he's probably out wandering

A/N: Saw someone wondering why Molly was so silly, and all when Mary asked her about where Sherlock was, and why she didn’t seem so phased about him having recently been shot in His last Vow. This happened, or well, in my head it did. 

She’s been walking into a hospital for most of her adulthood. She’s got a handle on things. She knows where things are. She also knows what to avoid. What she usually always avoids? Waiting rooms; with their partially comfy chairs in hospital-green lined up against the wall, besides some eery painting stuck to the wall usually displaying some unknown landscape, either too small or too big a motif. Molly regularly doesn’t have a reason to be in the waiting room. Not since she was 12 years old and her, and her mum were waiting for news about her dad, had she had a reason to be inside a waiting room; waiting. 

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When everyone (jokingly to a certain extent) said Yoongi was probably sleeping at home during that short break Bangtan had, he actually went back to Kobe. He went to the venue of the cancelled concert and stayed there till the scheduled finishing time.  

The fact that he’s sharing his raw emotions with us in such a frank and heartfelt way, telling us exactly what went on in his mind makes me so ; ;. It makes me feel like he’s just like any one of us, a “not-so-ordinary” ordinary person, he has his own anxieties, his own insecurities, his ambitions and dreams. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that resonation before with another “celebrity” other than Bangtan. The fact that Yoongi is always reflecting on his thoughts and actions shows you how he’s never forgotten his initial drive and motivation, the things that got him as far as he’s standing now in the first place. 

Thank you Min Yoongi and the rest of Bangtan for always being so real and relatable. 

Tomac had been walking. He’d been walking for hours. He had walked so much he didn’t quite know where he was anymore, all he could say was that he had wandered out of the Trishana forest, probably not by much, but the trees around him weren’t glowing the way he’d gotten used to. He’d been thinking about home, his rainforest, his clan, Yujgeda. He’d been sent to Trishana to act as an ambassador of sorts, in a diplomatic mission to ensure peace, and that hadn’t pleased him much. He was a warrior, not a politician. But with time, the beauty of the glowing forest had grown on him, and Tomac had started accepting it as his temporary home. 

This is like the most pretentious thing ‘cause I basically made a gifset for the sake of putting all this in tags but then all this shit didn’t fit into tags so now I have this. Y’all better read that and I don’t care how ridiculous it is.

So OBVIOUSLY Stiles knows Scott’s passwords and such. He’s a nosy little shit and he tends to go through people’s stuff if he’s worried about them and they’re hiding things from him. That doesn’t change later on as the years pass and Scott and Stiles are together. Don’t get me wrong: Stiles is not some stalker boyfriend who controls Scott. It’s just that with their supernatural lifestyle it’s useful to know a thing or two: so that when Scott says he’s gonna be home at 7pm but it’s already 9pm and he’s not calling or picking up his phone then it’s really useful to gps-track him to check if he’s not getting his limb eaten somewhere in the middle of the woods (that happened once. Well, nothing ate Scott’s limbs but it was a close shave).

But then Scott suddenly becomes secretive and he stays late at work or goes out at odd hours, and hides things from Stiles.

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