he's one of the actors that has shown less love for the part

Gil’s Story Is My Nightmare

You know, it normally takes weeks if not months for my feelings to settle on a subject relating to fiction. Like, my first time through, it’ll wash over me, I’ll consider it a while, and then, eventually, I’ll come to a conclusion.

But Gil’s story rubbed me wrong on first run, and I easily figured out why.

Gil’s story is my nightmare as a gay man.

I know I’m not the first to sum it up, but I am SO frustrated and pissed off by this (and Mass Effect Andromeda’s handling of M/M relationships in general), I need to work it out of my system.

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it’s time. for meta. about how Viktor Nikiforov is the Most Transparent™ because I need to establish this.

Y’all have accepted that he’s got an excellent control over his temper. You’ve also accepted Viktor’s pretty good at acting. I agree with both of those things, at least, to an extent. 

In terms of his temper yeah I totally agree. He doesn’t lash out (generally), and his actions, if there are any, are highly restrained in proportion to his anger. That being said, it’s super apparent when Viktor’s annoyed. Like here! Episode four!

Look at him he’s blatantly annoyed. He’s got the fucking shadows over his eyes and everything.

But even after Yuuri turns around, look at his face. This isn’t like a true Cheery Viktor™ face. This is like Viktor pretending to be his normal self, but it’s clearly not working like. At all. And we saw him make the transition to this face. Came with a ding noise and everything. We know this isn’t accurate at all anyway. And I think Yuuri knows too considering his reaction. 

Is that fear or is that fear. (Hint: it’s fear). Like, of course part of this is definitely attributed to Yuuri’s anxiety, of this I have no doubts. But I think if Viktor wasn’t so transparently annoyed in the way he made his entrance, to his not quite genuine face, to his tone of voice, it probably wouldn’t look like this. 

in episode 5 you’ve got more annoyed Viktor, but in this episode he makes no attempt at hiding it, I mean look.


To quote dub Viktor in episode 2: “that’s not a happy face.”

I could get more from that pre-SP hug in particular but you really get my point here. He’s clearly not happy. Very transparent. 

I’m not going to address episode 10 because everyone and their mother has already addressed episode 10. We all know Viktor was Fucking Pissed (insert that one Kirby picture but like. with Viktor).  

Viktor is very transparent in his anger, but it doesn’t stop there. Because Viktor wears his entire heart on his sleeve, and I think he’s aware of this. That’s why, especially for the public, he acts. And here’s where it gets tricky. Because I think Viktor’s a good actor, but only for a specific type of audience: the general public. 

We know that before Yuuri Viktor was depressed, given how he talks about his past and what little we’ve seen from it. He’s described skating as a shackle around his neck, and his life before Yuuri was devoid of “life and love” But there’s visual indicators of this too. Like these brief glimpse of the old Viktor in episode 11.

He’s so sad and miserable I am going to cry Vitya let me hug you. But there’s another reason I showed this. It’s to compare this, with Viktor by himself, to Viktor in front of a crowd.

He’s won the GPF for the fifth time in a row. The crowd is going wild, but look at his face. His smile. We know Viktor. We know what a truly happy Viktor looks like. He’s got a heart shaped smile and his whole body radiates joy, and this isn’t him. That smile isn’t even a real smile. Viktor’s just doing it because it’s expected, and the crowd eats it up, like they eat up the rest of his public persona. But it’s fake. We know he’s not happy and we even know what happy Viktor looks like. It’s so obvious.

“but if it’s so fake, why do they buy it?” Because they don’t know him. And we didn’t either when all of us first watched this episode, so we all bought it. Maybe we, and maybe some of his fans, think something is off, but no one knows him well enough to prove anything. It’s all speculation. All they have (and all we had) is just what Viktor wanted to show us. That’s why it works. He’s a great actor to the public and the like, because the public is never shown anything he doesn’t want them to see. 

But this wouldn’t work on anyone who knows him. Like Yakov. This is where it gets into hc territory, I suppose but I imagine Yakov would notice. He’s been Viktor’s coach for so long, and if you look at the brief glances of younger Viktor to this Viktor, they’re very different. Yakov honestly feels like Viktor’s dad at this point, so he would notice. Maybe he’s even tried to bring it up, but Viktor acts in front of everyone, not just a crowd. “I’m fine, Yakov.” You’re not, Yakov thinks, but he can’t successfully bring it up with Viktor. 

Less HC territory is Yurio, who clearly noticed something was wrong, but didn’t put it together properly. Yurio concludes Viktor’s lost his inspiration and he’s entered a slump. Maybe that’s true, but that’s not all of it. But he still knows something is wrong.

I can’t argue for anyone else who was probably a part of Viktor’s life at this point, as we have basically nothing to base it off of. With Georgi or Mila or Chris we don’t actually know if they were even close, or how close, before Yuuri. There’s nothing to base it off of. 

We actually see Yuuri make a transition from one side to the other. Yuuri was a fan who didn’t know Viktor, and slowly gets to know him, seeing beyond the man he put on a pedestal. It’s pretty neat.

tl;dr: Viktor is hella transparent. I agree he’s got good control over his temper, and that he acts, but he’s still transparent as fuck.

13 Days of Outlander - Day 11 Vengeance is Mine

It was certainly interesting to see an episode penned by DG herself (and an interesting episode for them to have given her to make her screenwriting debut). 

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation: Jamie’s prayer. It makes complete and total sense that DG writes some of the best Jamie and Claire moments of the season––they are her creations, after all––and the way Jamie’s quiet prayer as he watches Claire sleep was adapted for the screen… the light caress of her belly as he prays she’ll be able to carry another child and that she and that child will be safe… brushing her hair aside and leaning down to kiss her only to inadvertently wake her… her urging him to climb into bed and lovingly, dreamily kissing his hand after intertwining their fingers… It’s all just so incredibly intimate and beautiful, a true moment of peace as the cracks in the world outside their walls begin to widen, the promise of collapse drawing nearer. 

Favorite Location: the church. It’s a gorgeous stone church that immediately put me in mind of the Black Kirk back in season one. It helps that the scene where they’re all holed up at the church is one of my favorites of the book (though some of the more heart-breaking elements of the scene are dulled for this episode with Rupert losing only an eye rather than his life; that’s a trade I’m happy to make). And speaking of Rupert…

Favorite Performance: Grant O’Rourke as Rupert MacKenzie. It’s unclear just how much time has passed since Prestonpans––and therefore how long Rupert has been without Angus––but his grief is still close to the surface and O’Rourke infuses Rupert with the awkwardness of lingering grief as he tells stories about Angus to anyone who’ll listen whether they’re an appropriate audience for the tales or not. He’s still able to crack jokes––especially when he loses his eye (and small tangent but this time around, his jokes about wanting to get a closer look at a musket ball and asking Jamie to give Claire a wink for him had a total George Weasley post-ear vibe to them) but there’s less happy mirth behind them than when Angus was around. But my favorite little Rupert moment of the episode was when the church is surrounded and it looks like they might have to fight; Fergus grabs a knife but before he can do anything with it, Rupert puts an arm across Fergus’ chest and shakes his head because this isn’t a fight a lad like him should be fighting. 

Favorite Minor Character: British Captain. He is my favorite minor character purely because of the actor playing him. I don’t know his name without looking it up but I don’t know that I want to because I kind of like thinking of him as Captain Downton Crown; he’s just one of those actors who seems to pop up with minor roles in just about everything.

Favorite Scene, Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Claire plays the hostage again and she and Jamie must part. I’m such a sucker for Jamie and Claire’s goodbyes but what I love about this scene is the way that Claire argues her point to Jamie. “Am I not Lady Broch Tuarach? Are these men not my responsibility too?” They’re both willing to turn themselves over in order to save the rest of the party but it’s Claire who has a better chance of surviving the experience. Still Jamie can’t bear the thought of seeing her handed over and agrees only reluctantly and only to Claire’s assertion of her title and her responsibility; growing up knowing he would be Laird, Jamie learned about the responsibilities he would bear and it’s a burden he seems to feel is his alone a lot of the time but Claire strongly reminds him that as his wife, they share that responsibility, that he doesn’t have to carry it alone. It’s a recognition that’s emblematic of what he loves about her and why he is so terrified to see her taken away. He watches her as best he can from inside the church and the soldiers are barely out of sight with Claire in their custody before he is after them trying to ditch even Murtagh’s help (before finally accepting it) because all he can think about is getting her back and holding true to his promise that she would be safe and she wouldn’t be alone. 

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Hugh Munro lives! I spent far too much of my first time through this episode fearing the moment when Hugh Munro would wind up dead and was so relieved and shocked when that moment never came. I don’t know why his death hit me so hard when I first read the book but it did and I was not ready to say goodbye to him. I loved that I didn’t have to (well, not in that way, at least). 

Favorite Costume: Mary’s dress. There’s little lighting in this episode that works for seeing the costumes adequately but this dress of Mary’s has been used in enough of the promotional materials that I know it’s my favorite of the episode (at least, I’m pretty sure this is the one from the promo pics I’m thinking of). The shade of blue-grey and style of the dress is incredibly similar to the one she wore back in La Dame Blanche when she was raped which, given the events at the end of the episode, feels incredibly appropriate. There’s less ornamentation to this one, sleeker lines; it is a more stripped down version (just as Mary is a more stripped down version of herself as she is still dealing with her trauma). 

Favorite Music Moment: breaking into the Duke’s house. Despite all the buildup of the idea that it will be incredibly difficult and dangerous for Jamie to try to break into the Duke’s house to rescue Claire, the process of infiltrating the large estate proves not just relatively easy, but unexpectedly humorous as Mary gets a word of warning to Hugh for Jamie and Jamie encounters zero resistance as he easily takes down a guard along the stone wall. The music reflects a bit of the fortuitous chaos unfolding in the scene. 

Favorite Line: Go to bed. The Duke has shown little interest or even affection for Mary and nothing captures his frustrations more than the way he pushes her to “Go to BED.” But his disinterest leads him to underestimate her capabilities and she contributes to the infiltration efforts and his inevitable demise more than he ever could have imagined. 

Marco is a Cis Boy - Not a Trans Girl

To start with, I want to preface this with stating that I am by no means bashing the trans community or even those who hold this as a headcanon. But that’s all it is – a headcanon. Not canon. It’s fine to entertain the possibility, but at the end of the day you have to accept that all the “evidence” for the Marco is a Trans Girl theory is circumstantial at best. This post is meant to be a call to reason for those who are adamant about the validity of said trans Marco theory and support for those who disregard it.

The Marco is Trans theory can be summed up as having his various likes taken and juxtaposed alongside other clips taken out of context. We’ll start with a picture people often use as evidence to support the idea that Marco is ashamed of being a guy.

In the picture above, Marco is shown with a towel around his head, and a towel wrapped around his chest. People will commonly say this is because Marco is ashamed of his being biologically male, but this is simply part of what makes up Marco. Marco has no problems doing things that are seen as feminine, and this is simply part of that.

In fact, here we can see Marco is entirely comfortable being out in public, such as at the beach, without a shirt on. This shows that Marco is, in fact, comfortable with him being a guy. Rather than wear a t-shirt to the beach, or something else, he is shown without a shirt on; this points to Marco being comfortable being male.

Quite simply, Marco is a guy who happens to be comfortable with “girly” things who also happens to hang around some people who like to make fun of him. *Cough* Glossaryck *Cough.* Here we have another example that people like to use in evidence of Marco being trans. According to some people, because Glossaryck mistakes Marco for a girl, and Glossaryck is a powerful, multi-dimensional being, he’s clearly seeing Marco for what he “truly is.”

Except….Glossaryck is kind of an asshole. He regularly insults people, and to top it off…

Glossaryck also calls Ludo a girl. Does this mean that Ludo is also transgender? I think the evidence points more towards the fact that part of who Glossaryck is is just that he likes messing with people. Making fun of Marco’s insecurities is part of that. He isn’t pointing out that he’s a girl - he’s pointing out that Marco thinks he’s not manly enough.

In fact, far from being ashamed of being male, he likes having a buff male bod, as seen when he is dismayed to find his more chubby self having been reverted post Hekapoo. This is Marco in the future. He shows absolutely no sign of gender dysphoria. He is extremely comfortable being in this hyper-masculine state, and is distressed at the regression from this state of being extremely masculine.

Perhaps this is what his Naysayer was talking about – he, like many of his age, is ashamed of his body, simply in a way that many teenagers feel they aren’t good enough. Marco is ashamed of how he doesn’t have rock-hard abs, and by extension, that he isn’t the perfect masculine stereotype.  This is what Marco is ashamed about. Gender stereotypes might not bother Marco in public, but we all have our hidden anxieties, which is shown here. It’s part of what makes Marco such a relatable character. He has his own anxieties about not being perfect that many guys go through during puberty.

When he makes the trip to St. Olga’s, he doesn’t want to get in the big poofy dress, he has to. Otherwise, St. Olga would out him for not being a princess. Because, as I’m sure you know, being a girl (or in this case looking like one) is necessary to be considered a princess. It was a disguise. No one ever accuses an actor of actually being the thing he/she pretends to be. So why should that treatment be given to Marco, a boy pretending to be a girl so he can get into St. Olga’s?

He does admittedly state that he wouldn’t mind being in a dress every now and then, but wearing dresses isn’t inherently indicative of wanting to be a girl. One complaint by many is that clothing is considered gendered, and Marco has never really cared about gender stereotypes. To Marco, this is less likely a sign of wanting to be a girl, but rather him simply continuing not to conform to gender norms. Besides, he never does wear a dress except when St. Olga comes around, in other words, when he needs to.

When in Star’s closet of secrets, he says he doesn’t want to be in the closet anymore. As opposed to taking the convoluted route trying to explain this as him being a closeted trans character, how about we take the more obvious explanation: his being in Star’s closet of secrets represents Star’s crush on him. The closet wasn’t his; it was always Star’s. When he sees himself in a suit, eyes closed, like a dead person might be, of course he’s horrified. The joke is that he’s horrified about him being in a suit, as opposed to the more obvious death. Marco has been shown to wear suits throughout the series, so suits clearly do not actually bother him.

Also, when the creators of a show say they are open to the idea of more LGBT characters, that does not mean they are saying Marco is trans.

“I’m not really going to be able to say anything about it for now, but my overall thoughts on the theory is that I find it very sweet! It’s cool that it’s gotten this much of a positive response and acceptance!”

“I can tell you that Daron is open to the idea of LGBT characters but beyond that the situation gets complicated. Also, as a board artist, I don’t have a lot of say in terms of larger story or character arcs, so I’m afraid I can’t comment on future plans.”

Part of why I feel so honored to be on the Star crew is the fact the everyone is so eager for the inclusiveness that you guys deserve! I wish I could give a more reassuring or more substantial answer, but little by little people in the industry are trying to change things. The victories seem a bit small for now, but please know that you’re not forgotten.

“I’m so happy you guys have found something you can relate to and brings you happiness! That’s what it’s all about badda-bing!!!”

“We’re all so open and want to represent lgbt characters so much, a lot of times though the decision’s out of our hands.”

(The above quotes are taken directly from a user called breastforce, as they are among the most ardent supporters of Marco being trans.)

These quotes simply mean they appreciate the effort some of their fans put into creating a fan theory. Let’s be serious for a moment. Who would snub their fans by saying a fan theory is outright wrong, anyway? Not a cool thing to do, and bad for publicity. Remember, just because a creator is supportive of a theory doesn’t make it canon. 

That’s the counter-theory. Can we please stop taking things out of context and appreciating the full scape of what the show is? It’s a show about a badass princess and her sidekick who isn’t afraid to be who he is – a karate chopping liker of masculine and feminine things. While I would in no way be opposed to there actually being a trans character on Disney television, I don’t try to make a square peg fit into a triangular hole. As opposed to spending efforts in supporting a theory with very little canon-supported evidence, why not advocate for a brand new show that does sponsor a transgender character? Press lawmakers to not be discriminatory in bathroom rights. Or, just be there for your LGBT friends. It’s a wild world out there; sometimes we all need a little reminder that we are loved and accepted. While Marco may not be trans, many in this world are. Take a moment and support these people in real life. They need the support more than any fictional character ever would.

Robbie Rotten is Literally a Troll

With the huge increase in popularity in the Icelandic Children’s TV show Lazytown, I quickly noticed that the original drafts had some root into icelandic folklore, for instance, Sportacus was originally an elf. In the kid’s tv show, it seemed to have discarded those cultural roots in place of something more Americanized- making a trickster elf into a superhero. It seems that all trace of Iceland has been erased (except for Magnus Scheving’s accent), but there may be more down the rabbit hole. 

I’m studying Anthropology, and have been a Storyteller for many years, with an emphasis in folklore from different parts of the world. When I noticed that the original Sportacus was an elf, I was quite intrigued. How much matched up with traditional Icelandic folklore? So, I looked it up. 

The most common nordic/ Icelandic folk tale is about beings called huldufolk (hidden folk) which can be recognized as being fairies, elves, and trolls. 

Sportacus matches up closely with the stories of the elves. In fact, he was one in the drafts that didn’t quite make it too far out of Iceland. However, Sportacus still has a lot of traits that match up with the elves from Icelandic folklore. One prominent story that comes to mind is a story about a town that loved to dance, and when the sheriff of the town banned dancing, the elves sided with the townsfolk who loved dancing to run the sheriff out of town. Does that sound familiar? An elf siding with someone who loves to dance to keep dancing and other activities alive in the town while stopping the person who gets in the way is essentially the plot of every single episode of Lazytown. While the original Sportacus was a lot more cruel in his tricks, the current Sportacus certainly bears resemblance to the original when it comes to motivation. 

Now on to Robbie Rotten. Who is he? In the show he is a lazy, rude, disguise wearing, and antisocial man who looks very different from the majority of the citizens in Lazytown. He is also the tallest character, and has purposefully distorted features. Given these traits, we can compare them. 

Trolls are creatures that are dim witted and easily outsmarted. They dislike most people and prefer to live in caves underground to avoid interaction. They are humanoid in nature, though often are shown as being larger than the average human. Their features are also distorted from humans, like having exceptionally long noses or chins. They are also considered to be clumsy, lazy, and poor mannered. 

The hobbies of trolls are also quite telling- they enjoy kidnapping people (even if they do not know what to do with them afterwards) and disguising themselves to trick humans

Robbie Rotten spends all of his time making poor schemes to trick the humans of Lazytown. Many of his plans involves kidnapping one of the citizens of Lazytown, though after they’re captured he often doesn’t know what to do next. He ultimately wants to be left alone in peace and quiet in his underground cavern. Most notably, he uses disguises to try and accomplish his goals, just like many trolls do in traditional Nordic tales. 

The only Troll characteristic that Robbie does not possess is the aversion to sunlight, but hey, no theory is perfect.

Another Olicity ramble

Alright: I’m not making an addendum to the meta I posted in October but I wanted to say something. In that Meta, I stipulate just how much Oliver needs to fight. But I don’t think I had a clue as to how. No, I never wanted him to physically get into a fist-a-cuffs scenario (though it would be pretty hot) or be overtly romantic but I had wanted to him to do something, whatever that something was…

I just didn’t know Felicity would have been utterly unreceptive to it.

And then came this thought and I’d greatly appreciate what others think.

The actors, the writers and directors, show runners; they’re being super harsh with Olicity this season and I DON’T mean that it any bad way.

(True, I’d love more Olicity but I think they’re trying to send a specific message so that when we do get them back, we’ll be so god damn grateful)

Bear with me: when Oliver and Laurel were given the all exclusive ‘no’ in season 2 there was this kind of ‘nothing’ floating about them. A space, a body of water, an atmosphere (I could go on forever) that was tension-less - passionless - and you get the impression that they were in fact over for good. There were moments that contributed to their romantic history but nothing that supported any present possibilities of progression.

In season 1, they were split up for most of it so we were never forced to witness just how horrific their chemistry was. Apparently this was a deliberate - shocker - device used once they realised that the actors wouldn’t necessarily be able to generate the kind of friction required of an epic love story. It is part of how they dealt with the problem.

Again in season 2, they split them up for several episodes at a time until we were left wondering why laurel was even in the show at all, especially when her sister returned and became everything the fans were promised LL would become.

I bring this up because; they’ve done this before with Olicity too. But the reasons behind it were exact opposites.

I had a quote somewhere and it KILLS me because I didn’t save it and I don’t bloody remember who said it but the low-down is that Stephen and Emily have so much natural chemistry that when Oliver/Felicity is with a love interest, their scenes are lessened somewhat so that the LI can make an impression. Remember when Sara was around? Felicity and Oliver spent a few episodes where they barely interacted. Another plus is that the writers don’t want us to suffer the repeat performance of one of the most cliché of love triangle scenarios: the scene where the third party is a spare part and has to watch as the one they love flirts with another.

Oliver showed a lot of this in season 3 in regards to Felicity and Palmer.

In season 5, we don’t really get ANY of that on either side. Instead we get this odd acceptance – odd in that neither really tables their history; Felicity simply says that she wants to try for a ‘real’ elsewhere – where Oliver accepts Felicity’s choice and chooses to follow suit. We aren’t being shown a longing Oliver Queen or a jealous Felicity Smoak and vice versa.

And it’s a GOOD thing.

Yes, it’s painful but it’s also - if I’m right - very good.

Let’s start!

MG has been true to his word; they are rebuilding Olicity separate before they rebuild them together.

Emily has stated that, neither trusts the other fully with their heart at the moment. In work, 100%. In love, not even a little.

Isn’t. That. Marvellous?

You don’t get why it’s marvellous? Okay, I’ll try to explain…

So, Oliver will probably tell SW that he’s the vigilante, OR she figures it out and he decides to roll with it. He’s telling her things about Russia that aren’t necessarily seen as big reveals for him but ARE things she wants to know. I also know that many of you hate this because, why trust this reporter and NOT Felicity? Why let another woman in and keep her out. Why chance your heart on someone else?

Well… the reporter can only hurt him so much.

Felicity has the power to utterly destroy him. To ruin him. When that times comes again for them, that’ll be it for either. And he’s not strong enough for that possibility. But he’s getting there. And Felicity? She started this because he DID break her. He took away the trust she had in them. Here’s me hoping we’ll see him with the shoe on the other foot, fully understanding that.

How can either of them give their hearts to another when their hearts are locked away behind steel bars?

Billy, Susan; they’re both safety nets.

Oliver may be opening up, but he’s in love with Felicity. It’s in his heart and his makeup. It would be cruel to have either say the words I love you right now. Wherever he takes this relationship with SW, he’ll have to internally address at some point if he can continue with it knowing he’ll never be able to give her all of himself.

(They originally wanted the reporter in on season 2, but there was no room and I know EXACTLY how that could have panned out: the new, gorgeous CEO who hasn’t a clue what he’s doing has this reporter all over his ass about his incompetence. Until she suddenly isn’t and is asking him out for drinks which he accepts because he’s lonely and Felicity has to watch him with this other woman as he falls into a trap etc)

You see the inevitability of both of their LI’s? It’s a road leading to nowhere.

They’ll follow a path with twists and turns until suddenly it’s a stretch of road that isn’t going anywhere.

Felicity being with Billy was exactly that. It served no purpose other than to make it look like Felicity had in fact moved on.

But EBR stated that it was probably far too soon for Felicity to have a boyfriend. AT first I thought that was her way of saying she hated the plot device. THEN I realised it was her simple way of telling the audience that, yes, Felicity has run into this relationship unprepared, so far from ready it’s frightening and for all the wrong reasons and it’s going to comer back and bite her on her amazing the ass.

And when he sort of dumped her she didn’t exactly look heartbroken by it. We all know she wasn’t and her current need for vengeance, for a more active take on bringing down Prometheus is guided by the avalanche caused by Billy’s death but not by Billy himself. There’s some guilt there about the way she was with him. That she couldn’t even label him her boyfriend was painful. He was her shield and I’d love it if she admitted that (to Oliver and herself) and I think she will but it may not be with words. Arrow doesn’t have the time to cover every corner of their relationship the way we would like them to, especially since they’ve deliberately decided to keep them as unromantic as possible.

(-Because we’re going to get the romance and sex shoved in our faces later; they’re making us empty ourselves of all the goodness in season 3 and 4 before they fill us back up. (That reads so much dirtier than intended).)

Oliver dating SW… she was the first woman who showed an interest.


She pressed and pushed until she got her way. She asked him out for a drink and he sounded half-hearted about it. 


When he was reminded about it in the basement, he frigging sighed like ‘oh, right. I’ll just go then’.


The first time they kiss, it isn’t initiated by him. He doesn’t even touch her, cup her face, take her in his arms - zilch. And it takes weeks to happen. AND it’s only after he visits her looking for comfort from someone who isn’t at risk from his current enemy, someone who he can’t hurt like eh can hurt Felicity.


Oh yes. The building blocks of an epic love story.

That isn’t to say we won’t see romance or sweetness or smiles and roses. Be prepared.

But, like with Billy, SW exists as a device for Oliver; he needs to take a chance on something – though I still believe there’ll be some sort of betrayal in there. Or, if not a betrayal, SW looking into his past will put her in danger etc.

Billy had to die to push Felicity into alternate paths. To finally make her snap.

SW exists to force Oliver to try elsewhere and be this person Felicity helped create.

So when I said I wanted him to fight for her, I don’t think I understood just how I wanted that to happen.

EBR also said that, sometimes two people have to grow apart before they can grow together. MG told us to have patience. Even WM – who is frigging blunt – has insinuated a reunion no matter how far down the line that may be. She even added that at the moment, they’re more dynamic apart and that they had an obligation to pay some attention to that first before they go all in again, this time for good.

RIGHT NOW, they need to be apart. So why make it romantic?

But this also answers what I’m looking for.

In the end, there won’t be this dramatic ‘I’ll fight for you Felicity’ moment. It won’t be needed. It’ll be completely organic. They’ll just come together (pun unintended but happily appropriate). There is a chance that they will fight again and argue, more than a chance. It’ll help them learn more about each other.

If this leads to some totally sinful/explosive 5x20/21 sex then I do not mind some of this…

But Oliver’s fight won’t be overt. He’ll just be there at the right time because even he won’t realise that he can have it all until he sees it in Felicity. Sees that she’s ready and impulsively reacts to that instinct.

To randomly add to this, has anyone else noted the reverse season 3 theme of season 5? Yes, they’re pulling all the stops on a season 2 look-a-like between Olicity but there have been 3, perhaps more, instances where lines and scenes have been nabbed from that season.

For instance, in episode 10 Felicity nurses her hand in a bowl of ice, just as Oliver does in 3x07 – both episodes show vividly their emotional bars being used against them. Oliver even says her line ‘you know me better than almost anyone’, a line she gives to Palmer. There’s a couple more somewhere but I forgot…

(I swear if we get a ‘lovers is creepy no matter how you say it’ line from Oliver I wouldn’t be surprised. Or if we get a scene where SW tells him she loves him and he can’t say it back. AWESOME)

Season 3 is a season where Oliver basically falls as far as he can and does everything he can to push everyone a way. More than once, he almost dies.

Season 5, Felicity has pushed Oliver away… but unlike Oliver, she isn’t sacrificing herself. She’s growing. Everyone has been so worried about her darker side coming though but I’ve been thinking ‘finally’. 

This is a Felicity Smoak who’s going to become so formidable, someone who commands the same level of authority as Oliver- yep I caught that.

He asks her when she got the authority to command his recruits.

Honestly, until then, I’d completely forgotten that as much of a team as they are, Oliver is still in charge.

Well, what if that leadership could be split? I mean, really split; in a way we’ve never seen before. A true partnership this time.

What if Felicity’s development into morally grey areas is another tool to make her the absolute equal – not in terms of social status or gender ANYTHING else – but in terms of THEM. The lifestyle, the honesty, the history of experience-


An honest-to-God re-creation of Arrow’s future power-house couple.

They’re going to be so freaking intimidating once they hit that moment.

But that’s the other part isn’t it? The part that will make their reunion exciting. They’re both changing; becoming these new and interesting people that neither has seen in the other. Eventually that should bring them together.

The reason why Oliver and Laurel COULDN’T work (besides having the chemistry of a dead fish) was because Oliver was not the man laurel fell in love with. The man she loved died in the ocean. He could never be that man again and Laurel’s love for that man couldn’t be assuaged. It couldn’t change. It remained stagnant. It was never going to work.

Both Oliver and Felicity are on a journey of understanding (of each other as well as themselves) and I believe season 5 will end with their love being renewed because, Felicity will know Oliver in ways she never could before from living through her own darkness and Oliver – hopefully – will know more of how Felicity views the world from seeing how his own light can be used to guide others to walk into the future with him and how a relationship should actually be as opposed the way he thought it should be the year before.

Am I even close to the mark on this one?

 Anyway, to everyone fuming -

at the story, remember the emotional climax of every season is around episodes 18 to 22. I still see SEX in their future.

Anyway, after episode 11 has aired I’ll be taking a brief break form the airwaves! Ha! I’m not the most active online but I wanted to add for anyone who cares that I am still writing my fanfics behind the scenes. It’s just that in Feb I have a change in shift at work and it’s my worst one. I do better tin the mornings and I’ve been put on a 4 week rotation of nothing but late shifts. There are other things I have to do too but I don’t want to tire out.

I’ll be fully back roughly the second week of March. (so very much hoping that the SW arc will be coming to a close by then - I believe in Olicity but my patience isn’t exactly my strong suit).

Please; if you feel you have something to add don’t hesitate to share. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong but it felt right when I wrote it.

Thank you


Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar Children, my humble opinion on the movie, aka Why i didn't like it—Fair warning TONS OF SPOILERS AHEAD.

First and foremost i have to say that as one grows older, one loses hope for proper adaptations to beloved books, there’s always flaws, little things changed here and there, that ultimately wound the fans, but are sometimes swallowable. With my age i no longer go to the movie theater to watch adaptations expecting a completely faithful retellings on screen, but rather for the sake of watching the world come to life. However, this adaptation has broken my usually diplomatic posture on the subject. 

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of Tim Burton work, he was, in fact, part of what impulsed me to ever want to become a screenwriter, I always found his morbid style to be one of my favorite things, of course his work has gone soft over the years, in fact, the last movie he worked in that I in fact enjoyed was Coraline, which, he did not even direct but produce. Dark Shadows was one big disappointment that struck me right to the heart, so I had truly hoped he would get up, once i heard he’d gotten his hands on the MPHFPC rights

I’m not going to lie, I first saw the movie trailer and that was what impelled me to read the books. And  although i’ve only read the first one I came to love it nonetheless, Although it of course has flaws, like absolutely everything, i found it’s characters loveable, hilarious and well thought out. (then again, nothing but my humble opinion)

However, having seen the trailer and knowing ages would be messed around with, as well as the Olive and Emma peculiarities swapped, i most honestly went in with low expectations…Which later ended up on a freefall down The Devil’s Kettle in Magney State Park. 

The book deals with some pretty serious themes, and the movie downplays so many in order to keep things under a PG-13 rating, the character aging  up was completely pointless and the essence of some of my favorite also lost. 

The changes 

—My first complain goes for Millard, he is by far my favorite character in the book, his sass and his brains make him an endlessly compelling character, and spite of him having no physical appearance, the character’s actitude tells us that he’s one of the oldest. At least Emma’s age or even one year older. Now, the aging down is not exactly the problem but the fact that his entire character was basically erased. All his sass was gone, his witty one liners and important contributions such as being the one to find the map with the loops, the bullet he received and his time journal…All erased, the characters entire brilliance fades and he is reduced to like five lines in the movie, which, mostly consist of “ok” “yeah i know” and “Aw” 

 —Then there’s Olive, who suffers the same kind of treatment. The peculiarity swapping had absolutely no point, just having Emma blush as Jacob ties a rope around her waist, THAT’S IT . her character is also reduced to very few lines and aged up for the sake of an unnecessary, completely forced romantic relationship with Enoch. The script intends to maintain her childlike tendencies, but fails miserably making her appear downright dumb instead. 

—We move on to Emma, who, while i never particularly loved i did recognize as one of the toughest characters. She was hot tempered, she did not trust easily and we all know how her relationship with Jacob began. She was however reduced to a blushing princess who was batting eyes at him from the first second they landed eyes on eachother. She was completely kind and condescending from the very first moment and not for once doubted him being Abe’s grandson, matter of factly it seemed she knew. In case you’re wondering, it was absolutely pathetic and the performance bland (meanwhile i do not criticize Ella Purnell as she is very young and was probably handed a shitty script) i will say that i do not know who that girl was, but she was not Emma Bloom. 

—Even Abraham’s character was shit on. They reduced his relationship with Emma to a completely non existent one quite literally, his relationship  with Jacob was erased as well and the bond he shared with his grandfather completely downplayed, they did not speak of his time in the army as it was, or of his relationships with the other children and how much they cared for him, or about why he’d chosen to leave. Not even the fact that his children thought he was cheating was addressed properly (the characterization of jake’s dad was dreadful too, but that’s not the worst to happen to this movie) By the time Jacob gets to the peculiar home (to which they, I shit you not, carried him after he fainted) all of the children know Abe is dead,  and do not even mourn him. His jewish heritage is also erased

Jacob’s depression was so minimized it does not even qualify as depression, the storytelling was rushed and it ended up omitting important aspects of his trauma and taking away (completely) the scenes in which he opens up to Dr Golan. Whose participation in the movie is so bland, the shock of finding out, that Dr Golan is in fact Mr. Barron in disguise, is not even half as satisfying (been condescending and trying not to say it is not satisfying at all) 

Assa’s performance was also quite disappointing, considering i’ve seen him in roles in which he proves he can act. Jacob was completely emotionless, and his delivery of the dialogue made it seem as if he was reading it straight from the page for the first time. Alot of his emotional turmoil was omitted and the scenes with his grandfather and with anyone overall had less impact on me than a mosquito bite does. 

On another note, which has to do more with the character than the performer, Jacob was also portrayed as this Bad ass in control kid all the time. A natural leader who knew how to use a crossbow like it was an everyday article for him. We’re talking the same kid who was in shock for two pages straight when he managed to kill a Hollow on luck. He was not scared, or shocked or moven at any given moment, he was just there, ready to save the world like he knew absolutely everything there was to know. 

—In spite of being a very respectable actress, Eva Green portrayed Alma as if she was on Marihuana the whole time. And alot of her jumpy factor was erased, her backstory as well, her relationship with Miss Avocet is never mentioned, and the woman (Esmeralda) arrives to the house practically jumping on a leg, even though all her children have recently been slaughtered. She spends alive way more time than she should, and not for the sake of revealing important details like how she’s meant to be an eminence among Ymbrynes and how the finest caretakers come from under her wing (including Alma herself) but to just…Be devoured in a jumpscare by a hollow (whom by the way, just like all the hollows looks like a cheap slenderman rip off for the most part)

—Wights and Hollowgasts devour…People and peculiar’s….Eyes?????

—Enoch is aged up and turned into the typical twilight-type brooding boy, which adding to the lack of expressions from the actor erase the characters entire appeal, his peculiarity is victim of a plot hole as he creates (I shit you not) a fucking skeleton army. How the fuck do you put a heart in bones. Also his temper, which, in spite of everything is meant to be amusing due to his size, is turned into something downright scary and abusive (especially toward Olive) 

—Martin’s character is erased completely 

—Browyn’s awesomeness is erased as none of her heroism is shown in the movie at all and i won’t go in depth because if i do i’ll cry. Most of Browyn’s moments were erased to the point in which she became a secondary character instead of a main one. Her friendship with Emma was also never mentioned or adressed in any way. Which erases one of the most important relationships of the movie in my opinion.

—Hugh and Fiona were never mentioned as a couple and barely seen as separate people, Which is completely painful as they were both fantastic characters. 

—Horace’s peculiarity was messed up, the terror he faced whenever he had a vision or the semi epilepsy attacks were never addressed. 

—The ending was changed completely, and switched from the lighthouse and the boat to a theme park in 2016. Where all the children join together in an Scooby Doo like action sequence in which they throw feathers at the hollows to make them visible and then let Enoch’s army kill them. All the emotion is taken away from the finale, and replaced by a cheap, generic, happy ending that doesn’t leave room of the sequels (thank god) Brownyn is never shown acting as a shield to save her friends, Millard is never wounded, Jacob and Emma never face Mr. Barron on their own. And, on my personal opinion, the scenery change is so prominent that it never feels like they’re facing any real danger at all.  

Miss Peregrine comes out unharmed, with no trouble returning to her human form and the children leave to go back to 1943 and age as normal people meanwhile Jake, instead of leaving with them stays and goes to his grandpa (who, yes, is alive and well cause apparently it’s a few months before his death) after jake tells him of the events he gives him money and a loop map and tells him to go look for the children. Jake travels through loops, and even serves time in the navy. 

Ultimately, and to finish shitting on book fans, instead of the children adrift, having to fend for themselves and find a way to nurse Miss Peregrine back to health and rowing boats in unbearable heat, while simultaneously running away from Mr Barron (who, by the way is killed by a hollow) The movie ends with Jacob and Emma kissing in a big comfortable ship, with Alma watching them from the distance 

Personally and from the bottom of my heart, I advice you: Do not waste time or money in seeing this movie, even if you’ve not read the book, it’s bland and has so many plot holes it turns the storyline into something hard to follow.. If however you have read the book, i will simply say. 

Do not put yourself through this torture my friend, it’s not worth it in the slightest. 

(sending this @jamesandlilydiedonhalloween ‘s way as she was my partner while reading this amazing book, which deserved so much better) 

Is Eddie Redmayne Trying to Protect Trans Women?

Maybe. Various sources have suggested that his goals in taking the part of The Danish Girl, an upcoming film about a pioneering trans woman in the early 20th century, were altruistic - that, while he knew the role should go to a trans woman, he also knew that it wouldn’t. And therefore, at least someone who is somewhat knowledgeable about the situation, such as Redmayne, might handle the role better than his less educated counterparts.

This claim is supported by at least one public announcement from Redmayne that he knows it is not really right for him to play this part, at least if Tumblr sources can be believed - which, for sake of argument, we’ll assume they can for now.

In which case, I can only conclude that Redmayne does at least think that he is trying to help trans women. So, thank you for that, Eddie.

But let me explain why what you’re doing isn’t actually helpful.

Of course, before I can do that, I have to explain why it isn’t necessary, and then why it is in fact so harmful, just to make sure we’re on the same page here. Before you can understand why a trans woman like myself might think Redmayne’s behavior isn’t helpful, you have to understand what’s at stake for my community.

So first of all…

Why casting a man to play a pre-transition trans woman is not necessary:

There is this strange belief amongst many individuals in the world, a belief that a trans woman cannot, in fact, play a trans woman pre-transition. This belief is rooted in the false assumption that trans women are actually men before we transition, a belief I will address in more detail later in the article. The interesting thing about this is that no one seems to mind the implicit contradiction of a man playing a trans woman after her transition, either. So, clearly, when you get to the root of it, you either think trans women are always men - in which case please go away, this article can’t help you, come back after you’ve done some Trans 101 research - or you are being a hypocrite and your only reason not to cast a trans woman as herself, pre-transition, is cosmetic.

But the simple fact of the matter is that there are trans women in all stages of transition who, with the appropriate cosmetics, lighting, costumes, etc, can easily look like men, women, both, or neither. Because that is what the state of the art does. We have reached a point where a given person can look like nearly anything else with the properly dedicated time and energy - and undoubtedly, removable, undoable cosmetics and costuming will be applied to the men who play trans women in order to depict them later in their transition. But we could just as easily do this for trans women in the opposite direction. 

Casting a man to play a trans woman before her transition and a woman to play a trans woman after her transition is also woefully misguided and incorrect, because trans women do not become so impossibly different after we transition that we need another human being to play us. Believe it or not, individual humans are capable of that kind of transformation all on our own, and we do not need surgery or hormones to do it in many if not most cases. Makep, proper self-care, a new wardrobe, and a whole lot of love from a supportive community can really make all the difference. 

In short, trans women do not need men to play us before transition (and certainly not during or ‘after’), because we are capable of both looking and playing “like men.” We spent most of our lives doing it, and a little makeup, lighting and costuming will get us right back there again. 

So clearly it is not necessary for men to play us pre-transition.

But what’s the big deal, right? People play things they aren’t all the time. It’s the nature of acting, isn’t it? I once played the Marquis de Sade, but I am certainly not an aristocrat from the French Revolution who likes to poison prostitutes with Spanish Fly.


Why casting a man to play a pre-transition trans woman is actually extremely hurtful:

Remember earlier when I said that the only reason people even consider casting men to play trans women pre-transition is because they believe that a pre-transition trans woman is, in fact, a man? This is where I have to explain that a little more and all the harm it does.

A hypothetical - I want you to imagine, for a moment, that this were a film about a plastic surgery patient who was a cis woman. She was considered “ugly” before the surgery and becomes beautiful afterwards. It would literally never even cross the minds of the casting director to hire a man to play her in her “ugly” phase because, of course, she is not a man. It wouldn’t even occur to them to hire someone who matched that description to play the “before” part and a more “conventionally pretty” person to play the “after” part. They would just use makeup to make a single actor look more or less attractive according to their standards - unless they were doing it for laughs. The only time a man is cast as a cis woman is for laughs, or in a show where literally everyone is gender bent to make a point.

So why would anyone consider doing the same for a trans woman before her visual changes? 

Because there is a mythical belief that “Transition” is a magical process that turns a man into a woman. You may not realize that you’re thinking this, but if you think a man can or should play a trans woman before transition, it is almost certainly informed by that assumption. And every time you see a man playing a trans women like this, it reinforces the notion in your mind - and the millions of other viewers - that trans women are men who become women. Otherwise, why would they keep casting men to play us in the first place?

As we have seen, the cosmetic necessity argument is ridiculously unfounded. It is fairly simple to deduce from this, as I have just shown, that casting a man to play a trans woman is transphobic; a particularly form of erasure of woman’s experiences that only trans women receive, that would never happen to a cis woman in this way.

It is a double standard, and it isn’t fair - but worse, it is directly harmful, by contributing to false information. Trans women are women, from start to finish. A man can never know what our story means, and his portrayal of us on screen will always be more informed by ignorance and transphobia than ours would, which has devastating consequences for the worldwide perception of our community.

We are in desperate need of positive, accurate representation, so when a man does play us (as anything other than intelligent, pointed satire, which I have literally never seen), it is actually dealing a huge blow to our ability to be taken seriously. In addition to the internalized transphobia the actor will bring to the role, he is, at the end of the day, a MAN, and people will continue to associate maleness with trans women, to devastating effect. The fact that people perceive us on a spectrum of 50 Shades of Gray Masculinity, with all of the abusive connotations contained in that image, is directly responsible for a host of crimes against us, including:
-Very little employment discrimination protection compared to sexuality-deviant peers
-People can murder us without charges on a “panic defense” in 49 states in the union
-Misgendering is a form of psychological torture and it fucking hurts, causing massive mental health and addiction problems that leave us dead or helpless

Also, this is less ideological but absolutely worth mentioning: trans women need the work! There are so many trans women who would literally trample our way through a crowd of angry tigers (sorry, stripe kitties, I didn’t mean it) to get the chance to make a living from a movie like this, even if it was just for a few months, and god damn does our community need the inflow of resources that would provide. Trans women have so few job openings - particularly in acting, because for all the high-holy self-rigtheous glory prattling about how men will play us pre-transition and we can play us post-transition, you can damn well bet that they’ll either keep the man to play us post-transition or cast a cis woman to play us post-transition (and give her a transphobic extra-thick prosthetic chin a la “Trans America”) - that in short, trans women get virtually no work in acting because we don’t exactly “fit” their mental mold of what they’re looking for. A man who takes a role that is explicitly for us - telling the story of our lives - is a man who is robbing us of needed resources and representation, not to mention just being incredibly insulting by having the audacity to think that he could do justice to our lives. It is one thing for an oppressed person to adopt the mannerisms of their oppressor; we do this all the time to survive; it is quite another for an oppressor to try to accurately represent a group that they oppress, knowingly or not.

So, given all of this, hopefully it becomes clear that not only is a man playing a trans woman at any stage in her transition unnecessary, but also extremely harmful to trans women. And, more importantly, you understand why - that the most significant consequence comes simply from the fact that it is happening, and the false beliefs about trans women - that we are actually men until we transition - that it will perpetuate in the minds of viewers. From there, the crimes against us that will continually be justified.

“Okay,” you say, “that makes a lot of sense. But if someone is going to cast a man no matter what, shouldn’t it at least be someone knowledgeable like Eddie who can try to influence the show in a positive direction?”


Why Eddie Redmayne cannot effectively influence the show in a positive direction from within the show:

Look, Eddie, I’m sure you’re as decent a person as they come. Apparently you’ve done some great work this year and really cleaned up at the Oscars. Good for you, man. No, really - I mean it. I want to believe, for the sake of argument if nothing else, that you actually give a fuck and are actually trying to help us.

But here’s the thing - you’re transphobic. It’s not your fault. Dude, even I’m a little transphobic. We all grew up in an extremely transphobic culture and it has completely brainwashed every single one of us. But you, unfortunately, are not a trans woman, and that means you have never had to do the grueling work of unpacking your own transphobia. You’ve unpacked a little of it, I can tell - you get that you shouldn’t be playing one of us. But that isn’t stopping you from doing it. You still think that you can do it. And that in and of itself is a form of ignorance and hurt to our community, so deeply ingrained that you don’t even realize that you’re doing it - it is your participation in the “we good men can save you” complex and it doesn’t work. 

A few problems arise.

1. Because you are more transphobic than a trans woman (hopefully this is inarguable, if we understand that transphobia is learned unconsciously, internalized, and very difficult to fight even for trans people), you cannot possibly influence the show in a meaningful way. Your input to the director and the writer will not be as powerful as it needs to. It will be apologetics, moderate in politic, essentially impotent. You may effectively eliminate some of the worst biases and flaws, only to uphold as grand and perfectly acceptable some lewd compromise of principle that, to your transphobic mind, seems like a brilliant victory. You just won’t know any better when that happens, so you’ll think you’ve won when actually you’ve just entrenched the argument ever deeper in a “this far and no farther” mentality, much like the current state of the “sex vs gender” debate. The debate was great for introducing cis people to the idea that trans people exist, but is still rooted in a cis-sexist assumption of how sex and gender even work - in reality, they are very hard to separate, and any given sex/gender can have any of a variety of sexual functions. This is high theory, the sort of thing that it’s very difficult to understand without doing a tremendous amount of self-critique and analysis, and that’s exactly why I wouldn’t expect someone in your position to be able to do it. You have no real impetus to do so. As a result, you will make glaring mistakes that at best, will change nothing, and at worst, will entrench transphobia even deeper.

2. Ultimately, no matter how well-intentioned your behaviors, no matter what good progress you may possibly make in terms of improving the presentation of the piece, at the end of the day, people who watch the movie will still see you, a man, playing a trans woman, and they will still think that means trans women are either a) secretly men or b) literally nothing more than a performance. We will continue to appear as phantoms to them; mystical beings who are conjured into existence in porn and on movie cameras, chimerical creations of an addled male brain. NOTHING you do in your role can stop this and that is the worst, the most devastating part of it - we so desperately need people to understand that we are not men, and your decision to accept this roll will confirm for people that yes, yes we are. It is a lie with deadly consequences.

So no, you taking this role is not actually helping us. Not in any appreciable way. However, even if some minor iota of your effort translates into actual benefit, let me offer you another idea as to how all of your effort could be translated into actual benefit.

Here’s what Redmayne could have done instead of accepting a role that is wrong for him and, in doing so, participating in harm for trans women everywhere:

Instead of accepting that role, you could have organized a press release and mobilized your new Jupiter Ascending fame towards actually achieving a change. “My fellow citizens of the world, a crime is taking place in Hollywood. Casting directors are still refusing to cast trans women as themselves. I was recently approached for the role of a trans woman and I refused it on moral grounds. It is wrong for a man to play a trans woman on screen in this sociocultural climate - it is appropriative, it destroys their credibility as women, which they desperately need, and it takes away work which they need even more. It serves nothing but the leering gaze of a scandal-obsessed populace, at the cost of trans women still being barred from telling us the stories of their lives on their terms, and it must be stopped. Please join me in boycotting The Danish Girl until and unless they decide to cast a trans woman for the entire part, and to have trans consultants and knowledgeable elders working with them the entire time. Click here to sign the petition.”

That would be helpful. Along with directing individuals to various trans resources and activists, who can further explain and support your figure-head arguments, you could actually make a real difference this way. In fact, barring some sort of contractual trap, maybe you still could. A pledge to fight this kind of discrimination in the future would be nice, too, if you are legally forbidden from doing so at this exact moment. 

The ball’s in your court now, Eddie. If you really care about helping trans women, you know what you have to do. 


An interview with James in The Telegraph:

“When people go on about the way that you look…what they’re seeing isn’t really you. Well, you can’t show up with a beer belly,” he says, with a laugh, “but you can’t be in incredible gym condition either – that’s just going to look ridiculous. Hopefully, we’ve struck the right balance.”

Norton says he is unconcerned about being “objectified”. “Well, it’s been so long, hasn’t it, that women have found themselves in that position? And so now, it feels right that it is happening the other way round. From a personal point of view, when people go on about the way that you look or how attractive you are what they’re seeing isn’t really you. It’s the character. Prince Andrei, for example, was set up to be a romantic hero, but that’s not who I am. If people saw me through a keyhole, as my life really is, they’d go: ‘Oh!’ The risk is that you start to read this stuff about yourself and engage with it and believe it. Then, I think, you’re really in trouble.”

Just as well, that this now 30-year-old actor is bright, hugely affable, able to laugh at himself and comes from a family that both delights in his success but, you imagine, wouldn’t put up with too much posturing or nonsense.

Born in London but raised in rural North Yorkshire, he’s the son of two teachers, Hugh and Lavinia, with a sister who does “a proper job” as a doctor. “Because none of them is anything to do with the industry, they’ve always been slightly bemused by the fact that I wanted to act ever since I played Joseph in the nativity play at the age of four.

“After that, I’m sure I was an annoying, precocious little kid who just wanted to dress up and get all the attention. I’d write all these weird little plays and force all my friends to act in them, when they probably just wanted to play football. But, amazingly, everyone has always been incredibly supportive. 

“Mostly producers worry about casting against type. They want the character to walk through the door because that makes everyone’s life easier. But, as actors, that’s frustrating because it’s our job to transform. So it’s pretty wonderful that they were willing to take a risk with me and, hopefully, I’ve shown that the way you look or sound, or the class that you’re from, doesn’t limit you to a certain kind of role.

“Teenage years are tricky for everyone, but when you’re 15 and it’s an all-boys boarding school, as it was then, and you go through puberty late, it makes a huge difference. You’re a little boy in a testosterone-fuelled world – and, in my case, one who was into arts and music when everyone else was into rugby. So you’re standing on the pitch going ‘Oh, my God!’ I look back now and it seems ridiculous but, at the time, it felt quite big. There was a guy called Father Peter who I’d go and chat to in an attempt to work through all my angst. And, for a short while, I became a bit religious myself, which I’m not especially now. But, still, being at Ampleforth, and then going on to study theology at Cambridge, gave me a lack of cynicism about faith and a respect and fascination for all religions.”

“You could sit around a table in a pub with people of my generation and talk about being gay or transgender and everyone would be like ‘Cool! Let’s get another drink.’ But if you were to say you were a Christian, people would go, ‘Whoa!’ And that’s kind of odd. Part of the reason that I love Grantchester is that it’s a show in which the hero is a man of faith. He’s not a comic device or a villain. He’s just a very normal, very sympathetic young man who most people can identify with. My love life right now is infinitely less interesting than that of any of my characters" 

For research, Norton read the latter’s autobiography, The Reluctant Archbishop. “And the reason it’s called that is because he never intended to become one. He was always a modest man without hubris or ambition. He found himself head of the church through sheer personality and charisma but the truth was that he also loved to drink, he loved to flirt, he loved jazz, but he also had faith and it wasn’t cynical in any way. I think I would have liked him very much, just as I also like Sidney.”

The occasions when James Runcie has been on set, he says, have been emotional. “Especially during the first series, when we played out the war scenes. Like Sidney, Robert had been a tank commander – he won the Military Cross and was among the first troops to liberate Bergen-Belsen – and James said it was bizarre seeing this kind of reincarnation of his dad in uniform. I was completely moved an honoured by it.”

Norton feels things deeply – just one in a package of qualities that would make him attractive to the modern woman, although right now, he is single, living in Peckham, south London, with a male flatmate who’s a primary school teacher.

“My love life right now is infinitely less interesting that that of any of my characters,” he says, but in time is looking forward marriage and fatherhood. I definitely want that, because my sister and I were raised in a really close family and my parents are still very much in love and living in Yorkshire. That’s the kind of end game that I would love, too.”

My thoughts on “Straight Outta Compton”

Less than a week after its release, Straight Outta Compton is already one of the most successful Rap based films ever. With that, it’s also one of the most controversial and debated Rap films that I can recall. Most of us have always felt that Rap films come off as corny or contrived, and it makes it even harder to watch groups that you personally saw every week on TV, in comparison to “What’s love got to do with it” and “Ray” where many of us weren’t alive during the artist’s prime. This was surely the case when we saw the Aaliyah film (shoutout to the memes), Notorious, and even the TLC film, which I felt was solid.

In today’s post, I’ll discuss a bit of everything…my thoughts on the film, the main complaints and controversies I’ve heard, and N.W.A’s legacy to follow the film.

What I loved about it

-The cinematography was ridiculous. The cut scenes where dudes rode their motorcycles and lowriders, the scene following Tyree’s death, when Dre turned the corner and walked in the middle of the group, and the transition between the Lench Mob vs. Ruthless fight into the Rodney King beating were perfect.

-The lead actors did a stellar job, without question. Jason Mitchell really did feel like Eazy throughout the movie, and I even think he should receive nominations for it. Oshea Jackson Jr. made me forget I wasn’t actually watching Cube at times, although his slight suburban accent still showed at some points. Corey Hawkins sounded exactly like Dre.

Each time Eazy would go into business mode, it connected. I loved the part when the protestors stomped on their records, and he essentially says “They can do whatever they want to with them….they paid for them!” His last days in the hospital were extremely believable as well…the crowd was dead silent both times I saw it, as we were all caught in the moment.

-The studio and live performance parts were dynamic, and the energy seemed to spread throughout the audience every time they started rapping one of their classics. They could have played the entire “Boyz n da hood” song, and the audience would have rapped along word for word. The scene in Detroit was on point, and seeing Cube say “What’s up???” to Dre, as Jerry Heller nervously hoped they wouldn’t perform the song that earned them free advertisement from the FBI, was extremely well done.

-This felt like a completely authentic L.A. movie. The school bus scene was literally perfect…every single Black male who was born in L.A. has stories about being “banged on,” in which we fear for our lives as it happens, but usually leave unharmed, and actually laugh about it when re-telling the story. Even the random goons in the movie felt like the ones we really see in the hood, and not just paid actors.

-The police brutality scenes seemed to strike a cord for all of us who have dealt with it in some form.

-The DJ scene where young Dre (scratched by Jazzy Jeff) gets off on that early 80’s Electro track “Al-Naafiysh” was fire! I’m a DJ nerd, so I’ll probably rewind this part 50 times once it comes out on Blu Ray.

-The “No Vaseline” scene…man. The reactions from the group, and the way Jerry Heller was ONLY concerned about the supposed “Anti-Semitism” were excellent.

-The L.A. Riots scene was compelling. The slow motion effects, Cube making eye contact with the police officer, seeing the peaceful protesters in the same scene as the violent looters, and the red + blue bandana tied together were all powerful.

What was left out?

I truly understand that it’s impossible to place every single thing within a two and a half hour movie, so I’m not as mad as others about the things that were left out. If they included all of the things I’ve heard, the movie would be more like a 5 part series. The way I see it, the movie is great at covering the main points, and for those who would like to dig deeper, there’s plenty of history that can be found online and in magazines from that period. Also, the director’s cut is three and a half hours long, and I am hoping it is released on DVD.

Here’s a list of things I’ve heard mentioned that were left out:

-JJ Fad and their song “Supersonic” which was one of Ruthless’ first hit records, weren’t mentioned at all.

-Arabian Prince, an original member of N.W.A, wasn’t mentioned at all.

-Michel’le was mentioned, but wasn’t depicted at all. This has probably been the biggest complaint that I’ve heard, and this is one of the few that I think should have been in there for sure. She was a factor in the N.W.A/Ruthless era, as well as with Death Row.

-MC Ren’s contributions weren’t shown in depth, and D.O.C. seemed to just be the homie who was around, versus the highly successful solo artist and contributor that he was at the time.

-Dogg Pound/Death Row vs Ruthless beyond Eazy and Suge…in particular, “Dre day” vs “Real Mothaph’kkin  G’z” which was a major beef at the time. They show the fight between Ruthless and Lench Mob, but make no mention of the fight between Dogg Pound and Dresta/BG Knoccout that happened on the golf course (When Nate Dogg regulated for real): 

-I didn’t realize Chuck D was depicted in the movie until seeing it for a second time, but they don’t speak much on how Ice Cube connected with the Bomb Squad in NY.  

-As a whole, Dre and Cube were shown in the most positive light, while Suge’s character was one –dimensional and showed a seemingly overnight transition into the meme-worthy villain that he’s known as. Jerry Heller’s character showed decent balance, and left you with the impression that he cared for the group as human beings, but that his money was always more important than anything else. I guess he was right about Cube being Anti-Semitic (I’m being sarcastic).

-All of Dre’s domestic violence and assaults against women were left out, and I will speak about this next.

Dr. Dre vs. Dee Barnes (and other women)

In 6th grade, I recall being in an American History class that covered everything from Columbus’ claiming territory that wasn’t his, up to the Reagan era. When we got to the Civil War section, they only mention slavery in one paragraph. Not only did it not mention that slaves were forced on a boat from Africa, but it said something about how most slaves were treated with respect because it made them more productive.

I got home, and was furious. I told my dad, and expected him to call the Principal, or confront my teacher. He sat calmly, and said “well….who do you think wrote the book?”

Seeing this movie, and realizing that everything negative that Dre did to women was omitted, I was reminded of what happened in class that day. Being that Dre and Cube were behind the movie, it gave them a chance to sanitize their history as a group, and as individuals, and many folks think this taints the movie. I feel that Dre was shown as being the extremely focused, hard-working creative that didn’t care as much about groupies or even money…yet, there’s folks who will say that he was by far the most violent, abusive person in that circle when it came to relationships with women. 

This discussion has been extremely divisive in the last few weeks. There have been some women who feel that Black women should boycott the movie due to the omission, and others who have spread numerous articles on Dre’s history. On the other side, many folks feel that this happened so long ago, that it shouldn’t affect his current status, and they point out that he did go to trial and settle with Dee Barnes back when it happened.

The 2Pac scene

One of the most obvious anachronisms was regarding Eazy-E wearing the Sox hat before it came out, but the one that bothered most of us was the timeline after 1993, especially concerning 2Pac and Death Row.

The years don’t show at the bottom of the screen after 1993, but a lot of things were out of order, leading up to Eazy’s death in March of 1995. The main thing that confused us was 2Pac’s studio scene, which followed immediately after showing Eazy-E passing Tower Records and seeing The Chronic billboard, which was in 1993. 2Pac wasn’t released in prison until after Eazy-E passed away, and he actually got married a month after Eazy’s death while he was still in jail. Along with that, Hail Mary may have been recorded during the sessions of “All eyez on me,” but most of us figure that it was recorded afterwards, most likely in Spring/Summer 1996.

Along with “Hail Mary” being recorded, it’s said that Dre was going to feature Ice Cube on “California Love” and use it as his own first single, but Suge made a change and put 2Pac on it instead. In hindsight, this was a brilliant move by Suge.

Compton: The Album (and semi-soundtrack)

Dr. Dre, D’Angelo, and Jodeci actually released real albums this year! I’m still in shock. With this album, it served as somewhat of a soundtrack to the film, which was more than most of us expected when we first heard that it was coming out. I would personally say it’s a 7.5/10 album…I certainly wasn’t expecting a classic, but was hoping for more standout songs. However, the album is worth it solely for “Animals,” in which the #1 and #2 Rap producers in history finally linked up on a track, and made a potentially classic song. I think they should create an intense video that captures the essence of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, showing everything from Mike Brown, to Sandra Bland, to Trayvon, to Rodney King and Latasha Harlins.

The film’s legacy

This movie is going to have a major long term impact, especially with the younger generation that was probably born after N.W.A’s debut album came out. I have already seen a lot of folks in L.A. dressing like they were from this era, but I think the songs will actually become big with kids who never listened to any Rap that came before the 90’s or even 2000’s. Seeing a Batman remake of the song “Straight outta Compton” itself, along with this Kids Pop video shown below, is proof that the movie has truly crossed generations and cultures: 

This movie comes out at the most perfect time in my opinion, as L.A. Rap is finally back into the forefront after suffering a commercial drought for most of the previous decade. This movie shows the origins of the strongest family tree in Hip Hop, which includes artists such as Snoop, Will.I.Am and Fergie, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Bone Thugs, who all came through the N.W.A tree in some sort of way. I hope this film will lead to more high budget, polished Rap Biopics that show other legendary rap families, such as Native Tongues, Def Jam, Wu-Tang, and No Limit/Cash Money.


“Forever” is a show about resurrection. Let’s prove it.

The supernatural crime drama “Forever”, about Dr. Henry Morgan (Played by Ioan Gruffudd of a notable roster of historical epics like 2004′s “King Arthur” and James Cameron’s tour-de-force “Titanic”, as well as “Horatio Hornblower” and, as a cute turn of fate, a film called “Forever”, out later in 2015) his juggling repeated returns from death spanning two and a half centuries with an ordinary day-job as the chief medical examiner for the New York Police Department, was not picked up for a second season. 20,000 people signed petitions. Every post the show made on any public media was met with overwhelming fan love and support. Despite all of that, it wasn’t picked back up. 

Here’s why we need a show like “Forever”:

- The cast has incredible chemistry that flows easily and features formidable talent. These actors have notable acting pedigrees and the love of their fans.

- The crimes are technically the bare bones of the episodes, but they tie into much larger and more universal themes like death (naturally), love, loss, protection, character, saving face, secrecy, and family blossoming from where you least expect it. 

- Love period-themed dramas and glimpses into history? As we see Henry’s flashbacks into past lives we are actually educated on topics like the slave trade, the Holocaust, World War II, and other happenings that we must understand in order to avoid repeating. We see Henry’s constant battle to be a good man despite those around him showing truly human weakness, as is often displayed in such conflicting events. He does his best to judge their actions but never discount the people themselves. He truly sees the precious gift of life as just that. The themes of racial injustice and genocide surface often and are still so painfully relevant today. We need a show with this perspective to bring up these dialogues to fearlessly.

- Love something as simple as Ioan Gruffudd’s dreamy voice and good looks? How about a show where you constantly see him bare-ass naked? Henry’s condition means that when he dies, he’s reborn in the nearest body of water, swimming for his life without a stitch of clothing on. Hence, he’s stuck in a loop of being thirty-five. For decades. However, we learn that he’s not the only one, and Burn Gorman (”Dark Knight Rises” and “Pacific Rim”) plays a man in a similar position with deadly panache and grim charm. 

- His bond with his son, Abraham, is extraordinary. Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch have such an easy rapport with one another that it’s hard to believe they haven’t actually known one another all of their lives (and lovingly berated one another all the while). When you stay 35 years old and your son is a septuagenarian hippie who never grew up and sees laws as gentle guidelines to be occasionally ducked under, the world is indeed a colorful place.  

- The precinct’s premiere figures of authority are Lieutenant Reece, (eminently wise and dry-but-fair, and played brilliantly by Lorraine Toussaint of “Orange Is The New Black”) and Detective Jo Martinez (brought to life by Alana de La Garza, of previous “Law and Order” acclaim). They are two capable, whip-smart and strong women of color that are given great depth by the glimpses of their vulnerability, which is never shown to be feeble or womanly, merely human. We see Jo on the heels of her husband’s untimely death and she and Henry grieve the loss of their spouses in tandem, propping one another up as they go without ever seeing the other as weak.

- Henry sees the women of his daily interactions rightly as equals and figures of their positions without hesitation and clearly shows them their due respect. He wears it as if it is the duty of all proper men not to coddle or humor women but to see their strengths and encourage them. He calls upon sex therapist Iona Paine (Hilarie Burton, sensual and sharp as a tack) as a consultant on a case and is baffled (pleasantly) by her insight in the case. Her works is just that to him, and he sees it as fascinating. They even experience a potent romantic attraction and not once is her work considered an unpleasantry to be skirted around. It’s actually his own past pain from the loss of his wife that keeps him from truly embracing her. At one point, a suspect begins to berate her repeatedly for her line of work and Henry, the scarf-loving and pacifist ponce that he is, bashes the brute in the jaw for it. 

- The story of Henry and Abigail is a truly beautiful one. They meet during the Holocaust as war doctors and not only do they quickly fall in love, but adopt one of the camp survivors, an infant named Abraham. Abigail’s loss is referenced repeatedly in the show as a long-running mystery that whipsaws Henry and Abe alike, and their unshakable bond is tested through their journey to unearth the truth about her final years. Abigail (The pixie-pretty Mackenzie Mauzy) is kind, loving, generous, nurturing, but in the end falls prey to the very human fears of inadequacy and judgment of her peers. 

- Later on, it’s a a potential romance between Henry and Jo that brings another layer of intrigue to the series and it never quite gets properly brought to light. While admirable to keep it a slow burn, many a fan wants to see precisely where they might end up.

- The other main men of the precinct, Detective Mike “Handsome” Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz from “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Adjustment Bureau”) and Medical Examiner’s Assistant Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore, seen in “Dodgeball: a true Underdog Story” and James Cameron’s lush epic “Avatar”) , round out the main cast with equal parts intellect and wit. Where Mike is the closest we get to the typical tough and dry New York cop we expect, he still displays warmth and charm, and works well with Detective Martinez. Though she doesn’t need it, he readily halts a suspect’s sexist attitude toward her without pause. He’s a family man who seems the most grounded, reflecting many concerns with which the audience can easily identify and agree. Lucas is a lovable nerd without being a punchline (which, frankly, we direly need.) and brings equal parts finely-honed talent and goofy lovability. Henry often doesn’t know what to think of him but Lucas never falters as a loyal and eager accomplice, even when called upon to re-enact the sometimes grisly circumstances of some of their murders. He only flinches most of the time. All the same Henry recognizes Lucas’ work ethic and sees his worth, past the references that clearly go right over his head (not least because he’s almost a head shorter than Wahl’s lanky frame on a good day).

So what can we do?

There are several options. The show’s Twitter account, @ForeverABC and Facebook account (Simply “Forever”) are swimming with devoted fans showing overwhelming approval on every post the series has to offer. The writers and actors (Sans Judd, who seems a wee bit less tech savvy that his on-screen counterpart who consistently bests Henry in the realm of all things electronic) are very active on Twitter, and clearly love their work. We’ve moaned, we’ve wailed, and some of us have dropped colorful language. But what we need now is fandom. 

The kind that brought back shows like Community and Arrested development for more seasons. Hell, if we’re lucky, the kind that got tiny half-season Firefly a BIG DAMN MOVIE. 

Make shirts. Draw fanart. Post jokes. Cosplay. Make Vines. It’s not enough to type sad posts about missing the show. We need a show like this and we need to show the execs what a gem they missed. The show is being heavily lobbied to Hulu and Netflix, where it has a great shot thanks to its built-in fan base. I feel like this is our strongest chance. Contact both entities (politely!) and tell them what a great series this is! The more you wear your fandom on your sleeve, the better a chance it has. Even if you make one little doodle, spread it on every form of social media and tag the heck out of it!

If nothing else, the world always… ALWAYS needs more butt-naked Ioan Gruffudd. 

[TRANS] The Star November 2016 - INFINITE Interview


Please give a simple introduction to INFINITE’s 6th mini album <INFINITE ONLY>.
The title song from this album, which we’re presenting to everyone after such a long time, is ‘Typhoon’. We named it <INFINITE ONLY> because it’s an album that only INFINITE can come out with.
INFINITE, 7th year idols, you’re not very young(?) anymore, it seems like you have a huge responsibility as an idol.
It’s not really a responsibility, but I think we’ve started to work harder than before. We also have a bigger desire to improve and show an even cooler appearance on stage.
With the musical <All Shook Up>, that’s already four musicals that you’ve starred in. What would you say the biggest charm about a musical is? I’m also curious about what you think your strength is as a musical actor.
I think the musical genre is quite charming. I like being able to sing while bringing life to a different character on stage. If I had a strong point, it would be my effort in including my own charms into whichever character I’m playing.
You’ve had a lot of individual promotions this year compared to the other members. Are you going to continue your individual promotions after this album as well?
I would like to… If something is asked of me, I’ll try my best to do it.
As the leader, what do you dream of for INFINITE 10 years later?
I would like to be on stage and giving awesome performances even 10 years from now. That’s INFINITE, the team I dream of.


You’ve made a comeback with the mini album <INFINITE ONLY> after 1 year and 2 months. This break was longer than other ones, fans must be the happiest of all.
Yes. I’m also really happy to be able to see fans after such a long time. Luckily, all of the fans give us so much love and support, so we’re promoting very happily.
You must have had a hard time right before this album came out, I’m relieved to see you so cheerful. What gave you the most strength?
First of all, it was my family’s unity. After that, it was seeing the INFINITE members working hard to fill my empty spot. The company staff looking out for me, encouragements from people around me. And last of all, it was all thanks to Inspirit’s love and support.
Hip hop is really trending lately. When will we be able to see INFINITE H promote again?
Even now, we have songs that we’re working on. In the future, if we are able to collaborate with a variety of artists, wouldn’t we be able to show you all?
Lately, the webtoons that Dongwoo reads are a hot topic amongst fans. You must enjoy reading webtoons normally then.
Yes. The message that each webtoon gives me is different. Some bring up my memories from school, and there are times where my rap lyrics are influenced as well. Many are quite four dimensional, while containing funny content. That’s why I think I read a variety of webtoons. Webtoon artists, fighting!


You’re already a 7 year idol group. There are many ‘7 year jinx idols’ but INFINITE alone has continued to promote without any big incidents. What’s your secret?
We dormed together, starting from when we were trainees until quite recently. We used to argue with each other a lot in the past, but now we’ve really become a family. We’re so close that we can understand each other just by looking at each other’s eyes.
Now that I think about it, INFINITE is on its 7th year, there are 7 members, and Sungyeol’s alcohol limit is 7 bottles of soju. What does 7 mean to you (laughter)?
I like the number 7. It’s the number that brings luck and I think it’s a number that has a very positive power!
You guys had such a long absence, it’s a shame that we didn’t see Sungyeol during that time. How did you personally spend your time?
I spent my time doing hobbies that I can’t do when I’m busy. I hurt my back a while ago, so I’ve been diligently exercising and doing rehab. I was preparing a lot in order to show an even better side for this comeback.
What is the future you dream of while promoting in the entertainment industry? For example, what is your ultimate goal?
I’ve also thought a lot about this…(laughter). I would like to try being a trot singer in my 50s. I’d like to steadily promote as an actor. A goal for the near future would be for INFINITE to become a long-lasting idol group and it would be nice to continue seeing fans.


It seems like Sungjong-ssi has a lot of interest in fashion. I’m curious about your participation in the album concept or in any visual aspect.
For our title song stage, all of the jewelry I wore, I bought myself. I also expressed my opinion for the hairstyle concept as well.
What kind of influence does fashion have on music and artist promotions?
In whatever case, when you wear cool clothes, you gain confidence. Stage costumes are an important part.
It’s a hot topic that you lost 10 kg especially for this comeback. What exactly is your secret method? You’re really like a ‘fairy’.
Yes. I’m like a fairy, right (laughter)? Lately, fans have been calling me ‘Fairy Sungjong’ and ‘MimiJjong’. It was hard dieting. I’d want to eat, but because I wanted to show a good appearance for the fans, I withheld.
What are your hobbies lately?
Lately, I collect rings, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. I look for and buy unique items. Most of the accessories that I wear onstage are those accessories.
INFINITE’s music is of a refined retro style that doesn’t follow the trend. Is this a strength that only INFINITE has?
Of course. We don’t use a lot of electronic sounds in our music. And we also continue to improve.
What was a typhoon in your life?
This moment. I’ll leave it up to everyone’s imagination (laughter).
What is ‘INFINITE’ to you?
A treasure. A beautifully shining treasure. If there was no INFINITE, there would be no me.


It seems like you’ve been swamped with group promotions and individual promotions as well.
My INFINITE and acting activities are overlapping so I’m a bit tired, but I enjoy every day because I’m able to show many different sides of myself.
Among this album’s songs, which is your favorite?
There’s a song called <Thank You>, which is a love song for Inspirit.
You guys held your summer concert, <That Summer>, this year right?
It was a great time being able to see everyone at a small theater concert after such a long time. We’ll have many concerts going forward, so please show lots of interest then as well.
We can’t leave out talk about your appearance on MBC’s <King of Masked Singer> this year. It must have been gratifying to quiet the people who only thought of you as INFINITE’s visual.
Thank you. It feels like I’ve gotten one step closer to the ideal world that I want. It was a great experience and it incited thoughts in me of wanting to work harder in the future. Please look forward to seeing various sides of me.
Your acting career is fully blooming. We hear you got cast for KBS’s one-act drama <The Day After We Broke Up>, what kind of drama is it?
It’s a fantasy romance drama. It’s a time warp drama where the main character, Yoo Tan, lives his life in repeat while recovering the forgotten, important things [in life] that he was unaware of.
If you were to name a role model?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Sheeran!


Because of your solo album, we met for the June edition of <The Star>, it’s great seeing you so soon.
Yes. I’m also glad we’re meeting again so soon!
You wrapped up your solo album <Write> successfully. Was it an album that fulfilled everything you wanted it to (The editor liked ‘Scent’)?
I’m glad because it was an album that proved my abilities as a solo artist. I’m also looking forward to the next album (laughter).
At our last interview, I felt you matured a lot internally and emotionally. What factors influence Woohyun internally?
I think that I’m maturing little by little as I get older and it’s also because there are more things to feel as well (laughter).
As a part of INFINITE, what is another adjective you’d like to use to describe yourselves?
As a part of INFINITE, I hope we could become ‘Long-lasting-dols’.


1st place yesterday, 1st place today. Your parade of 1st place wins keep on going. Congratulations!
Thank you. Because Inspirit worked so hard, we’re very thankful but also sorry. I would like to relay my thanks once again to Inspirit.
It feels like the choreography for the title song ‘Typhoon’ is a little less knife-like than before. Is this a small change that INFINITE is pursuing?
To be honest, from the beginning, we never thought ‘We have to have knife-like choreography’. But when we debuted, a lot of people said that about us. Now, we try to include our own individual flavor.
Going forward, is there a concept that you would like to try through INFINITE?
Even when I think about it, it seems like we only stick to breakup songs and obsession concepts (laughter). I think it would be good to try something different now.
You were on Mnet’s <Hit the Stage>. What do you pay attention to most while blocking the stage? Did you learn anything?
I didn’t plan too much and purely did what I wanted to do. More than learning something, I realized something once again. I’m definitely much better when I do the things that I like rather than doing something I’m told to do. I don’t think doing what others command, like a puppet, suits me.
This year, the film <Hiya> was shown. You were even given the Rookie Actor award at the Golden Film Awards, congratulations. Do you have any acting plans?
Thank you! I have a lot of plans personally but I can’t just do whatever I want. Since I’m still in the position of doing as I’m told, drawing up plans is quite vague. I’m not sure when, but I’ll continue to appear as an actor.
You look serious and reserved but you’re very talented. Is there something else that you would like to challenge?
Yes. I’m preparing to take on a new challenge with my friends. If it’s quick, maybe by next year? I can’t tell you anything in detail but please look forward to it!

Translated by: togetherinspirit7

ayyyy quick talk about jay and nya and jaya in the new episode because lots of character notes

For the record: I know this hasn’t been a topic of discussion yet and I’m not defending my ship from any “drama” or whatever. Rather I feel the need to clarify on this because if nobody does I couldn’t blame someone for being genuinely concerned about it once the hype has sunk down. Plus, I love talking about these nerds. 



okay they’re both being dinguses but more importantly their motives are really neat

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megidola-dancing-deactivated201  asked:

Just for fun, what would you like to see the IT doing as adults? like not just based on canon and what has been implied but your own headcanons and what would you like to see them doing?

I actually have headcanons there!

  • I see Yu as working a career desk job in a firm, while also writing self-help books for stressed people and similar motivational articles in his spare time and making some money off that. I can see him being quite successful, hard working, but also popular for being very engaged and charitable. He’d definitely have his place in society while also trying to make it a better place for others.

  • Yosuke I see as going into law enforcement, most likely as a public prosecutor. He did say that he was going to college, he’s shown to be actually quite smart, diligent and good at articulating himself (also good at debating), just lacking in self-esteem and a bit impatient, so given how Persona-abuse has impacted his life and how he’s already made experience with the Shadow Operatives, I can see him going into law enforcement as a Prosecutor secretly specializing in cases that are handled by the Shadow OPs, since his knowledge of Personas allows him to handle these cases in ways other people couldn’t and can thus help him make sure that criminals abusing Personas like Adachi did will never just escape the law. I swear this has nothing to do with him sharing his voice actor and music taste with Klavier Gavin from Ace Attorney. I imagine him as a boarderline work-a-holic, who may constantly complain and moan about his job, but is actually pretty passionate about it, even if it annoys him. Also, he has an unhealthy habit of pulling all-nighters while running on Starbucks coffee. 

  • Chie is gonna be a Police Detective working in Inaba, that much is certain. I can see her being Dojima’s junior partner for a few years before he retires. I imagine her as the tough one on the force who acts before thinking, but has the best intuition and gets the job done fast and efficiently. However, she’s be rough to thugs and bullies to the point that the rest of the force (and the rest of Inaba, for that matter), is kinda scared of getting on her bad side, even if she’s actually pretty chum when you don’t cross her. Also, I imagine her always joining the Nomikai with the rest of her force, being pretty social and drinking a LOT on these get-togethers. She’s pretty good at holding her liquor usually, but when she overdoes it after all, it’s better to take cover, because she becomes a force of nature. She also drags Yosuke along on Nomikai when he’s around, even though he’s not part of the force, just because she loves trying to see how many times she can refill his glass till he goes tipsy (he can’t take a lot-). 

  • Yukiko is the Inn Manager and nobody would ever dare crossing her, since she rules the Inn with an, emm, “gentle iron fist”. She may seem like a sweet, cultured lady, but if you cross her or the Inn in any way BEWARE. Her rage can incinerate you mentally. Basically, she’s pretty good at politely talking people into a corner so they end up tripping over their own words and unable to argue with her. However, this also makes her popular, since her attitude is a big reason why the media and rivals in the tourism branch don’t dare screwing with Inaba any longer - they’re too scared she’ll use her connections and mind-games to make it backfire at them. I see her as a clever business owner, who always gets the best deal out of everything, and is fair, but strict in her business tactics, pretty much the ruler of Inaba’s tourism industry. She does give discounts to her friends though - once a year. She will also never be able to cook better than “half-decently”. 

  • Kanji takes over Tatsumi Textiles, making it from a shop focused mostly on dyed goods into sort of his own little hot-tip textile-works shop, where he does everything from designs to accessories to tailoring… He already said he was planning to sell internationally and I see him go through with this, first as a secret tip in Japan, then eventually acquiring some minor international credit as a designer for some commercial tie-ins and the likes. I also see him as organizing arts and crafts workshops for grade school age children in Inaba, so kids with interests similar to his have a place to live them out. He just should never incorporate written phrases into his designs- otherwise he’ll get questionable fame as “That guy with the Engrish designs”. 

  • Rise will probably transition over from being an idol to being a fully-fledged multi-talent star who doesn’t need the “Risette” image any longer to sustain herself. I see her constantly reinventing herself, while keeping the core concept of her style the same, starting to write her songs herself and be more independent with how her career is managed. I can see her discarding the “Risette” name once she’s outgrown it and instead going for a more mature stage-name like “Rise K.” (A bit of a pun on “Kei”, Japanese for “-style” in some contexts, such as in “visual-kei”.) It’s a blink-and-miss in P4D, but even there Rise is already going for a different kind of “Risette” image, going more for “charming devil” than the cutesy-image Risette had before. I imagine she’d eventually become a pop-star somewhere among the lines of Ayumi Hamasaki, super-famous, surprisingly independent and with a powerful presence, but kind of controversial at times.

  • Teddie stays in Inaba, being fully adopted into the Hanamura family after some shenanigans and eventually taking over as the Junes’ branch manager after genuinely working his way up in the hierarchy with dedication. It sounds a bit simple for a person like him, but I think he genuinely loves the store and his job, so I think he would go that route, even if it meant that he’d eventually “outgrow” the mascot job. He’d have to (and would want to) grow up in a lot ways in general, learning how to take care of himself, lead a household, pay bills, manage his finances, manage the store, hold job interviews… I see him adopting a more professional, less dramatic attitude while on the job, while still staying pretty childish, dramatic and eccentric in private, just knowing how to hold back. I’d imagine him living in a small apartment somewhere in Inaba (location chosen based on where the best entry-point to the TV World would be), and having a pretty eclectic home-life, with his apartment either an utter chaos or neatly cleaned, depending on his mood on the day. Despite being surprisingly reliable at his job, he’d have trouble doing paper work and would constantly beg his friends to come over and “help” him, and when he mopes he’d drink low-alcohol mix drinks in cans and somehow manage to get “drunk” off that just because he wants to be dramatic. His go-to-method of saving money when he somehow manages to render himself broke would also be not eating anything for weeks, causing his friends to slowly realize he never needed to eat anything to begin with and has only been straining Yosuke’s wallet for the fun of it. (He’s not exactly in high spirits when he hasn’t eaten though). Also, despite having finally figured out what the concept of “scoring” actually means and realized that it’s absolutely nothing like what he imagined (and possibly also not something he can actually do), he’d still have a nasty habit of browsing the internet for porn and littering his hard drive for it, so Yosuke has to come once a month and clean up the bear’s PC, freeing it of viruses and malware before the files from Teddie’s job can take damage. (”Yosuke, I broke the PC HEEELP” “OK, what did you google this time?”) 

  • Naoto is a genius detective who travels the world searching paranormal cases and solving them with her Persona Abilities. She becomes famous as one of the great investigators of the 21st century and becomes known as an Empress of Deduction, even though she appears eccentric, seeing “normal” cases as small fry, beneath her caliber and constantly searching for real challenges, seemingly unsolvable cases anchored in the paranormal. Criminals fear her name. Investigators fear for their jobs when she is on the case. Reporters would kill for an interview with her. Books are written about her. None them are named “Persona x Detective Naoto”. 
Review - Mockingjay, Part 2 (Spoilers!)

I want to say in advance that I’ve read very little in the way of reviews because I was trying to remain somewhat spoiler free before watching the movie rather late (to accomplish that, I really should have stayed off of Tumblr completely but there you have it. My bad.). Therefore if I’m repetitive compared to other reviews, forgive me.

When Francis Lawrence said that Mockingjay, Part 2 was a true retelling of the novel, he wasn’t being coy or disingenuous.  He really made the last novel, improving on some of it’s flaws, and leaving other deficiencies intact. This includes Everlark. But overall, I’m satisfied with the film and I can’t wait to watch it again.

I won’t rehash every single last scene. Coming up on the end of this, I think it’s best to make a list of my observations:

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anonymous asked:

Maybe the Zayn they sold is was fake and the real Zayn loves attention ?

I don’t buy this whole “every single aspect that we think we know about the boys is narrative” bit.  I’m going to answer this once and for all because that viewpoint drives me up the wall.

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The new Shadowhunters promo

In my previous rants I’ve preached about how change will bring a new perspective to the story, and we need to focus on getting good reviews so it will get renewed, because this is our last chance to have an adaptation.

I doubt that’s much of a worry now (but still make sure to give it positive ratings!!!!!!) because the new promo is AMAZING. Some points:

  • I mean, we get a glimpse of Isabelle genuinely CARING about Clary instead of the jealous, awkward girl vs. girl side that the movie decided was the only important aspect of their relationship. Clary and Isabelle become really great friends despite their differences, and the fact that that is shown makes me really happy.
  • The acting is much more promising. We didn’t get a feel for the characters and the actors in previous promos/trailers/footage, but this one smacks us in the face with how GOOD they are at it, at least within a few episodes.
  • CLIMON FRIENDSHIP FEELS. Okay I SCREAMED with the Raphael/Simon shot where Clary is like BITCH TOUCH HIM AND ILL CUT YOUR DEAD ASS. And then the FUCKING PART where he says he’ll do anything for her and she says: “but you don’t have to die” and they hug and they’re all crying emotional…I was a wreck.
  • Valentine is still a dick.
  • He’s a bald, not blonde dick, (a step up from random weird movie dreadlock dick) but his dickness is the exact amount dickness he dickfully dicksplayed in the books. To conclude the actor plays the character well from what little we’ve seen.
  • Honorable mention of the Clary-bumps-into-Magnus thing that was also in previous promos bc my HEART
  • Did I mention Simon because he’s adorable
  • “3 days ago, all I was worried about was getting into art school” ouR BABY
  • “you’re part angel, Clary” so I’m wondering how deep the show will go explaining the origin of Shadowhunters and Downworlders?? Jonathan Shadowhunter’s tale, Raziel? Will the parabatai oath be mentioned, or recited? Will it explain the vampiric/lycanthropic demon diseases? How warlocks are made, where the Fair Folk come from? MORE FAIR FOLK?? Most importantly does Magnus have a belly button or nah bc I’ll like to see a belly button-less Magnus like in the books.
  • “I won’t forget your sacrifice” -Valentine, to one of his followers, presumably as he dies after protecting him. Then he’s seen stabbing someone and holding them to the ground. Sooo if parts of City of Ashes will be in season 1, is this part of the plan where Valentine gets all the kinds of blood? He’s getting mundane blood in episode one (not something he needed in the books, but it makes sense that’s what it’s for) and I think it might be Dot (Dorothea in the books, who has been changed for the show) who, if to the book, is a witch. He could need witch’s blood? Or maybe Dot is a warlock. If he needed Downworlder blood like in the books, where he gets warlock blood from a random young warlock, it would be easier to make a new warlock character to kill rather than throw in a random warlock for Valentine to go after like in said book. It might also be Jocelyn, but I’m not sure. He wouldn’t hurt her like that, he’s in love with her, despite his morality being dick with a side of dick. Interesting to think about.
  • I like the necklace Clary has, I think it’s a rune stone? If witchlights are wearable now, I want one.
  • Seraph blades actually glow. That’s not from just the newest promo but I think it’s important. I think they react to Shadowhunter touch now rather than angel names. Which is a BIT disappointing. Not that important but I think it would be cool to see them drawing on the power of Heaven like that. But who knows, maybe only fresh made seraph blades have to be named, and they just respond to touch after that?
  • Brief flash of what appears to be a Forsaken
  • Why he scream
  • Overall perfection

Well okay that’s more than a few for a 1 minute long promo. But I’m really pumped, I can’t wait for a high quality version of it. What did you guys think?

Girl Meets World Post

I want to start this post by saying: Yes. I am a twenty something year old who watches Girl Meets World. To be completely truthful, I watch it with my mom and older brother. We used to watch Boy Meets World when it used to come on TGIF, way back when.

That preface being done, I just have a few things to say.

First off, sure many people would like the show to be on any other channel but Disney. And I understand where they are coming from. But do you realize how many family sitcoms there are on these other channels?? For the most part, the plots would be more or less the same while the actors being different. Being on Disney, I think they are able to do more with it to make it different. Weird thinking, but I truly believe it.

Secondly. What people need to realize is that this show’s target audience is not the ones who were fans of BMW, but the new generation. Therefore, comparing the two is practically ridiculous. It plays on our nostalgia for sure, but it shouldn’t be forgotten who this show is really for. Different generation, different situations. Although fundamentally, they are both strong at their heart. Ps. The first few seasons of BMW were not as great as the later ones… so give this show a chance to grow like BMW did.

Third thing. I have really come to see a recent trend in television shows lately where the writers try really hard to keep the best friend relevant that the main character falls to the wayside. And that really bothers me, don’t know if it does to anyone else. I am sick of how the main characters are only just there to prop up their best friend. The narrative of the show, from the beginning, seems to make Riley all about Maya. And I understand that, and I love their relationship don’t get me wrong. But there is so much more to Riley, and people often confuse being good as being boring. Complexity comes in all varieties, hence being complex. Just because she doesn’t act out or that her parents are lifelong sweethearts who got married young, doesn’t mean her problems and her experiences are any less valid than Maya’s. It is not fair to compare them and rate them on their character sheets. Here the writers have no problem giving all these explanations for Maya’s actions. But what about Riley?? Why, or even what, makes her so good and only see good in other people?? Why does she want to help her friends all the time?? What made her the Riley we see??

This past episode, and everyone’s reaction to a couple scenes, really made me wonder about Riley and fans reaction go her and how it feels like they don’t understand her. A lot of shippers of Lucas and Maya had countless of gifs made about the interaction between them. But what really interested me was how Lucas had mentioned “I never do anything”, as his reason to go with Maya. Farkle wanted to have fun, and Maya just led the pack. Despite all of that, she let them choose. She didn’t stop them from leaving, nor did she follow them.

I think in regards to shipping, or even just regular platonic friendship, scene was the one where they kidnap Riley. She didn’t run away as soon as they put her down. She told them they looked ridiculous and gave them wipes. The dialogue between Lucas and Riley showed the very thing Lucaya shippers said Riley lacked when it came to Lucas after watching Girl Meets the Secret Life episode. She saw Lucas as the person he is, not who others see him as. Just like he sees her for what she is. The fact that neither of them would call each other the name their friends clued them during the detention proved that so beautifully.

And that shows how their relationship is growing. It’s changing and making each other better and helping each other understand their own selves better. And isn’t that what being in a healthy relationship supposed to do?? With Maya and Lucas it’s always the same. Something happens to show a different side of Lucas, she cracks a joke and calls him names, they move on, the wheel keeps turning. There is nothing new about their dynamic. At least as far as the writing has shown us so far. I know all this sounds biased because I really like Riley and Lucas together, but there is only so much banter between two people because they totally like each other troupe a person can take before it gets old fast.

Thing is, as a viewer of a lot of television and aspiring writer myself, I am well aware that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much of a fan you are of the show. shows do not belong to you the same way it belongs to its creators and writing team. They have the story they want to tell, and we are just here along for the ride. We can critize it and analyze it all we want, but at the end of the day it’s not ours in the same way it’s theirs. Therefore, whatever direction this GWM ride goes, I am going to enjoy the view.

Dapper Dan and His Elfin Prince

 Anonymous prompted: Could you write something about Kurt bragging about Blaine to everyone at NYADA, so when Blaine actually arrives, everyone already knows who he is? Thanks!:) Fluff. 6.6K [AO3]

“Are you sure I’m not overdressed? Or underdressed?” Blaine worries, checking his reflection in the window of the bus for at least the third time in ten minutes. He straightens his bowtie and then looks to Kurt for reassurance.

“You’re perfect,” Kurt promises, squeezing his hand. “You are exactly the right amount of dressed.”

“Sorry, I’m just nervous,” he apologizes.

“I know, honey. I was terrified on my first day at NYADA too, but you’ve got nothing to worry about - especially when you have your handsome, wise boyfriend to show you the ropes,” Kurt grins.

“Don’t forget modest,” Blaine teases, leaning forward and capturing Kurt’s lips in a sweet kiss. “And technically it’s fiancé now, not boyfriend.”

“God, I’m still not used to that,” Kurt marvels, looking down at the intertwined hands to admire the simple platinum band on his ring finger.

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