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Sundays with Spideypool #10


For @bi-llytheplatypus who requested Deadpool comforting lonely Peter.

(This takes place after The Amazing Spiderman Two– lets assume Gwen didn’t actually die and that she got on the plane and left for Oxford)


Peter didn’t know how long he had been sitting on the rooftop staring out into the distance, but it was getting cold and he should probably be on patrol, or at the very least inside where he wouldn’t die of hypothermia.

But he couldn’t seem to make himself move, even hours after the plane had taken off from the airport and set off for England, carrying the girl he loved and quite possibly his entire world away from him towards a better life.

A better life that didn’t involve Spiderman.

Peter couldn’t blame her. Wanted to hate her but definitely couldn’t do that. Wanted to scream out loud at how awful it all was, wanted to tear buildings down in his grief, wanting to wrap his arms around her and beg her to stay, but he had already told her to go.

So here he sat. Freezing and alone and too numb clear to his soul to care about it.

“Kid, what the fuck are you doing out here?”  A deep voice, familiar and not in an all together unwelcome way, and Deadpool plopped down next to him. “It’s like three am, do your parents know where you are?”

Peter smiled a little, because he had forgotten he wasn’t wearing his suit, and all Wade saw was some college kid way too high on a building at a sketchy time of night wearing a t shirt and staring at the airport.

“Hey, Pool.” Peter kept his voice quiet, but let it stay at it’s usual pitch, not lowering it like he did when he was behind the mask. “Shouldn’t you be out fighting with Spider-man or something?”

“Spandex-man can wait. Seriously what are you doing out here so late? This isn’t safe.” Deadpool shook his head. “This might be terrible for my reputation as a total bad ass, but let me walk you home cuz a pretty thing like you is gonna get mugged or kidnapped or just fall right the fuck off this building and die which would be a damn shame. Honestly kid, what are you doing up here?”

“My girlfriend just left. Her name is Gwen and she left me and I– I don’t know what to do.” Peter whispered, and he hated so much that tears came to his eyes, but it was all still so raw and at least when he was Spidey, Deadpool was one of his closest friends and having him so close was wreaking havoc on his emotional stability. “She just got on a plane and left and needed a life without me and I didn’t want to stop her. Well I did, but I couldn’t. She deserves more than what I can give her and now she’s gone and–” tears for real then, and Peter drew his knees up to his chest and dropped his head into them to try and hide.

“Hey. Hey come on.” Wade slung a big arm around his shoulders and tugged him close. “Don’t be freaked out, I’m just trying to be nice. Come here.”

Peter probably should have pulled away, because that’s what a normal kid would have done if a mercenary with katanas strapped to his back and a mask on tried to hold him– but Peter wasn’t a normal kid, and Wade had held Spidey more than once and stitched him back together, so this wasn’t all that different, was it?

So he leaned into Wade’s chest and wrapped his arms around his waist and cried until he just couldn’t anymore, and Wade held him the entire time, petting at his hair and cuddling him closer and closer until Peter was practically sitting on his lap but neither one of them made any effort to move away, so Peter just cried some more.

“Look, I’m real sorry about your girl.” Wade finally said when Peter’s sobs had turned into hiccups. “But you’re young, you know? And obviously you know it’s for the best that she leaves, which tells me that you honestly love her, because that’s what it’s about, you know? Making sure that she has what she wants, and the things that will make her life better, and if you don’t make her life better then—-” a shrug, and Peter nodded in agreement.

“But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Don’t mean that you aren’t thinking about throwing yourself off this building cuz sometimes when it hurts this much that seems like the only way out, but it’s not. I promise. You gotta stand up and keep right on going, and I’m not saying it’s gonna stop hurting because let me tell ya, when my girl left me I thought I wouldn’t get past it, and it didn’t seem like life was even worth it, but it was and eventually I could see that.”

“I still sorta startle when I see someone who looks like her, or I hear a song and am a goddamn mess, and some days I want to stay home and eat all my sad away, so that’s what I do. No one says you gotta cope all at once, but you do have to cope. Alright?”

“Yeah.” Peter scrubbed at his face and leaned away. “Yeah. Thanks.”

“And baby boy.” Peter’s eyes widened at the nickname, and widened even more when Wade reached out and cupped his jaw. “Next time you need to just fucking cry because life sucks, why don’t you just call me and I’ll come over? You don’t gotta make me hunt all over the goddamn city for you huh?”

“What– you know it–”

“You called me Pool.” Wade tucked him close again. “And the only person in the world who does that wears Spandex and flings webs. Also you came right to me when I grabbed you and who does that? Honestly Spidey? What college kid trusts a man in a mask to hold him on a rooftop. You could at least try to act like you don’t know me.”

“Oh.” Peter probably should have been upset but he wasn’t, he just burrowed closer. “I left snot on your suit.”

“You’re disgusting.” Wade said calmly, running a hand down his back. “I’m real sorry about Gwen, Spidey. I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend, but it does make sense now why you have turned down all my attempts to get at that booty.”

“Wade.” Peter complained but he grinned and Wade hugged him briefly before standing to his feet and dumping Peter off his lap unceremoniously.

“Now. You still got a city to save, right? Spandex up and let’s get going. I’m not saying you have to cope with all this right now, but we’ve had a nice girly moment and now you need to remember that the world is still turning.”

“Thanks Wade.” Peter nodded. “I um– thank you.”

“I got your back, Spidey.” Wade winked– or his mask did, which would never cease to creep Peter out– and turned around, hiding his face. “I won’t look. Strip down and suit up and lets go.”  

Peter hugged Wade one more time after he had his mask on, and Wade held him tight for just a minute before shoving him away, muttering something about his reputation and chick flick moments and ridiculous children wearing masks and how far the airport was from his house. ‘

Peter sent one last look at the airport, and headed out on patrol.

The world was going to keep turning. 


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Chapter 26

Day 398. It had been a year and one month since she’d been taken against her will, and forced to become Decarlos’ trophy. She refused to refer to herself as his woman, even if he did so himself. She hated him. With every fiber of her being, she despised Decarlos Perez.

He treated her like a queen, despite his spouts of anger. She tried to avoid angering him most times, because he could get violent when provoked. He never laid a hand on her, but came close on many occasions, and the last thing Brooklyn wanted was to add physical abuse to her long shit list.

Whenever he did let his anger get the best of him, Brooklyn would wake up to a random bouquet of flowers and an expensive gift, his apology for acting out. She could care less. She hadn’t had any contact with her family or friends in over a year, so there were many nights she would cry herself to sleep.

On the other nights, which were most nights, he wanted to be intimate. The first few nights she was in Cuba she flat out refused to let him touch her. But after a while he became fed up and reminded her that her family’s survival depended on her. And just to prove that he was deathly serious, he had her father’s older brother killed. Horrified, she cried the entire time he was inside of her. Afterwards, she knew she’d never be the same.

Some days she’d even contemplated suicide. Maybe ending her life would keep her family out of harm’s way and free her from being a prisoner in Decarlos’ enormous mansion. But anytime she got even close to doing it, she’d chicken out.

The only thing she could do now was to pray………


Like every evening, Brooklyn sat at Decarlos’ enormous dining table, enjoying a well cooked dinner prepared by his live-in chef. It was something that Decarlos was very adamant about; they ate together every evening, no ifs ands or buts. Brooklyn guessed it made him feel like they were a real couple, but it honestly made her sick to her stomach, as did anything pertaining to the man.

“How was your day?” he inquired.

Mentally, she rolled her eyes. She was not allowed to leave his house without his personal body guards flanking her, and acting as her chauffeurs everywhere she went. Everything was reported to him hourly, so he knew exactly how her day went.

“Fine,” her answer was short and dry.

“Did you enjoy the farmer’s market?” he cut into his steak, then made eye contact with her as he waited on her answer.

She shuddered at the intense look in his eyes. “I did,”

He chewed before giving her a soft smile. “I think it is quite admirable that you eat so healthy. It will be beneficial to our child.”

Brooklyn paused, looking at her abductor weirdly. “What?”

He never broke eye contact with her. “After we wed, you will bare me an heir.” The seriousness in his tone made Brooklyn’s stomach drop.

“Absolutely not,” she stated firmly. “You got what you wanted, I’m here.”

He studied her and at that moment she knew he was displeased with her. But she could care less! He abducted her, forced her into another country and kept the threat of killing her family off to keep her compliant. She’d be damned if he forced her into a marriage too.

“Hablas como si tuvieras un opcion,” (You speak as if you have a choice in the matter)

She glared at him. “no me voy a casar contigo. y nunca voy a teine su hijos (I am not marrying you. And I refuse to carry your spawn).

Decarlos calmly rose from his chair and walked towards the foyer leading to the west wing of the mansion. She held her breath; maybe she would get through the night without a fight.

She felt him snatch her up, making her chair topple over and slam her against the wall. He was seething.

“Perra….debes seguir probando mi paciencia, (Bitch…..must you continue to test my patience) ” he hissed in her face. This was the first time he’d ever called her out of her name, so she guessed she hit a nerve.

“Por que deve probar la mia? (Why must you test mine?)” she retorted defiantly.

Decarlos laughed suddenly, his grip on her chin tightening. He let out a sigh, but smirked.

“Tu abuela esta muy encantada esta noche,(Your grandmother is looking quite lovely this evening).” he finally said. Brooklyn felt her entire soul run cold.

Tears welled up in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She would never let him see her cry again.

“ahora dime mi amor, cuantos meimbros de el cuerpo necesitar para que hagas lo que digo? (now tell me my love, how many limbs will it take for you to do as I say?) Que cortaremos primero? Una pierna? Un brazo? Quiza podamos cortarla y cosechar un organo? (what shall we cut first? A leg? An arm? Perhaps we can cut her open and harvest an organ?”

His grip loosened. “Te odio. Rezo por el dia que quemas en el abismo mas profundo del infierno, (I hate you. I pray for the day you burn in the deepest pit of hell.)” She spat, breaking out of his hold.

Turning on her heel, she bolted from him and the room, keeping her tears at bay. But once she reached the small study in the west wing, the tears flowed freely and she found herself sobbing.

Garrus is such a fuckboy like I love him but also…. bruh

Developing a horror animation concept! Horror fans: WOULD YOU WATCH THIS?!  

  • Blood Reign: The Black Dinner. (Working Title): Ten princesses are gathered for a customary banquet. They are the guests of Queen Kathryn Valmont, whom they’ve all know their entire lives. When the Queen is mysteriously poisoned at the dinner, suspicions quickly rise. It seems that one of princesses is the murderer, but the person who is suspected mysteriously murdered soon after by a masked assailent. One by one, each princess is killed, and its soon realized that the killer…is likely one of them. Or is it?

Giles Emmeric: The Butler 
The Emmeric’s have tended to Woodbriar Manor for over six generations. They know the estate better than any other living soul. They know it’s nooks, and crannies, AND it’s secrets. And Woodbriar Manor, has many!

An intuitive scholar since his youth, Giles Emmeric was set to become a businessman at a very young age. When his father died in a freak accident at the castle, his family had no way of making money, so Giles, being the only able-bodied member of his family, had to assume his fathers position at the castle in order to help. What was supposed to be a temporary fix has turned into a long term position.Though it took a while, Giles has grown to love his position at the castle. He tended to the needs of the king and queen from the age of 16, and now almost 25 years later, he has grown quite fond of the entire family. Driven by an unbridled love for the Valmonts, he will do anything to protect them. Especially the Queen. Since the Kings passing, Giles grew somewhat of a special connection with the Queen. They are close. Some would say VERY close. 

His blunt and somewhat harsh demeanor doesn’t always go over well with the other housing families of Sencis. But his loyalty and strong value system has never been taken into question. He is completely selfless and follows a strong moral code. Some might say, TOO STRONG.

What will be his fate? Stay tuned.

color guard is the love of my life and my mortal enemy