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Although barely out of adolescence…[Shelley] was, in 1813, an ardent radical and anti-monarchist. Physically, he was rather odd, tall and slim to the point of limpness, with a high-pitched effete voice; but what he lacked in physical bulk he more than made up for in charismatic intensity. Among the earliest witnesses to this intensity were his school fellows at Eton, where he was sent by his landowning father when he was twelve. Initially he was bullied for his refusal to ‘fag’ for older boys, but the bullies soon discovered that in spite of his feeble frame, Shelley was not a boy to succumb quietly to taunts. On the contrary, he could be terrifying when roused, and was quite capable of reciprocal acts of violence. He stabbed one tormentor’s hand with a fork, and others remembered him as an almost unearthly creature, with flashing eyes, wild hair, and deathly white cheeks.
—  young romantics - daisy hay
The Tenth Floor pt4

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times, maybe some slight smut eventually

Part 1, 2, 3

“You seem to be settling in well.” 

You looked up from the files you were re-organizing for Yoongi to see Namjoon standing in front of you with a smile. He had been the one to hire you, but you hadn’t seen him since, and you had to admit it was good to see him. You hadn’t realized it when he interviewed you, but he seemed a lot more sane and normal than any of the other people there.

“Yeah, so far so good.” You returned his smile, bending the truth slightly. It wasn’t like you had expected this to be a dream-job, but also hadn’t realized what a pain everyone else who worked there would be. 

“Yoongi hasn’t been too horrible, then?” Namjoon raised an eyebrow, sitting down across from you. 

You shrugged. “I’m sure running such an important, large company puts a lot of stress on him.” You said rather than answer his question.

“In other words, he’s crazy, but you can handle him.” Namjoon laughed, and you couldn’t help but join in. Min Yoongi was crazy. Not even a half-hour ago, he had started screaming that someone stole his checkbook, only for you to walk in and tell him it was in the top right drawer of his desk (you had seen him put it there the previous day).

“Maybe a bit. But I can certainly handle him.” You agreed. 

“I have a good feeling about you.” Namjoon said suddenly. “I’ve hired people from all over the place, from amazing schools or with years of experience… But there’s something about you. I really think this is going to work.” You were relieved for a moment, thankful that someone believed in you. But then Jimin wandered over, flicking Namjoons shoulder.

“You’ve said that shit before.” He said with a sigh.

“Have not.” Namjoon replied indignantly. 

“Have too.” Jimin snorted. “Remember Mike? You were positive he was perfect for the job. And Melissa? You said there was no way for it to go wrong. And then there was Kevin…”

“Okay, stop.” Namjoon said, obviously flustered. You tried not to be disappointed. The only person who believed in you apparently believed in every other employee who had failed. 

“Face it, Namjoon. You’re a terrible judge of character.” Jimin said, patting Namjoon shoulder sympathetically before walking away. Namjoon turned back to you looking rather guilty.

“I really do have a good feeling about you. And I talked to Yoongi yesterday, he doesn’t seem to mind you.” He was trying to make up for what Jimin had said, but you really wanted the conversation to end.

“Thanks, I appreciate it–really, I do. But is there something that I can help you with? If not, I really do need to get this done and I have some phone calls to make…” 

“Right, yeah, of course you do.” Namjoon stood abruptly, still looking embarrassed. “I actually need to speak with Yoongi for a minute, so if you’ll excuse me…” He nearly ran into Yoongi’s office door in his haste to get away, and you shook your head as you returned to your work. Somehow, you didn’t think Namjoon was actually going to be any help to you while you worked there.

“Let me guess, you missed the bus again?” Kim Taehyung said through the phone. Your day had dragged on for what felt like forever, your lunch break practically non-existent because Yoongi had decided that all of his filing cabinets needed to be reorganized (which they did, they were a total mess, but it was still tedious work that took a while). You had missed the bus again, but at least this time you weren’t soaking wet with a broken heel. “I’m not far, I’ll be there in a few.”

You might have been able to leave earlier if you had really pushed for it, but you were still hoping to somehow get on your bosses good side–though, you were starting to wonder if he even had one. After Namjoon was done talking to him, Yoongi had been in a significantly worse mood. He had complained about everything–his schedule, his coffee, the fact that he thought your shoes were ugly–before dumping piles upon piles of paper on your desk. 

Missing the bus was also a good excuse to call the strange taxi-driver you had met the day before.

“So tell me, how exactly does one barely miss the bus two days in a row?” Taehyung asked when he pulled up, rolling the window down and greeting you with a smile. 

“It’s a long story, but it’s just as well. I have some shopping I need to do anyway.” You said, not sure why you were telling the driver this. “Apparently my shoes are ugly, so I’m going to get some new ones at the mall…”

Taehyung twisted around in his seat so he could see your shoes for himself before he started driving. “They don’t look so bad to me.” He said thoughtfully. “And what do you mean, ‘apparently’ they’re ugly? Don’t you like them?” He pulled away from the curb as he spoke, glancing at you briefly in the rear-view. 

You shrugged, looking down at your flats. You didn’t think they were ugly, but you weren’t sure you wanted to put up with another day of Jimin and Yoongi both criticizing them. 

“I wouldn’t have bought them in the first place if I didn’t like them.” You sighed. “It’s other people who have a problem with them.” 

Taehyung raised an eyebrow. “And you care what they think?” 

“I mean, no, but–”

But you’re going to replace perfectly good shoes because someone whose opinion you don’t care about says they’re ugly?” You weren’t sure how you felt about Taehyung-the-taxi-driver hinting that you were conforming to other peoples standards, and shifted slightly in your seat. Taehyung didn’t wait for you to answer, simply continued with another question. “Are they against your companies dress code or something?” You assumed he was referring to your shoes.


Taehyung seemed to be personally insulted that someone had a problem with your shoes, which was very odd. “So what difference does it make to you what other people think about your shoes?” 

You wanted to argue that you didn’t want to give Jimin a reason to bully you, or for Yoongi to have another reason to hate you, but it sounded childish in your own mind. What did you care if Jimin said rude things to you? And if Yoongi fired you over your shoes, then maybe working for him wasn’t worth it after all. “It doesn’t really matter…” You agreed slowly, and Taehyung pulled over.

“Good, so I’m not driving you to the mall, right?” He looked at you in the mirror again, grinning so hard that his smile looked more like a box than anything else. 

“I… Guess not? But…”

Taehyung blinked, then laughed. “So are you free the rest of tonight?” 

You couldn’t believe this. Was your taxi driver asking you out? That was ridiculous. “I don’t know…” You started. You really should catch up on sleep, this job was draining and you needed to be alert in the morning. 

“Nothing weird, I promise. There’s just something I’d like you to see.” 

The last part could be taken in a number of ways, but there was something about Taehyung that made you think he meant it in the most innocent way possible. “Okay.” You agreed, not entirely sure why. There was no reason for you to go anywhere with him, unless it was to drive you home.

“Fantastic. I promise you won’t regret it.” Taehyung pulled back into the street quickly, before making a U-turn and driving the other way. He didn’t tell you where you were going, and you didn’t ask. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do anyone of your choice swooping in for their s/o with someone who is flirting heavily with them and obviously making s/o uncomfortable


Shifting from foot to foot, you stood there trying to keep up your smile as a new trainee stood there leaning on the door and was relentlessly flirting in hopes of getting your number. It would have been cute if it didn’t feel so uncomfortable to you. Most of his comments had been on your butt during the mission, and honestly you kind of wanted to punch him.

“So,” the guy said, winking at you. You didn’t like how his eyes kept wandering lower, and tried to keep your temper. “ A girl as good looking as you deserves an equal. I was thinking maybe…7pm, my place, tomorrow night?”

Taking a slow breath, you forced yourself to keep up the smile that you’d plastered over your face. “That’s…really nice of you, but I’m busy tomorrow,” you said. You have been trying really hard not to make an argument or to plant your first in his face.

Honestly, you wanted to tell this kid off but he was a new recruit. And you didn’t like being mean to people if you could avoid it. The guy was just doing some…harmless flirting, you thought with disgust.

“Besides, I-,” you started to say but you were cut off.

“How about right now then?” The guy winked, stepping closer and into your bubble. Holy fuck, did you hate strangers in your bubble and the arrogance of this guy was starting to wear your patience down. “I have the time.”

Before you could speak, you saw the trainee’s eyes catch on something behind you and he took a slight step back. Footsteps walked over, slow and without hurry, before you saw the shadow cast over the wall.

“Hey darlin’,” you heard the deep, husky Texas accent of your fiancee, as an arm slipped around your waist. The scent of cigar smoke was heavy and you glanced up to see he was smoking one, his eyes locked on the kid. “This guy bothering you, sweetheart?”

“Hey baby,” you murmured, relief flooding you as you half turned your body into his side, sliding your arms around his waist. You were glad he was here, even though worry filled you at the same time.

“Don’t worry about him, Jesse,” you said softly, voice a bit low with warning and Jesse’s eyes flickered to yours.

Jesse McCree was by far one of the most protective men you’d ever seen. Although it didn’t matter when other over watch members looked or spoke to you, Jesse always got a bit irked when other men would look at you. After all, you were his baby doll and Jesse McCree took care of his own.

No one who had ever touched you survived, and no one who had ever flirted with you (Other then Mercy and Tracer) ever left without a broken tooth or a black eye. You loved how protective he was of you, knowing that of everything in the world he was just afraid he’d someday lose you, but you also didn’t want this kid to get hurt…

The trainee was looking back and forth between you both incredulously. “I…uh, didn’t know you had a boyfriend,” he started by saying, looking a bit uncomfortable now himself.

“Fiancee,” Jesse growled slightly, and you pinched his butt in warning. “If you were half as observant, or even just had half a brain, you’d ‘ave noticed the ring on her finger.”

The trainee’s eyes dropped to your hand and locked on the gold ring on your finger. It was obvious that he had NOT seen it.

“Its not my fault she didn’t say anything about it!” The trainee blurted. It was clear that Jesse’s presence was much more intimidating as you noticed that there was the barest tremor running through him.

“I tried to tell you!” you said with a scowl, annoyed now.

The trainee made a face at you. “If you really wanted me to know, you would have gotten it in,” he said, lip curling slightly. You found your hand itching to slap him. But thats okay, because Jesse was far more pissed then you.

Jesse let go of you and stepped forward, looming over the guy. He was rather tall, and the trainee was unfortunately a head shorter. The look in his eyes was terrifying.

“Excuse me?” Jesse growled, grabbing the guy by the front of his shirt and lifting onto his toes. “Don’t talk to y/n like that. Do you got it?”

The trainee nodded quickly, fingers gripping Jesse’s wrist and he looked terrified out of his wits. now. “If I ever catch you flirting with my baby again, you can bet high noon will be coming a bit early,” Jesse growled, his face close to the trainees. Their eyes were locked. There must have been something extra scary about Jesse because the trainee looked like he was going to faint.

Dropping him, the trainee fell to the floor and scrambled to get up. Jesse turned and immediately tugged you against him, uncaring if the trainee was still there as he pressed a hot, possessive kiss to your lips.

Your heart melted a bit. You couldn’t help loving him when he was like this…and the fact that he hadn’t just beat him to a pulp made you love him more.

“Well, Darlin’, guess we better head up for dinner,” Jesse said, starting to calm down. Without another word, you pulled him down for a second kiss before the two of you started to leave.

Except then, to everyone’s horror, the trainee muttered a little too audibly as he was hurrying away.

“Stupid bitch, getting me in shit…”

Cringing, you felt Jesse freeze and instantly you grabbed at his waist, moving in front of him to stare up at him. His eyes were icy and you could see he was biting the cigar hard.

“Baby, don’t do it. He isn’t worth it Jesse, right-?” you started to say, but Jesse turned and took a single shot.


The good news is the trainee is alive. Of course, it hadn’t stopped you from panicking and calling Mercy and Ana. Jesse got a massive lecture from Ana, who was just thankful that he only shot the trainee in the ass. Literally.

You couldn’t help wishing he had the barest bit more of self control, but in the end you were still thankful that Jesse had come to save you.

So that night, cuddled in his arms, you couldn’t help pressing a kiss to his forehead as he slept, watching him with adoration.

“I love you, you darn oaf,” you murmured, stroking the brown tresses from his face. You hadn’t realized he was awake till Jesse dragged you closer, burying his face in your hair as he sleepily yawned.

“Love you too, darlin.”

Amour ~ Newt Scamander x Reader

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Requested:  hi! could you do an imagine where the reader is from beauxbatons and she meets newt and he really likes her because she’s pretty and very soft and natural and calm?

Remember to request Ships, Imagines, Preferences, and Storylines!!!

(English translation in italics & bold)

Sun high in the sky, shining over the small wizard village in France in which you’ve lived your whole life. You journey down the cobblestone streets excited to start your summer holiday. That is until a florescent pink bird swoops out of no where and lands on your head. It flutters around not making a single sound. Carefully you cup the small bird in your hands, bringing it down from on top of your head. It gives a mute chirp of gratitude. The small pink bird perks up to gaze at you. 

“Pourquoi bonjour petit gars. (Why hello little guy.)”, you beam.

As the bird gives another silent chirp a young man comes rushing down the street, apologizing every few minutes to whomever he had run into. He skids to a stop when he reaches you and gives a worried look. 

He is rather tall and thin, with reddish brown hair, and dazzling blue eyes. He wears a white button up shirt with a green sweater-vest and tie. In one hand his wand. In the other hand he holds a case by its handle.

“I’m so sorry miss. My bird it-” He stops his babbling to get a good look at you.

“Salut, mon nom est Y/n L/n, et tu est? (Hi, my name’s Y/n L/n, and you are)?”, You hold out your free hand to shake.

“Newt Scamander.” Newt shakes your hand,”Je suis terriblement désolé pour mon oiseau. Il est un artiste d'évasion. (I’m terribly sorry about my bird. He’s an escape artist.)

He places his wand in his pocket and sets the case down onto the ground. Newt gently takes the bird, cradling it in his large hands. The bird gives another silent twitter before curling up into a small feathery ball.

“Tu parle français? Êtes-vous de la région? (You speak french? Are you from here?)” You question.

Newt gives a lopsided grin and responds, “Oh non, je suis anglais. J'étudie ici. (Oh no, I’m English. I’m studying here.)

Vous assistez à Beauxbatons? (Then you attend Beauxbatons?)

“Non, j'ai été expulsé de Hogwarts. (No, I was expelled from Hogwarts.)” Newt explains.

“Ah, je vois. (Ah, I see.)” You smile at the casual way he had said this,”Voulez-vous prendre un café avec moi? (Would you want to get some coffee with me?)

“Sans doute. (Of course.)” Newt beams at the offer.

He picks up his case and lightly places the now awake bird on his shoulder. 

You grin as the small bird hops to and fro across the table. It’s beak opens and closes yet not a single sound comes out.

“Quel genre d'oiseau est-ce? Je n'ai jamais vu un comme ça. (What kind of bird is this? I never saw one like that.)

Newt gazes at you with a sense of interest,”Robert est un Fwooper. Il est originaire d'Afrique. Fwoopers sont vendus avec un charme silencieux mis sur eux parce que leur chanson twittering conduira l'auditeur fou. Le charme doit être renouvelé chaque mois. (Robert is a Fwooper. He is originally from Africa. Fwoopers are sold with a silencing charm placed of them because their twittering drives the listener insane. The charm has to be renewed every month.)

“Intéressant. (Interesting)

Newt lightly strokes the Fwooper. You take a second to study the foreigner’s simple yet entrancing features. Freckles scatter across his kind face. his eyes sparkle as he speaks of his adventures.

“Quelque chose ne va pas? (Is there something wrong?)” Newt asks.

You awake from your trance to see Newt shyly looking at you. Robert seemed to of found a nice napping place on your hand. 

“Non non, j'ai été… distrait. (No no, I was just… distracted.)

“Ah, je vois… (Ah, I see...)” Newt smiles. He looks at the table and plays with the hem of his shirt.

“Si vous ne vous dérangez pas de le dire, je pense que vous êtes absolument magnifique. (If you don’t mind me saying so, I think you’re absolutely beautiful.)

You blush at the rather random compliment. Newt glances up for a moment, scared that he’d said the wrong thing. 

“Désolé … c'était un peu hors de nulle part. (Sorry… that was a bit out of nowhere.)” 

“Non c'est d'accord. (No it’s alright.)” You grin leaning across the table,”En fait, si ça ne te dérange pas, je t'embrasserai. (In fact, if you don’t mind me doing so, I’m going to kiss you.)

With that you lean in and peck Newt on the lips, sitting back into chair and smiling at his dumbfound face. Newt smiles at you and takes a timid drink of his coffee. The both of you then sit together in silence, smiling and enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Knight in Shining Armor (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 999999999-999998361

Request: I think I requested a medieval au laf x reader (reader saves laf) @psychiclianna

A/N: i took way too long on this and i apologize, this was hecka lot of fun to write tho, ty for the request! i did barely any research on knights and medieval times, so bear with me plz 

special thanks to @sorry-but-no-sorry for the french translation! 

You grabbed your sword off the ground, placing it in the pocket on your back. You walked ahead, looking for any signs of danger. Fortunately, you were in neutral territory, away from all the violence between the two empires.

There was a war for land going on between the French and the English. You belonged to neither, a rogue knight as many say. This has caused a warrant out for your arrest, the kings of both nations wanting your head on a stick. So whenever a knight stumbled upon you, they would try to kill you (due to the fact that you were neglecting both nations). Seeing as you were still walking today with little injury, killing you was not an easy thing. Still, many tried.

You heard shuffling in the woods ahead, and immediately ducked behind some greenery. You peeked through, seeing two knights fighting each other. Most of their armor was off, leaving them in plain clothing. Usually, you would turn around and run, avoiding the unnecessary conflict, but it seemed like the man pinned to the ground was losing.

His face was beaten badly, blood coming out from a slice on his cheek. You bit your lip, debating on whether you should leave. But, the other man on top of him, was wearing the same outfit as him. You raised your eyebrows in shock, confused as to why two fellow knights were fighting. The sword got closer to the man’s neck on the ground, seconds from cutting through. Immediately, you jumped out of the bushes, kicking off the man that was on top of the other. He tried to get back up again, but you pressed your metal foot against his chest, forcing him back to the ground. The two of them gasped in shock, and you pointed the sword down to the man’s neck, threatening him.

“Who the hell are you?” He yelled, and you pressed the tip closer to his neck.

“I’m the one with the sword. Now, before I change my mind. Leave.” He began to speak again, and you cut his skin slightly, the blood leaking out. He nodded quickly, and you allowed him to get up, removing your foot from his chest. He tried reaching for the sword on the ground, but you waved yours in the air, preventing him from doing so. He gave one last look at you, then ran, leaving his weapons and armor behind. You sighed, putting your sword back on the side of you.

You turned to the man on the ground, and he was gone, leaving only a pool of blood in his wake. “You’re welcome.” You mumbled, turning back. A sword was pointed at you, the man staring at you. The blood was still flowing down his face, his curly hair pulled back into a bun. He was rather tall, a giant compared to you. You rolled your eyes at him, but of course, he couldn’t see, since you had your helmet on.

“So this is the thanks I get from saving you?” You grumbled. He said nothing, reaching over to pull off your helmet. You let him. He revealed your face, and you smiled at him, winking. “Hey there.”

“Who are you?” He asked, and you noticed a slight French accent to his words. You were puzzled. He wore English armor and clothing, but he was French? Seems like an interesting story to tell.

“Does it really matter? I’m just trying to get out of the country before you guys destroy it all.” He pointed the sword closer to your face. You could easily move it away, but you were entertained, wanting to know what else he had up his sleeve. “Whoa, easy there boy, no need to get riled up.”

“You did not answer my question.” He spat back.

“My name is Y/N.” He widened his eyes, immediately moving his sword away from you. You lowered your hands slowly, more perplexed than before. “Um…”

J’suis chauve! (I can’t believe it) You’re the rogue knight, the knight everyone is hunting.” He replied, placing his sword on his side. You wondered why his first instinct wasn’t to kill you, but you shrugged, grabbing yours off the ground. “Why are they looking for you? Did you assassinate someone?” So many questions.

“I’m sorry, but I did not hear a thank you come out of your mouth yet.” You replied, grabbing your helmet off the ground. You didn’t put it on yet, curious as to what this fake Englishman had to say. He smiled at you, and you rolled your eyes, hiding your smile.

“Thank you, sir Y/N.” You cringed at the knight surname, and shook your head.

“No problem, but please, drop the sir. I hate being called that, my name is just fine by it’s lonesome.” You did not mean to sound so harsh, and you glanced at the man. He was still smiling.

“Of course, Y/N.” He said back, the happiness never leaving his face. Why was he so happy? He was still bleeding profusely, limping. You knew it was unwise to help anyone involved in the war, but he was helpless. He seemed like a pretty decent guy, and you could not just leave him behind. Someone would come and kill him minutes after you leave. You sighed, looking at him.

“If I help tend to your wounds, would you promise not to tell anyone that you saw me? Pretend like I never existed?”

Oui, anything for the one who saved me.” He joked, struggling to walk over to you. You ran over to him quickly, putting his arm around your shoulder. He smiled down at you.

“What’s your name?” You asked, helping him along. The closest place you could go without anyone spotting you is a local town an hour or so away. You promised them that you wouldn’t come back, but it seemed inevitable, he needed to be treated as soon as possible.

“Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. But you can just call me Lafayette.” He replied, looking at you. You blinked. Who the hell has a name as long as that?

“Um, okay, Lafayette. Tell me about yourself, since it is going to take us a while to get there.”

The two of you conversed, him telling you about his journey on rejecting the French ideals and deciding to fight for the English instead. The conversation went like this for a while, until finally, you made it to the small town. The people glared at you as you walked in, and you gave them sheepish smiles, carrying Lafayette over to the medical tent. Your friend was the doctor, and he frowned as you walked in carrying Lafayette.

“Y/N, I told you you cannot come back here, you know-“

“I know, I know. Lafayette just needed to be treated. Here, I’ll give you the money.” Lafayette protested at you handing him the cash, but you ignored his pleas, giving the doctor the money. Your friend sighed, but took it anyway, going over to examine Lafayette. You took this as your cue to leave, walking back. You heard Lafayette call to you, and you turned back, looking at him. He had a small smile on his face.

“Thank you, Y/N. You are much kinder than you make yourself out to be.” You gave him a closed-lipped smile, nodding. “Are we going to see each other again?”

“Take care of yourself, Lafayette.” You winked at him, then left quickly, leaving an awe-struck Lafayette behind. The doctor chucked at Lafayette reaction, cleaning off his wounds. Lafayette looked at the doctor.

“Is Y/N always this mysterious?” The doctor nodded, placing cream on Lafayette’s leg.

“Yes, they are. Still, I never saw Y/N risk their life to save another. You must be special.” Lafayette groaned at the stitching the doctor began, looking back towards the entrance. A small part of him hoped that he would run across this Y/N again.

Can’t Run Away

Summary: Being the child of a god is not easy. The responsibilities are exhausting and dangerous. That’s why Annabeth, Grover and I decided to move to a small county to get some rest. But troubles are still behind us and we can’t hide, even in Beacon Hills.

Word Count: 2286

Crossover of: Percy Jackson and Teen Wolf

Pairing: Scott x Reader, Annabeth x Isaac, Stiles x Lydia, Grover x no one (sniff)

Requested? Yes, by anon.

Tags: @amazingtimetravelninja @the-tiny-2j

A/N: It been a while since I last post omg, sorry! And one million thank you to @maddie110201 who’s my new beta reader and helped me a lot! She’s amazing! (None of the gifs are mine!)

All I ever wanted was a normal life. But of course, I couldn’t have it. As a child, I was already hyperactive and dyslexic. I often moved, living in new unknown cities, running away from something that frightened my mother. Then my mom met Gabe, that stinking billiard ball. At first I didn’t understand why my mom liked him. I would never love this useless, fat and stinking man who was violent with my mother and I.

It wasn’t much later that I finally understood the immense sacrifice my mom made for me. Gabe’s nauseating smell had an advantage, it masked my smell. From whom? Rather what.

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Jack is the quiet type of possessive. 

If they’re at a social event and a random guy is flirting with bitty, jack will casually wrap an arm around Bitty’s waist, his fingers gently holding onto Bitty’s shirt. he then stands rather tall, using his height to his advantage and will coldly stare down the person, blue eyes like ice but will happily put his input in if Bitty asks him a question or his opinion. Sooner or later, the intended target grows uncomfortable and politely excuses himself, never coming back. 

Bitty waits for about a moment before turning around and slapping Jack’s shoulder playfully, trying to look stern but his grin gives way. 

“You’re such a menace,” Bitty says, his arms wrapped around Jack’s shoulders and Jack holds him close, smiling down at him fondly. 

“i don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jack replies, grinning when Bitty snorts in amusement. 

So he’s a bit possessive, he can’t help it when it comes to Bitty. 

A Blast from the Past (Part 1)

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Summary: You didn’t know what to expect when you entered that factory, but you sure didn’t expect running into him.

Characters: Reader, Reader’s little sister, Simon, Negan, the Saviors

Pairing: NeganxReader

Word count: 2130

Warnings: Language, violence

A/N: This is my first work on The Walking Dead, I’m so excited! This story takes place around the time of season 6 and 7. Hope you enjoy!

(Part 2)

“Come on, Baby, we gotta keep going.” You said quietly, looking down at your eight year old sister, tightening your grip around her hand and gently tugging, urging her to follow you. You were walking around a small town, scavenging for food and ammo. You started in the morning and had already searched three buildings, only managing to find a few damaged cans and three shotgun cartridges.

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Book Club.

Mkay. I love that Gladio is so hype about reading. I’m doing a literature degree and it just makes me hella happy. So here, have some reader and Gladio being hype about books. Pure fluff. 

Tagging @fieryfantasy and @itshaejinju because they love Gladioooooo and I think they’re fab <3

The Lucian National library never ceased to impress you. From it’s tall, seemingly never ending spiral bookcases to the simple elegancy of architecture of the building, in your eyes it was the most beautiful place in the city.

You frequented it whenever you could, either to explore what new literature was available or to simply get away from life for a few hours. It was calm, quiet, peaceful. It was an escape. You found yourself in there one afternoon, rooting through the bookshelves to find something new to get lost in. You became so immersed in walking round the shelves, however, that you failed to realise you were headed straight for another human being until you collided with him sideways, knocking the book he was examining out of his hands.

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Ink | Wooseok

Group: Pentagon
Member: Wooseok
Summary:In this soulmate world you see writing appear on your arm to see someone answer, your soulmate Wooseok. What will happen if you met him by accident.
Genre: Soulmate, writing on the arm shows your connected to your mste. 
A/N:Hope you enjoy I really wanted something in time for Wooseok b day.

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Sighing you looked at your arm nothing has popped up today which made you frown. Hoping for a new message to pop up on your arm.

Yes a message not on a phone on your arm.

For the last month or you’ve found your soulmate. Well not literally, you found that your connection level has strengthen and grown to the point where you could communicate.

It was a boring day when you found out your connection. eyed your wrist for a second to see lyrics written on your wrist. They popped up randomly like magic.

Confused at the sudden lyrics came up you looked around to see if anyone was looking. You wrote back on your arm. You heard about soulmates like these but you never believed you would have this one. 

You took out your pen and wrote on your skin in reply. 

‘Who is this’ you write on your arm.

You waited for a minute the words creeped on your skin saying ‘probably your soulmate’.

Weirdly you didn’t freak but a small gasp did come out when you found out about him. After that you and him communicated all week long in class, before school and after. You learned a lot out him his name was Wooseok he loved music and he had lots of friends.

Almost everyday you had dark ink on your wrist and arms you wondered if you were going to get ink poisoning.

He told you he was tall and some of his dreams and such. He seemed genuine. You guys would even play tick tack toe when you were bored. 

Many soulmates had different connections types. Some could enter each other dreams, share pain to a point, and also like your situation was writing on your skin to the soulmate. Some even had very rare timers. 

‘Hello beautiful♡’ a message and a small heart appeared on your wrist. You grinned and wrote back quickly. ‘How do you know I’m beautiful you’ve never seen me’ you answered back smiling at the message. Wooseok was such a flirt. 

After a moment 'yeah got me on that one but you have a beautiful personality and that makes you beautiful’ he wrote back in deep black marker.

You blushed and smiled at his words. Butterflies filled your stomach as you thought of him.

Running your fingers across his answers feeling the deep connection, you were so close to him yet so far. Both of you’ve have been avoiding meeting each other because of awkwardness. You found out you live rather close to him also but different schools. 

He wrote with such a cute sloppy way it was adorable. 

'School is almost over I don’t think I can talk for a while I’ll be hanging with my friends’ you wrote to him. Trying to multitask writing down the homework and waiting for Wooseok response.

'Okay I guess I’ll do the same my friends keep teasing me >

“Come on Y/N let’s get some boba I know a really quiet place” your friends said standing out side the door.

“Yeah” you grinned and ran out the classroom to catch up with them. You needed some friend gossip time anyway.

“Still talking to your mate” your friend asked looking at your wrist. “Yeah he is so sweet” you said wanting to talk to him until the day grew dark.

Walking down the quiet road your friend lead you to the shop. “I want my soulmate” your other friend sighed “sometimes I hear a sweet voice singing and only I can hear it” your friend said holding her heart.

“Yeah he’s sweet maybe one day we will meet” you said as you guys arrived at the boba shop. “I can’t wait for my soulmate” your friends said going into the tea shop.

As you entered the boba shop you felt this buzz in the air. Your friends pushed you to table.

“Hey I’m buying what do you want” your friend asked. You shook your head it felt hot in the roo,. “Um I’ll have a dragon fruit boba” you smiled at her.

Your friends contuined to talk about gossip and such. “Is it hot in here” you asked. Your friends shook there head. You quickly grabbed your pen from your bag and started to write.

'It’s so hot where I am’ you wrote on your wrist quickly.  A second or so later 'yeah I thought so to’ he wrote back. You paused when you heard a loud boys.

“Eh is makane Wooseok writing to his soulmate again” a loud voice said. You looked over to see 5 boys sitting a ways away from you.

You raised an eyebrow that’s so strange. Another boy lifted his wrist to show his friend you over heard him say “can you guys stop teasing me I really like her” he told his friends.

You stared at the boy he had dark black hair. He was wearing a large hoodie. His lipsnwere plump and he looked around your age. He had droppy eyes and long eyelashes. 

You quickly grabbed your pen 'Wooseok you’re very handsome’ you wrote quickly on your wrist.

You looked over to the bous to see him write down something on his wrist back. Those beautiful hands were writing down something 'How would you know that baby’ the boy smiled at his arm in response.

You gulped looking at your friends who seemed more Intrested in there phones than you at the moment.

You quickly replied 'because we’re in the same room Wooseokie" you wrote on your arm. Your hand almost shaking with anxiety when you wrote your answer.

Wooseok looked confused at his wrist looking around the shop till his gaze met with your. A small smile went to your lips seeing him for the first time. He was so handsome and rather tall. 

He eyes held confusion but also a happy glint. A large grin went to his face as her stared at you, it seemed like the world slowed down in that moment. You both stsred at each other both not getting up. Just staring at the person who have been talking to all week. 

This was the day you met your soulmate. Wooseok.

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May I request some with Nyx? I'll let you be creative with it unless you would prefer me to actually come up with it.

10 more minutes to go.

Nyx was standing there staring up at the clock. In 10 minutes he was free to go and he could finally see you.

“Staring at the clock won’t make it go any faster, Nyx.” He turned around to see Crowe looking at him. He laughed softly under his breath and cast another glance to the clock.

“I know, it’s just… It’s been a while since I’ve seen her and I’m excited.” He admitted, smiling. Just the thought of you made him happy.

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The boys crossdress to meet their male S/O's parents because the parents are kinda homophobic. However, they all end up giving it away at some point.

This is my first ask, and I hope I can do it well. This was actually pretty fun to do.

-mod Shinguuji

Rantarou Amami

-He borrowed some clothes from one of his sisters, although they were a little small.

-He also did his own makeup, painted his nails, and looked rather pretty.
-He introduced himself to your parents politely, and made pleasant conversation with them.
-Your parents seemed impressed, and then asked what his hobbies were.
-He stated that he liked adventure and caring for his sisters.
-‘As an older brother I must-’ He realised his mistake quickly.

Ouma Kokichi

-He went pretty crazy, with the shortest miniskirt you’ve ever seen and a crop top.
-He talked as a valley girl, and acted as a stereotypical blonde girl.
-Your parents believed he was a girl, but they didn’t think she was necessarily a good girl for you.
-He was “politely” requested to leave, and when you were outside he spoke to you, assuming your parents couldn’t hear him.
-‘Nishishi, I think that went well. They might not like me, but they thought I was a girl, so that’s a win!’
-Your parents heard. They decided that you being gay was fine, but they still didn’t like Ouma.


-All he really needed to do was upload a female voice, and from there he could claim to be a female robot.

-Your parents were impressed by Kiibo’s technology, but wondered if he could love, and he insisted that he could.
-Whilst you and your mother were talking, your father looked up professor Idabashi on the internet.
-From this he discovered that Kiibo was a male robot, and asked both of you about it.
-Kiibo tried to deny it, but you decided to tell them the truth.

Gonta Gokuhara

-He wore a skirt in his size, and hoped that he could do his best to please you.
-He kinda messed up his introduction: 'I’m S/Os boy- girlfriend.’
-His stature, voice, and general behaviour made it obvious that he was a guy.
-Your parents didn’t say anything whilst he was there, but asked you about it when he left.
-They were a little shocked at your sexuality, but decided to accept it.
-You didn’t tell Gonta it had failed, but told him that he didn’t have to pretend anymore.

Shuichi Saihara

-He wore a wig to make him look feminine, and attempted makeup, but decided it wasn’t good enough.

-He was pretty nervous during dinner, and refused to make eye contact with your parents, and was therefore fiddling with his fake hair.
-When he got up from the table, his wig got caught on the chair, and in an attempt to free it, it fell off.
-He looked at you, and seeing your nod, confessed to your parents.
-They were surprised, but decided that he seemed to be a nice person, and accepted your sexuality.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-He wore an outfit that seemed like it belonged to him, and put on his makeup with ease.
-You wondered if he often crossdressed.
-When he met your parents he talked in a feminine voice.
-Your parents remarked that he was rather tall, but he just smiled it off.
-You had dinner together, and your parents seemed convinced that he was a girl.
-It was only when your mother accidentally spilled boiling hot tea on him, his voice suddenly changed to its usual tone.
-That’s when your parents figured it out.

Ryoma Hoshi

-He wore a wig and a flowery dress that was from the child’s department, it actually looked nice on him, but he still looked pretty masculine.

When he met your parents, he tried to speak in I higher voice than usual, but it didn’t work.

-He then got upset that he was a failure to you, and your parents immediately started comforting him.
-In the end they ignored the homosexuality, and made sure that he was fine.
-He visits quite a lot now, and is treated like a son(in-law) now.

Kaito Momota
-He wore a jumpsuit covered in galaxy patterns, and let his hair down, which was longer than expected.
-He rocked up at your house: 'Yo Mr and Mrs, I’m S/Os girlfriend.’
-He had an energetic discussion with your parents over dinner, and they ended up talking about school.
-'I go to the same school as S/O obviously. We met because we are in the same class.’
-You go to an all boys school.

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To change up the questions being asked... (that last anon was fairly unusual...) What are the ADA guys favorite types of kisses and why? (If that's not too much of course)

Mhm. it’s hard to tell a reason why someone likes certain things like type of kisses. I guess.. it just feels good and everyone has other sensitive areas that gets satisfaction?

Atsushi Nakajima - cheek kisses. He loves the tickling sensation on his cheek after being kissed there

Doppo Kunikida - on his chin / below his jaw. Because he is rather tall and when his smaller s/o tries to kiss him without him being bent down, they only reach his chin. But he likes it.

Osamu Dazai - any sort of lip kisses and surprise kisses. But he rather enjoys giving them instead of receiving them

Ranpo Edogawa - belly kisses. He likes the feeling to get spoiled and kissing his belly feels like a mom taking care of their baby. And he is absolutely fond of being their attention

Junichirou Tanizaki - Nose kisses. He likes it when you kiss his nose. But Tanizaki also enjoys liplocks very much, though until Naomi would interrupt them

Kenji Miyazawa - this innocent cinnamon roll has absolutely no idea of kisses. But some innocent cheek kisses will do wonder with him.

Yukichi Fukuzawa - neck kisses. His neck is quite sensitive and he can melt with some hot licks there faster than you could meow.

Heaven or Hell (FF) Chapter 2

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Group: BTS and some GOT7

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Violence, Swearing, Maybe some other stuff later on too.

“Know him?” Tae asked

“Ya. But i wish i didnt.” Jungkook said as he stood up and walked towards the boys and Rose.

He made eye contact with the one i assumed was called Jackson, they stayed still with stiff eye contact for what seemed like forever. everything and everyone was silent not wanting to anger either of them. Jungkook kept the eye contact and just walked past the boys bumping into Jackson on his way out of the classroom door. Before he exited the room he simply said

“Nice to see you with your new friends Bam.” He patted a rather tall boys sholder as he said this then left.

Everyone started whispering about what just happened, gossiping, people tend to do that alot. Namjoon turned to me.

“Do you know what that was all about Y/N?” He said quietly, probobly not wanting to atract the other group of boys attention.

“I have no idea, but its not gonna end good for anyone. I’m gonna go check on him.” i stood up after saying this and i was about to walk away and go check on Jungkook and see if he needed anything but a hand grabbed my wrist and a voice was heard from the owner of the hand.

“Stop. He seems like he just needs to breath, and be alone for a while.” I looked back to see who was still holding my wrist. It was Jin. I did what he suggested and i sat back down in my seat. Rose was still talking with the other group of boys. I just sat and watched as everyone else was having a nice conversation with someone else, but i was all alone, again.

“Hey, wait, wheres the teacher?” I quickly looked to the person speaking.

“They should have been here, like, awhile ago, huh” Namjoon said as we all processed his words and been to wonder where this teacher is. Missing? On the first day of school? huh, weird. Just as my mind had almost forgotten about the teacher the classroom door flies open and a shorter man in a business suit walks, uh more like runs into the class.

“Im sorry i am late class, Lots of traffic and Ive got to take care of my baby. My name is Jiyong, I will be your teacher this year. Please be good, ok” Jiyong stated and put his briefcase on his desk and stood at the front of the class and was about to start the lesson. But Rose and that band of boys was still standing at the front of the classroom.

“Take your seat please, are you even in this class?” The teacher asked as he stepped closer to the tall boy Jungkook called Bam earlier.

“No, were not only the girl is. But well be on our way now. sorry to bother you, Sir.” A very nice looking boy said with lots of attitude and sass. All the boys left the classroom and Rose sat back down in her seat, i was hoping that they wouldn’t run into Jungkook on their way out, they seemed to make him really upset. The teacher stood up and started doing attendance. Everyone sounded so bored and they said ‘here’, but at least everyone was here. except Jungkook.

“Umm, Can i, uh, go to the bathroom, please” I asked the teacher with my hand raised and all eyes on me.

“Sure, but please hurry were already very late in our lesson today” He replied. i calmly walked to the door in hopes of finding Jungkook and bringing him back to class before he gets in any trouble.


I didn’t stray far from the class. I just went to the bathroom washed my face and called, him. He said to keep a close eye on Y/N. “Im not scared or worried” I lied to myself over and over again. If Y/N was in any kind of trouble id be worried id be scared, for her, I’m just supposed to protect her not be scared when someone yells at her. Damn, I’m bad at my job aren’t i?

I walked out of the bathroom with the plans of going back into the class and hope the teacher was finally there. I turned the corner and there they were, were they waiting for me the whole time? Whatever.

“Look who it is. The little shit. Always failing at his jobs!” Jaebum said as i walked closer to them, they were all laughing all seven of them. Even BamBam.

“Ya. Its so true tho!! And why does he always fail at his jobs? BECAUSE OF US!!” Jackson said with a slight snicker as i walked even closer to them, faster, angrier.

I stopped walking as i was now holding the collar of Jacksons shirt, i was ready, i was so ready to punch his fucking face in. He was, laughing?

“Aww. Cute, your gonna punch me. You now when you should have punched me? When i had your brothers throat in my hands.”

Best Friends Forever

Originally posted by kylolicious

Summary: Ben Solo and (Y/N) have been friends since as early as they can remember. They’ve been inseparable and have plenty of sweet and wonderful memories through out the years. As they grow and (Y/N) becomes a Resistance pilot, Ben a smuggler like his father, things change. 

A/N: Yay I met my goal of 2 fics tonight!! WOO! Soo this is based on a drabble I did for Ben Solo that was so cute I couldn’t not write a longer story. So hopefully you guys like this! I made it a lot of flashbacks, so if you want more after this, don’t be shy to request! Also for anyone who’s into songs that go with fics, I abused the replay button on my iPod for “We’re Going to Be Friends” by White Stripes while writing. Haha it fits pretty well.

Gazing around curiously Ben walked with his parents through the house, surrounded by towering adults. Surely with the sea of long limbs he was being guided through he could tell there weren’t many younger kids around. Being only 3 he didn’t understand why he had to be dragged around with his parents to events like this. And to a 1 year olds birthday? He wasn’t that much of a baby, why did he have to attend if there were no other kids? After greeting a few adults, his mother Leia came to a stop, crouching down and dusting off his shirt with a grin. 

“Ben why don’t you go say hello to the birthday girl?”

He scrunched up his little face, “Why?”

“It’s a nice thing to do. You would want her to say happy birthday to you.”

“No I wouldn’t.”

Han gripped his shoulder gently.

“Come on kid, she won’t bite, just say it quick and then I’ll get you some sweets. Ok?”

Ben nodded eagerly. He was a child who could very easily be bribed with food, so if there was one plus to this party it would be the sugar rush. With a little push forward Han sent Ben on his way to the living room. Approaching the living area he looked around curiously still surrounded by giant adults, where was this birthday girl? Suddenly hearing some loud babbling from behind him he turned around.

“BBaaahhh bahh!!”

The little 1 year-old was in a green sundress, a flower crown of some sort set atop her barely there (Y/H/C) strands of hair as she sat in a high chair facing the party. With her little fists flaling around she stopped suddenly as Ben looked at her, both of them exchanging curious glances. Ben had rarely been around babies, his family was always doing something, and almost none of it involved babies. (Y/N) was also a baby that rarely saw any kids of Ben’s age. She had seen her bigger cousins, and all the adults at the Resistance, but this was another human, almost her size. 

Ben raised a brow at her as she cooed at him, putting her little fist into her mouth. 

“Happy birthday.”

(Y/N) giggled as she reached forward trying to reach Ben. If this was the only human close to her size here she surely wanted to play with him. Struggling to get out of her chair she started whining. Her chubby little arms not being able to push the tray away from her. Hearing her whines her mother came over and gently lifted her out.

“Okay baby, I know, I know, you’ve been up there too long. Here you can play with Ben. If that’s alright with you Ben?”

Ben smiled nodding. Gently (Y/N) was set on the soft carpet in front of Ben. She tilted her head to the side as she crawled forward to Ben. Deciding she had to investigate this new person she crawled up to Ben’s legs, placing one tiny hand on his calf as she reached up and tugged at his fluffy brown locks.

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An Odd Encounter

Title: An Odd Encounter

Genre: AU, Fluff, Getting Together

Word Count: 3, 250

Warnings: None!

Description: In which Dan safely helps a stranger remove himself from an embarrassing situation on the subway.

Author’s Note: Ugh, only in fanfiction would this ever actually happen. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Sex, Sweat and Liquor

A/N: This is a rather lengthy one, purely because I got so carried away with it!

Pairing: Roman Reigns x Reader

Word Count: 3,155 (I was not joking when I said this was lengthy)

Warnings: Smut, swears, alcohol!

Summary: Your date stood you up, and while you’re waiting alone at the bar, someone better comes along, and you just so happen to hit it with each other off pretty well.

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Based On : “Imagine Dwalin walking you home shirtless and you find it hard to get anything done because you keep staring at his muscular chest”

Words: 1,411
Characters: Dwalin x Reader 
Notes: fluff + some steam 

You looked down at your feet as you walked, nodding in sync with your steps as your shoes hit the pavements with loud clicks, echoing throughout the streets.

The sidewalk glistened with the rain that had fallen over the town of Dale earlier, and the moon that hung in the sky above made it notably beautiful. You welcomed the distraction eagerly, as to keep your prying eyes off of the dwarf that walked next to you. The earlier day had been quite busy- with Thorin Oakenshield’s Coronation coming up and you as head-seamstress, you had been rushing about gathering materials for all the stunning gowns and exquisite suits.

However, you had lost your way and had ventured deep into the south area of the town- far away form where you usually venture. Luckily for you, Dwalin had noticed you wandering about after hours and had offered to lead you home.

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Winchester brothers-Koda and I

Title: Koda and I

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:2240

Summary: Reader has developed schizophrenia and the brothers don’t know she keeps seeing a imaginative figure.

Warnings: Again can be quite dark, mentions of mental disorders. 

It had all started a long time ago. You were eight years old. You remember being sat alone in your room, your big brothers down stairs with your father.

You heard something, a small mutter that sent shivers tumbling down your small frame. You sat silently on the bed, tiny fingertips clasping the curled up sheets as your eyes stretched far across the room to spot the intruder.

You saw something shuffle in the corner, a black outline of a tall figure. You whimpered quietly, collecting your sobs as you pressed your hand to your crackled lips.

Shuffling further along the bed so you were buried deep into the wall, curled up in a tiny ball, you noticed the figure step out of the shadows. Your eyes wandered across a rather tall teenage boy.

His hair was in long golden curls that framed his forehead. His eyes were wide and fitted with forest green eyes that had specks of hazel merged in them.

He wore a black, skin fitting top with long sleeves and baggy blue jeans that ripped above the one knee. His jeans were loose, clinging onto his broad hips and the shredded ends almost hiding his battered converses.

He was rather tall and broad, his shoulders square and muscular. His cheekbone hollowed in, lips thick and pink. He slowly walked casually towards your bed, scooping himself onto his knee as his green orbs pierced yours.

“Hey. Don’t be afraid’‘He whispered, his eyes raking over your small frame. ’'I won’t hurt you, I’m your friend’'He smiled gently. You watched him for a while before shuffling forward and hovering out your tiny hand. He gave you a nod, his curls bouncing as his lips flickered up in the corners to create a loving smile.

You placed your hand on his pale skin, flinching at how cold he was.

’'Are you a ghost?’'You whispered, eyes wide and startled. He chuckled, shaking his head.

’'No, (Y/n)’'He chuckled, ’'I’m apart of your imagination; you created me’'He explained slowly. You thought about it for a while before it dulled on you.

’'Like an imaginary friend?’'You gaped in excitement. His smile fluttered in a frown as he shook his head, pursing his lips together.

’'Not quite, (Y/n). See…you’re very special but sometimes- sometimes people break, and their heads can’t handle it so their brains think of another way to solve that problem and they create things. Some people get sad, very sad. Some people develop something that makes them hear people inside their head or lets them see things that aren’t real. Do you understand me, (y/n)?’'He asked calmly.

You pondered on it for a while before tilting your head and nodding. ’'So you’re not real?’'You whispered, your eyelids drooping into a sad state.

’'I am to you.’'He shrugged, pulling himself up and sitting beside you. You looked up at him before placing your finger against your lips like the way grown ups did when they thought.

’'So…only I can see you. Not Sammy or De?’'You started, ’'And do they have their own friend too?’'You finished, waiting for him to answer your questions.

’'Well, yes only you can see me and it will stay that way but your brothers don’t have their own friends because remember what I said? Not everyone’s brain reacts in the same way. Sometimes people hurt and they deal with it their own way. Your brothers deal with it in their own way but not like you do’'He added, watching you patiently.

’'So…does that mean I’m weaker than them?’'You mumbled sadly, avoiding eye contact. You felt two large hands scoop under your arms and pull you onto his lap.

Your hands grasped at his shirt, head burying in his chest. ’'No; you’re not weak, (Y/n)’'He whispered, smoothing his fingertips through your locks and breaking apart the knots.

’'What’s your name?’'You asked, grinning up at him. His eyes bored into yours before he chuckled softly.

’'I don’t have a name’'He laughed.

’'Hmm…well that’s okay. Names are just labels anyway but everyone has one and I don’t want you to feel left out. So I’ll call you…Koda.’'You giggled.

’'Koda’'He nodded, his lips pursing together as he gave you a grin.


That was a long time ago. You hadn’t seen Koda since you were twelve years old. You had started to get better, not understanding that you had been schizophrenic, just that something was wrong with your head.

Koda was nice to you, he was sweet and patient and loved you like you were his own sister but there came times where Koda would be angry. He would sit on your plush bean bag with a strop on his face.

He would never be angry at you but he would say bad things about the world, about how no one cared about anyone and how everyone left everyone. He sometimes said bad things about Sam and Dean. Koda often got very protective of you.

After a while you turned sixteen, the age you are now. You had gone back to being miserable and snappy and after seeing and going through what you did it was back. After all, it never really leaves.

Koda had came back a few days ago. You were sitting on your bed reading your book when he appeared; still looking the exact same, not a hair out of place.

At first you pulled your gun out and shouted at him, it was only until Sam and Dean ran in and when they started panicking, asking what was wrong and didn’t address Koda, you knew it was true and that you were slowly going insane.

You had pushed Koda away. That made him angry. Koda was always there for you and he understood you like no one else did. He cared for you. But now you had left Koda back in and all you ever seemed to talk about was how mad and horrid the world was.

You made your way to the table, greeting your brothers and Cas before stealing Dean’s newspaper off him and flicking through.

Koda appeared by your side, his arms crossed over his chest as he flickered his eyes over everyone. He bent down, hands clasping his kneecaps as he eyed the newspaper.

’'Shocker. More dead people’'He jibed, poking his finger into the newspaper.

’'Hey’'You grunted, trying to clasp the paper. Sam and Dean looked up, Cas eyeing you as you blushed red. ’'H-hey, what’s up guys’'You giggled nervously.

’'Not much…’'Dean mumbled, the spoon half way to his mouth as he and Sam shared a confused look. ’'Just…eating’'He stated, as if it was obvious and you had missed it.

You sighed when they all went back to their tasks, your eyes scanning over the paper again. Koda slumped forward, hands shoving deep into his pockets as he groaned. He made his way over to the window, peering outside.

’'Poor suckers. Think their gonna go to heaven but their already in hell’'Koda muttered, breath fogging up the window. You closed your eyes, shuffling in your seat and blowing out a small breath.

When you opened your eyes you noticed Cas was looking at you. You gave him a sheepish smile before averting your eyes back to the paper.

You hadn’t said anything to him but Koda was seriously bumming you out. You were already miserable but he had started to get insanely dark. You had remember when you were little he would make comments but you were too young to understand them.

’'Why save people. Everyone’s gonna die anyway. It only makes you even more crazier’'He whispered down your ear, slumping into the empty chair next to you.

Your nostrils flared as you picked nervously at your hands. You flashed him a glare, eyes burning into the seat.

’'Erm…(Y/n). What are you glaring at?’'Dean questioned, now weary of your antics.

’'n-nothing’'You coughed, shuffling again. Cas was still watching you, his eyes squinted and head tilted before he looked away again but you could tell the cogs were turning in his head.

’'Angel’'Koda scoffed, walking over to Cas. He bent near Castiel’s ear (who remained oblivious). You eyed Koda warningly, waiting to see what he’d do. ’'There supposed to help people, great job they did with that the selfish dicks. Their just like every stupid god damn thing in this world.’'Koda growled.

’'I’m gonna wash up’'You yelped, running into the bathroom. The three men watched you with a startled and concerned expression before slowly getting ready themselves.


You had sat in the Impala with Koda next to you. Koda became a more permanent fix and was constantly there. He made snide comments the whole ride there and began to get darker and darker by each passing second.

He constantly made comments about death and how pathetic humans were, he never turned on you but he would go inches from Dean’s face and insult them. Insult the people who you cared about most.

Your eyes were watering, lips gnawed to death as you tried to get his toxic words out of your head. You were living your own nightmare. He was making you miserable.

You had all decided to split up, grasping the machete in your hands as you scoped out the empty barn. You stalked quietly, making sure not to make a sound but it was so hard with Koda casually walking behind you, kicking everything with his shoes as he whistled sharply and made comments about how the world was a filthy place.

Your eye twitched as you finally snapped.

’'WILL YOU SHUT UP! You’re doing my head in! I don’t care what you think. Boo hoo, the worlds terrible! Shut up! Just leave me alone!’'You screamed, chest heaving as your jaw flexed.

You spun around after Koda fell silent, not noticing his eyes darken as you turned back around. You froze when you saw your brothers and Cas standing their with surprised faces.

”(n/n), who you talking to?“Sam asked gingerly. His eyes flittered around the room but saw no one. They all waited silently for your answer and you knew you were screwed.

’'Oh…myself. I erm- got bored and gave myself a prep talk’'You laughed in nerves.

’'It’s positive. She’s a nutter’'Dean joked quietly. Koda’s eyes snapped towards Dean and you watched him. You knew the minute that left Dean’s mouth that Koda would go mental.

’'No!’'You yelped, trying to grasp Koda but he ripped away from your grasp and started to beat Dean. You watched as Dean fell to the floor, blood pouring from his mouth as his eyes widened.

Sam tried to help but Koda stabbed the pitch fork through his chest and flung Cas into the wall.

’'Sammy!’'You screamed, tears falling from your eyes as you slowly sunk down the wall. You were surrounded by blood that inched closer to your feet. Sobbing and tugging at your hair as you clasped your head.

You repeated Sam’s name over and over again in a whimper, crying harshly.

The three men looked at you in shock and worry. Sam’s instincts kicked in when he heard you sob his name, rocking back and fourth in the corner.

He ran over, boots pounding on the floor as he clasped his hands on your head to get you too look at him.

’'Hey, hey. Shhh… (y/n), baby, I’m right here’'Sam whispered, pulling your sobbing frame into his chest. ’'I’m okay, (y/n). I’m okay’'He lulled, rubbing his large hand over your back.

Dean and Cas shared a worried look, deciding to get you back into the Impala and forget the hunt for now. Cas called one of Dean’s friends and asked them to continue the job before Sam picked you up and sat in the back seat with you.

You cried into Sam’s chest, shaking. ’’S'mmy’'You whimpered, holding your wrists up. His eyes were wide and startled, worry and concern mixed with fear all swimming in his hazel orbs. ’'Blood. I-it won’t come off’'You gasped, hiccuping as you tried to control your sharp breaths.

”(Y/n), there’s no blood on your hands. I promise’'Sam eased, his fingers grasping your hands to try and prove it to you but all you saw was Sam’s fingers get coated in blood.

Koda appeared next to you, his expression calm and friendly. “Hey, (Y/n). Why don’t we play a game, like we did-”

“Go away!’'You screamed, curling up on Sam. Your hands clasped at your head again, squeezing harshly as you tried to block him out.

Koda’s smile dropped as a look of hurt fell over his face.

Sam grasped you tighter, looking back and fourth but again saw nothing. He exchanged a worried look with Dean in the mirror before they all piled out the car and Sam sat you on the motel bed, the three men surrounding you with worried expressions.

’'I helped you, (y/n)’'Koda whispered through clenched teeth. ’'I was there for you when you were little. You were supposed to be my friend. I’d never hurt you.’'He growled in a pained voice.

It was true that Koda would never say anything mean to you or hurt you but he didn’t hold back the idea of ripping apart your loved ones because he thought that he was the only one you should be with.

Of course in reality none of them were getting hurt but over and over again you saw your loved ones die.

’'What’s wrong with her?’'Dean whispered, his eyes watering at your state. You were whimpering, lying down on the bed, with your knee’s tucked up to your chest as you sobbed and covered your ears.

Cas leaned forward, pressing two fingers to your forehead as he closed his eyes. His lips parted slightly as he gave you a empathetic look and looked towards your brothers.

’'She appears to have a brain condition. Schizophrenia. She is seeing things that are traumatising her’'Cas stated, his hand smoothing over your upper arm.

’'W-what’'Sam choked out, his eyes falling over you. ’'How long has she had this…I- I mean, we should have known if she’s schizophrenic…we would have seen the signs’'Sam gulped.

’'She’s had it since she was eight years old, Sam. From such a young age the signs would now appear as just normal traits’'Cas added sympathetically.

’'Eight?!’'Dean mourned, his mouth dropping open. His eyes squeezed shut as he dropped beside you and placed a hand on your arm. You curled up in his lap, squeezing onto his leg as you closed your eyes.

His fingers ran through your hair as he watched your face scrunch up in pain.

’'Leave me alone’'You pleaded quietly.

’'We’re gonna fix this, (y/n)’'Dean promised, sharing a look with Sam and Cas.


I hate it when people question why there are fangirls when it comes to sociopaths/psychopaths or any other mentally ill character. I’m going to talk about Eddie here, because people think that women/men are insane for growing an attraction towards him. Let’s get this settled here and now. 

Reasons on why someone would grow attraction towards Eddie Gluskin:

  • Physical attraction: Though he was a murderer and complete misogynistic person, he still had a gentlemanly look towards him, even before the Morphogenic Engine introduction. He had beautiful blue eyes (eyes that you’d find on Bradley Cooper, Michael Ealy, Chris Hemsworth, and Daniel Craig; if I’m not mistaken, a lot of people find these men beyond sexy and are drawn to their eyes) that shine and even after they become muddled by blood, they’re still pure and pale. His physique is rather on the larger side which, if my own and other friends of mine think, people have attraction to muscle, size difference (which means, he is obviously rather tall in their perspective) and other such things. Some people, (such as myself) like men in classical wear (which Eddie is in). Also, people have the ability to imagine sex with mentally ill characters, (judging them for it is rather poor character on your side) people (Men AND women) can and most likely have imagined rape when it comes to this character and or any other character such as this one. For example, having to consummate the marriage in order to STAY ALIVE. Eddie wants to be loved and give love, but he hasn’t the slightest clue or ability to get a clue, that what he is doing, isn’t love and is exactly what his father and uncle did to him, though he would probably be much more gracious and excessively hesitant knowing what it felt like and THINKING that it would hurt him again if he did it to someone else. (He believes this is the correct punishment for people who don’t want to be with him)
  • Mental Attraction: Eddie Gluskin is a very interesting character altogether. He has an abusive past, which many people can relate to. People may find characters with twisted minds to be interesting to write about, i.e. how their minds work, how they react to small things and big things, what they live like, what they truly want, things they can’t comprehend, what they think is right and what they think is wrong, what makes them tick, their triggers, when they snap - how do they do it. Mr. Gluskin, from my point of view, is that he may find women to be repulsive because he was treated like he really was one by his father and uncle. He felt weak and disgusting (like a whore or slut which his uncle and father probably told him many a time) because that’s how he imagined his mother (she did nothing to stop the things his father and uncle did). He must’ve felt betrayed and alone, knowing full well that she refused to leave the man that hurt him (which the father probably didn’t give her a chance to because she probably tried before, which Eddie does in the game) and somewhere deep down he knew that she couldn’t, unless she wanted to be hurt herself. However, she was obviously sweet and kind to him, always comforting him and probably holding him till he stopped weeping after having a ‘session’ with his father. So that’s why he hated her, yet treasured her at the same time (he thought her weak, but still a wonderful mother). She was his only source for love, at lease what little he could realize. That’s why he mutilated women, he loved his mother so he wouldn’t harm her, but women that probably resembled her were the ones he took his hatred out on. The kindness that Mr. Gluskin displays is probably the surefire on why people are attracted, they know he has cruel intentions, but it’s the unknown of what he’ll do AFTER you’ve married. It’s the life he may or may not try to have with you. He’s sweet, kind and loving, but only if you are willing to give yourself to him. He can switch at the turn of a knob which has you on edge all the time, wondering just what you have to do to keep him from attacking you. I personally have an attraction to the DANGEROUS unknown. I’ve been in an abusive relationship and I sort of fell off the wrong side after it (Not like I’d go back into a relationship like that). I find twisted mental states to be interesting and VERY interesting to write about. It’s rare to find a character as finely developed as Gluskin or Hannibal. 
  • Emotional Attraction: Which this could fall under mental attraction as well. Mr. Gluskin has a whole lot of love to give, but at the same time an equal amount of hate. He switches, like split personality, which people have themselves and probably can come to understand his switch in behavior, though fairly extreme it is. People have Love/hate relationships with characters (you love someone so much that you could hug them to death, but at the same time they’ve done something that you completely despise you could punch them right in the face) all the time, Gluskin is a living manifestation of that relationship. 
  • Horror: I love horror films, I love watching them and seeing the creepiness of it all come together. Just as much as I love them, the creator loves just as much making them. Mr. Gluskin, much like Hannibal, is very gentlemanly when it comes to the person they 'like’. It’s a false kindness, which is understood between the player/reader and character which makes the man a lot creepier. Kindness and cruel intentions don’t go together, which makes Mr. Gluskin all the more scary. Hannibal was written and millions of people LOVE reading the stories. So what is so different about someone writing a fanfiction about Gluskin. I understand they are two completely different characters, but they both are kind and have desires (though quite different) to mutilate people. 

Reasons why someone doesn’t have an attraction to Eddie Gluskin:

  • They find him physically unattractive and don’t have interest in a man who has scars/wounds or just don’t have an attraction to his appearance and post-morphogenic engine appearance either.
  • His mental state is too weird and odd to them and find that it’s rather scary for someone to actually find it interesting.
  • They hate abusive characters: Point blank. Whether they have an interesting messed up past or not, there is no getting around the fact that they are abusive (which is completely understandable, I don’t like characters who are abusive just to be abusive). They hate the misogyny that he displays (I don’t like the misogyny in his character, nor will I ever like it in general, but it fits him perfectly so I have no qualms over it).
  • They imagine the character or know a person in real life who’s like this to a certain degree, so they don’t like the fact that people actually write a shipping or story about them. They find that a person who writes a coupled story of him is a person to worry over (which may or may not be true) because they think the person would fall in love with a person like that in real life.
  • They might not like gay shippings. People have written considerable amounts of Waylon/Eddie pairing stories. The person may be a fanfiction kind of person and find themselves too disturbed to find Eddie in a relationship with Waylon or anyone in the first place.
  • They shut themselves out of fanfictions about Eddie BECAUSE of the fact that there are shippings with him.
  • They simply hate fangirls SO MUCH that they stop liking Eddie Gluskin, the character himself, if he’s mentioned in a blog or drawn or anything at all.

First off, I’ll defend those who don’t have an attraction to Eddie. So, they don’t like his misogynistic ways, understandable. Misogyny is a very poor state in which we women suffer through day in and day out. It’s a horrible thing and no one should honestly be that way. Eddie is an abused character, he may be a trigger for some people and make them feel uncomfortable because of the fact that he is an abusive character due to his past and it’s something that ticks them the wrong way. I don’t like abuse, no one should. Those who don’t have an attraction to Eddie find him to be the pinnacle of what a man shouldn’t be (which is true). They don’t find an attraction towards his character, because of the fact that there are legitimately people in real life who are like this. They are found everywhere and yet no one is willing to acknowledge them and instead, grow a liking to a fictional character (just like them) who isn’t really fictional at all if you think about it.

Now, for people who have an attraction to Eddie. Okay, so just because we like Eddie does NOT mean we want to be in a relationship like that in real life. We comprehend the fact they they are not a person we should even think to be around. You honestly think we’re going to go bat shit crazy if a complete stranger tries to wed us? We aren’t insane you know. Let us express ourselves in the way that we want to, you don’t have to sit there and hate on us just because you don’t like shippings or fandoms. I will admit to the fact that fandoms are insane and do go crazy from time to time with shipping wars and whatever what not, but what makes you think that just because they exist, that you HAVE to shut yourself out of the character completely. You don’t have to partake in fandoms or shippings if you don’t want to. It’s not gonna cripple or hinder you from any kind of important information you need to know about Eddie Gluskin. If you like a character you should be able to write about it if you really want to, no? 

Okay, now. I understand the issue with not liking fangirls. They can become extremely disrespectful and rude if you hate on something they like. I fangirl over a lot of things, but doesn’t everybody? You could fangirl over a certain type of puppy, or paper, or house or toilet or bed or drawing or gun or whatever what not. People have generalized the term fangirl and have associated it as something bad. I’ve seen men go crazy over a new charcoal grill, my dad does whenever he gets a new type of technology. I’ve seen women fangirl over a pair of jeans that they’ve always wanted or a new episode of an anime that they’ve been desperately waiting for. A fangirl is simply someone who has an extreme attraction to something which I would think everyone does at some point in their life. You can’t say that you’ve not become a little irritated with someone bagging on something you love (a song, a game, a book, etc.). My mom has an extreme attraction to shoes, handbags, diamonds, and clothes while I have an extreme attraction to art products like sketchbooks, tablets, color pencils and paint. Men can do it too, my brothers fangirl over certain 'badass’ characters in a game or over games in general. I go bat shit crazy when it comes to The Legend of Zelda series and get irritated if someone bags on it, but I don’t interact rudely with them. Fangirling is not a bad thing, but at the same time it can be very destructive to relationships (friendships, acquaintances, etc.) if someone is beyond defensive over something and tends to argue when they shouldn’t. 

The issue here is that people think that they HAVE to be part of the fandom or a shipping if they’re going to get into a character/game or whatever. Fangirls can become excessively sensitive, but you give them a reason to be defensive especially if you’re going to call them crazy for liking Eddie or other vulgar things (haha, see what I did there). Bottom line is, don’t think or expect someone to be like you when it comes down to the things you like, dislike, find interesting or disturbing or stupid or amazing. Don’t disrespect a person for loving something or hating something. Don’t worry about fandoms or shippings, just love the character if you love them and hate them if you hate them. Fandoms and shippings shouldn’t be a turnoff to the things you want to watch/read/write. Respect each other’s personal tastes. If you are not attracted to creepy then don’t be, if you are then welcome to the club. Bag on the character but not the people who love the character. Praise the character and don’t bag on the people who bag on the character.