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one where dan is super insecure and phil kisses everywhere he hates about himself? thought it would be cute

Warning for some mentions of smut

❥ Phil had known for a long time that Dan had some self-esteem issues with his body and appearance in general. He was determined to one day diminish that idea since Dan’s body was perfect in Phil’s eyes.

❥ Phil knew that Dan was in his own bedroom, struggling to edit his video. He watched as Dan became more stressed with getting out videos. Sometimes, he doesn’t know if he’s enjoying the content he’s creating or if he’s doing it because of pressure.

❥ Phil had noticed that Dan had been in his room for a concerning amount of time and hasn’t come out at all, even to go to the washroom or grab a quick snack.

❥ Phil decided to go check up on the boy, knocking on his door gently and hearing Dan make some kind of groan that resembled a “come in”.

❥ Phil opened the room and peeked his head in, seeing Dan in boxer shorts and a t-shirt, laying on his stomach and his eyes focused on the computer in front of him.

❥ “How are you doing, bear? Haven’t seen you in hours.” Dan looked up at Phil and he could immediately tell something was wrong. He walked over to his bed and sat down next to him, putting his hand on his back comfortingly. “What’s wrong, Dan?”

❥ “I look like a bloated whale in this video,” Dan said, slamming his laptop shut. Phil’s gaze grew concerned.

❥ “Dan, I-” Phil was cut off.

❥ “Don’t try to make me feel better, Phil. I know I’m not attractive.” Hearing Dan say that hurt Phil’s heart.

❥ “Dan, don’t say that.“ Phil stroked Dan’s back in an effort to make him feel better. “What don’t you like about yourself?”

❥ Dan sighed. “Everything.”

❥ “Can you sit up for me, bear?” Phil asked, Dan moving his laptop and sitting up. “I understand that a lot of people don’t love their own body but please let me try and help.”

❥ “How would you help?” Dan asked him. He thought that he would forever be a lost cause and always hate himself.

❥ “Well, you said you hated everything. So, I’m going to tell you what I love about everything.”

❥ Phil put his hands on Dan’s ankles, looking him in the eyes. “I know this may be weird, but I said I’d compliment everything. That also means your feet.” Dan chuckled slightly at the comment.

❥ “They’re so soft and I love being able to massage them when you’re feeling stressed.“ Phil leaned down to kiss the top of Dan’s foot and Dan giggled at the ticklishness.

❥ “Your legs. Fuck, your legs. You may think they’re chubby but I love it. I love how thick they are and I love when they wrap around me. I especially love marking them up.” He butterfly kissed all the way up from his ankles to his upper thighs.

❥ “Your hips are wonderful, too. I love your curves so much and they give you that little feminine touch that I think is gorgeous.” He slipped the side of his boxers down for a moment to kiss the slope of his right hip.

❥ “Your cock is also something of wonder. I love how it’s slightly smaller than average and how it bounces slightly when we make love. I’ll be sure to kiss that later,” Phil said suggestively with a cheesy wink.

❥ “Can I take your shirt off?” Phil asked and Dan hesitantly nodded, blushing as Phil removed his shirt and tossed it aside. He patted his tummy gently.

❥ “This is probably what I love the most. That little bit of chub is natural and is healthy, not to mention it’s absolutely adorable.” He kissed his tummy and tickled his sides, Dan giggling and writhing around as he was tickled.

❥ He moved up to kiss his chest. “I also love these sculpted and iconic collarbones that look gorgeous marked up with hickeys.”

❥ “That tiny bit of muscle you have on your biceps also drives me wild.” He pressed open mouthed kisses against his upper arms, all the way down to his wrists.

❥ “Then there’s your hands. Your hands never fail to get me all hot and bothered. They look amazing gliding against the keys of a piano and feel even better when they’re running through my hair.” He took his hand in his and kissed his wrist, setting it down gently after.

❥ He moved in to kiss his neck and Dan groaned. “I love how sensitive your neck is and how easily I can make you feel good.”

❥ “You also have great facial structure. Seeing your dimples make me happy, because I know that they only come out when you smile and I love when you smile.” He kissed his cheek and Dan flashed him a signature smile that showed his dimple.

❥"Last but not least, I love your hair. I love when it’s curly or straight. I love when it’s pushed back or a mess against your forehead.“ He kissed the top of his head and ruffled his hair.

❥ “I also love you for your personality. I love that I can see the real you off screen. When you’re more calm and gentle, not that I don’t love the sarcasm. I love the sarcasm, too. I love you for you and will always love you.”

❥ Dan jumped on top of Phil, hugging him hard. “I love you, too.”


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You play a prank on Mark by telling him that you're leaving him for JB, so Mark cries begging you not to but when he finds out you're joking he gets revenge by teasing you in bed ^_^


Pairings: Mark and Reader

Genre: Smut (Angst -ish i guess?)

Warnings: Crying(?), Masturbation, Spanking and Daddy Kink

Word Count: 1969 words

I am so sorry for all the spelling and grammar errors, English is not my first language, I do know it well and live in America but I still sometimes mess up. Also I am very sorry for the wait I started school and was very busy, I hope this is good.


You and JB had always been best friends. You had met each other in grade school but you didn’t really get along, but you family had ended up living near each other you two became very close. He even introduced you to your current boyfriend, Mark Tuan. JB and you were known to always pull pranks on various people, when you two were younger the teachers had to separate the two of you because of all the trouble you two caused. 

Lately you have noticed that your normally loving boyfriend Mark had been acting a bit different, he seemed so distant. You really didn’t know why. In order to try to get his attention. 

“Are you sure he won’t be mad?” Jaebum asked as you explained to him what you two would be doing. “Dude, you know Mark he’s laid back and cool he won’t be mad.” you responded. “Alright but if he beats the shit out of me, you’re paying for my medical bills and everything.” he said giving you a serious look, but laughing afterwords. “Yeah, yeah.” you replied. “Okay , okay he’s coming in, stick to the plan. But remember don’t get too close,or you will get the shit kicked out of you.” you quietly whisper to Jaebum.  “Hey babe.” Mark says not even looking at you, already knowing you’re in the living room. You  get up and start pacing around. “Mark we have to talk.” you say not facing him, afraid that he’d see you laugh. “What’s up babe?” he says heading to the kitchen to get a bottled water from the refrigerator. You walk into the kitchen trying to have a serious expression on your face. “I don’t think I can do this anymore, I found someone better, I’m sorry Mark.” You look at him and watch his expression turn from a neutral state to a slight frown with scrunched eyebrows. “Oh.” he stayed quite for a while. “Can I know who this person is?” he questioned turning away from you. “It’s me.” Jaebum said as he came from the living room. You tried to suppress your giggles and put your hand over your mouth so even if a giggle did slip he wouldn’t be able to hear it due to the fact that your hand was muffling it. Mark turned around with a hurt expression. “Jaebum?” He asked in disbelieve. “No this can’t be. No, no, no, no, no. This can’t be happening.” he said covering his face with his hands. You were busy trying not to laugh while Jaebum nudged you signaling you that something went wrong. “No, no, no, no. I know Jaebum is more attractive than me, but jagi, why? Is it because you don’t like me anymore? Please Y/N, please tell me why.” he said with tears threatening to spill out of his eyes at any given moment. “No, no, Mark it’s a prank. Babe please look at me, baby. Look at me” He looked at you with teary eyes, “Baby I Iove you so, so, so much. It was just a prank. i don’t want to be with Jaebum, I am more than happy with you, it was supposed to be funny.” you said as you held his cheeks in your hands. He looked up at Jaebum with teary eyes. “Dude I don’t want her, she’s all yours, you know I don’t like her, I have other lady friends I have my eyes set on at the moment, plus she’s annoying. It was all her idea.” Jaebum said holding his hands up in defense. Soon enough after discussing it over, Mark understood it was just a prank. Then as the sun started to set, Jaebum left. 

As soon as he left you looked up at Mark who looked back at you. You hugged him and wrapped your arms around his neck and puckered your lips, signalling him to kiss you. He lifted you off the ground as you wrapped your legs around him and kissed him. Your hands then found his hair and you started to run your hands through his hair and pull on the ends. He grabbed your ass and you squeaked opening your mouth, therefore letting his soft tongue slip in and massage the inside of your mouth. You started to rub your clothed crotch against his. Suddenly you moaned. Mark then stopped kissing you and placed you on the ground and looked at you and said “That’s enough for today.” he said. You stood there in shock of what had just happened. The two of you were making out and both were obviously horny, but he stopped. “Hey Mark but you’re still hard?” you said looking up at him with a confused face. “Okay I have an arm, don’t I?” he said with a ‘duh’ face. You stood there shocked. You followed him into your bedroom. You grabbed his arm and tugged him and looked up at him batting your eyelashes trying to look as innocent as possible, “But wouldn’t you like me to help you, a hand job, blow job, or even fucking me senseless?” you said moving your hands in a hand-job-like movement, then pointing up at your mouth and then grabbing his hands and put them and you hips. He loudly gulped. “Nope, as I said before, I have an arm.” He said, although his mind was telling him to fuck you untill you couldn’t walk. You stood there with your mouth wide open. How could he, what was he trying to do? Was he trying to get back at you? Most probably you thought. He smirked as he walked to your bed and slipped off his grey sweat pants and sat down and started to stroke himself through his boxers. He let out a soft moan. You bit your bottom lip, getting wetter and wetter by the moment you decided to get out of your clothes and slowly take your panties off as you sat on your bed near him. You ran your fingers down your wet folds imagining it was him touching you. “Ah~ Mark, Aaah~ babe.” you moaned as you touched yourself. Then you heard Mark’s small whimpers come out of his mouth which made you instantly moan. You fondled your left breast and tweaked your nipple and cursed. You started to rub your clitoris. Giving all the attention to this small bundle of nerves you started to near your orgasm. “Aahh Oppa~ I’m gonna cum” you moaned loudly. You no longer heard Mark’s moans or whimpers. Suddenly a strong hand grabbed your right hand which made you whimper at the loss of attention on the small bundle of nerves. “Oh no you don’t. Baby girl, you’ve been bad, very bad. Do you think Daddy like naughty girls?” he said looking at you with the sexiest face you’ve ever seen. Your breath got caught in your throat but you managed to choke out a small no. “Hm? Didn’t quite catch what you said?” He teased. “No. Daddy does not like it when his baby girl is naughty.” You said looking up at him with innocent eyes. “That’s more like it. Okay so how many so you deserve?” he asked with a smirk. “Ten?” You said. He laughed loudly. “Ten? Who do you think you are, have you seen the way you’ve been acting? 7 for pranking me, 3 for making me hard and 7 more for touching yourself, but let us subract 2 due to the fact that you apologized and not to mention the fact that you looked and sounded amazing while touching yourself to the thought of me.” he simply stated with a soft chuckle at the end of his sentence. You got even more wet just thinking of what he was going to do to you. “C’mon on Daddy’s lap he patted his now clothed legs. You laid there your tummy on his legs and his hand on your soft plump ass. He started massaging one cheek then lifted his hand only to bring it back down with a loud smack. “One.” You half yelped and half moaned. He then massaged it once more and smacked the other. “Two,” you moaned loudly. Then, as always he massaged it and down for another. Soon enough you were on the 15th and as your ass stinged he massaged your ass and leaned down to kiss each cheek. His hand wandered to your core and he felt how wet you were. “Did Daddy really make you this wet?” he asks bringing the juices he had gotten with his fingers and sucked it up with his mouth. You moaned at the sounds he made. He brought you up to have your stinging ass on his lap as your juices dripped on the floor and he held your waist. “Yes Daddy, you made me this wet.” you say. “Good.” he said reaching his arms down to your ass and rub your ass cheeks. “Did Daddy hurt you too much baby girl?” He questioned you as you moaned at the feeling of his hands massaging your stinging ass. “Yes Daddy it did hurt, but it felt good.” you said trying to grind on his legs, “I’m sorry baby girl, it’s just you’ve been very naughty, Daddy is sorry.” he said placing you on on of his thighs and you grinded yourself on his clothed thigh and he caught your nipple in his mouth. You moaned at the attention you were receiving from him. “You like that babe?” he asked. “Ah~ Yes.” you moaned. You began to unbutton his shirt. He got you off of him and started to unbutton his shirt, then his jeans. He touched the spot you were grinding yourself on and brought his fingers up to your lips and commanded you to suck them. You happily obliged. when you were finished you took his fingers out with a plop. “That was so hot Y/N.” he said as he fully undressed himself and propped himself with some pillows. “Ride me babe.” he said. You instantly straddled him and slowly sank down on him and moaned in pleasure. Minutes later both of you were a moaning mess. He watched as you bounced up and down on his dick and the way you sometimes stayed down and rolled you hips trying to get in deeper. “Mark I think I’m gon-” You were cut off by Mark saying “Just do it princess, cum on Daddy’s cock.” He said as he threw his head back and moaned. You then orgasmed on Mark’s cock. Your wall tightening against his cock felt so good. As soon as you came off your high Marl pulled out and started jerking himself off and came on your stomach. He got up to grab you a towel to clean yourself off. “That was amazing.” You stated as you cuddled into his chest. “Sure was baby girl, just don’t ever prank like that ever again. It was absolutely horrible, just the thought that you can find anyone better any minute and leave me for them makes me feel so insecure and scared.” he said as he kissed the top of your head. You looked up at him and said “Mark there is no one better than you, you are my everything. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. I regret it so much I wish I would have never thought of that stupid prank. I love you Mark Tuan, and don’t you forget it.” you said bringing your head up to peck his lips and hug him. “I love you too Y/N Y/L/N, I hope one day I’ll be able to say Y/N Tuan?” he said as he drifted off to sleep and you smiled and fell to sleep in a cuddling position.

Cuddle Sessions// Shin Hoseok

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Pairing: Wonho x reader


Summary:Anonymous said:
i noticed that there wasn’t anything up for wonho on your masterlist so may i request a flufffy scenario where a sleepy wonho is trying to stay awake while watching a movie with y/n?

author’s note: wonho is such a fluffy little gentle bean who can also be daddy and i appreciate both of those things so here you are have cute bean wonho

xoxo Sara

“Aigoooo,” you heard as you slipped on your pajama shirt; one of your boyfriends overly large shirts that you often stole when you stayed at his dorm room.

“Oppa?” you hummed, walking down the hallway of your small apartment to see your boyfriend standing there, a tired smile on his face. you had been dating Wonho for a few months, and it had been a truly lovely time. Though, you barely got to see him, with his band now gearing for their comeback. He practiced more than he breathed most days; spending nights in the studio, forgetting to eat as he danced his days away. You two had scheduled a movie night tonight; one which was almost cancelled due to a last minute practice set up by Shownu to practice their newest dance.

Wonho promised that he would be over later though, and there he was.

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Ben’s Epic Game

This was from MaleAssRippers, I don’t have who made this story, however I know the skeleton of the story featuring another character came from SellCon2762 of DeviantArt.

Ben’s stomach was beyond full, with a loud rattling belch as he slammed down his sixth can of baked beans for the day he patted his tummy as he shifted around in his seat. Looking around the student lounge he thought about what was going to do that day. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a red T-shirt he looked at his phone to check the time. It was nearly ready to head for the locker room. Tonight was the night, the big game, perhaps the biggest of his night. In hindsight no one could be prepared for what was about to take place, it was a night that would be talked about for years and to think that this 6’8 tall stud with blond hair and brown eyes was going to have a most epic night was beyond anyone’s radar. But he could already feel it develop within him; there was nothing anyone could do to stop him. He smiled as he leaned over and farted.


The fart vibrated the space around his seat as it was released with a strong enough sound that anyone walking around the hallway outside the lounge would be aware to its presence. Green fog started to spew out of his jeans as the heavy aroma of rotten eggs, shit, and sweat filled the space around him and began to spread like the shockwave to a nuclear bomb. It grew into a meatier stench that was taking a hold of the thankfully-empty room. It felt like he had just detonated a bomb too the way the explosion rocked the entire space. As the fart had subsided one of his fellow teammates came walking inside, unaware of the toxic brick wall he was about to hit. His face quickly changed as he began to breathe in the horrendous stench.

“Dude…what smells like shit?”  The guy, named Jeremy had asked Ben.

“That would be me…I farted.” Ben opened his mouth as he waved the radiation-like air blowing out of his butt. The stench he had produced was gaining strength and speed as it continued to leak out of his butt canyon. The coverage for the fart had reached the edges of the lounge and it continued to gain power. Jeremy nearly threw up right here as he breathed in Ben’s awful fart, but he was more used to it than most and soon was able to speak with his fellow teammate.

“Gosh…those protein shakes can give anyone wicked bad gas…but with the beans?” Jeremy said as he remarked about Ben’s choice of beverage earlier in the afternoon. They weren’t aware that Ben had been eating beans since breakfast but knew that he had some protein shakes earlier. Like everything else it game him some rather toxic-smelling gas but with the beans that toxicity multiplied many times over.

“Six cans….six large cans!” he said laughing as he finally stood up, with a height that was about four inches taller than Jeremy. Despite that height advantage, Jeremy was the better score bar none, Ben actually scored the fewest points per average of the starting lineup but he was helpful in other areas. Jeremy could hear the rumbling going on within Ben’s bowels. He could already tell that the beans were creating an uproar within his digestive system.

           “That can’t sound too good.”

“Oh yeah…and the other team is gonna suffer from these bad boys tonight…he…he…he.” He laughed as he rubbed his stomach and the two of them left for the locker room. The reason all of this was alarming was quite simple, Ben was a farter and not just any farter, he was a champion farter. Ben’s farts were beyond legendary at North High School. He could clear out classrooms at will, he once stunk up the entire cafeteria due to Mexican food and took out an entire wing after eating some broccoli and cabbage, simply put, his farts were the loudest, longest and smelliest and no guy, no one could even get close. He was very proud of his gassy emissions. And the boys’ basketball team was not beyond using his gas as a weapon. Today he was going to take that to its ultimate level.

The guys were now gathered within the locker room as they sat on the wooden benches besides the lockers. Ben went up and dressed in white basketball jersey as he cradles the gas bomb forming in his bowels. He joked around with his other teammates as they got themselves pumped for the game, against their hated rivals at Central High. After getting set up the coach started talking about the game plan for the upcoming matchup, explaining how he wanted certain players to do certain things. Ben’s role though was very clear, be dominate and get as many hustle moments as possible. He wasn’t necessarily a big-time scorer but his use came on the defensive end where he towered over most of his competition. The other teammates usually did the rest in terms of scoring. As the coach continued to give his final instructions Ben was feeling another burst of gas open up in his rectum. He leaned over and…


A potent ripper was released against the wooden bench as the guys sitting beside Ben had vibrated under the force of this 15-second fart. The fart rocketed out as everyone was looking at this smiling blond teen release this horrendous blaster into the room. As the fart was finishing out, a gush of dreadful air started to blow all around the guys as a light green gas floated its way from the white basketball shorts of Ben and cleared out the hot and sweaty room with its own tantalizing stench. It smelled of ripe rotten eggs that brought the other guys’ eyes to tears and caused the coach to begin gagging. The smell in the room was getting unbearable as the powerful wave of gas continued to infiltrate every corner of the room. Ben leaned back against the lockers as he laughed at the discomfort his other teammates were experiencing.

“Ben…that was ripe!” The coach cried out with amazement as he continued coughing from the rotten egg smelling stench that he was tasting.

“Sorry coach…just ate beans…the game’s gonna reek.” He said laughing as he started fanning his ass, trying to get some of the gas away from him. The guys continued to breathe the overpowering flatulent stench as they got their final instructions from the coach. The smell of Ben’s flatulence were starting to get to them, they were used to it more than most people but this was a bit stronger than their usual exposure to his gas.

“Well…if your farts are going to smell this much…there shouldn’t be much to worry about.” The coach said as the guys started leaving the room as the smell from Ben’s bench shaker had grown in intensity as the green gas started to settle in that room. As the guys left, Chris, another tall black-haired teammate, went for a smell of the bench right where Ben had just released that fart. He took his nose and grabbed a long whiff of the fart as its overpowering nature flowed through his nostrils and went straight to his brain. The potent stench of rotten eggs was heavy in his mind as he could taste the beans that Ben had eaten. After his long whiff of Ben’s fart, Chris started coughing as he had grabbed a little too much of the tall guy’s bean-flavored explosion. It was hardly a surprise that he was hooked on the gassy emissions of Ben; he just never had the heart to tell it to his face.

It was finally time for the game to begin and the crowd watching the game from the bleachers had turned into the largest crowd for a boys’ basketball game at North High School that year. Ben was rubbing his stomach some more as he did some warmup shots. Unusual for this particular game, he was shooting particularly well, but perhaps he was just in a good mood, everyone was feeling good about their upcoming matchup against Central. The first signs of Ben’s gassiness started when the national anthem was being played. As the anthem went on, the rumbling in his stomach was growing in pressure as he felt the need a nice fart, but he didn’t want to rip it during the anthem out of politeness. So as the singer finished out the anthem, with the word of ‘brave’ there was a bubbly-sounding ripper that rocketed out of his butt.

The inside of Ben’s shorts had warmed up as he released this swamp-gas smelling fart that flowed out of his briefs and meshy white shorts. The fart had vibrated against his bubble butt that the people in the nearby benches were able to see move. They could see a little of the green gas flow out as the smell of rotten garbage and eggs started to flow around the area. He blushed as he felt the warmth of his gas flow out.

“Excuse me.” He said quietly as he was fortunate to start walking toward the center of the basketball court, he got to move away from the epicenter of the fart. Still, it was very clear that it was this guy who had cut this steamer of a fart. People as far back as seven rows back from the bench where the team was on could smell the remnants of the baked beans and could only ask themselves if that fart really came from where they thought it came from.  

The guys got themselves into position at the center circle as the smell from Ben’s first ripper still stunk up the area. Now the referee had the basketball in hand, ready to tip it off. At that moment, Ben grew a large smile on his face as the other basketball players there at the center started noticing another strong eggy odor. He had just laid a SBD there at the center court of the basketball court and this one was a stinker. There was a massive gust of stinky air that radiated from Ben’s butt that a couple of the opposing team members had noticed. Because of his height, his butt was about level to their stomachs and with the warm air rising, they had caught wind of his ridiculously-bad smelling SBD in quick fashion, to the point that they were feeling lightheaded. At the same moment however, the referee had lifted the ball into the air, which was done rather sloppily because he wanted to get away from that center court as soon as possible. As the ball was in the air, Ben had jumped up, lifting more of his stinky air particles around into the opposing team member’s faces and grabbed the ball. He fell to the wooden court, causing it to creak slightly. And in the matter of about six seconds, he had plowed his way across the court to make an easy layup. To the other nine players on the court, it took some time to get their bearings from the fog of ghastly fart to realize what had just happened, but to Ben it was a flick of the wrist. As the opposing team started to inbound the pass, they heard a sloppy exploding noise.


Ben, located near the spot of the inbound pass had just another bubbly fart. As his inferno stench had flowed out of his silky white shorts the opposing team member who had caught the inbound pass had lost the ball from the horrendous stench and Ben had picked up the pass and moved it behind the three-point line to test a theory he had from his practice prior to the game. He lifted his body up in the air with the smell of his eggy fart to back him up and sure enough, the ball went into the hoop with a nice swooshing noise. He came down to see half his team coughing from the terrible smell.

“Gosh…was that you?” One of the opposing team members had asked as he waved the air around the court.

“Yep.” Ben said with pride as he playfully waved the air around with them. The ball was inbounded by the opposing team members and once it had reached across the center line they looked like they were able to make their first shot, but Ben was quick to steal the ball and run across to the other side where he stood behind the three-point line and made another deepening three-pointer, bringing the crowd to its feet. This was the beginning of what was to be an amazing game for Ben, and all that footwork across the court had churned up the beans within his stomach, causing him to fart again.


The smelly fart created a shockwave across the court as it blew its green haze across around the area and stunk up the place with a mixture of the sweat that was already filling the gym. The guys on the opposing team were waving their hands around more and pinching their noses as they tried to bring the ball back across the court, only to get it stolen by Ben once more. Instead of hitting the three, he passed the ball over to Jeremy who tried a quick jumper. The ball rolled in and out and Ben was already there to clean up the rebound and lay the ball back in the hoop for another score. Within two minutes of the game Ben had already scored ten points. His average up to that point was eight points per game. The smell from his previous fart had still flowing through the court and the movement of the guys across the basketball court caused the fart smell to be distributed evenly for a larger range.    

The next three possessions had similar results. The opposing team would charge down the court, trying to muster up anything that they could to match up with the behemoth player on the home team. Just to play with them, he would allow for them to charge up the court and attempt a shot, before he would block it with the force of a volleyball spike. Each possession ended with similar results as Ben would take the ball for a layup, a three-pointer, and shot from the top of the key. He was hitting on all cylinders and had a 100-perecent shooting percentage, rare for anyone at that point. As he finished his shot from the top of the key, his large body fell back to the court on his tennis shoes as he began ripping another quick fart.


The fart only went for five seconds, but a reinforced batch of sulfuric gas had spread itself from the seat of Ben’s basketball shorts. The crowd at the moment was too busy watching this historic game unfold. As the fart began to circulate around the court there was more coughing from the opposing team. The eye watering stench from Ben’s farting was getting to the opposing team members much more than it was his own team.


A long, 12-second blaster came out from Ben’s shorts as he stood there at the top of the key. A sudden rush of humid, bean-smelling air filled the court with another powerful bout of Ben-powered flatulence. It was a rotting odor that was smelling more like the spray of a skunk now, mixed in with rotten eggs, milk, and beans. The smell that was radiating from his butt had caused  couple of the guys to double down in tears as they were blasted with the large wave of flatulent stink. The coach of the opposing team had to call a timeout to get those two players off the court while two more took their place.  As soon as they got the ball, Ben was quick to steal it and go for another long three-pointer, and again the shot was made with the best accuracy possible. This up and down the court continued for another few drives. Each time, the opposing team would make a trip down the basketball court and Ben would steal the ball. A couple of times, he passed on to another teammate and Chris was able to get a basket of his own out of it, but the other times Ben was able to continue hitting amazing baskets. As this continued, more of his special tear gas leaked out of his underwear prison as he was able to drive the span of the basketball court while releasing a putrid SBD gassing out everyone who came behind him. He finished up with a layup while taking the first deep breath of his silent creation.

“Boy was that nice…too much working out for me.” He said waving the air around him. As the stench from the SBD was making its way to the baseline of the court, the opposing team had trouble breathing and their inbound pass was fumbled, allowing for Ben to pick the ball up for an easy lay in. Central High School, a tough opponent that had had the boys’ team rival for years was being schooled by Ben, the tall guy who the scouting reports indicated was less offensive than he was here. Another few trips across the court netted a couple of points for the opposing team (only because Ben was in a different part of the court) and they were able to make a little room on the scoreboard. The fans were being treated an a shootout, from one end of the court at least, while Central tried their best to do something, but the smell of Ben’s gas was too much too often. On top of that, his shooting was incredible; he had released four three-pointers and eight field goals by the end of the first quarter. The score was 30 to 6, with Ben at 28 of those points. As the first quarter ended it was time for a quick breather as Ben took a well-deserved break to the thunderous applause of the audience. The team sat down at the bench as the buzzer sounded ending the quarter. Ben sat down and immediately cut a fresh new fart.


The five second ripper sounded like a chainsaw against the bench and created a newfound gas of stink that floated up through his shorts and his already sweaty uniform. It again smelled like raw eggs and shit as the overwhelming stench filled the bleachers behind him. Slowly the applause was transitioned over into the sound of coughing and gagging.

“Excuse me…I made a little stinky.” Ben said in the cutest voice imaginable. And ‘stinky’ was a rather unjust way of saying it. A couple of older people watching the game had to vacate the bleachers as the teargas stench of Ben’s fart had become too much for them. The smell on the court though momentarily had subsided, if only a little. The next two minutes of play saw rather consistent movement as the opposing team was able to muster four additional points while the home team got a couple out of Vincent, another rather tall player on the team. The moans from the opposing team could be heard as Ben was sent back into the game. One of the opposing players had to suffer through the next bit of indignity when they were positioned behind him. He was one of the shorter players and was looking straight at the towering boy who had his butt pointed at him. Ben had placed his hands on his knees and was bent down to get ready for the next play when the player behind him heard and felt Ben’s next butt blast.


A devious odor poured out of Ben’s butt as the foul gas stung the opposing player with a fury of hot raucous stench. It burned his face and even burned against a few of his openings as he could feel the warm gas flow up and infect him with a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide. The boy immediately passed out as he caught more of the flatulent butt wind from Ben, victim of his six cans of baked beans diet that day. As expected, the butt wind allowed for Ben to quickly gain possession of the ball and launch another deep three ball into the hoop. The poor guy who had been caught behind Ben had to be walked off the court as he gained a bit of consciences after spending a few seconds under the spell of his gas. By that point, the three had already been launched and Ben’s team was up 35 to 6 with Ben having 31 points to his tally.

Ben flexed his muscles for all those on the court to see as he allowed for the opposing team to drive down the court on their own. As they released their next shot to the rim it looped out and fell right into Ben’s hands, or rather his hands ripped the ball out of the air and he began dribbling the ball down the court. In six seconds he was laying it in for another two points. The pattern repeated itself, the next drive the opposing team had taken it down before having Ben steal it from them and passing it to Jeremy and then Vincent before throwing it up in the air for Ben to lay it in for another basket. The next two drives ended in another three and another field goal from the chariot strike as Ben was now at 36 points. The next possession had begun when one of the opposing team members was fouled by another member of Ben’s team. The players had lined themselves up on the side of the key as the guy began shooting his first foul shot. As he dribbled the ball, another gassy disturbance was taking a foothold of Ben’s rectum. Now it was the time for him to try out something different. The first foul shot went in, changing the score to 42 to 7, as the dribbling for the second shot took place a sinister smirk appeared on Ben’s face, Chris could already tell that….


A bubbly fart shot its way out of Ben’s already warm basketball shorts as the foul stench of his tremendous gas began to flow around the key area. It smelled like a skunk that had sprayed its load around the court and the smell had the same effect as mustard gas. It was more of the same bean and egg smell with a tint of broccoli mixed in. Even though he didn’t eat eggs or broccoli, the effect was just the same and the remnants of the protein shake he had taken also complicated the smell. It was a heavy stench that filled that whole half of the basketball court and did enough to break the concentration of the guy shooting the basket. As the ball hit the backboard, off from the goal itself it bounded right into Ben’s outstretched hands and he ran down the court with the ball as he pulled back for another three-pointer. All of this took place in the matter of ten seconds and by the time that the opposing team had brought the ball down the court again, the heavy aroma of Ben’s butt blaster had caught them off guard again and as their eyes watered under the burning wind that Ben had left behind he had taken the ball back across and went for another layup. Again and again, for two more tries, the opposing team brought the ball down, with each trip down a more determined trip for the team than the one before it. And both times it went down their side; Ben stole it back and laid the ball in. In the matter of about a minute he had docked another ten points in his favor. The crowd watching the game was become hypnotized by the scene unfolding before them. Ben continued to dominate the game, passing the ball a few times to his teammates but otherwise launching baskets into the hoop. He was having a dream game; no it was beyond a dream game….


It was a smelly dream game, Ben thought as he saw the opposing team members pass the ball around each other with various chest passes; all confused now as the growing stench of Ben’s farts were affecting their coordination. After five passes to each other Ben was able to take the ball and run it up to the three point line, just above the key where he released another deep bomb into the basket. He came back down from his jump coughing at the incredible stench he had created around the basketball court. The coach had asked if Ben wanted to leave the game, but he insisted on saying in, and why not? He was having the time of his life, and everyone was fixated at the scene taking place before them, and even as the crowd dwindled, out of lack of competition and the growing stench in the gymnasium, Ben continued to put on a clinic.

With two minutes left in the half, Ben’s outstretching dominance became even bigger as he grabbed the ball from an offensive rebound and took it down the court for another easy layup, at which point he had crossed the 50-point marker, a few short of the school’s overall record. As the other team got the ball back they had made it just half way before they had the ball stripped again away from the towering mass of human known as Ben Powers. He had taken the ball to the hoop again and went for points 51 and 52. As he settled down to breathe he passed more gas.


A burning, really burning silent fart poured its way out of his anus as it burned his shorts, turning them into a shade of brown. But the damaging impacts of the fart were just starting to be felt as the fart had once again smelt of the Ben Fart Smell and in its worst way imaginable. The Ben Fart Smell was something that most on the North High School team, his farts were truly that legendary, but this was beyond that. When you smelled it you knew what you were smelling. Nothing could prepare you for the full power of the smell. It left you breathless, it was poisoning, and it was downright lethal. The smell of raw Ben Powers gas continued to multiply within the gymnasium and it was now flowing beyond there into adjacent hallways, never before had such a raw power inflicted so much suffering. The entire gym had become fogged out and there was nothing but a whirling wind of brown gas flowing around. Even Ben was starting to gag on the insane smell of his fart; this last fart was the kind that could kill someone instantly if they had been near his behind. It was the newest smell invented that day, and it was created only through its master, Ben himself.

The fart quickly filled the whole court as team members from both sides began coughing on its unbearable stink. The burning smell had left a yellow fog covering the court and even Ben was caught off guard by the potent odor as he was hacking a little herself. There were about ninety seconds left in the first half and Ben walked up and asked the referee to continue the clock, as he had considered taking a break from the growing aroma. Just the mere presence of the flatulent god was enough that the sooner they could start the clock the better. As the ball was inbounded Ben was quick to get the rebound and head to the three-point line as he launched another deep basket.

The next time the ball got inbounded, Ben went flying after it as he again got the ball and ran up to the three point line in the corner of the court to hit another three. With a minute left he had repeated the same motion, only getting a deep two-pointer instead. This continued for another couple of tries with the same results, another two and another three, much to the opposing team’s annoyance. The team would normally have better discipline, but with the still simmering stench of Ben’s flatulence they couldn’t concentrate that much. With ten seconds left in the first half Ben had found himself with the ball once more and this time made an effort to get to the half court line where he began to rip massive amounts of ass.


Copious amounts of stinky wind blew out of his butt and caught the guys behind him with the force of a nuclear bomb shockwave. There was no way that people would mistake the originator of this latest fart, the sound rattled off the rafters of the gymnasium and blew its stinky grip around the court. The entire gym now smelled of a bathroom, a bathroom after Ben had been done with it. It smelled of the deadly combination of eggs and shit, multiplied by a hundred and dissolved into a devious mixture that created a dark green haze of gas to blow out of his ass like smoke from a factory. He watched the clock as it ticked toward zero and the jumped up in the air, blowing the rest of his gas like a rocket being lifted off into space and as he reached a high point, high enough that all the guys could look up his crouch, where his dick was rising from the slight erection he was getting from all this power swirling within him and see more of the green gas flowing out from underneath him, just leftovers that had hung around after the explosion. At his highest point he had hoisted the ball into the air and watched as it arced perfectly into the basket, sending the bleacher section into an up roar as the buzzer finally rang for the first half. The floor shook as Ben landed from releasing his latest shot, taking his tally up to 66 points for the half. As he started waving the putrid odor of his fart around him he saw the scoreboard light up with a score of 72 to 10.

a fart!” He said to himself as he watched the bleacher section slowly
dissipate. The crowd was completely stunned as the Central high school bench
cleared out quickly to make for the less-smelly confines of their locker room.
Ben walked over to the bench where his fellow teammates were high-fiving him,
celebrating him for his remarkable feat. He was having a night for the ages as
they walked back into the team’s locker room. Chris followed right behind him
and Ben knew it.

“Hey Chris, come feel my butt for a moment,
just feel it…I’ll let you.” Ben’s suggestion was odd but Chris gladly took him
up on the offer, he took his right hand and slowly approached Ben’s white silky
shorts and the enormous ass they tried to contain. He could already feel the
hot air as he approached his butt, as he touched it he had his palm all over the
tight shorts and his ass but he had to move it back as the warmth was a little
too warm for him. He started waving his hand around to cool it off. He could
also smell some of Ben’s gas along this hand.

that burns!” Cried out Chris as he continued to cool his hand down. Ben was
giggling up a storm as he went out to the locker room. As he entered the room
his teammates were still looking at with awe as they were trying to contemplate
the clinic they had just attended. Before he spoke he told them he had to use
the bathroom and the guys started gasping in horror. As soon as Ben had entered
the bathroom the guys were anticipating the worse, instead they heard what
sounded like a hose going off, Ben merely had to pee. And by pee, this meant he
had to piss like a racehorse for two minutes straight as he emptied out some
water he had drunken and the milk and protein shake he had drunken from earlier.
He also released a couple of regular farts that rattled off the walls of the

coach had finally walked in and saw Ben leave the bathroom and sit back on the
bench near his locker. They could still smell a little of the fart that Ben had
first dropped there in the locker room from before the game had started. He talked like everyone else about how impressed he was
with Ben’s shooting, saying that no one perhaps in the history of the sport had
ever had as hot shooting as he did, even Wilt Chamberlin had missed a few shots
on his historic 100-point night.

school record was 57 points for any basketball game, you have 67. I think at
this point, I speak for everyone in that we would want you to continue your
run, this is a truly amazing night watching you score and if you push yourself,
the all-time record is 135 points.” The coach explained. If Ben were to shoot
the same amount of points he had in the first half then he would reach that
mark. There was little to discuss when it came to strategy as this point, the
contest with Central High School was already over and now it was just time to
see how far this could go. The coach admitted that seeing Ben score the record
amount of points would bring some much-needed attention to the boys’ basketball
program and their school. He did ask if Ben could keep his farting down, Ben
had some haunting words for him.

sorry coach….but I think I’m still gassy!” He said laughing as the other guys
looked at him with some horror. Ben just smiled as he felt more gas brewing in
his gut. And to add to that he had released a tiny SBD, enough to stink up the
room just a little bit. Despite his boast however the gas machine was turned
down just a little as the third quarter was about to begin.

team then took their leave and went back onto the basketball court. The coach
of the opposing team had meet the home team’s coach at center court and they
both agreed on running the clock down for the second half as per regulations by
the high school athletic association. In a form of a mercy rule, the clock was
going to run down continuously except for timeouts and then end of the quarter,
in a way to speed up the clock and end the game sooner. Ben knew that he would
have to work hard to at least get to 135 points. As the buzzer rang off the
second half began in a similar fashion with Ben taking the ball down to the
hoop for another layup. He was now at 70 points. The game continued on and Ben
continued to work his newfound dominance on the court by having everything go
his way. He had another two two-pointers and a three to his growing score sheet
on the court. Everyone continued to be fixated as he brought havoc on the court
and even though he had last farted at the end of the first half, the court
still smelled like an outhouse. Another 15 points were scored by him within the
next five minutes and as the final two minutes of the third quarter ticked down
Ben was called off the bench with 92 points in his column. He needed to breath
for a few minutes and there was something else bubbling within him. He felt
another powerful burst of gas forming within him and he wanted to cut it out.
The people sitting behind the giant blond guy were watching as Ben moved his
entire body over toward the right, as he was leaned over he farted.


had worked up a monster fart, a true powerhouse of a blaster, vibrating the
entire bench like a six point magnitude earthquake. The fart could be heard by
everyone in the gymnasium and it pulsated off all the walls and the ceiling
with an ominous echo that continued a few seconds after the 30-second beast was
released. It roared out like a terrifying monster, escaping a trapped prison
within the basketball-sized buttocks of the star basketball player who was
resting. A rotten egg stench began to fill the area around him as it flowed
with a deadly torrent out from behind his butt and into the bleachers. The
smell was overpowering, and that was saying it politely, it was killing those
who had the misfortune of sitting behind him. This fart smelled like raw shit
and had a strong limburger cheese element in its mix along with the smell of
rotting broccoli and beans. The sweat from all him moving around had added
another element to the deadly mix. Even if the fart didn’t kill anyone with its
odor, it might as well have. The smell caused those behind him to black out
from having taken in too much of it all at once. Like dominos the first three
rows behind him had people collapse from the lack of oxygen, along with a few
more in the fourth row. This was a fart that was going to have tremendous hang
time as the coach was beginning to feel the stench of the fart get to him. Ben’s
giant fart clung to everything in the area nearest his butt, people’s hair,
clothing, everything. That was the case with some of the others who had been
caught in the blast radius from that fart; they had EVERYTHING smell of his
fart. Ben, after a full minute of looking at the game with his eyes fixated on
something to keep his mind off the monster he had just released, had turned
back and saw half the bleachers passed out from smelling his fart.

me….I farted.” He said as he placed his right hand to his mouth and laughed. Soon
after he began coughing as this fart had found a place in his nostrils. Even if
it was his own blend, it was still a sinister beast. The coach then called for Ben
to return to the game, which was now with a score of 102 to 20. In the last few
seconds of the third quarter Ben was able to get another two pointer to lift
his overall total to 94. As the third quarter ended, the guys had made their
way back to the bench where they started to smell the heavier concentration of
the fart that Ben had just laid.

Ben…those beans really are doing a number on you.” Johnny, another teammate,
said as he waved the air around his face.

one….STINKS!” Chris exclaimed as he held his nose underneath his jersey. Ben
could do nothing but laugh as he felt the effects of his gas really cling a
hold of him. But this was not the time to be reminiscing on his past farts, he
had more down the pike and was ready to blow ahead to get the overall shooting
record. As with the fourth quarter, the game clock was going to continuously
run, but to Ben that was more than enough to at least get the record. As the
buzzer went off, Ben started to flex his dominance over the basketball court
once again, stealing the ball and rebounding the ball for another two and a
three. With the third possession by the opposing team he had lofted up another
three ball to give him an overall total of 102 points, and giving his team a
total of 112 points to the opposing team’s 22. Another trip down the court had
netted a similar result and Ben was able to shoot a deep two from the top of
the key. As he went down on the court he…

SBD fart blew out of his butthole as he started feeling the pungent wind of his
gas blow across the court. A couple of the opposing team members had hunched
down on the court as Ben was able to quickly reobtain the ball for another
quick two-pointer into the hoop. Another two drives again saw the ball head
back across the court to where Ben was able to get four additional points. The
opposing team members had decided on holding onto the ball as they stayed at
the baseline, seeing that Ben couldn’t get to them if they were on the
baseline. But this, as with anything else when messing with Ben was a bad
mistake. As they started their firm position at the baseline Ben stood there on
the other side and in a quick move had turned his backside to them and pointed
his butt in their direction. At first, the player holding the ball was curious
about the move, but then they heard a popping nose come from within the silky
white shorts and then they heard the noise.


eye watering rump shaking fart blasted out from Ben’s butt as a brown-colored
wind started blowing into the opposing player’s face. The fart had enough force
that it blew the hair of the Central player like a strong gust of wind. As with
everything else that came out of Ben’s colon, the guy who was within the blast
zone of Ben’s flatulence was regretting every getting himself into that
position. He fell to the floor as the eggy stench claimed them and as he
allowed for the ball to roll across the baseline where Ben was able to take the
ball and head toward the three-point line where he launched a definite three

guy who had held the ball from Ben had to be moved off the court and into another
outlying hallway had learned the hard way that Ben got what he wanted, and now
the other teammates were simply worried about crossing paths with this gassy
behemoth. As the pass was inbounded, the opposing team member’s decided just to
give Ben the ball and avoid the effort altogether. Ben had moved it back to
behind the three-point line at the top of the key and he released the record
breaking shot, moving him up to 119 points. The next three minutes saw similar
efforts as the gas flowing with Ben’s bowels continued to mass produce into
more of his deadly stink. One such scene on the court literally had Ben
blasting deadly farts with each step down the court.






last fart had vibrated the white shorts like a flag in a strong wind and it
created an atomic-like blast that filled the room with more stink. Ben had
ripped a deadly, earthshattering fart that not only sent several layers of the
potent stench across the court and throughout the gym but also forcefully
flooded the nose and mouth of everyone in attendance. Ben’s ass was becoming
moist as it felt the yellow gas blow out from out of his ass and fill the
gymnasium with a nausea-inducing stench. Small tears were at the corner of each eye, each nose scrunched in
disgust. Clearly the fumes were getting to everyone in attendance, even Chris
was impacted by having his nose underneath his jersey. As he had released these
fart he had dropped another two three pointers to up his total to 125 points.
And yet, three minutes remained in the game. The next drive down the court saw
every basketball player except for Ben seem dazed and confused as they tried to
breath in the torrid smell from Ben’s farts. He went for another three and
again had gained nothing but net with his basket. As the opposing team
inbounded the pass they passed the ball over to Ben who held the ball underneath
the basket. At that point, he again pressed on his insides as he ripped open a
new hole within his underwear.


bubbly fart sent shockwaves throughout his butt as the fart had produced enough
heat that it burned the cotton briefs that Ben had worn. There was now only one
layer of protection left to protect the outside world from his devastating
farts. At that point, one of the referees had passed out from being too close
to the source material of the fart. Ben at that point had jumped up in the air
and went ahead to dunk the rim, causing the rim to shake under the force of his
large hands forcing the poor basketball in his hand. He was now at 127 points.
The clock now was reconfigured to run just a tad quicker as the opposing team
members again inbounded the ball and gave it to Ben who released another three
pointer. This movement was repeated again as he went to the same spot and did
another three, only with one hand this time. He was now at 133 points and the
clock still had two minutes left on it. The next two possessions saw Ben
accomplish the impossible as he released another two jump shots to up his score
to a record breaking 137 points. But he was still not done. Seeing the
history-making opportunity at hand, the opposing team again inbounded the ball
and gave it to Ben who ran over to the three-point line and got ready to drop the
record-breaking basket. As he hunched down to drop the basket he dropped a
record-breaking fart but his silky shorts and watched as the basket started
flying up in the air as his fart was blasted. A final deep rumble from his
stomach signaled that it was time to let it rip. He got into position to shoot
his basket in the air and pointed his tight butt down toward the ground, and
then groaned as he pushed as hard as he could. Ben then proceeded to let er

seconds ran off the clock as this fart was being released. The basket had
already been made and the record broken, but not before the entire gym was
focused on this giant guy releasing this deadly fart. A dull bassy roar erupted
behind Ben, the earth shattering sound filling the entire gymnasium and shaking
the ground like an earthquake. He looked behind himself and saw an enormous
mushroom cloud reaching for the ceiling and spreading out through the gymnasium
with a frightening speed. The wave of thick noxious gas would soon catch up to
him, toppling more of the spectators and pulverizing everything in its path as
it moved closer and closer to him. Those on the basketball court had started to
run away from the sight as this massive fart continued to reach out in its
power. They were running as fast as they could, but it was hopeless. The
impossibly huge fart caught up to them and the second it hit them everything
turned black. Everyone, including Ben had felt their lungs burning with sulphur
and their eyes running. They coughed on the stench so hard they thought their
lungs would fall out. In one final fart, Ben had rendered the gymnasium into a
wasteland, covered in a yellow fog so thick it claimed everyone but the guys on
his team, the coach. But the basket was made and the record was broken, the
buzzer had gone off with Ben Powers making 140 overall points.

entire basketball court had been filled with a foggy aroma that was not likely
to disappear for a good while. As the buzzer was left to ring Ben stood there
on the court with only a few people left, and even they were starting to leave
as the gross stench of Ben’s epic blast had been way too much for them to
handle. Ben had found the basketball in his fog of flatulence and started
dribbling it across the now deserted court. He hoisted another long arcing shot
and got it into the hoop. As the ball dribbled from the bottom of the rim he
walked over toward it and started to lower his body. He lowered his butt down
to the basketball, with both of his cheeks surrounding the rubber orange
sphere. As he sat on top of the ball he began ripping another potent blaster.


gigantic bellowing fart erupted from his teen asshole and tore through his
soaked white briefs and silky white shorts, penetrating his sinuses, throat,
lungs, and leaving his eyes bloodshot and watering. Ben had complemented his
gym-clearing fart with another killer that was his show-stopper of the day, a
super-long wet-sounding blast that smelled like old broccoli, rotten eggs, and
shit. It was so bad that it made the already putrid and dreadful smelling gym
smell like roses in comparison. It took about twenty seconds for him to release
this magnificent flapper against the rubber basketball as it vibrated the ball
up and down against the wooden court. He pinched his nose again, as this ass
masterpiece was killing any of the available air left in the gymnasium. He
finally picked up the ball and began to carry it of the court where his team
was already inside the locker room.

saw that no one else was there in the burning brimstone-smelling gymnasium. His
yellow fart haze had hung over blocking out a little of the light. The light
from the overhead lights on the ceilings were now giving away beams as they
interacted with the stinky air that hung around. It looked like sun beaming
through a cloud. Ben walked out of the gym and saw a few spectators still there

“What a game!” He
said proudly to himself as he walked out of the gym with the game ball in his
hands. He tried to breathe the vapors that were radiating from the ball. The
hydrogen sulfide and methane mix of the fart had combined forces with the
rubber from the basketball to create a unique smell that smelled like a rubber
burning and rotten eggs. The ball too was hot, hot enough that Ben had to place
the ball on the ground for a few minutes to let it cool off from the strong,
warm fecal winds that He had given it. He wanted the ball kept as a game ball
from his extraordinary game. At the same time, a reporter from the local
newspaper had approached the towering teen to ask him some questions.

name’s Ben Powers, I’m 18 years old and a senior here.” He said as the reporter
noticed the eggy stench from Ben’s farting attacking his nostrils. He had
received a call during the game about this guy going on an epic scoring binge
and thought that the newspaper should get someone down there to find out about
what went down. He had seen the last few minutes of the game but was watching
from an angle and didn’t know exactly where the deadly odor had originated from

I was watching it correctly, did you just score 140 points?” The reporter

believe that was correct. I was really good tonight.” He said with a chuckle as
the recorder had his taper recorder out recording the conversation.

did you even score that much…especially with that horrendous sewer smell
floating around? It seemed like your team was hacking from the odor around
here…but you were hitting every one of your baskets. If the stat sheets are
correct I think you have not missed a shot all night….that is unbelievable, I
mean in every sense of the word. Not just to have someone shoot that many
baskets and get those baskets 100-percent scoring. And to see that the person
shooting it was…well beg your pardon, but a giant. I have never seen a person
as tall or as big as you…how big are you?”

am six foot eight inches and I weight over 250 pounds, most of it muscles
here.” He laughed as he continued reviling in his actions on the court. The
reporter was starting to get a little turned on by just the thought of this
giant shooting all these baskets, and with such adversity.

how were you able to shoot all those baskets with this dreadful smell around?”
The reporter asked as he continued to breathe the potent fart smell that was
circling Ben’s body.

that was me. You see…I was a little gassy tonight.” He smiled brightly as the
reporter as his eyes opened up.


been farting.” He laughed as he saw the look on the reporter’s face. He was
flabbergasted, any reporter would have been.

me?” The reporter asked.

farted during the game…I guess the smell from the fart was a little too
much…but yeah, that was all coming from me.” Ben laughed as the reporter had
had still looked awestruck at hearing such a thing. Now the smell was very
apparent to him, it did smell like a fart, a very strong fart.

let me get this straight…you were farting during the game and you were able to
score 140 points during it?”

right. I guess the gas didn’t bother me…we each like our own blend.”

how did you even manage that…I mean…my eyes are watering right now…did you just



I just did.” He giggled as a shot of hot deadly wind blew up from his shorts
and into the reporter’s face, blasting him with the same rotten egg stench that
he had smelled in the gymnasium, but only in a larger quantity. He had to back
away slowly as the smell was causing him to sweat under the gagging stench that
was claiming him. Ben was laughing as he saw that the reporter now knew who the
originator of the smell was.

don’t think I’ve smelt anything as foul before…jeez…and you were able to score
140 points with this stench flying around?”

already told you…I’ve been farting up a storm! I had six large cans of beans
plus some milk and a protein drink…all of those items give you gas. I was not
just having mega bad gas…I was have monster-sized gas. I am the deadliest
farter in all the world…and now I am the greatest shooter in the world too. No
one can mess with me!” Ben said with great pride as he stood there in his warm
basketball jersey, basking in the glory of his tremendous accomplishment and
reviling in the sinister stench that filled the hallway. He had smelled nothing
but his flatulence for the last few hours and now he was wanting to get some
fresh air. He finished the conversation with the reporter and a representative
of the athletic association was there to verify the reports of a 140-point game
by a boys’ basketball player. And just to test him, they had him shoot a few
baskets in the gas filled gym just to see his skills. They were awestruck to
see that he had hit every basket. They had someone check the rims and the
boards to see if there was anything that might have attracted the basketball to
the hoop in a way other than plain skill. But there was no trickery found,
nothing to suggest that Ben was genuine with his shots. The only thing that
they noticed was the strong sulfur smell in the gym. The look on the athletic
association representative’s face was the same as the reporter’s when they
found out that Ben had produced all that gas.

such a stinker!” Ben said to himself as he laughed along the way out of the
gymnasium with the athletic association representative. After that was complete
there was nothing more to say, Ben went back to the locker room where he was
congratulated by his teammates. Amazingly there was nothing bad said from any
of his teammates, there was no dissent, no jealously, no ill feelings giving to 
Ben for his accomplishment. They had agreed that he should not try for 140
points again, and even Ben was fine with that. After they were done in the
locker room Ben had made his way out of the school where he finally met some
fresh, clean air. As he left the school there as another raucous bubblier that
shook out of his ass.


that is ripe!” He said as he blew the air behind his butt. He started smelling 
his killer stench and began to walk away from the scene of the crime as he made
 his way back home.

Scottish Terror

“Hey, I was wondering if you could write an imagine where George’s girlfriend gets a pet Scottish Terrier  and madness ensues. Thanks, and you’re work is simply smashing! :)” -Dianedancer18

Btw, this is a Scottish Terrier if you needed reminding, look at his widdle legs! (Yes that’s Jock from Lady and the Tramp)

Here’s a short little one I just wrote while drying my hair before going to the dentist. Time to get baked from the giggle gas!
— — —
“Y/N wake up!” Ginny shook you awake. “Hurry up, it’s Christmas!

It was that time of year again for when the legendary Christmas with the Weasleys would commence. You had been with George for a little more than a year now, but this was your first Christmas at The Burrow.

Ginny pulled you out of her room by the arm and raced down to the living room, where all the presents lay under the tree. As you were walking down the corridor, someone grabbed you from behind. “Merry Christmas babe” your boyfriend whispered in your ear. You spun around to face him, as he was pointing up to a piece of mistletoe above the two of you.

“It’s almost like you were waiting for this exact moment” you teased, “It’s almost like I had to get Ginny to wake you up because it’s almost like i’ve been waiting for about fifteen minutes for you”

“Wow, my own broom!” you could hear Ginny call from downstairs. You had almost forgotten about the best present in the world you had gotten for your boyfriend. “Come on Georgie, let’s go downstairs”

You were so excited to bring out George’s present from behind the tree. It was easily the biggest present, so you wanted to hide it before anyone else grabbed it and shook it. That would be a disaster.

You reach around to your hiding spot to grab the massive box, to see the top of it had been ripped wide open, and the box was empty.

“Something wrong, Y/N?” your boyfriend asked as you stared at the empty box in disbelief. “Pardon my muggle, but oh shit” As you start to explain the situation to George, you hear a shriek from the kitchen.

“WHY IS THERE A BLACK MOP WITH A FACE RUNNING AROUND MY KITCHEN” Mrs. Weasley shrieked once again. Again, shit. You wondered to yourself, do wizards even have dogs?

You ran into the kitchen to see Mrs. Weasley on top of the bench pointing a wooden spoon at the dog prancing around yapping at her. “Stay back Molly, it can probably sense fear” Arthur said from the other side of the kitchen. George looked down at you with a look of suspicion on his face. You looked up at him, wide eyed and panicked.

“Stop, stop, stop! He’s harmless, I promise!” You ran into the middle of the kitchen and patted your legs to get the puppy’s attention. He came bounding over to you and you gave him a big pat. “He’s a Scottish Terrier, he’s playful and likes pats, see?” You demonstrate as he rolls onto his back for a tummy rub. “They’re like cats, but more excited and playful”

You turn around to look at George, shaking his head at the chaos you mistakenly caused, “Merry Christmas, Georgie” you tried to say confidently, but it came out much weaker than you hoped.

George came over and crouched down next to you, much to the little dog’s pleasure, and began to rub him behind the ears.

“Mop” he said. “What?” you asked. You just explained that it was an animal, not half a piece of cleaning equipment. “That’s what we’ll call him. Mop” he smiled and continued rubbing Mop’s fur as he rolled around and yapped happily.

Soon enough the whole family was crouched around Mop as he played with his little ball you had also bought, and impressed them all with how he would follow instructions, like ‘Sit’. Of course, they thought that the dog would obey every command, such as “go and get the door” and “would you be a dear and set the table”.

It was the cutest disaster to happen that day, and the family loved him just as much as you hoped they would.
Hope you enjoyed, sorry it was only a short one!

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous


Richboy!Luke AU
|PART 1|


You woke up before him. It must have been at least 6am when you untangled your body from his. The morning sun had barely begun to rise, giving the room a pink hazy atmosphere as you got up from the mattress and stripped yourself of Luke’s clothes dressing yourself back in the jeans and hoodie you had been wearing when he caught you. Just as you zipped up your jacket, you heard him begin to stir.

“Princess you’re up so early.” He rasped, one arm draped over his eyes to block out the sun.

“I didn’t think you’d wake up.” You mumbled, awkwardly shoving your hands in your pockets. Luke gave a small chuckle. “Lucky for you I’m a light sleeper.” He sat up and you couldn’t help but steal a glance at his toned chest, no doubt the payoff of the best personal trainer money can buy.

“Well, I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep longer. Looks like you could’ve used the beauty rest.” You teased and he threw a pillow at you, which you dodged with ease. Though, he frowned when he saw you were once again dressed in last night’s clothes.

“You’re not leaving are you?” He looked genuinely concerned at the prospect that you would be leaving him, which surprised you.

“I wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome.”

He sighed, throwing off the covers and walking over to you. He towered over you, running his hands through his soft, blonde hair. “Actually I was thinking maybe you wanted to have breakfast together today? Our chef makes eggs benedict that are absolutely to die for. Besides, I wouldn’t want to send you away without any food in that tummy!” He patted your stomach and you giggled, shoving his arm away.

“Must be nice having a personal chef who will make you anything you please.” You hummed.

“It has it perks I suppose. Like being able to give a pretty girl breakfast without subjecting her to my abhorrent cooking.” You laughed and he wiggled his eyebrows, giving you a smile, but you were still too stubborn to accept his offer. You didn’t need to owe him anymore than you already did.

“Thanks Luke, but I really should be going.”

“Oh, come on like you have anything better to do?” He tried convincing, but it had the opposite effect as he caught you glaring at him.

“Oh because I don’t live in a beautiful mansion with personal chefs and maids I must not have anything better to do with my time then eat eggs with Luke fucking Hemmings? Yeah that sounds about right.” You spat and began storming out of the room, but Luke caught your arm.

“Come on Y/N, you know that’s not what I meant.” He sighed. He wasn’t used to being told no so this was new territory for him and he wasn’t quite sure how to handle it yet.

You yanked your arm out of his grasp. “Oh no I know exactly what you meant. You want to see how much you can give the poor girl you picked up on the street before she spreads her legs for you.” You snapped, though instantly you felt guilty. He had been nothing but kind to you since you met him and he appeared to be quite hurt as his eyebrows knit together and his shoulders slumped at your harsh words.

“Y/N that’s not what this is about. Don’t make this about me.”

“Then what is it about Luke? I did what you wanted and stayed the night, and now I want to go.” Your crossed your arms over your chest protectively as he pulled at his hair.

“God you are so frustrating! I’m just trying to be nice! I don’t usually do this you know?” He told you. “In fact I never do this. I’ve never soothed someone who just had a nightmare or offered someone breakfast or let anyone sleep in my clothes. And just for once I try it and you don’t want any of it!” He was yelling now.

“Is that what you want Luke? You want a gold medal for trying to be a decent person?” You yelled right back at him and it seemed to shock him a little.

“N-no, I-” But you cut him off, throwing your hands up in a rant, too angry to care about what he had to say.

“Oh my god, that’s exactly what you want! You think just because you were nice to me I should do whatever you say? Hell I’m sure you’re used to people you’re mean to doing whatever you say aren’t you? Figures you’d be the exact asshole, richboy type I thought you were!”

He rolled his eyes. “Please, you don’t know anything about me. Don’t you dare make any assumptions about me because you don’t know shit.”

You two were close now, chests heaving,  almost as if you were daring each other to back down.

“I know enough to know I never should have stayed here.” You seethed.

“Yeah like you had anywhere else to go.” He smirked at you, like he knew exactly what to say to make your blood boil.

“I hate you!” You screamed at him.
“I hate you more.” His eyes bored into yours before he grabbed the back of your neck and harshly pulled you towards him. His lips collided with yours and before you knew what was happening, he lifted you by the backs of your thighs and you were wrapping your legs around his bare waist. He took a few steps forward, not once detaching from you, until you felt your back collide with the wall. The coolness of his lip ring and the heat of his body contrasted perfectly as Luke began kissing down your jaw and neck, the large sweatshirt you were wearing having fallen off on shoulder exposing it to him as he continued his trail of kisses. You gripped his hair, pulling slightly.

“I-I still hate you.” You gasped, the feeling of his lips on you like heaven.
“No, you wish you hated me princess.” You could practically feel him smirking as he made his way back up to your lips, engulfing them once more. “Have breakfast with me.” He whispered against them and it was all you could do to nod quickly before pulling him back to you.

A sharp knock at the door interrupted the two of you and Luke set you back down on your feet before putting a finger to his lips, signaling you to be quiet. He walked to the door of the cottage and pulled it open just enough to stick his head out and see who was outside.

“Palo you’re here early. I didn’t expect you until ten.”

“Eggs benedict wait for no man.” The man at the door who you assumed to be Palo spoke in an italian accent.

“Uh, just leave it there I’ll bring it in.”

“Nonsense, I will serve it to you Mr. Hemmings.” The chef tried to squeeze past Luke but he wouldn’t budge.

“I said I’ll do it Palo, don’t worry about it. And take the rest of the day off.”

“Okay what’s gotten into you?” Palo asked him.

“Nothing, I just want to do it myself.”

“If I may, Mr. Hemmings, I haven’t seen you set out a breakfast by yourself ever. You always insist I do it. You know, with the special sauce shaped into a smile?”

“Okay Palo, I get it I’m infintile you can go now. Thanks for breakfast.” Luke grumbled, grabbing the food and shoving the italian chef out. He turned back to you with the tray of food.

“Special sauce shaped into a smile huh?” You grinned at him and he scowled before starting to set up the beautiful meal.

“So I have a proposition for you.” Luke spoke up, his mouth half full of food.

You raised your eyebrows. “Oh? And what’s that?”

“So we both know that we come from a very different background right?”


“So I was thinking that maybe you could show me how you live or something. Maybe I could follow you around for a day and see what you like to do? I don’t know I guess I just want to get to know you a little better.” He shrugged, eyes suddenly transfixed on his plate. You squinted your eyes at him before sucking air through your teeth.

“I don’t know Luke…” You trailed off.

“Please? It would be fun! Plus, I’ve never really seen much of the entire city. Just the clubs and high end shops. I want to have coffee at one of the local cafes or eat dinner in a dingy restaurant, it sounds awesome!” He looked quite excited at his plan, but you only scowled.

“It’s not awesome Luke. I can barely afford eating in a place you would call dingy. I’m not about to take you there like it’s a damn amusement park.”

“Y/N don’t get mad, I’m not trying to start a fight.” He spoke defensively. I’m just tired of living this way and I want a taste of the real world, however horrible you say it is. Besides, I promise I’ll pay for everything!” He pleaded at you with the most adorable set of eyes, even sticking out his lip slightly.

“Alright fine, but we’re doing this my way rich boy.” You grinned at him and he smiled before standing up and kissing you on the lips.

“You won’t regret it.”

“You better hope I don’t.”


“Are you sure we’re not going to get in trouble?” Luke asked nervously, his arms full of different colored cans of spray paint you made him buy.

“You asked me to show you what I do for fun, not to keep you out of trouble. Besides we’ve already been to the coffee shop and the pizzeria and those are the dingiest places I know.”

‘Vandalism? That’s what you do for fun?”

“Honey, my name is trouble.” You winked at him. “Now hand me the yellow.”

You began spraying the brick wall of the park, occasionally asking him for different colors. Luke watched you in awe as you painted, smiling under the bandana you made him wear around his face for protection. You looked so beautiful, he thought, with you hair pulled back and your eyes trained on your artwork.

“How many pieces like this have you done?” He asked.

“I’ve worked on a couple down at the skate park, but the boys that hang out down there harass me so I stick to overpasses and blank walls mostly. I got paid to do the mural outside some of the clubs you said you go to if you’ve ever seen them.”

“You painted those? I thought those were professionally done! Y/N that’s amazing! You’re an artist!” He beamed at you and you couldn’t help but blush. “I like this one a lot.” He gestured to the wall where in big letters spelled the words KINGS AND THE QUEENS OF THE NEW BROKEN SCENE. “What does it mean?”

You shrugged. “It’s kind of a battle cry I guess. Something to remember while you’re trying to stick it to the man.”

Luke laughed as he crept closer to you, coming up behind you as you continued spraying the wall. He pulled the bandana so it hung around his neck before attaching his lips to your own neck, his hands finding your hips and gently pulling them towards him. “You’re so amazing do you know that?” He whispered on your skin, causing goosebumps to form.

“L-Luke.” You moaned his name, the mural soon forgotten. He turned you around so you were facing him. He took your bottom lip in his teeth, pulling ever so slightly before releasing it and running his tongue across his own lips, teasing you.

“Say you want me.” He spoke softly.

“I want you.” You complied immediately and he pressed his lips to yours, wrapping his arms around you, squeezing you slightly and his hands rested on your back holding you impossibly close. You could think of nothing else but him. The way he smelled, tasted, felt, everything was him.

But before you could understand what was happening a bright flash caught your attention, taking both you and Luke by surprise. You looked up and saw a small group of photographers rushing towards you and taking pictures.

“Luke! Is that your new girlfriend?”
“Did you vandalize this park together?”
“Did she influence you to do this?”
“Over here Luke!”
“Luke tell us who that is!”

They all shouted at him, vying for his attention as you cowered behind him. In a flash, Luke grabbed your hand and began running back towards his car. He dragged you behind him as you struggled to keep up, the photographers not too far behind. He clicked the button unlocking the Tesla before turning the key and speeding off. You barely had your seatbelt on as he sped down the street, knuckles white and gripping the leather of the steering wheel.

“Luke what’s going on?” You squealed as you held on to the door handle for dear life. You were met with silence, his grip on the wheel tightening.

“Luke! What the hell is-”

“God you don’t understand!” He suddenly yelled and you recoiled back into your seat. “Those pictures they just took? They’ll be all over the magazines and papers tomorrow, though  I’m sure they’ve already uploaded them to all the gossip sites by now. I can see the headlines now, ‘Luke Hemmings vandalizes park with mystery girl.’” He roared, but you couldn’t understand why he was so angry about this.

“Luke it’s not a big deal.”

“It’s a huge deal!” He screeched and suddenly you became angry, as if his own anger fed yours.

“Yeah, I’m sure it must be terrible being seen with the lower class. What will Mr. Hemming’s mother and father think? Caught slumming it with his own personal charity case, what a disaster.” You hissed. He slammed on the breaks, making you fly forward caught only by the locking of your seat belt. “Jesus! Luke what the fuck!”

“Will you stop making this about you being poor? God, you are always looking to fight with me I don’t get it!” He glared at you.

“I’m trying to pick a fight? You’re sitting there yelling about how I don’t understand your sad tortured life when you fucking asked me for this? You asked me to take you around to all the shitty places in town so you could see the sights when some of us actually have to deal with it on the daily? Not all of us can run away to our guest houses for a night Luke! Some of us sleep in that fucking park because they don’t have a place to call home or they busk in that run down cafe in order to be able to afford a meal in one of those dingy restaurants you seem to find so inviting. But God forbid your name ends up in the paper for one day over some bullshit problem you got yourself into!” Tears flowed down your face as you yelled at him, no matter how much you tried to hold them in.

Luke was stunned, almost unable to look you in the eye. He felt ashamed, all of his former grievances suddenly unimportant.

“Y-you sleep in that park?” He stuttered.

“Every fucking night.” You whispered, turning your head away from him so he couldn’t see the steady trail of tears flowing down your cheeks.

“Y/N I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. I-I, oh god, I must look like a fool to you. I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” He took hold of your hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of it. “Y/N please, I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked as he begged and slowly you turned to face him, wiping your eyes on the sleeves of your jacket.

“It’s okay.” You mumbled, but it was enough to make him smile a little. He reached across the center console and took you in his arms, stroking your hair.

“I’m such an asshole.” He murmured as you buried your face in his chest. “How about we go back to my place and we forget any of this ever happened. We can watch movies, anything you want and maybe even make out a little?” He grinned as the corners of your mouth twitched upwards.

“Okay. But only if I can pick the movie.”


Halfway through your choice of movie- Lilo and Stitch- you had fallen asleep next to him, curled up on the small couch in the guesthouse, your head tucked neatly under his arm. Luke smiled down at you, his little angel sent to him from heaven he thought. As he studied your features, the feeling hit him hard, like it often does. He was falling in love with you. The girl who wouldn’t let him get away with his bullshit, the beautiful girl who was so different from him yet who made him feel like he had a bigger purpose than just to party all night and throw his money around aimlessly. And it was all he could do to hope that you were falling in love with him too.

The sound of his phone ringing jolted him from his thoughts, his mother’s name flashing on the screen on his new iphone. Gingerly, he detached himself from you and walked into the other room to answer the call.

“Lucas Robert Hemmings what the hell have you done?!” The sound of his mother yelling in his ear caused Luke to flinch.

“Mum what are you on about?” He questioned, thought he had a feeling he knew exactly what she meant.

“New York’s notorious party boy Luke Hemmings strikes again, only this time he has an accomplice. Luke and assumed new fling take wild dates to a new level as the pair were seen spray painting sections of the Martin Park, named after fellow big wig Martin Cole himself. Cole’s daughter, elegant and lovely Sabrina Cole was announced to be engaged to the young Hemming’s heir just last night at the annual Winter Gala hosted by the Hemmings family. Could this be Luke’s reaction to the engagement or just another one of his crazy stunts?” Luke’s mother recited. “That’s the opener to the New York Times online article posted an hour ago. It seems to be accompanied by a few pictures of you and that girl galavanting about as well. I cannot believe you’ve done this! Not only to our family but to the Coles! You know how important this deal is to us.” She scolded, and Luke flinched.

“Mom, it’s not as bad as it looks.” Luke tried to reason, but his mother was having none of it.

“You say that every single time Lucas. The escapade in Monaco? The trip to Amsterdam? The guacamole incident? Don’t even get me started. She ranted.  “And you dragged another poor girl into this too I see. This is why Sabrina is going to be so good for you. You need to take it down a notch and she is going to help you.”

“Mum no! You can’t do this to me! And she’s not just some girl mom, I actually really like her.” Luke could hear his mother sigh on the other end.

“I just can’t trust that Lucas. You do this too often for me to be able to believe anything you say about this. I’m not stupid, I know how many girls you say this about just to get bored of them a few days later. Besides, you’re going to be with Sabrina. Now your father and I would never force you into marriage, you know that. But we are going to make you spend a lot of time with her. It will save your reputation, which needs to be squeaky clean if you’re going to take over this company someday like your father wants. This is going to look good for both our families and I am not letting one fling with some random girl you picked up off the street ruin it.” She spoke harshly.

“I’m not doing it mum. I don’t even like Sabrina! No one does!”

“The media does Luke. That’s all that matters right now. You’ll do it or you’re cut off for good.” She threatened.

“I don’t care about her. God, I barely even know her! She is absolutely nothing to me and I’m not going to let her ruin us.” Luke spat.

“Think about it Lucas. If you’re prepared to throw away everything you’ve ever known for one girl then fine, but be prepared to face the consequences that I promise you will ensue.” She spoke shortly before hanging up on him, leaving the buzz of a hollow dial tone in Luke’s ear. He angrily threw the phone on the bed running his hands through his hair, a habit he was prone to when he was angry or nervous. He had to think of a way out of this and fast.


A few moments after Luke went into the other room, you awoke to the sound of a gentle knock on the door. Noticing that Luke was no longer laying next to you, you figured he must have locked himself out. Laughing you wrapped the blanket around your shoulders and skipped to the doorway, throwing it open. But your smile faded when you saw not Luke, but a beautiful girl in a gorgeous designer dress standing there instead.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t think anyone was cleaning today.” The girl spoke with arrogance.

“I’m, um, not a maid.” You mumbled and the girl narrowed her eyes before letting out an obnoxious chuckle.

“You’re the girl that got Luke in trouble aren’t you? The vandal I presume?” She smirked making you shrink back into the blanket, afraid to meet her steely gaze.

“I got Luke in trouble?”

“Of course you did! Pictures of you shoving your tongue down his throat while you’re holding a can of spray paint did a lot for his image you know.” She sneered. “But luckily he has me, his fiance, to clear up stupid little things like this.”

Your heart dropped at the word fiance. How could he not tell you? Worse, how could he lead you on knowing he’s engaged? All these emotions began tearing at your heart, among them sadness, anger and confusion.

“Sweetie if you wouldn’t mind moving out of the way, that would be great.” She smiled sweetly at you, but it was the fakest smile you had ever seen in your life. She may be his fiance, but the last couple days you had spent with Luke were real too. You had seen the look in his eyes when he kissed you and you had felt the chemistry deep in your bones. he may have been hiding a fiance from you, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care about you at all.

That’s when you heard it. His voice was loud, like he was shouting at someone but it was undoubtedly his voice.  

“I don’t care about her. God, I barely even know her! She is absolutely nothing to me and I’m not going to let her ruin us.”

His words caused a wave of sickness to overtake you. He had to be talking about you. Probably to one of his rich friends who had seen the leaked photos of you two in the park and now that he was alone he had to chance to tell them what he really thought of you.

An evil grin spread across Sabrina’s face.

“See? You’re just another one of his playthings. I’m the one that’s here to stay. You can see yourself out. I’ll tell Luke you’ve left.” She forced her way inside, practically shoving you out the door.

“Of course your highness.” You did a small mock curtsy before throwing the blanket back onto the couch and wrestling your boots back on before you ran out the door slamming it behind you and letting the tears you had been holding in fall free as you ran, leaving Luke and the cottage behind.


Part 3 


anonymous asked:

Happy Mother's Day, Ed. :D

Ed: *his face flushed bright green and he laughed happily, patting the side of his little distended tummy lovingly* Oh my gosh… I got two other asks just like this one! Heh!! I’m no mama yet… but you know… thank you… makes me feel like I’m doing something right…

YUTOYAMA moments in DEAR concert PART 1

DEAR. 7/30 1st show
-A fan showed uchiwa to yuto “when will you propose to yamachan?” and he answered “of course now”
- yutoyama was holding hands at the end of show like they were the last one to leave and they were holding hands gradually.
-Yuto patted yama’s head
-There’s a part where JUMP sit on the stairs in “"From” perf. Yuto usually sit on the back, but this time he cannot go there so he sat beside Yama on the lowest stair.
-“From”. perf as usual , Hikaru was goofing around. Yuto pointed to Hika’s feet then turned to Yama, like he’s trying to tell him “Look!” then Yama pointed to Hika’s feet too then he laughed with Yuto.
-MC part when they talked about Rajira, yutoyama was talking without mic on Yama touched his pants when he turned to Yuto ,Yuto was touching his own left hand when they were talking and laughing.
-Also during “From"Yamachan rested his face in Yuto’s shoulder and just stayed there cutely while singing~

DEAR 31/7
-Yama back hugged Yuto.

Will about this one
The day before this,During this whole dinner Chinen was going around hugging members , Yuto said he hugged him and patted his tummy, Chinen said that yuto’s abs were really strong when he patted his tummy he was surprised.
After that Yama said that chinen was clingy and he tried to imitate what chinen did but he tried it with Yuto-back hug-

So yeah chinen huged Yuto (yesterday)and Yama re-act it (today) with Yuto.


Bum Touching// Mark Tuan

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Comedy, fluff,

Summary:Anonymous said:
hello💖💓💘 may i request a suuuper fluffy scenario with mark where he’s constantly touching y/n’s butt and y/n gets a little annoyed about it (but secretly really really enjoys it) and decides to do the same with mark? it’s just an idea, you can change/play around it however you want // I LOVE YOUR WRITING // thank you💖💓💘

Author’s Note: This is such a mark thing to do i sweAR TO GOD IM SCREAMING

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)-noona!” Yugyeom chuckled when he opened the door to see you, wrapping his arms around you to pull you in for a tight hug.

“Hi, Gyeomie~” You hummed, patting his back softly for him to let you go, sliding off your shoes as all of the other boys’ heads peeked up from above the couch.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Youngjae smiled at you softly, waving as all of the boys followed, giving you greetings as you walked over to the couch.

“Hey guys,” you hummed, “where’s my bo-“

“jagGIII!” Your statement was interrupted by the man himself, Mark. You and Mark had been dating for around six months, causing you to become close friends with all of the boys from GOT7. The months you had been with him made you the happiest you have ever been.

Keep reading

Candy Suppers

Requested by anon

Summary: The boys are hit by a deageing spell, leaving you with three little kids to care for in the bunker
Words: 1,492
Warnings: None

Your name: submit What is this?

“No!” you shouted, but you were already too late.

The witch had cast the spell, and by the time the light had faded, she was gone.

“Dean?” you called into the room she had vacated, “Sam? Cas?”

You were met with no response but the sound of muffled crying.

You raised your gun, carefully turning the corner.

There, sat in the middle of the carpet, were two little toddlers, and another little boy, all sniffling and crying.

You lowered your gun instantly, walking towards them.

You shushed their cries, touching their hands with the silver ring you always wore. None of them reacted.

“Y/N,” the eldest boy said, lip quivering, “Y/N, I’m scared.”

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but now i'm ok and it's thanks to you

fandom: bts
characters: everyone minus Hoseok (who’s mentioned briefly); side namjoon/seokjin
summary: 8-year-olds Taehyung and Jimin babysit 18-month-old Jeongguk (and grown-up Yoongi) because Seokjin thought it’d be a cute idea.
rated: g
wordcount: 2632
note: Title from the song Panchito Blue II by Peach Kelli Pop. 

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Jungkook Scenario: Cinnamon Sweet.

Request: Hey can u make a story where a girl who works a a bakery make super good cake and someone from Bangtan buys it Jungkook like it and goes back to see who made it and it his old childhood crush and he ends up asking her out. If u got time Thx!😄

Genre. Fluff / Romance

There was so much silence at the dorm, it only helped to pick up his curiosity. He knew some of the boys had gone to Big Hit, but he also knew for a fact that Jimin, Taehyung and Seokjin had stayed behind, mostly because the two younger ones didn’t stop bickering at the living room while Jungkook was lying on his bed.
They’d stopped so suddenly and not even Jin was saying a single word, so Jungkook stood up slowly, ready to see what they were doing.

He opened his door as carefully as he could, peeking first into the proximities but finding no one, he headed to the living room which he found empty so being a little annoyed, Jungkook finally moved towards the kitchen.

His hyungs were there around the table, hovering over something Jungkook promptly found to be a cake because they were all taking bites from it.
He crossed his arms on top of his chest, that’s what the mystery was about, they were trying to sneakily eat it all without offering him a single bite.

-That’s no way to treat me – he said, making the others jump in their spots. They turned around startled, Taehyung still holding the treacherous spoon with a big piece of cake centimeters away from his face.

-Jungkookie! – Jimin chirped in and laughed, looking to the other boys for help

-Jungkookie anything, you were trying to eat all that cake by yourselves – he walked closer to the table, staring better at it. In all honesty, if he had a cake that looked as tasty as the one that was placed in the middle of them, he would try to eat it by himself too.

-We thought you were asleep – Jin said with a little smile and Jungkook hummed.

-You didn’t even bother to check –

He sat by Taehyung’s side, not bothering to take a spoon first and picked some of the cake’s cream with his fingertip.
When he put it into his mouth, it was the best one he’d had, the dark chocolate ganache was smooth and perfect with a hint of cinnamon and something else he couldn’t quite place but that tasted just as good.

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“Little-known (un)true facts about Bakura: 

  • He tastes better when it’s snowing.
  • When he goes to sleep, he doesn’t count sheep, he counts kittens.
  • He’s softer to touch on his back than on his stomach.
  • One hair horn makes him horny when you tug on it, the other makes him sleepy.
  • He’s got a button on the back of his head that makes him giggly, and if you look hard enough, you’ll find it.
  • He probably keeps knives up his butt, might want to check there before sex.
  • On rainy days, he’s extra grumpy and requires head pats.
  • On foggy days head pats are a no go, he requires tummy pats instead.
  • His ears move in tandem with his mood
  • His skin smells like cotton candy during lightning storms.
  • He likes all things cute and cuddly.
  • He’s probably going to kill me when he reads these.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, can I get a SHINee reaction where their girlfriend can cook really amazing food and desserts and they taste her stuff for the first time. I have a passion for cooking and baking so I wanted this one to be relatable lol. Thanks you!!

Here you are Anon, sorry they turned out longer than I wanted. I hope you still like them! - Admin O

Onew: He was really tired when he walked into the house after a long day of practice. He was expecting to take a quick shower before crawling into bed with you, however, as soon as he opened the front door, he was hit with an array of mouthwatering scents. Because the two of you had just moved in together, you hadn’t had the chance to cook for him yet. But since you had the day off, you figured today would be as good a day as any. Onew followed the scent into the kitchen where he saw you cooking away in front of the stove. He sighed contently, a large smile crossing his face. He walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “What is this Y/N?” You forced him to let you go so you could carry the last dish to the counter. “Your feast.” He leaned over the plates, taking in everything you had made for him. “What are you waiting for, dig in.” You smiled, handing him a set of chopsticks. He scarfed down all the food you had made, leaving no scrap behind. “Was it good?” You patted his full tummy. He nodded, pulling you into his arms. “Thank you Jagi,” “It was nothing.” “Are you kidding me, I’ve never had such amazing food before. Please cook for me every night.” You slapped his chest. “You wish Onew.” He whined, “BUt Y/N!”

Gif Credit

Jonghyun: You had been practicing for your pastry final, when you realized you had made too many sweets. You brought them all to Jonghyun’s raid broadcast and began to hand them out to staffs. You saved your most successful pastry for Jonghyun. When his signed off for the night, you quickly made your move. “Jagi!” His eyes grew wide when he saw you. “Here, I made some pastries for you and the staff.” He smiled, taking the carefully boxed pastry. “How sweet of you Jagi!” You sat down in the chair beside him and watched expectantly as he took a bite. He paused, amazed at the taste of your small pastry. “Is it good?” You couldn’t wait any longer. “A pastry that tastes this amazing, could have only been crafted by the hands of an angel.” You pushed his shoulder gently. “It’s not that good.” He  scoffed. “Jagi, you didn’t try it. You wouldn’t know.” “Fine, whatever you say Jong.” He leaned over and gently kissed your cheek. “Thank you Y/N.”

Originally posted by on-ho

Minho: He had been begging you to make him a meal since the moment you told him how much you loved to cook. You had finally given in, but only because his constant pestering was more than you could handle. You took a deep breath, unsure of what you had gotten yourself into. You were so nervous about cooking a meal for just Minho, that you made him invite his members. Now you were cooking  a full blown meal for five hungry idols. Minho didn’t seem pleased as he sat with his members at the dinner table and watched as you served everyone. “You know, you should all be lucky that you get to taste Y/N’s cooking before I do.” “Minho!” Onew laughed. “I’m sure Y/N only did it this way because you were putting too much pressure on them.” “Sounds like something Minho would do.” Key chimed in, taking a bite of your main dish. “Wow.” Jonghyun exclaimed, his mouth still full. “If you don’t marry Y/N, I will.” Minho stood up, and began to walk around the table, taking everyone’s plates into his arms. “Get out.” The members laughed, as you tried to stop him. “Minho,” “Nope, this food is too great to share with you guys. Leave, this food is mine.” You laughed. “I’m glad you like it.”

Originally posted by mintokkies

Key: You hadn’t told Key about your love for cooking. He wasn’t really interested in things like that, and you thought he might not think the same of you if he knew how much you loved cooking. But his birthday was coming up, and you wanted to make something special for him. And even though cake wasn’t his favorite thing, you wanted to celebrate the first birthday you shared together as a couple, in a normal couple way. You decorated your apartment with small decorations and waited for him to come over. You left your door ajar so that he would come in when he arrived, and it worked like a charm. As soon as you saw his figure step in through the door and heard his voice call out your name, you came from the kitchen carrying a cake lit with birthday candles. You sang him happy birthday and waited for him to make a wish before you turned on the lights and greeted him with a smile. “A cake, really?” You sighed, biting your lip. “I guess you wouldn’t like it would you.” He shook his head, giving you a soft smile. “Y/N, I love it. Thank you.” You pursed your lips, quickly taking it to the kitchen. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have,” He wrapped his arms around you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder. “You worked hard on it, how could I not love it?” You paused. “How did you,” He chuckled, squeezing you tighter. “I’m your boyfriend, how could I not know how much you love to cook?” “But,” “Can I taste it?” You nodded, handing him a fork. He still held onto you as he took a bite, savoring the sweet taste. “It’s incredible.” “You’re just saying that.” “No, Y/N, I mean it. It’s better than any other cake I’ve ever had.” “You mean it?” He nodded, twisting with you in his arms. “Thank you Y/N.”

Originally posted by daenso

Taemin: “Taemin!” You slapped his shoulder as hard as you could, looking at the half eaten food on the table before you. He laughed. “I’m sorry Y/N, I couldn’t help it.” “What am I supposed to say to your parents?” You tried to wrap your brain around what happened. “Taemin, why,” He shrugged, giving you puppy dog eyes. “Forgive me Y/N, it smelled so good that I had to try it, and then it tasted so good that I couldn’t stop eating, and then this,” You held up a hand to stop him. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, but you’re going to be the one to explain this to your parents, not me.” “Jagi, it was just so good I’m sorry!”

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Pregnancy Party

Request: Can you write one about the reader being Tony Stark’s daughter and Peter Parker’s wife and she tells Tony that she’s expecting a child, which then leads to Tony throwing a private party with the Avengers to celebrate? Sorry it’s kinda long 😅 Thank you!

Paired with this request: Can you make a part 2 please???? ❤❤

Blog Tag: @smutwritingangel, @shia5gorospe

A/N: I paired these two requests together. It was too cute not to. Part two of Motherly Instincts. P.S., this was supposed to be short. Was.

Warnings: Self-doubt

Word Count Total: 1575

Long Imagine #7

Title: Pregnancy Party

You took a deep breath before knocking on the door. You knew there was nothing to be worried about, but this was weird. This was your dad. You were going to be talking about this with your dad.

But, then again, he was sure to want to know that you were going to have a child. He would love being a grandpa. That child was going to be so spoiled.

Your child. Yours and Peter’s. Peter Parker was your husband and the love of your life. You had met after the Civil War (which you had been banned from fighting in) and the two of you had quickly fallen in love. Peter had proposed once the two of you reached your early twenties and had gotten married. Now, a year later, you were expecting a child.

The door opened and you knew that you couldn’t turn back. So, you walked in.

“Hey, Y/N!” your dad greeted you. You hugged him and he hugged back.

“Hi, Dad.”

“What’s up, kiddo?” he asked. He knew something was up.

“What, I can’t just visit my father, the Great Tony Stark, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist?”

He gave you The Look. You knew that look. You couldn’t hide anything from The Look, no matter how old you got.

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The Plan. *Chapter 1*

The witch looked down at her little piglet. He was a man in his early twenties that she had kidnapped this morning. He was blindfolded and tied up in the makeshift pig pen she had made. He had a pile of hay to rest his bony ass on. This would be a nice little project she thought, she had big plans for him. Yes she thought to herself, the possibility is enormous.

The man started to stirr and awaken. He groaned as he lifted his head only to realise that he had a blindfold on and was tied up. The witch chuckled a little as she watched the man struggle with his restraints before he realised that it was futile.  The witch walked over to him and stroked his cheek with her long fingers. The man’s name was Adam, if she remembered correctly.
“Hello my little piglet, did you sleep well?” She wispered into his ear. Adam jumped slightly at the sound of her voice and turned towards the sound. “Who’s there? He cried out. She chuckled again and ran a hand down his chest and abdomen soothing him with her magic. "Shush piggy, don’t worry” she moved her hand up towards his face again. “I won’t hurt you at all just do what I say and you won’t get hurt” He gave a weak nod in return and his shoulders slumped in relaxation. The witch eyed him up and down. He was far too skinny for her. Something needed to be done about that. She straddled Adam and he yelped in surprise yanking at his restraints again. She looked down at his concave belly and realised that he had not earned a drop of her fattening heavy cream before he had gained at least 30 more pounds. Preferably 50 if she had her way. So instead she stepped off his lap and conjured a pig’s tray filled to the brim with magical donuts. One bite would get her little piggy hooked, one donut would destroy his metabolism. The rest would be converted into fat as fast as his belly could digest them.  She lifted one and brought it up to his lips. “Open up piglet I’ve got a treat for you”.
She pressed the donut harder against his mouth until he finally opened it. The donut had bareley passed his lips before he groaned and greedily lurched his head forward to eat the rest. He quickly swallowed and groaned again with the lack of food. She knew he would be craving more already but she enjoyed watching her little piglet struggle with the bonds and groan in pain from the cravings. Finally she gave him what he desperately wanted and loosened his restraints with a flick of her hand.

As soon as he was free, Adam lurched forward grabbing several donuts with his hands. He desperatly started to shove them down his gullet. Not bothering with the bits of frosting that stuck to his cheeks. He quickly devoured them all taking a small break to breathe. His belly was poking out slightly, streching his T-shirt slightly. The witch could not take her eyes away from him as he reached for more donuts. It seemed that the magic in the donuts had worked. He was totally hooked. She squatted and patted his slightly distended tummy. He didn’t even notice her touch, he just kept stuffing his face.
The witch wondered which shape he would fill out in. He was a stocky build to begin with and she guessed he would fill out nicely. As she was pondering over this, Adam had slowed down and he was now sweating slightly and groaning. The witch turned her attention towards him again. He was leaning back, his belly was full and heavy in his lap and the tray was empty. He looked absolutely adorable and the witch touched his belly and it was all hard packed with food.

“Did you eat too much piglet? It looks like you are stuffed to the brim” she lazily began stroking his tummy soothing his aching and adding some more magic to speed up his digestion. He groaned with eyes half closed as she squeezed a light burb out of him. Despite his comatosed state he still muttered a small “Excuse me.” under his breath. He looked so awfully cute like this she thought as she continued to rub his rock hard belly.

He looked up at her with sleepy eyes as another small burp made its way out of his mouth. His chin and face was full of smudges from the frosting, she giggled a little and thought it looked cute. She continued rubbing his belly for a while, gently letting some air out of him from time to time, but as time went on she could feel his belly changing. Adam’s bloat was going down, but it was definitely not going away. His once firm taunt stomach was swelling outwards forming a small soft pauch under his shirt. His pants got tighter as his hips, thighs and ass grew. Filling them to the brim. Two lovely and oh so grabbable lovehandles appeared. But still most of his newly added weight went to his belly. And what a belly it was becoming she thought as she watched it continue to round out and swell under her fingers. Most of the weight had gone to the lower part of his tummy. She swirled her finger across the little lip of fat that was poking out where the end of his shirt and his waistband didnt quite reach anymore. His pants looked awfully tight now and they gave him a real big muffin top.
A little more she thought.. With a lout ping the button gave in. His new belly surged forward into the freed up space and continued growing like nothing had happened. When Adam finally stopped growing he was a good 40 pounds heavier all around. His belly was sagging over his pants and his shirt had ridden up and was now only covering his moobs like a sports brah. His face had softened with a start of a second chin forming around his stubble. Even his hands and fingers had softened and looked like they had some extra padding on them. His belly was the biggest though.  His once concave abdomen was now a massive sagging ball of pure lard topped with two quite perky moobs. Some time around 30 pounds his pants had ripped on the sides. Now Adams thighs where trying to escape the rest of his pants.  

That was a pleasant surprise, the witch thought as she stood up to study her work. Adam was shuffling slightly, and pulling at his cuffs. It seemed like he was waking up from his food coma. She was quite pleased with how he turned out but she was not finished yet. “I think you should’ve bought a bigger size of pants Adam. That pair won’t be intact much longer” she purred as she walked towards him again. New belly brushing her naked thighs, and she got ready to initiate part two of her plan.

This incredible story has been made by @fatnip 
Go follow her! She needs some support in order to make more!
Chapter 2 will be coming soon.