he's on his way to steal your gurl

Monsta X - More Than Friends

Request: Monsta X reacts when they start seeing their close friend as more than a friend


“of all the people in the world, why has the universe chosen to torture me?”

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*desperately tries to woo you* “love me!”

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he would do everything in his power to make you notice him as a man, and would be so much sweeter with you, and throwing hearts at you when you’re not looking


“this is the end for me”

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*cries into his tortilla chips* “what am i gonna do?”

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after much deliberation, he would probably just confront you about it, and be super cocky about it too. “so, i guess i like you? so we’re dating now.”


“NO.” *is in denial*

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as soon as you do anything: “omg they’re so cute” *fanboys*

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he would deny his feelings so much, but they would be so painfully obvious, and eventually you would have to call him out on it (at which point he would die of embarrassment)


*internally screaming*

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*starts dropping hints* “so. i’m single, you’re single. thoughts?”

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this guy would seem pretty nonchalant about it but inside he is a mess. you would catch on pretty quickly, though, with his not-so-subtle attitude



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*stares at you a lot more often* *contemplates his life decisions* 

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he would be so conflicted but would probably just let things naturally develop unless he couldn’t take it anymore and blurt out how much he loves you (and then runs and hides for three years)


*no words necessary*

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*becomes very affectionate* “hey, cutie i’ve been thinking about you all day”

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he’d be pretty obvious about his feelings but in a more suggestive way rather than directly saying he liked you. if you take too long to notice, he’ll just lose it and tackle you with love


*externally screaming*

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“i guess this is my life now” *runs with it* “ay gurl”

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he’d go straight for trying to steal your heart (and succeed, obviously), winking and smiling every time you looked at him, and dropping little compliments, grinning when you blush