he's one of very few things that give me joy

This is Lucas (affectionately known as Luke), my handsome 1 year & 10 months old German Shepherd.  He was rescued by a Russian animal shelter and brought to India with his siblings when he was only a few weeks old.

My parents brought him in to fill a gap that I left when I went to a different country for University. But now he holds a place of his own in their house and hearts. He is the most adorable creature on this planet with the most innocent face you will ever see. His eyes are those clichéd puppy eyes that are shown in animated movies. You just cannot ignore him or refuse him. He’s a local celebrity as well, he has yet to lose a competition. Looks or agility, he’s the top dog!
He offers his paw as a handshake expecting a treat in return and gets upset when he isn’t given one. But he’s not one to give up very easily, he is one persistent motherf~.
He loves waking me up in the morning with wet slobbering kisses. Every morning. 8am.
And sometimes he puts my shoe next to/on my face. That’s when he’s in the mood to go out for a walk. My day is decided accordingly.

His favourite stuffed toy is Nemo from the Disney Movie. That toy and his brown blanket are his soothers. Watching him de-stress by nibbling on them is a joy in it’s own.

I love little Luke and I miss him alot. He’s one of the few things (apart from my family) that I look forward to when I go back to India. 

I’ll see you soon, Luke! <3