he's one of us alright lol

alright so i’ve gotten quite a few asks asking me to explain the now infamous “suggestive eyebrow raise” and i live to serve so here’s an absolutely disgusting analysis:

part 1: the events prior

before dan decided to be an evil demon and kill us all, there’s a bit of banter going on. dan goes on one of his normal “lol this was a bad idea but it was still fun” rants, but then phil automatically starts the end screen. he tells people to leave a like for more videos, subscribe, you know the drill. dan butts in saying something along the lines of “are you doing the endscreen without saying goodbye to people” to which phil says “i’m saying goodbye to people! i just want those sweet thumbs now!”

part 2: i hate dan

dan loves messing with his fanbase because he is actually sent from hell, so of course he’s gonna give us a response that we’re gonna scream about. it’s his nature! in reply to phil, he says: “ok phil … god demanding” which would, at first, seem totally normally. but THEN, golly does it get questionable.

here’s a couple screenshots of dan’s Hella Interesting expression:

CHEEKY. why? think about the office. when a character in the office says something questionable or says something with an odd undertone, a character will ALWAYS look in the camera for effect. dan’s exact reason for the suggestive eyebrow raise? well, take your pick.

part 3: :P

directly after the eyebrow raise, dan sticks his tongue out in an almost deliberate and teasing way (no screenshot for this one because it happened way too quick), as if he knows exactly what he’s doing.

in conclusion, dan loves messing with people and making things extremely suggestive

Modernized 7x05 conversation between Jon and Daenerys:

*Jon waits by the edge of the cliff, waiting for Daenerys*

Jon: Where is she? It’s been 40 minutes smh

*Daenerys flies in on Drogons back*

Jon: Alright Jon play it cool act like you weren’t waiting for her

*Daenerys lands by Jon*

Daenerys: Yeah this mf still haven’t bent the knee i’m tired of being nice DRACARYS

Drogon: OK MOM…..wait, what is that smell?

*Drogon inches closer to Jon*

What Jon hears: ROAR!!!!

What Drogon’s saying: Hey you, you smell familiar….

In Jon’s mind: I swear up to my dead father if I live through this i’ll leave this island right away I promise good lord idk what to do I guess i’ll pet it or something

*Drogon smells Jon’s hand*

Drogon: This is the best thing i’ve smelled since mommy. Omg I haven’t felt like this in so long wtf is happening???

Daenerys: Dracarys

Drogon: But mom he smells so good omg just let me sniff him some more and i’ll get right to it


*sees Jon petting Drogon*

Daenerys: Omg my underwear is extra soaked right now play it cool Dany

*Giving up, Daenerys steps off of Drogons wings, mumbles under breath*

Daenerys: I’ll get back to it later *walks up to Jon* Isn’t he beautiful?

Jon: That thing is hideous lmfao

Daenerys: Wtf did you just say?

Jon: Uhhhhh…I mean…that BEAST is hideous?

Daenerys: They’re not beasts. They have feelings. They’re my children. And my children are beautiful.

*Jon stares at Daenerys*

Jon: Idk wtf that means but i’ll give you a child alright

Daenerys: I didn’t hear you?

Jon: I said you weren’t gone too long. What’d you do?

Daenerys: Burned me a bunch of lannister army men thats what I did


Daenerys: Let me guess, you’re not impressed

Jon: I saw a zombie raise a bunch of people from the dead. Nothing impresses me anymore but you have anger issues

Daenerys: How many men did you kill when you took back Winterfell?

Jon: 1000

Daenerys: So you have anger issues too wtf

Jon: Touché

Daenerys: If we want to lead our people sometimes we have to throw a tantrum here and there am I right?

Jon: Kinda

*Daenerys stares at Jon*

Daenerys: When you weren’t bending the knee back when we first met, Davos said someone stuck a knife in your chest. Was that true?

Jon: No lmfao he’s so fucking extra

Daenerys: I was trying to get you to take off your shirt so I can see but nevermind


Dothraki: Your side piece is back Dany

*Jorah appears*

Daenerys: Jorah????

Dothraki: Yes

Jorah: *kneels* i’m back to grovel for you, your grace

Daenerys: Jon Snow this is Jorah Mormont. He’s a professional kneeler. You could learn a thing or two from him

Jon: Mormont? Me and your father used to go on Zombie hunts together. He was a great man

Daenerys: He believes in zombies lol dont mind him he’s weird

Jon: I’m serious they really exis-

Jorah: I’ll return to my services of groveling over you and trying to win you over for the 500th time. If you’ll have me?

Daenerys: And make Jon Snow jealous? It’ll be my honor

Jon: What?

*Daenerys hugs Jorah while Jon stares in the distance*

Jon: *In his mind* Alright now i’m starting to get pissed he can hug Dany just this one time but I hope this mf don’t think he’s getting Longclaw

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lazy morning shawn ft. morning voice and fluffy hair and no shirt and morning breath and "I don't give a shit about morning breath" and wrapping his strong arms around your waist and saying "c'mere" oh boy

a/n: these two kinda go together so imma just combine them.

“M’ trying to sleep.” Shawn stops his kiss-assault on you and instead licks your cheek. “Ew! I was peacefully resting until you had to go and ruin it.” Shawn just smiles at you and leans in again, but you push his head away. “I’ve got bad morning breath.” 

“Don’t care,” he tells you, voice raspy and rough as he grips your jaw and plants one on you. Your tongues tangle briefly, but then you break away to check the clock because it’s light outside and it shouldn’t be; you set your alarm for seven thirty. It’s not supposed to be light at seven thirty. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you mutter, seeing that it’s already eight fifteen and you’re going to be so, so late. But Shawn’s arms are wrapped so tightly around your waist and he’s making it clear that he doesn’t want you to leave the bed. “We have to go, come on.”

“Why are you lying to me?” Shawn whines in your ear, pulling you in by the hips so your back is flush against his chest. “We don’t have to get up. Stop telling fibs.” 

“You’re literally three years old,” you laugh. “And I’m not lying– we have to be at the place in half an hour. We’ll be late even if we get going now.” 

“Right! So we’ll just skip it, have a stay-at-home, Shawn-Y/n type of day. Sounds good to me,” he suggests happily. His face is burrowed into the crook of your shoulder and your neck, right where he can always smell that green apple shampoo the best. 

He waits for you to protest his ingenious plan, but gets nothing. “Alright, then. I’ll just go call us in sick.” 

lol this one sucks sorry

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You're just Muslims. You invented being "bosniak" in 1992 lol.

Oh, is that so. Alright, okay. But let’s examine something quickly, it won’t take much time. You see,

Ivan Franjo Jukić, who was one of the most important Bosniak intellectuals of the 19th century, was not only a Christian but a Franciscan monk. He proudly called himself Bosniak and his pseudonym was even Slavoljub Bošnjak (Slavophile Bosniak). He wrote:

We Bosniaks, the once-famous people, now that we are barely alive, our friends of science see us as head detached from the Slavic tree and pity us … It is time to awake from a long lasting negligence; give us the cup, and from well of apprehension, inexhaustibly gain knowledge, wisdom; firstly let us try to cleanse our hearts from prejudice, reach for books and magazines, let’s see what the others did, so that we can use the same means, that our nation of simple people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of truth we bring.

[Mi Bošnjaci njekad slavni narod sad jedva da smo živi nas samo kao očenutu glavu od stabla slavjanskog gledaju priatelji naukah i žale nas…. Vrime je da se i probudimo od dugovične nemarnosti; dajte pehar, te carpite iz studenca pomnje mudrost, i nauk; nastojte da najpred naša serca očistimo od predsudah, fatajmo za knjige i časopise, vidimo što su drugi uradili, te i mi ista sredstva poprimimo, da naš narod prosti iz tminah neznanstva na svitlost isitne izvedmo.] /  [source]

Another Franciscan from that same time period, Fra Antun Knežević, wrote similar things:

We, however, pay our due respect to both of our friends, the Serb and the Croat. We do not look down on their own nationality; we do not look askance at them, and we will never deny that we are of the South Slav tribe. But we want to prove to everyone clearly that we are Bosniaks and that we belong in the first tier of that glorious ancestry. We always remain Bosniaks, just as our forefathers were.

[Ali čast i poštenje obodvojici naših prijatelja, Srbu i Hrvatu. Mi njihovu narodnost ne preziremo, mi na njiha krivim okom ne gledamo, mi nikad nećemo zanijekati, da nijesmo od jugoslovenskog plemena, već baš hoćemo, da svakome jasno dokažemo, da smo mi Bošnjaci na prvom stepenu toga slavnoga roda. Ali uvijek ostajemo Bošnjaci kao što su nam bili i pradjedovi i ništa drugo.]  / [source]

Now you might be thinking “okay, that name was invented in the 19th century” - but no! Actually, the first time it was mentioned, in this form, was the 15th century:

[…] the current form Bošnjak (Bosniak), first attested in the diplomacy of Bosnian king Tvrtko II who in 1440 dispatched a delegation (Apparatu virisque insignis) to the Polish king of Hungary, Władysław Warneńczyk (1440–1444), asserting a common Slavic ancestry and language between the Bosniak and Pole. / [source]

But do keep in mind that before the 15th century there existed the term Bošnjanin which is basically the same as Bošnjak:

The earliest attestation to a Bosnian ethnonym emerged with the historical term “Bošnjanin” (Latin: Bosniensis) which denoted the people of the medieval Bosnian kingdom. By the 15th century, the suffix -(n)in had been replaced by -ak to create the current form Bošnjak (Bosniak) / [source]

To conclude, and please forgive my vulgarity, we didn’t invent shit in 1992, the name was always there. 

Now, you might ask yourself “what is a Bosniak then?”. Let’s not be biased, let’s search for the term in the Croatian encyclopedia:

The Miroslav Krleža Lexicographical Institute thus defines Bosniak as “the name for the subjects of the Bosnian rulers in the pre-Ottoman era, subjects of the Sultans during the Ottoman era, and the current name for the most numerous of the three constituent peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosniak, as well as the older term Bošnjanin (in Lat. Bosnensis), is originally a name defining the inhabitants of the medieval Bosnian state”. /  [source]

Have we settled that now? We do not tie our ethnicity to the religion of Islam, which is shared by so many different people of the world, but we tie our ethnicity primarily to our homeland, our heritage and our ancestry. Not all of us are Muslim because you do not need to be a Muslim in order to be a Bosniak. Got it?

Look, I understand that ethnicity and nationality as we understand them in the modern context are very complex things, especially in this country. My intention is not to push anything on anyone. The reason why I took the time to write all of this is solely to tell you (yes, you personally, but also all other people who think like you) that you cannot keep doing this to us. The myth that Bosniakhood = Islam is false, please let’s leave that behind us in the past. We are not foreigners on this land, we are not some Ottoman leftover, we are not a foreign body that needs to be removed. We are as native to this land as the Christians are. And please, in the year 2017, in the 21st century, you cannot keep calling us “Muslimani” with a capital M. I mean, you can, you are a free person, you can say it and write it, but you lose all credibility and respect from me if you do that. 

Nerine! Park Jihoon

Genre: fluff to angst? sort of bittersweet angst
Prologue: Merman Jihoon & Hunter You
Warning : Cuss words.

I want to start a new series that involved a flower with a member, if you guys have any suggestions please go ahead and share them with me! :)

N - No stars tonight
Jihoon sighed with his back against the rock he was currently laying on. Lately, the sea has been calm, too calm for his delight. The others were too busy to play with him so here he was. Looking at the moon, with the stars shining brightly above him. Ever since he was a little merchild(?) he always preferred the night sky and the cool air in comparison to the shining sun and its bright rays of light. Tonight seemed like one of those nights, honestly, he wanted something exciting to happen as he swished his tail up in the air. His tail was reflecting the moonlight. Shuffling. His attention quickly went to the shore as he put his tail down. “Shit, did I attract too much attention?” He muttered as his eyes soon found footprints on the sand, his eyesight was quite good. Looks like his boredom was soon replaced with interest… and fear. Jihoon has heard of the gossip and news about a mermaid and merman hunter, hunting his people for their beautiful scales on their tails.

You hid in the cave, glancing at the mermaid on the rocks who was looking at their tail. Your arrow was ready, aiming at them. Until you saw them move, facing their entire upper body towards you. “What the- fuck.” You lowered your bow and frowned at the merman. The job given to you was for a merMAID scale, not a merMAN, damn that merman for being too pretty and making you think that he was a girl.

Jihoon soon found you, staring at your figure as you sigh and put the arrow back inside your sack, hanging your bow behind you. Your eyes soon met his, giving him a smile- more like a smirk before running away.

E - Everlasting waves
Jihoon did not know what was happening in his heart the moment he saw your smile (smirk). He couldn’t sleep that night because as soon as he closed his eyes he would dream about your smile. Wasn’t he suppose to feel fear? Why was he longing to see you? Why did you not hunt him down? Was his visual too overwhelming for you that you spared his life? He got up from his bed and knocked on his neighbor’s. Guanlin responded with a yawn and a glare. “What’s up Jihoon?” “I, uh, may need your help.”

R - Ringing yells
He trusts Guanlin, the witch from the other seas. I mean, have you seen all the potions that Guanlin carries inside his ‘cave’? Guanlin has so much knowledge that when Jihoon had a problem, he’ll go to him for help. “Hey Guanlin, can I borrow that 2-feet potion again?” Yes, he has borrowed it before in the past. The first time was not the best, as he forgot to bring pants. The second time was alright, he was able to travel around town and buy a couple items back as souvenirs for the other. The third time, he fell in love with the food resulting in more uses of the potion, until Guanlin limited it because Jihoon wasn’t sharing the chicken with him lol.
Guanlin sighed at his merman friend. “Are you sure? I only have one bottle left.“
Jihoon nodded with a smile, “I’ll use it well, and I promise I’ll bring back chicken- if you don’t mind soggy chicken.”

I - In the middle of confusion
You were back the next night, keeping a lookout at the rocks which were usually the spot where mermaids would rest to appreciate the sky. Snacking on an apple quietly you didn’t notice a boy approaching you.
“Hi.” You dropped your apple in shock, turning to him to giving him a disapproving frown before responding to him with a nod. “Hello.”
“May I join you?” He asked. Before you could answer he was already sitting next to you.
“Are you a hunter?” You stared at him, do you give him a stranger who just suddenly appeared next to you the truth? Sure why not. He might be a new client.
“Yea.” “What do you hunt?” “Mermaid scales.” You could feel him shiver as those words left your mouth, hmm that’s an interesting reaction compared to all the other people you told which they gave you a request and money with greedy smiles.
“Do you actually kill the mermaid?” Oh, another new question.
“No, I just shoot it with this.” You picked up an arrow. “It hurts for a bit when I go retrieve them. I ask for a scale, they usually do give me one of their old scales that was going to fall, and if they refuse I just send them back after giving them a potion that would instantly heal the pain and wound.” You put the arrow done, “I don’t intend to kill the innocent, but I need money in order to have a roof over my family’s head and food on their plates.” You had no idea why you were babbling about this to him, he just felt so comfortable to be around.

Jihoon was super relieved to hear you talking to him and the reason behind your actions just made his heart melt. He wanted to be able to help you, to be there for you when you felt down. He could tell you were lonely most of the time, seeing how you were talking about yourself to him. Almost like you just wanted a companion to talk to and all those lonely moments built up leading to you exploding your thoughts.

The sunrise was soon coming, as the stars were retrieving their spot for the sun to take its place as the biggest star. Jihoon did not want to go, despite his previous hatred for the daytime. But the way your face looked when the sun was rising, the redness of the sun appearing on your cheeks, the ocean’s small calm waves reflecting your eyes, and your smile that made him smile too. He wanted to stay with you longer.

N - Never looking back
You treated him to breakfast, inviting him to your house where your family also lived. They woke up to a surprise. Y/n bringing home a boy? A really handsome boy? Wow, about time y/n. You rolled your eyes to their comments and served them their breakfast, while Jihoon’s cheeks tinted with pink.

“Do you want anything Jihoon?” You asked him as you guys were walking around town. “Since you’re going back to your hometown which is really far away.” “No, it’s fine y/n.” “No. I want to send you off with a souvenir so that you can always look at it and get reminded of me.” You were blushing at your own words. Since when were you this cheesy lol. He chuckled before something catches his eye. He quickly takes your hand, “Hey that looks interesting!” Skinship skbfjbfjsfbs

The sun was soon setting, you two were still holding hands. “Thanks for this y/n.” He points to the flower hair pin. You laughed, “Why did you want to buy a hairpin anyway?” He smiled, “It’s because you said to get something that would remind me of you. You’re strong and independent, yet you’re beautiful and attractive. So thanks, I’ll remember you forever.” He gives you a peck on your cheek.

He left before the sunset with a hairpin, chicken, and a kiss from you.

E - Everything
Today was the last day before the request was due the following morning. You sneaked your way to your hiding place, not having slept the night before has taken a toll on your body, but you need to complete this job. Eyes glued to the rock, waiting any minute now for a mermaid to appear. No good, the small waves were luring you to sleep. You slapped your cheeks to gain more consciousness because you must be seeing things. No way was that Jihoon, he left on his way earlier. From the side, you saw a small flicker in the waves. Holding out your arrow, waiting. They never appeared out of the water, or you thought they didn’t. You fell asleep.

You dreamed of Jihoon on the rock with his tail, drinking some last drops of the pink potion before he dives into the sea and returned to the shore with legs. He was carrying some stuff, putting them down in front of you before giving you a soft kiss.
“Wait- Jihoon!”
He was already walking away, and he dived into the waters. His legs turning into the most beautiful scales you have ever seen. They gave one last splash before the waves became calm once again.

You woke up, wanting Jihoon to be by your side right now. Instead, you were left with a seashell, a horn, a note inside a bottle and a scale … from his tail.

unedited. 1499 words.
thank you for reading!  

Back And Forth

hellopeterpanslostgirluniverse said:

Hi! I LOVE your blog btw!! And I was wondering if you could do a Peter Pan imagine where Pan has been watching the reader for a while and finally takes her to Neverland but then she gets hurt and the only way to save her is to take her back home? (You can change anything about it if you want to do it)

Warning/s: mentions of blood disorders, not so happy ending, Pan is not mean here :3


Summary: you’re sick and you need to go back home

Character: Peter Pan

Peter watched the girl as she stayed in bed all day while all her other siblings went to school. She was in bed all day, looking like a living corpse. Peter has been watching this girl for a long time now. Seeing that she doesn’t look very happy with her life at home, he planned on taking her to Neverland. A place where there are lots and lots of adventures. Surely no one will get bored there. That’s why he will take the girl to Neverland while everyone was asleep, even the girl. So she’ll wake up in the beauty of Neverland.

When the right time came, Peter entered her room through the window, silently walking over to her bed. He scooped her body up and flew away to Neverland.

I woke up with the same feeling of light headedness. I looked around feeling confused as to why I wasn’t in my bed when I saw a boy looking at me with a smile.

“Hello there! I’m Peter.” He greeted.

“Hi Peter. I’m Y/N. Can I ask.. Where are we?” I asked the boy.

“Oh..We’re in Neverland!” he cheered while standing up and pointing around us.

“Neverland? Why am I here?” I asked. He sat down beside me and sighed.

“I’ve been watching you back at your home and I saw that you weren’t having fun, staying in bed all day. So I decided to take you here! Come on! I’ll show you around!” he grabbed my hand before I can even complain. I felt a little dizzy while I was running with him but ignored it and continued running with Peter.

Peter showed me the mermaids, the fairies, the Indians and he even let me play with the lost boys. In short, I had fun. My parents would never let me play with my siblings. They won’t even let me out of my room. They will always say that it’s for the better and I understand that so I just followed their orders.

I’ve been in Neverland for a while and it was fun. Though there are times when I get so exhausted and Peter would take us on a break and we’ll just relax. Peter was so excited when we’ll go on different adventures so that’s why I can’t tell him about my situation. I can’t just take away his happiness. But I’m feeling worse each and every day and I think it’s time to tell Peter the truth.

“Y/N! Come on! Let’s go see the mermaids!” Peter yelled running over to me and grabbing my hand. I stayed in my position and grabbed my hand back, making him stop and look at me weirdly.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Peter, I need to tell you something.” I stated quietly.

“Don’t you like mermaids?” his eyebrows shot up.

“No, no. I love the mermaids but..” I started.

“So let’s go!” he cut me off.

“No! Peter, listen.” I stopped him. He looked at me, motioning for me to continue.

“I think I need to go back home.” I whispered. Peter looked at me in shock and frowned.

“Don’t you like it here? Did, did I do something wrong?” he stuttered.

“No, no!” I exclaimed.

“It’s just that.. You said you took me here because I was always in my room, lying in bed, right?” I asked. He nodded.

“There’s a reason to that” I reasoned.

“Which is?” he asked.

“You see, I have this blood disorder called Anemia. It’s the reason why I get tired so fast. It’s also the reason why I was always in my bed. My parents were planning on taking me to the doctors but then..” I trailed off.

“I brought you here” he finished. I nodded and smiled sadly at him.

“Very well then. I’ll take you back now.” He faked a smile and took my hand.

“Peter, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” I whispered.

“It’s alright. We’ll see each other again.” He smiled.

“How?” I asked.

“When you’re all better and ready to go back here, just call for me and I’ll be on my way.” He smiled and flew the both of us back to my bedroom.


Note: hey! Thanks for the request! I changed it up a bit. Lol I still hope you liked it!

Next week and so will be hectic for me so fck

Requests are still OPEN tho

In the Crowd.

Originally posted by park9495

Pairing: Reader x Park Jinyoung (GOT7)
Genre: Fluff

What?! A part two?! Lol. This is the continuation of ‘Stage’, my birthday gift to @kpopfanfictrash. Enjoy my darling Shan (who is always soft for Prince Jinyoung). PS - the KCON feels are still in full affect, someone save me.

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"When the kissing sound doesn't come out..."
Kaji Yuki, Nishiyama Koutarou, Maeno Tomoaki
"When the kissing sound doesn't come out..."

Kaji’s “unrelatable embarrassing experience”

(from Kiznaiver “KizRaji” public recording, morning part)

In this corner titled “Reach for Your Goal, Kiznaiver of Solitude! ‘Only One’ Championship Match,” each seiyuu needs to share an embarrassing experience that the audience should find hard to relate. After each seiyuu’s story, the audience will indicate that they can relate by applauding, and the seiyuu who gets the least applause wins.

Kaji volunteered to go first, and here’s how it went…

Nishiyama: Now, let’s listen to Kaji-san’s embarrassing story. Please go ahead.

*stereotypical gentle music for storytelling starts playing*

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: Pfft! It’s not like I’m gonna tell something nice, what’s up with this music? *switches to a storytelling tone* It all happened –

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: – in the summer of last year. I went to the recording studio as usual. But my job that day was neither anime recording nor movie dubbing, which I get to work with other people; it was a game recording. I was all by myself for half of the day. As for the game, it was the type of female-oriented game that we call otome game. In the last scene of the game, I needed to say a lot of sweet lines, and, you know, insert some *chu~(kissing)* sounds…

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: But, maybe because I was nervous or not used to saying those lines, I kept stumbling over my words, especially at the important places. I ended up saying “I like yo– *stumbles*” And after that, the “lip sound” I was supposed to make turned out to be something like, like, “bu”…

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: Sometimes my kissing sound just doesn’t come out properly… And I guess that would be my embarrassing moment. Bye-bye~

*laughs from the audience* *music ends*

Nishiyama: Thank you very much!

Kaji: That music was totally unexpected!

Nishiyama: I know.

Kaji: That was an embarrassing background music.

Nishiyama: And you are the first one to go…

Kaji: But (messing up on kissing sounds) itself is really embarrassing.

Nishiyama: I understand.

Maeno: I know I know.

Kaji: I guess every male seiyuu understands how that feels.

Nishiyama: When the kissing sound doesn’t come out, it really is…

Kaji: It’s weird… Like when (your lips) are dry… You have to make them moist enough…

Maeno: We usually don’t make that kind of sound in the first place.

Kaji: Exactly! *lol* We don’t do that kind of stuff usually!

Maeno: We don’t go “chu~chu~” like that.

Nishiyama: We don’t go “chu~chu~”…

Kaji: Although it’s embarrassing, we still do it. It’s like, “Can I go now? Muah!~”

*everyone laughs*

Nishiyama: *laughing* Yes yes.

Kaji: That sort of thing feels really embarrassing.

Maeno: *lol* Should I say what you just did is a little weird…

Kaji: Plus the fact that the staff is watching you from the other side of the glass… It’s even worse if you use the dummy head mic…

Maeno: I know right!

Kaji: Imagine saying and doing that sort of stuff to such a coarse face… It’s quite a scary scene. It’s just really embarrassing.

Nishiyama: It really is.

PS: Kaji was one of the winners for this contest(?)… The most enthusiastic applause he received was from Maeno lol.

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can i get a scenario with yuta when he's going to make out with the reader for the first time and she's kinda afraid and doesn't know anything bc she's virgin -,- but ending up doing it together lol ahhh i really wonder his reaciton it would be kinda funny or maybe he would show his daddy side?? i'm not sure but thanks ^^

We do have a first time Yuta smut already by the way.

Originally posted by chocosicheng

Anywho, I think he’d be very careful and gentle.
He’d be very attentive, using a few plush pillows to prop under your back as to make sure you’re comfortable, always asking if it’s alright, if you like it, etc…
It’d be one of those things that’s more about you than himself.
He’d know the sensation is uncomfortable and the stress of it builds a pressure on you. He would do his best to guide you through it, trying his best to alleviate any anxiety or worries you had.
Also, I think the sex would last a long time…. 
His strategy was probably to stay inside you, letting you adjust to the sensation. He figures the longer he’s in you the more you’ll adjust. Because honestly he wants the both of you to have a good time- so he’d stay still in you for a long while, murmuring to you and littering kisses across your face and chest. After 10 minutes he might move on to rocking his hips a bit, making sure to give shallow thrusts. He’d basically alternate between this and that until he feels everything is right and he can ‘get started’
By ‘get started’ I mean you know whut. [I just thot of it so I’m adding it- but dude he would come prepared with the lube!!!]
I don’t think he’d stay in one position for very long, rolling from being on top of you to beneath you.
He’d keep it sensual and meaningful, but once he has a taste of his release [not literally], I can see him losing a bit of control, bucking his hips roughly or biting your shoulder painfully.
I don’t think he has a daddy kink, but I do think he likes to be in control. He’s very teasing as well and enjoys punishment, but I think he’d reserve his freakydeaky side for another time… not your first time.

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ritsuwu is god but teru is antichrist?? teru has his iconic dab but what does ritsu have.....

well there’s this

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aaaand this

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maybe this

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and whatever you want to call this

iconic ritsu poses, every single one

The Bowers Gang vs Art: Headcanons

“I gotta ask, what are your headcannons with the Bowers Gang artistic abilities? Lol Vic could probably draw the best but stilllllll” - @greedy-insanity “

  • Vic is only artistic in fashion terms.
    • He can put together a perfect outfit, but he has no idea how to use a paintbrush or a marker.
  • Henry can draw alright. He’s always been more right brained, and drawing helps him express himself.
    • It’s a bunch of little cartoons.
    • Sometimes he draws really well, but it takes him a long time.
    • “I can’t draw the left eye! I did the right one just fine, why can’t I do the left one?”
    • Lots of shouting, lots of throwing markers in frustration.
  • Belch is amazing.
    • He’s very in-the-moment, so when an idea hits him, he just experiences it all the way through. He’s covered an entire wall with paint before.
    • It’s gorgeous, but he’s really insecure about it.
  • Patrick scribbles with a brown crayon and a black crayon and then he holds it up for the others to see.
    • “Wow. Very nice.”
    • “I like the variation in colours.”
    • “It looks just like you.”
Reveling in Richonne

#93: The “We’re Together” (7x16)

Y’all. Y’all. Y’all. 🙈 This was one of the funniest and most cringey moments of the series. So let’s talk about this mess where Richonne and us are completely and utterly tried. 🙃

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So the Garbage Patch Kids roll up on bicycles and in garbage trucks because they’re really committed to the garbage life. And then Rick and Michonne are standing to greet them.

Y'all the king and queen vibes given off in this shot are so great. 👌🏽 They just feel like such equals and such a unit. Like it really feels like Jadis is approaching the King and Queen of ASZ.

I love that they’re both greeting her cuz so far Rick has been more directly and individually communicating with Jadis but, especially after 7x12, I think R&M don’t want to do anything separately if they don’t have to lol.

So as royal co-leaders, R&M both stand to greet Jadis and get their army. Jadis takes note of ASZ being a nice place and asks if this is what they fight for. Rick says, “Not the place. The people. Each other.”

I love this response because one it reminds you that TF is different than any other community because they truly are family. They don’t just fight to survive, they fight for each other. It’s stronger than some of the other groups because they all genuinely know, love, and care about each other.

And I just love that he looks at Michonne like he’s this 😍 emoji as he says “each other”. Like it’s just a subtle way to let us know that, as Rick said this, Michonne was definitely one of the people atop the list of who he fights for.

Then Jadis must have noticed that Rick looked at Michonne like this, because then she decided to get real trifling. 🙄

Alright y'all, I need to take you with me on a gif journey of everything I thought about this scene. 😂

So after Jadis says her whole “may be another way” thing she looks Rick up and down and smirks. And I was like…

Cuz Jadis was too bold for that look right there and needed to stay in her lane lol. And then Jadis’ bold self turns to Michonne, nods her head over to Rick, and ask, “Yours?”

And you guys! I was replaying the scene again for this post and I literally just noticed that when Jadis looks Rick up and down, Michonne notices and has a little reaction to it!

Originally posted by thewalkinggifs

Lol I’m probably late to the party with this one too, but I never realized that Michonne catches Jadis give Rick this look and she sort of has this subtle reaction where you can tell Michonne’s low key like, “Alright careful boo, cuz I see you looking my man up, up, up and down.” 😂

I remember I heard Jadis ask this and I was legit like…

Originally posted by tonitamar

I know she nodded over to Rick but I was still in denial like “Wait does she mean Rick? Is she asking Michonne if Rick is hers!? Did this chick really just look Rick up and down and smile and then ask this?” I was very curious to see where this was going and I was so eager to see how Michonne would respond.

I would love to know the exact thought that went through Michonne’s head when Jadis asked "Yours?” Cuz you can tell she had some thoughts lol. 

And saying “Yours?” is just such a weird possessive way to ask. It really does objectify Rick and then to ask that while he’s right there. Like…

Originally posted by amithatperson

But at the same time it’s kind of funny because in a non-weird unhealthy way, it wouldn’t be a totally false statement. Like Rick pretty happily and willingly belongs to Michonne and with the amount of power she has over him, Rick really is hers lol.

But Michonne slowly nods and says “Yeah, we’re together.” and y'all I was like this…

I had to turn up! Cuz this was R&M’s first time verbally acknowledging that they’re an item to other people. Like yes!! 🎉🎉🎉

I love that we got them verbally acknowledging they’re a couple, even if it had to come via some trierization. It’s also kind of funny that she just says they’re together cuz they are so much more than that but Jadis doesn’t need to know all that. 😂

And at first when I watched this it felt like Michonne was simply just answering Jadis’s question but you can actually tell that there’s some subtle attitude in her tone. Like it sounds like she had a tone like, “What exactly are you getting at? Cuz it’s def not my man” lol 

And now that I know she saw Jadis look at Rick, I think that’s why. Cuz she already caught that Jadis might be feeling some type of way about him so she can sense that Jadis is possibly gearing up to try her with this conversation.

Also, it’s interesting that Jadis asks this cuz I feel like she knows R&M have to be together cuz they’ve done so much PDA at Trashland and now here they stand in front of her looking like a royal couple. 👑💯

But Michonne also says “yeah, we’re together” in order to correct the way Jadis asked. She’s like, “We’re together, as in the two of us are in an equal and mutual relationship. This isn’t some weird unhealthy thing where he’s one of my possessions, fool.“ 🙄 Like there’s definitely a hint of “don’t mess with me” in the way she responds and I’m here for it. 👌🏽

It’s funny cuz you could see that Michonne was trying to be all nice and nod while Jadis did that extra way of talking, about how maybe their way is another way and whatever, but then she starts to subtly have a more “Alright chick, wrap it up” demeanor once Jadis asks “yours?” lol.

It’s funny too cuz Michonne noticed Jadis checking Rick out but Rick clearly did not notice so he’s a little caught off guard rn. You can’t see Rick’s exact reaction when Jadis asks this, but you do see him abruptly turn to Michonne and then turn to Jadis and then back to Michonne looking like he’s thinking “What the actual heck is happening right now.? 😂 

But y’all, I had to make a part two cuz you know Jadis ain’t never done being trifling and she proceeds to take trying it to new heights as this little conversation continues. 🙉🙈

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Viral Sensation ImaginaryAustin: See It to Believe It

A story commissioned by @Syntholcub A YouTube makeup star on the rise takes a risk–and pays dearly for the consequences… Or maybe it’s more like he’s rewarded. Watch the videos and judge for yourself. M/M, gradual tf, brainwashing, MC, silicone body mods, jockification, himbofication, braindrain, Master/slave, and more.

If you would like your own story like this, please look at the commission info on my blog! <3

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I'm so sorry to hear about your cat... Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy. Do you want to share a favorite memory about them??

The day we got him was when my mom dropped my bro and I off at a skating rink and when she picked us up, she was like “we’re getting a cat.”  My bro and I didn’t believe her bc she was adamant about not getting another one, so we’re like …alright… She told us she had gone to the humane society to look and when she was bending down to pet a different cat, Tiger (my kitty that passed) came up to her and head butted her (he rammed his forehead into hers and started rubbing her face with his), so she’s like oh CRAP now I have to have this kitty.

When I first met him, he sat on me and literally would not let me leave the room LOL

What Friends Are For - Finn

Word Count : 776

OMG another one that’s not Poe, i’m doing alright now lol Here’s a Finn one for you

Not requested, but it was on a prompt list

When you first met Finn, you didn’t like him. He used to be a part of the First Order, one of their stormtroopers. You didn’t like stormtroopers, they’d killed your family members back during the Empire and now with the First Order, so your hatred towards him at first was very understandable.

But then you found out about what he did, he defected, saved one of your pilots, looked after the new girl Rey, it was like he’d always been meant to be a part of the Resistance. He was nice, always helped around when he could, you warmed up to him, which at first shocked him.

“Thought you hated me.”

During a lunch break you had wandered over to where he sat alone, sitting across from him. “I used to. Well, I hated what you were.”

It wasn’t the first time that he’d heard this, he’d heard it from nearly everyone at the Resistance at least once. But coming from you, somehow it sounded different.

“During the Empire and now with the First Order, stormtroopers have killed multiple family members of mine, the First Order finished the job though, I’m the last of my family, all of them, at least as far as I know.”

“I’m sorry.” He said and when you looked into his eyes, you saw that he clearly meant it.

“Thanks. What made you leave the First Order and save Poe Dameron.”

“It wasn’t meant for me. Hated what they were doing, even being trained since as far back as I could remember, it never seemed right, but they were persistent in pounding it into ours heads, literally and figuratively.”

“Sorry you had to go through that, I can’t imagine.”

“And I can’t imagine what you went through because of them, I truly am sorry about that.”

“Thank you again.”

That was the start of your amazing friendship with Finn. You helped train him how to fix droids and do various things around the base.

“It’s nice to know more than one thing, you never know when someone’s not going to come back from a mission.”

“You mean the pilots?” He asked looking over at the X-Wings.

You nodded. “And the command people who go along to make sure things run smoothly, medics if they’re given the opportunity. Not everyone likes staying on a base their entire lives, they like to travel, but sometimes First Order tie fighters come along and take them away from us.”

“Sounds bad.”

“Can be!” you push a droid into his arms. “Hold him still.” Finn grabbed the robot’s sides as you twisted a screwdriver into its center, turning the voice activation understanding back up. “There you are, have fun, play nice, and please don’t give BB-8 any more trouble, he always complains to me and then I have to deal with Poe running around trying to figure out who upset his droid. Man loves his droid and X-Wing more than people.”

Finn laughed. “Yeah, but he’s a great pilot and a great friends.”

“I know he’s a good pilot, best we have. As for friends, I wouldn’t know, unless BB-8 is in here, we don’t talk. But, I don’t want to talk about him, you’re here, I want to talk about you. You’re my friend.”

Finn’s eyes lit up a tad. “You think of me as a friend?”

You dropped your tools on your work table and glared hard at Finn. “Obviously? Why else would we follow each other around, help each other out, defend each other. That’s what friends do, that’s what they’re for.”

He nodded. “I’m really glad I came to the Resistance. Made friends with, Poe, Rey, BB-8, Chewie even though he tried to kill me like eight times.”

A growl outside the door and you grinned. “Chewie says it was only seven, but keep talking about it and he’ll make it eight.”

Finn shook his head and waved Chewie away. “No, I’m good. But i’ve also become friends with you. Thank you for giving me a chance.”

You smiled and sat on his knee, arms around his neck. “That’s what we do here in the resistance, we’re a friendly bunch, give people chances, we give people hope. That’s what we do.”

Finn held you close. “That’s what friends are for.”

Then you noticed what he was wearing and quite frankly you should’ve noticed it months ago when you first saw him wear it. “Is that Poe’s jacket?”

Finn smirked. “Yeah, we crashed, thought he was did, I took his jacket. Tried to give it back but he told me to keep it.”

“Good.” You kissed his cheek. “It looks good on you.”

alright, here’s what my hc for the post-canon barian mansion looks like

it’s actually the kamishiro mansion which means all the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor

  • the corner rooms have two windows and are popular for that reason, with shark trying and failing to get one (the barians collectively decided that vector gets to have one (1) room neighbour and the single person who can prevent him from acting out of line is nasch, so that was that)
  • now shark’s stuck next to vector, good job loser
  • durbe was worried and decided to take the room right from shark’s, whether that’s good is up in the air
  • mizael wanted a corner room and got outvoted mercilessly so he decided to be next to durbe since it’s quiet(ish)
  • rio got a corner room by sheer willpower. also to keep alit in check, probably
  • alit and gilag chose to be next to each other and they basically leave one room vacant all the time since they work out together
  • guest rooms are technically for any guests but the corner one is so terribly yuuma inspired it’s obvious he basically is the only one using it. it even has a hammock lol, but they often use the room for (yuuma-suggested) tag duels when the living room is occupied
  • the other guest room is used for IV’s visits (and also Kaito’s, but rarely so); sometimes shark secretly uses it to get a break from vector and also because the bed is bigger

that was that

oh wait this fits with zexalmonth, “wishes that you wanted to happen”

alright there we go

so to ease the pain i’ll be uploading some of my fluffiest stuff on here because we are knee deep in angstville and we need to smile, you can read it on ao3 but i thought if fluff is on everyone’s dash it will be extra fluffy!

So this one is set the day after the famous robron hug (12th January) that made us all melt lol.

‘the research’:

Robert came through the door of the scrap yard, meeting Aaron who seemed particularly unamused by his presence. He was tense, agitated and Robert knew already that it was still about Cain. The day before he had honestly hoped that some of Aaron’s fears for his uncle had been helped, but now seeing the way Aaron seemed to be trying his hardest to burn a hole through the paper with his pen mad him realise it was still there.

"You alright?“ Robert offered anyway, a little smile on his face as he spoke and spirit still there despite the lack of response from Aaron.

"Brew?” Robert tried again, this time a little more forceful and enough to make Aaron actually acknowledge his presence.

Aaron put down the pen in his hand and looked towards Robert, “What are you doing here?” He asked, some aggression in his voice because a part of him wondered if Robert wanted sex. “Look I’m still not that -”

Robert tensed, the thought of Aaron thinking he was that single minded wounded him a bit, “Two sugars, dash of milk?” He said swiftly changing the subject and turning back round to check with Aaron if he was correct.

Aaron frowned, “How do you know that?” He wondered, confused as to how Robert knew exactly how he liked his tea, they were hardly known for their small talk.

Robert folded his arms over and shrugged, “Heard you tell Bob.” He admitted.

Aaron was slightly taken aback at the words, Robert had heard and remembered as if it was something important.

"Stalking me where you?“ Aaron raised an eyebrow in response to Robert’s words, playing cool.

"Maybe…” Robert teased, glad he had been able to lighten the mood a little.

Aaron’s phone began to vibrate and suddenly he was looking down and sighing hard, it instantly worried Robert as he saw Aaron’s face fall slightly.

Robert cleared his throat, “Is - is there any news about Cain?” He asked tentatively.

Aaron lifted his head up and sighed, “No, nothing. Nothing at all.” Aaron lifted a hand up to his head and rubbed at it hard.

Robert could see how tense and scared Aaron still seemed about it all and suddenly he was darting towards his bag without even thinking anything through in his head.

"Er, here.“ Robert pulled out three sheets of paper that had been highlighted all over, bright colours that attracted Aaron’s attention immediately as he watched how awkward Robert seemed because he was planning to cower out of actually giving them to Aaron.

"What’s this?” Aaron asked, taking the papers and then suddenly gasping because they were all about Cain’s condtion, paragraphs upon paragraphs of information that made everything seem clearer to Aaron.

"Robert -“ Aaron didn’t know what he was going to say, and a part of him was thankful when he was cut off by Robert’s waving hand.

"I was just - well ya know I, I thought it could help put things into perspective but if it’s too much then, then I’ll take it -”

Aaron looked up at Robert, eyes wide and mouth open because he had ended seen Robert like this before, flustered and unsure of how to get his words out properly.

"No.“ Aaron said quickly, "No I -” his eyes fell onto a highlighted section, points talking about aftercare and the steps to recovery, “Thanks.” He let out, avoiding Robert’s eyes because he knew if he looked a little longer he would say something that would scare him off.

Robert cleared his throat, he saw the look on Aaron’s face, he seemed grateful - truly grateful. “Yeah well, it was no problem - took minutes.”

You mean hours, finding the right website that wouldn’t scare the hell out of Aaron too much?

Aaron nodded, “Yeah but you didn’t need to do it for me.” He pointed out, almost stretching out the kind gesture and making Robert squirm.

Robert shrugged his shoulders, “I know I didn’t but, I mean well yeah I did 'cos you know … I don’t like seeing ya worried, it’s not nice.” He mumbled out, too honestly, too awkwardly as if he was finally speaking to his crush for the first time.

Aaron flickered his eyes for a minute, “I’m glad you did though, you’re not all bad after all.” He added with a small smile on his face.

Robert rolled his eyes and sighed, “Yeah don’t tell anyone though.” He muttered out, moving towards the door and then being pulled back by Aaron unexpectedly who was pushing him against the wall and kissing him softly. “You can be amazing you know…” He whispered, low and honest and enough to make Robert question what he meant.

Did Aaron mean that sometimes he could be amazing like now, or did he mean Robert had the potential to be amazing, that Aaron saw amazingness in Robert?

The questions fell to the back of his mind as he kissed Aaron back, hard and fast and then suddenly it stopped as Aaron grabbed at Robert’s jacket and pulled him into this fierce hug, a hug that said ’hold me, just you, only you can hold me’ and Robert found himself obliging without a second thought, no where near as awkward and unexpected as their hug the day before.


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I love your blog, I love you. Also, can you do a kaisoo spam please-- <3

Another Kaisoo spam? this will be my second today, but of course I will i love you too.

D.O talking about Kai

even when hes not supposed to talk about Kai

Kai doesn’t forget to mention his fav hyung

Choosing each other 

Whos your favorite, D.O?

What about you, Kai?

Bullshit. Who do you really choose?

lol fuck off Chanyeol u aint Kai

the way D.O clings to him im dead

Checking eachother out



Interview kaisoo is the best like 

Alright I hope you enjoyed this spam! SOrry if it took a while some gifs are hard to find.