he's on the way to ohio

The first American to orbit the Earth has died. John Glenn was the last surviving member of the original Mercury astronauts. He would later have a long political career as a U.S. senator, but that didn’t stop his pioneering ways.

Glenn made history a second time in 1998, when he flew aboard the shuttle Discovery to become the oldest person to fly in space. Glenn was 95; he had been hospitalized in Columbus, Ohio, since last week.

Glenn had been battling health issues since a stroke a few years ago. His death was confirmed Thursday by This was confirmed to NPR by Hank Wilson, communications director of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University.

John Glenn, First American To Orbit The Earth, Dies At 95

Photo: NASA/Getty Images

i want to tell you a story. it’s a story about a 17 year old boy from columbus ohio, with a rubber band on his wrist and bad thoughts in his head who writes about trees and saying hello. it’s a story about a 20 year old boy from ohio who makes this musical group, and starts to need his rubber band less, and puts his words in to music. it’s a story about a 22 year old boy from ohio, whose life isn’t going quite the way he thought it would but he’s made a new friend, a new brother, and this new friend is helping him project the words he once feared to say, louder and further than he ever thought possible. it’s a story about a 24 year old boy from ohio who has stopped wearing his rubber band completely, and who is singing the world his darkest thoughts, at first afraid of rejection, but growing confidence as he hears the world sing back. it’s a story about a 27 year old boy from ohio, with tattoos lining his wrist where a rubber band once was, who stands in one of the biggest venues in america and sings to nearly 30,000 people about trees and saying hello. 

i want to tell you a story. it’s a story about a boy who made it. and i want you to know that you can make it too. you are not a sad story. you are not hopeless. you will sing about your own trees one day.

Prompt: Castiel’s handprint has faded, but Dean can’t stop thinking about it and their ‘bond’. He gets a tattoo of the handprint in secret, and no one finds out about it until he takes off his flannels and it peeks out from underneath his t-shirt.

Dean got the tattoo on a whim. He’d been five or six beers deep in a questionable bar in Ohio, trying to waste time while Sam attempted to get his four hours in an even more questionable motel room across town. Dean had given up on the prospect of sleep a long time ago; Purgatory had pretty much beaten the desire out of him, and he didn’t feel right laying down in a lumpy mattress and closing his eyes while Cas was still stuck in a literal hell-hole. 

He missed the little guy, he could admit that. He missed the way he’d pop in every so often just to see how Dean was doing, or he’d give Dean an awkward, if not reassuring pat on the back before or after a hunt. He missed the stupid ‘Hello Dean’s’, that idiotic flasher coat and the dumb gravelly voice. He missed his best friend.

From that thought, he’d managed to convince himself that he was doing this to honour Cas and everything he’d done for them. It was a wonder that there was  tattoo parlour open so late into the night, but it was just dumb luck that it happened to be a good artist working the night shift. 

The chick seemed skeptical when Dean had described what he wanted, but when he rolled up his sleeve and showed her the faint outline, she seemed to get the idea. She didn’t say much, except typical small talk and to ask how he was feeling or to clarify what exactly he wanted the finished outcome to look like. Miraculously, the tattoo was finished by morning and he made sure to leave her a generous tip while he thanked her profusely. 

In hindsight, a fresh tattoo and a hangover weren’t the best ailments to be sporting going into a hunt, but at least it was only a salt and burn that didn’t require a whole lot of effort. 

Months, then years passed. They saved Cas, watched him and the angels fall. They dealt with the Mark, Metatron and Abbaddon. Dean became and was cured of being a demon.  They get rid of the Mark and restore Cas’s grace, then reunite God and his sister. The tattoo goes unnoticed.

It slides under the radar until Dean gets into one of nesting moods and cleans the whole bunker. He shucks his flannel in favour of his t-shirt and puts a little elbow grease into scrubbing the tables in the kitchen. He doesn’t even hear Cas come in.

“Dean? What happened to your arm?” He asks, gruff voice laced with worry. He grabs at Dean’s bicep as the hunter startles and pulls up the sleeve despite the other man’s protests. “I don’t understand,” Castiel says pensively, “This shouldn’t - it should have faded by now, especially with all of your reincarnations.”

“It’s not the original,” Dean replies quietly, rubbing the back of his neck. He never meant for Cas to see it.  “I got it done while you were in Purgatory,” his voice cracks and he winces, embarrassed. “I was drunk, and I talked myself into thinking that it’d be a good way to ‘honour you’ or some shit,” he avoids Cas’s eyes, he knows they’re doing that stupid squinty thing. “Plus, I kinda missed it, you know?”

“Dean,” Cas breathes, making the hunter look at him. “You- this was for me?”

“Sure, ‘s probably got something to do with that ‘profound bond’ bullshit you’re always going on about. Well, that and I missed you while you were gone,”

He’s suddenly got an armful of angel and plush lips against his own. He stiffens at first, until Cas pulls away and mumbles a grateful ‘thank you, Dean’ before leaning back in, fitting his hand over the tattoo and pressing their mouths together. Dean relaxes into it with a sigh because, hey, this is what he wanted, isn’t it?

For @lecnvrdmccoy, I hope this is similar to what you had in mind and most of all, I hope you enjoyed it!

Filled Prompts

12.03 The Foundry coda, 1,046 words. I live for Dean and Cas having supportive phone conversations. 

Dean had stopped crying a while ago, but the edges of his eyes were crusted shut, his eyelashes damp. Sam had gone to his room not long after mom left and closed the door. Dean had caught the droning narration of a WWII documentary when he’d gone past on his way to bed. His stomach groaned but he had no appetite. There were no footsteps in the halls tonight.

His laptop was plugged in to charge; the lone blue LED light caught the objects on his nightstand like ghosts: his phone, an empty water glass, a fat paperback Cas had borrowed from a motel lobby and never read. Dean picked up the phone out of habit. Cas had checked in hours ago to say he’d reached Ohio, but Dean, still angry Cas had gone without them, had given him only a grunted “okay.”

No new messages. It was four in the morning but wherever Cas was right now, he was awake. He wouldn’t mind if Dean called. Still, Dean was nervous as it rang, thinking Cas might not answer this time, that Dean’s clipped tone earlier might earn him another rejection.

Cas answered swiftly, assuaging his fear. “Dean. Just a moment.” From the sound of it, he was driving. A DJ droned on the radio and the phone practically shook from the rumble of a large vehicle passing the truck. The radio went silent. Cas’s voice was rough, like he hadn’t spoken in hours. “You’re up late.”

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The Lost Boy

Due to the nature of Jeffrey Dahmer’s full confession, there is little room for conspiracy theories - but because of the graphic nature of his crimes, the theories in circulation are not without any support. One prominent theory that still holds weight among some, is that Dahmer kidnapped, raped, then decapitated and discarded the head of Adam Walsh, a six year old boy from Florida. Some of the notoriety in this particular case stems from the fact that Adam Walsh was the son of America’s Most Wanted host, John Walsh.

At the time the murder occurred, Dahmer had recently been discharged from the Army and, in an effort to avoid his father’s disappointment by returning home to Ohio, he decided to take a one-way ticket to Miami, Florida. While there, he worked at a subway shop and stayed in a hotel, drinking his days away until he ran out if money and began sleeping on the beach. This escape would only last 6 months, from March to September of ‘81.

In July of 1981, Adam Walsh was last seen at Hollywood Mall with his mother, who had only been absent momentarily, asking about a lamp and leaving Adam to play video games at a kiosk with some other boys. An argument separated the boys and Adam was never seen alive again. Two weeks later, the presumed (DNA and forensic testing was in its infancy - something important to note when considering any details regarding this case) head of young Adam was found in a canal by a fisherman, his death was determined to be by asphyxiation. His body was never found.

Two years later, in ‘83, Ottis Toole, an inmate and previous drifter, serving time for seemingly random homicides of no specific MO, confessed to the kidnapping and killing of Adam Walsh, with grisly details. According to Toole, he offered Adam toys and sweets to lure him to his vehicle, where he planned to attempt to brainwash him into thinking he was his own son. However, he quickly became annoyed with the child and hit him in the face to stop his sobbing and did not stop until Adam was unconscious. At this point, realizing Adam he was still alive, he strangled him with his seatbelt, decapitated him with a machete, raped his corpse, and burned his body, keeping the head for a couple days before ‘remembering’ he had it, and tossing it into the nearby canal. Although he later recanted these claims, a renowned friend/partner - serial killer Henry Lee Lucas - substantiated them in similar detail. It is said that Toole confessed to the murder once again on his deathbed in 1996.

Due to the forensic limitations in the 80’s, in addition to police incompetence - having lost the entire vehicle Toole drove, as well as the DNA evidence included therein, and the machete used in the incident - neither Dahmer nor Toole were attributed to the murder for another 25+ years.

Dahmer, up until his death in 1994, maintained that he was never interested in children (his youngest victim was twice Adam’s age, plus a couple more years) nor did he commit any homicides during his short stay in Florida. Although witnesses claimed to have seen a man in fatigues, Dahmer insisted he did not wear these after his leave from the military - his clothes were shipped home to Ohio, without him. He also stated that he has never been to Hollywood Mall, which was 30 minutes away from his job at the sub shop. Infamous for his lengthy and detailed confession regarding his 17 murders, Dahmer only ever claimed he would accept credit for Walsh’s death if it would get him the death penalty, but still that he did not actually commit it.

In 2008, over ten years after Toole had died in prison from liver failure, investigators finally closed the case - Toole was officially the murderer of Adam Walsh. Walsh’s father has expressed gratitude for the closure and does not personally believe Dahmer was ever a valid suspect. Police now claim that Toole was always the primary suspect, but that they could not prove it without the forensic backup lost. The case was settled by previously unknown connections.


You are the best friend of Sam’s girlfriend. And since Dean is single and lonely, Sam and his girlfriend are trying to make a match between Dean and Y/N.

Dean Winchester x Reader, Hannah x Sam Winchester, Hannah x Reader (friendship)

Warnings: none, maybe fluff idk

I called Sam’s girlfriend Hannah, there’s no real reason why.
When your name is Hannah you can change the name into something else.

Dean who’s making his way into the kitchen yawn’s and runs his hands over his face.
He and his brother just finished a stressful case in Ohio, and he was really happy to be back at the bunker.

“Good morning Dean.”, Hannah says happily, as soon as the oldest brother walkes through the door into the kitchen:“Have you slept well?”, she takes a sip of her coffee and gives him a smile.

“Not as good as you and Sammy, huh?”,he says and places himself on one of the chairs.
Even though Hannah tries to hide her face behind the newspaper he can clearly see how it turns slightly red: “Speaking of Sam, where is he?”

Even though he is always teasing Hannah and his brother, hes kind of jealous that he isn’t able to have what they have.

“He’s picking Y/N up.”, she answers and stands up to places her cup into the dishwasher:“ But he must be back in a few minutes.”

“Y/N?”, Dean’s asks and raises his thick eyebrows and Hannah hands him some coffee.

“She’s my best friend, and since I am kind of the reason her house burned out she’s staying here at the bunker for a little while.”, She explains but mumbles the last words, but before the brother of her boyfriend can complain about it she interrupts him:“ But you’re going to love her Dean, she’s truly amazing!”

“We’re back!”

Hannah’s head shoots up at the voice of her lover and she gives Dean a wink:“Believe me, you’re going to fall for her in a second.”
At with that she disappears.

Dean who sigh’s stands up and walks with the cup in his left hand into the war room.
At first he can only see Sam, then Hannah comes into his view and then she.

The woman, who must be Y/N stands in the middle of the war room.

She’s wearing a white t-shirts that seems a little bit too big for her body, it must be Hannah’s (since Hannah is taller than her) and blue jeans.

At Dean could swear to god her smile is the most beautiful thing in the entire world- in the entire universe. And in the minute his eyes are meeting her Y/E/C ones, his heart stopped for a second.

“You must be Dean.”, She says friendly and walks up to him:“ It’s nice to meet you finally, I’ve heard so many things about you.”

“I hope you only heard good things!”, He says and smiles down at her, when he realizes that he starts to blush he looks up at his brother and nods:“What happened to her house?”

“Hannah and I were chasing a bunch of demons and when they tried to stop us they set my house on fire.”, She runs a hand through her Y/H/C hair and looks at Hannah:“But if someone hadn’t told them my address my house would be ok!”

“It was a damn accident, we tried to kill them so I wanted to set a trap -”

“Remember me that the next time I am going to set the trap,ok?”, Y/N says and sigh’s:“Anyway I’m-”

Dean raises his hand and interrupts her:“Wait a second, you’re a hunter?”,the excitement in his voice is clear to hear, as soon as he can see the amusement in the eyes of his younger sibling he clears his throat:“ I mean -”

Y/N looks at the ground smiling, before she looks back up at him.
And it sends shivers down his back:“Yes, Yes I am. Since Hannah stepped into my life. She saved me a long time ago, and I learned everything from her!”

Sam lays his arm around her shoulders and looks down at his girlfriend:“Well, should I cut the pie while you talk about-”

“Pie?”, Dean asks and he almost chokes on his coffee:“Why do we have pie, and who-”

“You know, Dean.”,Hannah says while she follows her boyfriend to the kitchen:“Y/N isn’t just one of the best huntresses I know, she’s also bakes the best pie in the entire world!”

Dean looks back at Y/N who gives him a shy smile, he sighs and shakes his head.

He knows this woman is going to be the death of him.

michigan gothic
  • a small boy appears in the cornfields around your house. you ask him where he came from. he says nothing, but reaches for your hand. he presses his finger into your palm.
  • the lakes are angry and they send snow. the people whisper while warming their hands, “it’s not as bad as ‘78.” once, you ask your father, “what happened in ‘78?” he sniffs the air. “winter is meant to end,” is his nonreply.
  • the lake towns are flooded with tourists who never travel from very far. the clerk at the rental cabin has never checked someone out. tourists still check in.
  • you have an upset stomach and your mother brings you a ginger ale. the name on the bottle is a famous alchemist who went mad. it’s also your last name. you try not to think about it.
  • the only way out is through a cut of land called indiana, ever since the wolverines tore through ohio. you’ve learned to sleep through their screams.
  • it’s fall and the word on everyone’s lips is “lions.” you’ve never seen one, but every fall, you hold out hope. within a month, you assume they’re dead.
  • your cousin invites you for a visit and tells you not to park in the garage. later, he opens the garage door to show you a sea of drink containers. you take a step in. “be careful,” he says, “those are worth something.”
  • you are from kalamazoo. you’ve lived your entire life in kalamazoo. your family and friends are all in kalamazoo. you’re watching tv one day and you hear it. “kalamazoo isn’t a real place.” you look down. your body flickers.
Gay Cyclops. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

Originally posted by the-flash-world

My request! Y/N is Sebastian’s girlfriend. Or was. They had an unhealthy relationship. And to chop it all off, he cheated on Y/N with a girl from another show choir from a school not too far away from Dalton. To make things up for her, he buys her the necklace she had always wanted from Pandora which was way too expensive to afford. But thanks to Sebastian’s wealth, he got it just in time. Along with the help of Blaine Anderson, the once gay cyclops - who has better things in mind.

Tags: swearing, fluff

Some angels are destined to fall. Their wickedness and vanity causing them to fall from the sky and be destroyed with their wings ripped or damaged.

Sebastian Smythe felt like that. He was an angel with broken wings. Everyone misunderstood him. The bully, the evil villain of Lima, Ohio, the prince with the wannabe Disney prince haircut. The New Directions came up with so many aliases for him. Most were hurtful. He knew he didn’t deserved to be treated unfairly but after what he did to his now ex-girlfriend Y/N, he had second thoughts.

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Our morning show invited anyone who wanted to do a free yoga class to the mall this morning and we had 70+ people show up! (I’m in the dark red shirt) We had one viewer who said he had never done yoga before but wanted to try it out. And he rocked it like a CHAMP! He was a bigger guy and held his own and made fun of our super skinny news anchor at the end and said a big guy like him shouldn’t have been able to keep up with the skinny folks. Right on dude!

Then came home and did my long run. It’s brutally cold. We hit a high of 78° and the wind chill today is in the teens. Classic Ohio weather. Either way, solid run and I learned a few new yoga stretches to help my lower back after the run. Staying mobile a while and not sitting down, which is when it stiffens up.

I would have had negative splits the whole time, but two miles I ran 3 seconds slower than the previous mile. I’ll blame the wind or waiting on traffic lights. Haha. Have a great rest of the weekend!


Happy 26th birthday to my favorite hockey player, Curtis McKenzie! It has been a crazy ride supporting him and I wouldn’t change it for the world! He is the nicest professional athlete I have ever had the privilege of meeting and continues to surprise me on and off the ice! He’s had a long journey, won championships at Miami Ohio, won AHL Rookie of the Year and the Calder Cup with the Texas Stars. Now he’s fighting hard in the NHL. It has been so cool to watch him work through the season to improve and progress. I’m so proud every night he’s in the lineup. I have a multitude of stories about meeting him (which is so crazy) but my favorite was after I bought my first NHL jersey, his jersey. I had to have it custom (extra custom since NHL.com doesn’t have him as an option). After paying way too much, I got it, little C and all. I’ll never forget seeing him, showing him and the smile on his face and saying “Oh! You got it! No way!!” (even in his ridiculous accent)
Again, I know I haven’t had the typical experience with my favorite, being able to see and meet him so often, but he’s not typical.
Happy birthday to my favorite Canadian, muckbro, monkey, “small guy”, Curtis ❤️


Townes Van Zandt ~ Pancho and Lefty

Living on the road my friend
Was gonna keep you free and clean
Now you wear your skin like iron
Your breath’s as hard as kerosene
You weren’t your mama’s only boy
But her favorite one it seems
She began to cry when you said goodbye
And sank into your dreams

Pancho was a bandit boys
His horse was fast as polished steel
Wore his gun outside his pants
For all the honest world to feel
Pancho met his match you know
On the deserts down in Mexico
Nobody heard his dying words
That’s the way it goes

All the federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him hang around
Out of kindness I suppose

Lefty he can’t sing the blues
All night long like he used to
The dust that Pancho bit down south
Ended up in Lefty’s mouth
The day they laid poor Pancho low
Lefty split for Ohio
Where he got the bread to go
There ain’t nobody knows

All the federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him slip away
Out of kindness I suppose

The poets tell how Pancho fell
Lefty’s livin’ in a cheap hotel
The desert’s quiet and Cleveland’s cold
So the story ends we’re told
Pancho needs your prayers it’s true,
But save a few for Lefty too
He just did what he had to do
Now he’s growing old

A few gray federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him go so wrong
Out of kindness I suppose


Trigger warning: None

Paring: Josh and reader

Genre: fluff

Plot: Your daughter get’s lost in the words and you are reunited over a year later.

This was written inspired by the song ‘Trees’ by twenty one pilots.

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  • Can I tweet him that he’s gay?
  • I’m on fire with happiness.
  • Am I allowed to shove my foot up her fucked up asshole yet?
  • Ohio sucks.
  • Gay until proven straight.
  • The eerie nut.
  • Stop showing everyone your nudes.
  • I’d rather you eat my ass than exist in the way that you do.
  • At least you don’t eat rocks.
  • Well cut my throat and spank my ass.
  • Why am I an actual hunk of beef?
  • I don’t wanna hear it, Captain Rasberita.
  • It’s always titty time.
  • I’ve always hated boys and recent events have supported my argument.
  • Was his dick ever in your ass?
  • He didn’t shatter my heart!
  • I’m constantly concerned for my ass cheeks.
  • Why was $1096 just deposited into my bank account? Do I finally have a sugar daddy?
  • Do you ever just cut part of your finger off?
  • This fucking little bitch kid next to me is chomping on her gum and if she doesn’t stop I’m going to rip it out of her mouth and stick it on her forehead
  • When you’re buying cigs and your dad walks into the gas station and you die a little.
  • I just found a vomit chunk on my bathroom floor.
  • Do you think if I fake my death I can get off work?
  • The gay agenda is slowly taking over the agriculture business.
  • Normal teenage hangouts at abandoned asylums.
  • I love how people think I’m straight.
  • Your pussy eating skills brought her to a state of unconsciousness.
  • Time to bond with Jesus, y’all.
  • Sometimes a corn’s gotta earn a living.
  • Girls who kick ass can kick my ass.
  • I started imagining you as a chicken.

Sam and Dean were both concerned and surprised when Cas declared he was suddenly leaving. Cas was honest with them, gave them details about where he was going (Cleveland. In Ohio.), why (reports of a dude with glowing red eyes and case-specific details), and then he turned down their immediate offer of backup, promising to call if the lead panned out, and that he wouldn’t go after Lucifer alone. Plus, they trust him. He’s got a long history of coming when they call, and has apparently, for all intents and purposes, moved in to the bunker.

When Mary came into the kitchen a few minutes later, she made up an excuse to explain why she cut her hair (and seemed shifty about it, because chopping off your own hair like that is An Emotional Thing, which I’ve done BUT NEVER WHEN I WAS IN A STABLE GOOD EMOTIONAL PLACE, but kudos to her for doing such a good job at it :P), she described the case she found in an offhand sort of way (and then became a little defensive about how she was going about her research and the fact that she was looking for a hunt in the first place), and then seemed both surprised and disappointed (yet resigned!) when Dean announced they were ALL going on that hunt with her.

Like Cas, I think she really WANTED to go alone. But unlike Cas, she wasn’t able to voice that. She hadn’t known how to even ASK about going alone, because everything they’d done up to that point had been A Family Problem (Saving Sam). But she wanted this for herself. not necessarily just for the hunt, but for some alone time. And then she didn’t even end up with her own motel room, just a rollaway bed shoved off to the side in Sam and Dean’s room.

While her hunting skills weren’t up to 2016 standards, her instinct about the case had been right, while Sam and Dean’s modern skills still hadn’t netted them the right conclusion.

But Mary hadn’t necessarily even expected them to offer to go with her. She seemed caught off guard by the way they simply invited themselves along, like they’d also tried to do with Cas. Mary didn’t know how to tell them no.

She just doesn’t have the history with them. I don’t think they would’ve accepted a no anyway, because they also don’t have a history with her. In the end, she really did do what she had to, leaving the way she did was the only way she could’ve left without having Sam and Dean follow her right out the door, and it took working that case with them for her to realize that.

Hello! My name is Micki, I’m a 20 year old college student living in Toledo, Ohio. I’ve been wanting to write more and I feel like this would be a cool way to do it, and make friends. (:

Mildly fun facts about me: I am very much so into Harry Potter. I love plants, primarily succulents (I have 25 at least). I am a big couponer and I love getting great deals. I have been to over 20 concerts (twenty one pilots, blink-182, the wonder years, adtr, many others). I have a cat, he’s silly and stupid and I take way too many pictures of him.

If we share some interests, or all would be rad, I’d love to talk to you. Email or snail mail 🐌 I would prefer snail mail, has a more personal touch. Plus if we become friends I’d totally want to send you some plants or little gifts 🎁 hookups below

Email: liveinthefairytale@gmail.com

Instagram: mickiellen (personal) and ohiosuccs (succulent insta)


Original Request: Heeyyy!! I love your imagines and your writings!!! Could you pleeaseee write a dean x reader based on the 200th episode where Marie ships them together and in the later Chuck books they’re a couple? They both feel the same way but they won’t confess it? Can she please be  a bad ass hunter sassy no chick flick moments type??? Pleeaseee?

A/N: It’s kind of late and I have no clue if this made any sense. I sure hope you enjoy it though!

Word Count: 3390

Summary: Dean, Sam and the reader meet up with Marie to see the second installment of the Supernatural Musical.

“Crap,” Dean grumbled as he pulled into the parking lot of the Wapakoneta High School in Ohio. A large string of missing people and a few bodies had been centered around the school. Teachers. Students. Parents of students. A large assortment of people had disappeared over the past year and a half. That was brought you and the Winchester brothers to investigate.

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