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lazy morning shawn ft. morning voice and fluffy hair and no shirt and morning breath and "I don't give a shit about morning breath" and wrapping his strong arms around your waist and saying "c'mere" oh boy

a/n: these two kinda go together so imma just combine them.

“M’ trying to sleep.” Shawn stops his kiss-assault on you and instead licks your cheek. “Ew! I was peacefully resting until you had to go and ruin it.” Shawn just smiles at you and leans in again, but you push his head away. “I’ve got bad morning breath.” 

“Don’t care,” he tells you, voice raspy and rough as he grips your jaw and plants one on you. Your tongues tangle briefly, but then you break away to check the clock because it’s light outside and it shouldn’t be; you set your alarm for seven thirty. It’s not supposed to be light at seven thirty. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you mutter, seeing that it’s already eight fifteen and you’re going to be so, so late. But Shawn’s arms are wrapped so tightly around your waist and he’s making it clear that he doesn’t want you to leave the bed. “We have to go, come on.”

“Why are you lying to me?” Shawn whines in your ear, pulling you in by the hips so your back is flush against his chest. “We don’t have to get up. Stop telling fibs.” 

“You’re literally three years old,” you laugh. “And I’m not lying– we have to be at the place in half an hour. We’ll be late even if we get going now.” 

“Right! So we’ll just skip it, have a stay-at-home, Shawn-Y/n type of day. Sounds good to me,” he suggests happily. His face is burrowed into the crook of your shoulder and your neck, right where he can always smell that green apple shampoo the best. 

He waits for you to protest his ingenious plan, but gets nothing. “Alright, then. I’ll just go call us in sick.” 

lol this one sucks sorry

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can i get a scenario with yuta when he's going to make out with the reader for the first time and she's kinda afraid and doesn't know anything bc she's virgin -,- but ending up doing it together lol ahhh i really wonder his reaciton it would be kinda funny or maybe he would show his daddy side?? i'm not sure but thanks ^^

We do have a first time Yuta smut already by the way.

Originally posted by chocosicheng

Anywho, I think he’d be very careful and gentle.
He’d be very attentive, using a few plush pillows to prop under your back as to make sure you’re comfortable, always asking if it’s alright, if you like it, etc…
It’d be one of those things that’s more about you than himself.
He’d know the sensation is uncomfortable and the stress of it builds a pressure on you. He would do his best to guide you through it, trying his best to alleviate any anxiety or worries you had.
Also, I think the sex would last a long time…. 
His strategy was probably to stay inside you, letting you adjust to the sensation. He figures the longer he’s in you the more you’ll adjust. Because honestly he wants the both of you to have a good time- so he’d stay still in you for a long while, murmuring to you and littering kisses across your face and chest. After 10 minutes he might move on to rocking his hips a bit, making sure to give shallow thrusts. He’d basically alternate between this and that until he feels everything is right and he can ‘get started’
By ‘get started’ I mean you know whut. [I just thot of it so I’m adding it- but dude he would come prepared with the lube!!!]
I don’t think he’d stay in one position for very long, rolling from being on top of you to beneath you.
He’d keep it sensual and meaningful, but once he has a taste of his release [not literally], I can see him losing a bit of control, bucking his hips roughly or biting your shoulder painfully.
I don’t think he has a daddy kink, but I do think he likes to be in control. He’s very teasing as well and enjoys punishment, but I think he’d reserve his freakydeaky side for another time… not your first time.

"When the kissing sound doesn't come out..."
Kaji Yuki, Nishiyama Koutarou, Maeno Tomoaki
"When the kissing sound doesn't come out..."

Kaji’s “unrelatable embarrassing experience”

(from Kiznaiver “KizRaji” public recording, morning part)

In this corner titled “Reach for Your Goal, Kiznaiver of Solitude! ‘Only One’ Championship Match,” each seiyuu needs to share an embarrassing experience that the audience should find hard to relate. After each seiyuu’s story, the audience will indicate that they can relate by applauding, and the seiyuu who gets the least applause wins.

Kaji volunteered to go first, and here’s how it went…

Nishiyama: Now, let’s listen to Kaji-san’s embarrassing story. Please go ahead.

*stereotypical gentle music for storytelling starts playing*

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: Pfft! It’s not like I’m gonna tell something nice, what’s up with this music? *switches to a storytelling tone* It all happened –

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: – in the summer of last year. I went to the recording studio as usual. But my job that day was neither anime recording nor movie dubbing, which I get to work with other people; it was a game recording. I was all by myself for half of the day. As for the game, it was the type of female-oriented game that we call otome game. In the last scene of the game, I needed to say a lot of sweet lines, and, you know, insert some *chu~(kissing)* sounds…

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: But, maybe because I was nervous or not used to saying those lines, I kept stumbling over my words, especially at the important places. I ended up saying “I like yo– *stumbles*” And after that, the “lip sound” I was supposed to make turned out to be something like, like, “bu”…

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: Sometimes my kissing sound just doesn’t come out properly… And I guess that would be my embarrassing moment. Bye-bye~

*laughs from the audience* *music ends*

Nishiyama: Thank you very much!

Kaji: That music was totally unexpected!

Nishiyama: I know.

Kaji: That was an embarrassing background music.

Nishiyama: And you are the first one to go…

Kaji: But (messing up on kissing sounds) itself is really embarrassing.

Nishiyama: I understand.

Maeno: I know I know.

Kaji: I guess every male seiyuu understands how that feels.

Nishiyama: When the kissing sound doesn’t come out, it really is…

Kaji: It’s weird… Like when (your lips) are dry… You have to make them moist enough…

Maeno: We usually don’t make that kind of sound in the first place.

Kaji: Exactly! *lol* We don’t do that kind of stuff usually!

Maeno: We don’t go “chu~chu~” like that.

Nishiyama: We don’t go “chu~chu~”…

Kaji: Although it’s embarrassing, we still do it. It’s like, “Can I go now? Muah!~”

*everyone laughs*

Nishiyama: *laughing* Yes yes.

Kaji: That sort of thing feels really embarrassing.

Maeno: *lol* Should I say what you just did is a little weird…

Kaji: Plus the fact that the staff is watching you from the other side of the glass… It’s even worse if you use the dummy head mic…

Maeno: I know right!

Kaji: Imagine saying and doing that sort of stuff to such a coarse face… It’s quite a scary scene. It’s just really embarrassing.

Nishiyama: It really is.

PS: Kaji was one of the winners for this contest(?)… The most enthusiastic applause he received was from Maeno lol.

so to ease the pain i’ll be uploading some of my fluffiest stuff on here because we are knee deep in angstville and we need to smile, you can read it on ao3 but i thought if fluff is on everyone’s dash it will be extra fluffy!

So this one is set the day after the famous robron hug (12th January) that made us all melt lol.

‘the research’:

Robert came through the door of the scrap yard, meeting Aaron who seemed particularly unamused by his presence. He was tense, agitated and Robert knew already that it was still about Cain. The day before he had honestly hoped that some of Aaron’s fears for his uncle had been helped, but now seeing the way Aaron seemed to be trying his hardest to burn a hole through the paper with his pen mad him realise it was still there.

"You alright?“ Robert offered anyway, a little smile on his face as he spoke and spirit still there despite the lack of response from Aaron.

"Brew?” Robert tried again, this time a little more forceful and enough to make Aaron actually acknowledge his presence.

Aaron put down the pen in his hand and looked towards Robert, “What are you doing here?” He asked, some aggression in his voice because a part of him wondered if Robert wanted sex. “Look I’m still not that -”

Robert tensed, the thought of Aaron thinking he was that single minded wounded him a bit, “Two sugars, dash of milk?” He said swiftly changing the subject and turning back round to check with Aaron if he was correct.

Aaron frowned, “How do you know that?” He wondered, confused as to how Robert knew exactly how he liked his tea, they were hardly known for their small talk.

Robert folded his arms over and shrugged, “Heard you tell Bob.” He admitted.

Aaron was slightly taken aback at the words, Robert had heard and remembered as if it was something important.

"Stalking me where you?“ Aaron raised an eyebrow in response to Robert’s words, playing cool.

"Maybe…” Robert teased, glad he had been able to lighten the mood a little.

Aaron’s phone began to vibrate and suddenly he was looking down and sighing hard, it instantly worried Robert as he saw Aaron’s face fall slightly.

Robert cleared his throat, “Is - is there any news about Cain?” He asked tentatively.

Aaron lifted his head up and sighed, “No, nothing. Nothing at all.” Aaron lifted a hand up to his head and rubbed at it hard.

Robert could see how tense and scared Aaron still seemed about it all and suddenly he was darting towards his bag without even thinking anything through in his head.

"Er, here.“ Robert pulled out three sheets of paper that had been highlighted all over, bright colours that attracted Aaron’s attention immediately as he watched how awkward Robert seemed because he was planning to cower out of actually giving them to Aaron.

"What’s this?” Aaron asked, taking the papers and then suddenly gasping because they were all about Cain’s condtion, paragraphs upon paragraphs of information that made everything seem clearer to Aaron.

"Robert -“ Aaron didn’t know what he was going to say, and a part of him was thankful when he was cut off by Robert’s waving hand.

"I was just - well ya know I, I thought it could help put things into perspective but if it’s too much then, then I’ll take it -”

Aaron looked up at Robert, eyes wide and mouth open because he had ended seen Robert like this before, flustered and unsure of how to get his words out properly.

"No.“ Aaron said quickly, "No I -” his eyes fell onto a highlighted section, points talking about aftercare and the steps to recovery, “Thanks.” He let out, avoiding Robert’s eyes because he knew if he looked a little longer he would say something that would scare him off.

Robert cleared his throat, he saw the look on Aaron’s face, he seemed grateful - truly grateful. “Yeah well, it was no problem - took minutes.”

You mean hours, finding the right website that wouldn’t scare the hell out of Aaron too much?

Aaron nodded, “Yeah but you didn’t need to do it for me.” He pointed out, almost stretching out the kind gesture and making Robert squirm.

Robert shrugged his shoulders, “I know I didn’t but, I mean well yeah I did 'cos you know … I don’t like seeing ya worried, it’s not nice.” He mumbled out, too honestly, too awkwardly as if he was finally speaking to his crush for the first time.

Aaron flickered his eyes for a minute, “I’m glad you did though, you’re not all bad after all.” He added with a small smile on his face.

Robert rolled his eyes and sighed, “Yeah don’t tell anyone though.” He muttered out, moving towards the door and then being pulled back by Aaron unexpectedly who was pushing him against the wall and kissing him softly. “You can be amazing you know…” He whispered, low and honest and enough to make Robert question what he meant.

Did Aaron mean that sometimes he could be amazing like now, or did he mean Robert had the potential to be amazing, that Aaron saw amazingness in Robert?

The questions fell to the back of his mind as he kissed Aaron back, hard and fast and then suddenly it stopped as Aaron grabbed at Robert’s jacket and pulled him into this fierce hug, a hug that said ’hold me, just you, only you can hold me’ and Robert found himself obliging without a second thought, no where near as awkward and unexpected as their hug the day before.


Back And Forth

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Hi! I LOVE your blog btw!! And I was wondering if you could do a Peter Pan imagine where Pan has been watching the reader for a while and finally takes her to Neverland but then she gets hurt and the only way to save her is to take her back home? (You can change anything about it if you want to do it)

Warning/s: mentions of blood disorders, not so happy ending, Pan is not mean here :3


Summary: you’re sick and you need to go back home

Character: Peter Pan

Peter watched the girl as she stayed in bed all day while all her other siblings went to school. She was in bed all day, looking like a living corpse. Peter has been watching this girl for a long time now. Seeing that she doesn’t look very happy with her life at home, he planned on taking her to Neverland. A place where there are lots and lots of adventures. Surely no one will get bored there. That’s why he will take the girl to Neverland while everyone was asleep, even the girl. So she’ll wake up in the beauty of Neverland.

When the right time came, Peter entered her room through the window, silently walking over to her bed. He scooped her body up and flew away to Neverland.

I woke up with the same feeling of light headedness. I looked around feeling confused as to why I wasn’t in my bed when I saw a boy looking at me with a smile.

“Hello there! I’m Peter.” He greeted.

“Hi Peter. I’m Y/N. Can I ask.. Where are we?” I asked the boy.

“Oh..We’re in Neverland!” he cheered while standing up and pointing around us.

“Neverland? Why am I here?” I asked. He sat down beside me and sighed.

“I’ve been watching you back at your home and I saw that you weren’t having fun, staying in bed all day. So I decided to take you here! Come on! I’ll show you around!” he grabbed my hand before I can even complain. I felt a little dizzy while I was running with him but ignored it and continued running with Peter.

Peter showed me the mermaids, the fairies, the Indians and he even let me play with the lost boys. In short, I had fun. My parents would never let me play with my siblings. They won’t even let me out of my room. They will always say that it’s for the better and I understand that so I just followed their orders.

I’ve been in Neverland for a while and it was fun. Though there are times when I get so exhausted and Peter would take us on a break and we’ll just relax. Peter was so excited when we’ll go on different adventures so that’s why I can’t tell him about my situation. I can’t just take away his happiness. But I’m feeling worse each and every day and I think it’s time to tell Peter the truth.

“Y/N! Come on! Let’s go see the mermaids!” Peter yelled running over to me and grabbing my hand. I stayed in my position and grabbed my hand back, making him stop and look at me weirdly.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Peter, I need to tell you something.” I stated quietly.

“Don’t you like mermaids?” his eyebrows shot up.

“No, no. I love the mermaids but..” I started.

“So let’s go!” he cut me off.

“No! Peter, listen.” I stopped him. He looked at me, motioning for me to continue.

“I think I need to go back home.” I whispered. Peter looked at me in shock and frowned.

“Don’t you like it here? Did, did I do something wrong?” he stuttered.

“No, no!” I exclaimed.

“It’s just that.. You said you took me here because I was always in my room, lying in bed, right?” I asked. He nodded.

“There’s a reason to that” I reasoned.

“Which is?” he asked.

“You see, I have this blood disorder called Anemia. It’s the reason why I get tired so fast. It’s also the reason why I was always in my bed. My parents were planning on taking me to the doctors but then..” I trailed off.

“I brought you here” he finished. I nodded and smiled sadly at him.

“Very well then. I’ll take you back now.” He faked a smile and took my hand.

“Peter, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” I whispered.

“It’s alright. We’ll see each other again.” He smiled.

“How?” I asked.

“When you’re all better and ready to go back here, just call for me and I’ll be on my way.” He smiled and flew the both of us back to my bedroom.


Note: hey! Thanks for the request! I changed it up a bit. Lol I still hope you liked it!

Next week and so will be hectic for me so fck

Requests are still OPEN tho

Another drawing that I forgot about…. need to do better… Anyway, did a three marker challenge ft. Guts and Casca from Berserk. I was going to draw one of my ocs but these two came to mind and I went with them instead.

The colors I used were Process Red, Pink and Blush Pink. Yeah… a lot of pink lol. I hope you like and did Guts justice… I think he looks alright.

Video under the read more.

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can you do one where eric likes a girl but he finds out that she's like completely colour blind? thanks!

This ask has been in my inbox for a while lol sorry it took so long!


You’d never really been a fan of class trips, all the chaos and disorder seemed to amplify the rowdiness of your classmates. However, a trip to the zoo was one you looked forward to. Being able to see exotic animals like lions and tigers was something you’d always wanted to do.

“Alright kids, we’re going to allow you to explore the zoo but we need everyone to stay together. We’re going to use the buddy system so listen when your name is called!” one of the chaperones yells over the group, somewhat working to quiet down the students.

You tune out, glancing over at the bear enclosure. The grizzly is dozing, settling down and yawning. It was strange to know that this lazy looking animal had the potential to rip anyone apart.

“…and Eric, you’re with Y/N,” the teacher’s shrill voice shatters your thoughts, and you meet eyes with a somewhat shorter skinny boy. He looks bored, hands in his pockets and tight lipped. He approaches you slowly, looking past you at the bear.

“I guess we’re buddies,” he says, eyes unmoving from the animal below. You feel a slight prickle of irritation, you didn’t like how closed off this boy was.

“Guess so,” you respond, equally indifferent. He examines your face for a couple seconds before walking past you.

“C'mon we’re going to the lions,” he calls over his shoulder, and you can feel the heat rise to your face. You never liked being bossed around, but unfortunately you didn’t have a choice but to follow him.

It didn’t take long to reach the enclosure, but when you arrived the lions were sitting with their backs to the glass. You could see the annoyed look on Eric’s face before he tapped the glass quite loudly, gaining s lion’s attention.

“Hey, what the hell? Don’t do that. How would you like it if someone did that with you?” you glare at him. He squints at you out of the corner of his eye.

“I wouldn’t feel anything. It doesn’t matter,” he speaks slowly, the demeaning tone grating on your nerves. To cool down you jerk your head in the direction of the tigers, silently telling him to follow.

You approach the glass, staring up at the majestic cat before you. It notices your presence, padding up to where you are and looking down at you. The strangely private moment is cut short by Eric tapping the glass for the second time, causing the tiger to growl and snarl. Eric looks boringly at the animal before turning to you expectantly.

“Can we go yet? I want to see the alligators,” he deadpans. You can practically feel the hairs on your neck bristle.

Before you can throw a retort he’s already halfway through the crowd, causing you to huff and run after him. You find him staring down at the alligators, looking slightly more interested than he did previously.

“Hey, what’s your problem? I’ve been trying to enjoy the zoo but you’re acting like a selfish child,” you angrily state after catching your breath. He ignores you, walking forward to look at more reptiles.

“Hey! Stop being so damn immature! I didn’t choose you to be my buddy so man the hell up and just walk around and not talk to me like a normal person!” at these words he halts, before spinning on his heel and charging at you. He stops just inches from you, scowling.

“You’re the one with the problem. Just because you’re popular means that we have to do everything you want? Well no. Sorry, sweetheart,” he spits at you. You see red.

“Is that what this is about? I don’t care about something as shallow as being popular in school. I came here to be able to enjoy the zoo but you’ve just ruined it. Fuck you!” you get in his face, surprising him and making him flinch. You brush past him and practically sprint away, looking for a place to cool down.

The one place that seems the most serene is the bird enclosure, and before you know it your head is clear once more. The songs around you flow beautifully, and you’re awed by the graceful flying. You only wished that you could fully enjoy the surroundings, after reading about how brightly colored they were.

You sit down on a bench, sadly staring down at your shoes. You wish you’d just sucked it up and not blown up on Eric, because now you were alone and reminded of one of your biggest insecurities.

You don’t notice him sitting next to you until he speaks.

“Hey,” he starts softly. You jolt up to see Eric. Instead of the standoffish boy you’d been walking around with before, his features were softened and you could see the regret on his face.

“I’m sorry for being such a dick. Those white caps have been messing with me all day and I just took my anger out on you because you’re friends with them. It was unfair and you didn’t deserve it,” he lets his gaze fall, and you can see his shoulders slump forward. You place your hand on his shoulder.

“It’s all right. I could’ve handled it differently too and I said some things that were out of line. I’m sorry too,” you sympathetically sigh. He runs a hand through his hair, looking up and seemingly noticing the birds for the first time.

“Wow,” he gasps, watching the birds as they move across the ceiling. You see the grey shapes move as well, wishing you could share in Eric’s awe.

“Are they colorful?” you almost whisper. The confusion is all over his face.

“What? Yeah. Why do you ask?” he asks suspiciously, looking unsure. You avoid his gaze and fiddle with your hands in your lap.

“I’m colorblind,” you say point-blank, and he stares dumbly at you. You shrink even further into yourself.

“Oh. Well, yeah. They’re real pretty,” he says, looking directly at you. Your longing to see what everyone else does builds up in your chest until it feels almost suffocating.

“Can you…describe them to me?” you ask, forcing yourself to make eye contact through your embarrassment. You’re certain that your face is red, and you’re shocked when you notice a tinge of pink on his cheeks as well.

“Uh, well, they’re…red and green and blue, and all sorts of colors. They’re kind of like rockets, or fireworks when they fly. The red ones remind me of when you eat spicy foods, and the heat hits you for the first time. It’s that bright, in-your-face kind’ve thing that hits you head on,” as he begins his descriptions shakily, he finds his approach and you close your eyes and try to imagine how they look.

“The blue ones remind me of closing your eyes when you’re really tired. It’s a welcome contrast from the other bright ones, and the strain melts away. It’s cooling and serene,” he freezes when you rest your head on his shoulder. You can’t help but feel pulled to the real Eric, who’s kind enough to explain how colors look. Not the steeled, chip on his shoulder persona you met before. You’ve never had someone explain them the way he had and you couldn’t think of a better way for him to truly apologize.

“Thank you Eric,” you murmur, eyes still closed. There’s a beat of silence as he wraps his arm around you tentatively.

“It’s the least I could do,” you can’t see it, but he smiles down at you and watches your peaceful face.

It felt crazy to be leaning up against a boy you’d hated just minutes ago, so you chalk it up to the blissful bird songs around you and decide to figure everything out later. For now, you just want to enjoy the moment you’re in.

my star unknown / north

Scars and shooting stars.

pairing: shin hoseok/reader

genre: mystery with hints of angst

word count: 4.196

author’s note: this is a pirate and soulmate au!

warnings: blood and mentions of violence and the slight shine forever and from zero references

15° 16’ 3.82’’ N

16° 25’ 7.15’’ W

You couldn’t stop staring at it. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of it. You couldn’t falter your gaze from it.

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(But when the night of the village was attacked, Saku-chan said [ I come to get you/pick you up. ] -)
(Did he actually come to kill me?)

@akanojikan @otomelin @nikkihime @otomesanada and tells me in the comments if anyone wants to be tagged later~

CR Fujibayashi Genya x Hattori Hanzo Highlight

02: Ninjutsu Training

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ALRIGHT I GOT AN IDEA AFTER I READ YOUR GHOST S/O POST. Like since the s/o is a ghost she doesn't have to sleep. But Fell does. Even though it's not a lot he still needs rest. BUT what if Fell finally crashed (because that boy works too hard oml) and someone out to kill him (because i feel like he'd have at least ONE hit out on him lol) managed to dodge his traps and get into the house. The s/o KNOWS when someone is in her house. So she uses her ghost powers to silently follow them. (1/?)

Dude omg Fell would probably pretend that never happened and recalibrate his traps. His traps are impenetrable, how could an enemy get past them?! His pride is pretty wounded lol. He thanks his S/O though and wonders how to take them out of the house so he could bring them along to battles. 

  • Antis : This ending was such bullshit !!! Ichihime totally came out of nowhere !!
  • Antis : I mean sure Orihime was in love with ichigo for 686 chapters
  • Antis : and sure Ichigo made a solemn promise to protect her and only her
  • Antis : and sure he came back from the dead to the sound of her voice
  • Antis : and while he was a full hollow the only thing human remaining about him was his need to protect orihime
  • Antis : and sure he's always been gentle and kind with her and he protected her throughout all bleach
  • Antis : and sure it was shown that he was attracted to her and blushed at her for 5 straight pages
  • Antis : and sure they went from vague acquaintances to close knit nakamas during the course of bleach
  • Antis : and sure orihime has always affected him differently from his other nakamas . And he was unable to fight when he thought she was scared of his hollow form
  • Antis : and sure he totally got back on his feet as soon as he heard her words of encouragement
  • Antis : And sure he did came back at her after defeating grimmjow with his heart in his eyes so grateful she accepted him and cared for him despite his hollow
  • Antis : And sure almost every single one of ichigo's enemy targeted orihime to taunt him
  • Antis : And sure we know for a fact that Orihime's mere presence makes him stronger
  • Antis : And sure we know that orihime was able to get out of her childhood traumas and the depression that ensued because of ichigo
  • Antis : and sure her love for ichigo made her train relentlessly until she was strong enough to protect him
  • Antis : And sure they were shown being teasing and affectionate with each other at the beginning of the 1000 year blood war arc when she brought him the breads
  • Antis : And sure we knew that chad didn't want to tell ichigo tsukishima attacked orihime because he would totally loose his shit
  • Antis : and sure he did totally lose his shit
  • Antis : and sure one of the most significant character development ichigo had was him asking orihime to fight alongside him when usually he would ask his nakamas to stay on the side while he would protect them all
  • Antis : and sure they made a perfect tag team against Ywach completely in sync and able to understand each other with a simple glance
  • Antis : and sure he took the time to reassure her at least 3 times in this final arc adding to the countless other times in the manga
  • Antis : and sure they have the same views on life and happiness and parenting and all they both want is to lead a tranquil life among their loved ones in their hometown
  • Antis : and sure they were always here for the other at all their difficult times and orihime was there at every step of ichigo's struggle with his hollowification
  • Antis : And sure in the last fight against Ywach the first thing ichigo did when he used all his powers combined was to reassure he was still in control to make sure she didn't relive the trauma of the lust arc
  • Antis : and sure after every single one of his big fight ichigo would go at orihime with puppy eyes asking her if she's alright
  • Antis : but it wasn't like it was ROMANTIC . sMH No development . Ichihime really came out of nowhere
Soul Contract Event Q&A Translation

Hi there, Soul Contract fandom! I’ve been lurking around here for a while and I’ve seen such great energy and passion, so I wanted to contribute to this tiny but lovely fandom myself by offering a translation of the in-character Q&A section from the fan event! I don’t think I’ve seen this particular section of the event get translated, so I figured I’d try my best at it. (As for the other parts of the event, spideronthewindow did a spectacular job subbing them previously – thank you so much!)

The Q&A video is here if you’d like to follow along; translation is under the cut!

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Feel better soon bb

I know that meanspo works better on you but I feel like you could use some sweetspo. It’s okay love, you’re gonna be alright! People are stressful but you have a loving boyfriend, even though he’s annoying you right now lol. But you two are so cute and you should do this for him. Live life and lose weight for him. He’s one of the biggest reasons you’re alive. Secondly, you’ve lost a lot of weight. I know it feels like it sucks but you’ve lost so much already, just keep swimming. You’re thinner now, not in the 200s and that’s great. You’re becoming more beautiful by the minute and I’m so proud of you. You’ve been so good recently and I just wanted to tell you this bb. You’re such a good friend I’m so glad to have you in my life so yeah! I hope you cheer up love 💖

Seventeen’s reaction to you being tall/taller than them

Thanks @fandomsunited13 for your request. We really do hope you and everyone else enjoys this!


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you are a dancing queen, young and sweet only 17

Okay, so I don’t think S.Coups would mind at all? He’d just be like oh yeah alright this is fine, he wouldn’t have any worries or whatever about looking small next to you, he’d actually quite enjoy it and use you whenever he’s too lazy to get something down from somewhere


I see him as someone who’s quite vain and really cares about what other people think about him, so at first he’d probably have some doubts and worries. He might think being the small one makes him look unmanly or smth (which is completely not tru lol) but he’d get over it with time and show everyone just how much he adores you just the way you are and that he doesn’t actually give a shit about what anyone thinks.

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Shua my sweetie, honestly he’d love you no matter what and it wouldn’t matter to him what you look like or how tall you are, he’d just be a big ball of fluff once he found the woman he enjoys spending time with!!!

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Jun… my guy… my pal…. I feel like since he often kind of swerves from what the Korean beauty standard is in his ideal type descriptions, he’d be like S.Coups and not give a shit. Maybe he’d even prefer it over a small woman! Tall (for me at least lol) is sexy and he’s often said, he prefers sexy women.

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Okay, so Hoshi would be your Hype Man #1 and probably tell you every day to become a model, because you’re so tall and whenever you get insecure about it he’d be like nO NONONONO NO don’t YOU DARE and would just tell you how amazing you look in everything and how being tall is so amazing and honestly aw he’d be so sweet aw aw aw

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Wonwoo is pretty tall himself, so he’d probably prefer taller women (pretty sure he said that somewhere also). He’d be so relieved that he wouldn’t have to hurt his back to bow down and kiss you and so he’d do it even more often ;)))))))

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I mean he is pretty smol and I do think he knows that since the members probably tease him about it all the time lol so he would mind at the beginning, but quickly see the pros to dating a tall person like …… . ..  no more struggling to reach things… …  using u as a shield…. .….  life would be amazing for this guy, until you use him as a crutch lol

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HONESTLY he’d probably just force you to sing 1cm/Taller Than You by Mamamoo with him 24/7 and otherwise it would not impact your life together at all

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Would LOVE IT because of all the same reasons as Wonwoo, because he’s a fucking TREE PERSON. You probably can’t even be taller than him like is there anyone on this earth that is taller than Mingyu ?? Right, didn’t think so. So he’d still make jokes about you being small even if you’re just a few cm smaller than him

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Minghao my sweet child, he’d brag about it and tell everyone how pretty you look in certain clothes that show off how tall you are and your legs and everything. He’d do it like lowkey and super subtle, but in like every sentence and to everyone he talks to.

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(imagine you being dino, except you’d be taller)


Seungkwan would probably be like a mix betweeen Minghao and Hoshi, he’d totally brag about you but always have this mix of subtlety and being very upfront about it. He’d also like to do it while you’re around just to see you blush lol what a cutie 

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Would probably want piggy back rides 24/7 like whenever he gets sick of walking he’d just be like “carry me pls im… dying……” and be super dramatic about it and probably faint but other than that he’d be super chill about it he’s a chill dude we all know that

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Dino is pretty tall right ???? Isn’t he ???? So he’d be alright with it obviously, he’d just ~love you the way you are~ no matter how tall you are or whatever, I feel like he’s a person that cares a lot more about personality that about looks

ALrighT so there’s that! Hope you enjoyed it and if not plz leave a message and tell us thxxxxx (also sorry for it being quite late)

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rfa+v+saeran reactions if their beloved rika is trying to kill their mc?

hoh boy

warning: smol amounts of blood? its like super smol tho


  • Yoosung stops by MC’s place one day to surprise them with a pizza lunch!
  • knock knock knock
  • no answer
  • “MC? It’s me, Yoosung! I brought you lunch!”
  • no answer
  • “MC…?”
  • Yoosung turns the door handle and pushes, finding it was unlocked
  • he enters the apartment, setting the pizza box on the coffee table
  • he calls for MC again, looking around a bit
  • maybe MC is out…? but then, why would the door be unlocked?
  • he notices the window is open, too, and closes it
  • the last place Yoosung checks is the bathroom
  • upon opening the door, Yoosung finds an unconscious MC on the bathroom floor
  • there’s blood on the edge of the sink, and a sizable cut on MC’s forehead that’s still bleeding
  • “oh my god!”
  • Yoosung grabs the nearest towel and presses it to the cut, using his other hand to cradle their head
  • tears start to stream down his face as he stares at MC’s pale expression
  • he’s shaking
  • please wake up please wake up please wake up
  • Yoosung leans down and kisses MC gently
  • when he pulls away, their eyes slowly flutter open
  • Yoosung wants to shout for joy and has a million questions running through his mind, but knows he has to be calm right now.
  • “MC…what happened?”
  • a tear falls from his face and lands on MC’s cheek
  • “R….Rika….”
  • Yoosung stops breathing for a moment
  • Rika?
  • did he just hear that right?
  • how is that possible?
  • this cant be happening
  • Yoosung just finished burring his Rika-demons for good, thanks to MC
  • but now…Rika is alive?
  • and she hurt MC
  • “We have to go to the hospital”
  • Yoosung carries MC to the car
  • on the drive there his mind is full of questions this poor boys head is a jumbled confused mess right now
  • Yoosung used to depended on Rika for so much
  • he idolized her
  • but if what MC says is true…that Rika hurt them..
  • then that’s all over
  • Yoosung is stonger now
  • he has to protect MC from anything and anyone, no matter who they are
  • or who they used to be
  • Yoosung used to wish Rika was still alive
  • but now the only person that matters to him is MC
  • Yoosung will literally kill lol if rika wasnt dead b4 she gon b dead now


  • Zen stops by MC’s apartment before rehearsal that day
  • as he approaches the door, he hears crashing sounds come from inside
  • and MC screaming
  • “Hey! What’s going on in there?!”
  • after about two second’s of getting no answer, Zen literally kicks the door open
  • “Zen! Thank god!”
  • MC’s on their knees in the middle of the room, holding their shoulder with one hand
  • “What happened?! Is your shoulder alright?”
  • “Zen…I was attacked…”
  • “By who?! I swear to god i’ll kill em.”
  • “Um..”
  • “Was it a stranger?! What did they look like?”
  • “Zen…it was Rika”
  • “What the hell…?”
  • Zen staggers backward for a moment
  • but then he looks up again at MC griping their shoulder in pain
  • he thinks about how confused MC must be…someone they thought was dead just broke into their apartment and dislocated their shoulder
  • someone Zen thought was dead
  • Zen kneels down in front of MC, cupping their cheek in his hand
  • “I don’t know whats going on…and im sure you dont either”
  • Zen takes a deep breath
  • “But you’re very important to me, ok? and i’m going to make sure Rika can never hurt you. I promise”
  • “Thank you, Zen”
  • tears are streaming down MC’s pain-twisted face
  • “the Rika I cared about is dead. You’re all that matters to me now, okay?”
  • “Okay”


  • Jaehee is at the office when she gets a call from MC
  • “Hello, MC! Is everything alright?”
  • “no”
  • their voice is shaky
  • “wh…what? whats wrong?”
  • “Jaehee, please listen to me”
  • “MC, im listening. please tell me whats going on”
  • “I think Rika just tried to kill me”
  • “What….?”
  • “Someone just broke into my apartment and tried to attack me. i think it was Rika”
  • “Please stay still. I’m leaving the office right now”
  • on the way over to MC’s apartment Jaehee is flipping out
  • Rika is alive?
  • and broke into MC’s appartment?
  • and tried to hurt them?
  • a drive that should take around 20 minutes ends up being 10
  • Jaehee knocks on the door
  • MC opens the door and squeezes Jaehee in a tight hug
  • “Jaehee, thank you for coming over. im sorry to spring this up on you”
  • “MC… don’t be sorry. you’re the victim, here”
  • “Jaehee…did you know Rika was alive?”
  • “No…”
  •  but Jaehee doesn’t really care at this moment
  • she just wants MC to be safe
  •  “It’s clear that a lot of secrets were kept from us… but maybe you shouldnt stay here anymore, MC”
  •  “but..where can I go?”
  • “Please, come stay with me. I can make sure you’re safe”
  • so MC packs their bags and moves in with Jaehee for safety reasons of course
  •  and when MC isnt looking Jaehee calls V and screams at him for like 10 minutes straight
  •  “Did you know? how could you keep this from us? MC could have been seriously hurt or killed
  • Jaehee bombards V with questions but doesn’t really let him answer
  •  “Well it doesn’t matter now. i’m going to personally see to it that no one can hurt MC. not even Rika


  • it happens on a night MC spends at Jumin’s penthouse
  • MC’s woken up by some crashing sounds coming from downstairs
  • they thought Elizabeth might have knocked something over, so they get up to investigate, careful not to wake Jumin up
  • when MC gets to the down stairs kitchen, they see that it wasnt a Elizabeth who cause those noises, but a person
  • standing in the middle of the room was Rika
  • she looked battered, her long curly hair was tangled and frizzed outward in all directions
  • “Who the hell are you?”
  • Rika snarls at MC, grabbing a large knife off the kitchen counter
  • “JUMIN!”
  • MC runs back upstairs to Jumin
  • Rika chases after them
  • Jumin stands in front of his bedroom when MC runs into his arms, tears streaming down their face
  • seconds later Rika appears at the top of the staircase, but when she sees Jumin with his arms wrapped around MC, she drops the knife and rushes out of the penthouse
  • the sound of the knife hitting the ground takes Jumin’s attention off MC for a second, and he watches Rika vanish from the stairway in a blur
  • was that…?
  • Jumin wants to chase after her, but MC’s shaking brings his concern back to them
  • Jumin stays still, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around MC, softly kissing them on the head
  • “Jumin…what’s going on?”
  • MC can barley choke out the words through their sobs
  • Jumin opens his mouth to answer but
  • he has no idea
  • was that a ghost?
  • can ghosts stab people?
  • “It doesn’t matter. what matters is that you stay by my side from now on. forever. okay?”
  • if that was Rika…
  • why should she try to kill MC?
  • Jumin loved Rika because she seemed to understand him
  • but Rika doesnt matter anymore
  • MC matters
  • and Jumin has to protect them


  • creepy 707′s spying on MC today via CCTV as per usual
  • work is especially boring today
  • so he decides to see what MC is gonna make for lunch instead of just asking them like a normal boy
  • but MC is not making lunch right now
  • right now, MC is having a shouting match with..
  • holy shit
  • is that RIKA?
  • Seven has never driven so fast in his life
  • when he gets there, he finds the lock on the door is broken
  • he quickly pushes it open to see Rika hovering over MC, one hand pinning MC’s arm to the ground and the other hand holding a knife in the air over MC
  • MC’s using their free arm to struggle against Rika’s attack
  • adrenaline takes over Seven’s body and he runs into the room, tackling Rika and tossing her knife across the floor
  • “Rika, what the HELL?!”
  • Rika pushes Seven off of her and bolts out the door
  • Seven hold his head with his hands and sits on the ground
  • it feels like his brain is short circuiting
  • rika??? is??? alive?
  • and wants to kill MC
  • oh god, MC!
  • Seven rushes to MC’s side, putting an arm around them
  • “are you okay?! did she hurt you?!”
  • “no….im f-fine”
  • MC’s staring at the floor, but Seven sees a tear roll down their face
  • he pulls MC into his lap, wrapping his arms around them
  • “hey now, it’s okay. i’m here now”
  • “Seven…I…thank you so much. i might have died without you”
  • Seven smiles and kisses MC on the cheek gently
  • “i’m just doing my job at the defender of justice”
  • MC giggles a little, sinking deeper and deeper into Sevens warm embrace
  • Seven tells MC they should stay with him from now on, since he practically lives in a bunker
  • he pushes away all thoughts of confusion
  • he pushes away all thoughts of Rika
  • he has to protect MC from danger, no matter what the danger is
  • he cant afford to be confused right now
  • Rika doesnt matter
  • more than anything, MC matters


  • V receives a call from a frantic, sobbing MC
  • “MC? what’s going on? are you safe?”
  • “i dont think so”
  • so V rushes to MC’s side, wanting to comfort them and ensure their safety
  • he sits down with them on the couch, ready to listen to everything MC has to say
  • “when you’re ready, please tell me happened”
  • MC takes a few more minutes before they’re able to form words
  • “someone broke in, V. and… they were trying to attack me”
  • who could have gotten into the apartment?
  • V moves closer to MC, gently grabbing their hands
  • “was is anyone you know? this apartment is practically intruder-proof”
  • “it…it was Rika”
  • Rika….?
  • why would she hurt MC?
  • why wont she just let him move on?
  • doesnt she know how much this hurts him, too?
  • V feels his stomach twist into knots
  • he feels like vomiting
  • “I know this must be hard for you to hear-”
  • “MC, please. i am not the victim here, you are”
  • V knows the woman he loved is dead
  • he has someone else important to protect now
  • “MC, if it’s alright, i’d like to stay here with you now. i need to make sure you’re safe”
  • V pulls MC close to him
  • “o…okay..”
  • V relaxes a little now, with MC close to him
  • he’ll protect them from anyone
  • even Rika
  • forever


  • just when Saeran thought he had rid his life of all traces of Rika
  • that he had finally moved on to live a normal life with MC
  • she makes a comeback
  • in the worst way possible
  • Saeran always kept a close eye on MC
  • he knows better than anyone how cruel this world can be and wants to protect them as best as he can
  • so, as always, Saeran calls MC in the morning after he wakes up to make sure they slept well, and to see if they’re feeling alright
  • MC is always awake to answer his call
  • but today, there’s no answer
  • he calls again
  • still no answer
  • Saeran starts to get concerned, so he drives to MC’s place
  • he knocks on the door and calls for MC
  • the door swings open almost instantaneously, and MC tackles Saeran in a tight hug
  • “Saeran!”
  • “nice to see you too, haha..is..everything okay?”
  • MC pulls away from him
  • “Saeran, I think Rika just tried to kill me”
  • ?????
  • did he…hear that right?
  • “what?”
  • “she climbed in through the window and attacked me…but she’s kind of bad at fighting. she panicked when you knocked on the door and ran off”
  • “…..what?”
  • “Do you have any idea why Rika would wanna kill me?”
  • “sorry..but…what?!”
  • Saeran’s brain cannot compute anything coming out of MC’s mouth right now
  • they….fought Rika?
  • the dead one?
  • “are…are you hurt?”
  • “only bruised a bit. i was winning before she ran off”
  • “are you sure it was Rika?”
  • “yes”
  • “positve?”
  • “Saeran”
  • “ok, ok. sorry”
  • Saeran decides to stay with MC to keep constant watch over them
  • even though they claim Rika poses no real threat
  • Saeran know’s first hand how dangerous Rika can be
  • and has no intention of letting her get anywhere near MC ever again



headcannon requests?

hey dudes!! i’m corrie and i should really be asleep. it’s nearly 2:00 am here, so i’m sorry if this makes 0 sense. anyways this is james!! i’ve never played james before, so please be nice lol. i thought i’d give him a bit of a twist fc wise ya know? plus taron is perfect and needs to be used 100% more often. enough of me ramblin’ undercut is all the info ya need on this loser. 

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GoT tag game

I was tagged by @the-north-is-ours Thank you for tagging me! :)

Rules: Answer the questions and then tag seven people :)

  • the first character i fell in love with: Arya
  • a character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Jaime, Sansa
  • a character everyone else loves that I don’t: Jon (he’s alright, but quite boring? Though, I’m sure s7 will change that)
  • a character I love that everyone else hates: the one and only - Petyr Bae
  • a character I used to love but don’t any longer: Dany
  • a character I would kiss: Petyr
  • a character I’d slap: Petyr (lol, firstly I would slap him and then kiss him)
  • a character I’d want to be like: I don’t know… maybe Sansa? (I just love how she’s grown into this really strong person)
  • a character who makes me laugh: Bronn, Tyrion, Olenna.. in a twisted way also Ramsay
  • a character i miss: Oberyn
  • a pairing i love: Petyr x Sansa 
  • a pairing i dont like: J*nsa (what a surprise, I know!)

I tag: @onlypetyrbaelish @nedstvrk @petyrbaelish @good-enough-for-me @blueeyesbaelish @dustintheuniverse4 @jjohnlockedd  

Of course, do it only if you want to :) Also, sorry if you’ve been tagged already.

Pairing: Tate Langdon X Reader

Request:  Could you do a Tate imagine were he has a crush on you in high school but you two are complete opposites and he’s really shy around you.

A/N: Okay, so I love me some Tate, but… I’m used to writing the psycho Tate so this one gave me a bit of a challenge, but I finished it! (While at a doctor’s appointment where blood was shed, just to show you my determination and dedication lol) I hope you enjoy! Xx

Part Two

Word Count: 862

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SHINee pair interview

Taemin x Minho - Not less than siblings as a cute younger brother and strict older brother 

Taemin: Minho-kun is always a bright person. For me, among the members he is the one who understands me the most and vice-versa.
Minho: Taemin absolutely listens to whatever I say, he’s a good younger brother. Whenever he’s having a hard time, he doesn’t even say anything selfish and is always considerate (polite) towards us. I think he’s admirable. 

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