he's probably more charmed than i am

Kaz, captain of the Wesper ship
  • Would have known Jesper’s type (cause bffs not because he knows everyone’s weaknesses…ok that too who am I kidding). 
  • Assigns social butterfly Jesper to the solo welcome party that ‘scouts’ Wylan for a job.
  • Knew Wylan would accept because what lost merchling would resist that charm.  
  • Probably had Jesper in the ‘no harm comes to this kid’ spy party. 
  • Acknowledges that Jesper’s gambling addiction is more of a con than a pro when it comes to Jesper’s worth on his team 
  • Secretly wants what’s best for Jesper
  • Figures Wylan’s family background makes him good around money. 
  • Continuously pairs Jesper with Wylan on jobs. 
  • Tells Wylan to keep an eye on Jesper. 
  • Tells Jesper to keep the ball of sunshine his investment alive.  
  • Can see Wylan’s influence on getting Jesper to be less anxious.
  • Can see Jesper’s influence when Wylan starts speaking up for himself and others. #ProudDad
  • Probably has Inej reporting back to him on how they’re getting along (outside stoic face, internally evil smirk) 
  • Makes sure it’s Jesper that goes with Wylan to see his mother (because he needed support, not protection) 
  • Knows Wylan is the best thing for Jesper.
  • Kaz, probably, after he gets his beautiful, most lovely, saints adored Wraith back:

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Why do you even thing Micheal roker is attractive. He looks so creepy and old. No offence but he isn't really pretty.

Hello dear anon who probably is the same who asked me about Ben Mendelsohn…

I’ve said this before and I say this again. I AM NOT THAT INTO PRETTY BOY’S!

ATTRACTION IS SO MUCH MORE THAN PHYSICAL APPEARANCE! I like men who has a certain something in their personality that shines through that just makes them so goddamn charming and attractive. Not to mention the way they look at me and their smiles that just makes me melt. That is what makes them attractive to me!

Also, you can ask the other hundreds upon hundreds of his fangirls/boys why…

And yeah he’s old, he’s fucking 62 but age doesn’t matter to me!

Also I am kind of weird I guess and would love to have a guy look at me like Rooker does both in the second and third gif shown below…

Hope my answer is sufficient to you…

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Would you consider yourself a modern James Harriot? (If you're not familiar, he was an English vet who wrote about his experiences in All Creatures Great and Small, among other books)

I think every vet in the English speaking world is aware of James Herriot, the pen name of Alf Wight, and his stories.

I was considering writing about my own experiences as a vet and publishing them under the title ‘I’m not Herriot’ and may still get around to it.

We’re both vets, and we both write, but I think we’re both very different people. Although I did spot a comment on the Lucifer bunny post about someone saying my blog was the ‘James Herriot of 2017′, which I considered printing and framing. It’s high praise.

Herriot and I are both products of our time. He started practice when antibiotics were ‘new’, when speying a dog for pyometra was a specialist referral and surgically repairing a fractured leg was approached with skepticism. These days I worry about antibiotic drug resistance, speying is routine but so commonplace it’s debated and worry about the spread of misinformation on social media and the sustainability of my profession.

Herriot also downplayed the mental health aspects of his profession, whereas I refuse to. I can completely understand why, because such things were just not discussed, but I believe that by increasing mental health awareness we can reduce the rate of suicide.

We do have other things in common. We both love our patients, and are both fascinated by their humans. Part of Herriot’s charm isn’t that he wrote about animals, but about their people. And people are fascinating.

You will find that I have a lot more snark and sarcasm, I’m tired a lot and just wearing out most of the time. Herriot actively discouraged his daughter from becoming a vet like him. Sometimes it takes more convincing than it should to make people understand that yes, I am the vet, even though I am female. Herriot was probably not called love, Darl or sweetie. I get angry sometimes, and these posts aren’t filtered through an editor or a publishing house. They’re raw.

So I don’t consider myself a modern James Herriot.

I’m just Dr Ferox.

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Hello, I'm sorry for this question, but it is torturing me. Cas's confession. He was in the end (and still made the hardest part), and neither Sam nor Dean didn't vocalize a reciprocate. I know they are stayed and fought, but Cas do the same for every soul. For me now no matter who will tell Cas that he's loved. He deserves to hear an answer to his words. I'm sorry, feelings .


So yeah I suppose it is a good point here that whilst Cas was all “I love you” to the boys, and in 12x09 as well he confessed using HIS WORDS how he felt for them, the Winchesters have never really CLEARLY stated “Yes, We love you too.”

The thing is, there are two really good reasons why this hasn’t happened yet.

1. The boys tend to find it very difficult to vocalise their feelings outside of situations where THEY THEMSELVES are dying. (See Sam in 8x23, Dean in 9x23 etc) even then it isn’t so much a “I love you” as an “I’m proud of us” 

They both instead show their feelings with actions. The fact that they refused to leave Cas to his death in 12x12 proved their love for him. This was further made obvious by Cas’s reaction to Dean’s refusal to leave…

(gif source)

LOOK AT THIS! God bless Misha’s superb acting here because the EMOTION in his face says it all.

So I think Cas got the general idea of what the boys were saying with their actions at that moment. This is always the way with them. Dean especially shows love through his constant worry, mother-henning, choosing others over his own life (that’s a big one), that’s just how Dean is. He’s not one to sit down and talk about his feelings voluntarily. He’s not going to pat on a chair beckoning Cas to sit down so he can take his hands and give him a speech worthy of Hugh Grant in a Richard Curtis movie.

2. Cas is a master of self destruction, and whilst Dean and Sam have shown their love for him with their actions, and he has seen that as shown above, the chances are he can still talk himself out of believing it. We have an episode coming up which will once again focus on Cas, this time on his future in a way (if the pattern of the Cas episodes adds up), therefore, the fact that we now have had TWO episodes where Cas has confessed his love for the Winchesters without a verbal response? well, three times is a charm and I am expecting (and desperately hoping as well) that we will get a THIRD verbal confession of love from Cas to justify his actions/express himself due to some horrid situation or another, and that this time, he will get a verbal response from them (Dean more than likely) confessing that his love is returned.

Okay, yeah so perhaps this is wishful thinking. Dean actually saying the words “I love you” is probably a long shot, but damn if I don’t think its about time that Cas got some verbal confirmation from Dean or at least a freaking DISCUSSION about what went down in 12x12. 

The pattern fits, the way this story is structured means it only makes sense that this confession is coming. I just hope its what we have been wishing for and not a poor platonic version that will leave us (and Cas) still feeling slightly hollow. 

We can only wait and see.

Aftershocks Part 15

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes 

Warnings: ALL THE FLUFF, a fair bit of smut too, possessiveness, itty bit of jealousy, unprotected sex 

Word Count: 3206

Summary: The day finally arrives where you are able to be discharged from the hospital, but not before an old friend finds you for a brief reunion 

Authors Note: Well this is it, the last part of Aftershocks. This is where the first half of the story ends. If there is interest, I do have a sequel in my head that I am thinking about giving you guys, so let me know if you want it. Also I will follow up in the next 24 hours with a post credit scene to Aftershocks, so if there is possibly a question that still remains unanswered, you will probably find it there. ALSO! If you want the translation for the foreign phrase, just ask or google, it’s in Xhosa, but it is definitely important. 

Again, thank you so much for following this story, I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope you are excited for Live Wire: An Aftershocks Sequel. I would love to hear any thoughts, opinions, or questions that you all have, so please feel free to message me. As always, y’all are awesome and I hope you enjoy 

Tags: @crapythings @buckyismyaesthetic @endless-dawn @ckwylde @cambodia5@wxnchestervevo @fantasticimpaladoctor @chillnadia @stone-cold-mustache @katbird787@helloitsgrc @imhereforbvcky @shamvictoria11 @discophony @buckyismybbz

Aftershocks: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8b, Part 9, Part 10, Part 10b, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Post Credit Scene

“I’m so glad you are alright. When I was notified of your condition I cannot deny that I was concerned.” T’Challa looks away from you, shifting uncomfortably as he sits on your hospital bed. “I will not pretend that it did not influence my willingness to attend a meeting with Stark and The Captain today.” His hands tense in his lap, his fingers unlacing from each other as he scoots closer to you.

You smile, happy for his concern. You had the pleasure of working with T’Challa years ago. You had worked alongside Nakia, a woman in his council, helping him to obtain much needed documents while he was cooperating closely with Agent Coulson. Director, he’s Director now. Just like T’Challa is King. And the files… Your brain remembers specifically, Bucky’s files, the Winter Soldier.

“I’m so grateful to see you are well.” T’Challa’s hand rises up to graze your cheek, his fingers skimming along your warm skin, “Even have some color in your cheek.” His voice drops, his eyes falling to your lips, “So grateful.” He whispers softly, your warm smile flashing back at him.

“What the hell is this?” Bucky’s gruff voice cuts into the room, his large frame blocking the light from the doorway. “Buck,” you huff quickly, shaking your cheek from T’Challa’s warm touch. “Bucky, this is King…” “T’Challa, yes we’ve met,” he bows his head respectfully towards T’Challa. “Right,” you huff, your head swimming a little as the two men size each other up, T’Challa rising to his feet to face Bucky.

“Right, and T’Challa… I mean King T’Challa, this is… this is my… this is Bucky.” You finally blurt out, your face flushing as you try to slow your heartbeat. “Her boyfriend.” Bucky growls, his eyes locked on T’Challa as he clasps his hand, shaking it with force. Your gaze whips to Bucky. Boyfriend? He’s my… your face splits in a doofus smile as you look up at him.

“Right.” T’Challa responds, raising an eyebrow at Bucky, “as your… uhh… boyfriend…” He suppresses a small laugh making Bucky grind his teeth and puff up his chest, “as he said, we’ve met before.” Bucky shifts uncomfortably as T’Challa smiles lovingly at you, throwing you a subtle wink that does not escape Bucky’s attention.

Bucky reacts, moving towards your bedside, he slips his hand in your hair, pulling your head to tilt up towards him, you feel a familiar heat form in your stomach at the delicious ferocity of his touch after so many days of him treating you like fragile porcelain. He stoops down and presses a passionate kiss to your lips, leaving you dazed and breathless when he is done. He draws back, nipping slightly at your lip as his fingers unlace from your hair. T’Challa shifts his gaze, made uncomfortable by the show of affection displayed in front of him.

“Right,” T’Challa begins, “As I was saying, Y/N, I am relieved to see you healing well and smiling once again.” He looks at Bucky, a look of pity pulling at his eyes, he sighs heavily leaning down to sweep one of your hands into his. You see Bucky tense beside you as T’Challa presses his lips to your hand, “Ulahla imbo yako ngopoyiyana. Be smart Sunflower, certainty can often be rediscovered where it was once found.” You smile softly at him as Bucky huffs beside you. T’Challa rises to his feet and moves towards the door, “Sargent Barnes” He says inclining his head respectfully to Bucky “Your Highness” Bucky bows slightly, showing deference as T’Challa exits.

Bucky immediately turns to you, eyeing you with a hurt expression, “You two know each other?” “Not well. I worked for him briefly about a year or two ago.” Bucky sighs, coming to sit at the foot of your bed. “It looked like you knew each other pretty well.” Bucky grumbles, not making eye contact with you.

“Buck, what’s wrong?” “You just never mentioned knowing him before and now suddenly he’s here checking on you and touching you like he’s known you all your life.” Bucky’s words spill quickly from his lips as his cheeks flush with embarrassment. “Buck, it’s nothing, he just wanted to check in on me.” “It’s just… it didn’t look like nothing… and what the hell was he saying to you, huh? Sunflower?” Bucky sneers, masking his anxiety with sarcasm.

You sigh heavily knowing the conversation is unavoidable. “Ok, first off, it may have meant something to him, but it meant nothing to me. In the interest of complete honesty, I went on a few dates with T’Challa in the past but nothing came of it and it’s a moot point Buck, because I love you.” Bucky’s face falls as he shrinks into himself, his shoulders slumping sadly as he sits on the bed.

“But he’s a King…” he whispers quietly, fear and hurt in his voice. You crawl forward from your seated position at the head of the bed, reaching for Bucky and wrapping your arms around his neck. “And you’re my boyfriend… apparently.” He smiles slightly, “Sorry, I know we haven’t talked about it… something just came over me, T’Challa… he just gets under my skin.” Bucky exhales slowly, speaking quickly to explain himself.

You kiss his cheek softly. “It’s ok, I liked the sound of it,” you smile, teasing him slightly, “You have nothing to worry about, I want you, no one else.” He nods slowly, turning his face to press his lips softly to yours. “I love you” he breathes, pressing his forehead to yours, letting his hands drift comfortably around your waist, his cold arm grazing your hot skin. “I don’t deserve you.” He whispers softly.  You kiss him again, deeply, your hands sliding through his hair as you pull him into you. Your lips move easily together as you press harshly into his kiss, your head swimming as his lips replace your need for oxygen.


“Are you ready?” Bucky picks up the folded blanket from your bed, finally your discharge papers had been filed and you were released back to your old bunk in the compound. “I’ve been held captive here for 2 weeks, I am more than ready.” “Well technically you were unconscious for one of those weeks, but that’s just details.” Stark laughs, teasing you as he walks into the room. 

“Sorry to interrupt love birds, Prince Charming, Cap needs you for a meeting, now.” “I’m in the middle of something Stark,” Bucky groans, “That’s why I’m here, I will take care of Snow White whilst you are away. I’ll be all the dwarves in one, just not Dopey, he’s completely incompetent.” Bucky sighs turning to you, 

“Go, I’ll be fine, I’m probably just gonna settle back in and go to sleep, come find me when you’re done.” “Sleepy is pretty counterproductive as well, so let’s nix him” “Are you sure?” Bucky asks, eyebrows raising. “Yeah, Stark’s got me and I feel absolutely fine. Go Buck, I got this.” Bucky turns towards Stark to hand him your duffle bag and blanket, 

“What’s that other terrible one? Sicky? Sleezy? Snotty?” “Sneezy, Tony.” Tony snaps his fingers nodding to you as Bucky raises his eyebrows, slowly backing out of the room, mouthing the words I’m sorry as he goes. “SNEEZY! He’s terrible. Absolutely useless.”


You feel a shift behind you as a cold pressure glides over your stomach. You rouse slightly, registering the warm weight of a figure behind you as you tense at the touch. “It’s just me doll, sorry, was trying not to wake you.” You relax, feeling Bucky’s breath on the back of your neck as he settles behind you, his arms sliding around you, pulling you close to him. “What did Steve want?” Bucky kisses your neck, his teeth pulling playfully at your skin, “Nothing that can’t wait till morning, go back to sleep love, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” You breathe deeply and settle into Bucky’s body, letting his warmth envelope you as you drift back into sleep.

You feel yourself shiver as your eyes snap open, sensing Bucky’s absence behind you. You bolt upright in the bed, but before you can pull his name to your lips he responds from the dark, “I’m right here doll. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you… just… couldn’t sleep” Your eyes focus on his dark shadow blended in with the chair by your desk. “Bucky, baby, come back to bed.” He doesn’t move, just takes a deep breath and continues to sit there.

You make to move to get out of the bed and go to him, “Don’t… don’t get out of bed, not for me. I’m fine. I just had a nightmare.” “Buck… come back to bed, come talk to me about it.” “I can’t.” he whispers. “Love, you can tell me anything, just please, if you won’t let me get out of bed than you have to come over to me so I can kiss you.” He chuckles hollowly, rising to his feet and moving back to the bed beside you.

The light from your window catches his face, displaying the tear tracks carved down his cheeks. He reclines next to you, subtly wiping the marks from his face as you settle into his arms, wrapping your own tightly around him. You lay there in silence, your breath fanning into the crux of his neck, his breath catching every so often in his chest as his arms apply a steady pressure to your body, keeping you wrapped tightly against him.

“I can’t sleep… not since… not for 2 weeks.” Bucky starts, his voice wavering slightly, you stay quiet, gently gliding your fingers up and down his sweat stained chest, waiting for him to continue. “I know you’re alive, and you’re safe now. I am thankful for it every day. But there was this moment… these seconds… where I thought I had lost you forever. I will never forget that feeling… It… it was like I was suddenly untethered from the world. Every night I hear your scream, I hear you cry out my name, terrified, and there is nothing I can do to help you. I watch you fall, your scream ringing in my ears, then the worst part comes, the moment when I realized you were quiet, that I may have lost you.”

Silent tears stream down your face as you listen to Bucky speak in the darkness, your heart beating in your throat. “James…” You whisper, wriggling your body up so that you can force his gaze to meet yours. His breath steadies as he hears the pain in your voice, “It just takes time doll, it helps having you back here with me… It’s just… it’s gonna take time… I’m just so scared of losing you, to the Avengers, to Ward…” He pauses, hesitating over his next words, “To T’Challa.”

“Bucky, you have nothing to worry about.” You coo, rolling your body on top of his, coming to rest against his chest, his hands sliding up to your waist, as you nip at the stubble on his chin, “We are on the team together,” you suck forcefully on his neck, leaving a bruising mark on his pale skin, “Fuck Ward, we’ll kill him together.” Your hands knot in his shirt, making a small rip form at the apex of the v-neck, as you suck another bruising bite into his neck as he moans beneath you, his cock hardening against your thigh.

“And as for T’Challa,” you feel Bucky’s body stiffen beneath you at the name, “I don’t care, I don’t want him. I want you, I have wanted you from the first moment I spoke to you. Fuck, since applesauce Bucky. I always thought being in love was an exaggeration, that everyone was just full of it, meeting you, having you… wanting you… I finally get it, and if I have to remind you of it every day, I will.” Your hands forcefully rip down the center line of his shirt, exposing his bare chest to your hunting lips as you suck another mark onto his chest, just below the intersection of his metal arm.

“Y/N” He growls, hands riding up under your shirt, “If you’re so scared of losing me…” you tease, your lips forming into a delicious pout, “then take me.” He grabs you by the hair, dragging your lips to meet his, pressing your body flat against his as he flips you beneath him on the bed. His mouth drops down to your neck, biting into your flesh as he traces the same marks on your skin that you had just left on his. You moan beneath him, relishing in his ministrations.

“I want to make it so the only way you can think of me saying your name is through gasps of pleasure. That the only scream of mine that will remain in your mind is the scream of ecstasy that you pull from me.” You whimper in pleasure as Bucky’s biting finds its way to your nipple, treating the sleep shirt you were wearing similarly to how you treated his.

You roll your eyes at his dramatics as he kisses down your exposed chest, “What doll? Fair is fair, a shirt for a shirt.” He smirks, as he yanks down your shorts. Settling himself between your legs, he presses his tongue to your already slick core. “Jokes. On. You.” You breathe heavily as you squirm under the ministrations of his mouth on your slit, “That was your shirt.”

You laugh, your joyous sound quickly turning into a gasp as Bucky inserts two fingers inside of you, eliciting a reflexive thrust of your hips in pleasure. Your fingers lock into his hair as he continues to press his mouth against your heat, his forearms locking down on your hips as you squirm beneath him, building to your release. “I’m so close…” His mouth releases your clit, eliciting a hysterical moan as you dip off of your climb to climax.

“Bucky…” you whimper, begging. “Tell me you’re mine.” Bucky growls, his lips grazing your clit, his tongue poking through softly. “I’m yours Bucky,” you moan, thrashing beneath him. “Only yours, no one else’s, I love you. I want you. I need you. I’m yours.” “That’s right baby. That’s my girl” You moan at his words, and with the hurried speed of Bucky’s tongue against your clit you feel yourself crash into an orgasm, thrusting against the restraints of his arms as the waves crash over you, you come down slightly, whimpering your discontent when Bucky removes his fingers.

He moves quickly, sliding on top of you, and suddenly your whimper is turned into a guttural moan as his hard cock thrusts inside you. “My girl” he growls as his teeth nip at your neck. You clench around him as you ride the last few waves of your orgasm, he does not wait for you to finish as he slowly begins to slide in and out of you.

Your hips rise up energetically to meet him, the slapping of skin barely audible over the grunts and moans as you two slam together. Your arms wrap around him pulling him hard against your body as your fingers dig into his back, your body giving way once more to an orgasm.

With the high of the release, you set a foot for leverage and flip Bucky onto his back, coming to rest on top of him as you slide him back inside of you. You begin to move up and down on his cock, your fingers digging into his chest and shoulders to provide you with the leverage you need to reach your desired speed. Bucky matches your pace, grunting heavily as your bodies move in sync.

“Y/N… shit… I… fuck…” Your hand moves hurriedly to the headboard, fingers gripping on the wood to get better leverage as you split your legs slightly more, allowing Bucky to go deeper. “Bucky, baby… I’m soo… James!”


The headboard splinters in your hand as the waves of pleasure crash heavily on you, barely able to think or register what has happened as you clench on top of Bucky, your whole body tensing as you feel the full effect of your orgasm. With a few more thrusts, Bucky’s torso rises up to press against your chest, his arms wrapping tightly around you as his face buries in your chest, jerking against you as he experiences his own release.

“I love you.” He breathes heavily against you, his fingertips pressing hard against your skin as he brings you back down to the bed with him. You dislodge from his body as he helps you settle beside him. You become faintly aware of the splintered wood, now turned to pulp in your hand. You discard it quietly to the floor, adrenaline… you dismiss it easily Ikea, probably. You roll your eyes. Bucky’s arms snake once more around you as his lips graze across your forehead.

“Tell me again” you chime, smiling against his chest, as you calm down. “What? That I love you? That I care about you? That you mean the world to me and I could never imagine living in a world where I lost you? That every moment I spend with you makes me finally feel like I’m living rather than just being alive? That I thought I had lost myself until I met you?” He smirks down at you as you bite your lip, grinning, “Is that what you wanted?” You nod happily as you settle back into his arms.

He breathes softly above you, you feel his head rest on yours as he holds you closer. “I don’t… what if I can’t keep you safe… what if worse, I hurt you? I don’t deserve you, doll. I…” You move quickly from his hard hold, breaking from his arms with ease and sliding yourself up to be eye level with him. His eyes dart from yours, but your hand presses softly to his cheek, forcing his gaze back to yours as your other hand rests gently against his chest, fingers trailing soothingly over his skin.  

“I know you… every part of you… old and new.” You take a breath, pressing a kiss to his lips, pushing as much meaning behind the words as your lips can manage. “I trust you. Every part of you… old and new.” You kiss his forehead, your hand lovingly sliding into his hair, fingers gliding along his scalp, “I love you… Every part of you… Every inch. Every laugh. Every tear. Every smile… Every scar.” Your fingers dance along the scars connecting his metal shoulder to his chest, “Old and new.”

You kiss him again, softly, lovingly, pulling back to press your forehead to his, inhaling his scent, your comfort, “You are my everything James Buchanan Barnes, and I love you now, like I loved you yesterday, and like I will love you tomorrow and every tomorrow.” He presses his lips to yours, pulling you tightly against him as his kiss dazes you slightly, he pulls away to trail kisses along your neck, making you sigh as you whisper, “There is no one and nothing that will ever change that.”

Best Friends

Ahhhh here’s another Peter imagine!
It’s not a sequel to my previous one lol but it’s still Peter :-)

Title: Best Friends
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Peter visits you the night before the airport scene in Civil War.
Word Count: 1,407
Warnings: food mention, CA:CW spoilers

Your name: submit What is this?

            You couldn’t help the smile that appeared on your face when you heard three gentle knocks on your window. Even with the darkness outside, you can make out the shape of your best friend, Peter Parker, as he peered through the glass.

           Carefully getting out of bed, you slide the balcony window open and greet Peter with a hug. He returns the affection almost immediately, burying his head in your shoulder.

           "Sorry I’m late,“ he mumbles as you step outside onto the balcony. "Aunt May took forever to go to bed.”

           He’s got a carton of ice cream and two spoons in his hands, and you can’t help but grin in response. Peter had gotten your favorite flavor, so you couldn’t help but forgive him for his tardiness. Peter just knew you that well.

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Comfort Food

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request: From @aubzylynn Also lets talk about Bucky in Romania just quietly trying to live his life. He’s got some dead end job with little to no contact with people like a cook or something. And the reader is a waitress or somethin just fallin for this quiet beefcake. 😍

A/N: ahhh I thought this idea was so cute!!! I really hope you like it Aubrey, I really enjoyed writing it. I hope it turned out alright. I tried to keep it all fluff guys!!

Word count: 1434

Warnings: none :)

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When he first showed up, he was quite. Head hung low, avoiding eye contact even though his sheer presence was intimidating. Not because he was scary, hell no, his eyes were soft and in pain. Broken pieces formed together in the shape of a human face. It was his size, his muscles, and his arm.  Constantin placed him in the kitchen doing dishes, it was what he requested of course, to work away from the eyes of people that could judge him.

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Because It’s You

Pairing: Yunhyeong X Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3,438

Request: HI~ Can you do a scenario with a jealous Yunhyeong? Maybe angsty but with a fluffy happy ending? Thank you! -anonymous

Because you were more of an early bird, there was just something about being awake passed midnight that made you slightly uncomfortable. Some people found it peaceful when the moon and stars were out and how there were less people seen and heard outside in the streets. You, on the other hand, could not stand it. There were some nights that were never quiet to you. In your mind, it was chaos.

Thoughts of the past, the things you regretted doing, the things you wished you had done, your future - they all crept in your head for the next hour in two while you laid in bed. For the third night this week, you thought about your argument with Yunhyeong again.

You never saw him so mad. The anger in his eyes were clear, and that was not the only thing that made you want to freeze up and disappear. You remembered the bitterness in his voice with every comment afterwards. “Are you really going to ignore my feelings like this?” “Stop pushing me away.” “Fine, if that’s really what you want, I hope this is the last time we ever speak to each other again.”

He was so mad at you that he snapped at you in front of everyone around, his six best friends and even her. Kang Jia. She was a beautiful model that was rising to fame, and she had the biggest crush on Yunhyeong. You could never compete with her. Not only did she look flawless but she was smart and kind, too. She graduated from one of the top colleges in Seoul, and when she had time, she would volunteer to do charity work.

Yunhyeong was also popular. You could tell when you were in high school, and all of the other girls would always stare at him and whisper to each other. When the girls would have a vote to see who was the most handsome boy in school, Yunhyeong was always number one. On Valentine’s Day, he received a lot of sweets and gifts and even love confessions. Of course he did. He was the type of boy that parents would approve their daughter to marry with almost no hesitation. You did not deserve someone like him. He definitely did not deserve someone like you.

Your phone suddenly dinged twice, and since you were already looking through your phone instead of sleeping, you read the text right away. One message was from your best friend while the other was from Bobby.

Best friend: I could not sleep knowing that my best friend is having trouble sleeping ㅠㅠ  I’m still mad that Yunhyeong yelled at you like that. Should I go find him & beat him up now?

Bobby: He was wrong to have acted out like that, but he really likes you, (Y/N). He’s really frustrated that you keep on pushing away even when he’s confessed to you… If you don’t like him (wHICH WOULD BE A LIE SINCE I KNOW YOU DO), why don’t you just tell him instead of always trying to change the subject like you never heard him? ;;

You replied to your best friend Ara first.

You: It’s 2 AM? Don’t go beating people up while they’re sleeping, lol… I’m ok. Really. Now go to sleep. You have work tomorrow. We can talk later. Good luck~ Love you ^^

You opened up Bobby’s message to reread again. You sighed, not wanting to answer him at all, but that would only result into him spamming you until you replied. Besides, with the read receipts on, he already knew you read the text.

You: I don’t like him. He doesn’t even want to speak me anymore, ok? He doesn’t like me, either. Can’t you just forget about it & sleep?

Bobby: Even through text I know you’re lying.

You: He likes Jia.

Bobby: No. You want him to like Jia. Every time one of us tries to help you and Yunhyeong get closer together, you always bring her up. “Oh, I saw Jia’s recent photoshoot.” “Hey, we should invite Jia to come along with us.” When we leave you and Yunhyeong alone (on purpose btw if you were so oBLIVIOUS), you would call out to Jia so that she would join you both. Idgi, (Y/N). If you like him, why are you pushing him to like another girl?

“Because…” you whispered, staring blankly at the phone screen. Because you were never popular at school. Because you did not look like a model. Because you were never if the top percentage of your school. Because you could be the meanest person alive if someone irritated you even a little. Because you have always done charity work to look good on your college applications and not because you wanted to. Your lips began to tremble a little thinking about yourself, and you held back your tears as you typed back a response.

You: Because, I told you. I don’t like him. Goodnight, Bobby.

Turning off your phone and placing it beside you, you flipped your body so that your face was buried in your pillow, and your tears were muffled. You hated the late nights. They were never really quiet for you.

Your face looked bloated like a pufferfish the next morning, but you hurried to do your morning skincare routine to remove any signs of last night’s tears. You did not have any plans for the day, but you were sure there were some errands to get done. As you soon as you finished brushing your teeth and left the bathroom, you immediately thought about a number of tasks to keep you busy after breakfast: getting the mail, cleaning up the house, doing laundry, buying groceries for the week, redecorating your room and calling your parents.

You heard your phone ring from your room, and you jumped onto your bed, grabbing and answering it right away. “Hello?”

“(Y/N)! Do not make any plans for today!” Ara yelled excitingly. “Thanks to me, the bestest friend in the whole entire universe, you are going to be going on a blind date!!”

Quickly, your eyes widened, and you sat up straight. “Blind date?! I don’t want-”

“Don’t say ‘no’ yet, please,” your friend whined. “He’s a friend’s friend, and I think you two would get along. His name is Jisung. His family’s not rich, but he makes pretty good money from being a company employee. He’s the same age as you. My friend also told me that he gets more charming as you get to know him. This can be your first step of forgetting about Yunhyeong!”

Yunhyeong. Your heart sank. It has been half the week since you two have spoken to each other, but your best friend was right. In order to forget about him, you needed to find someone else to be with, someone you matched well. Jisung could be that someone. “Okay, I’ll meet him. Where and when exactly?” you asked.

“Yay!” cheered Ara. “Meet him at the coffee shop near that big company at 12:30. You know, your favorite coffee shop that we always go to with the guys. Wear something really pretty. Have fun! Tell me about it afterwards.”

Ara hung up right away, and you looked towards your closet. “Something pretty…” you murmured to yourself, rolling off of your bed and heading to the living room. “I can decide after breakfast. I guess I do have plans.”

“He’s thinking about (Y/N) again,” Chanwoo commented as he slid another spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

Yunhyeong, having heard the youngest’s comment, snapped back right away. “I am not!”

Chanwoo rolled his eyes. “Really? Is that why you didn’t hear me ask you like four times what kind of cereal you wanted to eat?”

Bobby, hearing the two bicker, scoffed and lightly smacked Chanwoo’s head. “Go eat in the kitchen with everyone else.” Chanwoo frowned.

“I was just stating the truth…”

After Chanwoo disappeared into the kitchen, Bobby took a seat right next to Yunhyeong on the couch. “Are you going to mope around all day today, too?”

Yunhyeong leaned back against the couch and closed his eyes, letting out a groan. “I’m not moping at all…” That was a lie. Trying to ignore you was the most difficult thing he has ever done. He did not like it one bit. He should not have spoke to you harshly like that, and he regretted it. Now he was like a fool, sitting and wondering what you were up to. Were you still mad at him? Did you really think that he did not want to speak to you anymore? Were you eating and sleeping well? Did you miss him like he missed you?

“You should go see her,” Bobby mumbled.

“She probably doesn’t want to see me…” Yunhyeong answered, opening his eyes again, looking at the younger friend.

Bobby let out a small laugh. “She said the same thing about you, but that’s because you said so yourself that you never wanted to speak to her again. It’s crazy because I can totally tell that you two really do want to see each other and be together.”

“Should I go see her?” Yunhyeong asked.

“Do you want to?” Bobby countered.

Yunhyeong stood up from the couch. He ran his hands through his hair and thought about you, drawing your features in his mind. That was when he made his decision. He replied softly, but with determination. “More than anything.”

No one answered the door at your house, and you were not picking up calls from him at all. Anxious, he sent a quick text to Ara.

Yunhyeong: Do you know where (Y/N) is?

A fast response returned.

Ara: Why should I tell you? Oh, wait. Maybe I should. She’s at a blind date…probably with a guy who is better than you ><

“A blind date?!”

Yunhyeong switched to calling Ara right away. He could not believe the text he just read. “A blind date?!” he repeated when she picked up.

“Yes, blind date! With Choi Jisung, same-aged company worker who is more charming the more you get to know him. I am not! I repeat, am not! Going to let you ruin it for her, Song Yunhyeong,” Ara warned. “Not after that jerk move you pulled.”

“Where is the blind date held?” Yunhyeong questioned, sternly.

He heard Ara click her tongue on the other line. “Hey, didn’t you hear me?” she replied. “I told, I am not going to let you-”

“Ara. Where is she?”

The moment you stepped into the coffee shop, you began to fidget, nervousness hitting you. You had straightened your hair even more and wore a little bit of make-up. You picked out the nicest gray cotton shirt you could find and paired it with a white skirt and a small teardrop necklace. Hopefully, it impressed your blind date.

Your eyes searched the shop until you spotted a guy in his 20′s wearing a suit and looking your way. Figuring out that it was your date and bracing yourself, you walked towards the guy. Ara was right. As you observed him, he did not look like the general ideal type of many girls, but there was absolutely charming about him. “Are you Jisung?”

“I am.” He smiled. It must be the bright smile. “You must be (Y/N). You look really pretty. Please, have a seat.”

You blushed, a little flustered at the compliment but took a seat. “I hope you don’t mind that I ordered for you,” Jisung apologized. “Is kiwi juice okay?”

You nodded and felt the corners of your mouth go up. “I love kiwi juice.”

Fifteen minutes into your date with Jisung, you found out that he asked his friend to set him up on a date because he wanted to be in a relationship now after focusing so much on work. When his friend received a photo of you from Ara, Jisung thought that it would be nice to get to know you. From his order, you also noticed that he was an espresso guy, probably one of the ways he keeps himself up and working long hours. He looked attractive taking a sip from the cup of coffee. You were really worried that he would have been a mismatch with you, but he seemed like a good guy.

He seemed normal, a point that would not burden you if you were in a relationship with him…unlike how it might be if you were Yunhyeong. You could not imagine what people would say when they saw you with him. You even heard the mean comments just by being friends with him.

“She’s not even of the same status as Yunhyeong.”

“He wouldn’t like someone like her.”

“Does she really think hanging around him will get him to fall for her? Come on. He’s friends with Kang Jia.”

Ah, I shouldn’t think of him when Jisung is sitting right in front of me, you thought to yourself, having caught your thoughts drifting to Yunhyeong. Shaking anymore thoughts of him away, you looked back up at Jisung. Jisung began to talk a little bit about himself, mostly about his hobbies. As you listened, you smiled and picked up your cup of kiwi juice again and took a sip.

Slurping down on your drink, you did not notice that you were almost done with it until you no longer saw juice in your cup. Jisung also noticed and stopped his talk to look at you. Your cheeks became pink from embarrassment. He was only halfway through his espresso. “I am so sorry,” you laughed softly. “I must be nervous or something that I drank so fast.”

You stood up while you held the empty cup. “I’ll go order another one.”

Jisung chuckled and nodded his head over to the counter. “Don’t be sorry,” he said. “I think it’s cute. I’ll wait here for you.”

Giving him another smile, you turned around and made your way over to the register. Halfway, you received a text from Ara.

Best friend: How is the date doing?! ^^

You: It’s actually going great! I honestly wasn’t expecting anything.

Best friend: Great! That’s good that you’re hitting it off, but…

You: But?

You walked up to a coffee shop employee. “Can I get another kiwi juice please? Thank you.” Your phone dinged once more, and you quickly read it as you waited for your drink to come out.

Best friend: Yunhyeong knows where you are. He’s probably on his way to see you right now ;; Sorry!

Before you could reread the message to make sure you read it correctly, the bell chimed, indicating a new customer’s entrance, and there was just a feeling that settled in your chest. You looked up to find that that feeling was spot on.

Your hand felt like it was on fire when Yunhyeong reached out and grabbed it, holding tightly. “Let’s go,” he said as he started to pull you out of the shop.

“W-Wait, Y-Yunhyeong,” you babbled as you switched views between him, the confused employee who had your drink ready, and Jisung who was just as puzzled at what was going on. You tried to pry Yunhyeong’s grip off of you, but to no avail, he was stuck to you like glue. “I can’t just leave! I have someone waiting for me. Actually, two somebodies!”

Yunhyeong continued to ignore your comments and pulled you farther and farther away from the coffee shop, away from Jisung. Once you met another street, Yunhyeong finally loosened his hold of you but not letting go. You glanced over at him and then remembered that it was four days since you two last saw each other. He made it clear that he did not want to speak to you ever again. “What are you doing?” you asked him.

“I like you, (Y/N),” Yunhyeong confessed. Even though you had heard it before, it still made your heart do somersaults.

You bit your bottom lip. “I know…”

He then directly made eye contact with you. You wanted to look away and tell yourself not to fall in love with those eyes again, but you could not. “I know you like me, too,” Yunhyeong told you. “So, why are you out going on a blind date with some guy you don’t even know while I was at home worrying about you nonstop? How come he had a chance with you when he barely met you, and you can’t even openly reciprocate your feelings for me?”

“But Jia…”

Yunhyeong let out a frustrated yell, receiving a few looks from other people on the streets. He dropped your hand and moved both of his to your shoulder, squeezing them. Now, you could not look away from him even when you tried. You saw it again, anger flickered in his eyes. Your heart wanted to explode. “I don’t like Jia! (Y/N)! Stop it. She’s not you.”

Unable to keep your emotions bottled up any longer, you spilled. “I know she’s not me and that’s exactly why! Don’t you get it, Yunhyeong?!” Tears also began to spill as your words did. “I don’t deserve to be with someone like you. Why would you date me when there’s Jia who is popular among everyone?! Everyone likes her, so it only makes sense that you would. She likes you, too! I don’t want people to talk bad about you when they see you date someone like me, a nobody. Someone who is less than Jia. I like you, too, Yunhyeong, but I can’t help but imagine how much you will regret it when you’re with me and then see her again…” You covered your eyes and continued to cry, finding it difficult to make the waterworks stop. You felt so any emotions at once.

You were crying so much that your chest started to hurt, but you also felt relief from emptying the heavy feelings that you held all this time. Also, you did remember that you were in the middle of the busy streets in front of Yunhyeong which was embarrassing.

Arms wrapped around you, and you felt a weight on top of your head. In a more soothing voice, Yunhyeong spoke. “Is that what was bothering you all this time? That you weren’t enough for me?” You noticed your tears staining his shirt, but he did not seem to care. “(Y/N), I want you. I don’t care what anyone says at all. I don’t want someone who is perfect like Jia. She’s a good friend, but she isn’t someone who I see as a girlfriend.”

You felt him stroke your back as to comfort you as he continued. “I want someone who isn’t busy all the time and can be comfortable around me and my friends. Someone who looks good whether she wears makeup or not. A girl who worries but is able to tell me all about it so that I can be there for her. She doesn’t have to be the smartest or the prettiest. She just needs a kind heart, and she just needs to love me. You’re who I want to be with, (Y/N). I honestly don’t think I’ll regret choosing to do so.”

“And I just can’t stand seeing you with another guy. When I heard that you were going on a blind date, I thought that I was going to go crazy. I thought, ‘What if I had to meet him if he became your boyfriend? Could I handle that? Could I just let the girl I like be touched, hugged and kissed by someone who wasn’t me?’ I didn’t know I could be so jealous.”

He pulled you away to look at your puffy, red eyes, and he laughed as he wiped your tears away. “Did I make you cry this much?” he chuckled. “Ara’s right. I am a jerk. I’m sorry for doing what I did in front of the others. I should not have let my feelings cloud our conversation and yell at you.”

“You’re not a jerk…” you sniffled.

Yunhyeong beamed. “You’re so cute.”

Taken aback by his compliment, you were even more surprised when Yunhyeong leaned in to kiss you on the cheek. You knew his lips were soft from the lip balm he usually wore, but you did not think if would feel as soft as a fluffy marshmallow. Then, you felt his soft lips on you again, but this time on your own lips. You were pretty sure there was nothing better than that - having someone who liked you just the way you are.

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What do you think each OUAT character's reaction would be to watching their Disney movies?

Snow: I do NOT get that scared on my own in the forest!

Charming: … oh come on this guy has a bit part, I did way more than that!

Regina: I think they’ve portrayed your usefulness quite realistically, Charming. Ugh, WHAT am I wearing?

Ariel: aww, she has a little fish friend! I wish I had a fish friend. Oh, it’s all so much simpler here!

Belle: Tell me about it. This beast is so nice! He hasn’t killed a single person! … and the fact that I’m listing that as a positive quality probably says a lot.

Ursula: why am I getting the blame though? That was Regina. They should at least mention that.

Mulan: needs a Sleeping Beauty crossover.

Maleficent: oh, PLEASE, just take her. You’re welcome.

Regina: Everyone in this movie is an idiot.

Robin: … he’s a fox. Why is he a fox? This is ridiculous. They’re clearly able to make these movie things about real people. Why foxes?

Regina: at least you’re cute. Look what happened to me!

Killian: WHY would the children go with Pan? You can’t trust that little — Wait a minute is that — WHAT is that on his head, and his FACE, this is a travesty, NO ONE LOOK AT THIS

Charming: at least Hook actually does things.

Killian: Stupid things, Dave! He’s an idiot, and a bloody coward to boot! STOP LOOKING AT THIS I FORBID IT

Smee: This is the best movie ever.

Emma: Agreed.


Killian: Swan where’s the button that makes it stop. SWAN!

Wrong Number

Prompt: some girl at a bar gave you a fake number, but it’s mine and this is awkward why is this strange man calling me

Part 1 here

Kate blinks sleepily, squinting in the morning sun streaming through her windows. She is not fully awake yet, and she is trying to remember a dream she was having last night, something about a man calling the wrong number. It was a nice dream, one of the nicest dreams she has had in awhile.

She rolls over and feels something hard pressing into her hipbone, and reaching down, she pulls her phone out from underneath her, suddenly realizing that last night wasn’t a dream. She actually got a phone call from a man, Rick, who had a beautiful voice. The conversation is coming back to her now and Kate sits up with a start as she remembers asking him out on a date. A stranger, in the middle of the night!

A million thoughts start racing through her head. What is she going to do? This man could be crazy for all she knew, and well, he was pretty drunk last night, maybe he forgot all about her and she won’t even have to worry about it.

Kate rolls out of bed and shuffles into the kitchen to start brewing some coffee. It’s a Saturday but she still needs that morning jolt even when all she has planned for the day is running a few errands around the city.

She drinks her coffee, reads the paper and takes a shower, forgetting all about the stranger on the phone, until her phone rings again. She freezes half way though pulling on a t-shirt, her head comically poking out of the top. Gathering her senses, Kate yanks the shirt all the way on and runs to her nightstand to grab the phone. She doesn’t even look at the number before she answers; just assuming it’s him.

“Hello?” she answers breathlessly, sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Hi, Kate? This is Rick…from last night?” He phrases the sentence as a question - as if she could forget the conversation, or the way his voice immediately soothes her frazzled nerves.

Kate is waiting for him to keep talking, but then she realizes he is waiting on a response from her. “Oh, sorry, hi! I’m here, I was just…” What? Daydreaming, again? She can’t figure out why this strange man has the power to render her speechless, but he does, and she can’t think of anything to say.

Thankfully Rick starts talking again. “So I know you asked me out for coffee or lunch last night, but I just wanted to make sure you were still okay with that.”

“Oh yeah, of course!” Kate looks at her watch, seeing that it is just after 12:00. “Um would you like to get lunch?”

Rick hesitates, and she hopes she didn’t just assume that he still wanted to meet her. The butterflies come back as she waits for his response, but he dispels them instantly with his answer. “That would be great! Do you like Italian? I know a little place in SoHo that makes awesome spaghetti and meatballs. Wait, unless you’re a vegetarian then we could go someplace else, but I don’t know any good places for that and-”

He’s rambling, and Kate thinks it’s because he’s nervous which for some reason has her grinning like a little kid. “Rick, it’s okay, the Italian place sounds great,” she interjects before he can think of any other potential problems. “If you just give me the address I can meet you there.”

She hears him let out a big sigh of relief, and then hears what sounds like the shuffling of papers. “Okay, hold on,” Rick says, “I’m just grabbing the take out menu so I can tell you the address.”

After hanging up the phone, Kate flops back onto her bed, thinking about what she got herself into. While she doesn’t believe Rick is a criminal - she figures her police intuition would have kicked in by now if he was - it still is a little weird meeting a total stranger for lunch after two short phone calls. And more importantly, she doesn’t know what to wear!

She hasn’t been on a date in while, so she just stares into her closet for minute, panic rising in her throat. Kate is trying to think of what Lanie would suggest when she remembers the pair of jeans that apparently “make her ass look great”. So she pulls on the jeans, keeps on the t-shirt she hastily pulled on earlier, and puts her hair in a ponytail. She adds a few swipes of mascara and some lip gloss, casual but cute, and she is ready to go.

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Amestris Central University (SE/FMA AU)

Even if the root of her prejudice is a gigantic government conspiracy, Maka Elicia Albarn can’t help but be a little nervous around her Ishvalan dorm mate and his red eyes and white hair and dark skin.

“Let Papa know if the Ishvalan gives you any trouble!” her father chirps from over the phone line. “Nasty little upstarts,” he adds under his breath.

“Papa,” Maka hisses. “Don’t be rude!” She knows her history more than well enough to be up to date on this particular issue, and she knows in her head if not her heart that they are (mostly) a kind, gracious, and devout people.

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You Have Nothing to Worry About

Author: Emmy

Scenario: The reader is human (but in the inner circle) and they’re all at a house party where the reader is dancing with Brett and Liam is getting jealous. Right before the reader and Brett kiss, Liam pulls him away.

Rating: Pg 

A/N: p>*Y/F/N - Your friend name; Y/F/C - Your friend’s crush* 

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Could you write a "please for the love of god help you’re the only one here who speaks English" au? cx

Will had decided he was never going on an out of country vacation ever again. He would pacify himself with Disney World and the Grand Canyon for the rest of his life. This was a nightmare. Rome was a nightmare.

He wasn’t entirely sure how no one died with the traffic patterns in the city. No crosswalks. People came and went as they pleased. He’d been honked at by some guy on a moped when trying to get to the other side of the street.

The best part was was that the street signs were incredibly confusing, and Will, who was used to the orderly city blocks of America, was completely and utterly lost. He was supposed to meet his family at a cafe right near the Colosseum, but they could be in Antarctica for all Will knew. He was completely and utterly lost.

He’d tried talking to some of the natives of the city, but that had just gotten him some disgruntled looks and a lot of swearing. The only people who’d spoken any English was a German tourist couple and their directions had only confused Will more. 

Having given into fate, Will plopped down at an outdoor cafe table and groaned. Maybe he’d go back to their hotel and take a shower and a nap. That was, of course, if he could find his way back to their hotel. 

Scusi?” A voice from behind him asked, “Sir, are you alright?”

Sweet, blessed English. Will turned around to see a man dressed in jeans and a black button down with two buttons undone smiling at him. He was very attractive. Dark hair and eyes with the longest eyelashes Will had ever seen on a man. His skin was a deep olive color. His expression was friendly, but there was a tinge of worry in his features. God, was Will really that pathetic? Probably. 

“No,” Will said, “I am very, very lost.”

The man slid into the chair across from him and clasped his hands together on the table, “Where are you trying to go?”

“The Colosseum.” Will said, “And the only people who’ve given me any sort of direction were some German tourists.”

The man laughed, “They probably think they know the city better than we do. I am Nico, by the way.”

“Will.” Will said. And then, “Do you think you could give me directions?”

“I can give you more than directions,” Nico said, “I’ll take you there myself. I have business on that side of the city anyways.”

“Wait,” Will said, “Really?” He knew to be careful of people though, especially charming Italian men in shirts that were open too low and smiles that were too wide. “What do you want?” Will asked, his look shrewd. 

Nico laughed again, throwing his head back this time. “You are wise to be careful, especially these days. My payment? Hm, how about dinner? I will pay.”

Will blinked several times, confused. This handsome stranger wanted to have dinner with him? 

Nico’s smile shrunk. He cleared his throat, “Sorry, was that too forward?”

“Yes, I mean, no, ah,” Will stuttered, “I would like to have dinner with you. Yes.”

Nico’s smile tugged back at the corner of his lips, “Perfetto. Follow me then, Will.”

Will took the proffered arm and followed him though the streets of Rome.

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What about Val is stressed and mad about Sway choreography and the fam (minus Z) don't know what to do, so they call Z up while she's working because if anyone knows how to calm Val down it's Zendaya.

“No, no, no!” Val half yelled at his dance partner. “Step to the side, to the back and then spin!” He growled.

Maks, Tony and Alex stand there watching him.

“Something is definitely up with him.” Alex said.

“He is really stressed.” Maks sighed. “He worries he won’t be ready till the shows besides he doesn’t have much time to practice with Zendaya." 

"Yeah but he scaring the poor girl.” Tony said shaking his head.

“Hey Val.” Maks called after him.

His brother turned his head looking at him.

“Maybe take 5?” He asked trying to sound calm.

“I don’t have time for 5 Maks.” Val said frustrated. He turned to the girl. “Again.” He barked. 

The girl who was temporarily dancing with Val looked…scared. She clearly didn’t want to be right there with him.

But she didn’t say anything. She got into position and started the routine again.

Before she got to the second part Val yelled “No!”

He let out a deep roar before he covered his face. “This is not working out.” He was all shaking.

“Okay that’s enough.” Maks said stepping to the. “Take a break.” He told the girl who happily run away.

“Bro this is not you. Yelling at the poor girl. Being rude and disrespectful.” Maks shook his head.

Val took his hands off his face and looked at his brother. He sighed deeply.

“I know.” He said sounding calmer.

“Get your shit together.” Maks told him. 

Without any word he took his phone out.

“What are you doing?” Val asked him confused.

“I am calling the only person able to calm you down.” He dialed the number.

After a few seconds the person picked up.

“Hey Maks whats up?” Zendaya asked.

“Hey I need a favour from you.” Maks turned around to look at still confused face.

“Sure name it.” Zendaya said cheerfully.

“You need to calm your grumpy pants cause he is freaking out his dance partner and he generally is a pain in the ass.” Maks sighed.

“Give him the phone.” Was the only thing she said.

Maks pushed the phone towards Val with a grin on his face.

Val hesitantly took the phone.

“Hey ba-” He started put was cut off.

“What did you do?” Zendaya asked going straight to the point.

“Nothing.” Val said awkwardly.

“Mhm…” Zendaya murmured. “Val you can’t lash out on someone because you are stressed.” She said sounding calmer.

“I know…” Val let out a deep breath. “But nothing is going the way it should. We don’t have much time left and it’s just all a mess and we? We haven’t rehearse more than three days!” Val’s voice raised again.

Zendaya was ready to say something but he quickly interrupted her.

“I am sorry…” He said quietly. “I know it’s not your fault that you can’t be here yet but I am just worried.”

There was a silence before a giggle filled the phone.

“What is so funny?” Val asked feeling his body relax.

“You.” Zendaya said still with smile in her voice. “Val everything is going to be alright, you are stressing for no reason. I am sure things are good as they are but you are a perfectionist and you see it differently. Take few deep breaths before you start to freak out. Close your eyes and stop whatever you doing just focus on breathing. You can’t be out of control." 

"I know, I know.” Val rubbed the back of his neck. “Now I feel embarrassed." 

"Don’t.” Zendaya said. “Just fix whatever you did to that girl.” She gave him her last advice.

“I will, thank you.” Val said smiling lightly.

“Well someone need to straight you up.” She teased him.

Val laughed shaking his head. “Yeah the boys here are useless.” He looked at his friends.

“They don’t have my charm.” She joked. “Val?”

“Yeah?” He asked.

“I’m coming to New York tomorrow.” She said.

“What?” Val almost choked.

“Yeah I was about to text you later but I guess now is the good time.” Zendaya smiled even if he couldn’t see her.

“You were supposed to be here by the end of the week.” Val still couldn’t believe in what she said.

“Yeah but I rescheduled some stuff and I am free starting tomorrow.” She sounded really excited.

“That’s fuckingtastic!” Val was probably even more happy than her.

Zendaya giggled. “Val that’s not even a word.” 

“I am so happy to hear that, best news I got all day.” Val said honestly.

“I am glad.” Zendaya blushed gently. “I will see you tomorrow, just try not to kill anyone by then.”

Val chuckled. “I will try but can’t promise anything though.” He teased.

Zendaya shook her head. “Just loosen up Val, I am there tomorrow and if you need to get mad at someone let it be me cause I can take your grumpy ass.”

Val laughed out loud not able to hold it anymore.

Maks, Tony and Alex looked at him.

“Z’s magic always work.” Alex grinned and the rest laughed.