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I shouldn’t be bothered by antis, and usually I’m not, but I feel compelled to say this:

There are newspapers that have written negative things about gay rights and about immigration, that have written “all lives matter” and even a few that have defended sexual harassment as “boys being boys.” 

He could have articles saying very, very different things flashing quickly by in that video if he just wanted the aesthetic. He could have picked up a few copies of The Sun and The Daily Mail and had sordid headlines flashing by about other celebrities and it would have made sense in context - or he could have chosen headlines about himself. Hell, it could have had articles on Theresa May or Trump, it’s not like there’s not a lot of news about them if the designers were just looking for newsprint.

But he didn’t. He chose, without exception, progressive political and social articles - or, let’s be broad about this - he and his creative team chose progressive political and social articles and he approved them.

At the very, very least this lyric video is deliberately progressive on a lot of major issues in the world right now. And my heart is just bursting with it.

Hook, Line, & Sinker

  Pairing: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader

A/N: If there is any band that reminds me the most of Finn Balor, it is Royal Blood. If you haven’t listened to them, go and do it, they’re ! This imagine is based on one of their songs, “Hook, Line, & Sinker”. 

Summary: Finn had multiple reasons for wanting to turn heel and redesign the Bullet Club, he was the founder, he could do whatever he pleased with it. Though, the heaviest influence comes from the fact that Finn knows all too well that Y/N’s a sucker for the bad boys and he’s itching for her attention. 

Warnings: Sexual Content (I didn’t intend for the smut, but there’s def smut), Language, also warning, this is VERY long.  

Word Count: 10,517 (I could not stop writing). 

She’s got the devil on one shoulder, and the other’s getting colder…  Then she drags me by one finger, to her lips, Hook, line & sinker… 


A Demon does not crawl from the depths of hell to dance for man’s entertainment; a Demon does what they want, when they want, with whomever they want. 

To have this man whose greatest accomplishments were only achieved when calling upon a demon within him, as a face for the company, just seemed a bit foolish - and Finn was tired of looking like a fool. 

It seemed like ever since his return, all that he had been set up for was failure. Every match he agreed to be a part of was only ruined and manipulated to please the more villainous superstars of the WWE. 

While Finn was patted on the head like a child for being the good, cooperative, and hard-working employee he was, there were those like Joe and Bray who were being handed title opportunity after title opportunity for doing nothing but cheating their way to the top. 

Finn was absolutely tired of it. If he had stayed in NJPW, there was no doubt in his mind that he’d still be strutting around that country with the rest of the world on his back. When he was a heel - when he was with the Bullet Club - he was an absolute monster. 

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President, Ultimate Good Boy Club

anonymous asked:

Hey if you need a prompt to write I really like the idea of Lance with synesthesia. I find synesthesia reeeeeaaallly cool and it could make for some interesting stories. Also I live for langst and I've been going though your blog looking at your past stories and amazing cosplays like all day and you are like my new favorite person on tumblr. Hope that's not too creepy. ❤️


I had to do a lot of research on this so I hope I brought it justice. 

Slight Reference to Bullies 

Lance was around 6 when he realized that he didn’t see the world the same as everyone else. He saw things differently. He tasted things differently. He smelled things differently. 

Lance never talked about what he experienced until one day he told his mom that he didn’t like the word ‘Blue’ because it tasted weird. 

Lance didn’t quite understand why she laughed at him when he said that. Everyone can taste words right? 

Lance had never been more wrong in his life. 

After a few months of being picked on by his siblings and the laughing stock of his parents he was finally diagnosed. Synesthesia.

It wasn’t anything bad, just made him very different from other people. 

Lance didn’t mind, he simply started to learn what made him uncomfortable. 

The words Blue and Pineapple were a no go for him. It made his mouth feel weird and he was always had an awful taste in his mouth when he said them. 

The number 17 was always yellow. 14 was purple and 349 was vibrant pink. Lance didn’t mind the colors and numbers that much, only when the colors were with there right number. It would always make him slightly uncomfortable when he saw 17 in pink or 14 in green. It just wasn’t normal to him. 

The sensations that moved over his skin likes waves, were the worst. Everytime Lance smelled broccoli or raw meat his skin crawled. He couldn’t get it to stop until he was away from the smell. 


Lance grew used to bullies throughout his years in school. It didn’t take long for people to notice what made Lance uncomfortable. Once they did, they would use it against him. 

They would write numbers in the wrong color, they would trick Lance into saying blue, they would eat broccoli right next to him. 

Lance couldn’t escape it. Not even at the Garrison. 

Lance thanked every God under the sun that he got a understanding roommate, a boy named Hunk. Hunk was very supportive of him and tried to make Lance’s days as easy as possible. No broccoli or raw meat, no horrible words, no wrong color numbers. 


When Lance joined Voltron, he was faced with 5 new people that knew nothing of his situation. 

Lucky Lance never had to look at numbers but sometimes the food goo would smell a little too close to broccoli. Those meals were always the hardest for Lance, he couldn’t exactly get up and leave the table. 

Even when Lance was on Earth his mother would serve broccoli and tell Lance to suck it up when he started to shift in his seat and rub his arms. 

Of course Lance had to pilot the Blue lion, and he had to say the word ‘Blue’ more than he ever wanted. 


Lance eventually started to use his  synesthesia to his and the entire team’s advantage. He was able to remember certain passcodes due to the colors that he familiarized with certain numbers. He never knew the code perfectly but he would see pink in his head and know the number. 

Lance was also more creativity than his team so he found himself helping Pidge and Hunk come up with new machines. 


He still hadn’t opened up to his team (excluding Hunk) because of his fear of how they would treat him. However after living with the team for a few months he didn’t care what they thought or how they reacted. 

Lance entered the bridge where everyone was standing, Lance filled his lungs with oxygen and spoke loud and clear. “I have something to tell you all.” 

Sorry it took so long! 

I can see why you’re interested in this topic! Once I started to research I couldn’t stop <3 

I hope you like it!

Thank you <333

Also I’m happy that you like my blog! 

the ulippa system

okay so, because this place has a major role in season three, i wanna talk about it. basically, what i wanna know is: 1. where did that teludav piece come from and why was it there 2. who built that mysterious comet-ship, and when, and why was it there 3. why did lotor station commander throk at this post, and 4. what are we to make of this little lizard guy right here: i mean

he’s the exact same creature as the one we saw haggar doctor into a viscious robeast. that’s gotta be important.

so anyway.

i’ve been doing some thinking about all of this. and some rewatching.

and i’ve finally come to a conclusion dudes

lotor is a sacred altean !!! 😱

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Hi Mark, I just got an important promotion today and I wondered if you had advice or a story about receiving promotions?

I get called into Bill’s office. He’s there with my then boss Randy Buehler. Bill has me sit down. He starts taking and I’m trying to figure out why I’m there.

At one point, he starts taking about me running the creative team. When I ask, “You want me to run the creative team?”, Bill replies, “Yeah, we think the Head Designer should oversee the creative team.

"Head Designer!” I thought to myself, “You kind of buried the lede.” (Journalism talk for not putting the important fact at the beginning of an article.)

37 Things We Learned at The CW's Superhero-Packed PaleyFest Panel: There's Another Crossover Coming!
Stars and producers from ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Supergirl,’ and ‘DC's Legends of Tomorrow’ answered questions from fans in Hollywood on Saturday.

Relevant to my interests:

11. Grant Gustin gets it. The actor admitted that he agrees with the backlash against his character’s decisions this season “most of the time,” but also tries to cut him some slack. “This year we just see his fear dictate things more than ever,” Gustin explained of Barry’s difficult storyline. “How could it not, with what’s looming.”


13. And things are about to get even harder. Kreisberg also teased the episode 18 introduction of Abra Kadabra, a “villain from the future.” “He knows who Savitar is,” the producer revealed. “It becomes a moral conundrum for Barry and the team, to let Abra Kadabra go in order to get Savitar’s identity… Iris and Barry have a great scene about, you know, can you be a hero if you do one bad thing for the better good? That’s a really exciting episode.”

14. Episode 19 is called “The Once and Future Flash.” Kreisberg teased: “Barry decides that the only way he can find out what he needs to know is in the future.”


16. One of those Whedon influences was the motivation to forward the characters’ season-long plots within the fun escapism of the musical. “We kind of set it up so that, on both Supergirl and The Flash, Barry and Kara were both at a romantic crossroads,” Kreisberg explained. “So when you go into the musical episode, they’re sort of both in the same place, and they can go on this journey together to either get back the love that they think they’ve lost or not.”

17. #WestAllen forever. After Kreisberg’s comments, Smith, an admitted “WestAllen shipper,” warned him that “it better be the former.” The producer assured him: “Don’t worry.”

18. Candice Patton isn’t bummed that she doesn’t have powers. “While I would love to strap some leather on for an episode,” Patton said with a laugh, “I love that [Iris] provides this human quality on a very superhuman show… I think she’s extraordinarily important to Barry’s superhero narrative.”

19. This year’s big bad still has some tricks up his sleeve. Kreisberg admitted that it was tough to develop their season three big bad, Savitar, because of the success and popularity of past villains Reverse Flash and Zoom. But he assured that the creative team “have been planning [the Savitar arc] for a while.” “We’re really excited for people to see the last seven episodes.”


now I’m almost convinced that the whole 4 years wait and coming back with 1 cour, only to announce the next season with 2 cours right after S2 ended was planned all along! I mean maybe they themselves didn’t predict it will take this long at first but I’m sure it wasn’t laziness, or them prioritizing profit or wanting to milk the series or anything like that

who knows, maybe it’s even a mutual decision of the anime team and Isayama because he wanted to wait until he structured everything better, enough for the anime team to make good creative choices (like what they did with Ymir’s flashback)
or it could be any other reason, whatever it is, it all feels planned!

I feel so bad for complaining so much over the 1 cour thing now lol, I’m so sorry WIT studio!!

acetrainerjen  asked:

If you're still taking request prompts, could I have 4 and 11 with Robin??

A/n: If you guys can’t tell by now, Robin is my favorite, and I’ve gotten four requests for him, conveniently. I hope you like it!

4: “I don’t care if you’re calling bullshit; hang up!”

11: “May I ask why you are in/on my ceiling?”

(By the way, all but like, four of the prompts in italics have been said by me/to me irl. Especially number 4. Always gets a good laugh!)

You were clinging to the ceiling of the Batcave for dear life, wondering if all this was worth trying to scare your significant other. You’d scared Robin multiple times in multiple different ways, each crazier and more creative than the last. Obviously, he didn’t appreciate it. The team always gave him crap about it when you scared him in their presence.

   Keeping yourself from falling off was very difficult. You were literally upside down with your hands and feet touching the ceiling. You gave yourself a break any time you came across one of the many lights of the cave, but it was rather frightening. You weren’t scared of heights, not at all, just of the very high probability of falling in this certain situation. A fall from this height would most likely break any, if not every, bone in your body.

    When a door opened, you didn’t expect Alfred to be the one to enter the cave. You loved the man like a father, you really did, but your body was about to give out. Someone can only hold on to a ceiling for so long.

    Alfred hear your grunt of disappointment and looked up. He wasn’t surprised at all. “Miss (Y/n), are you sure being up there is a wise choice?”

    You didn’t bother to answer his question. “When will they be back!?” You cried out.

    “They should be here in-”

    Right on cue, the Batmobile careened into the Batcave and screeched to a stop. Relief never felt so good, you realized. You squealed quietly when you almost lost your grip. It wouldn’t be fun to become a human pancake in front of them. You refused to die in such a simple, trivial way; you vowed to go out with a bang a long time ago.

    When Robin and Batman got out of the legendary vehicle, they saw Alfred looking up. They followed his gaze and were surprised to see you hanging on for dear life.

‘Thanks a lot, Alfred!’

    “May I ask why you are on my ceiling?” Robin asked, cocking his head in amusement. “How’d you even get up there?”

    You laughed nervously. “I-I just got done fixing one of the lights, it was really bothering me.”

    Batman just sighed and walked away, grumbling something along the lines of ‘kids making stupid decisions’ and ‘going to get themselves killed’. He was used to you pulling crap like this by now, but usually not this dangerous.

    “Pardon my language, but I’m calling bullshit.” Robin stated, crossing his arms. Alfred gave him a razor-sharp glare. “I said ‘pardon my language’ for a reason!” He whined.

    “I don’t care if you’re calling bullshit; hang up!” However, your snarky attitude dissolved when your hand slipped for a few seconds. “Never mind, I take it back! Can you catch me, please?!”

    Robin outright laughed. “I’d like to think so; you’ve already fallen for me once.” You barely saw his wink and you rolled your eyes. It was smooth, you had to admit, but cheesy.

    With a minute of more coaxing and convincing from Robin and Alfred, you let go with a yelp and clenched your eyes shut. The fall was short but it made your heart pound; what if he missed or dropped you? Dying was not on today’s agenda.

    When you landed in Robin’s arms with no trouble, you exhaled a breath you didn’t know you were holding. “My life just flashed before my eyes.”

    “Was it boring?” Robin snickered as he looked down at you.

    You shrugged with a smirk. “I’d like to think you as a unique and fun person, but if you say otherwise…”

    Robin was confused, but he gasped lightly when he finally got what you said. “Did you actually just say that I’m your life? That’s really cute.”

    You giggled and nodded. What you said was just as cheesy, but you meant it with the sweetest intentions. Also to prevent him from teasing you about being on the Batcave’s ceiling.

    “Well, I’d like to inform you that-”

    “If you respond to that in the same way, I’m going to kick you out!” Batman yelled from the other side of the Batcave. It was almost making him sick.

    Your boyfriend kissed your forehead with a laugh, and you laughed right along with him. Not very many people could make the Batman feel queasy.

Heartstrings (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

A/N: So this one is based off a request that I unfortunately can’t find (sorry omg). That being said, it ended up changing a lot from what the request actually was. I’m not sure if I’m completely satisfied with it, but hey, here it is!

Summary: You’re asked to be a part of the Hamilton orchestra, and then some. Of course, that means spending a bit of quality time with one Lin-Manuel Miranda

Word Count: 2,918


You made your way downtown, your violin in hand. You hummed to yourself to calm your nerves. It wouldn’t do well to look as anxious as you felt on your first day of work.

You were to be in the orchestra for a show called Hamilton. You were still in shock as to how you got asked to be a part of a show whose intentions were to go off-Broadway just freshly out of university. Sure, you had been playing several instruments since the age of 5, and had attended Juilliard, but you thought there would be a lot more of the clichéd “starving artist” period before you would make anything remotely big. Not that you were complaining, of course.

You just had to work harder not to fuck this up.

A friend of yours had been recently in touch with a man named Alex Lacamoire, who was working on Hamilton. Upon being asked if there were any openings for the orchestra, Alex had said that there was still a lot of work to be done before an orchestra could even be incorporated, but if they had anyone in mind he would definitely give them a shot. Not even a week later you had had a one-on-one audition with the great man of music himself.

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Hetalia High School AU (Allies and Axis + Spain)

America: very smart but even lazier. He doesn’t study at all, but still gets good grades in subjects that mainly require logic (maths, chemistry…). He’s barely passing, however, in all the other subjects. Really loud, can’t stay still, teachers hate him. He’s also the resident jock, captain of the football team and very gifted at sports, but if you can get past his self-centred attitude he’s actually a nice kid.

Canada: Straight A student, but so quiet and shy that the teachers forget about him. Like his brother, he’s very smart, but still studies a lot because he’s very insecure, which leads him to believe that he’s never doing enough. Pretty good at sports, but very unlucky, he often ends up getting hurt. Most of the other students remember him only to copy his homeworks. It drives him mad, but at the same time he likes being helpful, so he ends up letting them.

China: Straight As. Tries to keep everything under control and ends up scolding classmates and teachers alike. Wonderful cook, sometimes he brings food for everybody.

England: Straight A in literary subjects, B in scientific subjects. Very good at public speech, if he doesn’t lose his temper. Can’t stand lazy people, often ends up bickering with them. Teachers hate him because he sasses them. Often ends in trouble because of this.

France: Good grades. That one kid that always sucks up to teachers, uses his charm and pleasant attitude to get away with everything. Arthur hates him for this. Flirts with anything that breathes, but he never crosses the line. Always perfectly stylish, tries to avoid PE not to ruin his hair. Had a mental break-down when somebody stuck a chewing-gum to his hair.

Germany: Incredibly diligent, studies a lot, he has a schedule ready for everything and is never late. The class rep. He would have straight As, but isn’t really good when it comes to logic, he’s a bit lost if he doesn’t have a strict guideline to follow. Doesn’t really get Art or Creative Writing. Excellent at sports.

Italy: Very ditzy, his grades vary depending on how interested he is in the subject. Actually smarter than people give him credit for, surprises everybody with his historical knowledge. Doesn’t really study maths, but has a knack for logic, often solves problems thinking outside the box. He and Ludwig are the perfect team. He’s incredibly gifted in Art and Creative Writing, moved the whole class to tears more than once. Tries to hide in the changing room to avoid PE.

Japan: Very diligent, straight A student. He would be the valedictorian, but isn’t very good at public speech. Doesn’t mingle a lot with his classmates. All the teachers mistake his calm demeanour for respect, he actually doesn’t give a damn and wants to be left alone. Sometimes he gets away with playing videogames under his desk, since nobody would suspect him.

Prussia: The master of chaos. Loud and obnoxious, pranks over pranks, nobody can stop him. A teacher’s nightmare. In detention 24/7. He’s actually pretty smart, and loves History, but only a few people know.

Spain: A ray of sunshine. Average grades, but always nice, positive and smiles to everybody. Teachers love him. Sometimes he actually gets in trouble for going along with Gilbert’s plans, but nobody ever believes it was his fault.

Romano: Works the bare minimun to get passing grades, then gets angry when Feliciano gets better grades. Makes a point of being lazy, but can work incredibly hard if there’s something he cares about. Always gets detention for swearing and being rude to teachers, but only male ones. He’s very courteous and respectful to women, both teachers and classmates.

Russia: Average grades, outstanding in Chemistry. He has never done anything actually wrong, but there’s something off about him, very creepy. He’s excellent at sports, but always more violent than needed. Even teachers are afraid of him.

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Really disappointed that John won't be doing much promo tour as well, but I'm thinking and hoping that perhaps it has more to do with John getting involved with post-prod work on Pacific Rim Uprising rather than Lucasfilm going "lol no we don't need you to promote the movie".

i doubt that. lucasfilm has been systematically erasing finn out of star wars since TFA came out so excluding john from the bulk of TLJ promo seems like the logical next step for them to achieve their racist goal. john isnt the only person working on PRU and he’s said before that he gives the team their creative freedom/respect - so i doubt he’s so busy w/PRU that he cant do some TLJ promo. pacific rim uprising doesnt premiere until march - theres no reason that john cant promote TLJ for november/december and then move on to PRU promotion in january. i dont know why so many people want to give lucasfilm the benefit of the doubt when theyve consistently shown that they want to promote the white actors over the actors of color (specifically the black co-lead). 

here goes my gift for @mis-mis, who wanted to see medic & archie in christmas clothing! (i also added a coupla other pigeons as a bonus :p)

hope u like the nerd n his birds,, n merry xmas to ya!!

(also great thanks to @kritzelkrams for organizing the secret santa event bc it was hella fun!!!)

it makes me really happy that thornton wilder saw dolly and loved it. he actually considered it the best version of his script remarking to the creative team “why did I never see that this was Dolly’s story?” he was also extremely fond of carol channing’s performance. they appeared and several events together and carol often recounts times where he would lead carol table to table at restaurants and say to complete strangers “do you see her? this is DOLLY this is my DOLLY.”


My friends and family laugh at me because even when doing something that is supposedly “just for fun” like this blob, I can’t seem to shake my “professional hat” and I go into hardcore “research and analysis mode” from time to time.

But it does pay off!

I think I found our “partner in crime”, i.e. the hardcore Chris Wood fan among the Supergirl writers!  

Jessica Queller - one of the main writers on both Supergirl 2x8 and 2x13, where the most obvious nods to Chris’ prior work appear (i.e. the “Containment” scene in 2x8 and the “Mon El in his underwear” scene in 2x13).

She is also one of the main writers (”story by”) for the Supergirl season 2 finale tomorrow. The episode title is a direct quote by Hillary Clinton that she retweeted back in February.

Jessica Queller has written for many shows including Felicity, Gilmore Girls, Ed, Gossip Girl, Vegas, The Carrie Diaries, and currently, Supergirl. So many shows that I have enjoyed the witty banter and the on screen romances, so I am really looking forward to more of her writing for Karamel in season 3.

I also went back to check her credits for The Carrie Diaries - lo and behold she was executive producer for ALL THREE EPISODES that Chris was prominently featured in.

BUSTED! CASE CLOSED! Jessica Queller is the hardcore Chris Wood fan in the Supergirl writer’s room and we love her for it! 

It also just goes to show how smart Chris Wood is about his career, because in all interviews he talks about the importance of building relationships with the creative and business teams, as he has with WB/CW. He has certainly succeeded! After all, Julie Plec is arguably the biggest Chris Wood fangirl of all and it is obvious that TPTB at WB/CW also love him.

Any thoughts/reactions from the fandom?


Stuart/Vince Signs:  Opposite Closets (Part 1, Stuart’s Family)


Russell T. Davies says in the intro to the Queer as Folk s1 scripts that at first he felt overwhelmed by the concept of exploring all the facets of queer identity; and he eventually had to narrow down to looking at what drives his characters. At the same time, Vince and Stuart cover a fair amount of political ground via how they present their sexuality.


Workplace vs. Family


Stuart is out at work and still closeted to his parents; Vince’s mom is immersed in the queer scene but in s1 Vince lets his coworkers continue to believe he’s straight. By the end of the show, of course, they’re both out to their parents and at their workplaces.


Nathan, interestingly, reveals his sexuality at both home and school very early on, and I think we get to see how he ultimately benefits from being himself in all key spaces in his life–whereas Stuart was once “King of Canal Street,’ Nathan gets to become “King of the World.”


Queer as Folk is argues (from title alone!) that performing queer identity in all spaces should be commonplace and comfortable and safe. But since this tumblr is (always) a Stuart/Vince space, let’s look at how each of their closets reflects their personal goals and struggles–and also why having opposite closets ships them together.


Stuart: Closeted at Home


Stuart deeply identifies his personality and politics with his sexuality. He’s out in the places where he spends most of his time–Canal Street and his office. His sister, Marie, accuses him of not visiting their parents enough, showing how little time he spends with his family. Still, Stuart’s refusal to reveal his sexuality to his parents affects him deeply.


Marie calls Stuart out about this very topic:


Marie: You could tell them, Stuart, they’re not going to drop dead of a heart attack. And if they do, we get the house.
Stuart: Even if I was shagging a different woman every night, it’s none of their business.
Marie: But I’ve
seen you. You’re so bloody proud, how come they don’t fit in to that?
Stuart: You can’t talk to those two about


Stuart, who works in advertising, isn’t being terribly clear here.  I’m pretty sure that’s because he’s afraid–a feeling Stuart doesn’t have a lot of practice accepting. He grew up in an Irish, probably Catholic background, and I wonder what Stuart’s parents might have said around him, growing up. Marie thinks they’d accept Stuart, but Stuart can’t bring himself to have the same confidence.


It’s clear that this lack of honesty around his parents continues to really upset him. He tells Nathan: “Nathan. Your mother and father know. You’ve got no idea how lucky you are.” Toward the end of e6, Stuart’s dad tries to ask Stuart about his sexuality. He hints to Stuart that he knows Stuart is gay when he says that he’d never expect Romey and Stuart to date, but Stuart and his dad are both too scared /repressed to open up beyond that. RTD’s script says:


That’s the closest Clive has come, in all these years, to referring to his son’s sexuality. And both these men are scared…If Clive said it now, perhaps Stuart could. Everything hinges on this moment. And then, the moment fails.


It’s a deeply emotional–and painful–moment for both men.


Stuart is emotionally wrecked. After this conversation, and also after an earlier conversation with his mom where she implies he likes women, he goes out to clubs and gets high and/or wasted. He does the drug/kiss thing, even though he knows Vince’s boyfriend is watching them. He behaves in a selfish and self-destructive way because he’s so desperate for the acceptance and approval that Vince’s love provides him–acceptance he isn’t getting from his family. And the brilliant QAF creative team (director Sarah Harding this episode!) links the relationship between Stuart’s feelings about his parents (whose own marriage is crumbling, btw) to Stuart’s feelings about Vince (dependent and he becomes convinced by the end of the episode, unhealthy) in a simple visual way: by having Stuart drink orange juice/a screwdriver in both scenes and with a potent red/orange color scheme.


With his mom:



When Cameron calls him out:


Stuart’s fear that his relationship with Vince will turn into his parents’ relationship (co-dependent and on the verge of divorce) is a big part of why Stuart believes Cameron’s claim that Stuart holds Vince back. (That, and Stuart’s been concerned with Vince’s self-esteem issues for a few episodes running now.) And part of why Stuart’s parents’ problems affect him so much is because every time he sees his parents he has to face two people who don’t seem to know him at all, who he doesn’t trust would accept him if they did.


I think the way Stuart’s feelings about his parents lead him to end his relationship with Vince shows the deep nuances of this show. (Which somehow I’m still discovering, even now???) Vince and Stuart’s relationship is our barometer in the show of how these characters are faring. The fact that Stuart’s parents drive Stuart to jeopardize his relationship with Vince proves just how much being in the closet, in any aspect of his life, damages Stuart.


When Stuart does come out to his parents in s2, because his nephew blackmails him into it, he is miserable in the process. He gives this beautiful–and deeply defensive!–speech.



The sad part is that he’s not totally wrong about his parents. His dad later tells Stuart that his mom “blames herself” and then calls him a bastard. It all adds up to a pretty awful coming out experience, but right after as it happens Stuart forces Alexander to see his sick father. He wants everyone to have this fight, I think it part because Stuart’s glad it’s over. This backs up our thesis, or as @thefirewithallthestrengthithath so beautifully once put it, “my take-away moral from the show is…living without regrets while being proud of your identity and sexuality.“


Next Up is Part 2! Where in we discuss Vince’s closet & why this is all Shippy AF.


[more QAF UK meta]

Mandy Patinkin Withdraws From ‘The Great Comet’
After a social media storm over the musical’s plan to replace Okieriete Onaodowan, who is African-American, Mr. Patinkin dropped out.
By Michael Paulson

“My understanding of the show’s request that I step into the show is not as it has been portrayed and I would never accept a role knowing it would harm another actor,” Mr. Patinkin said. “I hear what members of the community have said and I agree with them. I am a huge fan of Oak and I will, therefore, not be appearing in the show.”

[…] Mr. Onaodowan’s tenure was always going to be short — it just got shorter. […] It was not immediately clear what would happen now — Mr. Onaodowan had said Friday morning he would leave the cast Aug. 13.

The show’s producers and creative team were clearly blindsided by the turn of events. They had previously asked another performer, Brittain Ashford, to take a leave during the summer so she could be replaced by a well-known singer-songwriter, Ingrid Michaelson, and did not anticipate that replacing Mr. Onaodowan with Mr. Patinkin would be seen differently. […] Although producers periodically replace lesser-known performers with big-name actors in the hopes of selling more tickets, the move at “The Great Comet” prompted outrage among some black actors. They turned to social media to express their concern that Mr. Onaodowan was not given sufficient opportunity to succeed before being replaced by a white actor. […]

The show had been bringing in about $1.2 million a week with Mr. Groban in the role of Pierre; it brought in $923,571 last week, with Mr. Onaodowan as Pierre. That’s still higher than the amount for most Broadway shows, and still more than the production’s running costs, but not as much as the musical was likely to bring in with Mr. Patinkin in the role. […] The producers had not said who was to play Pierre after Labor Day, but they appeared to be considering the occasional use of well-known performers in key roles to excite interest — a strategy many other shows use.