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Jon Bernthal in the second trailer of “The Accountant”

So Much For The Genius (Pete x Reader)

Character: Peter Parker (Holland)

Fandoms: Spiderman and a bit of Iron Man

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: So Much For The Genius

Requested by anon:

If ur still taking requests could u do Spider-Man with Holland n he’s very smitten w u n every time he is around u he’s a loss with words. Tony notices n realizes he has a crush on u so he tries to help him out. When u see him Peter can never talk properly or without embarrassing himself or making things awkward. Ur helping Peter learn how to fight n he finally takes initiative and kisses u.

Requested by anon:

Heeey! Couuld iii req a peter parker (tom/andrew u choose) where she is mad at him and ignores him, his texts, everything. And he tries his best to reach her, and just desperately wants her to talk to him again. Thank you!

Peter felt himself blushing when he noticed Y/N was walking the hallway. And his heart sped up when her beautiful eyes fell on him and the most gorgeous smile coming from her mouth lighted up the place.

“Hi, Pete!” Cheerfully, she walked over to him.

He stood next to his locker, keeping his glance locked on the depths of it. Staring at the books and notebooks inside it made it easier not to glance at her. Because just the sight of her warm eyes and her bright smile made his insides stir nervously and excitedly. And that caused him to be speechless and make a fool out of himself. He was just smitten with Y/N.

“Hello, Y/N” The boy replied absently, trying his best not to be clumsy or somehow embarrass himself.

“How are you?” She casually leaned her shoulder on the wall and Peter could feel her stare on him.

Feeling his voice shaky and himself jittery, he just shrugged. Y/N sighed and crossed her arms in annoyance.

“What is with you lately?” She tilted her head to the side in confusion yet a mild annoyance lingered on her attitude.

“Wh-what?” He gulped as he reluctantly took his head out of the locker and closed it with a shaky hand. “What?”

“We’ve been friends for a while now, but…” Their eyes finally met, so she bit her lip in deep thought as she observed him in an attempt to figure him out. “Lately you’ve been acting strangely. And don’t tell me ‘it’s complicated’ again”

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The seconds between Magnus’ and Alec’s kiss (right after their beautiful love confession) and their second hug, tho.

How Magnus stayed with his eyes closed just a little more, feeling Alec’s closeness, and Alec just looked at him with such passion and honesty;

how Magnus opened his eyes just to look at Alec with wonder and fondness, and Alec dropped his gaze to Magnus’ lips, the lips he just kissed, with their foreheads touching because he thought he had lost Magnus and now he needs to feel that he’s really there, with him, that he’s not going anywhere;

how Alec had to close his eyes because he really loves the man he has in his arms now, alive and safe, this wonderful and beautiful man that just told him he loves him too… He just loves Magnus so much and he can’t stand being apart from him, not if he can keep on touching him, on feeling him;

how Magnus started to smile because Alec is alive, Alec is safe, Alec is alive and safe and just told him that he loves him and oh, Magnus loves him too, so much, so deeply… Magnus desperately loves him and wants to feel him, just as eagernessly and passionately as Alec wants to feel Magnus;

how they both relaxed in each other’s embrace, just glad to be there, together.

Love is not made of public fireworks or fastuous ceremonies. Love is made of little gestures, and this moment, these seconds, perfectly showed it.

In the first season, Alec was this really closed-off young man. He was too tough for his own good; he tried to hide from who he is. He focused on helping others to help himself not think about himself. Now, he’s being forced to acknowledge he can’t continue being this way, and he’s becoming a more open, emotionally available person.
—  Matthew Daddario to OUT Magazine


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so just imagine rhodey or peter going with tony because they see how freaked out he is :D

YESSSS PLEASE!!! Going to the dentist is just something Tony is genuinely afraid of uncomfortable with, so naturally Rhodey knows about it (Tony’s pokerface has improved since his time at MIT but back then there were few things Rhodey couldn’t read in this face). And of course he accompanies him. Rhodey doesn’t make a big thing about it either, which is why Tony adores him even more. He just walks with Tony and waits on an uncomfortable seat for an hour, completely calm, like he’s got nowhere else to be.

(He always squeezes Tony’s hand before he leaves with the dentist and always drapes his arm around Tony’s shoulders when he comes back in a lose side-hug. And when they’re outside again and nobody is close enough to hear, he leans in and whispers “I’m proud of you,” into Tony’s ears and Tony just beams.)

Then there’s Peter who figures it out because Tony is much, much more tense before a dentist appointment than Peter has seen him in the face of most villains and really, the man isn’t as closed-off as he appears (or maybe Peter is just further in than he realises, but that’s a story for another day). 

So he just- tries to help with something he knows he can’t really solve. He leaves little sticky notes with jokes and encouraging messages for Tony to find and hangs around after an appointment to spend some time with his favourite Mr Stark. And when Rhodey has to be elsewhere and really can’t go with Tony, well, Peter isn’t gonna leave the man alone, is he?

MIECZYSŁAW - meaning.

Factual, ambitious, persistent man, who in honest way achives designated goals. He is also straightforward and not very trustful. He have a strong will and he is committed to what he’s doing. Without any problems he can command people and convince them to his due. While this he can be imperious, demanding and adamant. He can’t boast a large group of friends, but his few friends really appreciate their close friendship with him. He is a kindly, gentle man, who’s not up to get in an argument. He’ll always gladly help and will give a good advice. In love he’s not very exuberant but he’s extraordinarily loyal, constant and devoted.

Request: Bad luck

Request: Imagine Reader Coming home and find Juice in the bedroom pleasure himself. Ends in rough sex with daddy Kink.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut, daddy kink, language

Originally posted by opieandteller

Gemma Teller had been following you all day long. She was like a bulldog, determined not to let you get close to Juice. You were going crazy, thinking all that was the stupidest thing in the world. Thankfully, TM needed her attention and with an innocent threat, you made the prospect help you to escape.

You weren’t being stubborn, you had truly forgot something at your house and she wouldn’t let you go back. You smiled as you drove through town and was singing when you parked on the driveway. You opened the front door and rushed to the bedroom. Gemma must had noticed your escape already. The door was slightly open, letting you see the bed and Juice laying down.

“What?”, you whispered, covering your mouth with you hand. He was naked, a towel next to him, he was getting ready for that night. His hand was around his cock, stroking. You licked your lips and walked in the room. His eyes were close and he groaned a little, making you giggle.

“Do you need help with that?”, you raised an eyebrow and pressed your lips together, trying not to laugh as he jumped, surprised.

“What are you doing here?”, he grabbed the towel to cover his body. “It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding”

“Nonsense!”, you scoffed, rolling your eyes. “Plus, I’m not wearing my dress. That is what they say…Don’t see the bride in her wedding dress”

“You are terrible”, he got up wrapping the towel around his waist but you could see his boner. “I think I’m calling this off”

“Oh you are not, Ortiz!”, you smirked, walking towards him. “And you are not hiding from me. Come on, you needed it”

“What?”, he creased his brow, confused. You smirked and wrested his towel, letting him naked again, his cock proudly erect.

“You need me”, you purred, your nail trailing down his chest. “Did you miss me?”

“Y-Yes”, he stuttered, closing his eyes. “Y/N…You shouldn’t be here”

“Please…”, you whispered, closing your fingers around his cock. You kissed his chest, pleased to see Juice tremble. “I missed you. You are not the only one feeling hot and bothered Juan”

“You are…”, his voice was husky, his eyes now focused on you, pupils wide. “You are such a bad girl”

You sucked a breath. You had played the daddy kink thing once and he loved it, but it had been a while. You smirked, stroking his balls, making Juice hiss.

“Yes daddy”, you purred again. He growled and pulled you to him, smashing his lips on yours. You moaned on his mouth, his hands grabbing hard your ass cheeks.

“Strip”, Juice pulled back, panting. You quickly took off your clothes, licking your lips when you stood naked in front of him. Juice came closer, his thumbs brushing your nipples. “You are all mine baby girl”

“Yes daddy”, you shuddered, desperate for his touch. Juice smirked and pressed you against the wall, making you gasp. He lifted you, legs around his waist and breasts close to his mouth. He sucked them, hard, as you hold on his shoulders. He slowly lowered you on him, his cock filling you.

“So wet for me”, he whispered, grazing his teeth over your low lip. “But still a bad girl”

“Please daddy”, you needed him, badly.

“What do you want baby girl?”, he pulled back just to thrust harder, scratching your back on the wall.

“Fuck me”, you gulped. “Fuck me hard daddy”

His hands grabbed hard on your thighs, slowly pulling his cock out of you again, then he thrusted. He did it hard, going deep as you tried to hold onto him. Your moans were choked on your throat, your fingertips were digging on his skin, leaving red marks, your marks.

“You are all mine”, Juice groaned, locking his eyes with yours. “Say it, little girl…All mine”

“Yes daddy”, you whispered. “I’m all yours”

He held you tight as he turned to bed. Juice slapped your ass making you scream before lay you down. His hands roamed over your body, squeezing your breasts. You bucked your hips, trying to create some friction between you. Juice only laughed and took your hand in his.

“I can’t wait to see my ring on your finger”, adoration filled his voice and he sucked the finger where he would put your wedding ring later that night. “Forever mine”

You swallowed and tangled your fingers with his, “Forever yours”. His gaze was so intense that you lost your breath for a moment. Juice was so passionate, adoring you every moment you were together, but that look was new for you. You realized that he meant every single word. He wanted you to be all his, forever. You realized you wanted that too, belong to each other.

Juice held your wrists together, pinning them above your head. You arched your back to welcome his cock deeper. You tossed your head back, your breasts bouncing as he pounded inside you.

“Fuck!”, you screamed as he was balls deep on your pussy. “Daddy! Please…”

“What?”, he laughed, pinching a nipple. “What baby girl?”

“Make me cum, please make me cum”, you begged, squirming under him. His thumb rubbed your clit and you moaned louder, you were close.

“Not yet”, he hissed, putting your ankles on his shoulders. The headboard hit the wall, the noise and your moans filling the room. He was merciless, his fingers leaving bruises on your thighs as he held you. 

“Daddy”, you whispered. He ran his hands down your legs and then over your sides, reaching your hand again, intertwining your fingers. You wrapped your legs around him, bringing Juice closer as you could.

“Fuck”, he cursed, starting to lose rhythm. You pulsed around him, receiving a deep growl in response as he spilled his cum inside you. Juice hide his face on the crook of your neck as he calmed down.

You kissed his shoulder, smiling on his skin. He didn’t release your hands, or moved as he his cock softened. “I love you”, he whispered. You closed your eyes, smiling. Your old man was really one of the kind, being rough, and incredible soft and kind at the same time.

“I love you too”, you whispered back. Juice pulled out of you, laying by your side, holding your hand close to his heart. You rolled on bed, facing him.

“I’m forever yours”, he locked his eyes with yours. “Tonight I’ll promise you that in front of everybody. You are mine and I’m yours”

“Yes, my love” you smiled, your lips meeting his in a sweet kiss. “You are mine and I’m yours”

Juice smiled wide, you couldn’t wait to see him at the altar, waiting for you. That reminded why you had gone to your house. Gemma was probably torturing the prospect to know where you were. 

“I gotta go”, you muttered, getting up.

“Damn”, Juice looked at the clock. “We should be getting ready already”

“We have time”, you laughed, putting your clothes back on.

“How did you escape from Gemma?”, he asked, propping his body up on his elbows. “And what are you doing here in the middle of the day?”

“Prospect helped me, I threatened him”, you smiled, putting your dress on. “Are you complaining?”

“No, not at all “, he grinned.

“I forgot something”, you said, opening the closet. You felt Juice watching as you stood on your tiptoes to grab a bag. You slipped your shoes back and waved the bag to him as you walked out. “My little number that I’ll be wearing under the dress”

You winked and Juice’s eyes widened when he realized it was a Victoria Secrets’ bag. “Oh man!”

“Yes”, you laughed, nodding. “See you later baby. I’ll be the one in white, walking on the aisle”

“See you gorgeous!”, he yelled back. “I’ll be the one on the altar…Squirming…Thinking about this damn little number!”

Namjoon - Dope

You were a semi-successful photographer, moving into this luxurious apartment, and he worked the day shift, operating the building’s only elevator. 

Genre: Fluff | Smut
Members:  Namjoon x Reader
Word count: 5250


Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

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Simon Lewis Headcanons

-Simon is the cutest cuddliest drunk, where as clary becomes giggly and finds her hair and everything else funny, simon just wants to snuggle up to everyone. Of course because he just smiles and snuggles its impossible to resist him many a club night has been spent with him curled into a booth with his lover

-Simon actually has a pretty strong stomach, I mean after tolerating izzys cooking and the god awful crap the academy deemed food, he can eat almost everything without throwing up

-but when he does get sick he multiplies that illness and spreads it to everyone, no one is immune.

-music is his happy place, pissed off, sad, emotional in any way and all he needs is an hour uninterrupted with his music and he can temper himself back to normal. Please generally leave him alone to chill with his headphones after that one time jace broke them and he snapped and glared at everyone the entire day.

-simon is definitely bisexual, I mean he pretty much most of the guys were kind of hot. He’s pretty open about it and when one day someone in the clave mentions something he details explicitly why that man is a disgusting bigot

-he’s really close to his sister rebecca, they support each other a lot and he texts her all the time. Rebecca, izzy, clary and magnus like to go shopping every month and he picks them up and drops them off so the can have fun without cabbing it everywhere.

-he thinks of joceyln and luke as his second set of parents, they helped raise him too after all the time he spent in their homes. they always have a place set for him for dinner if he wants and since he was 12 he has been part of the family portrait. He was so devastated when joceyln went missing and so relieved when she was home, he just wished he could have seen them get married. 

-If he hadn’t of chosen Lovelace as his shadowhunter name he would have asked to be called fairchild because it would mean just as much


And last but certainly not least, to finish the series off as he always does is our golden maknae, the second to the Busan line with the cutest lil giggle, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Visuals first bc yes
  • Okay but fire!kookie was like a gift tbh
  • His hair was fluffy and messy and I loved it so much and it was black !!!!
  • Like have you seen kookie with black hair that is some good shit!!! top quality I need
  • But that isn’t gonna be superhero!kookie, even though I lo v e that hair on him
  • Do you remember that one time that kookie had blonde hair for 0.3 seconds like literally if you blinked you missed it but he had it and it was beautiful
  • It’s still one of my favorite hairstyles on him, although fire!kookie is also so fucking nic E I could make a post dedicated to his black hair but also one dedicated to the blonde bc bL E S S
  • Kookie’s fashion is super nice too bc he likes his simple t-shirts and jeans and those lil boots that make him look !!!!
  • It’s a simple idea, jeans and a t shirt but he makes it look s o nice it’s almost unfair
  • Like how the hell does he make literally just a white shirt and jeans look amazing ?!?!?!?!?!
  • But honestly can we just talk about blonde!kookie in some black jeans maybe with a lil rip around the knee area bc why not, a simple white shirt and then like a black cardigan and maybe some sunglasses if it’s sunny, if it’s cold then a beanie
  • Just take a minute to picture that bc !!!!
  • His superpower is super strength
  • This kid is honestly s o strong like he literally lifted Jimin when he was 15
  • He was like 15/16 (depending on which age system you use) during No More Dream let that sink in he did that lift as a bby
  • And he’s done several other lifts too, it wasn’t just that one
  • There’s like an entire video about him carrying Tae around bc kookie casually just lifts grown ass men like it’s no big deal
  • And the boys have said multiple times that he’s getting stronger and I just saw a gifset of Jimin being like he throws me around so do not let the maknae status fool you
  • It would be a huge help around town though
  • His neighbors always ask him for help when they’re carrying in groceries bc he can carry literally all of them at once
  • And he doesn’t mind doing it bc they always give him some sort of treat as a reward like hey take a lil candy on your way out thnx for the help see ya next Monday
  • Like just picture lil 14 year old kookie helping his neighbor carry in the bags and getting so fucking excited when she gives him a bag of candy in return
  • He actually gets really close with this one neighbor, an older man that’s in like his 50s, who always talks about his son that went off to college not too long ago who already has a bby
  • Btw the bby adores kookie bc they can play together and kookie can show the bby all the things he can lift
  • But kookie helps the man out every single time he goes to the store and the man actually ends up buying a few things for kookie every time he goes bc he knows that once he gets home, lil bby kook is gonna be waiting to help out and get his lil prize
  • Kook reminds him of his actual son so that helps a lot and they just become best friends
  • When people move in, literally everyone in town points them in his direction bc he can casually live an entire couch by himself and not even break a sweat
  • The amount of furniture this kid has moved is astonishing
  • But of course, everyone does give him something in return, whether it’s food or money
  • There was actually this one time he helped a chef move a new stove into his kitchen and he ended up getting free food from his restaurant for like a year
  • He also helps the city out
  • Just about everyone in town knows about his powers, including yourself
  • You also know that he’s a total sweetheart that just wants to help people out
  • You two meet when you end up moving into the apartment next to his
  • Everyone tells you that if you need help, you should go to him and you figure since you have to unload everything, it’ll get done a lot faster if you have someone that literally everyone is telling you to go to
  • When you knock on his door, he answers and he’s in these super cute jeans that make his legs look !! bc kook’s legs are so ni C E and he also wearing a sleeveless shirt and you can just see the muscles that are happening
  • He still looks like normal!kook which is why a lot of people are surprised when they first see him lift a car above his head or something like that
  • But normal!kook’s arms are really fucking nice like honestly he’s just really nice overall and he’s got a super cute personality so like he’s just !!
  • You two start bringing all of the boxes into your apartment and he’s making these lil jokes along the way and he’s just being himself and being all cute
  • He’s shyly asking you questions like what made you move into that particular apartment, what you think of the neighborhood, if you happen to maybe need someone show you around the area like he knows this really amazing restaurant just down the street
  • “Is that your way of asking me out??”
  • “Did it work”
  • “Pick me up at seven”
  • “I’m taking that as a yes”
🔷 Call me yours

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

Summary: You and Taehyung have been friends since highschool. He’s heartbreaker and you can’t stop loving him. In two words: friendzone and mess.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre:  angst / pre-smut / fluff /

Words: 3 762

A/N: Hope you like it ❤️ 

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Imagine Woozi bringing you closer to him and holding you in his arms when he notices that you’re getting cold during your date.

anonymous asked:

I feel like sign of the times is about harry's friend matt irwin that died earlier last year. he dedicated his another man magazine to him and they seemed really close

yeahhhhhh pretty much everyone came to that conclusion

1ychee  asked:


“It’s not much, but–”

Shhh, it’s beautiful.”

Valerius bit his lip gently as he lowered his head, thick eyelashes batting quickly in excitement as he watched Bendekar closely.

“You, um. You really like it, then?”

The man rolled the glimmering red bauble to and fro between his fingers, watching closely as the light played through its depths. A marble. Simple. Child-like. Just like him…

Quickly, he glanced at the prince from the corner of his eye. Leaning back in his chair, the front legs lifting off the ground, he leaned enough to tug the man close enough to brush their foreheads together.

Valerius bristled, exhaling his characteristically airy laughter.

“I love it.”

“I love you.”

Warmly, the tactician finally smiled, leaning in close enough that their breath mingled.

“But, please…put your chair back on the ground…before you fall…”

Blinking flatly, Bendekar barely muffled a sputtering laugh.

“A cracked skull is not funny!” the Guardian chimed, squishing the man’s cheeks between his soft hands. “Especially if it’s yours!”

“Fine, fine…but I’d better get my…”

He was silenced immediately by the mouth against his own, eyes fluttering shut. His fingers twitched, his senses reminding him he still held his gift tight in his palm.

Perhaps he’d have something special made of it…