a string of curses at the creature. She looked disappointed, offended even, and Tabby could not even begin to wonder why her Jasper was so upset with this thing she’d brought aboard.

The Lapis Lazuli from before, dejected and silent as she was marched back to her cell. She did not look at Tabby, and kept her eyes planted firmly on the path in front of her.

And finally a pearl had been pulled through the halls, screeching disobediently and flailing against her restraints, calling out for the organic creature and the gems she must have been surviving with. She’d locked eyes with the other pearl knew right away that this one was strange, different. Was she broken? Where was her mistress? Why does she speak this way, fight this way, and not walk quietly and gracefully in the submissiveness that all pearls do? This pearl knew who Tabby’s mistress was immediately, she struck her Jasper, called out to her as the gem recoiled for that small moment. She spoke of freedom, of rebellion, and she was quickly shuffled away.

Tabby had been distressed by the display, and Jasper had returned quickly to her after issuing her orders to Peridot. She’d held Tabby, stroked her hair and mumbled reassurances to her. These rebels would not hurt her; their words were nothing but lies meant to scare her and lure her away from Homeworld’s ways.  She’d walked her back into her quarters and sat the gem down in her lap, distracting her with war stories and sweet nothings until the anxiety had passed and her cares consisted only of the knots in Jasper’s mane in desperate need of brushing. Brushing her hair was a task that she enjoyed, as pleasurable for her as it was for her mistress. She’d thought it was over then, that she’d seen the last of the rebels, of this planet, of the annoying green gem asking repeatedly “Why does Jasper let you do that? You’re just a pearl!”

And then it happened.

The organic creature escaped, freed the fusion and it’s friends, and overtook the ship. She remembered distinctly the way the hull shook as she struggled to make her way through the maze of the interior, the sound of the fusion’s taunts to her Jasper and the sight of her mistress being flung into one of the batteries and lit up with electricity. The fusion ran for the cockpit and she bolted for the gem sizzling on the ground with moans of pain. By the time she got Jasper to her feet, a massive shockwave sent them both tumbling back onto the floor. She remembered debris flying everywhere, Jasper looking up and back down to her horrified and calling out for her, and then a heavy, sharp pain.

When she reformed she was in a strange new place, and the rebels all stared down at her. The amethyst and pearl bickered about bubbling her, what they should have done to protect themselves, what was unethical because Tabby “didn’t know any better”. The fusion stared at her silently, looking through her as if she were staring at something else entirely, trying to determine something the lost pearl could only guess at. The organic was the strangest of all; “Steven” was what he introduced himself with as he plunged a pudgy hand at her and sent her recoiling against a wall in fear. She’d called out in terror crying for her Jasper, begging for the large gem to come and save her, but for the first time since she’d been given to her mistress, Jasper did not answer. The renegade pearl had tried to calm her after pulling the organic away, telling her she “understood how overwhelming this must be”, that she was “free now”.

When she saw an open door, she ran. She ran so fast, so hard, and she never looked back. She didn’t make it far, but the rebels did not give chase, and she found shelter in a cave further down the beach. She’d been there ever since, fearing the day she’d be discovered by anyone other than that familiar, broad shouldered gem, just trying to survive.

“Hello?” A voice called from the mouth of the cave. Tabby leapt to her feet and ducked behind a boulder, squeezing herself between it and the mossy stone wall. She clasped her hands over her mouth, trembling as the voice called out again. “Hello? Is anyone in here?” Footsteps echoed around her as she struggled to keep quiet, to keep from bursting out into tears as certain death approached, but her efforts were in vain. She gasped, if just slightly, when the creature passed and it stopped and turn to look at her with those strange earth eyes. It turned to face her, reaching out with a limb and opening its mouth to speak, but it paused when she crumbled into herself, breaking down into cowardly sobs of “please don’t hurt me”.

“Hey, you don’t have to worry, I won’t hurt you.” It assured her in a strangely comforting tone. “I’m Steven, remember? We’ve been looking for you all over! Have you been here this whole time, all alone?” She dared a look, and it stared back very passively, its eyes full of wonder and sympathy. “Gosh, you must be pretty scared, huh?” The organic took a step forward and Tabby flinched. “D-Don’t!” She whimpered. “Please, don’t-don’t hurt me!” “I’m not gonna’ hurt you.” It said, a bit puzzled before a look of realization overcame it and it dropped its pack to the floor to shuffle through it. An object was pulled from it, a bar the color of a rich brown wrapped in a shiny coating that had been peeled back from one side, and it was held out to her.

“Here!” The earthling waved it at her, and she shrieked, pulling herself even tighter against the rock. “You don’t have to be afraid! It’s chocolate, it’s candy! You eat it, like this!” It bit off a piece from the object, and Tabby’s interest was pulled as he chewed it. “See?” It asked, holding it out to her again. “It’s yummy! Try it! It won’t hurt, I promise!” Tabby took a breath, worked up her courage, and slowly reached out for it. It took several minutes of explaining for her to understand that there was action required beyond placing it in her mouth and chewing it- that she had to swallow, but he experience was unlike any she’d had before. She had another piece, and another, and soon the two were sat on the cave floor grinning and eating this “chocolate” together.

“You really belonged to Jasper?” Steven asked, rubbing his eye at the memory of the gem. Tabby nodded sadly. “I still do.” She replied insistently. “But… I’m afraid I’ve lost her. My Jasper is out there somewhere and I cannot find her! She gets very upset if I am gone from her side, I have to return to her immediately!” He frowned a bit, his fuzzy eyebrows sinking low over his glassy eyes. “What happens if you’re away for too long?” She paused a moment, pondering his question a bit as she fumbled with the piece in her hand. “My Jasper comes looking for me. She threatens people she thinks might have hurt me, and she calls for me really loudly. She’ll look anywhere, do anything to find me. I’m sure she’s out there right now searching, but she told me that if I was ever lost, that I should find someplace safe to hide and wait for her.” “Is that why you’re here?” Steven asked, motioning to the cave around him. She nodded. “But aren’t you cold here? It must be awful lonely, being here all by yourself.”

Tabby’s shoulders sagged and she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as she nodded again. “I’m supposed to wait for her. But she… she hasn’t come yet…” “Oh.” He muttered softly, looking down at the bar in his hands. “Um, Ms. Pearl? I-I don’t think Jasper can come to find you. I mean, she’s kind of stuck in the ocean right now.” Tabby stared at him in confusion, and as he spun his tale of Lapis and fusion his every word left her more horrified than the last. By the time he was done she’d burst into tears, and he patted her shoulder softly in an attempt to comfort her. “There, there!” He called in a panicky one. “I-I’m sure she’d come find you if she could! You two sound like you’re really good friends! Friends don’t forget about each other! She’s just… she’s just stuck right now! I’m sure she’ll come back!” “What do I do?” She wailed. “I don’t know what to do! I-I don’t know how to help her! I don’t know where to go from here!”

“Hey, hey, it’s ok!” Steven put a hand on her shoulder, and she tore away from her weeping to look at him. “Me and the crystal gems are looking for Jasper and Lapis, too! You could help us!” “Help you?” Tabby questioned, her tone sounding almost offended by the notion. “But… but you’re rebels! You- th-they betrayed Homeworld!” “Well yeah, but,” He shrugged. “I mean, we’re not so bad. I’m not scary, right?” She thought for a moment, and finally shook her head. “See? And they aren’t either! They just wanna’ keep their home safe, that’s all.” She quirked her head and sniffled a bit. “Their… home?” “Yeah!” He grinned. “This is our home! It’s really cool, I-I can show you all kinds of neat stuff on it! And I bet if you asked, they’d help you find Jasper.” Her eyes widened in surprise. “They would…?” “Yeah! Of course they would!” He nodded assuredly. “We’re the Crystal Gems! It’s our job to help people, whenever they need it! And you need our help!”

He stretched out a small, pudgy hand to her. “Come on! It’s ok, I’ll go with you, alright? I’ll be your super special earth buddy! We’ll go ask them together!” She looked between Steven and his hand for a moment, deeply considering his offer. What would her Jasper do in a time like this? Would she trust them, if it meant finding her? Or would she send them away and try to do it herself? She wasn’t sure, but she knew she couldn’t do this alone. Hesitantly, she took the young boy’s hand, and he led her out of the cave, singing a tune made up on the fly about super special earth buddies and how awesome they were going to be together. She wasn’t sure why, but… the kindness this boy showed her, the compassion? It made her feel safe, and for the first time since the crash, she felt hope that maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t lost in darkness after all.

My Romanian Roommate

Part Three in the “My Romanian” series.

Read My Romanian Best Friend
Read My Romanian Confidant

Words: 1377

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send me an ask.

It had been two weeks since you had seen Sebastian. He was doing stuff for the movie and had to be with the cast. You were trying to keep busy with filming. And any time you really needed him, he would facetime you. He encouraged and loved you from wherever he was. He made sure you were okay at all times. He took care of you.

           “So, I was wondering something,” you said, trying not to sound too nervous about your question over facetime.

           “What is it?” Sebastian asked.

           “Umm … you know that I get kind of … weird or panicky or whatever when you’re gone,” you said.

           “You’re fine, Y/N.”

           “Just … I was wondering if maybe … maybe you’d like to be my roommate,” you just spit it out.

           “You want me to move in with you?” Sebastian asked.

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anonymous asked:

This is kind of random and I know Bille has talked about it but I really do think he suffers from very severe anxiety. When I met him there were lots of people crowding him and getting in his space and he started to get noticeably panicky. He was shaking and his voice was trembling. Then he was just like "sorry I gotta go" and he bolted away. I felt kinda bad for him?? because I also suffer from panic attacks and I know how distressing and debilitating it can be. It can be so hard to deal with.

Oh my god, I’ve never heard that story before. I really feel him. There must be so much pressure on him, being a celebrity and being expected to be social and good with the masses 24/7. I expect that some people who don’t know about his anxiety would interpret that as him being rude to fans, which is really sad, because he’s trying really hard to be good to us and I’ve never heard of a bad fan encounter with him or any member of Green Day.

It’s incredible how self-confident is when he’s on stage playing with Green Day, compared to how awkward / anxious he is at e.g. award shows giving speeches (during his acceptance speech at the EMAs he was stuttering and rambling and had long pauses inbetween sentences, a lot of “umms”) or sometimes events like interviews in front of crowds when people ask him things he isn’t comfortable with (like that fan at the Q&A in England where one fan asked him to give a quick rendition of a song right then and there and he was so caught off guard by this, talked around it, kept looking to Mike and Tré and ultimately said “no, sorry”). 

I think it comes at no surprise that he turned to alcohol because people are always a lot more confident when they’re inebriated. It must be even harder now that he’s sober and can’t down two beers before giving a speech. The speech at the EMAs really reminded me of giving presentations in front of 60+ people at university where I open my mouth and nothing comes out because I’m overwhelmed by all these people listening to me. It’s ironic how he has practically grown up on stage and still suffers from stage fright. 

Bruh with every message I answer, I find 100 more reasons to love and appreciate him.

their story vs. 19 days

tbh i feel like the latest their story chapter harmonises everything that 19 days doesn’t (specifically referring to some of old xian’s scenes rather than making a generalisation because that would be too long and bloody hell this is long enough anyway). some of the aesthetics and the visual presentation of the chapter really resonated with some things from 19 days, so i just wanted to have a bit of a ramble about what those parallels/differences might suggest, since i think old xian and tan jiu really do ‘draw ideas off each other’ (pardon the pun).


exhibit 1A. we’ve seen xixi and jian yi making promises before to one another, and the whimsical romance of them overlooking the city/town on the hill could emphasise their closeness, their care for one another, their desire to protect each other, but i think this scene in particular shows that while, yes, it’s whimsical and their mutual concern for one another is touching – they’re still keeping so much from one another. they’re keeping their wishes secret not because of bad luck (though this could be something they believe in), but also probably because it’s not a part of their dynamic to share intimate things like that. and when they do, it (somewhat inevitably it seems) fails.

exhibit 1B. in contrast, you’ve got sun jing and qui tong, who haven’t really been friends that long, and who may still have a fairly unbalanced interest in each other (not wholly dissimilar from xixi x jian yi’s relationship), but they’re already making promises to one another that are mutual. they’re not hiding parts of themselves, making the other guess. qui tong delightfully wears her heart fully on her sleeve, and even now we get to see sun jin indulging in that revelation - in that intimate declaration of friendship/romance. they’re making agreements where things are equal between them. perhaps this is simply eisegesis, but their hands are the same size; the light falls equally onto both of them; neither is imbalanced here. i would have thought, given qui tong’s height, her hands would have been much bigger, but even in this sort of clandestine exchange they’re balanced and fair. 

there’s a great egality to the whole thing where i think jian yi and xixi fail - i think that’s why their relationship is so tough sometimes, because they’re making assumptions when they don’t really know much about each other other than than perhaps those things that you get asked on those online quizzes of ‘how well do you know your best friend.’ zhengxi didn’t know jian yi lived on his own. jian yi didn’t know xixi had a sister. their knowledge of one another’s truly personal lives seems very limited to existing within the school walls. and yeah they’re breaking out of that now, definitely divulging into things that they feel (and maybe don’t want to), but there’s a great sense of hiddenness/secretiveness about their relationship that doesn’t appear in the innocence of their story. (i should note that perhaps this is just a testament to the genre/tone each artist is aiming for, but we’re all familiar with the lightness of which 19 days began - there’s no saying that their story might not gain a little more brevity, which i think it is starting to.)


this one doesn’t really even need much analysis/comparison. there’s so much easiness between qui tong and sun jing. there’s no self-doubt, no panicky ‘oh my gosh indirect kiss/germs’ moment. given sun jing’s previous reservations about personal space/closeness with qui tong, i think her almost flippancy about the whole thing is remarkable. she doesn’t even hesitate. maybe this says more about sun jing’s growing comfort with qui tong than anything. 

maybe it says more about the tension between he tian and guan shan. 

there could be a number of reasons for this:

  • guan shan is somewhat of a germaphobe - possible, but the image of him fighting easily and his generally disheveled appearance doesn’t really suggest much concern for that kind of thing.
  • he doesn’t want to share water with he tian because it’s he tian. okay, also possible, but in general wouldn’t you think that guys think less about the significance of this kind of thing? perhaps there’s a cultural shift here between myself as a western reader, but i would have assumed that guys in general weren’t really bothered about things like sharing food/water/seeing each other naked, because there’s such a self-confidence/naturalness about the whole thing that generally doesn’t owe itself to women very well in today’s world (again, which makes qui tong/sun jing’s sharing really interesting)
  • guan shan is a romantic! possible. he’s young and learning about ‘these things’ and maybe he watches cute historic romance dramas when he gets home from school and is actually considering the idea of the ‘indirect kiss’ (which would only be significant to him if he actually considered he tian in such a way as to be someone he would think about kissing). i think this is the strongest contender? i think this makes more sense than being conscious of germs at his age because he’s still young so i don’t know if he’d have that kind of social/cultural hesitance embedded in him yet.
  • it’s a male mindset of ‘that’s mine, not yours.’ possible, but that’s not really what it’s about. guan shan is pretty explicit about the idea of he tian’s saliva being on the bottle. if he was using this as a cover-up for something else, then okay, but he seems pretty concerned about the cleanliness of the exchange. (which triggers some uncomfortable notions with me about the preconceptions of gay relationships/sex and the tensions of people about touching things belonging to gay people/being around them because of the spread of HIV/AIDS that people in the 80s thought was somehow airborne. Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, anyone? but again. 15 years old. i’m not so sure, even if it did seem to be the age where people threw around ‘gay’ as an automatic insult, i doubt this idea of gay-associated hygiene and disease would be something old xian would want to explore/look into. awareness of HIV/AIDS as an issue in China by Chinese people is actually startlingly/disconcertingly low anyway.) 

anyway! as a sort of vague conclusion to my already flimsy arguments: is this latest their story chapter not indicative of sun jing x qui tong’s closeness as much as it is about the boundaries that are in place of the boy’s in 19 days? i think it shows as much character development and warmth from the girls as it does the dysfunctional nature of the boy’s relationships - and relationships, at that, that don’t really seem to be repairing. i think there’s a lot of self-discovery/realisation/growing up at the moment in 19 days, which has been pretty painful to observe, if i’m honest, but i think tan jiu shows just how easy things could have been. like, if they didn’t want romance to be a part of their pairings - if they didn’t really feel that way - then i think that could have been an option as much as the possibility of them being an item (perhaps this is an attack on he tian/jian yi for not making their ‘other-halves’ just be and forcing them into sexually-charged scenarios that they neither want nor or ready for). (yes i also note that the plot of the story is now the tension between the boys which makes my point semi-redundant, but i thought it was just about them growing up, so i don’t know if that can’t-breathe tension was always the aim) so much kudos to old xian for achieving all of this, but i literally just feel like this when i look at them because they make things so difficult for themselves and each other:

go-insane-its-magnus-bane  asked:

Ugh i just really want Magnus and Alec to have at least one baby girl~

I am so with that like I bet Alec would be all panicky about it because what the heck does he know about girls, he’s known Isabelle since her birth and she still confuses him, he’s going to be AWFUL at this, but then Magnus is just kind of quietly waiting for him to calm down and he asks questions like “what would you do if you were confused” or “what if she did get hurt or she was in danger” but out of the blue so Alec suspected nothing and Alec would be like “I’d ask you or Isabelle and I’d protect her and help her, and you’d heal her” and then it dawns on him what Magnus is doing and there is of course cute fluffiness and he’s totally a great daddy AND THEN SHE HITS THE TEENAGE YEARS AND STARTS GETTING MOODIER AND WANTS ALONE TIME AWAY FROM HIM AND HE’S LIKE WAIT WHAT NO YOU WERE CLINGING TO MY LEG LIKE LAST WEEK I KNOW YOU’RE NOT THIRTEEN YOU ARE SIX OR SEVEN MAX, WHAT IS HAPPENING