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my life: a summary of today
  • Me: breakfast time
  • My brain: LIN MANUEL MIRANDA!!
  • Me: ok gotta do chores
  • Me: I should take a nap
  • Me: I need to do my math homework
  • Me: I should go to bed
  • Me: *is on verge on falling asleep*
  • Brain: you're really obsessed with Lin Manuel Miranda you need to stop omg calm down

You know what’s weird? Liking characters from a fandom you aren’t part of. Like…that character is my child, but I am never going to be involved with their franchise.

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So there's this boy that I'm hecka gay for because after standardized testing today at school, I was laying under a table trying to take a nap, and even tho there were tons of other tables.. HE CAME AND LAYED DOWN UNDER MY TABLE WITH ME!! And I was using my sweatshirt as a pillow and I gave it to him cuz he didn't have a pillow, and when I got it back it smelled like his cologne which smells amazing!! And he was holding my hand and like touching my arm a lot (WHICH TICKLED REALLY BAD) pt1.

And I was getting over an anxiety attack and he just kinda sat down there with me and help my hand and whispered to me that I was gonna be ok. AND OH GOSH IM LIKE IN LOVE okay that was part two I’m done thanks for your time

Thanks so cute! He sounds really sweet and that’s awesome that he was able to help you calm down! When boys leave the smell of their cologne behind it’s always super nice and adds 10 gays points 

Why everyone should watch Porkchop 'n Flatscreen:
  • lots of poc characters
  • strong female leads
  • characters of all sizes
  • breaking gender norms
  • platonic and romantic relationships
  • cute animation
  • cute characters
  • nice and calming music
  • interesting plot
  • there’s no actual talking but the bubbles with pictures are very cute
  • it’s funny
  • epic fight scenes
  • pls watch it
  • the creator is very talented and awesome
  • he does the whole thing himself
  • it’s really cute and awesome

You know what? I’m going to do a Man Crush Monday and it’s going to Jim Parsons because he’s a giant cutie pie and he makes me happy! Just look at him! You can’t help but smile at this man!! ❤️💛💜💙💚😘

I Love Him

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Sitting in your room you lightly tap your pencil on your notebook. You were writing a dramatic story about a girl and her tragic story in finding her soulmate. As you wrote you started to think about when you’d meet yours and how. That’s what caused you to momentarily think. The tapping became more intense as you started thinking about what he’d be like. Nice? Rude? Bad Boy? Softy? Then you started to wonder if you’d meet him at all or if you have but you didn’t know it. You pass the thought and continue your story.

Your stomach rumbles rather loudly. “Man I’m hungry.”

Getting up, you walk to your fridge and open the door. You stand there for a long time with a dazed look. “What to eat… ?”

“Yaah, why am I so hungry?”

You suddenly hear a voice that didn’t belong to you in your head. “WAH! Who’s there?!” Dropping what you had in your hand you look all around with a maniac expression.

“Why did I pass on Jin hyung’s offer, ah.”

There it was again. “Wha- Who’s Jin?”

You didn’t hear it again for about a minute. “Okay yeah. I must be going insane…”

After hesitantly going back to your room with food, you sit down and continue your story as you munch on your favorite snack.

After about fifteen minutes you start to doze off. Having gotten halfway through your story, you decide to get some coffee to help you finish it. Getting properly dressed for the mildly warm weather, you head out to a nearby cafe. Along the way you kept hearing the voice. “Man, I wish I knew who that voice belonged to.”  You thought while holding your chin.

“Huh? Who’s in my head?”  Suddenly responded the other voice.

“Wah, you can hear me?”

“Well yeah, I just asked who you were.”

You tried to keep a straight face because people started to look at you weirdly. “Oh, right. Well, do you have any idea why we can hear each others thoughts?”

“Ah..” There was a slight pause. “… I believe it’s because we’re soulmates. I know it sounds… childish…”

“Yah, no it doesn’t. It’s a reasonable response.” You walk into the cafe. “Say, where are you at this moment?”

After about 20 minutes of sitting and sipping on your coffee you begin to think you are really just imagining things. There was no point in staying any longer for you finished your story. Well, it didn’t hurt to proof read it. It didn’t help that the workers started to notice you sitting there for a while, but you passed it on for you knew there were other people who stayed for hours. It had been a while since someone had made an appearance. “Hey, you there? I’ve been waiting for a very long time.” You thought, a little annoyed.

No response. “Aish…” You breath out.

As you get ready to leave you hear the door open. You glance up and find yourself looking again. Wait a minute. Maybe him? You watch him go up and order a coffee. You know its creepy to be staring at someone but you couldn’t help it. After he grabs his coffee he looks around and spots you. He nervously walks over to you, “Heh, uhm.. sorry to bother you, but do you happen to be Y/N?”

You sigh in relief. “Yes I am. You never told me your name though.”

He sits and smiles brightly. “I’ll just put it simply. I am your hope, your angel, I am J-hope. But ah, you can call me Hoseok.”

“Mmm, how about Hobi~?”

“I like it!”

“I gotta ask, why did you say J-hope instead of Hoseok?”

“Oh, heh, it’s my stage name. I’m a dancer and rapper in a group called Bangtan Boys.”

“Really? That’s awesome.”

He cutely chuckled. “Yeah, say, if you don’t mind me asking, what cha’ got there?”

You look down at your notebook. “It’s a story I wrote. I’m sure you won’t find much interest in it.”

He smirks “Well, doesn’t hurt to see, does it?”

“Suppose not.”

He reaches over and starts reading. At random moments you’d hear him make a small noise or make cute facial expressions. “So this is my soulmate…” you smile, “ I love him.”

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[INTERVIEW] HIGH CUT Japan: BTOB:Tell you our “Strategy”!

BTOBTell you our Strategy

HIGH CUTJapan vol07

Because we always stay together as 7, we know BTOB’s strategy (towards each other).

Whenone is feeling down or no energy, if you do this,he will be energised immediately!

Eunkwang = Say You look awesome 

IHWith a serious expression “Your hair today, hyung really looks awesome”,he will use the hairstyle for a month, cute hyung.

EKI like “Really look awesome! the most! If fans say this to me, my mood will be very high!!

Changsub & Peniel = Give me idle days 

CS & PNIf we can get “Do whatever you want!“ days, not having to think anything, don’t care about me will be good enough。

Minhyuk = Meet his dog

CS I think if bring Minhyuk’s dog at home to him, he will  be refreshed immediately.

Ilhoon = Let me listen to Eunkwang’s English!

IHIf I listen to his English, my mood will become better (smile). Because he speaks poorly, I will laugh after listening to him.

Sungjae = See him and say He’s Sungjae!

IHHe likes it that people noticed he’s Sungjae.

SJI like people to recognize me and call “He’s Sungjae!”. So if I’m not in good mood, I will go onto streets without any plan (smile).

(If you meet him on streets, pls ask him Are you Sungjae?”)

Hyunsik = Don’t disturb melet me sleep

CSHe just need to sleep a long time. When he sleeps, never disturb him. But if he sleeps 24hrs,really worries us (smile).

HSAlso,if there are plastic model, huge cup of coffee and horror movie,I may not go out for dayssmile).


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Health Update 🤒

So my blood work came back with a red flag on my inflammation levels, which are more than double the normal range. My doc is sending me to hematologist (blood specialist) to run more tests, but right now likely contenders are lupus, cancer, or an autoimmune disease…. Yay?

Meanwhile I’m still drawing and writing and having a grand time in life, with the tiny setback of feeling like an exhausted sack of crap sometimes. But I still have all my limbs and my cat, so I’m okay for now. Here is a picture of Bunny sitting on my butt.

Introducing SEVENTEEN!

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First off, Seventeen didn’t get their name because they have “13 members+ 3 units+ 1 team” no, that’s not it at all. But I guess it’s kinda part of it. Seventeen used to have 17 members. If any of you remember ‘17 tv’ you’d know there was like 16-17 members on that. There was like 4 seasons of ‘17 tv’ it aired around 2012. During ‘17 tv’ I don’t think The8 joined Seventeen yet, but there was definitely 16-17 members at that time. They were supposed to debut in 2013-ish but I guess the company postpone their debut and some members had left. And now we are left with the current Seventeen and I would not ask for anything more than that. I love each and every single one of them and will keep supporting them no matter what. <3

S.Coups: He is the leader of Seventeen so he’s like the dad. He’s caring, playful, tough guy who doesn’t like to show his emotions much. He loves the members. He doesn’t like to show that he’s sad or upset cause he doesn’t want to worry the members. He’s really reliable.. he kinda has to be since he’s the leader. He was also in Nu’est’s “FACE” M/V. He’s the eldest of Seventeen. And also the leader of the Hip Hop Unit.

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Jeonghan: If there’s a dad then there has to be a mom, and Jeonghan is the mommy of Seventeen. He loves Pikachu. He’s an angel. He’s sweet, dorky, cute. He’s not much of a bully. He gets along with others well. He’s not the type to cause any problems with anyone. He’s in the Vocal Unit.

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Joshua: Oh My Gosh! Joshua is bae. I love him so freaking much, you have no idea. Like I fell in love with Seventeen because of him. When I first saw him in 2012 I fell in love. And that was when seventeen didn’t even debut yet. Anywayyy, Joshua introduces himself as “Seventeen’s gentleman” and I can’t argue with him on that cause its the truth. Joshua is Christian. He’s sweet, caring, calm, quiet, laid-back. He thinks of others before himself. He was also born on the exact same day has V of BTS. They were born on the same month, same day, and same year. But they’re nothing alike. Joshua has an angelic voice but he doesn’t have many lines. He’s in the Vocal Unit.

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Jun: Many people says he looks like Heechul of Super Junior but I don’t really agree with that. He’s one of the Chinese members. He’s close with all the members and there’s none that he’s not close with, this shows that he’s friendly and gets along with others well. He’s also super hyper. He’s in the Performance Unit. He’s also really good at acting.

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Hoshi: He is just a ball of sunshine. He’s always so positive and he is just a freaking ball of sunshine. He’s hilarious, talkative, and so freaking caring. He cares so much about the members. He is never upset or ever shows that side of him to anyone. Hoshi is really hardworking. He’s the Performance Unit’s leader. He’s the one cutest creature you’ll ever see. He also came up with the choreography of Adore U and Mansae. So talented <3</p>

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Wonwoo: This boy, I literally can’t with him. *sigh* How would I describe Wonwoo… all I need to say is he needs to calm his sexy ass. 1996 and so freaking hot. He’s not very talkative. So kinda the opposite of Hoshi. He barely shows his emotions, but that’s what makes him so sexy. He’s actually sweet though. He has two sides, He can be so damn sexy one minute but then so damn cute the next.

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Woozi: He’s not that tall but his height is so cute though. I can’t make fun of him cause I’m shorter than him, and I love him so I can’t really do that. Woozi is like 5′4″. He is kinda shy, is really focused, takes his work seriously, likes to keep his feelings and emotions to himself. So when he’s struggling with something, he won’t let other people know about it. It’s not healthy. Like Seriously Woozi, you can tell someone when the struggle becomes real. He is super hard working too and I really admire him for that. He has so much talent in that little body of his. For crying out loud, HE PRODUCES SEVENTEEN’S SONGS! Also one of cutest creatures you’ll ever see.

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DK: He can get very emotional at times but he’s mostly a positive person. He has a great sense of humor. He’s funny at times but hes mostly sweet. He’s really playful. He loves messing around with the members. He’s in the Vocal Unit.

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Mingyu: He’s like super close with Wonwoo. He has a really cute smile. He’s also super playful. He’s not a bully but he loves messing with people. He’s really funny too. Mingyu is in the Hip Hop Unit. He’s not a serious person.

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The8: He’s a Chinese member. His Korean is awesome tho. He can be playful and really cute. He’s like super cute. He’s always so positive and happy. He can also be really affectionate. He’s part of the Performance Unit.

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Seungkwan: He is kinda like the bully but in a playful way. He’s funny and when it comes to his mom he’ll cry just talking about her. He loves his family. He teases his members and mess with them all the time. He’s the mood maker of Seventeen so he’s really funny. Did I mention that he’s super playful? Vocal Unit.

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Vernon: He’s oblivious. He’s close with Joshua because they both speak English. He is passionate about what he is doing, which is music. Vernon can be funny at times. He loves his little sister. He’s really thoughtful too. Vernon is part of the Hip Hop Unit.

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Dino: He’s like a baby. He can’t really take care of himself but that’s what makes him so adorable. He depends on the older hyungs a lot because he’s the youngest. He’s not serious and gets “bullied” by his hyungs a lot. He’s an easy target cause he’s the youngest. He can be affectionate too. He jokes around all the time. He’s part of the Performance Unit.

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