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Like Father, Like Son

okay but like, i’m never gonna get over this moment #with like their matching hair #seriously its the same color #and their skintones are the exact same shade of peachy-pale #like hes a mix of both parents #but in this moment he is so obviously Oliver’s son #his boy #and they’re both wearing green #and its probably because William’s hero is the Green Arrow #and now he knows its his dad #and i’m worried about Samantha #i dont want William to lose his mom #when hes just found his dad #but like thats probably going to happen #because Arrow

Morning Cuddles

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Your education as something you had always prided yourself on. You were valedictorian in high school, hate some of the highest marks in your graduating class in college, and you landed yourself a pretty great job as an accountant for a large YouTube company. So, you were a pretty educated woman.

So why you thought it would be a smart idea to sleep with one of your clients was a mystery to you. Of course around the seventh or eight time you stopped wondering.

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Worry Part Four (GWash x Reader)

AN: Sorry this took so long to get up! I don’t know how I feel about it, but it was requested quite a lot. 

Warnings: illness, mentioned violence?

Requests: a lot, mostly anonymous 

Tag Buds(I’ll think of a better name later): @huffleheyguys, @artisticgamer, @theoverlordofeverything, @hmltntrsh51, @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit(I’m p sure you reblogged but if not I’ll take you off the list) 

Word Count: 1,612

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Masterlist

George had left you a fews hour ago to let you try and sleep. Monsieur Lafayette arrived at your home shortly after someone was sent for him, as he was never far from your husband at any given time. You had heard them talking unintelligibly for about an hour before Alexander joined them, and when he did, they grew very quiet, which was beyond unusual for the three of them.

Just as you were about to get up, the feline Alexander slipped into the room and jumped up on the bed. You smiled tiredly and pulled him carefully to your chest. He had mellowed some once you started shutting yourself in and the two of you spent a lot of time together lately. He was still an asshole, but he seemed to know that you weren’t feeling well.

The two of you laid in bed for a little while before your curiosity grew too strong to resist going downstairs to see what the men were discussing.You slowly crawled out of bed and picked Alexander up. It took longer than you would have liked to make it to the parlor where they were, but you were still sore and had yet to get around to eating.

The floor creaked when you stepped by the doorway and you winced when all three heads snapped around.

You clutched the cat closer to your chest. “My apologies- I- I didn’t mean to-” you stammered.

George shook his head and gestured at the spot next to him on the couch. “You should probably know about this anyway.”

“I sh- I should change first,” you glanced at Lafayette and Hamilton who were very obviously trying to look anywhere but in your general direction.

“You can have my jacket,” George shrugged. “It’s hanging on a chair in the dining room.”

“It won’t cover anything this doesn’t,” you mumbled as the cat squirmed out of your arms, hit the floor with a thud, and took off, leaving you all the more exposed in your slip.

Your husband saw Hamilton smirk the same same time you did. “Emma! A blanket,” he barked.

You stared at the floor and tried to make yourself as small as possible. George was angry, all because of you, and now he was waking Emma up because you were being difficult and couldn’t have just done what he had wanted. What was two men you knew well simply looking after what happened while George was away?

Emma rushed into the room, jarring you from your thoughts when she went to wrap the blanket around your shoulders. She squeezed your shoulder and lingered for a moment before rushing back out of the room. Once she was gone, George fixed you with your least look of his. You sat where he had wanted you to before. You were careful to leave space between the two of you. When he was like this, George often forgot his strength and would leave you with bruises after squeezing you when he was unpleased with you or someone he couldn’t afford to lash out at. It wasn’t something you normally cared about all that much, but you were tired and his mood had changed so quickly.

“Now that that has been settled,” George said pointedly, “let us go over everything.”

Alexander gave you a look of pity before speaking. “I am going to ensure that a bit of unfavorable news is spread about the gentleman who-”

“No. I don’t want people to know. I was hesitant to tell George. People already think plenty low of me,” you shook your head and caught George rolling his eyes out of the corner of yours. You just wanted to let this be over. You wanted to be out of this room. Between Alexander’s unwelcome pity, Gilbert’s silence, and George’s distaste for what seemed like everything you did, it was all too much. Even sitting the room began to spin as breathing became harder and harder.

“George,” Gilbert finally spoke up. “Perhaps this is not the time.”

“It has already been decided. You need to leave. As does Hamilton. People will be waking shortly. I want this done as soon as possible,” George ordered and grabbed your arm, pulling you closer to him. Hamilton opened his mouth to speak, but was silenced with a look from your husband and got up to leaving, pulling a more hesitant Gilbert with him.

You began to cry as you watched them leave. “G-george, I don’t-”

“You don’t get a say. You have not been taking care of yourself at all, so I am taking matters into my own hands. You are going to do as I say until I am gone, and then you will do as Emma says,” he squeezed your arm harder and you knew you were going to have yet another bruise to match all the others. “I can’t lose you because you refuse to take care of yourself.”

All you could do was shake your head. Now probably wasn’t the time to tell George that you thought you were going to be sick. It was most likely just the stress, but he would just get more frustrated.

“What- what is Gilbert doing?” you were able to choke out after a minute.

George furrowed his brow. “Later.”

“You-,” your eyes widened. “I need-” you pulled away from George and got up, stumbling as quickly as you could towards the back door. If you got sick in here it would be a pain to clean. You dropped the blanket on the kitchen floor before slipping into the yard. George was not far behind and was out just in time to see you somehow empty an already empty stomach. You crumpled to the ground when it was over, unable to force yourself to stand any longer.  

George rushed over to join you on his knees. “What’s wrong, my love?”

“I don’t know,” you mumbled as you tried to wipe your face off.

“That’s not an acceptable answer and you know that,” he grunted and stood, picking you up gently and heading back into the house. “But for now, I will have Emma start a bath so that you can clean. And then you are going to eat something.”

You nodded and let your head lull back while George carried you up to your bedroom, already beginning to doze. There was no way you were going to be able to stay awake for a bath. Why couldn’t you just sleep? It certainly felt as though you could sleep for forever if he would let you. Or maybe you just wanted to be able to forget the past year or so.

George set you down on the bed, pulling the blankets up over you and murmuring something you couldn’t make out before kissing your forehead. You took his hand and squeezed it weakly.

“Thank you,” you mouthed without opening your eyes. It was a long minute before George let go of your hand. He left without saying another word, but you didn’t need it. He had always been able to convey what he needed without a single word. It was just another way that he amazed you. He was only worried and trying to take care of you in his way.


You woke up wrapped in George’s arms and you never wanted to leave. He didn’t usually cuddle like this, so you stayed still in attempt to draw it out for as long as you possibly could. He placed gentle kisses across your shoulder and over to the base of your neck.

“George,” you yawned after a minute.


“Someone’s outside,” you propped yourself up a little. “Do you not hear the pounding?”

George sat up immediately and slid out of bed. “It’s one of the boys. I’ll be back, my love.”

“I want to go. You sent them out for me,” you replied, getting out of bed to put your robe on, not looking at George in case he was angry again. Instead, he only sighed and held the door open for you. The two of you rushed down the stairs to the door where Emma was already waiting.

“I would have just done it myself, sir, but some people are not very civil, especially at this hour,” she explained, stepping out of George’s way. You stepped closer to Emma before he opened the door. The group was greeted with a bruised and bloodied Gilbert. George pulled him in and looked him up and down.

“They had no idea, ‘ow you say, what was coming,” Gilbert grinned, shooing your husband away. “They received the worst of it, I assure you.”

“Who?” you pulled him over to you, taking his face carefully, turning it side to side so you could see the damage for yourself. George left the room right then, followed by Emma, leaving only you and the Frenchman.

“Did he not tell you?” Gilbert dropped his voice and looked over your shoulder in the direction your husband had left. “I went out for the pigs who dared touch you.”

You dropped your hands to hug yourself. “They’ll be back,” you whispered, mortified.

“Non, we took-” Gilbert looked confused.

“Nothing has stopped them before,” you took a step back. “Go find Emma, she will clean you up. And please tell George that I have no desire to see him.”

You left Gilbert in the hall and made your way back upstairs. There was no way you would be able to leave the house again. In trying to help, George had doomed you to the life of a recluse, and you didn’t  know if you could forgive him for that.  

Butterflies [UshiHina]

A/N: Haikyuu!! (Ushijima/Hinata) - 19. “HELP! I’m being chased by butterflies!!!” - I LOVE USHIHINA here you go dear, accept this piece of trash. I wrote it with a lot of love<3

Summary: Hinata and Ushijima have their first date, and it’s as awkward and full of flaws as a first date should be.

Word Count: 2340

“The zoo.” Ushijima said, repeating after Hinata as he stared down at the tickets in his hands. The shorty guy’s smile stiffened but his eyes kept sparkling ugh, how could a guy be so damn cute?

“Eh yes?” Hinata cocked his head, and Ushijima sniffed awkwardly and scratched his nose.

“Uhm, fine.” Did Hinata even realize this was going to be their first date? Ushijima had imagined it to be quite neutral, like the movies or just a fancy restaurant. But the zoo

“Yay!” Hinata made a happy dance around the court and Ushijima shook his head with a smile. That guy was really unbelievable. He wasn’t even sure how it exactly all happened, but somehow Hinata ended up coming over to Shiratorizawa a lot lately. The Karasuno player loved to play around on their court, to challenge Ushijima into blocking his spikes and the other way around, training together…

Right, challenges. That was how it started. They ran into each other and Hinata mockingly reminded Ushijima about that one time he caught the ball mid air before Ushijima could even touch it. Ushijima had coldly replied some silly answers, but there they were in the end, in their gym and with Hinata challenging Ushijima each time. And losing. 

Sure, Hinata may have caught the ball one time before him yippee, but that was with Ushijima caught off guard and with him being on guard, Hinata stood no chance in a one on one battle. It was a difference of all worlds: height, strength, skill, and even though Hinata was getting more and more skilled each time, he kept losing to his superior opponent. 

Now with Ushijima graduated and Hinata a better trained volleyball player, they still sometimes got together for their challenges that had become a ritual. A habit. Probably until Hinata was going to beat Ushijima and that day had yet to come. Not as a team because that downfall had become reality during the Spring High game, but in a one on one battle Hinata still had lots to learn to match Ushijima’s skills.

Throughout the times they spent together Ushijima had developed a serious crush on the boy though, and he thought he believed the feeling was mutual. He was about to ask Hinata out on a non-volleyball date sometime soon when Hinata was one step ahead of him and invited him to come…. to the zoo. 

“THE ZOOOO!” Hinata yelled when the day had actually come, and Ushijima walked after him and frowned at the smell of animals. 

“Come on, let’s get a map first and –” Ushijima had a hard time keeping up with Hinata who was already sprinting towards the first animals to check out. Was this gonna be their first  date? Seriously? Him hobbling after an overexcited kid at the zoo like some unlucky parent? Not gonna happen. That guy needed to tone down a bit. 

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Negan’s Match Part 120

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I sped down the street as fast as I could trying to hopefully make up some time from when Dwight and the crew left. He was probably pulling in to the Sanctuary right now and is about to feel the wrath of Negan when he finds out I am not there. I have so many worries running rampant through my head. Negan losing his shit, doing something to harm Dwight, and worst of all, Hader. Ashley was right, no way was he going to just let me go. I know him, he doesn’t ever give up. The fact that he let me leave that easily made it worse. He would rather see me locked up in a cell than to just let me leave on my own. The only logical thing I could do to keep myself and my child safe is to leave, I need to leave and I need to go far. But how in the hell am I going to leave, how am I suppose to convince Negan to just up and leave the community he has built. I shook my head and tried to pay attention to the winding road. First thing is first, what the hell am I going to tell him.

Darkness is falling on the horizon as I approach the road that leads to the Sanctuary. The nervous feeling in my stomach is getting worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if I pull up and see poor Dwight’s head on a pole at the gate. As I get closer I am surprised to see things look calm and collected. I pull up see the guard squint at me and I wave him to open the gate. He nods and yells down to the gate attendant. I see him grab for his radio and speak in to it. Probably to Negan to tell him I have arrived. I pull the car in and park it next to one of the trucks and step out. I stretch for a minute and take a deep breath ready to deal with what I am sure is about to be the beginning of a nightmare. I roll my neck and start to walk towards the door when it swings open. The first thing I see is Dwight getting shoved through the door and on to the ground. Negan follows closely behind and looks at me. I rush up to Dwight on the ground to look him over. He is bruised and beaten. Blood dripping from his lips and his eyes already turning black from the hits. I try to help him up but he whimpers from the pain. I look up at Negan who is standing there, towering over the two of us, face as red as a tomato.

“Where in the absolute fucking, fuck have you fucking been? You told him to fucking leave you? You better have something good to say because you just signed his fucking death warrant. His head is going to roll and it is because of you.”

I stood up and moved Dwight behind me, he would have fought this but was to weak to challenge me. I looked up in to my mad husband’s eyes. They were dark. I could feel the emotions well up in me. I could feel myself wanting to jump up and beat the living shit out of him. I wanted to choke him out but I took a deep breath. “Negan, don’t hurt him. He was following my orders. If he wouldn’t have, every single one of them would have been slaughtered. You would never know what happened to them or me. Trust me on this, he did the right thing. You need to calm down and you will not touch him again. Ever.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me woman. He is dead as he stands there. He doesn’t follow your orders, he follows mine. Mine are simple. Don’t fucking let her out of your sight. It is simple and clear and he fucked up. For the last fucking time. He’s done, he’s gone.”

“No Negan, he isn’t. You don’t know what is going on, just calm down, let’s go to our room and I will explain everything to you. Please Negan, he did the right thing. I promise you.” Negan shook his head still mad and glaring at Dwight like a hawk. Dwight just stood there coughing and trying to catch his breath. I moved towards him and placed my hand on his cheek getting him to look at me, “Negan, you will not touch him again, if you do, that will be the end for me, I will leave and I will take my child and you will never see us again.” Negan’s face changed. His eyes darted back to Dwight and back to me. He backed up a little and stood down. I turned to Dwight “Go to the infirmary and have them clean you up. I will come explain everything to you soon. He just nodded and turned to walk towards the infirmary building. I turned my attention back to Negan who was still angry. He crossed his arms. I crossed mine to mock him a bit, hoping to lighten the mood. It didn’t work. He rolled his eyes and I could see his jaw clench. I stepped closer to him and laid my hands on his tight forearms. I looked up at him trying to soften my expression. He just stayed stoic, looking down at me. “Well, you better have a very good reason for doing what you did and I hope you don’t think you will be leaving on your own again.”

I reached up on my toes and pressed my lips against his. His expression softened and he released his arms and wrapped them around me, pulling me close to him. I could feel him shaking some from the adrenaline rush leaving his body. I stood there with his lips against mine and wondered what lies ahead for us. Convincing him to up and leave with me would be a challenge. Convincing him to not go after Hader himself, would be an even bigger one.

I broke the seal of our lips. “Let’s go in and we can talk, but I want to see my baby first. How did he do today?”

Negan smiled at the change of discussion. “He did so great, he was so brave babe, he wasn’t scared at all. To him, they are just weak monsters. He got to see his daddy in action and now he says he wants to be just like me.  He is so amazing. He missed you though. He kept talking about how cool it would have been if mommy would have been there. He also said they stink, it was pretty funny, got all the guys laughing. He is already in bed though. He was exhausted. I went ahead and fed him and put him in bed. He didn’t get to see the ass beating of Dwight, I am glad he didn’t know you didn’t come home.”

“Me too. I was so worried that he would find out and be really upset. It was one of my biggest fears. That and you actually killing Dwight. It is a miracle that I made it back when I did.” 

Negan smirked. “Well, you were about a minute away from that happening. I was close. It looks like you won’t be leaving my sight for a very long time.” We walked in to the doors and everyone was still standing around. Watching Negan beat up on Dwight is what I am assuming. Fucking Gawkers.  I walked back to Jax’s room with Negan right behind me. I could hear whispers of Saviors as I passed, I just ignored them. I wanted to see my sweet, sleeping son. I reached his door and Maria was sitting outside it. I just gave her a quick nod and I quietly opened his door and peered in at the sweetest, sleeping face. He shuffled some but his eyes stayed closed. I took a deep breath and caught his scent and slowly shut the door. I turned and Negan was behind me peering over me. I looked up at him. “Let’s go to our room so we can talk.”

We reached our room and walked in. I had just been there this morning but after today’s exhausting events, it felt like I hadn’t been there in a week. I walked over and sat on the chair and started removing my boots. Negan paced around the room and removed his leather jacket and scarf. He laid them in the usual place and I heard him sigh. “Well, what the hell is going on.”

I rubbed my face unsure how to start. “Well, basically, one of my worst fears was realized today. I ran in to the wrong people. The most dangerous people basically in the world.” His stance shifted and he watched me. “Negan, I know what you are thinking, you think we can take these people, but we cannot. These people are as dangerous as they come. These are the people I was trained with. Highly skilled, highly trained, sadistic killers. I had to send our people away, they would have killed them before they had time to pull the trigger.”

“I am confused, why, why would they just kill us? What happened exactly?”

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “The leader and I use to be a thing. It was a very twisted relationship, it is really hard to explain. In our training, we were taught not to love, not to have human relationships. Hell, they wanted us to forget about our families. Every relationship could be used against you. It was a weakness we couldn’t afford. I was emotionless in the relationship. He was not. It was one of his biggest weaknesses. Everyone knew it but me. To me, it was just meaningless sex. Sex was just something I used to feel good. I never loved him but someone did. She resented me for it. I just blew it off. I didn’t have time or patience for any of that. When the world changed, I decided I wanted to find my family. I was done with that. We weren’t working for the government anymore, the government fell apart. I had no reason to stay. When I told him I was leaving, he went crazy. He tried to get me to stay. He told me if I left, he would find me and kill me and anyone I was with, whether it was my family or what. I was so confused by all of it and I left in the middle of the night when no one was watching me.”

Negan sat at the end of our bed but didn’t take his eyes off of me. “Well, I don’t know what to think of all this.” He shook his head. “Did he do anything to you? Did he fucking touch you?” I could see him starting to get angry and jealous. 

I shook my head “No, he let me go. I told him about Jackson. It was the only card I could play. He was shocked. We all thought that we had been sterilized. He assumed I was with another man but I told him I wasn’t. I did that to keep you safe. If he thought for one minute that I was in love with someone else, the game would be over. He would have hunted you down and killed you in front of me.”

Negan’s fists were balled tight and I could tell he was about to explode. I stood up and walked over to him. I placed my hands on the top of his shoulders and looked down in his dark, stormy eyes. “I love you Negan, you are the only man I have ever truly loved. I love our son, I would do anything or say anything to protect you two. But this man, he is dangerous. It takes a lot to shake me, but this has. We need to leave. We need to go far, far away.”

Negan stood up and towered over me. He was quiet for a minute and it looked like he was studying my face. He smirked at me. “You don’t have to worry about a thing doll. This man will never get the chance to lay his eyes on you again. I am going to handle this. I am going to kill them. I am going to kill them all.”

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. “You haven’t listened to a fucking thing I have said Negan.”

“Oh, I have listened, and now you are going to listen to me. You think I am going to let anyone threaten me? You think I am going to let anyone come in and take what is mine. I am going to crush him. I am going to bash his fucking brains in. I want the last thing that goes through his brain to be Lucille’s wrath.”

Negan started to pace around, getting madder and madder by the second. I needed to get this out of his brain for now, at least give me a little time to come up with a plan. 

“Negan?” I started to lift up my shirt seductively. He stopped and looked at me. “Negan, I had a rough day and I can’t think of any way I would rather end this day then with my husband’s big dick pounding in and out of me.” I unzipped my shorts and started to move those down too. “Please baby, I need you to come fuck me. I want you to fuck me really hard Negan. I need you. We can figure out what to do about this asshole later.” I licked my lips and his curled upwards.

“Oh baby, what are you doing to me?” Negan jerked his jeans open and pulled his shirt off as he walked quickly toward me. He wrapped his arms around me and turned to fall backwards on the bed. I squealed and giggled while his lips met my skin with little bites and kisses.

My sweet husband went to work on me while I came up with a new plan.

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Good Morning Texts (Chocobros)

In case the title’s vague, this is the bros sending a good morning text to their s/o

Words can be hard for anyone, but Noctis has a spectacularly difficult time with them. And rather than embarrass himself he usually doesn’t send his s/o anything, despite how much he may want to. He’s also hates waking up early. And that really doesn’t help. When he does finally wake up, it’s not morning anymore. So he just looks up romantic poetry and copy/pastes it because he’s so unsure here. His s/o is always mildly amused that somewhere in the afternoon they occasionally receive unnecessarily dramatic love confessions from him.

Our sunshine child also struggles with morning texts. Prompto however, tries anyway. It may sound unlikely but he’s a bit of a perfectionist. So if he’s going to do this, he’s going to make sure his s/o feels every ounce of affection and fondness he feels for them. His s/o is likely to send him one first. And the poor guy just loses it. Because he’s so touched and now he has to make sure his message matches up. Which is funny because odds are his s/o just send a short: “Good morning and have a great day<3″. He’ll probably let the pressure get to him and just send: “nice morning” with a smiley face. After sending it though he’ll probably feel like he’s a nerd.

He doesn’t see this as a particularly difficult task. Mainly because he wants to make sure his s/o is awake and doesn’t plan on sleeping in. He’ll go with something simple and even throw in a smiley face sometimes. Ignis personally really likes sending good morning texts. He gets to check on his s/o and help them start off their day early. It’s a win-win situation for someone who can be as parental as him. And his s/o does sometimes find it annoying because Ignis himself wakes up around 6:30am, but at the same time they know it comes from a loving place.

He usually spends the night with his s/o. So there’s really no need for him too. But on the occasion he’s at home, he’ll probably send a plain old regular “good morning” and just for the sake of tripping up his s/o throw something dirty in at the end. It could be a joke, it could be “plans” for later, or it could be something that’s already happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). His s/o’s reaction really depends on their personality, but they do certainly see through his game.

Edited Noctis and Prompto’s. I think they’re more in character now.

The Girls /// The Nifs

Taking Care

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x reader

Rating: M. Smut ahoy. Also some plot though.

AN: This is probably my first foray into smut. Definitely my first time writing WWE fiction. For @actualamyautopsy who encouraged Thirst Party Saturday, which is what this was intended for… but I wasn’t happy with it (still not) and I’m only posting it now because I really wanted it up before Smackdown. Set post-Smackdown 9/27/16.

“Dammit!” Dean punched the wall of his dressing room.

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Thoughts/Headcanons to sit on:

  • Hiro mentioning Tadashi in his College graduation speech. How he couldn’t get to where he is without his big brother.
  • Hiro eventually has to clean out Tadashi’s side of the room, and he’ll probably find an old toy that he and Tadashi used to play with when they were kids and cry over it for an hour.
  • Hiro’s biggest fear now is losing Aunt Cass because she’s been there with him from the start, she’s a part of his parents and Tadashi, she’s his rock now, and she’s the only Hamada left, beside himself.
  • He has a trigger to all types of fire; Candles, bonfires, fireplaces, matches, lighters, flares, etc.
  • His self-hatred will never go away. He will always blame himself slightly for what happened to his brother, no matter how many times, and how many people tell him it isn’t his fault. Had he been strong enough, he could have stopped Tadashi in the first place.
  • Hiro getting married and leaving an empty seat for Tadashi, who Hiro knows is positively there in spirit because Tadashi wouldn’t miss his little brother’s wedding for the world.
  • Hiro giving his son Tadashi’s hat, telling him that it belonged to a real superhero.

anonymous asked:

what made you first start shipping kagehina?

OKAY SO this might get long. knowing myself it WILL, so I’ll just. fill under a read more.

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Heart, Body and Soul (part 2)

A/N : A mark appears at the place your soulmate’s hands first touch you. When Killian bumps into a woman, he is immediately drawn to her and discovers later that the stranger who ran away is his soulmate. Captain Swan AU (mostly Jones Brothers and Captain Charming but I swear that part 3 will be pure Captain Swan.) 

Part 1 

Killian was trying to make his way through the crowd when someone practically knocked him over. Catching the stranger and holding her upright, breath left his lungs as she looked up at him, her hands resting on his chest as she made no move to get away. He stared right back at her, his gaze sliding to her golden hair, perfect complexion and parted lips before being drawn right back to her eyes, which seemed to be taking him in in much the same way. 

She cleared her throat, looking away as she finally put some distance between them. 

“Sorry about that,” she apologized, a bit breathless. 

“No trouble, love,” he answered, hoping she hadn’t heard the crack in his voice. Get a grip, Jones

She smiled tightly at him, looking over her shoulder one last time before dashing out of the bar. 

Killian watched the woman run from him, confused - at least until he heard the words a man was shamelessly screaming at the top of his lungs. 

“You know we were meant to be !” 

“Oh, bloody hell,” Killian whispered under his breath, tilting his head backwards. 

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So I had a few days to think after Monday…I’ll admit, I was disappointed when Roman lost because when you’re so attached to a wrestler, it starts to feel like their loses are your loses, you know? But after really taking the time to think about the bigger picture, Roman losing was probably the best thing that’s happened to him in two years. 

This is the first time that none of us know what’s going to happen with him, and it’s such a welcome fucking feeling. I can’t explain it. He can go anywhere now, and he’s finally getting a break. No more pressure to live up to these outlandish expectations, no more articles about how he’s being pushed to Mt. Olympus, no more worrying about Roman being boo’ed out of the building because we know he’s going to win a match. 

His slate has finally been wiped clean, and it feels so good to say that. I was iffy about Foley at first, but my faith is with him right now because he knows what he’s doing. Roman doesn’t need to fight for a title to remain relevant. The best wrestlers always faltered before becoming all-time greats, and Roman’s star is gonna shine even brighter now that he’s getting some breathing room.

Don’t think of his depush as a punishment. See it as a new beginning.