he's on his tippy toes lol

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RFA reaction to a confident, sassy MC, when they compliment her and stuff she'd be like " *flips hair* I know I'm so fabulous" , she doesn't get flustered and she isn't shy, when they try to turn her on and talk dirty to her she backs fires them and makes them embarrassed ;))

Literally my personality in a nutshell lmaoo

*rolls sleeves* 


  • He can barely keep up with you
  • Let’s not forget you’re his first girlfriend
  • When you both are on dates you never hesitate to hold his hand or cross arms
  • He’s flustered 90% of the time
  • He doesn’t mind it really because it makes it easier for him in terms of moving from base to base in your relationship. 
  • To him, it’s like you have telepathy. You can tell when he dislikes something and when to back off.
  • He loves you even more for it to be honest.
  • One day he actually musters enough courage to pin you down and be the dominant one for once. You’d been flirting with all day, swinging your hips and making naughty comments. You eventually sat on his lap he lost it
  • “MC, if you keep toying with me like that I’ll have to get rough with you.”
  • lol puppy yoosung ur not serious
  • “Oh really?” You say, looking directly at him. “Get rough with me then. You know I don’t mind babe.”
  • He’s steaming now and hops off of you. “MC~” He whines.
  • “What? You started it this time.” You laugh


  • It was your flirtatiousness that reeled him in when you first started dating
  • You were more forward in ways than he could imagine
  • You riled up the beast in him quite often
  • “MC?! What are you wearing?!” He practically screamed.
  • You had surprised him in your best lingerie, waiting on the edge of the bed for him when he came home from work.
  • “What? You don’t like it?” You said, hopping up from the bed. You approached him, so he could get a better look at you.
  • “No! You look great- delectable even..” He said, covering his face at first.
  • “How would you know? You’re not even looking at me.” You said, grabbing his chin.
  • “Look at me.” You tell him.
  • “MC, you know how I can get when-
  • “When the beast comes out, yeah, yeah yeah. Take your clothes off and have fun with me already.”
  • He wastes no time undressing you
  • Y’all already gettin it on girl  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • She was all for taking things slow and you understood that. But your flirtatious personality became a handful at times.
  • “You look beautiful today, MC.” She smiles at you. You had came to pick her up from work and hadn’t seen her since this morning.
  • “Thank you honey. You look even better. Just wait til we get home.” You whisper, rubbing her shoulders.
  • “MC! I’m still around my colleagues!”
  • “I wasn’t implying anything.” You say slyly. “Just what exactly are you thinking, Jaehee?”
  • Jumin sees
  • Jumin is also flustered
  • “I don’t know what to think when I’m with you!” She says, reddened cheeks.
  • When you both became comfortable with one another you took things to the next step
  • You’re pretty dominant in the relationship
  • You could pick up on the slightest hints she made whenever she wanted it bad.
  • she loved you for it
  • this was all so new to her you made it so easy


  • He had to admit, he loved it when you talked dirty to him
  • He loved that you were never afraid to tell him what was on your mind or what you wanted
  • “You look sexy with your hair pushed back like that.” You say, lying naked on bed. He was getting ready to go to work.
  • “Really?” He says, bit flustered. “I decided to try something different today.”
  • “Of course.” You say, getting out of bed. You let the bed sheet fall to the floor.
  • “MC, put something on. You might catch a cold.” He says, loosening his tie in front of the mirror.
  • “I’ll be alright.” You say, draping your arms around his torso, purposefully pressing yourself onto him.
  • “MC..” He’s getting turned on now.
  • “Hmm?” You hum into his freshly pressed shirt.
  • “You’ll put me in the mood if you keep this up. I’ll be late for work too.” He says, letting his hands drop to where yours are. He’s flustered but remains calm for the both of you.
  • come on daddy have some fun with me
  • “Call in late today.” You say, shifting your hands to unbutton his pants.
  • He can’t hold back now
  • He lifts you up and carries you to the bed
  • jiggy with jumin 

707 (Saeyoung)

  • He’s always flirtatiously joking around with you, especially in the chat room
  • Always calling you babe and flirting with you
  • One day you two hang out and he’s just as flirty
  • You flirt back of course, playing along
  • “Hey babe~” He sings into your ear
  • “Hey babe~” You sing back, tippy toeing towards his ear.
  • He’ll laugh this one off
  • You guys go to the movies and watch a romance film and there’s a sex scene? Yeah let’s go with that
  • “Would you ever let me touch you like that, MC?” He whispers playfully into your ear.
  • “Oh hell yeah. Especially the part with the chocolate? Ugh, eat me up just like he did to her!” You coo, thoughts wild at this point.
  • He’s a hot mess now, sweating bullets lol
  • “MC, you do know that I’m kidding around with you?” He says, gripping the rim of the popcorn bucket.
  • “Oh, that’s too bad. I would’ve enjoyed it.” You shrug, turning your head back to the movie.
  • He can’t even focus now, something in his pants wouldn’t let him.
  • He goes home and takes care of that raging boner you gave him lololol

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Short and chubby s/o tries their best to kiss their love of their lives . HC for Klaus , Leo and Steven.


  • S/o is probably on their tippy toes and they’re still not able to reach Klaus’s face lol. 
  • Klaus will find his s/o absolutely adorable in the moment, seeing them trying to kiss him. 
  • He’ll lean his head down just enough so that his s/o is able to kiss him. Klaus will honestly be so happy just to get a kiss from them aha


  • Steven would be so pleasantly amused to see his s/o trying to kiss him. He’d have this blush on his face when they try to kiss him but fail aha
  • He’ll lean his head down just enough for his s/o to kiss him, but they’ll also get a kiss from him as well aha
  • Seeing his s/o trying to kiss him is something that makes him so weak, as well as finding his s/o adorable. 


  • Leo’s already a bit short to begin with, so I feel bad for his s/o if they’re shorter than him lol 
  • All I can think of is just his s/o going on their tippy toes or jumping a little to give Leo a kiss aha
  • Getting a kiss from his s/o makes his face go red with embarrassment, but at the same times he’s internally screaming in happiness. 
  • He’d also find his s/o adorable when seeing them trying to kiss him, should they fail the first time they try to kiss him. 

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Shouto with a short s/o headcanons? preferably a girl please!!

Sure anon! Thanks for the request! <3
I’m a short girl myself fhfhhf, I love these types of things

  • First of all, Shouto would love it- just the ability to wrap his arm around his s/o and envelop her, priceless. 
         >Pulling her to his chest, and being able to smooch the top of her head? 10/10 

  • He wouldn’t tease her too much, knowing that his s/o gets enough of that from everyone else– however if the opportunity arose where he could possibly maybe slip something up high

    He might take it. 

    Then he would watch and wait for you to come calling for him, asking to reach up on that high shelf to get down that oh so important item.
    “Did you put that up there?” 

  • If his s/o other asked him to lean down for a kiss, he’d do so without hesitation, unless of course he thought it too embarrassing. Like if the two of them were in front of his friends.
    She’ll just have to stand on her tippy-toes in that case 

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Sooooooo can you do 17 with roadhog and junkrat. Roadhog is a beautiful man lol

soooo I don’t really ship them together romantically but this is too cute not to try (sorry if it’s on the shorter side, I have no idea how to write them)

17. height difference kisses where one person has to bend down and the other is on their tippy toes

“Get down here, ya big lug!” hollered Jamison, waving his arms. “Got somethin’ ta tell ya!”

Roadhog grunted. He assented, bending down a little so that he was closer to Jamison’s face.

Well, that was just what the junker ordered. Jamison leaned up, grabbed Roadhog’s face and kissed him flat on the mouth, smirking into it. Roadhog froze, unsure of what to do, but as soon as he started to hold Jamison’s back, the smaller man was pulling away, wiping his mouth.

“Ya got the gist of it, roight?” asked Jamison, letting out a shrieking laugh. Roadhog watched the junker walk away, still laughing, while he raised a few large fingers to his mouth. He couldn’t see his face, but guessing on how much it was burning, he bet he could confirm how red it was.

God, he wished he had the mask on.


@samantha-clifford65 submission :

I thought I’d show you my first ever picture taken with my boyfriend!! I’m so short compared to him that I barely even reach his neck!! In the two without his sweater he was sitting down but he still had to slouch just to fit into the screen lmao and in the one with his sweater I had to go in my tippy toes and hold my phone out at far as I could and even then he had to tilt his head to fit into the camera 😭

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Re the photo of everyone on the boat: You just keep smiling that smile, boyfriend. I see that leg trying to make an escape. The leg does not lie. I refer back to the physical photo evidence of 'dinner' night & the leg that was literally screaming 'get me outta here' ala tippy toes while you were burning the steak.

Lol, either he’s sunburnt af or he’s in hell, lol.  His sunglasses were SCREAMING!

Zelo as your boyfriend

• Your little dates always includes something like going to a local park and just sitting on the swings having small talks. 

 • He brings his skateboard with him and attempts to teach you. (You just end up all over him because you can’t keep balance)

 • … Which is probably the reason why he does it lol 

 • He’s not much in showing skinship but when he does it’s always him coming up behind you and wrapping his long arms around you with his chin resting on your shoulders. 

 • He does this often because he doesn’t want you to see his blushing face.

 • He loves giving you kisses when you least expect it.

 • He easily gets jealous but doesn’t show it. You can tell when he is anyways. 

 • You have to get on your tippy toes just to get a kiss from him. ( he loves to tease you about it too ) 

 • You love showering his cheeks with kisses because how can you not ?!


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A Taylor/Zayn/Harry triangle sounds angsty? Their whole RS was angsty lol. Here we are years later and he's out there getting Misty eyed when singing a song about her and how he can't feel his heartbeat lol. And you know what? They love the angst! They feed off of it. That's why us haylors are still here. Taylor and Harry are the ship that refuses to sink lol.

That’s sure as hell why I’m still here. Maybe we reach but we’re not reaching that far. I’m not even in my tippy toes.

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Uta and Tsukiyama's short s.o (;-; why are the other ppl so tall) trying to lean in for a kiss but they go on tippy toes, still they can't reach? (Lol)

-Uta: He would find it terribly amusing, and would lean backwards a bit, refraining from letting them reach his lips. He would chuckle as his lover pouted, folding their arms and glaring faintly at him. Finally, Uta would give in and lean down, pressing his lips to theirs in a deep kiss.

-Tsukiyama: He would find it so cute, that he couldn’t hold in the smile that slid onto his face. “Tres bien!” He would murmur before leaning down and softly placing a kiss to the delicious lips of his lover. 

Nate Maloley Imagine

*Your POV*

“Nate I’m cold.” I complain as I snuggle closer into his side.

Nate isn’t really good at taking hints but I was hinting that I wanted one of his hoodies.  “Captain Clueless” strikes again and he just tightens his grip around me because he is too engulfed into the boring movie that we have seen at least ten times. I sigh and try to get interested into the movie but it just isn’t happening. I try to have a little fun with Nate and I kiss his cheek then start trailing sloppy kisses down his neck but giggle because of the way his stubble feels on my lips.

“Babe what are you doing?” he asks with a grin.

“Nothing, I’m just really bored.” I mumble against his neck.

He just lightly chuckles and continues to watch the movie. I pull away unsatisfied and just get on Twitter.  I start thinking to myself that Nate is big on social media so I start to tweet very obvious hints.

“@yourtwittername: I would reeallyyyy like a certain someone’s hoodie.”

Instantly I start getting replies back such as “Nateee, hit ur girl up with a hoodie” or “just ask him”

I favorite a couple of tweets and lock my phone to see that the movie is over. I look over to see Nate on his phone but he hasn’t noticed anything.

“Hey I’ll be right back I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Okay.” I simply say as he kisses my cheek.  I look around and see Nate’s phone so doing what any normal person would do I start taking tons and tons of pictures in his phone. After a good million selfies I heard Nate coming back down stairs so I quickly set his phone down.

“Babe I have something for you.” he says from behind the couch.

I quickly stand up and turn around to see one of his hoodies hanging from his hand with a huge grin on his face.

“What is that for?” I ask acting dumb.

“More like who is that for?” he questions back.  

I just shrug my shoulders and try to hide my smile but I fail miserably. Nate walks towards me and wraps his arms around me and I instantly melt into him.

“You know you could have just asked right?” he says with a laugh.

“But I didn’t want to so I just left very subtle hints every now and then.” I muffle into his chest.

“Well I would love to give you one of my hoodies and not to mention my favorite hoodie.”

I reach for his hoodie only for him to lift up his arm to where the hoodie is out of my reach. 

“I need a kiss first.” He says puckering his lips.

I just smile and role my eyes and get on my tippy toes and plant my lips on his. He slowly puts his arm down and wraps both arms around my

waist. It wasn’t a heated kiss just a very light passionate five second (‘s of summer, lol sorry) kiss that made my heart flutter.  We pull away and just smile at each other. Nate un-wraps his arms from around me and hands me the hoodie. I quickly put it on and bring the collar of his hoodie up to my nose. Smells just like him. He can see the excitement in my eyes and kisses my forehead.

“I love you baby.” He says into my forehead.

“I love you more.” I say smiling.

***Sorry if this was bad it is my first imagine so bare with me, I hope you like it! And oh sorry about the whole 5sos interruption. Not really…***