he's on the swing lol

Imagine if Kylo has really bad eyesight and needs his helmet to see properly. 😂😂😂 He actually wears glasses in his quarters. That's why he got so close to Rey during the interrogation, because he needs to look at her up close.. 😎

My new Head Canon 🙂😎😂 He is just swinging his Saber and following the blue light. 🙄

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why did keith get in that one fight in the piercings punk klance au??? aLSO ILY AND I LOVE THE PUNK AU PLEASE MAKE MORE I CANT BREATHE WHEN I SEE THEM

Keith gets into a lot of fights, but he’s usually defending others. He’ll see a kid getting bullied and immediately jump in, fists swinging lol. (That specific time he was helping a guy on the streets who was getting beat up). People don’t know that though, so they’re kinda scared of him, and he was labelled as the school delinquent. 

Also, thank you! I’m drawing a few things for this AU, but i’m not sure when i’ll be able to finish them, ‘cause you know, college :/

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Chorophobia: Our muses dance together.

“I see your tailoring quandary turned out well.”

“I see you finally found your chance to attend one of our soirees,” Dani reflected Freddie’s grin with a teasing glint in their eye.

Leave it to the Savins to find any excuse for a party. In the midst of a warm summer evening, the estate and it’s ballroom had been transformed into the recreation of a Gatsby-esque 1920′s manor, complete with rampant frivolity, the exuberant tunes on jazz in the air, and a widespread sheen of glitter – which stuck to everything and was, unfortunately, thoroughly unavoidable. Dani had been standing idly by the bar, nursing a flute of champagne. While the vibrant of the festivities was by no means uncharming, it was a bit much to face by oneself; hence their quiet observance of the dance floor from the moderate sanity of its edge. 

The smoothly dealt compliment towards their attire prompted Dani to adjust the lapel of their tuxedo with a quick downward glance. “And yes, thank you. I rather like it.”

“You look positively handsome, darling,” Freddie reiterated, leaving the younger glowing at their fashionable accomplishment. He swept his eyes about the room then, curious as he turned back to them. “Where’s your love then? Surely he hasn’t left you here alone looking like that.”

Dani chuckled, “No, he would never. But I’m afraid he won’t be able to make it tonight. A last minute wedding order came in to the shop. Some people are just bloody inconvenient.” They took another sip of their champagne and sighed. “Though perhaps it’s better this way. We both enjoy a good party, but this–” they flicked their eyes out over the floor once more and stepped back when a tipsy, squealing school of mermaids came stumbling by, “–would be a tad too extreme for his taste anyhow. Where are yours then?” The young Savin cocked their head at the fairy in inquiry. 

“Oh- they’ll be around.” Freddie waved off the question lightheartedly. “I’m sure they won’t be bothered if I catch up with a mate in the meantime.” He flashed Dani another one of his brilliant grins, and then, after a pause, shifted his gaze to the dancing crowd and back to the petite figure of the human beside him. “Would you care to dance?”

Dani blinked at Freddie’s hand as if surprised by the offer, but a second later, set their glass down and placed their own hand atop of his. “I think I can spare my company for a song or two. I do hope you’re familiar with your swing steps.”

“I can assure you, love, that you won’t have to worry about that one bit,” Freddie smiled as he swept the other out onto the floor and took their hands in preparation. 

And so they fell into step to the lively tunes of decades past, swinging and twirling and throwing in the occasional trick of flare until the fast-paced motions landed them both back on the sidelines in a fit of dizzied laughter.     



members like kyungsoo, baekhyun and suho are already part of the tiny line, but imagine them really tiny. like really, really tiny, tiny enough to fit into your pocket. ready? leggo

other headcanons here

sehun: will pester you to sneak him bites of your sandwich into your pockets though you already told him you didn’t want mayo in your pocket, that’s gonna be gross as hell!! but he’s cute so you give in. sometimes you fall asleep at your table and he’ll slot some flowers into your hair so when you wake up you are literally showered with a forest

jongin: forever sleepy and soft, likes to help you out when you’re doing your homework so he jumps on the buttons of your calculator for you to calculate your logarithms and stuff. he likes to sit on your shoulder while you watch tv and you can hear his laugh extremely closely and you love it! when you’re making mac and cheese he sometimes sits by the side and just munches on the cheese and you let him cos you love him

kyungsoo: will be kind of upset about being extremely small. he demands that he helps out in the kitchen so he orders you around while sitting atop the rice bucket like ‘put in a dash of pepper NO A DASH THAT IS LIKE 2 DASHES’. he’ll also sometimes fall asleep on your palm and his breath tickles but you don’t wanna wake him so you endure it! because he is your tiny lil squish and you love him so so much

chanyeol: will around you and make cute puppy noises and he would love sharing food with you! although you eat majority of it, of course. he’d be slightly sad he can’t play his musical instruments like before but then he’s glad he’s this small because you can always carry him around in your pocket or your purse.

jongdae: will sing, a lot a LOt!! he’d like sharing ice cream with you, he eats out of a small plastic spoon and you break off tiny pieces of wafers and pepero to share. he’d hate getting showers because all of a sudden water droplets are so big!! and he’d be kind of freaked out but still kinda cool about it. he’d demand you to take him outside to get some leaves so he could wrap them around himself and pretend to be tarzan.

baekhyun: would want to swing from the string thingy hanging down ceiling fans because heck yes he’s finally small enough to do it (he calls it swinging from the chendaelier hehe get it lol). he’d also want to braid your hair and he does kind of a terrible job but it’s cool, he tried. sometimes he disappears for a few hours and he returns with a bunch of flowers he picked from your own garden, usually thin little stalks because he is tiny and can’t handle anything too heavy, and he gives them to you shyly with a cheesy kiss on the cheek

yixing: he’d be more adventurous than usual i think! he would follow you to the grocery store and he’d tell you what kinds of snacks he wants and you’d put him in the tiny baby seats will all of his snacks. he’d also jump up a few shelves and tip some potato chips over the edge so they fall and you make sure to catch them before they hit the floor, it’s a team effort and you to enjoy the reward by lounging on the couch watching running man later while binging on said potato chips

joonmyun: would enjoy watching you work, like jongin. would put himself in your shirt pocket and peek out as you work on an essay or something, and he’d tell you readily when you need a synonym for ‘fascinating’ or something. he’d also be down to play games like angry birds on your phone because your phone is around the same size as he is and he feels that he can better control the game that way (he ends up never getting past level 6 and sulks in your pocket the entire day)

minseok: would be excited to be so small and would enjoy just chilling with you. he might also want you to take him outside so you put him in the basket of your bicycle and you two go out for a ride, just enjoying the nice air together! he would also make you get out your dusty doll houses from the attic and he makes you wipe them down (because no way would he go inside something so dusty and gross) and he explores the interior and he pops out of the window like ‘TADA!’ and he’ll be very cute… as usual (^:

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Hiii! Bokuto and Suga for the ask thing?

bokuto koutarou aka my love

do I like them: yes!! would marry 10/10
5 good qualities: his THIGHS, his upbeat personality!! hes super encouraging??? + he literally cares for everyone i mean. THIGHS.
3 bad qualities: ahhh his mood swings lol, uh sometimes he can be a tad bit overbearing, 
favourite episode/etc: when they officially meet tsukki and the third gym is born!
otp: Bokuroo obv
brotp: bokuto and hinata lol i think their dynamic is so cute
ot3: my heart is screaming third gym but really its akaashi, bokuto, and kuroo lol.
notp: i dont have one??? hes literally my dream guy cant imagine him as a notp
best quote: i dont wanna say the exact quote cause i dont want to spoil it for people who arent caught up with the manga but its in the latest chapter where bokuto relates to tanaka about the pressure hes feeling from the match lol. it where you kinda realize that hes really aware of himself and his actions even tho it sometimes seems like he isnt.
head canon: even tho its proven its the one where hes self aware of himself even though he can also be dense about stuff

sugawara koushi

do I like them: yes hes literally the sweetest
5 good qualities: hes definitely a caring person, he looks out for everyone and wants to make sure theyre working their hardest, he can also be strict when he needs to be, he puts other people first especially if it means its for the better, he knows how to work with everyone bc hes easily compatible 
3 bad qualities: sometimes he can feel really insecure about himself, 
favourite episode/etc: when he talks to tenshin about making kageyama the official setter instead of him

otp: suga and asahi lol
brotp: suga and daichi
ot3: i meeaaannnnn suga, daichi, and asahi lol
notp: dont have one
best quote: during the interhigh when they were against seijoh and he was really passionate about wanting to be able to fight with the team too. it really made my heart happy ;-;
head canon: sometimes he get really upset at himself for the fact that he’s not the official setter. it makes him feel really inadequate and uncertain about how he wants to move forward with volleyball. but he realizes that not all opportunities come gift wrapped and this was a chance for him to improve himself for the better of him and the team.


└ Have we seen such a てれてれ Jun-kun before?  

Part 1: And the journey begins… | Part 2 here

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