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Being In A Relationship With Loki Laufeyson Would Go A Little Something Like.....

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In The Beginning…

~ Loki avoids you like the plague. There is no way he’s attracted to a weak, fragile, mortal. Even if you do have beautiful eyes and a stunning smile and the way you laugh makes his breath catch in his chest like he’s been hit with his brother’s hammer. Nope. He’s not attracted. Not at all.

~ He does a pretty good job of avoiding you until he sees you talking with Thor one day and it sets him off

~ Loki takes immediate action and interrupts the (completely innocent) conversation your having with Thor to ask you on a date, something that couldn’t make Thor happier

~ Later Loki has to ask Thor what exactly a date entails as he has no idea what he’s doing

~ Your first date consists of Loki arriving right on time with a large bouquet of your favorite flowers. 

~ He takes you to a carnival where you introduce him to all kinds of new foods (most of which he is extremely hesitant to try). You also drag him through the house of mirrors and onto most of the rides. He wins you a huge stuffed tiger at a booth that is obviously rigged (he swears he didn’t use magic though). And at the end of the night you share a kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel as fireworks go off in the back ground.

~ Loki takes you out on only three more movie worthy dates before asking if you would like to “go steady” 

As A New Couple…

~ Everyone thinks you guys are joking until Loki pulls you in for a deep kiss to prove them wrong

~ Thor is so excited he drags you and Loki out on a double date with him and Jane. (Most of the night is spent with you and Jane in tears of laughter as the two brothers try to top each others embarrassing stories about the other).

~ Loki is constantly sending you flowers and poetic handwritten notes

~  Loki is an extremely jealous person and every time he even sees someone look at you too long he pulls you in for a passionate kiss until he knows whoever was looking gets the point

~ Loki never lets you out of his sight because he knows there’s some serious people after him, and he doesn’t really trust anyone else to protect you like he would

~ After eight months of being together Loki takes you to Asgard to meet his parents. It’s when he sees the approval and excitement in his mother’s eyes that he knows it’s the right time to ask you to move in with him.

As An Established Couple Who Lives Together…

~ Your apartment is absolutely covered in bookshelves which are not only full of books (both Midgardian and Asgardian) but also little trinkets Loki has collected from all nine realms. 

~ Loki talks in his sleep. Sometimes it’s random things, but mostly he quotes really strange lines from poems and books. He once quoted the entire first act of Hamlet

~ Whenever he thinks you’re not looking Loki will “cheat” with his chores and just use magic

~  You two spend a lot of nights on your apartment roof, stargazing as Loki tells you stories about the history of Asgard and the other realms

~ You love getting to introduce Loki to new Midgardian things. The best thing so far has been when you went camping and introduced him to s’mores. Loki ended up freaking out so bad when his marshmellow caught on fire that he ended up freezing your entire fire

~ Loki has come home on more than a handful of occasions to find you using his cape as a blanket

~ Loki has a “hidden” stash of girl scout cookies. He hides them on the top shelf of his closet

~ It’s one of those nights after Loki has read you to sleep when he’s carding his fingers through your hair and he can feel the smile on his face when it hits him. He realizes how much you trust him as you look so happy and peaceful and vulnerable curled into his side without care of who he was or what he did to get here by your side and he feels a warmth in his chest he hasn’t felt in years.

Which Leads To…

~ Loki taking a secret trip to Asgard in order to ask Odin and Frigga if he can permanently borrow one of the many rings locked away in the royal vaults in order to make you his queen


Hope you guys liked it!(:

has no one done a sheith au with a tangled type theme where Keith is raised by the BoM and is never allowed to leave the base so he has never seen any planet or interacted with other humans and when team voltron asks for help Keith sees Shiro, the first human ever and is stunned by his beauty. So when the blade denies helping team Keith sneaks out and says he’ll give the team the Blades plans if they take him to explore the Galaxy and he falls in love with all the pretty planets and one pretty boi in particular.

The “science wing” of our high school was four classrooms in a square, connected via a storeroom so the teachers could move through them without having to loop through the halls. The teachers that controlled that part of the kingdom were some of the best weirdos in the building.

In one corner was an older man who’s voice was so good at putting people to sleep that his pass rate was actually pretty low. People fought to get a good grade simply because they couldn’t manage to stay awake long enough to absorb any of the material.

Next to him was a hardass who would only let kids use a specific bathroom in the school. He liked running chemistry experiments where students would light various chemicals on fire and determine what they are based on what color they burned. It was during one of these experiments that we learned, much to our horror, that he is totally colorblind and was relying 100% on our abilities to tell one unmarked chemical from another since the test would tell him nothing. 

The other two were somewhat of a shipping legend among the more romantic of the students. Both were married (to different women, not that it stopped us from talking) but were apparently friends in college or something. The end result was a playful kind of banter between them that lasted all year and amused the students to no end.

We would be having a test in one room, everything is deadly silent, when a periscope sloooooooowly emerges from the storage room door behind the teacher’s desk. It glances around until someone notices it and snickers. Teachers head whips up, periscope is GONE. Everyone calms down, he goes back to marking papers. The second teacher sneaks through the door, tip-toes behind the first teacher, makes faces at him while we struggle to maintain composure. First teacher whips around in his chair but the second teacher has silently booked it out the door and into the hall. This went on all exam. First teacher thought he was going crazy until he finally caught the imp and chased him out of the room. 

Another day had the first teacher tired and stressed out from family issues so we were on a light day. Second teacher came in and randomly started giving first teacher a shoulder massage. The sound of manly purring had most of the girls in class in a state of crazed hormonal overload.

Even separate, those two were pretty awesome. First teacher had a soft, kind voice and loved to do practical hands on experiments like making soap or brewing our own root beer. Second teacher had enough plants in his class for it to feel like a greenhouse instead of a classroom, and he was fairly absent minded. At one point, he walked smoothly into the class, scooped up a marker, paused just as the marker tip hit the whiteboard, his eyes slowly widened and he yelled “OH SHI—-” and RAN out of the room leaving us all stunned and confused. About 2 minutes later he came back carrying a huge plant. Apparently he had left it in the girl’s shower room to leetch something out of the soil under the water and forgot about it. I wish we could have watched him trying to sneak into the change rooms in the middle of class to steal a plant! He was also responsible for the plague of crickets that tormented us during final exams. The crickets he was breeding as food for his lizard got loose and spread through the school. Imagine trying to write a final in a huge silent gym with the odd chirp sounding for no apparent reason. So annoying…

one and only - jeon jungkook

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pairing: jungkook x reader (Y/N)

request: bestfriend!Jungkook, your significant other is jealous of your                          relationship with jjk and ends up cheating on you.

word count: 1533

genre: angst

authors notes: !!!!TRIGGER WARNING!!!! mentions of bad childhood                                 episodes (abandonment + suicide) and depression as well                             as anxiety. please don’t continue reading if this bothers                                 you! Text messages are included in this scenario.
                          Alcohol mention, cheating mention.

[chapter .02]       

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exo react to you without make-up for the first time (OT9)

i know i promised a new years version of fluff today, but i didn’t have any ideas on how to make a fluff reaction for new years?? 

please forgive me! 

id also like to thank everyone for supporting me and giving so much love to my blog. i had started around mid-late september and gained followers quicker than i expected! we have less than 10 followers until we reach 500 amazing followers. i hope you guys all spend your time with the ones you love, family, friends… I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <33



immediately as you got in your car to drive home, you took out your makeup wipes. you had the most exhausting day at work and could not imagine keeping on the makeup that was coating your face. you looked into the rear-view mirror and couldn’t help but feel insecure. “it’ll do” you sighed. you headed home to where your sweet boyfriend was patiently waiting, once suho saw you he said softly,

“you look beautiful Y/N”

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as you weren’t expecting to have any visitors at your home today, you proceeded to complete your saturday task, aka finding a new show on netflix to binge watch. you snuggled up on your couch with a blanket clicking through the different shows to find one that caught your eye, little did you know your boyfriend, chanyeol, quietly snuck into your house and saw your cute, little, bare face.

“wow. what a beauty”

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you two, as a couple, were invited to suho’s new years party. you were singing in the shower, and taking your time to get prepped, what’s the rush? you had enough time until baekhyun was going to pick you up around 6. you walked out of the bathroom with your robe (and obviously a bare face), to the sight of your boyfriend laying on your bed with his phone. he looked up and scolded you,

“how long were you planning to keep your pretty face from me? this is unacceptable!”

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jongdae slept over at your house last night after you two had fallen asleep watching a couple movies or so. you two were snuggled closely on the couch, warm and toasty. you had slightly awoken from your slumber once you felt jongdae stirring a bit, as you had decided to ignore it and fall back asleep, chen was carefully studying your face. as much as it sounds creepy, it was the first time he saw it bare. 

“how could you be so perfect Y/N”

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when lay first saw you with a bare face he debated whether or not he should hint at it just incase you would feel insecure or embarrassed. (or both) eventually when you went to use the bathroom you looked into the mirror and realized you didn’t have any makeup on. when lay heard you scream from bathroom after you noticed you were bare faced, he lightly chuckled and yelled,

“you look cute princess!”

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your relationship with kai was at the stage of trusting each other enough for you to be exposed without makeup in front of him. once you built up the courage to walk out to the living room where your so sweet and loving boyfriend was, you chickened out. you sat back down in front of your vanity and as you were reaching towards the foundation jongin barged in and forced your hand away.

“your face is worth a million bucks, don’t ruin it with this junk”

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you walk out of the bathroom not giving a damn whether or not sehun sassed you about your acne or bare face, you just wanted to cuddle with the noodle boy and take a nice, long nap. once you walk out sehun stares at you, honestly stunned by your natural beauty. being the maknae he is, a little inexperienced with relationships, he doesn’t how to explain with gentle words how beautiful he thinks you are.

“your face is as pretty as mine!”

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kyungsoo: (im so soft for this gif help me)

you knew kyungsoo wasn’t one for judging you, so when he was sleeping over at your apartment you removed all your makeup, feeling much more relaxed. kyungsoo set up the couch with a whole bunch of pillows, blankets, snacks, and your guys’s favorite movie. at first he didn’t really notice whether or not you had makeup on or not because his mind wasn’t usually focused on that kind of stuff. but once he noticed he leaned into your face staring at you with his signature owl eyes. 

“why do you wear makeup?”

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you two had gone to a new years party, while you had gotten very drunk enough to rub your makeup off in front of your boyfriend, (you were always insecure about your naked face) minseok wasn’t able to drink because he had to drive home. after he carefully laid you down on your bed, you started mumbling something among the lines of “i fucking hate makeup” and rubbed all of it off, once xiumin saw your bare face he couldn’t contain his smile and gave you a light peck on the cheek.

“you’re so precious Y/N <3″

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{ five’s company // ch. 9 }

a/n: today is my birthday (and philip hamilton’s too)!!! this is how we’ll celebrate haha! enjoy!

It was getting closer to the ball. Hercules was almost done with your dress, and was excited for you to try it on.

It fit perfectly, of course. Hercules always made things that way-–especially for you. He had made the last alterations to your gown and you got to take the dress home from Hercules’ studio. 

Today was the day. It felt like you were coming into your own. Tonight, you’d have dinner with some of the most famous politicians, their assistants, and other members of the press in New York City. You were so small, insignificant to the veterans of your field, but it gave you hope and comfort knowing that maybe you could one day be there too. 

Your hair was in rollers thanks to Herc. He liked to play with your hair and helped you get ready as Laf made sure John and Alex were looking sharp. The boys finally had taken their showers. Your sweet perfume mixed with the boys’ cologne and you filed on your nails. You were trying to keep calm. It was just a little party. You’d be all right. 

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Stuck--Zig x MC Collaboration

Hey, folks. Here is the combined effort of me and @lanapowellblog for #choicescreates this week. I have to thank @lanapowellblog from the bottom of my heart because I had bowed out this week due to not being able to come up with anything for the prompt on my own. But she posted a preview of her artwork and a little headcanon to go with it and instantly I had an idea! She also chose a portion of the song lyrics from the prompt song to go with her headcanon! She was so gracious to let me jump into her plan and now we have this. So, I hope it works @hollyashton and @niasusanto

Artwork by @lanapowellblog 

In your case, it was not about “how many?”

It was about who was listening

You got me tangled like you won’t believe

It hurts when I see you

Being beautiful in your own way

Hit it off with everyone but me


-From You by Ryan K.

He could still hear her and her roommate talking and caught a few words here and there…something about a bag of coffee and him not coming back out to the counter. She was perceptive as always. Although it didn’t  take a genius to figure out he was angry with her.

As much as part of him wanted to keep listening to the reassuring quality in her voice he normally enjoyed, right now it was too painful and he simply wanted her to leave. He tossed his rag over his right shoulder and leaned his head against the wall, his eyes squeezed shut and his jaws tightly clenched. Then he began kneading at his left shoulder, trying in vain to loosen the tense muscle there.

Yesterday had been one of the worst days of his life. He’d gone against every fiber of his being and called her up to apologize. After he’d been the one to storm off the night before, it only made sense for him to be the first one to reach out. But she hadn’t answered the phone. He was only mildly surprised because he knew she had to be mad and hurt that he’d pushed her away. But when she didn’t call or text him back the rest of that day or this morning, he could feel the anger slowly building up. Eventually it had gotten so strong that he couldn’t see past it. The solid curtain of rage was thick and heavy…making it impossible for him to clearly make out the regret in her beautiful eyes only moments earlier and the cute way her lips curled downward when she’d frowned. Her attempt at making amends had fallen on deaf ears.

You said you’d always be there for her no matter what. Is this what that is? Ignoring her and hiding in this room like a scared little kid?

Zig shook his head, as if trying to rid himself of his incessant and annoying thoughts. Of course he’d intended to be there for her, but she’d been pretty clear about not wanting him around anymore. At least that’s how he’d taken it. Plus, she ignored him first. So she deserved this…right?

He sighed. No part of him would ever truly believe that. She deserved so much more than this and most of the time he doubted his own ability to give those things to her.

I’m not good enough for her. I’ll never be good enough for her.

He heard the door chime and knew they’d left. A pang hit him and he swallowed hard. As much as he was upset, it physically hurt him to know that this time she was the one walking away from him.

He turned, his back now pressed against the wall, and closed his eyes. Suddenly he felt exhausted.

That’ll happen when you don’t sleep all night. This girl’s got you all messed up, huh?

He frowned before sliding down to the floor into a sitting position, his head in his hands. It was true and he didn’t know how to deal with it. Normally he was the one in control, able to move things forward on his own terms and escape when necessary. Not this time.

How had their relationship ended up in such disarray? That first day he’d seen her right here at the cafe, he’d been struck momentarily speechless by her beauty. At first he’d panicked, thinking one of the guys she’d come in with was her boyfriend. But no one grabbed her hand or slipped an arm around her waist or kissed her cheek. Relief had washed over him. Maybe he had a chance.

Then he’d talked to her, and found out she was more than just another pretty face with an equally tantalizing figure. She was intelligent and caring and loyal and not afraid to stand up for what was right. She was more than he could’ve imagined he’d find in one stunning individual. He could picture her meeting his sisters, his mom…they’d all love her and she’d fit right in with them. In fact, she fit perfectly into his life and it was the first time he’d felt truly happy in years.

But now all he sensed was dread. He had to figure out a way to fix this. Their individual apologies couldn’t have been more poorly timed but he had to do something, anything, to salvage this.

“Dammit…” This was getting out of control. Not only the situation but his feelings for her.

He pulled out his phone, unlocked it, and opened his messages. He stared down at the empty text box with her name on the recipient line. What was he supposed to say?  He eyed the screen for a full minute, his fingers clutching the phone so tightly his knuckles were white. Come on, come on…think!

Just then the bell on the cafe door chimed again. He groaned as he glanced at his watch….looked like it was nearly  time for the morning rush. He got to his feet and exited the messaging screen. Then he locked the phone and slipped it into his back pocket just as one of his coworkers walked in.

“Hey, man. Sorry I’m running a bit late. Did you finish the prep?”

“I’ve got a couple more things to do.” Zig yawned and stretched, then rolled his shoulders. He briefly rubbed his temples before turning toward the stocked shelves and blowing out a breath. His head was throbbing but he had to power through. Time to focus on the task at hand.

His coworker gazed at him for a moment with one eyebrow raised, shrugging off his windbreaker. “Dude, you look like shit. You feeling okay? You can go home and I’ll call someone in. “

Zig began grabbing cups and napkins as he shook his head. “Nah, I’m good. Just tired. Help me with these?”

His coworker frowned but nodded, taking the napkins from him. “Sure. But you should seriously get some sleep.”

Zig chuckled darkly, smirking. “I should, shouldn’t I?”

Before the conversation could continue and grate on the only nerve he had left, he hurried out of the back and began placing cups on the counter.

He’d figure all of this out later. For now, he had work to do.

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RFA reacting to an mc who is super beautiful. Like she is as attractive as Zen. But she is. COMPLETELY oblivious to it

yesyyesyes sorry this took so long - school has been the death of me :3 I guess this is more like a drabble haha (I didn’t want to do headcanons idk lol)

It was finally the day of the party and as you know, the RFA didn’t know what MC looked like other than her profile picture (which may or may not have been the unicorn one). Only Seven really saw MC since he had security cameras and such but no one and I mean NO ONE was prepared for what they were up for.

The moment MC walked into the banquet hall, all eyes were on her. It didn’t matter if you were a girl or a boy or a baby or a dog - you were staring at MC because it was simply impossible to look away.

MC was dressed in a baby pink halter-top dress, her dark brown hair was put up in a loose bun with a pink flower adornment to compliment her dress. She had nude stilettos, silver jewelry and clutch as well. She was just absolutely breathtaking.

But it was also painfully obvious that she had the whole “people-are-staring-at-me-help-what-is-happening” look slapped right across her face. Like should she continue walk in or just stand there? There was no where for her to run to duck or hide, she was dead centre in the ballroom and it was just so awkward because even the live orchestra stopped playing.

Thankfully, someone with black hair and steel grey eyes began clapping, prompting the entire population to clap along with him. Then, a rather official looking woman spoke into the mic on the stage “Please welcome our party coordinator, MC! “ 

MC smiled sheepishly and bowed her head in thanks for the acknowledgement. She was then approached by about 7 people whom she assumed to be the RFA. One by one she recognized them all - Zen: the silver haired angel, Jumin: the cool corporate heir, Jaehee: the brilliant assistant, Yoosung: the cute college student, Seven: the red headed goof, Saeran: the quiet and shy cinnamon bun, and V: the blue haired photographer.

The first to speak was Zen, "MC, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.” he proceeded to kiss MC’s hand but he was cut off by Jumin who quickly took in MC’s hand for a shake. Jaehee smiled as she shook her hand as well and V was already raising his camera for a shot. Yoosung literally just stood there 200% star struck with Seven was laughing nervously beside him and Saeran oh God this bb couldn’t even look up; he was holding onto Seven’s sleeve and when he finally glanced up he turned beet red in 0.5 seconds.

MC couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong? Why is everyone staring at me and why are you all so.. nervous? You guys aren’t like this in the chatrooms haha..”

The RFA was shook. Like how did MC not know how beautiful she was??? has she looked into the mirror recently?? Should they break it to her? Zen, quick, take out your emergency mirror. But before anyone could come to a consensus, Yoosung blurted it out, “It’s because you’re just so pretty!" 

aand he gained just about a million slaps, "YOOSUNG YOU CAN’T JUST FLAT OUT SAY THAT!” MC laughed at their words and didn’t quite take it to heart. In her opinion, the entire RFA was stunning. Each and every one of them had their own distinct charm. Nonetheless, Yoosung was continuously teased for the rest of the night. At least now, MC knows what the RFA’s first impression of her is.

I hope you liked this Anon!! <3

~Cherry L.

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Hi! This one is to remind you that YOU are beautiful and worth it, no matter what people say or believe. xx


ENJOY!! :)


Harry knew that was the last word to come up to your mind whenever you looked at yourself in the mirror. Every time you rolled your eyes at his compliments it got more and more evident.

His heart ached each time he saw you trying to avoid your reflection in the glass, in an attempt to not remember the untrue fact you had taken for granted. It hurted even more when you refused to let him take you a picture, always putting as an excuse you wouldn’t look good anyway.

He loved your smile

But you didn’t, you always covered it with your hands.

He loved your laugh

But you didn’t, you replaced the ethereal giggles with low sniggers.

And he hated it.

He couldn’t believe how the mean words of people who were nothing to you, could create such a hideous impact in the wonderful being you really were.

Nobody should do that, nobody in the world had the right to destroy somebody’s life like that.

You moved your eyes away from the book you were reading, feeling his intense gaze all over you “Is everything okay?” he stayed quiet, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear “You’re so beautiful.” It was no surprise for him to see you roll your eyes as you told him to stop “Hey, don’t look away… I really mean it” you shook your head, sighing “Love, please… why can’t you see-” “Stop it! Don’t you think I haven’t tried to find anything worth it in myself before? I have, so many times… but there’s nothing Harry! not even a single thing. C’mon look at my face, look at my body-” Harry couldn’t resist anymore the sight of your eyes filling with tears as the words rushed out from your mouth. He cupped your cheeks, rubbing your cheekbones with his thumbs “Calm love, don’t cry. You are so worth it, so beautiful. Let me show you please, let me demonstrate you why you should love yourself as much as I do” you closed your eyes, a tear sliding down the surface of your skin “Please” he whispered, his hot breath fanning over your lips. You slightly nodded.

He pushed you delicately onto the sofa until you laid on it and he was straddling you “Where do I begin? there are so many things” you blushed, not used to that sort of words “Your eyes… they are gorgeous. Look at that sparkle in them. They say so much about you, about your kind soul” he placed a feather kiss on both of them.

His next stop was at your lips. He stared at them: its colour, its shape, its softness “Your lips are my favourite part, specially when they smile, when guffaws slip out of them” with his ringed index finger he began to trace them “You have no reason to be ashamed of your laugh or the way you grin, because it’s marvelous” the curvature at the corner of your lips gave a cheerful sensation to the boy “Lovely” he leaned to leave a slow, long kiss. His hands travelled to your hips and tickled the area making heavenly sounds escape your mouth “That’s the sound I’ve been yearning to hear for so long” he laughed along with you, filling the atmosphere in the room with your unique chuckles.

When the laughs ceased he looked at you straight in the eyes as he lifted your shirt, exposing your belly. You motioned to stop him, comfort walking out of your system. That was your body part you disliked the most. You reckoned It was repulsive, not worth of any love. “No, Harry-” “Shh” He slid down to spread pecks all over it “Your tummy is absolutely perfect” you flinched “No, it’s n-” “So cute and soft. The perfect pillow to fall asleep in” he nuzzled it.

“Wait here, I’ll be back. Don’t move!” the tattooed boy rushed out of the room and left you there thinking. A lump had made its home in the back of your throat as you listened to his loving words. You truly appreciated what he was doing, nobody before had tried to boost your confidence in such a sweet way. He was building a glint of optimism in you, something you hadn’t felt for what felt like ages.

Not too long after he returned, his curls bouncing slightly with every step he took. You looked over to see what he brought, finally finding one of your lipsticks wrapped in between his fingers. “What did you bring that for?” he returned to his straddling position “As words aren’t enough to you, I’m afraid I’ll have to “tattoo” them” you let out a shy smile, and before you could bury your face in your hands he was fast to stop you.

He got rid of your t-shirt and, for once in the last years, you didn’t feel uncomfortable. He positioned himself between your legs, in order to have better access to write all over your tummy “Your belly is… cute!” the next thing you felt was the cold tip of the stick tracing the word in your skin, the same happened after every word uttered “Pretty” “Lovely” “Stunning” “Alluring” “Sexy” the last word was accompanied by a smirk that brought redness all over your face. “Look at this, your tummy is filled of words that don’t even get close to how I feel about your body” He stroked all your curves and edges gently “However, there’s one word missing, the most important one. Could you refresh my memory?” You locked eyes with him, and for the first time in ages you meant it when you said “Beautiful.”  His green orbs filled with tears when he heard the word coming from you. You cupped his face with one hand and brought him closer, resting your forehead against his “Thank you baby, thank you so much” He kissed every single inch of your skin making his way back to your tummy, where wrote in capital letters the word, using your navel as the dot for the “i”.

He looked at you fondly under his eyelashes  “YN Ignore the comments despising you, never let shit like that take over your feelings. Beauty isn’t on the outside; beauty is in every little thing we do that makes us different from the rest, it’s in each of the imperfections that make us real humans. Perfection doesn’t and will never exist, and thank God it won’t because if it did the world would be a completely boring and plain place. Look, there’ll always be different opinions about you, as well as about me and the rest of the world’s population, but you can’t allow that to bring you down and make you think you’re not worth it… because you are.”

His words made you break down. You hadn’t realised you had been waiting to hear something like that all your life until that precise moment. You brought him to you by the hem of his shirt and wrapped your arms around him firmly “I love you so much Harry. There aren’t enough words in the world to tell you how thankful I am right now.” He kissed the top of your head dearly “Y/N I just want you to love yourself as much as I do. I’ll be here, by your side, through the entire time it’ll take you to learn how valuable you really are”

Your hands found each other, fitting perfectly, as if they were made just for that activity. Such a simple action carried with it love, support and commitment.

“Love, don’t you ever forget, despite everything and everyone, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”

So I just had this thought about the s3-s4 era of Arrow and how the start dates of all the costumed heroes stack up
  • The Arrow: Fall 2012
  • Arsenal: Spring 2014
  • Black Canary: Winter 2015
  • Speedy: Spring 2015
  • Spartan: Spring
  • Green Arrow: Fall 2015

By the end of s3 both the Arrow and Arsenal are out due to Roy’s sacrifice. Oliver’s on there twice because according to s4, the public honestly believes the Arrow and Green Arrow to be two separate individuals. So…

Can I have the AU where the citizens of Star City and the press recognize Black Canary as the leader/senior member of the group? Like news reports will lead with “The Black Canary and her team of vigilantes blah blah blah etc.” There’s no such thing as “Team Arrow” in Star City. Nah, people tend to call it the “Canary Crew” or “Canary & Co.”

And the citizens love Black Canary. Especially in the Glades. She’s the one that rallied them to fight back against Brick, remember? She’ll fight off anyone, from crazy assassin leagues to that guy who just tried to mug a woman walking home from her job. She’ll take the time to save your kids and send them off to safety with a wink and a smile. No one can get her action figure in Star City for Christmas because it’s sold out.

They all have a healthy admiration for Speedy and Spartan, too. Over those summer months, those two established their street cred and respect among the citizens and criminals alike. Everybody knows you don’t want to go up against Speedy when she’s angry. And Spartan? Have you seen that guy’s arms? If he takes you out with the tranq gun, count yourself lucky. That’s mercy.

And when the Green Arrow rolls into town and puts his face up on television, Star City isn’t impressed. Guy in a green hood, yeah, they’ve seen it all before. Nice try, rookie. Doesn’t he know commandeering the televisions is a bad guy move in this town? They start taking bets on whether or not this newbie’s going to disappear for weeks or months at a time like the Arrow always did.

Damien Darhk can’t be bothered with Green Arrow after their first fight. He barely broke a sweat tossing that archer aside, what should he spare him a second thought for? Time to deal with the real thorns in his side for the last five months, Black Canary and her friends.

When Oliver gets asked questions about his policy on vigilantes as a mayor candidate, it’s the Black Canary’s name on every reporter’s lips, usually paired with Spartan or Speedy. Occasionally there’ll be an added “and that new arrow-guy”, like an afterthought.

And that’s how it hits him. He’s not the gatekeeper of heroism. He never was. Just because he was the Hood five years ago doesn’t mean anything. Being first isn’t what’s important, it’s your commitment that counts. That’s what people remember.

So he resolves, truly this time – and not on television or in some grand speech, just quietly, to himself – to never give up on his city again. To finish what he started. To be as worthy of the hero mantle as all the others who didn’t need his permission or approval to earn it.

The next time they team up with their Central City counterparts, the name Team Arrow starts getting bandied around in the base. No one’s surprised when Oliver looks up with a no-nonsense, “We’re not called that.”

No, the shock comes when he takes a step that places him right next to Laurel, lays a hand on her arm – like he always does – and continues, “Pretty sure word on the street says we’re Canary’s Company.”

Most of the others have looks ranging from surprise to bemusement. Diggle’s is far more considering, though that’s nothing unusual. Thea’s one of the first to give an approving nod. Then Cisco adds his ruling of, “Awesome name.”

But Oliver’s eyes are on Laurel.

She’s the most stunned of all. Then slowly, ever so slowly like she’s daring to believe it little by little, her eyes soften and crinkle at the corners as a smile spreads over her lips and lights up the whole room.

And he knows, somehow, he’s found his way back to a hero’s journey.

A thing that needs to stop in the RWBY FNDM

So recently the word “abuse” has been thrown around the rwby fndm. Most recently this post has used it. Now, as someone who has been mentally and emotionally abused by someone, it’s pissing me off that this word is being used so wrongly and people are nodding their heads in agreement to it. The only ship that is abusive is Adam/Blake and subsequently any ship with Adam in it. Bumbleby and Black Sun are not in any way shape or form abusive. Why? Let me tell you what abuse actually is and why we need to stop throwing this word around just to put down another ship.

1.      So let’s start with the elephant in the room. What that person posted, stating Bumbleby is abusive. Because it’s not. Nothing points to abuse or either of them being an abuser. Some people shout and spout “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LASER POINTER?!?!? THAT IS RACIST AND ABUSIVE! YANG SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT!” etc, etc. While I can see where the racist one is coming from, how in god’s name is that abuse? Look, admit it. With friends or family, we all have done shit that accidently brought harm to the ones we love. We all have said things that might have pulled on someone’s heart strings the wrong way. We made have been too rough and brought bodily harm, or did something that we unknowingly had a bad reaction to the other. We all have done that at one point or another because we are all human beings and make mistakes.

Does that make us all abusers? No. It’s doesn’t. Yang using a laser pointer is not abusive because if Blake did find that offensive (because we did not see if she felt that way or not) I’m sure she would have straight up told Yang not to do that and Yang would stop. She is not the person to harm others intentionally. Yang is the ‘mom’ of team RWBY and has shown time and time again caring deeply for her sister and friends and putting them first before herself. That, and since v2, we have not seen Yang do the same thing. Saying that is abuse is a weak claim.

“BUT YANG PUSHED BLAKE!” Others add on.

Yes, but only after Blake wasn’t listening. Yang tried talking to Blake to rest, she tried telling her that she did the same thing as a child, letting something consume her thoughts to the point she not only nearly killed herself but her sister killed as well, and Blake still did not give. She had no choice. It was her last option. We also know Yang’s strength. She has shattered a paladin with one fist, she has carried a large speaker over her shoulder no problem, and she has broken a stone wall while her hand was covered in a sheet of thick ice. Yang could easily have done damage to Blake with a single push yet it was more of a ‘tap’. Also, Yang pushed Blake to drive home the point that she, Blake, was in no condition to fight Roman, let alone the White Fang.

Sometimes you need to get a little rough to get someone to listen. Don’t out right yell and give them bodily harm, no. But sometimes when there is nothing else to do, a slap to the head is needed.

2.      Now I am not only going to talk Bumbleby here because from what I heard, people were calling out Sun as an abuser because of the events of 4.3. Sun is not an abuser. At most, he’s an airhead. He might not realize what he has done is creepy but his heart is in the right place. Yes, looking into a window of a bedroom, a private place, is wrong and creepy and following someone around for at least six months in a cloak and not telling them is the same deal. But he is not being abusive. He is making dumb decisions and Blake did call him out on his shit in 4.3. And by looking at Sun’s face, it looked like he realized he messed up and should not have done that. Sun only wants to help Blake and make sure she is okay, just like Yang. Both care deeply for her and only want to make sure she has the best. You want to know abuse? We have two abusers in the show right now. First up is:

3.      Adam Taurus. He is Blake’s abuser. We have seen him act creepy around Blake, pretty much saying, “If I can’t have you, no one can.” He back handed, bitch slapped Blake so hard she fell to the ground, stunned. He also stabbed her in the abdomen and tried to decapitate her. Adam tried to MURDER Blake. We also saw the fear and horror on Blake’s face when she saw Adam again. She was petrified of him. While we do not know all about their past together, we can gather from what Adam did and Blake’s reaction when seeing him again, it was bad. Adam physically assaulted Blake and who knows what else he has done to her. Adam is an abuser. The actions of what Yang and Sun did don’t come nowhere near what Blake suffered through with Adam.

4.      Now you may ask, “Kae! Who is the other abuser?” Weiss’ father, Jacques. We have not seen him be physically abusive to Weiss (or to his other children) but he has been mentally and emotionally abusive. In the first episode of v3, he cuts Weiss’ money off for not answering his call. He pulled the same thing to Winter (she told Weiss that in 3.4). From what we can gather also, he was far from pleased that Weiss went to Beacon, not Atlas. After Ironwood left, Jacques was putting Weiss down, trying to control her and pretty much gave her no choice when he brought up singing for an event. Jacques does what he can do put Weiss down and manipulate her, ignoring how she feels about things. That is mental and emotional abuse.

Weiss has hate for her father. We can see it in her face in 4.2 and her reaction when Winter is talking about him in 3.4. Again, as someone who is in a similar situation, it points to all signs of abuse and reminds me of what I have to go through.

5.      Now one more point I want to bring up as a side note. What Tai did wasn’t abusive either. It was shocking to hear him said that but Yang took it fine. Unfortunately, it was never established before that Yang and Tai have a relationship like that where they can do things like that. While I may not have reacted great to what Tai said for reasons, he wasn’t really being abusive. And as I stated before, we all do and say things that may harm someone we love when we didn’t mean for that. That does not make us an abuser and neither does it make Tai one.

The fact people are throwing this word around like it can be applied to any ship is asinine. Yang, Sun, and even Tai are not abusers. Adam and Jacques are. Just because you hate a ship doesn’t mean you can use that word to slander it.

Yang nearly lost her life trying to protect Blake form her actual abuser and Sun is risking his to make sure she is okay. Neither have shown any signs of wanting to harm Blake or control her. How people see either one as an abuser baffles me. This needs to stop now.

gangster ceo!jungkook

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  • yall dont realize how fast i got to work on this as soon as i got this request
  • originally it was like “gangster or ceo” but u know.. me….. i cannot chill
  • so!!! background
  • jungkook grew up as your typical spoiled rich boy
  • he had the fliest cars, biggest parties, and everyone was in love with him
  • he woke up everyday on satin black sheets tangled in gold blankets with a new person tucked into his side every early morning, only for said person to get escorted out of the house by his father’s long line of personal assistants
  • as the heir of jeon group, jungkook is a very, very precious person not only to his family but to the press, and he has to keep some semblance of a favorable image if he doesn’t want his father to send out an employee while he’s in Sicily to give jungkook the talk
  • the “talk” consists of a lot of scolding, all of which jungkook is not listening to lmao
  • despite being the heir, jungkook is super ignorant as to where the money that pays for his yves saint laurent shoes really come from
  • he kinda thinks like “oh yeah i’m gonna be the ceo and just dump everything on everyone else nbd”
  • in short, jungkook only finds out what he’s in for on the night of a very big gala being held at the jeon house, in which usually he’d crash and leave five minutes later with a pretty young thing before his father could stop him
  • but this year, his father asks jungkook to help put it together
  • now jungkook has had a lot of bodyguards throughout his life lol
  • mr. jeon is super serious about jungkook getting a stable one who will both protect him and not take his shit
  • jungkook is already mentally groaning at the thought of being assigned a line of bulky, no fun bench pressers and he can feel his freedom slipping away again at the very thought, but he decides not to protest cause he doesn’t want the night to be any more agonizing than it’s already going to be
  • halfway through the gala, jungkook is tucked away at the personal bar in the ballroom, downing his third hennessy and listening to his good friends taehyung and jimin whine about how their families were taking them to the french countryside instead of la for the summer, or how their new bugatti got scratched by one of the butlers, when jungkook spots you
  • you’re not paying him any attention, talking to a young entrepreneur a few feet away in your pretty little red dress
  • to most, you’d look really intrigued by what this guy is saying, but not to kook
  • he can see the scowl behind the curve of your champagne glass, can see the twitch in your fingers as you desperately ache for something to do besides listening to this guy talk about how many successful stock investments he’s had this year
  • bored, and kind of sick of his friends’ talk, jungkook decides he’ll be your knight in shining armor tonight and smoothly sidles up to you, his hand slotting easily into the crook of your elbow as the man before you two frowns like?? um
  • “baby, i didn’t know you got here already. you should have come for me right away” jungkook purrs beside your ear, fingers tightening around your elbow as he begins to slowly inch you away
  • you don’t miss a beat, smiling “apologetically” at the boring stranger, “oops! seems i got lost in conversation with this fine gentleman, darling. we really should be going, hm?” you ask, your free hand reaching around to playfully pop a button on the top of his tux, and he has to strain his legs closer together, mind forming with all the possibilities of what that brown lipstick staining your mouth might look on him
  • “we should” he groans through his teeth, and then shoots the perplexed stranger one last look before whisking you away between the dancing couples on the floor
  • he’s halfway through saying you’re welcome when you wrench your arm away, letting out a frustrated sigh once emerged in the crowd
  • “where’s your room?” you inquire, and immediately jungkook is leading you through elites and socialites from all over the country, up a spiral marble staircase and down four different hallways before he reaches his room
  • as soon as the door is open, you shove him through the crack, much to jungkook’s amusement
  • “i have to say, i’ve never met someone as bold as you before. can’t say i hate it though” he grins, reaching out for you as you begin to stride toward his king sized bed 
  • but as soon as his hand makes contact with your wrist, you wrench it backwards, sending a light kick to his backside and making him tumble unceremoniously onto his sheets, whispering a light “what the fuck”
  • you completely ignore him, walking over to his wall of windows overlooking the moonlit beach before wrenching the dark curtains closed, leaving only the light of the lamps in the room to illuminate jungkook’s shocked expression
  • “it’s like you’re asking for trouble” you murmur, taking a good look around his bedroom before rushing over to his closet, ripping article after article of clothing off the rack to his shock
  • “what the hell- do you know who you’re-” “of course i do, mr. jeon. now put on something comfortable, preferably to run in”
  • you toss a tee shirt at his face and it smacks him in the eyes, leaving him stunned and sitting awkwardly on his bed as he attempts to reach whatever conclusion you’ve clearly already drawn
  • finally, he finds his words again
  • “w-why…?”
  • you shoot him a glare over your shoulder that could freeze hell, as his mouth instantly clamps shut
  • “because someone is here to kill you, mr. jeon”
  • in fact, as soon as you say this, someone is knocking on the door to the room
  • jungkook just abandons the cocky asshole thing in total fear of his life and starts shaking from head to toe, little whimpers falling from his mouth as he realizes the gravity of the situation
  • you don’t finish picking out clothes for him, and instead shove him far into the back of his walk in closet before ripping up the carefully sewn slit in your dress to reveal a set of like four different knives lmao
  • you toss him one and he watches in horror as you use another to hold to his throat, your eyes trained on his shocked expression
  • “do not, under any circumstances, come out of this closet until i say the word. if someone breaks down this door, you stab them and run, understand? don’t look back”
  • all jungkook can do is nod bc he’s nearly pissing his pants
  • he wants to ask so bad why anyone would want to kill him
  • like his family donates to charity religiously, and as far as jungkook knows, a lot of the money his dad makes goes toward research funds for rare diseases and what not, and he, personally, doesn’t think he’s fucked anyone over enough to get a hitman on him
  • you just shoot him a fleeting look that he thinks for a second is sympathetic, and then you shut the door to the closet and disappear
  • unable to contain his curiosity, jungkook peeks outside to see what’s going on
  • as soon as you’re a few feet away from the door, the door is suddenly kicked down and a group of like five guys barrel in
  • jungkook’s knee jerk reaction is that you’re going to die and he wants so badly to go out and help you but you also told him to stay put
  • it’s getting harder tho bc even tho you can handle yourself for now, they’re starting to gang up on you the more irritated they get
  • they’re starting to corner you, their backs turned to the closet, and jungkook thinks this is his only chance
  • he jumps out of the closet and heaves his knife at one of the goons
  • it hits him in the back of the leg, hilt first
  • so now not only are these guys gonna kill him, you are too :)
  • all five turn to look at him at once, and he thinks this is the end, and when he imagined his life ending with him and a pretty girl this was not his first choice tbh
  • suddenly, you reach down and grab one of your stilettos, twisting the heel off, and there’s a hissing noise that fills the room before you toss the shoe at one of the stunned goons and rush past them before they can react
  • you throw yourself against jungkook and shut the door to the closet tight, and seconds later, there’s a loud explosion in his room
  • “here, keep this over your face. whatever you do, don’t breathe until we get outside. and listen to me this time” you hiss the last part as you hand him one of his scarves, making jungkook laugh sheepishly 
  • “but i mean, didn’t i technically just save us back there-” “i still have knives to maim you with, mr. jeon”
  • the party is in complete chaos, but you manage to smuggle him out between all the scared patrons, and soon, you’ve got him in the backset of a bmw with his father in the passenger seat and another guard driving you two to the city
  • “what about mom?” jungkook asks, looking out of the window frantically for her
  • “we got her to your father’s penthouse in seoul already, she’s safe.” you tell jungkook, running a hand through your hair as you let out a tired sigh
  • jungkook finally gets to take a good look at you now, and even though you’re covered in sweat, your makeup is smeared, and your hair is a mess, he’s convinced this is the fastest he’s ever been endeared by a woman 
  • when you notice him staring holes into your head you just shoot him a glare “i hope you know that stunt back there almost got us killed, idiot”
  • usually, jungkook would not settle for someone calling him an idiot, let alone someone he just met
  • but jungkook goes from O.O to heart eyes so quick 
  • “who are you?” he asks
  • “that’s (y/n), your new bodyguard.” jungkook’s father chimes in, with a small, pleased smile on his face as he watches his son’s reaction in the side mirror
  • for once, jungkook does not put up a fuss
  • his father ends up having to explain that their company is aligned with a few powerful mafia families in asia, and that a rival was beginning to rise and wanted to take out jeon industries’ heir as a way to halt income for some of the mafias
  • it takes jungkook a long time to get used to the fact that his family is so linked with crime, and at first he honestly doesn’t even want to believe it
  • his family is also a fifth generation family of notorious gangsters, as he finds out
  • apart from becoming the actual ceo of the company, jungkook was also expected to deal in the crime business that his family had been keeping for decades
  • his father even goes as far as relocating jungkook to the city to live on his own in preparation for taking over the business
  • so far, it’s just him, you, and a few other guards living there who work round the clock
  • the first few weeks with you are kind of hell and heaven for kook
  • any time he attempts to bring home anyone you literally card them at the front door, look up their identity to make sure it matches, do a facial and fingerprint scan, and then when (if) they finally pass your test you honestly pat them down before and after they’re about to leave
  • jungkook is like lol i dont care if they stole anything i can have it replaced
  • but you’ll be damned if you don’t do your job so you do it anyway and jungkook is kinda amused?? he thinks it’s funny that someone actually has to do this for him and you look so cute fussing over his one night stands
  • some of them don’t even come back bc of u and before, he might’ve been pissed but honestly he doesn’t give a damn
  • you’re much more entertaining
  • when he attends one of his first meetings with a few mafia bosses on updated territory negotiations after he’s promoted to ceo, he’s so nervous and pacing back and forth outside the meeting place and he so badly wants to run and hide bc like? people?? social elites he can handle but crime bosses???? no
  • you too are nervous but you can’t show it, especially not with jungkook looking like he’s abt to faint 
  • so instead of panicking too you just place your hand on his shoulder and look him in the eyes with a stern expression and tell him “don’t be nervous”
  • he scoffs bc of course it’s easy for you to say
  • you’ll be standing in a corner and the only thing you’ll have to do is look invisible and make sure a fight doesn’t break out. he has to do a shit load of talking and has to be smart abt what he’s doing and he’s just not ready
  • “i know you’re afraid of them. they’ll know that too. do you know what my physical defense trainer taught me when i got hired to my company?” you ask, and he just shakes his head side to side with wide eyes
  • “she said to imagine yourself as a lone wolf, entering a new pack. you’ve got to be strong, hold your head up high, and show them you mean business. you’ve got to prove yourself worthy. you can be scared, but whatever you do, don’t let them know. even if they try to make you look stupid, do not let them know. they can and will only attack if they sense weakness”
  • part of him is a bit stunned, bc?? you being scared doesn’t really mix in his mind
  • you’re one of the most fearless people he knows
  • but to know that even someone like you could secretly be scared on the inside takes him aback
  • he’s silent for a little while, fiddling with his thumbs, and then he swallows down his fears and steels his face into a stoic expression “alright. let’s go”
  • more often than not, jungkook needs reassurances like these
  • even years down the line, when jungkook is in his twenties and running the crime business like a pro, he still sometimes needs that calming look from you, or that squeeze on his bicep to tell him that everything is alright
  • even though kook has grown into quite the man, he’s very much still an annoying little shit
  • the people he brings home dwindle more and more until you literally have to ask him if you’ve scared all of them away and kook just laughs like “nah i don’t really care about them anymore is all”
  • you know jungkook has three moods
  • ceo jungkook: charming, flirty, conversationalist
  • gangster jungkook: cunning and ruthless
  • jungkook: dances around his living room in his underwear on the fourteenth floor to big bang
  • when you deal with ceo kook, it’s a mix of rolling eyes and resisting the urge to sock him in the throat
  • he really knows how to pack on the cringe-y compliments to make his clients fall for him
  • he’s always sitting around his office, feet propped up on his desk with the first few buttons of his white button up undone, his suit jacket draped over the back of his chair and his tie loosened
  • whenever he has an unexpected visitor however, he always asks you to clean him back up
  • he’s all smiles with his hands deep in his pockets as he watches you fix his tie and one day he even has the audacity to wink at you when you’re done and say “thank you, honey”
  • gangster jungkook is calculated. he likes everything to go his way, and he wants complete control over what’s going on in his company from the ground up
  • rumors aren’t appreciated
  • jungkook once caught one of his goons talking shit and spreading rumors to a few others about you, of all ppl, about how jungkook was keeping you on the side as a quick fuck and that you weren’t worth anything to the company besides that
  • what made it worse is that you’d heard, unbeknownst to anyone but jungkook
  • as soon as jungkook walked up to the guy, the goon immediately dropped to his knees and started apologizing and asking for forgiveness
  • “why are you apologizing? did you do something wrong?” jungkook feigns innocence, giving him one of his charming smiles that he reserves for the fake elites he works with at the company everyday
  • the guy just keeps apologizing, saying he shouldn’t have said anything about you in the first place, and starts wailing like a moron until jungkook is so annoyed with the guy he yanks him back up by his receding hairline and brings him face to face
  • “do you know how badly i want to kick your ass for disrespecting my bodyguard right now? she has more worth to me and this company in her pinky finger than you do in your whole body”
  • the guy is really scared now, begging jungkook to spare him, and everyone is just looking on like lmao he had that coming
  • and then you walk over, peel jungkook’s hand away, and give him an appreciative smile, “it’s fine, jungkook. you don’t have to hurt him”
  • and jungkook is abt to argue with you 
  • and then you just. raise your knee and sock the asshole on his knees in the chin, knocking him out cold on the ground “i can do it myself”
  • he falls in love with you more honestly
  • normal kook is your favorite tho
  • when he really lets go it’s just the two of you, being silly
  • sometimes he asks you to play hide and seek with him and claims he’s “fine tuning your skills”
  • the dancing to big bang thing is a common occurrence
  • when you’re off duty, he gets you to change into a pair of boxers with him and dance throughout the house
  • he’s even filmed a few of these dances on his phone and occasionally plays them back on long, stressful flights from here to there, smiling down at the screen
  • even tho you have a place of your own, he tends to ask you to stay over at his
  • he claims it’s for maximum security but really, he just likes having your presence around
  • he likes having an excuse to send his chef away so he can make dinner for two, or to have someone he can talk to abt his worries with business, or to simply just see
  • he’s a lonely man, working on top of everything, and sometimes it hits him just how lonely he is when you’re not around
  • you’ve steadily become a constant in his life he never wants to lose
  • at first you thought it was a bit strange, but sometimes he just asks to hold your hand
  • it might be in the car on the way to the airport or even while he’s attending a press conference
  • when you ask him why he likes to hold your hand so much, that rare sliver of jungkook shines through when it’s not supposed to, “you make me feel safe”
  • you’ve seen a lot of jungkook too
  • from quarrels with his family to actually seeing him butt naked he said he wasn’t embarrassed but he was red all over??
  • jungkook, tho you’d scold him for saying so, would jump in front of a bullet for you before you could for him
  • it made him frustrating when he fretted over you after a fight bc “kook,,, this is my job, i should be asking if you’re okay”
  • sometimes jungkook wonders if you should even be his bodyguard anymore
  • he thinks he cares too much about you to see you hurt like that
  • he thinks about it for a long time, but it only becomes clear to him when a meeting with a potential new crime ally from the states goes horribly wrong
  • the new ally  is unsatisfied with how much jungkook is willing to give to him in exchange for connections and goods, and push comes to shove until bullets are flying
  • you immediately shield jungkook and throw him under the table, but a miscalculated bullet hits your side and fall to the floor, unable to stand much longer
  • jungkook is so frozen in shock he doesn’t realize why you’re kneeling until his people chase the others out of the room and he sees your hands glistening red
  • immediately he’s screaming “no no no no” in his head, and you’re holding on quite well but the look of sheer pain on your face makes jungkook want to never see it again
  • he’s grabbing at you as you slump again him, and he quickly starts dialing the number for his private medical team to get to you asap
  • “i don’t think it hit anything too serious-” you start, but he’s muttering for you to shut up, that he can’t believe this happened, that he should have been more careful
  • all you can do is frown up at him through the pain, “jungkook, how many times have I… had to tell you…? your life comes first”
  • but he keeps shaking his head, holding you close to his chest as he wishes the ambulance to come faster “not to me”
  • thankfully, the bullet hadn’t hit anything bad
  • but it still hurt a hell of a lot
  • jungkook insists that he set you up in the best hospital room, and he keeps taking off time from work to visit you
  • he floods your hotel room with flowers of every color and size, has you on paid leave, and even offers to get you a emotional support dog
  • just bc
  • “do you want a puppy? i’ll get you a puppy. what’s your favorite breed? i’ll even get it a wardrobe for the seasons. we can take it with us to work”
  • having jungkook feigning over you is far more adorable than you expected, and you just let him ramble for a few minutes before he tires himself out and you just peck his cheek and tell him “thank you, but i’ve got a good enough pup right here”
  • yeah…….. he’s blushing
  • no matter how much he pleads you to take lit any other job than bodyguard, you tell him that it’s what you want to do, and that you will protect him until he no longer needs protecting
  • the time you spend in the hospital only reminds jungkook that he never wants to lose you
  • you know even though he’s trying to joke with you and do silly things to lighten the mood, he’s trying to hide the fact that the day you got shot was one of the worst days of his life
  • he truly believed he almost lost you and that alone had left him speechless for hours, waiting anxiously outside your surgery room
  • “you know you’re… you’re the only person i trust this much, right?” he tells you, gently grasping your hand in his
  • you hold it back just as tightly, a soft smile taking over your face as his eyes never leave yours. just being here with him, knowing he cares for you so much… it’s enough to make your heart stutter “i won’t let you down, mr. jeon”
It’s a...date? (FreshPaper)

Ok… so this is like the first part to who knows how many parts there will be… it was suppose to be fluff but I don’t know how it is now… -_-

And it kinda ends within the middle cause I didn’t really know how to continue from that last line… (and I kinda wanted it to end like that *shrugs*)

ANYWAY! My attempt for Floof Day!

Prologue -> HERE

Characters: Paper Jam (created by me) and Fresh (Created by CQ)

Setting: A post-pacifist run universe

Story is under the read more!

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How the Paladins + Allura ask out their S/O? It seems like a good way to start off a blog!


- Shiro was really nervous about asking you out.

- He was Worried you would turn him down, so he put it off as long as possible.

- But eventually the two of you wound up alone on the observation deck.

- He was just blunt about it. “will you be my girlfriend?”

- You said yes, of course!


- Lance won you over with his cheesy pickup lines.

- Which you loved.

-  “i’m no organ donor, but I would be happy to give you my heart.” cue the blushing.

- Finally, He asked you out. Totally on accident.

- “do you have a band-aid? Cuz I scraped my knees falling for you”

- You laughed really hard, to which he deadpanned “date me.” and immediately regretted it.

- You laughed harder and said yes.


- He didn’t know how to ask a girl out, so he went to Lance for advice.

- Big mistake.

- Lance told him (surprise surprise) to use a pickup line.

- “Roses are red, Violets are… violet? ummmmm you are hot, and so is lava… I think.”

- “um what?” “lava is really hot, and …um its red, like roses… I don’t know how tooo… Will you go out with me?”

- When you finally realized what Keith was saying, you smiled, and said yes.

- Keith blushed and hugged you, because that’s all he could really do at the moment, he was so exited.


- She decided that she would just tell you straight, she had a crush on you and wanted to go out with you.

- She found you on the observation deck alone, looking at the stars.

- She walked up confidently and got your attention, but chose that moment to get nervous.

- She stuttered out the question, a blushing mess.

- She blushed even harder when you said yes


- Surprisingly the most straightforward?

- He got you a bouquet of space flowers and made a nice dinner and asked you out to a picnic in the observation deck, so you two could watch the stars.

- When you said yes, he was kinda stunned. He blushed a lot and hugged you.


- She was pretty confident asking you out, but kinda skirted around the question.

  - She hinted a lot beforehand, preparing for the big moment. “I know this really cool planet” or “Its beautiful! good place for a date.”

- you kinda realized what was happening after a while, but waited for her to officially ask you out.

- you said yes when she finally did, making her go cherry red and hug you.

Wow! first one done! That took way longer than it should have.

-Mod Robyn
Drabble Prompts: Are You.... Jealous?

A/N: okay so this was a combination of about three prompts.

You wandered back from the bar, a free pitcher of beer in your hand. Plonking it on the table you grinned at the others.

“Courtesy of the lovely Jacob behind the bar…. ”

You’d spent the last ten minutes flirting with him and making a big show of taking his number, not that you had any intention of using it. You just enjoyed flirting.

“You know, the way you flirt is just shameful,” Spencer commented, his usual cheery demeanor gone.

“It’s just a bit of fun!” you exclaimed, wondering who’d crawled into his ass and pissed him off. Penelope and Emily nodded along with you, refilling their glasses.

“To you maybe. What about the poor saps you’re leading on?”

“I don’t lead anyone on. I tell people I have a boyfriend even though I don’t. It’s not my fault they still push their numbers onto me. When you think about it, they’re the ones in the wrong,” you were appalled at Spencer’s attitude towards you all of a sudden.

“They wouldn’t push them onto you if you didn’t show so willing to take them.”

“Spencer! What the hell is wrong with you tonight?”

“Oh just ignore him Kitty Cat, ” Derek gave his colleague a sharp nudge. “He’s probably just jealous or something.”

“Pffft,” both you and Reid scoffed although he did at least shut up.

You and the girls went off to dance, deciding to leave the bar at around one.

“You two gonna share a cab?” Derek glanced over to you and Reid. You both lived quite close to each other, over the opposite side of town to the others. It was handy, meaning you often had someone to carpool with and to occasionally have someone nearby to hang out with at the weekends.

“As long as he doesn’t accuse me of flirting with the cab driver.”

Reid flushed slightly at your dig, looking mildly uncomfortable. You’d been so taken back by his comments earlier. It was so unlike the kind and sweet man you’d come to call your friend. When you’d first met him, you’d been stunned by how handsome he was too, quickly realising that flirting was not something he took to1. Which was a shame, you’d have very much liked to flirt with him, one of the few people you could have seen it actually leading somewhere with. You’d pushed that fleeting thought to the back of your head pretty fast. Spencer didn’t date. In fact, no one on the team was 100 percent sure what Spencer’s deal actually was.

Derek hopped into the first cab with Garcia and Emily, Garcia being a little worse for the wear. When you were left alone with Reid, an uncomfortable silence descended over you. When ten minutes had passed by and you hadn’t spotted another cab you took your cell out and decided to take matters into your own hands.

“Fuck this, I’m ordering an Uber,” you loaded up the app and started tapping in the details, walking up the street slightly away from the bar. You rested your back against a store front as you finished your order, Spencer in front of you.

“You didn’t have to do that, it’ll probably cost double the amount at this time of night.”

“Just over double actually. But I just wanna go home. It should only be another five minutes.”

He nodded, sticking his hands in his pockets and shuffling his feet awkwardly.

“What was up with you earlier anyway?”

“What, when?” Spencer pulled a face, feigning ignorance.

“Earlier? Your snarky attitude towards towards me for having a harmless flirt. Christ Spencer, for a second I actually considered Derek’s suggestion that you were jealous.”

Reid bit his lip and a flush covered his cheeks, his hands being shoved deeper into his pockets. The unthinkable suddenly crossed your mind.

“Wait, were you jealous?”


“Oh my God… You were!”

“No I wasn’t!”

And denile was just a river in Egypt. Every little bit of his body language right now was telling you that you were right.

“Yes, you were. Derek was right.”

“No he isn’t.”

“Spencer come on… Admit it, it all kinda makes sense now.”

“There’s nothing to admit, shut up!”

You licked your lips and stepped closer to him, more sure than ever about this.

“Make me.”


“You heard. You were jealous earlier and there’s a reason for it. You won’t admit it and you want me to shut up about it. So make me shut up .”

Either way this went you were quite sure you were going to get the answer you wanted.

And seconds later after seeing conflict cross Spencer’s face, you had the answer.

Soft lips crushed against yours and you were moved back against the wall, his body pinned against yours. You reached up and tangled your fingers into his hair, feeling his tongue flick out and requesting access. Lips parted and tongues met, the taste of alcohol in both of your mouths. And although it was the alcohol that had made this interaction possible, you knew that it wasn’t happening because you were drunk. You wanted him and he wanted you. After a few frenzied minutes he pulled back, almost breathless. You didn’t release him from you though, holding his head close to yours.

“Admit it… ” you breathed.

“I was jealous, I’m sorry.”

A grin broke over your lips, “You really don’t need to be. You could have just said something to me…”

“I didn’t know how to,” his hazel eyes gazed into yours and you pressed your lips to his once more, this time more sweetly.


You broke apart seeing a car pulled up to the curb as your cell started to vibrate. Your ride was here. Spencer held the door open for you and you both slid in, buckling up.

“I have down two drops, is that right?” the driver glanced into his mirror and stole a look at Reid.

Reaching across the seat you took Spencer’s hand and squeezed it.

“No, just the one please.”

Kiss Prompt #19 kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing

This will probably end up in A Pretty Taste For Paradox. Someday.

Six months of silence. No word since her incarceration, not even a rumor. They’d never promised, never declared. She knew his limitations. Her own. No questions asked, there was work to be done. Her task: too honorable to ignore. His: too dangerous to share. They had mutually skirted and ignored, found alternatives, said goodbye.

It is only now, when he is one long step away, that Shepard finally misses him.

Buoying her is the memory of their reunion on Sur’Kesh. The slow, stunned slip of his eyes when he caught his first glimpse of her. The tremor in his grip when he took hold of her hand and squeezed, reluctant to let go.

Aboard the Normandy, Shepard waits for some sparse hint that Mordin’s feelings have survived their long intermission, but he is newly impenetrable. He twitters at his work station in med-bay, singing a constant trill of hypotheses and solutions, more alive than she’s ever seen him.

And more alone.

His work has changed. Grown exponentially in scope and meaning while leaving little room for anything else. The scientific breakthrough of a thousand lifetimes, all wrapped up in the glimmer of personal redemption. Gorgeous. Irresistible. Meant to be.

Mordin’s brief and brilliant existence has honed him for this singular task. Shepard understands completely. Curing the genophage will be Mordin Solus’ magnum opus - facing down the Reapers will be her own. Whatever grew between them while hunting the Collectors, it has no such grandeur.

Still, she struggles to put it aside.

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Senpai, how about mc having abilities, like, she can heat up stuff or her breath makes objects alive, etc. But she has a hard life (being experiment). The RFA+V+Saeran find out & help mc to overcome the past by convince her that she's special. ❤umods


You don’t even understand how long it took to come up with this and then write it

But I did it

I hope it’s what you were hoping for anon!! ^^


Yoosung (An extra good luck charm)

  • You’re super lucky, but that’s gotta be evened out… so you’re SUPER clumsy
  • Yoosung learns this when you accidentally spill your hot coffee on yourself, and dropped your books, and tripped on your shoelaces all in the same ten minutes
  • “Geez, you’re really clumsy, aren’t you?”
  • “That’s only the half of it” you say, “but if you wanna win some of the lottery I might be able to help”
  • And so you revealed your luck
  • And he’s like really surprised?? 
  • You guys have known each other for months and only now you’ve told him, and that’s okay and all
  • but are you the reason he’s been acing all of his tests at college?? Yes, you are indeed
  • He’s so psyched about it, but you feel insecure over it
  • “You aren’t just gonna use me, are you..?”
  • “Why would you think that?? MC it’s amazing you have these powers, but you’re so much more than that. I’m here with you for everything! I’m not just gonna stay for the good, I promise. You’re so special, but it’s not just your powers making you special”
  • No one has ever really told you that before
  • And it’s so comforting to hear

Jaehee (Heats stuff up)

  • You had conveniently left out the fact you can warm stuff up in the time you’ve been with Jaehee
  • But you’ve also been quite the helping hand for her, making her coffee in the early morning before work, before she was even up. She had no clue you just heated up the water for it by yourself, ‘cause boiling the water took too long and it was a lot easier for you to just warm it up
  • She didn’t know until she caught you
  • You were just standing in the kitchen with her mug in your hands, and all the sudden it went from chill to boiling
  • You didn’t notice her standing there watching you until you set the cup on the table. You proceeded to flush a bright red
  • Honestly she didn’t know what to think?
  • “What’d you just do?”
  • “Um… warmed it up”
  • “Really? How’d you do it?”
  • “Um. With my hands”
  • You explained it to her then, ‘cause there was no use keeping it secret anymore. And because everyone over reacts, you expected her to freak out and over react about it too
  • But she was just like,
  • “Cool” (:
  • “You’ll have to show me more of what you can do sometime”
  • And she carried on
  • And seeing her, you could too
  • Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all

Zen (Changes appearance)

  • You have the ability to change how you look. You can tweak your hair color, your face shape, etc. You can’t tweak your height or build or your scars, which believe me, you have your fair share of after all the experiments
  • Zen just assumed you wore wigs or dyed your hair all the time, cause your hair would constantly change to whatever you wanted it to be at the moment
  • But one time when you were with Zen, you saw a girl who had a really cute mop of curly red hair and you adored it
  • And your hair kind just *POOF*ed into a fluff of curly red locks
  • Zen kinda jumped, but you spooked and ran cause oh gosh he knows now
  • what is he gonna think???
  • He chases you down and stops you, and you explain it to him
  • And instead of saying something he just kisses you, softly for a moment
  • You were so worried he would only care about your looks, ‘cause that’s all you thought you really are
  • “You aren’t just your looks” he says “it takes one to know one”
  • And it kinda hits you, Zen worries the same thing
  • And he knows exactly how it’s like
  • And exactly the right things to help you feel better about it
  • And come to love yourself

Jumin (Morph into animals)

  • Whenever Jumin wasn’t home you’d morph into a cat and play with Elizabeth, cause… why not?
  • It helps you to run off some anxious energy, spending a fair amount of time chasing and playing with her
  • But of course Jumin came home one day when your were in cat mode and at first he thought you were a stray
  • but you were also such a pretty cat??? No cat that pretty would be a stray
  • Oh. And then you morphed back in a hurry
  • To say the least Jumin freaked. He was more or less stunned, and so you explained to him “I kinda can morph into animals”
  • “It’s not fit for my dear to worry over such an amazing skill”
  • You were really nervous so you didn’t notice in your rush to morph back to human you still had cat ears
  • Jumin noticed
  • And when he did, he kissed you
  • “I could get used to those cat ears”
  • To say the least, real cat ears are better than the fake ones for the sexy cat outfit cue Peony’s sexy cat reaction
  • You come to grow into your powers, and you start to love them and become more comfortable with them, thanks to Jumin accepting them and showing his own kind of support

Seven (Controls electricity)

  • You had always been super tentative to touch him cause you have a literal electric touch
  • So you have avoided meeting up with him for the longest time until finally he convinced you to come meet him
  • The first time you two shake hands, you hand-buzz him. But there’s no hand buzzer in your hand when he looks??
  • How’d you do that??
  • You explain to him your powers, and then get really nervous “Everyone only ever wants me because of them…”
  • He just hugs you and holds you really close. You’re kinda staticy
  • “Hey. I love you because of you. I didn’t even know about this electric thing til now. And I’d love you all the same if you didn’t have it.”
  • It’s comforting, it’s really comforting
  • You notice after the hug that his hair ALL OVER is sticking up, and his hair is REALLY CURLY
  • He constantly reminds you though
  • Until you’re more comfortable with yourself
  • You eventually start using it for pranks because Seven helped you get so comfortable
  • You were totally not the one who made Elizabeth the III super staticy
  • Nor were you the one who shut down Seven’s power right before he finished a report
  • oh gosh he was so upset
  • but his reaction was so worth it

Saeran (Mind reading)

  • Saeran never really talked much with you, yet you amazingly got along
  • perhaps that’s because you knew what he was thinking most of the time
  • It’s not that you purposely intruded in on his thoughts
  • You didn’t quite have control over your power though
  • One day you thought Maybe he should know about this
  • So you nervously explained to him that you could read minds and you listened to his all the time on accident
  • He wasn’t happy
  • He was upset
  • And extremely rash
  • “You’ve been WHAT???”
  • What all did you know?? What all did he think about around you??
  • You fled. Later, he came to you, apologizing
  • Why didn’t you tell him before?
  • Because you weren’t ready to
  • And he could kind of accept that, that you needed time to come out with it
  • But does that mean he now has to watch what he thinks about around you?
  • Kind of.
  • Sometimes he thinks things on purpose, expecting you to be listening. Overall, you figure it’s fun to listen to his thoughts
  • Sometimes they’re really sweet
  • hey. i love you
  • Other times
  • i’m going to murder this idiot in front of us if they don’t speed up
  • He may or may not be serious about that

V (Invisibility) 

  • When you first meet him, he kinda stumbles over the sidewalk
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t see. I’m kind of blind…. I can’t see you either”
  • “Don’t worry,” you say, “no one else can either”
  • “???”
  • “Ehehh, I’m kind of invisible”
  • “Oh”
  • he never would’ve noticed
  • you realize that, right?
  • “Okay”
  • He’s a blind little bean
  • It’s not like you’ve gone anywhere
  • Or like you’re intangible
  • You’re still actually there, but just most of the time, you’re invisible. It’s something you have a lot of trouble controlling, it spurs on and off with your moods
  • Most of the time causing you to be invisible
  • But he doesn’t care
  • He loves you
  • And he doesn’t see you become invisible or whatnot
  • And so you’re convinced it doesn’t matter if you’re invisible or not
  • Cause V will always care

It’s like one in the morning now. I’m listening to ballet music and I’m wide awake. But I took a six hour nap earlier so I’m probably gonna be up even longer x)

Leviathan High school AU (because every fandom should have one) where their school wants to put on a Twelfth Night play and Alek wants to try and audition but he’s too scared to do it alone.
He asks Deryn to come with him but she doesn’t want to join the production, and he’s like “just do a bad job at it and you won’t get in, pleaseeeee” (Deryn complies because she’s hopelessly crushing on her best friend.)

So she auditions and intentionally does a horrible job at it, but Dr. Barlow (who is in charge of the play) casts her as Viola because Deryn has not only the looks to pull of ‘Cesario’, she has Viola’s swagger, wit and charm (and Deryn’s audition was sort of awkward which is okay because Viola is always stuck in awkward situations and her awkward would make this play the comedy it is.)

Alek is casted as Orsino and LILIT GETS OLIVIA.
During one of their rehearsal of the scene where Olivia confesses to 'Cesario’, Lilit pulls Deryn into a surprise kiss and EVERYONE is stunned and all like “well someone is taking acting pretty seriously.” Lilit, on the other hand, is very proud of herself and Deryn is stunned but mostly because 'wow that was a quick one but Lilit is a good kisser. ’

Then during dress rehearsals, Alek is excited to see Deryn in her first costume which is used  when Viola was just washed to shore because Deryn has to wear a dress and a wig to make her hair look longer, and Alek is oh so curious. But when he sees her for the first time in her Cesario uniform costume he’s just SO AROUSED FOR SOME REASON BECAUSE HOT DAMN DERYN SHARP.

And also, Lilit preforms her role all in beautiful Victorian styled dresses and her hijab on and she looks like the graceful queen she is UvU. 

To some people’s surprise (cough volger cough), the play goes rather smoothly, but no one outside the production will ever know the horror they went through in staging this play.

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31()media()tumblr()com/ef19e5011371b03b7f765fc2602c878d/tumblr_nukdy6fgw11tlb56zo1_400()gif Imagine Peter doing that with Stiles. Or or or Stiles doing that with Peter. Even better if it's during a pack gathering and they couldn't give two shits about others watching.


The pack would stunned into silence the first time. Like, maybe Stiles and Peter haven’t exactly been keeping their relationship a secret, but they don’t flaunt it either and the opportunity to show affection towards each other just hasn’t cropped up when they’re around the others. But then one day out of the blue during a pack meeting, it’s lunchtime, Stiles is tapping away at his phone doing research maybe because he doesn’t have his laptop on him, and he barely notices the food arriving. Peter is totally used to this because he knows once Stiles gets focused on something, he pretty much tunes out the rest of the world, and things like eating and sleeping becomes an afterthought. So he’s used to feeding Stiles sometimes, when the boy gets lost in whatever he’s obsessing over, although they’re usually in Peter’s apartment when it happens. Peter doesn’t give a fuck about what other people might think though, in fact, he enjoys screwing with them any way he can, so he sticks food in front of Stiles to tempt him, and he’s so very pleased when the boy automatically leans over, mouth opening, instinctively knowing it’s Peter and not even thinking about checking for poison the way he would’ve months ago (which had been entertaining but Peter can’t say he misses the wariness either), and the whole thing is as amusing as it is adorable, and even Peter forgets their audience for a moment, distracted enough by Stiles to press a kiss to Stiles’ forehead when he gets close enough. That makes Stiles go still before looking up, openly surprised before his expression melts into that fond quirk of a grin that Peter knows is reserved just for him.

The rest of the pack is still gawking with a mix of shock and what-the-fuck and possibly revulsion. Peter could not care less, and apparently Stiles is of the same opinion because he makes no move to stop Peter from feeding him the rest of his lunch.