he's pretty cute he just looks like

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ok so i was talking to this capricorn a few months back but he randomly stopped hitting me up. no big deal - we never fucked and i moved on but all his close friends have slowly but surely started following all my social media accounts (to which he is the only mutual) and the capricorn pretty much stalks my snapchat... like he's the first one to watch it every single time. idk what to think like maybe he tryna put his niggas on or.... idk what... i'm a scorpio btw but what do you think?

male capricorns are realy hot/cold and i don’t understand it lmao. but yeah, that is weird. idk what he’s trying to do but because he isn’t really saying anything to you i would just continue to mind my own business and look cute on snap because what can you really do girl 😛 also i luv scorpio women so hey boo 😘


A (not so) short summary of my obsession with lil cinnamon roll aka Newt Scamander

Okay so look

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He was literally beING ARREsted and he’s grinning because he’s so CUTE

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(also that niffler’s pretty adorable)

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That thing Louis does at concerts where he blows a gentle kiss to fans in the crowd and wiggles his tiny fingers afterward.... he looks so dainty and flamboyant is such a beautiful sight tbh

it’s honestly so cute and pure, bonus: his lil wink 😩

Not my style appreciation post.

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There’s things in this globe that are not appreciated enough. One of those is Kris, but to be honest, he will NEVER be appreciated enough, so, let’s get started.

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1. That tol people smile, that somehow has you wondering why the heck they look so humble and pure. Like, smol people smile like that, but tol people do this and is like “im hUMBLE PURE SQUISHY AND SOFT” and i just get lost in his smile like it’s a child of mine.

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2. He’s also a hyper kid, he does these things but like realizes and tries to play it cool but we all know that Kris isn’t any cold shit he’s a child.

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3. cute little pretty pie. He’s so cute with the clumsy/awkward amile when he does aegyo! N’ that Kris blonde EXO era was gold!

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4. A child of god with a kid of god.

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5. THIS FACE OF HIS WHEN HE’S NOT UNDERSTANDING! That’s another tol people power, they make this expression and you want to show them the whole world and get them out to see pretty things and pretty people tHAT’S UNFAIR.

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6. Why did i put this here? It’s dangerous. He’s a great, great model. so pretty, Kris!

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8. Actor Fanfan, nothing else needs to be told or seen.

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9. Ok, despite the dangerous tongue thing and my bleeding nostrils look at his nose, his pretty nose and his jawline, also the cheeks and my cries.

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10. Reatable Yifan.

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12. Emotional, crying baby. It hurts, but shows that he’s a human, so if you are one of those who hate Kris because he left, you are NOT an EXO-L. We need to cheer for every member, and if we are not used to the former ones, respect them. Disrespect doesn’t show any love for OT9. Just respect n’ love Kris and his amazing work, look out for our boi. He deserves love.

Day6 As Things My Non-Kpop Friend Has Said About Them
  • Sungjin: "Okay but he totally has that "ruthless businessman who's super cute and devoted around his pretty wife" vibe"
  • Young K: "I would date the shit out of him holy crap he's hot AND he looks like he would treat me right"
  • Wonpil: "He's so hot wtf if he smiled and asked me to sell him my soul I would just give it to him for free"
  • Dowoon: "I feel like he has girls falling at his feet but he doesn't care and just loves his dog."
Kinks With: Bangtan

Recommended: Dirty Talk With Bangtan, Oral With Bangtan

Warnings: Kinks.

If you don’t like smut, don’t read this. 

Jin: Frilly –Pink- Lingerie. He loves to see you in lingerie. You can get him to cum just by wearing a cute set of lacy, frilly, pink lingerie. He loves to fuck you wearing his favorite set. Your tits look perfect, the lace framing your thighs beautifully. He truly believes you’re a work of art.

Yoongi (Suga): Orgasm Denial. Watching you near tears from the burning feeling of your orgasm fading away gets him so hard. The way your pretty lips beg for his cock, fingers, tongue to make you cum after hours of being denied is something he won’t ever tire of.  

Hoseok (J-Hope): Mirror Sex. He loves nothing more than to make you watch youtself gets fucked in front of the mirror. He wraps his and around your throat as he fucks you from behind, making you keep eyecontact with yourself in the mirror.  He can cum so hard watching the pink spread across your cheeks from seeing yourself so fucked out.

Namjoon (RapMonster): Daddy Kink. Wearing his collar with the words “Princess”. Calling him Daddy while he lands reddening slaps onto your ass. Calling you his dirty little slut. Hearing you scream out “Daddy” while you cum all over his cock buried inside of you.

Jimin: Thigh Riding. The way your body trembled from the feel of his thick thigh pressing against you is something he finds so fucking sexy. His jeans get soaked from your juices. His skin sticky from the cum you’re constantly leaking out. He loves it.

Taehyung (V): Oral Fixation. Honestly, he could eat you for hours. He could live off the feeling of your hard nipples in his mouth. He loves to bite you. He loves to lick you. Any taste of your skin gets him hard. He could cum in his pants from one single taste of your cum on his tongue.

Jungkook: Toys. He loves tying your down with a vibrator buried inside of you. Your body trembling and shaking as you try desperately to get out of the binds. He stands there and strokes his cock as he watches you beg to cum. After an hour he finally, finally…reaches out and touches your clit and watches you explode in orgasm over the toy buried inside of you.

Thank you to those of you who enjoy this…series type thing! Next up is Oral with BAP for all you Babyz!

i hope you like soft dex and awkward nursey cause Oh Boy 

(”quit it or i’ll bite")

“Shitty I swear to God if you don’t give me that cute ginger librarian’s deets I will kick your ass in the Annie’s parking lot until you do,” Nursey hisses. They’re tucked into the corner of the nonfiction section, unopened binders and textbooks thrown carelessly on the table to make them at least look like they’re studying.

“Ok, first, pretty sure he’s not an actual librarian, you need, like, a degree for that. Second, are you sure? He looks and acts like a pissed off cat ninety percent of the time. Third, why the Annie’s parking lot? You could just do it here,” Shitty laughs quietly. Nursey chooses not to respond to the last question and furrows his brows.

“Yeah, man, I just think he’s cute. Why not, y'know? If he ends up being an asshole I can just stop talking to him, it’s chill.”

Actually, it is definitely not chill, the absolute opposite of chill, in fact; Nursey had been doing his homework in the public library for the past month just to catch glimpses of this stupid boy. Shitty’s right, his mouth always carries a small hint of a scowl, but Nursey sees how his eyes melt every time he helps a child find what they’re looking for, how the lines on his forehead soften when he puts in his headphones while shelving books. Nursey wants to wine and dine this motherfucker, learn about his hobbies and the music he likes, maybe swipe his thumb over the cluster of freckles that decorate the other boy’s hand. If this doesn’t work out, he also may or may not have to throw out a couple of poems that are scribbled out in his notebook, and that would be a total waste of a good slam performance.

“Ok, ok, it’s your funeral. His name’s Will, from what I remember. I’m pretty sure he’s the same age as you, and good news, he played hockey in high school, so you two have a little bit in common. I took a comp sci class last year just ‘cause and he was mad good at it, like, he was doing hacker-level shit. I’m pretty sure I saw him making out with another dude at our last kegster so you most likely have the green light for flirting with him. And the last thing I know is that under that charming appearance lies a snappy little lobster, probably, so watch out,” Shitty says, moving his hands like claws for emphasis. Nursey laughs, a little too loudly for their location.

“Good thing I’m in the mood for fishing, then,” Nursey declares as he grabs a random book from a nearby shelf and makes his way over to the front of the library. He can hear Shitty whisper-cheering him on, which doesn’t really help much, but the effort is appreciated.

As he nears the front desk, Nursey can finally read the name tag that’s pinned to Will’s collar: William Poindexter. Nursey almost chuckles, because that is definitely one of the nerdiest names at Samwell, but it is kind of fitting. There’s no one in line, so Nursey walks right up and sets his book down, which causes Will to look up from his computer.

“Did you find everything all right?” Will asks, and for once he doesn’t look irritated, just distracted. His voice is unexpectedly soft, probably because he’s trying not to disturb any of the other patrons, and Nursey has to resist the urge to lay his head down on the counter.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” Nursey answers, and mentally slaps himself. This should be easy for him; he’s flirted with tons of other people at varying stages of sobriety, but this is the first time that he’s actually been nervous. Will picks up the book to scan it, his eyebrows raising as he reads the title.

“Are you a bio major?” Will asks offhandedly as he searches for the scanner.

“Oh, no, creative writing,” Nursey replies, surprised that Will is actually initiating conversation. From the way Shitty talked about him, he half expected Will to beat him up the second they made eye contact (but to be honest, he doesn’t think he would really mind that).

“So you read about ‘the effect of temperature and soil water content on forest drought stress’ for fun?” Will asks, a hint of a smirk in his voice. If Will wasn’t currently chirping him, Nursey would actually be happy at the progress he’s making; he hasn’t gotten yelled at yet, at least.

“Haha, it’s…for a friend?” Will snorts, and it’s close enough to a laugh that Nursey’s face floods with warmth.

“You go to Samwell, right? I mean, you probably do since the campus is like two minutes away, huh. I feel like I’ve seen you around before.” Nursey feels like a dumbass; of course he knows Will goes to school with him, he just wants to keep the conversation going.

“Yeah, I live in the dorms, so you’ve probably seen me walking to class half-dead in my pajamas,” Will says, typing something with one hand into the computer, and Nursey chuckles in agreement.

“Do you play any sports?” Nursey asks, leaning against the counter, his facade of calmness hanging on by a thread. A small voice in his head chants common interest common interest, but he pushes it out of his awareness.

“Nah, not right now. I used to play hockey in high school, but I stopped after graduation. My scholarship is for academics, so I don’t want to lose it because of sports getting in the way.” The lines on Will’s forehead reappear, and his eyes lower. It’s different from his usual expression, though, more sad and thoughtful, and Nursey absolutely aches. “I still love it though, I sometimes wish I could play again, y'know?”

“Dude, I’m on the hockey team, you can always come practice with us! It can’t hurt to have an extra player, Dex,” Nursey offers, hoping that he doesn’t sound like he was waiting for this opportunity.

Will’s ears turn a flattering shade of pink, and Nursey doesn’t know if it’s from the offer he just made or the nickname (Oh my god! I just called him Dex! What the fuck!). Will scratches the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed.

“I mean, if you wouldn’t mind? Fair warning, I might be a little rusty,” Will says. Nursey is just about ready to cry with joy.

“No problem dude, can I get your number? So we can plan a day, and stuff.” Derek Malik Nurse, your mamas raised you to be stronger than this, stop shaking, fuck–

“Hey, I don’t give my number out to just anyone. I don’t even know your name,”  Will jokes. He’s smirking again, but there’s a blush creeping down his neck.

“Oh shit, my name’s Derek! Everyone calls me Nursey, though. And…I could take you out for coffee? My treat?”

Will doesn’t answer, just turns around and finishes getting Nursey’s book ready. When Nursey opens the front cover, there’s a phone number scrawled out on the receipt. Underneath it, a message reads, “actually, I’m more of a tea type of guy”.


“Not gonna lie, I totally thought you were an asshole before I actually talked to you. But you were like, super nice the whole time!”

“Only ‘cause you were bumbling around like a middle schooler with his first crush.”

“Ok, I’m revoking your tea privileges, time to take this back–”

“Hey! Quit it or I’ll bite!”

“On the first date, Poindexter? I thought you were classier than that!”

YOI Headcanon where Otabek & Yurio are bad at socializing

I’m not sure if this is already implied in canon, but here me out. It’s actually cute, at least in my head it sounds cute. And it doesn’t matter if they’re in a platonic friendship or a romantic relationship (so chillax and de-stress yourselves shippers! Stress is a big no-no!).

Otabek Altin

  • I must raise this question first: how did Otabek know Yuri was being stalked by his crazy cat-ear-wearing, floor-sniffing fans? How did he know that Yuri was hiding at that exactly alley to save him?
  • If you look at it, it looks like a pretty closed off street for Otabek to just coincidentally pass by and save Yuri’s ass. SO. My headcanon here is that he trailed Yuri around. Like a creeper stalker? Well, not really. But more like an awkward child who doesn’t know how to initiate friendship.
  • SO. Otabek wants to talk to Yuri - ever since he saw Yuri and JJ ‘arguing’ he looked like he wanted to say something but he didn’t. Which is weird? Because everyone there seemed to be in a social mood, and yet Otabek just left.
  • Otabek doesn’t know how to initiate friendship. But he really wants to talk to Yuri because childhood memories and he looks up to Yuri in a way for his passion for the sport. So being a socially awkward muffin, he does what he has to do: he follows Yuri around, waiting for a moment to talk to him. Then when Yuri’s in a pinch, he rides down and rescues the poor boy because what better way to initiate friendship than to rescue them, yeah?
  • BUT MORE OF THE BAD SOCIALIZING. In the flashback, clearly Otabek was more on the aggressive side - or at least his thoughts were, but he didn’t seem to display it like Yuri. He also looks scary and stoic, with those pinched brows and serious face. Not your average approachable guy and he probably does a lot of introspection and thinking because he saw the soldier in Yuri where everyone else thought he was just a fairy.
  • Even in his interviews/photoshoots, he doesn’t look very smiley and friendly. So I like to think that while he wants friends, he doesn’t know how to approach them and people who want to befriend him are intimidated by his stoic looks and resting serious face. Which is sad but -
  • That’s exactly the reason why he’s so happy when he befriended Yuri because it’s not just Yuri who gets a friend, he does, too!
  • And a guy who has bears on his Kiss and Cry can’t be all stoic. He’s just an awkward boy.

Yuri Plisetsky

  • With Yuri it’s a bit different because he’s so vocal about everything and his emotions are always so explosive whether it’s him happy or him angry or sad or whatever. Yuri also goes through lengths to comfort people - like giving Yuuri food because he knew the katsudon-loving munchkin was moping around.
  • This is the same Yuri who scared Yuuri in the bathroom stalls on year ago. It leads me to think that when Yuri willingly brings people in his circle, they are for keeps. Just like Victor, whom he follows to the beach in episode 10 because wow Yuri. That is so coincidental - taking a walk and meeting Victor just to kick him on the back. Real smooth, did you learn that from Otabek???
  • OKAY BACK TO THE HC. Yuri’s been into ice skating since ever and all he had (I assume) was his just as emotionally-constipated grandfather as his role model and that tough-ass teacher both he and Otabek shared once. Yuri doesn’t know how to properly do the friend thing, too.
  • Even if he’s more vocal than Otabek, he’s still awkward. It just seems like he has friends because all the other skaters are all up in his business - and why is that? It’s because look at Yuri. He’s pretty af and he’s a kid with bursting emotions. As I 24 year old woman with a twisted personality, I love shitting with kids like him just to see them freak out.
  • He looks a lot easier to get along with than Otabek so people approach him, but Yuri is shit at communication and screws it up. Since he’s pretty and a kid, people don’t really mind. I mean, you saw his fans. And he likes cats, it doesn’t help people like Mila or Victor post stuff about Yuri on social media that make him adorable (which he is!).
  • But point is, Yuri can’t friendship on his own. The others just became his ‘friends’ because they forced their way in (and that’s a good thing for socially awkward people, we want friends but we shit at the initiation). But even if Chris is friendly to Yuri or whoever else, you can see that Yuri seems to show preferential treatment to Yuuri, Victor, Mila and the Katsuki family.


  • These boys are bad at socializing and making friends but they really want to have friends.
  • Otabek’s scary looks makes people intimidated to approach him, even though he is a muffin inside (those bears show his true feeling inside).
  • Yuri’s pretty looks make people gravitate to them but those aren’t the people he wants, those aren’t people he thinks of as his friends. He has people he wants to be friends with, but he doesn’t know how to convey emotional things properly.
  • When they become friends, it’s like coming full circle, because they are sides of the same coin. And they’ll be really great friends - I imagine them to be platonic life partners if not romantically involved. Because they’d understand and compliment each other. (This may take them until their 20′s to understand the complexity but in the long term, they’ll be great together).

Okay. I let myself type without thought and I’m not sure if I meta’d or if I shared a headcanon. Whatever. These two just give me feels. While I sometimes ship them romantically, these two remind me so much of me and my best friend/platonic life partner (tho some people at school ship us as lesbians lol). I’m the Yuri, she’s the Otabek. xD

I love this photo so much because
a) Look at that smiley Stefán. It looks like he just had a cute lil giggle about something. He is a such a pretty, handsome boy and I love him
B) Half into Robbie! You can see where Stefán ends and Robbie begins (bc I for one have a hard time seeing the man while he’s in character–such good acting and makeup/costume work)
3. Black V-neck, ahh so hot
IV. Look at all of those pink wigs! Holy shit that’s a lot of pink wigs!
Fimm) There are not one, but TWO professional looking photos of Shirtless Magnús in the God damn dressing room there, like ok Maggi can you chill

“I was a drab little crab once”

AH! I just love Tamatoa so much and I think he would’ve been pretty cute when he was little so I just had do a  sketch of what I think he would’ve looked like!

“I gotta give you credit for my start”

I like to imagine that Maui was the one who gave him his first shiny thing (the coin) :3

His song will forever be stuck in my headddddddddddd

EXO Embarrassing you when they pick you up from school


*It’s a rare thing for Minseok to want to embarrass you but when he does, you can’t even get mad at him. It’s nothing big, just cute gestures that gets people looking at the both of you.*

“(Y/n), come on! Act cute with me. You don’t want to? Is it because you know that I’m obviously the cuter one?”

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*Embarrassing as a dad and he definitely knows it. He’d make hand hearts (sometimes adding kissing noises) and hold it up towards you until you reach him.*

“My love, my hearteu, my pretty darling…”

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*Doesn’t even know he’s embarrassing you. All he’s focused on is you approaching him. He’d make his hands into hearts and look through them like they’re binoculars.*

“She’s my pretty baby~ Model material.”

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*Forever being loud. The moment he sees you leaving the building, a big ass gin would appear on his face and whatever he is thinking at that moment, comes out of his mouth.*

“There is my beautiful girlfriend! Hey! She’s my number 1!”

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*He’s always doing this. Whenever he gets out of practice early, he’d go pick you up and it’s been his mission from the start to embarrass you.*

“Aye aye, where is my girlfriend? Is she looking for me? Well…I’m right here! BOOM, babe, how do I look? Oh? What’s with that face?”

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*Also like Jongdae. This becomes his routine to embarrass you. He knows you lowkey love it. He’d always act surprised as if it’s the first time he’s seen you.*

“Oh my goodness, you’re so pretty. How are you so pretty all the time, (Y/n)? Your boyfriend is such a lucky man, oh wait..that’s me!”

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*If he ever does embarrass you, it’s by accident. There are days when he’s feeling very good and excited, those are the days. He’d throw his hand up high and wave enthusiastically.*

“I’m over here! Yoohoo! Behind you! Hi, (Y/n)!”

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*He accidentally arrives like, an hour earlier than the time you get out so he went to go buy some snacks from across the street. When he came back, you were just leaving the building so, hes waving like a little kid, in one hand a bag full of food and the other holding some couple hats that he bought.*

“Look! Look what I bought! I forgot that you come out at this time and not an hour earlier…my bad…here, wear this cute hat.”

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*No hesitation or regret. Knowing you can’t possibly get mad at him so when he sees you, he’d make a big reaction like cover his mouth and act surprised.*

“Oh! Look at her, she’s the cutie with the booty! Boys, back away, (Y/n) is my girlfriend. Don’t even think about her booty.”

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I hope this was enjoyable since I’m not going to be posting scenarios. T^T. I’m open to reaction scenarios though.


Namjoon is so cute??? Like he’s just a tall fluff ball omg

And when he laughs he tries at first to not laugh out loud so he pretty much looks like this  ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣  ‿  ˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू

Then he can’t do it anymore so he’s just  ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣   ▽  ˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू, and u can see his dimples and then he jumps everywhere because he needs to express how funny it was.

And also when a member praises him he just looks down or >-

i am in love

Some ideas for a potential/inevitable formal event/school dance episode where everyone dresses up and mari absolutely Slays in her self designed self made dress/look that even Gabriel Agreste notices as remarkable. :0

General idea is that Adrien thinks Marinette is cute, Mari is dying because Adrien looks amazing, at some point Adrien transforms into Chat so he can get some air and get away from the press and has some cute MariChat moments, and finally when there’s an akuma attack Adrien in civilian form witnesses Ladybug rushing off in a really cute dress, and with her hair down (Mari’s buns didn’t have enough bobby pins) and pretty much melts ;u;.

Mari and Adrien get fancy formal clothes in these transformations because reasons. (Chat mostly just looks like he threw a button up and a blazer together, while Ladybug ’s dress is a kind of inverted form of Mari’s with black on red instead of red on cream)


Matching low quality icons for you and your favorite Jihun stan 

You can Look, but Don’t Touch - Negan Imagine

Master list

Prompt: Hey I’m Tay really liked your Silent one story! Can you do one where the reader is really tiny and she has long 4c hair(which is Afro hair) and she’s in the lineup with the group and when Negan sees her he sees she’s really pretty and he kneels down to inspect her and he’s close and he goes to touch her hair and she head butts the crap outta him! And when he looks back at her she just shrugs and goes “don’t touch my hair”. He takes a liking to her😊 something cute like Silent One,Please & TY🙏🏾

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,428
Warnings: Curse Words, Kidnapping, minor violence

You were all kneeling in front of the RV. The headlights of two cars illuminated the hopeless scene. You didn’t know what time it was but all you knew was that the moon was high above you. You were knelt next to Carl who was determinately looking forward.

You and your group had been attempting to get to a neighbouring community –The Hilltop- when you were ambushed. You knew when you were first stopped that these people meant business. You had tried to convince your people to turn back and make a plan. They had refused.

“We’ve got a full boat!” A man with a black moustache said as he back up to observes you sorry bunch. “Let’s meet the man, shall we?” The man said before he knocked on the RV twice.

Keep reading

I need someone to draw sherlock searching for one of his favorites coats, and then when he goes to the living room to ask john is he has seen it, he finds him wearing it and looking at himself trough the mirror. John lifts up the collar of the coat just like sherlock did in THOB and is like “Do I look cool?” and sherlock is like JSKLDNEJSKSJJSJSJWKEKDJJD and screaming inside cause of how cute john looks in the coat, which arms are pretty large for him and which end almost touches the floor. He doesn’t even answer because of his little shock of cuteness. Im so untalented to do this and idk if someone has already done it bUT PLEASE

SLBP: 5 Characters I ship with MC the most

5. Kagetsugu: From Kenshin’s route I really shipped MC with Kagetsugu. MC pretty much saved him from himself. They learn from each other and have the most adorable interactions. He defends her just as much as Lord Kenshin himself does. I feel like MC would have been really happy with someone like him and as a bonus they are the same age. It felt like they really had a moment when they made the origami flowers together too. I really, REALLY wanted Kagetsugu to be the one MC ended up with all throughout Kenshin’s route. I mean look at this little ball of angsty cuteness!!! 

4. Toramatsu: Of course I ship it. He blatantly says in Ieyasu’s route that he loves her. He’s such a sweet, helpful, and protective guy. He would take good care of MC and MC would take care of him. They get along right off the bat better than most of the other characters do. She could probably have the healthiest relationship with him. 

3. Saizo: I definitely ship MC with Saizo just a little bit. In his route we find out that he has loved her since they were both young and he had been secretly watching over her. Even in Yukimura’s route it is hinted that he loves her when Ieyasu attacks them. He even goes against the village to protect her near the end of his route. 

2. Shigezane: Shigezane is MY HUSBAND. MC can have him too though I suppose… Shigezane is one of the friendliest characters in SLBP. He in both Koguro’s and Masamune’s routes told the MC that no matter what happens that MC will always be one of them. He even revealed in one of Kojuro’s event stories that he loves her (as if that wasn’t obvious before!!!). In that same event story you can really see how well they go with each other. They understand each other better than most of the others. Plus look at this face! 

1. Inuchiyo: Yes the childhood friend. I’ve always liked that kind of character but that’s not the only reason I ship them the most. Inuchiyo is the only one who in every single route he is in tells you or shows you how deeply he loves you in some way. He’s loved you the longest and he protects you more fiercely than I believe the others ever could. Reading the end of Hideyoshi’s route broke my damn heart. I know a lot of people think he only loves and protects her so much because of what happened with her father but he says in the route that he’s loved her since before her father even died. 

RFA + V + Saeran react to child!Mc


  • O M G
  • He couldnt help but blush and coo over her, gushing over how cute and little she is in her oversized sweater and innocent eyes
  • She was so little he just wanted to pick her up and squeeze her so tight! 
  • So precious
  • He wanted to take so many pictures of her, and put cute ribbons in her hair
  • omg piggy back rides, he will act like a space ship travelling the universe with her! 
  • que him running around with child mc on his shoulders, her giggling like crazy.
  • he pretty much acts like a child sometimes anyway so him and mc would have a ball
  • want to play dress up with her! Que him getting all of his outfits out and trying them on her, she looks so cute with kitty ears!!
  • When little Mc tilts her head and meows innocently, he is done! Ded, K.O 


  • Holy shit
  • holy shit how did this happen
  • falls in love the minute he sees her cuteness, her cuteness rivals his good looks when it comes to attention but he doesn’t mind that at all but is even more boastful about her cuteness
  • gushes over her like she’s a sweet little princess
  • so many selfies with her
  • protective zen mode activated
  • wants to take her to get the fish shaped bread and gets all maternal as heck! 
  • loves acting out one of his scenes when he plays with her, she giggles whenever he says his famous lines.
  • so happy he’s just so happy at that, it’s all cuteness


  • Uh oh
  • this man is in trouble
  • Your cuteness is his weakness, his cold demeanor is melting away
  • You have him wrapped under your thumb he is done
  • zen may be protective but que over protective Jumin mode
  • calls that the security guards guard you 24/7 again, and gets rid of any threat, even anything you could trip on
  • you’re his precious bby and he’s your protector
  • seriously if you even get a paper cut this man will get a doctor out of no where and just dote on you with tea and attention
  • like seriously dude its just a paper cut
  • whenever you say his name with that cute voice of your he just melts
  • his puddy in your hands
  • almost afraid to hug you because you’re so smol and delicate, delicate little flower
  • but when he does hug you he now never wants to let you go, seriously he will keep on hugging you and keep you close to you at all times, you’re his precious little angel whom he must protect from the world
  • He will go to work and meetings just holding you, like the employee will be like “Oh sir, whose the little girl?” “She’s my precious angel, any way, please proceed.” goes on with the meeting casually while you sit in his lap, with him petting your hair


  • Oh dear
  • She doesn’t know how to deal with kids

  • but when she sees Mc she just, goes into full on mother mode

  • Mc needs a woman to look after her since the rest of the guys are… well, she’ll feel better looking after her

  • loves playing tea party with her

  • Mc tries to do her hair and ties it up with cute ribbons, Jaehae just smiles as mc does this, cute girl bonding time
  • Makes sure you’re well fed and you’re comfortable 
  • If anyone dare touch child Mc, pray to God seven someone save your soul because she will KICK YOUR ASS
  • oh my god
  • panics
  • how will he look after a child? He is a child
  • But, omg, mc is so… cute??
  • kind of kneels down so he is at her height and nervously says hi to her
  • he’s so sweet to her
  • Mc gets attached like straight on
  • She tries wearing one of his hoodies and plays with his blonde hair
  • Mc shows curiousity toward LOLOL and he’s happy to have her watch him play and show her how to play it herself
  • But monitors that she doesn’t get addicted like him or plays too much, he’s a lost cause
  • plus he doesn’t want her getting dark circles under her eyes like him
  • You know how some little girls have this phase where they look after a baby doll? Yes, that’s him, he’s the baby
  • has to endure little mc’s mothering while trying to feed him food and put him to bed
  • Seven laughs forever 


  • Breaks into the apartment to get mc
  • looks around since the apartment seems empty

  • sees a little lump under the blanket, little mc peers out and looks at him

  • he blinks in confusion

  • wtf a child, why is there a child here

  • feels super awkward now, losses his bad ass composure

  • uh…

  • he also kneels down so he is around her height and gestures her to come towards him

  • little mc is curious so she walks over to him

  • “It’s alright princess, come here.” his wearing his mask so it makes his voice sound weird

  • Mc pauses and starts giggling at that

  • unknown is just like wut

  • “Your voice sounds funny” Mc giggles at him, he looks confused, him?? funny?? No he was bad ass.

  • Little mc’s giggles causes him to soften a little

  • Tries to coax her over telling her how fun paradise will be

  • Nope, little mc decides to play hide and seek, she’s littler so she can find places to hide

  • Omg why unknown was not prepared


  • Can’t fucking see
  • a little lump bumps into him

  • what was that

  • “Oh? Who is this?” looks at the direction of said lump, okay he can see out of his left eye

  • a little girl? Why is there a little girl here? 

  • Sweet as heck to the little mc asking where her mom is

  • so confused when he realizes who she is

  • No this precious angel is on her own

  • Feels guilty of course

  • makes sure to hold her hand all the time and just is so sweet and caring with her

  • gives her some treats and gives her some food

  • seriously he goes into doting dad mode

  • Probably will still take some pictures of little mc and shows her the camera 

  • treasures the pictures little mc took after he gave her a little lesson on how to use the camera

  • oh wow he’s happy for once 

LOL i don’t know guys i tried, some of them might seem OOC but oh well