he's possessed btw


“Hey, Noh. Who’s that? She’s cute. Isn’t your ex?… Can I date her?”

“Sure. If you like her and make her smile, then go ahead…”

smolcheld  asked:

Martial Arts Club's reaction to Budo's sudden appearance, personality, and voice change, please? Before they knew he was possessed btw. (Sorry, I've become obsessed with Possessed!Budo, I don't even like Budo.)

- Juku fainted

- Shima and Mina screamed

- Shi and Sho both took pictures and messed with Budo to see what was up with the sudden change in looks

- Then Budo pretty much threw them off of him

- Looking like he just saw his sibling get punched in the face

- He looked like he was about to fight EVERYBODY

- When he started speaking they all hooked together in both fear and protection

- Budo eventually left but not before trashing the place 

- And messing up the Martial Artists

- Torn clothes

- Bloody lips

- Scratches and bruises on them

- All of them were in a huge amount of pain

- Budo could have killed them

anonymous asked:

Hey baby girl, a possessive chanyeol smut for me? Ya'll swimming and he being possessive. Great blog btw! Love you!

thanks for the request! but i’m sorry that i have to turn this down because i’m too swamped with school activities to fulfil any requests! thanks for understanding :)