he's posing seductively by the way

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How would the Xeno boys react to an s/o asking if they could pose so that they can draw them in their sketch book? I hope my english is okay.

Admin Mawile: (。・∀・)ノ゛ Your English is great, no worries!!

Shuu: If you don’t mind drawing while he’s asleep, go for it. Having a reason to stay perfectly still for a few hours sounds lovely. 

Reiji: Surprisingly, he readily agrees. But you’d better hope your picture comes out good, or face punishment for wasting his time. 

Ayato: He will never be able to stay still long enough, and he’ll do nothing but complain that you didn’t capture his “greatness” in your picture.

Kanato: He’ll insult your drawing endlessly, but not actually mine the posing too much, so long as Teddy is equally included. 

Laito: He’s going to try to pose in a very inappropriate way. And then insist on drawing you in just as seductive a position. 

Subaru: NOPE he’s not agreeing to that. You can go find someone else to draw, he’s not just going to sit there for ages.

Ruki: As long as it doesn’t take too long, he’ll indulge you. Just don’t get too pushy with your directions or keep him from doing important things instead. 

Kou: Do you know how many fans would just die to have him as a model? You’re going to have to earn the privilege just like anyone else. 

Yuuma: If you want to, go ahead, but he’s not stopping work to pose. You can make do with sketching from while he’s gardening. 

Azusa: He’s a little curious as to why you want to draw him, but more than happy to let you. Just not the best at holding a pose without fidgeting. 

Carla: It seems like he’s just indulging you at first… until he gets weirdly into posing and is actually interested in the results. 

Shin: Like he’d want to sit around for you do something useless. You can go find a more willing model, posing for some stupid picture is beneath him. 

cog memes
  • *picture of horse and pig toon together* brother may i have some f r e s h o a t s
  • legal eagle furry discourse '03
  • loan sharks trying to swim, recorded in lowest quality possible
  • deep fried images of cog bosses surrounded by emojis
  • flippy doggenbottom but the benedict cumberbatch meme
  • slappy quackintosh as a cryptid, but a la "bigfoot is real and he tried to suck my dick"
  • mothcog
  • body mods that are really badly photoshopped
  • cogs introducing themselves with wildly wrong levels
  • keysmash but going into binary
  • *points pen at a polar bear* this document has eyes
  • cat toon sounds but hella edited
  • trading body parts but putting them on the wrong place
  • climbing into the picture frames in the banquet hall and making poses in them
  • office supplies being used in improper ways
  • "let's get hammered" *seductive pose with a cj gavel*
  • t-posing in the improper hq
soukoku origins

Chuuya: ok so today’s mission is- *notices what dazai is wearing for the first time* oh hell no!

Dazai: *poses seductively to show off the all-black outfit he wore specifically to match chuuya* what do you think of this, partner?

Chuuya: i think you better fucking change!! there is no way in the fucking world we are going out in public wearing matching outfits!!! I mean, we know we’re gay, but do we have to broadcast it to the whole fucking world?

Dazai: come ooooon, chuuya it’ll look so badass! I bet we’ll get a cool nickname out of it too!

Chuuya: oh, suuuuure we will! I can just hear our enemies screaming now- “look out, its those fucking losers who wear color-coordinated matching outfits!!!!” yeah, so intimidating.

Mori: *is about to walk past them when he notices their outfits* matching outfits? how inspired! It really demonstrates your cohesion as a team- so intimidating! In fact, I think I’ll give your partnership a nickname based on your matching outfits! How about… soukoku? Yeah, you two will now and forever be known as soukoku, so you better make sure to always wear those great matching outfits! keep it up, and you boys might make executive one day! *walks away*

Dazai: *smiles smugly at chuuya* you were saying?

Chuuya: …ill give you double black eyes if you don’t shut the fuck up.

Inspired by the above photo of Enver


Peggy stops in her tracks as soon as she opens the door to her and Daniel’s bedroom. She bursts into laughter at the sight that greets her.

“Daniel, what in the bloody blue blazes are you doing?”

Daniel is laying on their bed, leaning back on his right arm. His left knee is bent and pointing towards the ceiling. His left arm is resting on his knee. His right leg is bent at the prosthesis’ knee joint and lays on the bed. His crotch is pointing towards Peggy. He is dressed in the blazer, button down shirt, and slacks he wore to work that day. He has removed his shoes but has kept his socks on.

The come hither look on his face drops. “I was attempting to seduce you.”

“Seduce me? Who in the world gave you the idea that this is the way to seduce me?”

Daniel moves out of his ‘seduction’ pose. He drops his head before speaking. “Howard.”

“Daniel, please, never take seduction advice from Howard Stark.”