he's out to kill me

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Sam and 32 please!

You attempted to keep your panics lodged in the back of your mind the entire ride back to the bunker, but the anxiety managed to overwhelm your thoughts. By the time you got back, it was still late in the night like when you had left in the first place. You took the keys out of the Impala’s Ignition and let the engine die down, letting out a head sigh as your head fell onto the wheel. “Deal is totally going to kill me when he finds. out,” you muttered.

After a minute of sitting in the Impala, you got out and went around to the passenger side and got a better look at a scratch the old car had sustained while you were out. Realizing just how bad it was, you sighed again and ran a hand through your hair. “What are you doing?” You heard a familiar voice from behind you, making you freeze in place. You turned around to see Sam, with messy hair and his usual blue pajama bottoms. “it’s one in the morning. You know that, right?”

You couldn’t help but let out a small, awkward laugh to go along with the smile of embarrassment across your face. “Eh, I wanted to go to the store and get some ice cream. Is that a crime?” You questioned him, standing in front of the damaged car door in an effort to hide it from Sam. He raised an eyebrow and instantly caught onto your suspicious activity. “What? Is something wrong?”


You shook your head in protest. “No.”

He let out a soft sigh and pushed you aside, looking down in slight horror at the scratch on the Impala. “What in the hell did you do to Dean’s car? He’s going to flip.”

"I don’t know!” you started to panic. “I came out of the store and I saw it on the door. I have no idea how it even got there!” you regretted taking the impala out instead of one of the other cars in the Bunker’s garage. You knew that Dean would flip over the minor destruction of his precious vehicle.

"This is, by far, the dumbest thing you have ever done,” he claimed. And you agreed with him. Because it could have all been avoided if you had taken another car. Because of that, you were ready to plan your own funeral.


halla. halla. 


Yoo folks~! I might just go with random clips from routes for now since school is kinda crazy for me ^^;

The video has subs. Make sure to click closed captioning and English.

It’s the entire Manservant End. I picked this scene because it flushed everything I thought I knew down the drain ( ・ω・)b

HHAHA WHAT ThE FUCK. (ヾノ•᷅ ༬•᷄ )  WHO?? NOT?? WHAT?? Also they added animation to the fire now. Great.

Watch at your own risk. It contains major spoilers…and stuff.

man if dreamworks really fucks up Lance’s story arc im gonna be so pissed i swear im going to write myself a story all about Lance and his development.

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Omg I was diagnosed with a convulsive syncope disorder a few years ago and the neurologist told me my symptoms would lessen with age, if that's any comfort. But yeah, they suuuck dude.

I get the convulsions too. That’s the freakiest part - I’m vaguely conscious for them, so I’m aware of my body twitching and jerking like a demented puppet, but I’m not fully “there” processing it. The first time it happened, I fell face-first onto concrete, smacked my head against the floor, and thought, “Hmm, am I having a seizure? I really wish I had taken my glasses off before this… I don’t want them to break…” and stared calmly at the floor while my body convulsed and the nurse screamed in panic and ran out of the room. I guess she’d never seen that happen before. You’d think my head had twisted around and vomited pea soup by the way she reacted.