he's promised bus photos of them

Stutter - Requested (Michael)

Can you please write a Mikey one where y/n stutters and the fans bullies here for it so at one point she is really upset about it and at first Michael just says something like but I think it’s cute but when he notice it is really serious and you’re really really upset it’s all sweet and cute and he cheers you up? Xxx

Hope you like it!

“Hey (Y/N)! Stop for a second!”

“Yeah we just want a picture!” two girls are running behind you.

You pull on Michael’s hand, slowing him down. “Babe, we don’t have time right now”

“B bu but but, they w w want ju just a p p p picture”, you stutter now almost running to keep up with Michael’s pace.

“I’m already late for the meeting”, he turns his head towards the girls. “We’ll be back later! Promise!” he shouts to them.

“W w we’ll d d d d deff definitely be back later! Just r r really l l l late r r ri right n n n n now!” you shout now.

“If you used that time you just used to speak to take a photo with us, we would already have on”, one of them huffs. You turn your head from them, biting your lip and follow Michael in.  


“Meeting done”, Michael walks out of the conference room. You shut down twitter and put your phone away. “Now you have my full attention”, you give him a weak smile. “You okay?” he frowns.

“Yeah, course”, you give him a bigger smile giving your words extra strength.

“Okay”, he smiles and presses his lips on your forehead. “Lunch?”

“Ar Aren’t you for forgetting something?” you raise an eyebrow to him. He thinks, but he can’t seem to figure it out. “Those girls?”

“Right!”, he says excited. “I totally forgot, good I have you”, he presses his lips back on your forehead. “Fans are lucky with you. Don’t think they realize that always”

“Not that you remind them”, you whisper to yourself.


“You go ahead, I’m going to the bathroom first”

“Okay”, he walks way and you sigh. You couldn’t take seeing those girls again. Your phone starts buzzing again from notifications. You open twitter:

*I can feel myself getting old waiting for @(yourusername) to finish a sentence*

*Why isn’t @Michael5sos dating someone normal @(yourusername)?*

*How can someone listen to @(yourusername) speaking? #soannoying #sayitalready*

You bite your tongue and swallow away the tears building up in your eyes, not wanting to cry.


“Okay what’s going on?”


“Don’t give me the nothing talk, I can see that something is going on. You’ve been not yourself all week”

“I i  i it’s no no nothing, I I pr prom promise”

“Your stuttering is getting worse, you’re lying”

“Fine”, you growl. “Why don don’t yo you ever d de defend me when somebody i is mean about my my stutter?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think defending you is necessary I guess”, he shrugs.

“Why not?”

“I think it’s cute”

“C cu cu cute”, you turn your head away from him.

“What’s so wrong with that?”

“It’s re really swee sweet th that you think that, b bu but don’t you h hear the th things th that people say? The th things th that people wri write?”

“No, cause I don’t care what other people say”, he gently places his hand on your cheek, turning your head back to his.

“Not even wh when it’s you your fans?” you can’t hide the emotion in your voice anymore.

“It really gets to you, doesn’t it?” you nod slowly, your eyes watering up. “No, don’t get upset. Don’t cry. It’s okay”

“I it’s not okay. I I can’t e even sp speak nor normally”

“Don’t say that. You peak perfectly normal to me. I love you. I love all of you. It makes you who you are. It’s a part of you and I love that part so damn much. It makes you unique. Your stutter is cute, it’s hot. I wouldn’t trade it for anything”, he says your eyes locked with his.


“Really. (Y/N), I fucking love you. I love every single thing about you, I love every part of you. Do you feel better?”

“M much. Love you Mi Mikey”

“I love you (Y/N), all of you”, he puts his hands on your cheeks, pulling you closer to him until your lips meet his.