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Teaser For Upcoming Doomcio Fic

Lucio blushed furiously, struggling to keep his breathing steady. Akande was enormous.

He was enormous, and kneeling between Lucio’s legs, which meant Lucio had to spread his thighs to accommodate the literal mountain of a man that was currently cradling one of his prosthetics like it was made of porcelain. Like it–like Lucio–was something precious and breakable.

Lucio tried to recall the last time anyone had ever made him feel this vulnerable. His mind came up blank, a static of white noise interrupted by a single, clear, bright note of a thought: This man could literally snap me in half. Climbing him would be like climbing a literal tree. His thigh is thicker than my waist.

That probably shouldn’t be getting me hard.

As it was Lucio resisted the urge to squirm, his hardening dick pressing insitently against the tight fabric of his slacks. He began to sweat. Akande was right there. If Lucio got hard, there’s no way the intimidating man wouldn’t notice.

Though, judging by the way he was now carefully tracing the smooth curve of Lucio’s ceramic calf, that might actually be the intent behind the other man’s handling of him. Now Lucio just had to figure if this seduction was to win him over, blackmail him, or because for some reason this breathtakingly handsome, charming, genius millionaire Nigerian tech mogul was interested in a 5’3’’ DJ from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

The urge to squirm only increased when Akande looked up, piercing eyes keen and dangerous as he regarded Lucio. “Your prosthetics are rudimentary at best,” he rumbled, sliding one large hand up to thumb at the line where Lucio’s flesh met the metal socket. Lucio twitched, unable to suppress a small gasp. Akande seemed content to ignore it, though if Lucio had been focusing on the man’s face rather than the wall two inches over his holy-fuck-huge shoulder, he would have noticed the flash of covetous heat in those brown eyes, or the challenging turn Akande’s small smile took.

“They’ve done okay so far,” Lucio choked out.

Akande shook his head, swiping his thumb once more over the smooth brown skin connecting flesh to metal. “For a man of your stature such poor prosthetics are unacceptable. I will make you new ones.”

And here was the thing. Akande wasn’t asking here, not really. He’d decided Lucio needed new prosthetics, better prosthetics, and that he’d have them. Built by Akande’s own hands, if possible.

He met the small musician  two hours ago and Akande already felt the same sense of proprietary affection for him that he did for his more eccentric members of Talon.

Lucio snorted. “Was that a short joke?”

Akande raised a brow, then leaned up and in. Even kneeling, he towered over Lucio, looking down at him with half lidded eyes. His fingers still lightly caressed Lucio’s legs, large hands having inched further and further up Lucio’s clothed thighs. He smiled, slow and satisfied like a cat with a mouse. “You think I would stoop so low?”

Holy crap, Lucio realized, and his dick was becoming a real problem, here. He makes puns. I hate him. 

He’s perfect.

A/N: more to come in a week or so when my work lets me near a laptop again, but this pairing has been eating my brain and I had to get something out there. Size difference, ideological spats, and fighter/healer dynamic oh my!

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woah nelly, ur deadlock! mccree headcanons killed me dead. Can i get a short nsfw story with the bad boy? maybe with a creampie?

“Let’s give it up for the best fuckin’ gang in the whole fuckin’ world!”

A cheer ripped through the warehouse; drinks, fists, guns or various weapons pumping into the air as the DJ threw on another song. The music was loud, the lights were dimmed and the alcohol was plenty; the warehouse turned dance club full to the brim with people. Deadlock had recently managed to obliterate a rival gang; their weapons, territory and ill gotten gains all property of the Deadlock Rebels. It had been a bloody few months going back and forth with them, dozens of members lost on each side but Deadlock had finally managed to prevail. So tonight was a night of celebration. And celebrate you would.

Jesse’s arm was wrapped tight around your waist, your ass pressed hard into his crotch as you wined your hips into him, his free hand resting on your hip. You grinned as he grinded back into you, licking your lips as you let the bass control your waist, head tilting to the side as Jesse kissed at your neck and shell of your ear. The both of you were in your own world, the sound of neo-Reggaeton the only thing allowed into the little bubble that you two were in. He smelled absolutely intoxicating to you; the sweet spiced smell of cigarillos, whiskey and gunpowder mixing with the natural scent of his sweat. He was hard, his cock pressing into your ass with each roll and switch of your hips, the soft growl in his voice a clear indication that he appreciated your actions.

“Baby”, he growled as he licked and nipped against the shell of your ear, drawing a soft moan from your lips. His hands moved downwards, brushing against the skin that wasn’t covered by your jean shorts before dragging his hand under your flowy tube top. “Yer asking for trouble if ya keep that up. Is that what you want, sweetheart?”

You laughed, giving an exaggerated roll of your hips, grinding up into his hardness before tilting your head back on his shoulder and kissing his jaw. Your nose scrunched up slightly as your lips grazed over the stubble of the beard he was growing in, before you hummed softly against his skin.

“I like trouble”, you said, punctuating your words with a nip before picking up the switch in your hips as the beat changed. You laughed again, breathlessly this time as Jesse’s hand climbed all the way up to your breasts, his calloused hands kneading the flesh tenderly. “If that is trouble, I really like trouble.”

Jesse went still against you before laughing hard against your skin, his hand pulling away from your breasts and settled on your hip again. He completely stopped you, making you pause for a second before shivering as he spoke huskily into your ear.

“Mmm c’mon then sweetpea”, he breathed before pulling back and extending his hand to you. You turned and saw the hungry glint in his eyes and your eyes sparkled the same in turn. Placing your hand in his, you laughed as he wrapped his arm around your hip and smirked. You rolled your eyes as he purposefully pulled you through the crowd instead of around, showing you off (for what felt like the hundredth time) to anyone that would dare to look at you. He just wanted to  ‘make sure’ everyone knew that you were his and that you fell under his protection. Jesse McCree had a reputation both inside and outside of the gang as being a deadeye, and those that valued their life didn’t draw his ire.

You sighed softly as you finally made it outside and into the cool air of the night, away from the oppressive humid heat of the dance party. McCree pulled his hat off for a moment as he kept walking, wiping his brow for a brief second as he pulled you towards one of the abandoned buildings-turned home. The common room was empty, the only other indication that someone else was there was Tito’s heavy snoring from his room. McCree opened the door to his room, bowing slightly to usher you in, the both of you snickering as you walked into the one private area you could score easily here. Jesse’s room was messy, but comfortable, lived in; posters of re-made Westerns on the wall, actual books in English and Spanish on a small shelf in the corner, your and his clothes scattered everywhere, treasures from his heists sitting wherever they best fit. Small, messy but home.

“Mind if I get comfortable”, you teased as you looked over your shoulder at him and giving him a playful wink.

“Why darlin I wouldn’t have it any other way”, he teased right back, falling back on the bed so he could watch you.

You made it a show, carefully and sensually kicking your heels off, and settling in a comfortable stance. Your hand played at the hem of your shirt, rolling your hips slow as you pulled your shirt up and over your head, earning a whistle from the ‘cowboy’. You threw your shirt at McCree’s face with a smile and a laugh, sticking a hand on your hip and licking your lips as he pulled it off. You winked as you unbuttoned your shorts, sending Jesse a steamy look. Hooking your fingers in the waist of your jeans, you rolled your hips very slowly, barely holding back your laughter as you revealed the graphic underwear you had bought especially for him. Your drank in Jesse’s expression as his brow shot in surprise before a husky, amused laugh left those beautiful lips of his. You sauntered into his reach to allow him a closer look, his hands coming up to roughly massage your full hips.

“Save a horse”, he started, tilting up to look at you with a pleased smirk, pressing a hard kiss to your stomach. He began to kiss lower and lower until he got to your covered mound, growling softly before he tilted his head up again. “Ride a cowboy. You really do like trouble, sugar.”

“Mhmm”, you hummed softly, licking your lips and smiling as Jesse carefully pushed down the underwear and having you step out before his hands groped at your round ass. You loved his husky grunts and growls of desire, his eyes dark with lust as he looked over your body. But he did have you at a disadvantage at the moment. “Hey Jess, scoot back.”

You punctuated your request with a slight tilt of your head, the man complying as he slid further back on his messy bed. You straddled his lap carefully, shivering at the feel of his jean fabric against your heated skin. Leaning back, your fingers made quick work of the plaid button up, pulling it open and off and grinning as you massaged his chest. You often joked that this man had to be a werewolf with how damn hairy he was, plus he practically flopped back and ‘purred’ when you massaged his chest. Not to be left out in bodily exploration, McCree dragged his hands up from your ass, nails lightly digging into your skin as they moved up your side.

“Jess”, you squeaked, glaring at him as he purposefully hit a ticklish spot, nails digging into his chest. He gave you a quick lazy smile before dragging his his hands to your chest, rolling your nipples under his calloused fingers in apology. Your eyes snapped shut, head tilting back as he lavished your sensitive breasts in attention, a surprised moan calling from your lips when his lips found your nipples. “Jess!”

The second time you said his name it was more of a moaning mewl than warning snip, the licking and sucking against your sensitive chest absolutely delightful. Your hips rolled unconsciously into Jesse’s pressing hard into his covered length, your hands dragging up to rest on his shoulders.

“Jess”, you breathed out, using his shoulders to hold you steady as you began to rock back and forth on his lap, gasping and whimpering his name. You needed him inside you but you knew better, you never reached for a man’s ‘gun’, not until he invited you to. Plus, Jesse loved to see you struggle. Forcing your eyes back open, one of your hands tangled into his hair, not slowing your actions. You gave a small half-tug to his thick brown locks to get him to look at you. “Please fuck me?”

Your grinding on his lap was creating a wet spot, Jesse’s own hips rocking up to meet yours. His licks and kisses of your breasts began to get rougher, licks turning into soft nips and hard suckling. He pulled away from your breast with a pop, his eyes dark and animalistic when they connected with yours. Jesse’s hands moved back to your hips, a squeal leaving your mouth as he flipped you onto the bed.

“All you had to do was ask beautiful”, he said, pressing a hard kiss against your lips before standing up straight to take of his jeans. You tilted your head up to watch him undress, feeling giddy as a kid on Christmas when he began to ‘unwrap’ his gift to you. That damn golden BAMF belt buckle of his was so fucking cheesy but you loved it, the thing clattering loudly to the floor as he pushed his pants and boxers down. You licked your lips hungrily as his cock sprung free, his thick member red and ruddy with desire, leaking precum. Your head fell back on the bed with a expectant smile, feeling the bed dipping as Jesse claimed over you. “Let ole Jesse here take care of you sweetpea.”

“Ole”, you questioned teasingly as he moved in between your legs, the smirk on his lips telling and hungry. “Jesse McCree we are the same damn aaaag–!”

Your words melted into a moan, your back arching off of the bed as Jesse eased himself into you. One of his arms wrapped around your waist, the other lacing with your fingers as he pressed his body flush against yours, completely shearing himself inside of you. Your legs wrapped around his waist, lips falling open. You were so damn full of him, the two of you melded together in such perfect harmony. Jesse began to move, your hand squeezing his tighter as he established a slow, rhythmic pace. Heaven. His strokes began to slowly lead you towards that ethereal peak, your hips rocking in tandem so that he could join you.

“Fuck honey”, he growled, his forehead dropping down and pressing against your own. His voice was tight with desire and control, Jesse’s thrusts picking up a tick in intensity. “Yer squeezing me so damn tight. You feel so damn good, baby. Gonna make sure you feel fuckin’ amazin’ too.”

You tipped your chin up, your lips pressing to his hard and needily, a whimper replacing the moan that threatened to boil up. Your legs wrapped tighter around him, a silent plead for him to release what little control he was holding onto, your free hand scratching down his back desperately. Jesse groaned into your mouth, his tongue pushing into your mouth as he granted your plea, his thrusts becoming rougher. Your kissing became sloppier, more frantic as his hips slammed into yours, his pubic bone grinding into your clit everytime he thrusted forward. Twisting your face away from him you sucked in a breath of air, breath catching when Jesse  pushed himself up slightly to give himself better leverage. His thrusts became brutal, his hips slamming into yours and filling the room with the sound of your lovemaking, your back bending off of the bed as you screamed his name in ecstasy.

“That’s right babygirl”, he panted, his hand releasing yours and moving to your hips to hold you in place. His grip was tight, his thrusts ungiving as he plowed into you, his eyes burning a hole into you. He was going to set you on fire and you were more than ready to feel the flames. “You’re getting close, it’s written all over that’s pretty face of yours. Good girl, cum for me darlin. Cum for me.”

Jesse punctuated his words by dropping his hands between your bodies, his thumb rolling your pleasure swollen clit as he continued to fuck you hungrily. That’s all it took to send you over the edge, your legs going taut around him, your walls milking and squeezing his dick viciously. His name fell out of your name like a prayer, eyes squeezing shut tight, tears rolling down your cheek as you came, body quaking beneath your lover. Jesse’s thrusts sped up before becoming disjointed, giving several hard thrusts before he spilled his seed inside of you. A shiver rolled through him, as you felt his cock throb inside of your tight wall, his hot seed making your toescurl in delight. The both of you stayed like that for several moments; panting as you caught your breath and basking in the post-coital haze. Jesse moved first, drawing a quiet groan from your lips, the outlaw cowboy taking a few steps back, your feet and knees barely propping your legs up..


You squeaked as Jesse gave one of your knees a slight push, the limb falling open for him with no real resistance, your pleasure and sex swollen pussy spreading for him. You blushed, a softly groan of satisfaction falling from your lips when you felt a bit of his cum dribble from you, his hands moving out to grope your thighs and ass. More of his cum oozed out of you, your eyes daring to peek up at the cowboy as he played with your filled cunt, receiving a wanton, lazy smirk.

“Well if that ain’t the prettiest sight in the world, I dunno what is.”

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Alpha, Omega

Summary: It was your turn to take charge tonight, whether Jungkook liked it or not. And this time, you weren’t going to give in easily to his pleas.

Contains: sub!Jungkook, dom!female, overstimulation, biting, rough sex, cum play, hair pulling, noona kink (??)

The boy was gonna get it tonight. You were pissed off, since your boss has been nagging your ear off, and everything just got worse when Jungkook thought it was a good idea to send you certain pictures expressing his neediness.

Kookie: Jagi, are you coming home early? I need you to help me with something…

Kookie: You should be almost done, right? Can you slip me a little picture, just to keep myself busy please?

Kookie: *Kookie sent a picture*

Kookie: Yah, why aren’t you responding? You’re making daddy mad

Kookie: *Kookie sent a picture*

Kookie: Fuck, you better not be wearing expensive underwear, because the first thing I’ll do when you get home, is rip it off.

Needless to say, you weren’t in the mood for Daddy. You were stressed, and you obviously needed an outlet, so you figured why not let it out on your horny boyfriend in the form of sex? 

You burst through the door, immediately finding Jungkook on his usual spot on the couch playing Overwatch. He was wearing a fitted white shirt, which clung to his body, outlining his muscular form. His semi-hard length pressed against his loosely tied sweats, and he looked just as equally frustrated as you.

“Took you long enough”, he grumbled, still looking at the screen. His eyebrows furrowed as he took a hit from an enemy, sounding as nonchalant as possible. You rolled your eyes, his cockiness annoying you.

You walked towards the screen and switched it off, earning a groan of protest from him. “You could’ve at least let me finish!” he exclaimed, chucking the controller to the side.

“Keep talking like that, and I really wouldn’t, baby boy”, you smirked at him slowly making your way on his lap.

He grinned lazily at you, his mouth parted as you placed your legs on his sides. He brought his hips to yours, and began rubbing his crotch against yours. “What makes you think you’ll have it your way tonight?” he said, as he slowly ran his hands up your waist. You scoffed at him, and slapped palms away.

“Get your head out of the clouds, Jeon. I don’t want your snarkiness tonight”, you pushed him backwards, letting his back hit the cushions. Before he could reply, you brought your lips to his, your hands automatically finding their way to his hair.

He swiped his tongue against your lips, to which you responded by tugging at his locks. He groaned into the kiss, and gripped your thighs. One of your hands slid to his neck, and brought it closer, deepening the kiss. You bit his lower lip, soon sliding your tongue in as his mouth opened for a silent moan.

Heat settled in your lower area, and you tried to relieve it by grinding on Jungkook’s lap. You could feel him fully erect under his sweats, and tried bucking your hips into the curve of his clothed shaft. His length twitched under you, and you pressed down more on it.

Jungkook groaned, pulling away to take ragged breaths. “Room, only in your boxers”, you panted, getting off him so he can stand. To your surprise, he obeyed, quickly making his way to your room. Poor boy must’ve been too turned on to complain.

You took your time going to the room, silently chuckling to yourself as you saw him sitting straight on a chair, chest heaving as he looked down on his crotch, thinking whether he should touch himself or not. However, his head snapped in your direction as he heard the door close.

You slowly strode over to him, circling him as if predator on prey. His eyes flicked towards you, and you felt him getting more impatient with each unsteady breath. You placed your hands on his shoulders and started massaging it, trailing your lips up and down his neck as you did.

He let out small moans as you left open-mouthed kisses on the curve of his neck. “Couldn’t let the boys see you marked up too much, do we?” you asked him teasingly, moving in front of him. 

“Mmm.. ah”, he gasped as you sucked at the skin just at the end of his rib cage. You switched between licking and biting it, his soft gasps making you more wet. Feeling satisfied after a few more bites, you pulled away, admiring the purplish bruise you left on the tender skin. “That place, however, seemed perfect”, you smirked slyly at him.

Then, you directed your attention towards the obvious bulge in his underwear. 

There was already a damp spot forming from the precum he had, his cock stretching the fabric. It looked painful, so you decided to do him a favor and take it off, but not before bringing your mouth towards the spot, and giving it a long, hard suck. You let go with a pop, and tugged at his boxers. He lifted his hips up, allowing you to easily slide the fabric down to his ankles.

His length sprang up and slapped his stomach, the tip a harsh shade of red, a long vein running from the shaft to the head. Gingerly, you wrapped your hand around it and started stroking him loosely. With your free hand, you started undressing your top half, first chucking away your blouse, then your bra.

Jungkook stared at your chest, shamelessly licking his lips. Reaching over, he tried grabbing your breasts, but you brought your hands up to firmly grip his wrists away. “You didn’t ask permission now, did you, Jeon?” you quirked an eyebrow at him.

He gulped, cheeks heating up. “May I touch you, please?”

“Please, what?” You knew he didn’t like being bossed around, but during times like these, he was willing to do anything you want, just as long as you made sure to make him cum.  

“May I touch you, noona? Please?” he said through gritted teeth. 

You chuckled, shaking your head. “Not now. Wait there for a bit. I don’t want to see you touching yourself, Jeon”, you told him, making your way to the dresser. You dug into one of the drawers, until you finally found the familiar silk tie.

Jungkook looked curiously at you, then he felt the soft fabric against his skin. You brought his arms behind the chair, and tied a firm knot with the tie. He grinned, arousal coursing through his veins as he thought about how long it’s been since you last took over.

He was normally the dominant one, and you’d gladly submit to him. But even though he wouldn’t admit it, he found it really hot whenever you’d step up and give him orders. He liked the authoritative side of you, and he had a small liking to getting teased. 

“N-noona, please”, he whined. You smirked at him, kneeling in between his legs. “Please what, Jeon?”

Another thing he loved was the way you called him by his last name. The way his name flowed out of your pretty mouth with such authority sent blood rushing towards his tip. The same pretty mouth that would wrap around his cock, making him hastily cum during the quickies you had from time to time. To his happiness, you were a sucker for blowjobs. It has always been a specialty of yours, knowing exactly how to make him squirm with a flick of your tongue.

You reached for his tip, spreading the pre-cum around the head. “Please suck me off. Fuck, it hurts so much, noona. Please help me”, he whimpered.

Slowly, you brought your lips toward his slit, jutting your tongue out to kitty lick him. His knee flinched at the sudden contact and his breath hitched. Then, you took the whole tip in, your hand starting to massage his balls.A whine left his lips, making you roll your eyes. Normally, if he was he one who teased you, you’d actually obey him without any whining; however it was obviously a different story with him. His dominant side would still show, even though he was already tied to a chair.

You looked up at him and raised an eyebrow, giving of an innocent look. He returned a pained expression, biting the inside of his cheek. “Please, I promise I’ll be good.”

Without warning, you slid the rest of his length in, your nose almost touching his stomach. He let out a long groan, hips instinctively bucking into your mouth. You bobbed your head up and down, sucking on him each time you pulled away. Strings of mewls left his lips as you gagged around his length. You hummed, sending vibrations around him, to which another whine, much more ragged, left his lips.

“Fuck, just like that, noona. Ah! You’re doing so fucking well”, he managed to breath out. His hair was stuck to forehead, eyes trained on you as he drank in the sight. Beads of sweat rolled down his heaving chest, trailing over his abs.

His cock continued hitting the back of your throat, and he moaned at the tightness. You allowed him to fuck your face until you felt his balls tighten. That, combined with the tensing of his stomach, meant he was close. 

Letting go of his balls, you began to pump his shaft, bringing your mouth to his tip. You hollowed your cheeks and sucked hard on him. Jungkook got more vocal, throwing his head back before choking out moans. His cock twitched in your hold, more pre-cum leaking out. 

“Noona, fuck, I-I’m cumming”, a final trail of whimpers left him, before his seed shot out. A good portion of his cum hit the back of your throat, the rest hitting your lips and his stomach as you pulled away. Your tongue skimmed across your lips, collecting the cum on them. He stared at you, eyes blown with lust, as the final drops of cum leaked from his tip.

You swallowed the cum, bringing your mouth back to his cock. Your lips trailed across his length until you reached his balls. Taking one in, your hand furiously pumped his length, hearing moans emerge from him again. “Ah, fuck! N-noona-ah”, despite the protest in his tone, his length was growing hard again. You pumped him faster, also sucking harder on the sac. 

In a matter of seconds, Jungkook was whimpering again. He tried his best to jerk his hips to the sync of your hand, seeking more friction, even though his body can’t take it. He wanted more, despite the burning sensation that started to settle. There was something about the pain mixed with pleasure that had him hooked.

Silk dug into his wrists as he tried to loosen his restraints, wanting to touch you, pull at your hair, get at least an ounce of control. But the whimpers he made just validated his submission. “Noona-ah, mm…noona I want to come”, he panted.

Soon, he felt a knot again in his stomach. He knew he was about to cum again, and sneaked a hazy gaze at you. You peeked out from underneath his cock, curtly smiling as your eyes met. Your tongue trailed back up the vein, and as you got to the head’s slit, you treated it with strong, fast licks.

Jungkook arched his back, and lost control of his hips, which now bucked up in uneven paces. You, yourself, wanted to be touched. Seeing Jungkook in such a submissive and erotic state made you drip more than ever, so using your free hand, you started pulling your skirt down, and slipped a hand in your underwear.

Using two fingers, you collected the juices from your slit, then lathered them on your clit. You rubbed a few circles on your clit, making you sigh, before inserting two digits in your entrance. The action made you elicit a small moan, which made Jungkook look down, eyes moving towards the hand under your panties. 

The view made him break, cum shooting out from his cock again without any warning. You pulled back, still touching yourself, and watched him buck his hips toward the air. His eyes were squeezed shut, and he was biting down hard on his lower lip. Still, long moans escaped from him. 

A final string of semen came out of him, starting to drip down to the floor. With your other hand, you took his length, and leaned it towards his stomach, allowing the cum to pool there. You pulled your fingers out, and while they were still covered with your wetness, spread the cum on Jungkook’s abdomen.

He was breathing heavily, eyes still closed. His body was slack on the chair, mouth open as he let out a groan. “You must be forgetting something, Jeon”, you crossed your arms, tilting your head towards your now soaked underwear. “I still haven’t come”. His eyes fluttered open, meeting your piercing ones. 


“What was that?” you squeezed his cock, thumb resting on the spot where the shaft and the head met. “Can you make it, Jeon? Or do I have to do it myself?” 

He gulped. He hated it when you challenged him like this. He saw the dark spot on your panties, barely visible from his position, and he was consumed by lust again. You felt him grow in your grip, cock fully erect within seconds. The boy’s stamina was really no joke.

“Can you?” A smug look appeared on his face. 

You rolled your eyes and straightened your position,so that your chest was leveled with his cock. You held your breasts with both hands, and slid his cock in your cleavage, then squeezed around him. 

Ah~” he slid further down on the chair, making your position more comfortable. Slowly, you brought your breasts up and down, leaning your head down so that your tongue can catch the tip that came out. Your boobs felt warm and soft around him. It was different from being inside you, yes, but the experience was something new to him. Pleasure rose up within him, this time more intense, caused by the new position. He knew he wasn’t going to last soon, as another knot formed. He drunk in the sight of your breasts bouncing around him, tongue stuck out, constantly lapping at his tip. Then, he was cumming again.

His seed spurted towards your face, then landed on top of your chests. You spread the cum around yourself, just like what you did with him. You pulled away, but soon leaned in, his cock pressed against you, to lick his cum-smeared stomach.

Figuring it was time to end the night (and not taking it any longer), you sat on his lap again, aligning his cock to your entrance. Without waiting any further, you slammed down on him. He let out a surprised yelp,which turned into a moan. You gripped his shoulders, using them to steady yourself as you repeatedly brought yourself down on him. He bucked upwards as you were going down, allowing him to hit your g-spot. A scream of pleasure, followed by more moans. The whimpers and pants blended, and spread throughout the room.

Even though you touched yourself only once, you were sensitive from the show Jungkook put on earlier. The wetness you had made him easily move in and out of you. You clenched your walls around him, making his cock twitch in return.

Your hands found their way to his hair, and you grabbed a fistful, pulling his head back. “You’re such a good boy. Look at you, taking all this pleasure in. Jeon, you’re taking this so well”, you cooed at him in between breaths. 

He looked at you, though it was difficult due to the way you held him. You tugged at his locks when you didn’t get a response. “Yes, n-noona. I want to be good for you. Ah- I want to make you cum.”

You closed your eyes as you felt your orgasm bubble. You clenched around him as hard as you can, his cock still hitting you deep. “Don’t cum. Not yet”, you hissed at him.

With one last thrust, you came around him, cum gushing out, covering his whole length. “F-fuck. Not yet Jungkook”, you rode out your orgasm, Jungkook squirming underneath, also close to bursting. When you felt satisfied, you stood up to pull his length out, and sat back on his lap. You pumped quickly, edging his orgasm on. “Cum”

Jungkook’s seed exploded into your hands. You kept pumping him until his breathing was returning back to normal. After a few moments, you stared at your cum-covered bodies, then looked back at him. With your clean hand, you brushed his hair off his face. He smiled tiredly at you. “I’m in charge tomorrow”, he murmured.


Hi sweeties! Hope you’re all doing well! It’s super hot right now and I got a little carried away with writing, so here’s a little smut for you guys to enjoy! Let me know what you think! And if you find the ‘little love’ in there then this means this is for M, my partner in crime on here @thesmutofthemendes xx

She tossed and turned at night, her nightdress drenched, her hair sticking to her sweaty temples.

She groaned, opening the windows but nothing would help. Running her fingers through her long hair she breathed out, trying to cool down but it was in vain. There was no way she would get any sleep tonight.

She glanced at the AC in the suite and sighed seeing that it was showing a temperature of 39°


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"i’m scared of the dentist so i brought my best friend along for support but they’ve been flirting with the dentist for the past fifteen minutes and now i’m third wheeling at my own dentist appointment’ au" Please? :)

May I present hot dentist Derek and shameless flirter Stiles! (also on ao3!)

“Dude, c’mon. Stop being such a freakin’ baby,” Stiles instructed loftily as he plopped down into one of the waiting room’s uncomfortable plastic chairs, crossing his legs to rest his ankle on his opposite knee, trying to get as comfy as he could on the hard blue plastic seat. He plucked a magazine at random from off the veritable mountain of tabloid spreads and old newspapers on the long coffee table in the center of the room, thumbing through it until he found some interesting pictures along with an article about lions.

Scott groaned low in his throat and begrudgingly took a seat beside him, pouting like a petulant little child as he folded his arms over his chest and stared down at the black and white tiled floor that looked like it had come right out of a 1980’s kitchen. Stiles nudged Scott’s arm with his elbow, flashing his friend a bolstering smile as he told him, “It’s just the dentist, relax. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Scott didn’t seem to appreciate the advice, sending Stiles a pathetic attempt at a glare that was supposed to be scathing but in reality just made him look more constipated than a Chihuahua. Apparently, Scott took his dental hygiene very seriously and while he had been going to Hale Dentistry ever since he was a little kid, same as Stiles, he had been anxious for his appointment since he was informed that his usual dentist would not be in and another doctor would be covering the checkup.

So, being the amazing, wonderful, out of this world best friend slash pretty much brother, that Stiles was, when he found out that Scott was worried about his appointment, he volunteered to go along with him. For moral support, of course.

It certainly wasn’t because his dad was trying some new diet that was beyond disgusting and was invented solely to torment Stiles’ taste buds, the Sheriff insisting that his only son stick to said hellish diet to show solidarity. Yup, it had nothing to do with the fact that he was hoping to stop by McDonald’s and Taco Bell on his way home. Nada.

Stiles had at first just thought that Scott was a little cagey because of the disruption to his routine, never a huge fan of change, thinking that his buddy was just a little nervous about meeting the new doctor that would have their fingers all up in his mouth. But that wasn’t the case. Scott was genuinely anxious, jumping from one worst case scenario to the next, one minute talking about how the new doctor might accidentally chip his tooth and the next talking about how he hoped the new doctor didn’t smell bad.

Stiles had a feeling that he was experiencing what it was like for other people when he inevitably wound up rambling on and on about something or another. He would have to bake his dad an appreciation cake. A low-fat, dairy-free appreciation cake, of course.

With his usual comforting tactics not working, namely self-deprecating humor and poor attempts at levity, Stiles decided to go the way of quiet comfort, gently patting Scott’s arm and giving him lots of thumbs up and encouraging smiles until the receptionist called them back to the exam room. Stiles hopped up out of his seat, feeling a bit fidgety and restless and extremely unfocused since he had forgotten his Adderall that morning. Scott much more reluctant to get back to his feet.

They followed the pretty nurse, who wore a nametag pinned to her orange fox patterned scrubs that identified her as Kira, into the exam room, Stiles thanking her while Scott continued to sulk like a kid who had just let go of his balloon. While Scott got situated in the exam seat, Stiles sunk down into a nice cushiony chair by the door, tugging his phone out of his pocket to check Pokemon Go, having been addicted since they added Gen Two.

He managed to catch two Jigglypuffs and a Cyndiquil before the doctor came in the room, making Stiles’ jaw nearly drop. Because doctors, especially not dentists, should be allowed to be that hot. Once someone achieved that level of hotness they should be promoted to Calvin Klein models or porn stars, preferably gay porn stars.

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goohugavulcan  asked:

I died at what you wrote in the tags about Hannibal petting touch starved puppy Will. If you ever write that I will read it a thousand times and leave a character-limit-breaking review about all the reasons I loved it but either way the little story in the tags was wonderful ad fuzzy and exactly what I wanted tonight

I hope you liked it! I decided to do a short sequel to the Hannibal pets Will fic with a Will pets Hannibal, set post-s3 fic.

Hannibal’s chest is blotted in purples and blues. He tells Will he has three broken ribs and a few more that are bruised. He says all this without any hint he’s in pain, the only clue Will can find is in his speech, the way his voice is raspy and his breaths are slow and often shallow when he talks. 

It takes Will a week for his hearing to come back to anything close to normal for him to notice those tells.

Will knows Hannibal is an unstoppable force and while Will can slow him down there will always be an inevitability to him. Hannibal, broken and bruised and bleeding, still cooks and he tidies and he changes Will’s bandages as well as his own. Will helps when he can, but a broken knee is enough to slow him down to a torturous, half-bedridden pace.

He’s on a steady intake of pain medication and sleeps most of the day, either in bed or on the terrace under the shade of decades of vines. He wakes up to a tray of whatever Hannibal has decided to feed him. Usually something blended together that can be drunk through a straw and will taste awful but keep him alive until his mouth is ready for chewing.

Hannibal sets the tray down on the small patio table in Will’s reach. Will ignores the food and grabs his wrist before he leaves. It’s difficult to speak and he’s well aware how lucky he is that Hannibal doesn’t need an entire speech to get his point to come here, stay, sit.

Will makes room for him on the lounge chair and Hannibal sits, lilting to one side. His hair is longer. Grayer. He has scruff that’s gone past the itchy stage and into the beginnings of bushy beard territory. 

He watches Will and waits. Years ago he had done the same back in his office and his home. But Will is not as patient, so he pats at his lap and tugs at Hannibal’s sleeve.

Once Hannibal had been shy and Will had been hesitant, unsure of what this would mean now and how this would grow. But it’s been weeks and days and Hannibal is now eager as he settles in a bit stiff, grunting as he lays down beside Will, careful of Will’s knee and his own multitude of injuries. His beard is scratchy through Will’s shirt.

Will wraps his arm around Hannibal’s shoulder, Hannibal places one hand around Will’s side, clutching at him with a hard almost painful grip.

Will runs his fingers through Hannibal’s hair, picking out the different hues of gray and finding the old familiar blond strands that are left. He’s soft and pliant under Will’s hands. His breath is hot against Will’s throat and Will knows he’s looking at him with something too warm for an Argentina summer.

Will doesn’t look back. He keeps his attention on loosening the knots on Hannibal’s neck, on the sticky heat of his back. He feels the bumpy scarred edges of the Mason brand. Hannibal sighs against him and Will pulls him closer and pushes himself further until they are more touching than not. 

He presses his nose into Hannibal’s hair and smells salt and sweat and his lemon scented shampoo. This is what Hannibal must have felt like, how exhilarating it is, no matter how many times they’ve done this, to have the person he wants most in the world melt into him.

diamond in the rough

pairing: chanyeol x reader
genre: college!au, smut
request: similar to ASOF with roles reversed -  i would like the reader to be the player in this one, but him still dominating her in bed

A/N: lol hi idk who that bich was that had an insecure emotional episode for like 4 days but IM HERE NOW loLLL AHAHAAA sorry that its short and not really college!au lol

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Of all the guys you had been with, how had you missed this one?

His soft, dark locks slid between your fingers. You gripped his hair and brought his open mouth closer to your throat, a soft moan filling the room. His large hands held the back of your thighs, pulling you closer, your legs spread over his thighs. 

The long moments of wet kisses with his tongue in your mouth and pressed closed to him seemed to finally melt away, your anticipation grew for more. You couldn’t remember when you two fell into his bed. You couldn’t remember when your clothes had been roughly pulled off your body. You couldn’t remember anything, not any of the previous boys you had been with. All you knew was him.

Licking a wet stripe up your neck, he groaned letting the vibrations to spread through you as you wantonly bucked against him. Your wetness spread over his hard dick. With a squeeze of your thighs, Chanyeol lightly grazed his hands above your thighs and over your hips before holding them tightly.

He flipped you over, your moans from his action muffled against the pillow as he pulled at your hips. Your heavy breaths heated up the pillow, his thumb rubbed around your weeping hole as he positioned his leaking dick.

“Ready, baby?” The raspy voice made your walls clench in excitement. You whimpered a yes into the humid air.

Without hesitation, he pushed his hard dick inside you, the thickness spread your walls and you gasped. With each inch you felt yourself fill up, your breathing stuttered. Pulling at your raised hips, he stilled once he was fully pressed against you. The clenching of your walls blurred his concentration. Mumbling a curse under his breath, he pulled back and slowly rocked into you. Your erratic heartbeat increased and your eyes closed from pleasure.

The lewd sounds of your wet hole added to his groans of pleasure, only bringing to you closer. You knew from your extended stimulation you wouldn’t last long. You hoped he wouldn’t either. Gripping the pillow, you bit your lip as the friction increased from his quickening pace.

Leaning his tall body over yours, he pulled your hair to the side and bit the back of your neck. His long length pushed further into you. “That’s right, moan for me.”

Your knees wobbled from the rumbles of his voice. You squeezed around him and he groaned your name. Pulling back, he pulled at your arms. He locked your arms behind your back, just above your spread behind and quickened his pace. The thrusts grew rougher. With each push inside you, he spread your walls and reached deep within you. His cum was surely covering your walls, you moaned even more at the imagery.

His dick twitched inside you. Knowing he was going to cum soon, he pulled at your arms. Your body raised off the bed and he fell back. Your bare back was pressed against his sweating chest. His toned arm was wrapped around your waist locking you in place. Finally being able to see, your hazy eyes focused on your lower body. The way your legs were placed over his, exposing your swollen clit and the way his thick dick was covered in your wetness each time he pulled out. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head once he licked your neck. His hot breath spreading over you, tilting your head so it fell of his shoulder.

The string of moans spilling from your bitten lips only pushed him closer. With his free hand, raised it to held your neck. He pulled your open, moaning mouth over his. When you moaned into his mouth, he moaned into yours with each thrust.

Despite your hazy concentration, you felt your wetness drip down your naked body and spill onto Chanyeol’s.

The arm holding your waist, lowered. His thick, long fingers quickly rubbed over your clit. You pressed your ass against him even more. You let out a whimpering whisper – “I’m so close.”

Chanyeol licked into your mouth. “Cum all over my dick, princess.” His rubbing fingers lifted off your clit; bringing his fingers to his mouth he licked all over them before returning to brining you closer to heaven. His firm thighs slapped against yours with his fast thrusts. The heat of your body grew, you felt yourself stick to Chanyeol. Your body quivered as the pleasure increased. You felt Chanyeol twitch inside you and you knew he would cum too.

Closing your eyes, you allowed yourself to drown in pleasure. With a loud moan of his name, your toes curled and you gripped onto the sheets below your sweating bodies. His swore against your lips, his thrusts decreased from your tightening walls. His dick pulsed inside you as his cum spilled into you. Your clit, still being abused from his fingers.

You shook in pain; your hands flew to his large one, desperately pulling it away. With a deep groan and smirk, he pulled his heavy dick out. Your body grew limp against him, almost as if you had melted.

Through his laboured breath, he spoke.

“Next time, I’ll let you cum before I put it in.”


the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage // panic! at the disco

Usually when Isak gets sick and Jonas asks if he is ok or if Eskild wants to pamper him he just shoots them down and says something like “don’t worry” or “it’s nothing” or “I’m fine”.

though… since he now knows how it feels to be fussed about and spoiled (even more than usual) by Even when he is sick, he may or may not be a little more whiney and a little more dramatic than before.

So, when Isak feels his head throbbing when he wakes up from his nap – wait, when did he fall asleep? – as Even comes back from his KB shift he lets out a groan. Throwing an arm over his eyes he tries to shelter himself from the bright light coming from outside (the curtains are drawn and it’s in the evening but it feels like the sun is stinging right behind his eyes).

“Halla, baby.” The bed dips when Even kneels beside him and presses a kiss to his sweaty (ugh, when did he sweat so much?) forehead. Isak pouts and grabs blindly for Even.

“You’re really warm. You feeling ok?” Even asks into his neck after he gives into Isak’s bidding and hugs him. Still pouting, Isak shakes his head.

“Head hurts,” Isak mumbles and whines out “no, stay” as Even lifts himself which makes him chuckle.

“Relax, I’m just going to make you some tea and change into something more comfortable, ok?” He gets up (after several more kisses that he places all over Isak’s face) and Isak hears him rummage around the flat as he turns the duvet all the way over his head.

So, after he gets his tea and naps some more Even is working on something on his laptop and well, Isak wants that attention on him, sue him.

With the pout in place (did it ever leave his face, though?) and squinty eyes – it is dark now but the laptop screen is screamingly bright – he motions for Even to get rid of it. Even does and smiles sweetly at him, but Isak can’t concentrate on that because the laptop is gone and he is on a mission. Isak sits up with heavy limbs and crawls over to Even’s side – well, over to Even, really. He crawls until he straddles him and wraps his arms and legs around him, locking him in and buries his head in Even’s neck.

Even just chuckles and pulls the duvet around Isak’s shoulders then strokes up and down over his back. Turning his head to Isak he presses a kiss to his jaw and murmurs something along the lines of “My sleepy monkey” which makes Isak try to get even closer to Even because warmth! and home! and comfort! and after a while Even adds “Do you want more tea?” to which Isak shakes his head.

(When he next wakes up, his legs are asleep and his arm feels numb and he is more than sweaty and this is all uncomfortable and horrible, which he tells Even in a weak and croaky voice but with a dramatically scrunched face. Even just kisses him on the nose and then gets him new – and dry – clothes, then when Isak curls up under the covers again goes and makes some soup)

Because Isak now can ask for all the affection and let himself be a baby about a migraine. He can now eat all the cooing words and gentle touches right up because he knows Even won’t be mad and won’t make him feel like he’s a burden. Even will love him no matter what and if he feels like being a dramatic piece of sweat and sickness he can be without fearing of someone leaving him.

a life for a life || theo raeken

description: in which the one he loves is taken from him

warnings: kidnapping, a fair amount of violence, drugging, vague sexual innuendos, swearing, mentions of death

notes: part two

“Do you have to go?” Your voice came out soft and sweet, enough to make Theo reconsider what he was doing. 

With a soft sigh, the chimera turned to you from where he stood, shirt in his hands. “I wish I didn’t have to,” he murmured, pulling the fabric over his head. “But I need to help Liam and the rest of the pack.”

You hummed in opposition, mouth turning into a pout. Theo sauntered over to where you lay in bed, covers pulled flush against your naked body. You looked so inviting, and he wanted nothing more than to climb back into bed with you. But helping Liam was the good thing, the right thing, to do. 

Theo leaned down, pressing a long kiss to those lips he loved so much. “I’ll be back later, I promise.”

You nodded, reaching out to squeeze his hand. “I know. I love you, stay safe.” 

And with that, he was gone. 

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make you feel

kim minseok x reader

wc - 1.2k // rated M for sexual themes. 

author - admin C

companion playlist here

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Minseok had to restrain himself from bolting from the SUV that had brought him home from the airport, not wanting to look too eager to his members. Tapping his foot impatiently as the driver inched up to the side of his apartment building, he ignored the teasing remarks from his members, chewing the inside of his cheek to prevent countering them in a below-the-belt way.

“Have fun, Minseok,” Jongdae yelled loudly as Minseok flung the door open, shoving his suitcase out onto the gravel. Shooting him a withering look, Minseok shut the door, grabbing his suitcase and scrambling into the lobby.

He breathed in the fresh perfume of the lobby, a weight lifting off of his shoulders as he finally felt the comfort of familiarity. Heaving his bags on a trolley, he politely declined help from the man behind the front desk as he struggled into the elevator. Pressing the button to his floor, he wiped sweat off of his brow, growing nervous.

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Black Hat

Originally posted by daenso

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader
Genre: Smut
Rated: M
Drabble Prompt: 111. “Delete it. Now.”
Summary: After a photo is spread by your ex, you turn to the one person who can help you and what he wants in return is - you.
Word Count: 1,654
Warnings: Light choking, spreading private photos, other frowned upon things related to sex.

“How could you, Kai!?” Your voice screeches through the phone towards the receiver as you look at the webpage with disbelieving eyes.

Your boyfriend - scratch that - ex-boyfriend had uploaded a picture of you in a very revealing outfit to his social media earlier that morning and it spread through campus like wild-fire.

“Well, it was for my eyes only because we were dating but now that we’re not…” You scoff at his arrogance. You need this down and because he locked you out of his accounts the day you left him, there is only one person who can.

Byun Baekhyun.

You cringe at the name. He’s the black hat at school and he’ll do anything for the right price plus he gave you the creeps with the weird lip to ear piercing and dark make-up he likes to wear.

“Sorry, babe-” You hang up before you have to listen to anymore of his ridiculous justifications for revenge.

He cheated, not you and yet you are the one being punished.

Sighing heavily, you push away from the desk in the corner of your room and drag your feet out of there; heading to the one place you definitely don’t want to go.

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Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Summary: Y/N finds herself insanely stressed with life at the moment. Between working on hunts and taking some local core classes, she finally has a break down. Lucky for her Dean is always there to make things better, and help her relieve some of that said stress.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, intense stressful situations,some angst, mental break down, dry humping, smut

Word Count: 2,179

Request: This is a little stupid, but if you have time would you mind writing a Dean version of Stressed? If you can’t it’s ok.- @padfootserastartsnow

A/N: Thank @impala-dreamer for the beta read again you’re awesome. I like writing this stressed situation with Dean just to see how different Sam and Dean would react in situations like this. I hope y’all enjoy and feedback is always welcomed!

Originally posted by soluscheese

Your phone kept buzzing, your computer chimed, and your back was killing you. This was no way for a person to live their life. Even as a hunter, there was no way in hell you could take much more of this. You were taking lore classes at a local college, doing research, and you were still trying to hunt, all at the same time. Everything felt like it was crashing around you, it was all so overwhelming.

“Fuck this,” your leaned back in your chair in the library, “I can’t do this anymore.” Unshed tears threatened to escape your eyes as the words on the screen began to blur. You wanted to be strong, to bite this college stuff in the ass. You were a hunter, you’ve researched about stuff some people knew nothing about. But studying in the classes, worrying about MLA and APA formatting bullshit? Every ounce of your being was screaming at you to drop out and leave the normal life behind. You didn’t need to know all this useless information, that’s why hunters kept journals and relied on each other. At the same time however, you knew this was the right thing to do. “What the hell am I supposed to do?” The main door to the bunker opened with a sickening creak, followed by a slam. “What am I supposed to do!?” You screamed at the top of your lungs, flinging all your stuff off the table.

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A Breach of Trust: Chapter 19

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10-18 )

(Act 3: Chapter 19, Chapter 20)

“Teruki…how are you so incredible…?”

The voice was something soft. It was a sound Teruki loved, singsong and warm against his ear. He leaned back, snuggled closer on the lap of the one whose hand stroked gently through his hair.

“Because my mommy is so incredible, and she made me,” Teruki answered.

“Oh, oh dear, ha! You give your poor old mommy too much credit.” The arm moved from his hair, wrapped around him shoulder to shoulder. A hug close and warm enough to feel her heartbeat. “Your mommy is incredible because she has you, and she’s so excited to wake up to you every single day, Teruki, my special little man…”

“…Am I in trouble?”

“No. Oh dear, no. Of course not.” She crouched to his level, hands on his shoulders, a wide smile and sad eyes. “If the other kids don’t like you, it’s because they don’t understand you. Your mommy’s got your back.”

“Even the teacher doesn’t like me. She’s just jealous, isn’t she?”

Her arms moved as she chuckled.  Then she stroked her palm against Teruki’s cheek. “She’s probably jealous of me, Teruki, for having you.” Her hands rose to his head and ruffled through his hair. “My special little man.”

“…Hey…hey, you know what I heard? You know what my mom said?”


“What’d she say?”

“She said that Teruki Hanazawa’s mommy doesn’t love him anymore.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I would like a AMBW story, about it being your first time on your wedding night with Gray and your scared (but you still do it) and in the morning you avoid him and Gray asks what's wrong, is that okay? No daddy kink stuff, please. Thank you!

Wedding Night(AMBW):

Seonghwa carried you into your house, passed the threshold with a wide smile across his lips. Today was the best day ever and it had finally happened. You were married and together forever. You had waited for this moment forever because he was perfect and everything that you wanted in a man, only to find out he felt the same way about you and that made your heart melt. The day was filled with love and laughter, and now it was honeymoon time just you and him all the guest gone home and you both together in your brand-new house for the first time. Of course, you would take a trip somewhere later in the week but for right now you wanted to be here with him. He spun you around in the house knocking you out of your thoughts as he smiled down at you.

“What’s on your mind jagi?” He asked softly carrying you towards your shared bedroom.

“Everything about you.” You admitted softly locking your arms tightly around him. You leaned up pressing your lips against his and he couldn’t help but smile nuzzling his nose against yours.

“I’m glad then, because my mind is filled with what I want to do with you.” He admitted shrugging as he carried you into a room dimly lit with a few candles. Gasping you looked around the bedroom seeing that it matched your wedding colors and he had some of everything in there. It was a perfect view and it helped to aid the little butterflies in your system. He sat you down on the bed looking down at you as he took of his suit jacket and laid it on the dresser. Biting his lip, he watched you as he undid the buttons on his shirt, taking it off with his tie. Once he was shirtless he walked to you and you squirmed in your seat telling yourself to take deep breaths. He grabbed at your hands standing you up pressing his lips softly against yours. Heart beating fast you kissed back letting your hands press against his chest to steady yourself. His hands started to unzip your expensive wedding dress making sure not to ruin it he pushed it off your body pulling back to break the kiss. His eyes roamed over the white lace you had on your body, picking you up he lay you down on the bed grabbing at the dress to move it towards a chair by your walk-in closet making sure nothing got on it. He moved back to the bed crawling over you he looked down at you with love and adoration.

You were scared, beyond scared it was all happening so fast. And you wanted it to happen you did! But you were also afraid of what would happen. This was something different from anything you have ever done before. But you tried to mask it because you knew he really wanted to do it, you had made him wait for over two years and he was very patient never forcing you or making you do anything you didn’t want to do. Seonghwa started to undress you slowly leaving wet kisses here and there in his wake igniting your skin. You didn’t know how to moan so you were trying to make small noises grabbing at his hair. Slowly your clothes came off one by one until you were both completely nude and pressing against each other. Your hands braced on his chest, he leaned down a finger slowly pushing it inside of you stretching you out so that it wouldn’t be so painful for you to take him. Starting at a slow pace he soon was pounding his finger in and out of you causing your hips to rock off the bed as you cried out for him. Your head rolled back and lips parted you gave out tiny cries of pleasure gritting your teeth as he added another finger to stretch you out more. Removing his fingers once he felt you were ready he sucked on his digits cleaning them off and aligning himself with your entrance. Kissing your lips, he slowly pushed inside of you biting gently on your bottom lip. He went slow gentle enough not to hurt you. Once he was half way in he leaned on his elbows caressing your face.

“I have to push in baby girl. I have to push in all the way.” He said apologetically only being halfway in. He surged his hips forward burying himself inside or your tight pussy and you couldn’t help but clench around him making it more painful for the both of you. He whispered sweet words to you trying to encourage you, his fingers dancing across your clit to help you breathe and relax for him.

Once he felt you were ready he started to pull out and thrust inside of you slowly feeling you up to the brim over and over again to make sure he was stretching you out slowly and not fucking you too hard making love to you with his hands moving to tangle with yours pressing them by your head. Slowly he picked up speed until he was going fast hips rutting against yours. Your legs locked, toes curling as you cried out in pleasure bucking your hips up harshly against his feeling the pleasure wind up in your stomach. Slowly you met you high reaching your orgasm letting your hands clench onto his. He moaned softly watching you, black hair pressed against his forehead as the sweat dripped down from his face and body. He gave a few more thrusts and he was spilling his seed inside of you filling you up to the brim. With a few more thrusts he rode out your orgasms and slowed down his hips peppering your face with kisses. In a few more minutes he was cleaning you off and you with hooded eyes fell out into a deep sleep.

The next morning when you woke up you could hear the pan sizzling and you could smell the food in the room. Getting up you moved to put on a shirt, wincing slightly because you were sore. You avoided Seonghwa at the most costs. Going outside or going to the bathroom as time passed. But surely, he caught up with you wrapping his arms around your neck planting a kiss on your cheek.

“There is my favorite lady.” He teased as he nuzzled into you.

“Yeah.. I’m here.” You said half-heartedly shrugging your shoulders. Seonghwa spun you around looking down at you with a frown.

“What’s wrong?” He asked softly trying to read your face. His hands cupping your cheeks as his eyes searched yours.

“Nothing.” You lied smiling sweetly at him. And it hurt him terribly. Pulling back, he sighed letting you go.

“Fine.” He said simply because he wouldn’t push you to talk about it. But you didn’t like that. Grabbing at him you pouted hugging him around the waist sighing softly.

“Last night.. Was a first or many. And I was really scared, but I did it for you. Well for us! But I’m still trying to process it.” Sighing you kissed his shirtless back pulling him closer to you.

“Never. Be afraid to tell me what you want. We could have waited. I don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable.” He turned around pressing his forehead against yours. “I love you for your heart not your body that’s just a bonus And for how you gave into me last night, I didn’t know you were nervous. You did amazing and you were so brave.” He teased nuzzling your nose. “Never again will we have to have sex until you’re ready.” He promised and you cupped his cheeks in return kissing his lips.

“I just needed validation. I’m sure with a few more tries I will love it just as much as you, maybe even more.” You teased biting on his bottom lip. “Just take me slow okay? That’s all I ask. Now let’s eat.” You grinned lightly and he picked you up with a nod carrying you towards the kitchen.

anonymous asked:

42 robb x reader

Robb Stark - “Stop being so cute”

“Are you enjoying yourself, my lady?” Robb leaned a little towards you and his blue eyes seemed even brighter in the flickering candle light. He had his lips curled up into a charming smile and his hand, gently and tender, rested on your leg, invisible for any prying eyes. “Did I already tell you that I have never seen you as beautiful as tonight?” He spoke softly, whispering words only meant for your ears to hear and your cheeks heated up while you avoided his glance.

When you had fallen in love with the heir of Winterfell, years ago, when your paths had accidentally crossed because of your father’s job, you had not dared to think that one day you would share his table, that one day he would introduce you to his family and the entire North as his future wife, that one day you would be kissed by those soft lips, whispering all those wonderful words melting your heart.

“I understand that those balls can be quite overwhelming.” Robb leaned back in his chair, more comfortable than you would probably ever be, and he took a sip of the wine, served in pure gold. “I remember my first ball all too well and I will admit that I was relieved that my parents had not even allowed me to stay until the very end.” The smile on his face had something boyish, something playful, something that made the future heir of Winterfell almost only human.

“I am more afraid of what all those people might think of me.” You bent your head and avoided his glance. You and Robb had had this conversation more often and every time you dared to bring up that you were afraid that you were not enough for him, Robb came up with an impressively long list with reasons why you were the best the North had to offer. “I know that you think highly of me and I know that your parents wouldn’t have allowed me to be here tonight if they had had anything against me, but all I see are women who are more important than I am, are ladies prettier than I can be and girls more deserving of your hand than I am.”

Robb kept silent for a moment and he tightened his grip on your upper leg. “I have not seen any woman more important to me than you will ever be.” He locked his glance with you and you almost drowned in those bright blue eyes. “I have not seen any lady prettier than I believe you to be.” He lifted his hand up and pressed the sweating palm to your warm cheek. “And there will never be anyone more deserving of my hand than you are.” He spoke softly, abusing the distraction the music and the food provided or simply forgetting that there were countless people staring at you. “I do have to admit that could partly be because I have not seen anyone but you, but I don’t need to see anyone to know that no one is happier than I am, right this moment, with you by my side and the promise of a shared future.”

Your heart was racing in your chest, hammering against your ribs. The tight corset of your dress made it almost impossible to take deep breaths, but right now you didn’t feel the need to breathe anyway. “I am just me and I hope that you know that I would have loved you just as much if you had not been the heir of Winterfell, if you had not thrown me a ball to announce our engagement, if you had not promised me more than I have ever wished or longed for.”

Robb cocked his head and his warm breath reached your cold nose. “If I were you I would stop being so cute.” The dancing lights in his eyes were not just the reflection of the flickering flames of the candles on the tables, on the walls. “Unless you prefer finding a more quiet spot where I can not only tell, but also show you that there will never be a woman I love as much as I love you.”

Okay, I am super pumped for tomorrow. Wanna know why? Cause I am a part of the Sterek Reverse Bang and I am posting tomorrow!!! Keep your eye out around 5-6 pm California time for the link to the fic and the amazing art :)

So, I wrote this to expel all my extra excitement like the productive writer I totally am ;)

It had been a long day for Stiles Stilinski. Not so much in a supernatural way, thank the lord. That had already happened and filled this week’s quota when a new Wiccan group wanted to negotiate the use of the Preserve. The talks had resulted in access to new herbs and such for Deaton to help the pack with and the Wiccans getting a safe haven from prying eyes and a place to be more rooted in nature. Ha, rooted. No, today was perfectly mundane , plain in its lack of “emergency pack meeting” texts sent out or lore needing to be studied to save a life.

Yet, somehow, it had still been one huge shit storm built on several hurricanes of fuck with a one hundred percent chance of frustration with an advisory warning of mental break downs in the near future. Wow, that analogy really got away from him. But with the day he had had, he deserved hours worth of tangent filled ranting.

Doing a double major at Berkeley would be the death of him. Not vampires or covens or faeries or those goddamn trolls. No, it would be all the criminology/folklore course he had to do as his third year progressed. It was rough and painstaking and he wasn’t above admitting to his fair share of tears, not knowing if he could make it in life. But that’s okay because nothing could beat coming home.

Home. Stiles stumbles into the apartment, cursing as he drops his much too heavy school bag onto his foot. His voice cuts off when he catches a whiff of the greatest smells he has ever had the pleasure of smelling. Well, maybe not the best, but when you have been had a long day of classes and studying, anything that isn’t coffee or energy drink scented is a god send.

He takes a deep breath, following the scent of lemon and basil pesto, finding Derek in front of the stove. He smiles dopily, shuffling forward quietly despite knowing he was heard from long before he even reached for the front door. He puts his hands in the pockets of Derek sweats  and presses his cheek to a bare shoulder, nuzzling in before settling with a sigh.

“Cooking shirtless is dangerous.” The werewolf snorts, but doesn’t shake Stiles loose.

“For a human.”

“You’ve already burned yourself, haven’t you.”

“Three times.” Derek puts the pan he’s cooking pasta in and sets it on a different burner to cool. He turns and wraps his arms around Stiles’ shoulders. The weight and warmth settle something intangible deep in his chest. The gentle lingering kiss to his temple lets the air he pulls in go deeper than he’s managed alone all day.

Derek carefully leads them to their thrift store couch, leaving Stiles there for a moment. He returns with steaming plates of pasta before Stiles can pull in enough breath to whine over being abandoned.

After food and a little idle chit-chat, Derek simply gathers Stiles’ long limbs into his arms and carries him to their bed. He gives a cursory comment that involves three attempt to not slur the word ‘emasculating’ while Derek smiles soft and fond like he’s grown to do over the past few years. He sets Stiles down and rids them both of jeans and t-shirts before curling them up under the covers. They lay in contented silence, peaceful space filled with easy breaths and calm breaths. Yes, home is always a nice place to be.

Stiles flips onto his stomach, curling his arms under his pillow after he drags Derek large, warm palm over his bare back. He arches, asking with a hum for a back rub knowing Derek loves the scent marking as much as Stiles enjoys the massage. After a little while, Derek takes up tracing the lines that connect his moles. Stiles knows the patterns almost by heart with how fond Derek is of the activity. Just as Stiles begins drifting off, something changes.

It isn’t bad, nothing is wrong. Derek is still soft and relaxed next to him, a warmth lining his left side, but there’s a shift somewhere and he can’t quite pinpoint what.He lays there, not too bothered but curious until he figures it out. Derek is no longer tracing his moles, but a new pattern that takes Stiles a few minutes to decipher. When he does, his heart melt like a popsicle in the Sahara.

They hadn’t said it before, it wasn’t entirely necessary. Stiles knew and he knew that Derek knew, it showed in the everyday things - Derek making dinner, Stiles forking over the extra cash for the body wash that didn’t meddle so much with his chemo-signals, Derek reading him to sleep on bad night, Stiles not saying a word when Derek crawls into bed with his back to Stiles in silent question. They didn’t say it, but that didn’t make it any less true.

“I love you, too, Der.”