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hogwarts!au jin
  • here is the story of Gryffindor Head Boy Prince Kim Seokjin™
  • he’s a gryffindor, as his title suggests. the sorting hat deliberated between gryffindor and ravenclaw for a little while, but gryffindor turned out the be the right choice
  • seokjin is a 24-year-old seventh year student – it’s going to be his last year at hogwarts ;;;
  • jin is a pureblood but he was raised to be very kind and unprejudiced; he doesn’t support the notion of pureblood superiority like many families do. blood lineage doesn’t mean anything to him
  • his favorite subject is definitely alchemy – it’s an elective only offered to sixth or seventh years (with the exception of fourth-year namjoon, who is on an accelerated course track). 
  • jin always had a knack for potions and transfiguration, and alchemy builds on that. he finds it utterly fascinating to learn about elemental/chemical magic
  • his wand is made of rosewood with a unicorn hair as the core. it measures 12 inches long, and it’s almost as pretty as seokjin is. it’s a surprisingly sassy wand, and it will backfire if jin doesn’t wax it at least once a week. yes, the other boys make fun of him for this 
  • jin’s pet is a very gorgeous snowy owl, it’s extremely tame and loving and generally a great fucking pet all-around. his owl is awesome and it will sometimes bring him dead mice and stuff as gifts like a cat does, and it’s kinda gross but also endearing
  • jin is the keeper for the gryffindor quidditch team. he’s played for all seven years and is an excellent keeper; it’s extremely hard to score a point against him
  • his quidditch abilities are what originally started the Gryffindor Head Boy Prince Kim Seokjin™ Fanclub
  • fittingly, jin’s patronus is a peacock. it’s honestly one of the most visually stunning patronuses on the planet, bc when the peacock spreads its feathers it’s literally like a fuckin lightshow and it’s so cool to witness
  • so now to the emo part
  • jin had a messed up childhood, in short
  • his parents were extremely loving and raised him so well. they raised him to have self-confidence and to be kind, to care about the people around him. they were such wonderful parents omfg
  • jin’s father worked at the ministry for magic, and he had a really high-ranking position within the company. one day when jin was about 14, his dad got a really big promotion and came home that night to celebrate
  • but there was a coworker of his who had been fired the same day and was literally insane with anger and jealously because he thought it was all jin’s dad’s fault
  • this guy breaks into jin’s house that night while the family is having dinner and starts threatening his mom and dad with the killing curse
  • jin and his older brother are freaking out and crying but his parents are just so completely calm and jin was never more terrified in his entire life
  • and suddenly the intruder raises his wand, pointed directly at jin, and jin knows exactly what the man is about to say as he opens his mouth and flicks his wrist
  • so jin whips out his own wand and casts the spell before this man has time to finish the incantation and there’s a flash of green light
  • and jin’s completely frozen as he watches the intruder sink to the floor, completely lifeless
  • it was taken to court and the charges were dropped as self-defense. but that didn’t fucking matter to jin because all he knew was that, self-defense or not, he had killed another human being and he wouldn’t ever be the same again
  • and of course no one blamed him or held it against him but it still haunted him for years
  • he got to hogwarts and was a little surprised when he was immediately being praised for his looks and kindness and athleticism because he had gone so long convinced that he was nothing more than a killer
  • but everyone started calling him princely and wonderful and slowly jin started to regain his self-confidence and he was able to see the good in himself again
  • and thus, the Gryffindor Prince Kim Seokjin™ that we know and love was born
  • he excelled in his classes and was a quidditch star and got a minimum of three love declarations weekly from male and females alike
  • obviously because of his princely and well-mannered nature, he became gryffindor quidditch captain and prefect and later head boy of the house
  • yes, he still had bouts of ptsd and nightmares – but coming to school and making friends helped a lot with that
  • jin spends a lot of his free time down in the kitchens, schmoozing the cooks and stealing the food even tho “jin you know that’s for dinner tonight, you can’t keep taking advantage of us like this” but lmao all the cooks secretly love it and treasure his company 
  • yoongi and jin are very much kindred spirits, and they are the only ones out of the bangtan guys who can see the thestrals. they have helped each other through quite a lot, and their friendship was the original foundation for the bts hogwarts squad
  • jin routinely has to get jungkook and taehyung and jimin out of trouble for wandering the halls too late at night – he uses his power as a head boy to make sure they don’t get detention (bc that would go on their record and he doesn’t want their reputations to be tarnished), but you better believe he gives them the ass-whooping of a lifetime afterwards
  • often, jimin and jin will practice transfiguration together in the courtyard by the gryffindor tower. they both have a knack for it, and sometimes jin will even show jimin some basic alchemical techniques
  • in jin’s fifth year, he was playing in a quidditch game against ravenclaw when a stray bludger clocked him in the face and shattered his jaw. that’s how he met clumsy ravenclaw genius kim namjoon – the school has dubbed them ‘mom and dad’. namjoon is pretty clueless about why people say that, but jin recognizes that they’re basically married now
  • every single month, without fail, jin will scrape together his own time and money to concoct a powerful wolfsbane potion for taehyung. when tae told the group that he was a werewolf, jin took it upon himself to make sure that taehyung wouldn’t have to suffer during his transformations. hence, wolfsbane potion. 
  • hoseok enjoys being around jin, and vice versa, because they bring out the more mature sides in each other and they’re both surprisingly good at wizard’s chess so they play together often
  • jin’s animagus is a gorgeous, huge elk. it’s a very unique animagus and jin enjoys being in that form
  • the Gryffindor Head Boy Prince Kim Seokjin™ Fanclub is always looking for new members, and jin is very much flattered whenever they send him magical gifts and letters
  • jin knows that jimin and yoongi (and jungkook, when it’s not quidditch season) have a tendency to skip meals, so he always steals food and brings it to their dorms after dinner
  • seokjin loves hogwarts so much – he’s extremely passionate about the school and the people in it, and everything it has done for him
  • when seokjin graduates he studies alchemy for a while before returning to become headmaster of hogwarts. he’s the school’s youngest headmaster ever but he’s extremely respected and adored
  • twice a year, the bangtan guys come back from all over the world (tae studying dragons in scandanavia, hoseok researching herbology in china, yoongi capturing dark wizards in russia, namjoon studying astronomy in america, jungkook playing a pro quidditch game in argentina, and, well, jimin is a hogwarts professor) and they all stay for a few days at hogwarts with jin and catch up and they’re basically best friends 5ever
  • jin is the pride and joy of hogwarts and although he has had it very rough, he’s so kind and confident and the wizarding world is a better place because of him

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

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Back To Hogwarts //Imagine//

+Okay so this is kind of the beginning, I can definitely do a part two and maybe even make this a small series if you guys want. Sorry if it’s kind of bad! Comment who you want, Draco or Harry.+

Requested by: liss4life

Request: After the Battle of Hogwarts, Y/n returns to the school in search of a teaching job. That same year, many of the 7th years whose education was disturbed by the war, return. Including Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Two of Y/n’s biggest fans.

Warnings: none

A/n: Okay so I was thinking that there could be two parts to this imagine because the reader has a choice of either Harry or Draco. So when you have finished reading this imagine, if you could comment who you want the Reader to end up with in Part 2 that would be amazing! Majority will win. Thanks!

Your heart fluttered as you walked swiftly through the corridors of the school you had grown so attached too. You had successfully graduated from Hogwarts two years before the war, but when you found out about the trouble the school was in, you returned without hesitation to help protect what had become more of a home to you. Now that it was repaired and restored to it’s natural beauty you decided to return for good.

After a few more moments of walking you found what you were looking for. McGonagall’s office. She inherited the position of Headmaster once poor Severus Snape had died. You took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” McGonagall called through the door and you took one more deep breath before pushing the door open and walking in. The office was lighter than you remember it and that made you smile. “Y/n? Y/n Y/l/n!”

You turned and smiled when you saw Minerva McGonagall. “How are you Minerva.” You said softly as she stood up and strode towards you, her emerald green robes flying behind her just as they used to.

“I’m good dear thank you! It’s so good to see you! What brings you here?” She asked as he pulled a chair up to the desk before motioning for you to sit. You sat down as you spoke.

“Well I heard from a friend the school was repaired and would be up and running this year, and I just assumed that there would be a loss of staff this year. I was wondering if I could teach your Defense Against The Dark Arts program.”

Minerva nearly shrieked with joy as her hands shot to her mouth. “Oh Y/n that would be absolutely wonderful! We would be ecstatic to have you on the staff!”

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

For sashaatthebarricade. You know why.

In which for inexplicable reasons, Les Amis are a baseball team playing at Barricade Field against the National Guard team. That’s it, that’s the story.

E/R, modern AU. A small knowledge of baseball is probably required to understand everything happening, but not much.

“Good evening and welcome to Barricade Field for the second annual charity baseball league game between the National Guardsmen and your very own Les Amis de l’ABC!” The stadium erupted into cheers and the announcer waited for them to die down before continuing, “I’m Montparnasse and I will be announcing for this second-ever match-up between two formidable teams. The home team is, of course, the social justice group Les Amis, led by captain and pitcher Enjolras.” The crowd cheered even louder, and over in the bullpen, the man with the baseball cap jammed low over his blond curls gave a distracted wave, which only caused the volume from the crowd to increase.

“Of course, in addition to his stunning good looks and questionable sexuality – keep hoping, ladies, he’s not confirmed anything publicly, despite the many rumors of what he gets up to with his team, especially his catcher, Grantaire, who might catch in more than one way, if you get my meaning – Enjolras made history last year when he withdrew Les Amis from this self-same game after their right fielder, Jean Prouvaire, was injured. At the time, Enjolras was quoted as saying that while he was set on winning the game, he was less so set on victory than on the health of Jean Prouvaire.”

The crowd cheered again, assumedly as much for what they saw as Enjolras’s gallant actions as anything, and the National Guard team hissed and booed from their dugout. “Do you hear that, Apollo?” Grantaire called as he caught one of Enjolras’s warm-up pitches. “That’s the sound of your people right there.” Enjolras scowled and threw the next pitch harder than was probably necessary, causing Grantaire to wince.

“But none of that matters tonight, as we are gathered for the rematch of the year.” Montparnasse paused, letting the crowd cool down before saying, “And now, the starting line-up for your Les Amis!” Now the crowd went absolutely wild, and Montparnasse didn’t even bother waiting for them to calm down as he announced the players. “Batting first, the first baseman, Combeferre! Batting second, right-fielder Jehan Prouvaire. Third to bat, designated hitter Le Cabuc!”

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