he's one of the most courageous and reckless characters

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Hello! Just saw tour MTMTE Sorting Hat post and while I'm not against it at all, I was wondering why you chose to sort Whirl into Griffindor?

Okay so, to be fair, Silver and I were really unsure where to put him. But basically we put him in Gryffindor because -

1) He’s brave definitely, to the point of recklessness and not caring if he endangers himself (and sometimes others).

2) He was in the Wreckers, playing back to him having a lot of courage but also being super dangerous. He loves fighting,

3.) He’s super determined, has a lot of nerve and strength. 

4) He is probably one of the most willful characters in MTMTE, doing whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants. 

5) However, he does have a soft side (albeit one we don’t see often). He does care about the bots he deems his friends and tries to be there for them in his own way. He can be selfish sure (as any of the houses are capable of) but he will try to help out the bots he cares for when he can. 

Sure he might not be the typical Gryffindor. But just like not all Slytherins are evil assholes, not all Gryffindors are heroic nice people. 

I think Whirl is one of those characters that is not so easily defined or sorted and really in the end, would choose what house he’d want, like Harry Potter. And while I think there would be some things he’d dislike about Gryffindor, I also believe he’d be attracted to the overall badassery of Gryffindor.

Plus I feel like he wouldn’t like any of the other houses X’D


Character Development in Tales of Vesperia DOES Exist

When people say that there isn’t any character development in Tales of Vesperia, I really start to wonder if we played the same game. Or if they bothered to finish it. No, the character development may not smack you in the face in the same way as some of the other games where hair gets cut off (TotA) or something similar, but a large part of that is Yuri’s personality. He’s not the typical shounen protagonist who runs around screaming about his ideals. You may have noticed that.

I might get in to some spoilers, so I’m going to put this under a read more. Read at your own discretion. Also, not going to touch on Patty, because most people haven’t played the PS3 version, and it is, therefore, more of a moot point. Also not touching on Alexei, cuz by time I finished writing everything else, I’d already written over 4 single-spaced pages in Word.

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