he's obsessed with candy and shopping

Lance dropping casual observations about Keith is a pure and good thing.

They’re on a new planet and Lance is trying out the food at a local festival. He’s thankful for the green goop and Hunk has done wonders in experimenting with the flavor, but sometimes a guy needs a little more variety. Or at least something that tastes like coconut. He grabs some sort of kabob looking thing and takes a small bite. As soon as the flavor hits him, he’s bounding across the room waving the dish excitedly in Keith’s face shouting, “Dude you HAVE to try this, you’re gonna love it.”

It’s hot pink with green stripes an….fuzzy? Keith raises an eyebrow at the striped mammalian horror for a moment, then narrows his eyes at Lance. “It’s not going to turn me green or make me throw up is it?”

Lance rolls his eyes. “That was one time, get over it already. Nothing weird is going to happen, I just know you have a sweet tooth so I think you’ll like it.”

Keith is blindsided by the statement. How does Lance even know that? What the quiznak? He doesn’t realize he’s silently staring at Lance until the blue paladin is waving the food in his face once again. “Are you gonna try it or what?”

Keith brushes the surprise off; he’ll think about it later. “Um… yeah, sure. Stop trying to stab me in the face with it, jeez.”

Keith ends up eating 11 of the seussian skewers before they go back to the castle for the night.

“What are you nervous about?”

Keith’s posture stiffens. He didn’t even hear Lance enter the common room. “What makes you think I’m nervous?”

Lance climbs over the back of the couch to seat himself on it - because he can’t just be normal and walk around to sit like a normal person - before answering. “You’re staring off into space, ha, and messing with the Velcro on your gloves. You only do that when you’re nervous about something.”

“How do you even know that?!” The question tumbles out of Keith’s mouth without explicit permission.

Lance pulls his legs up to cross them and raises an eyebrow. “I pay attention, obviously.” He looks away before adding “So….what’s wrong.”

They talk for a while. It’s not a magic cure, but Keith doesn’t feel like the universe is completely falling apart afterwards. It’s…nice.

Pidge finds the t-shirt on one of their trips to the space mall. It says something along the lines of “Edge Lord” on it in an alien tongue and Pidge thought it was the most hilarious thing they had ever seen an immediately bought it. Keith wrinkles his nose at it, but leaves the room to pull it on anyways. He’s never really had a family, but Pidge is so much like a younger sibling and they looked so proud of the gift. He doesn’t want to let them down. So, he slips it on and marches back into the training deck, determined to not be embarrassed. Which meant that Lance had made his way into the room just before Keith returned, of course.

Lance actually does a double take before he’s consumed with laughter. Keith pouts. When the full body howling finally dies down to more of a giggle, Lance looks over at Pidge. “Is THAT the shirt you bought him?”

They grin, “Yup.”

“God bless you Pidge. I can’t believe you got him to wear it though, Keith hates the color orange.” There’s no time for Keith to wonder how it is that Lance became privy to that information because Lance gives him another look over and grins. “With good reason too. It’s definitely not your color dude.”

Keith immediately pulls the boot off of his left foot and chucks it at Lance’s head. He doesn’t actually throw it hard, but he also doesn’t miss. 

Hunk finds a shop that sells space candy on another trip to the space mall a few weeks after the t-shit incident. They look and taste like jelly beans and even come in a myriad of assorted colors. Everyone on the ship is basically obsessed with them. No one brings it up, but the space jellies, as lance loving calls them, remind everyone on the team of home. It’s bittersweet and Coran makes sure the kitchen is well stocked with them. 

It’s the middle of the night and Keith can’t sleep, so he drags himself to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Lo and behold, he notices a certain Cuban boy sitting on the counter tossing space jellies in the air and trying to catch them with his mouth. Lance’s antics are ridiculous, but they’re also kind of…. endearing? Keith shakes the thought from his head and rolls his eyes for good measure before making his way to the pantry. 

If it had been anyone else, there would have been at least three boxes left and a cold juice sitting there waiting for the taking. BUT it’s Keith, so that means the last box of space jellies is currently being consumed by Lance who rattles a half finished box and says, “Looking for these?”

When Keith turns to face him, Lance is grinning from ear to ear. It’s definitely not cute. “You took the last one.”

Lance’s smile doesn’t falter at Keith’s grumpy tone. “Sure did.”

Keith huffs and turns back to the pantry, resigns himself to grabbing a bag of little pea shaped things that taste like banana at first, but leave a burnt toast aftertaste. Pidge is obsessed with them, Keith doesn’t really get it but he needs something to snack on so he sits a the table and tears opens the bag.

A few minutes go by and the silence is only broken up by Lace humming a few bars of some song Keith has never heard before. He likes it though and he’ s almost tempted to ask Lance to hum it a little louder. But that’s weird. So he just stares at his pea things and occasionally places one in his mouth.

A box is suddenly placed in front of Keith as Lance slides onto the seat directly across from him smiling. “You like the black ones, right?” He says it with an air of confidence that only Lance possesses but there’s some sort of undertone to it that Keith can’t quite identify. Fondness maybe?

Keith shifts his gaze from the boy in front of him back down to the box of space jellies. There are quite a few of Keith’s preferred jellies in there and it almost seems like Lance had planned on saving all of them for Keith before he even came into the kitchen. Keith pushes the thought away and looks back up at Lance to mutter a thank you. When Lance smiles this time it’s blinding and genuine. Keith has to avert his gaze yet again, because when Lance gives him that specific brand of smile… his heart starts to do weird things.

The humming starts again and when Keith is done with his jellies they clean up and Lance walks him to his room. The “Goodnight” Lace utters before heading to his room is accompanied with a small wave and a soft smile. Keith falls back to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. 

They’re sitting side by side on the floor of the bridge staring upwards at the holographic image of Earth’s sun and all of the stars surrounding it. It doesn’t happen every night, not that there’s really a night or a day in space, either way they should both be asleep at these time none the less, but it’s not uncommon for one of them to find the other sitting by a window looking out at the endless space that surrounds them at all times now.

Sometimes they just sit together in comfortable silence. Sometimes they make up stupid constellations to make one another laugh. Occasionally they’ll both lay down next to each other as they look out a window at an unfamiliar planet and talk about all kinds of things in muted tones. 

Tonight though, there was something about the look in Lance’s eyes that made Keith take him by the wrist and lead him to the bridge to look at the familiar stars they’d both grown up staring at. 

Keith smiles as he points to another cluster and says, “That’s Lyra.”

Lace looks up. “It’s small.”

“Yep.” The red paladin nods. “It’s the 52nd constellation in order from largest to smallest, but Vega is part of the constellation and that’s the fifth brightest star in Earth’ s night sky.”

Lance pulls his legs to his chest and rests his chin on his knees. “Isn’t there a myth behind it about a musician or something?”

“Yeah, Orpheus. The story is pretty sad actually.”

Lance spares Keith a glance paired with a smirk before looking back at the hologram. A half smile shouldn’t twist Keith’s stomach like that, but it does. “Greek mythology usually is Keith.” There’s a brief pause before Lance turns back to Keith again and asks “Will you tell me the story?” 

This time Lance doesn’t look away. His gaze is fixed on Keith and the expression he’s making and the tone of voice he’s using isn’t quite as unfamiliar to Keith anymore as it was four months back. In fact, he gives Keith that look every night they sit together under the stars, and sometimes throughout the day when he thinks no one is looking, or when he catches Keith laughing at one of his jokes. Lance looks at Keith like precious, like he’s the most beautiful thing in the universe and it never fails to make Keith’s mouth go dry or increase his heartrate.

“You don’t want to hear me ramble about some random Greek tragedy.” He can’t look away from those eyes. Who awarded Lance the right to have such perfect blue eyes? They’re the pools of water you land in when you’ve followed the river down the waterfall and Keith has never been a strong swimmer. It’s not fair.

“I do.” Lance sounds so sincere. Why does he have to sound like that? Why is his voice so soft and fond? Two syllables came out of that mouth. Simple words, three letters, one space between the first and the last two when written down, and they still manage to knock the breath from Keith’ s lungs. 

When it’s just him and Keith, Lance is different. The obnoxious jokes, and the issuing of lame little competitions between the two of them, and the occasional bickering are all still there even when they’re alone. Keith just feels like there’s something…extra. Like bonus content you only get when you’ve purchased the collector’s edition of a game or something. Lance’s edges get softer and he’s more honest about what he’s feeling when no one else is in the room. He’s  a little more sincere, more prone to being serious, and it’s stunning.

“Please? I like to hear your voice.” Keith still can’t manage to tear his eyes away from the boy sitting next to him, and he knows. He knows that he’s beat red. It’s so, so embarrassing, but he still takes a deep breath when his lungs figure out how they’re supposed to work again and he starts telling the story. 

“So, you were right. Orpheus was a musician, but not like any run of the mill musician, he was the best harpist in all of Greece, even the gods acknowledged his talents.” Lance whistles and Keith tries very hard to not be distracted by the way his lips pucker to make the sound. “Umm…. So, on his wedding day his wife, Eurydice, got separated from the wedding party and got bit on the heel by a snake while she was running away from a Satyr with… less that pure intentions and died.”

“That’s awful.” It’ s almost a whisper.

“Yeah, it really is.” Keith pauses for a moment to silently mourn a fictional nymph. Which, okay yeah it’s probably dumb, but whatever. If Keith had learned anything in the last six months of constant warfare, it’s that patience yields focus and you should always respect the dead. He continues, “Anyways, Orpheus was so heartbroken that he decided to take a journey to the underworld to strike a bargain with Hades to get her back. So when he got there he just started playing this song, and it was so beautiful that even the stones around them start crying and it moved both Hades and his wife Persephone’s hearts or whatever, so Hades cut him a deal.”

“He told Orpheus that if he started walking to the gates of Hell Eurydice would follow behind him and be returned to the world of the living, but only if he didn’t look back at her until they were both out of Hades’ domain. So he walked and walked and had to keep reminding himself that no matter how much his heart told him to, he couldn’t look back. So, when he reached the upperworld he finally looked back, except he forgot to account for the fact that Eurydice could be farther than a foot behind him. She hadn’t reached the entry yet, so she was dragged back down to stay in the world of the dead.”

Lance makes a small sound, whining sound. It’s the same sound Lance always makes when he hears something sad or sees wounds on a comrade after a battle. Keith reaches a hand out to push Lance’s bangs back partly because he knows it’s the easiest way to sooth the blue paladin, and partly because it was an excuse to touch him.

He pulls his hand back, not without reluctance but he still has the rest of the story to tell and being mesmerized by Lance melting under his fingertips would be a little too distracting for Keith to remember how words work. “After that he only ever played sad music. There are a few different versions of how the myth ends, but the one that’s told most often is that in his grief he didn’t pay tribute to the god of wine and he was torn limb from limb as punishment. The muses carried his harp into the sky to form Lyra and immortalize Orphus’s tragedy in the night sky.”

All at once there’s a weight on Keith’s side that was not previously there. Lance had closed the small space between them so that he could rest his head against Keith’s should and lean into him. 

Lance makes an amused sound. “Of course your favorite constellation in the sky would be the one with the with the most depressing love story behind it.”

Keith furrows his brow. He’s been pointing out different constellations all night and he just doesn’t get how Lance picked out his favorite one so easily. His heart does something weird again. It’s painful and also…  pleasant? warm? nice? 

Keith does it too, though. Off of the top of his head he could tell you that Lance hates everything remotely flavored like cooked carrots, but will eat anything that tastes like raw ones. He could write poems about how Lance always worries his bottom lip with his teeth when he’s not quite sure what to say. He could almost list all of the names of the people in Lance’s absurdly large family in alphabetical order and tell you at least two facts about each one of them. Keith could tell you all about how Lance mumbles under his breath in Spanish when he’s scared or exhausted. It wouldn’t sound as pretty, but he could hum you all of the songs Lance sings when he’s happy.

Keith know without a shadow of a doubt why he remembers every tiny detail that Lance has ever revealed to him. There wasn’t a specific moment he realized he was in love with Lance, it had been happening slowly for a long time now. And, yeah, Keith thinks he has an idea as to  why Lance knows so many small truths about him too. He’s just… never asked for confirmation. So he plays with the velcro on his gloves for split second before deciding to take them off completely and setting them aside. He burns a hole in the projected image of Earth’s sun and bites the bullet.

“Why do you keep doing that?”

Lance lifts his head from Keith’s should and settles his chin in it’s place so that he gets a better view of Keith’s profile. “Doing what?”

Keith musters up the courage to turn his face and look directly into Lance’s eyes. Their noses are almost touching now. “Noticing all of these… I don’t know, these like, obscure little things about me that no one else notices. Like knowing I like black space jellies when I’ve never actually vocalized anything about that, or remember when Hunk tried to shove that plant in my face so I could smell it and you swatted it out of his hands because it looked like a tulip and you remembered I was allergic to them. Or knowing that my favorite color is blue and that my least favorite is burnt orange.”

“To be fair burnt orange is an awful color in general.”

“Okay, yeah, but you always know when I’m upset, or nervous, or happy because of some weird hand gesture that I usually don’t even know I’m doing until you point it out. Why do you know all of those things Lance? Why do you remember them?”

One of Lance’s eyebrows quirks up and he teases, “Do you really want to know?”

Keith let’s out an exasperated breath. “Well, I asked didn’t I? So yeah Lance, I want to know.”

The smirk falls off of Lace’s face and he shifts himself to sit on his feet so that his body is facing Keith’s. Lace keeps his eyes trained on the floor, looking like he’s waging some sort of internal battle, and when he finally looks back up at Keith there’s determination burning in his expression and maybe a little fear. 

Lance opens his mouth to speak…and then he closes it. He does this four times before bringing his folded hands up from his lap to cover his face. Lance complains into his hands in hushed Spanish. 

When he peaks out from between his fingers and then drops them uselessly back in his lap, his cheeks and ears are an adorable shade of red and he smiles at Keith sheepishly. “You know, for someone who talks so much, I’m really not all that great with words when it comes to stuff like this.” 

The words are accompanied by a self deprecating laugh. Keith frowns and tries to make his voice sound encouraging when he says “Take your time.”

Lance smiles, but there’s a bitter edge to it. “That’s the thing though, all I’ve been doing is taking my time. I’m kind of sick of it honestly. I keep trying to find the exact right words to say to you and I practice in my head and then as soon as I consider opening my mouth to say it, I just forget how to talk or I say something dumb. And it’s just so ridiculous, you know? Because it doesn’t have to be some drawn out dramatic speech like I keep telling myself. It’s actually just so stupidly simple and I don’t get why I’m so scared to mess it up. But really, how hard is it to say “because” and follow it up with three words? I look at you an I just…” Lance stares at him. “I just…” Lance lifts his hands and places them on either side of Keith’s face. 

Keith’s heart is trying to make its great escape by bludgeoning it’s way out of his chest. He’s pretty sure his entire rib cage is turning to dust and his body is down a set of lungs. They’ve just ceased existing. What are lungs? No clue, never heard of them.

“Keith.” Lance’s voice cracks just a little when he says the name and he swallows and starts again. “Keith. Keith Kogane. My buddy, my pal. I know that you have a sweet tooth, and that you love a good hug but don’t know how to ask for one when you need it. I know that you’re smart, and talented, and think butterscotch candies are the sole creation of the devil himself.”

Keith can’t help the laughter that escapes him and it makes Lance smile the way he always does when Keith so much as chuckles.

“I know that you have the best laugh I’ve ever heard. You have no idea how much I love that laugh. Seriously. I know you collect snow globes, and love conspiracy theories-”

“They’re not all just theories Lance, there’s a lot of evidence out -”

“Shhhhhh, you asked me a question and I’m trying to answer it and I’m kind of on a roll after mumbling for five minutes about how this wasn’t going to be some drawn out thing. But I’m just focusing on you instead of some practiced speech and I’m actually forming mildly coherent sentences, so be quiet. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.”

“I know a bunch of tiny little facts about you, and yeah sure part of that is because I’m super observant and totally cool,” he winks, “but I notice all of those things specially about you because…” Lance swallows hard and takes a calming breath. “I lo-”

Keith has been told many times that he gives into impulses too quickly, that he’s too impatient. And…yeah, it’s true, absolutely, and he’s working on it. No, really, he is! Try as he might though, he couldn’t handle another second of wanting to kiss Lance and not doing it when the opportunity clearly presented itself. 

It’s not the smoothest first kiss, but it’s not all teeth and bumping noses either, and it leads into soft drawn out kisses, and kisses that can barely even be called that because the two of them are grinning so wide. 

When Keith pulls away a faux pouty expression take over Lance’s face. “You didn’t even let me finish.” He starts to waggle his eyebrows in the most obnoxious way possible and says “These lips were just irresistible huh? I guess I’m just too smoochable.”

How the hell does Keith find this so cute? 

“Hey, Keith?” 


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Viktor’s Exhibitions

So it’s canon that all of Viktor’s programmes were all high art and meaningful creative genius that literally had commissioned music to most effectively tell a story. But lets say his exhibition programmes were always more relaxed. For one, it’s one of the few things Yakov has absolutely no control over. 

So, during his first competitive season in the junior division, Viktor performs I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys, basically dressed like he could be on the Disney Style, and, as a result, captures the hearts of women around the globe before he’s even reached puberty. 

He becomes as obsessed with surprising the audience with his exhibition gala as he does with his actual programmes. And they are ALWAYS basically the opposite of his theme. Like Back in Black by AC/DC one year (because he’d had a brief injury), when his theme was peace and tranquillity. 

The most famous of which is an 18 year old Viktor performing Candy Shop by 50 Cent, which nearly gives Yakov a heart attack. Fun fact #:1 it’s the most viewed of his routines on YouTube, and one of the first viral videos ever. Fun fact #2: it was the same year Chris skated to Aqua’s Barbie Girl (for his actual free skate). Fun fact #3: halfway across the globe, a 14 year old Yuuri Katsuki developed some very odd kinks. 

This continues, even up until canon, where much to Yuuri’s embarrassment (and secret satisfaction), Viktor’s anticipated return exhibition piece is Going To The Chapel Of Love by The Dixie Cups

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43 or 46

(what the hell is your problem?)
it was a late afternoon, and ty and kit just returned from shopping- for candy mostly, because apparently kit is obsessed with chocolate. they sat on the table, arranging and sorting out their treats until ty stumbles upon a wide chocolate bar with a red wrapper that read “kit kat.” kit noticed and smiled, pushing the chocolate towards ty.
“try it!”
“does it taste good?”
“it tastes like, um… kind of like the feeling of when you successfully kill a demon, but in chocolate form.”
that made ty laugh, which made kit happy, knowing he could make ty genuinely joyous.
ty looked cute, in kit’s opinion. just a grey sweatshirt and black skinny jeans, his black hair unkempt and white headphones around his neck.
so ty opened up the chocolate bar, holding it up, examining the four bars connected together.
“it’s not poison or anything, ty,” said kit, opening up a crunch bar and taking a bite.
“i know,” said ty cautiously. “it’s good to be careful.”
kit smiled but it quickly faded as ty did something unspeakable. the impossible, it almost made kit vomit.
ty took a bite of the kit kat bar. but he didn’t piece off one of the four bars. he just bit the whole thing. kit blinked. ty blinked, surprised by the flavor of the chocolate.
“what the hell is your problem?!” exclaimed kit, outraged.
ty took another bite. “what?” he shrugged, curious.
“stop!!!” kit pulled the bar away from ty. “you animal. you never, ever eat a kit kat bar like this.”
“i’m a shadowhunter! we don’t eat kit kats!” argued ty.
“well, now i’m gonna have to teach you. there is no way i’m ever letting one near you until you’ve mastered the skill.”
and through the afternoon into the night, the blackthorns and emma listened in on kit’s very specific lesson on how to eat kit kats.
(hello special thanks to @hxcate for helpin me think of an idea for this hc!! follow them theyre gr8)

Chocobros in a Candy Shop


The prince is nothing less than flabbergasted! He’s marveled (heh marvel) by all the homemade chocolates, gummies, and pastel colored sugars. He’ll of course ask for multiple samples and the poor servers just can’t say no to his wishes (it’s that darn derpy smile). Ignis will continue to warn him about cavities and of course the typical sugar rush, but guess who’s not listening. “Yeah. Yeah. I’ll be fine! Who can’t handle a little sugar? Not long after, Noct will buy a variety of chocolates (with caramel, duh) and a freaking POUND of gummi worms. Gummi worms remind him of the times when he used to stuff them up his nose and scare the shit out of Prompto (he still does). On the road he’ll start to stuff his collection of sugar inside his mouth and then Noct’s energy breaks lose. Punch buggy is on, but it ends when Gladio punches him into the door of Regalia out of annoyance and the dude’s out cold. Ignis will start to chuckle to himself in the front seat when he see’s Noct passed out from his sugar rush. 

I told you so.” 


Honestly, the Candy Shop isn’t really Prom’s thing. He’s horrified of going back to his childhood figure and it would just crush him if someone pointed out the growing fat that would emerge if he couldn’t resist the mountains of pure sugar. But, of course, he won’t be the party pooper who ruins the fun so he’ll at least run in for a quick look around. The vast diversity of colors immediately catch his eye along with the gigantic stuffed animals that peer down on the shop. 

I found a chocobo! I want it! No, I NEED it!” 

He’ll promptly (HA prompto promptly) snatch the adorable, golden chocobo off the shelf and begin to run around with it while taking multiple selfies. While running around like the lovable idiot he is, he’ll accidentally slam into Noct’s back causing Noct to stuff the gummi worms up his nose a lot farther than he anticipated. Turning around with scarily swift speed, he’ll give Prompto a literal heart attack when he fakes a broken nose from the impact. Prom will try to aid assistance to the prince’s “injury”, but Noct won’t let Prom see the gummi worms hanging from his nose by completely covering it. When Prompto gets close enough to Noct, he’ll let his hands fall down to their sides and allow the two gummi worms to hang in the wind with pride. Prompto will let out a traumatic scream and rush out the door with his Chocobo at hand. Noctis just bursts out in a fit of laughter and Gladio will give him the honor of a well deserved high five. Ignis goes over to the register to pay for the stuffed chocobo and will facepalm afterwards from his childish comrades.


The Candy Shop is probably the very last place you’d expect to find Gladio. He’s not one to obsess over sugar, chocolate, or gummi anything, because there’s Cup Noodles, duh. Sometimes he’ll walk in just for fun or to buy Iris something to soothe her sweet tooth, but besides that he’s not seen there. Candy Shops often have such a sweet smelling atmosphere that it’s pretty sickening to the poor guy considering he’d prefer to smell the scent of pine any day. And every time he walks into the building free samples are practically thrown his way. Sometimes he’ll take a chocolate or two, but other times he’ll politely decline. Not to mention he constantly gets stabbed in the shoulders by dozens of stupid lollipop sticks. It doesn’t hurt, it actually barely fazes him, but he feels like every time he turns BAM STABBY STABBY! Once he’s stabbed by more than twenty sticks, he’s out the door in seconds, but he ate a chocolate so it at least gives him an excuse to have a nice, long workout session.


Cavities. Cavities everywhere! He can’t stand it. Just one or two bites of sugar and your mouth is completely vulnerable to them. Of course Noct could eat a whole POUND of sugar without a second thought, yet he always has to fight with Ignis about his leafy greens. He didn’t quiet understand how one could be more pleasant than the other. But then again, Ignis didn’t absolutely hate Candy Shops. He had to admit that some of the many homemade candies were quite delectable, such as their famous Jelly Rings (he lowkey takes dozens of samples). Some of their brewed berry teas weren’t half bad either. He often finds himself relaxing in the pleasant smelling atmosphere as well. There’s got to be something about sweet smells that are just so calming. But, as expected, the experience is destroyed when Noctis starts stuffing gummi worms up his nose, Prompto starts taking selfies and running around with a stuffed chocobo, and Gladio is picking fights with lollipop sticks. Oh well, it can’t be helped, at least the trip isn’t boring.

Seventeen’s Reaction To You Decorating The House In Loads Of Christmas Decor

S Coups: When he walked through the door he couldn’t believe it was the same house. He knew you adored Christmas and somewhat had a passion for it, but to go this far? When he walked into the kitchen to see you in a Mrs Claus outfit decorating a gingerbread house, a giddy smile spread across his face. He found the whole situation unbearably cute and your little cheeky smile made his heart soar. 

Jeonghan: The overwhelming sight of tinsel made Jeonghan feel astonished at first. Several questions would rush through his mind such as “She did this all in one day? Wow.” He was totally at a loss for words as he saw you decorate the tree in a Christmas jumper. You’d ask for his opinion but all he could conger up to reply with would be a thumbs up and a sweet, appreciative smile.

Joshua: This angel would love everything that you had done to the house! As soon as he walked through the door, a huge smile would be planted on his face. He’d hear you singing Christmas songs in the other room and wouldn’t hesitate to join in on the festive cheer! You sure made this an amazing Christmas for him - one he simply could not forget! 

Jun: At first he’d be confused as to why you had gone to all this trouble just for one day. But then he walked in on you smiling widely whilst surrounded in hanging decorations and flashing lights and couldn’t help but smile too. He’d simply wrap his arms around you and show a look of admiration whilst taking in the flamboyant room. 

“Good job, Babe!” 

Hoshi: This little sunshine would be sad he missed out on the chance to Christmas up his house! However, he’d soon be glad that it was just you who did so, knowing full well he couldn’t decorate the tree as well as you. He’d turn up the music you’d put on quietly in the background and make you dance with him to celebrate the upcoming holiday! 

Wonwoo: He’d be very overwhelmed when he walked in and saw the house had been totally transformed. Christmas for him had never been celebrated like this before, but you had took it to a whole other level. Nevertheless, he was happy that you went to all this trouble to make Christmas seem more perfect! He’d wrap you in a bear hug and thank you over and over for making this Christmas more perfect than any other he’s had before. 

Woozi: “Woah” would be the only word he could utter when he saw the lights being displayed outside his house. He saw you come rushing out to greet him with a child like persona about you. He’d tell you that he loved what you did and it made the holiday feel more magical; however he was a tad more concerned about the electricity bill. 

Dk: HE. WOULD. LOVE. IT. And you. He was simply flabbergasted when he came home to what could pass as some kind of winter wonderland. He rushed to find you and peppered you in kisses and smothered you in hugs. Seeing his reaction was like seeing a kid in a candy shop! 

“Christmas is going to be amazing this year! All thanks to you~!” 

Mingyu: For a moment he’d debate whether or not this was his house. Then he’d see you come out in a gingerbread outfit and he’d furthermore question reality. You had decided to give him a small tour to show him what you had done and a feeling of awe filled in his heart. He thought your obsession with Christmas was adorable and seeing your eyes light up made him feel like the luckiest guy alive. 

The8: He had been taking a nap when you decided to decorate the house. When he woke up, he’d be surrounded by green and red decors hung around the room. When he walked downstairs he noticed you struggling to place the star on top of the tree; much to your surprise he lifted you up and helped you place the star on top. 

“This all looks beautiful, Baby! Now I’m even more excited!” 

Seungkwan: “What is this and what has it done to my house?” Boo would be lost as to when Santa threw up on his house. You’d explain to him that Christmas was your favourite time and that you always went overboard and he couldn’t help but smile a bit. Boo would even offer to help you with the rest of the house just to make you smile. 

Vernon: ULTIMATE CONFUSION. He couldn’t utter why his house had been dolled up for a day holiday. Nevertheless, he’d join in with you decorating the living room whilst humming softly along to timeless Christmas tunes. You’d both enjoy the day together and when Christmas came he found the whole process worth it! It just made it that little more sentimental. 

Dino: This little baby would be so thankful for all the hard work you had put in! You knew he loved Christmas so you took it upon yourself to decorate the house for him! When he got him he’d shower you in affection and praise your decorating skills! You made his Christmas 100X better than it was going to be and for that he was extremely thankful! 

Ah! My first post! I hope you all enjoyed this! I thought why not do a Christmas reaction since it’s fast approaching? I hope you all have a lovely holiday and get everything you want! Gifs aren’t mine, credits to owners! 

EXO Reaction To DO’s Friend’s Sister Staying With Them At The Dorm

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Hey bae! I love this blog! Could you write a long reaction were Exo meets a foreign 04 liner that has to stay with them because her elder sister is friends with D.O and she has to go America due to an emergency and can’t bring her smol sister so D.O brings her (the 04 liner reader) to the dorm, and how would the other members react? Thanks! I love your blog!

Xiumin: *Initially is not at all thrilled about a twelve year old girl staying with them, there’s barely any room for her in their dorm considering all the members and their managers but eventually he comes around once the little girl calls him cute. How bad can she be after that?*

Originally posted by xiundeer

Luhan: *Just a bit awkward. He doesn’t have little siblings or cousins and it’s not like the other members are fourteen years younger than he is. He’s not used to having to be around someone with such a big age difference all the time. He’d probably just be polite and make small talk but otherwise do his own thing.*

Originally posted by pastel-tao

Kris: *While filming Somewhere Only We Know he did spend a lot of time with a little girl, he too wouldn’t be all that used to it. He’d probably feel like it cramps his style a bit, having to really watch his behavior so he doesn’t say anything inappropriate and having to give up the TV to her children’s shows is definitely not his favorite thing. It’s not that he’d be mean or even harsh, just cold.*

Originally posted by jinful

Suho: *he’d be taking the chance to hone his mom skills. A twelve year old wouldn’t find as cheesy as the other members and definitely wouldn’t tease him as much. He’d probably be one of the ones who’s most comfortable with her, probably getting some toys or games for her to entertain herself with while she’s with them.*

Originally posted by wooyoung

Lay: *I think he’d be comfortable with having her around but he wouldn’t actively seek out spending time with her, he is busy and has his own stuff to do but if they were in the same room he’d interact with her and play with her, do whatever, share his food. She could probably convince him to play a song or two for her.*

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Baekhyun: *He would definitely enjoy messing with her and playing with her, probably doing it for at least an hour every day. He just likes making her laugh and she would laugh very easily with him. He’d just have to filter what he says. I have a feeling sometimes he doesn’t say things that are G rated.*

Originally posted by sebaeked

Chen: *Another one who’d have to make a lot of effort to keep from saying or doing something inappropriate. He’s used to being around other guys that are adults, the proper behavior when one is around a little girl is very different. He’d also probably enjoy spending time with her like Baekhyun.*

Originally posted by luedeer

Chanyeol: *He’d be just awkward and weird around her, just way too aware of his own behavior, language and even his size given that he’s a giant and she would be a lot smaller than him. He’d probably let her play with or borrow some of his plushies and watch her movies on his TV. Another one who’d definitely write a quick and cheesy song for her*

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

DO: *Stressed mother. Since it was his friend who needed him to watch the girl, he’d just be very stressed trying to make sure she was ok and had everything she wanted and needed and hadn’t been exposed to too much inappropriateness all in addition to his schedules*

Originally posted by v-dyo

Tao: *He’d probably butt heads with her because he’s kind of used to being the resident baby that can get away with anything and when she’s around, that role becomes hers not his. If she started playing with Candy or borrowed some of his stuff, he’d probably snap at her, especially if the tensions and stress of suddenly having a girl around had been mounting for a while.*

Originally posted by zhangyixings

Kai: *he’d be pretty good with her, making sure she had everything she needed and wanted. He’s used to taking care of others, starting with his dogs.I picture him reading her stories at night and making her simple meals if DO had personal schedules that kept him very busy.*

Originally posted by jongxuns

Sehun: *He’d be using her as a sort of candy-shop, bubble tea, ice cream beard, using her to go into the sweet shops without looking really sugar obsessed himself. He also wouldn’t mind that she’d get hyper afterwards and start messing with the other members. Hell, he’d probably give her tips on how to mess with them more effectively*

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BK Masterlist

I’ve hit a follower milestone, and I’ve received some asks for a full listing of my work. Since I have a problem and I’ve written over 200 stories, I’m going to split it up into parts. Thank you all for being so lovely, and I hope this is helpful to you, since I am terrible about organizing. Love you all to bits. 

All of the links lead to Tumblr, but please feel free to check out my FF.net and AO3 accounts. 

All of these will be tagged under bk masterlist on my blog. 

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Caroling Out in the Snow

So, I wrote this for the lovely @cuffedcaskett47, who I have had the great pleasure of getting to know over the past few months.  Ali, I hope your Christmas season is as wonderful as you are (because you are wonderful and don’t ever forget it) and that this brings you the smallest amount of joy.  I know you love Caskett babies as much as I do, and I hope that when I told you to imagine Caskett babies sleeping curled up on Kate’s chest, that it looked a little something like this.  Enjoy!  

The holidays with a little one were proving to be even more magical than Kate had ever expected.  Oliver had only been a few months old when Christmas came for the first time in his life.  He’d screamed when he left the comfort of his Mom’s arms to sit on the lap of a man who shook when he laughed.  The presents that Castle had spent weeks picking out hadn’t excited him as much as his father would have liked, which Kate found hysterical, considering he already had a child and should have known what to expect.  And he’d barely been phased by the tree, Castle asserting that they’d need all new, unbreakable ornaments for the next year.  

He’d been right.  This year, with an almost-toddler, was completely different.  Oliver loved to grab the red and white striped candy off the tree, and shove it in his mouth, wrapper and all.  He tended to knock over the ornaments as he did it, not out of malice, just sheer joy and a lack of impulse control.  This year, Oliver sat in Ho-ho’s lap without a problem, grinning for the camera like he was meeting a celebrity

And Kate found it even more exciting because his personality was showing up, which made Christmas shopping so much more fun.  Unfortunately, her son was obsessed with those small yellow babbling things with goggles, and they were invading her house.  She opened the closet one day and screamed when she found the giant one staring at her.  Her husband had chuckled, pressing a kiss to her temple and making her frustrations melt away, telling her that the look of pure joy on Oliver’s face would be well worth the Minion invasion.  

He loved to volunteer.  And as much as she wanted to join him, it was hard to help out at a soup kitchen when she was also chasing around their son.  So she opted to stay home this year, baking what felt like thousands of cookies and singing along to Christmas songs on her Pandora station.  Oliver helped, the young boy standing on a chair at the table, stirring the batter as well as he could.  Kate stood behind him, her hands on his sides to prevent him from falling, helping him stir when his arms got too tired.  And the entire time she crooned into his ear, making him giggle.  “You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout I’m telling you why.”  She poked him, her heart soaring as he laughed, turning his head to meet her eyes.  “Why, Ollipop?”  

His free hand shot up in the air, the energy he emitted enough to melt all the snow in the city.  “Ho-ho!”  

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Embarrassed (Remus Lupin - Marauders Era)

Request: Hi i was wondering if you could do something from the marauder era where remus goes on a date and the guys keep trying to make him do something humiliating, thanks btw i love your blog

(Decided to try first person because I’ve noticed how many times I had to use the word ‘you’ before!)


A warm, gentle breeze swept across the castle grounds, tenderly caressing my face as I nervously walked towards the small but beautiful village of Hogsmeade. Today was the day of my date with Remus Lupin- the quieter member of the Marauders- and just the thought of it was causing a huge, uncontrollable smile to plaster itself across my face.

Upon entering the Three Broomsticks, I immediately noticed the lanky boy with sandy brown hair sat in a booth towards the back of the pub. He sat anxiously fiddling with the sleeves of his cinnamon-coloured sweater. As I approached, his gaze focussed on me, a lopsided grin etched across his face.

“Hey Remus!” I gave a small wave before sliding into the booth next to him.

“Y/N,” he whispered, “y-you look really pretty.”

I could feel my cheeks burning from his words.

“Thank you,” I smiled, “I really like your sweater!”

His cheeks tinged with pink as he muttered a thank you. I took a sip of the Butterbeer that Remus had ordered for me prior to my arrival, before starting a new conversation.

“Tell me about yourself. Hobbies? Interests? Family?”

"Well, I’m Remus John Lupin, my father is Lyall Lupin and my mother is Hope Lupin. I’m an only child but James, Sirius and Peter are like brothers to me.” Remus smiled absentmindedly whilst talking about his friends, “I enjoy reading books, eating chocolate and sometimes playing pranks with the boys.”

"I love pranking!” My eyes lit up as soon as he mentioned the word. He seemed amused by my sudden exclamation.

“The one I’m most proud of would have to be…” I trailed off, deep in thought. “The time I dyed Lucius Malfoy’s ‘luscious locks’ pink!”

“THAT WAS YOU!” Remus cried, between fits of laughter. “We got blamed for that and were given detention everyday for a month!”

“Oops?” I giggled, remembering the Marauders’ shocked, angry faces at being accused of a prank that they hadn’t actually performed. Although, the annoyance didn’t last very long as everywhere they went, students were high-fiving them or congratulating them. They seemed to enjoy the attention.

After the two of us sobered from laughing, Remus lifted his mug to take a gulp of Butterbeer when it suddenly flung out of his grasp and onto my lap. I instantly felt the warm substance soak my clothes and looked up to see Remus’ horrified expression. I heard laughter erupt from a nearby table and didn’t need to turn my head to know it was the other three Marauders.

“I’m so sorry, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to.” Remus stumbled over his words, blushing frantically and grabbing napkins to try to soak up the drink. I just giggled at the boy.

“It’s fine, Remus,” I smiled sincerely at him and pushed the napkins away. “We don’t need those, there are spells for this kind of thing!”

I pulled out my wand. Muttering the incantation, I felt my clothes dry in seconds and sighed with relief. “Let’s get out of here.”

After browsing round a few shops, Remus and I decided to enter Honeydukes. The shop was filled with Hogwarts students, purchasing new and exciting candy.

“I have a slight obsession with Honeydukes Best Chocolate!” Remus smiled, taking a few bars off the shelf.

“Who doesn’t love chocolate?” I laughed as we paid for our items and walked back into the town.

The two of us slowly strolled around the small village, in a comfortable silence, occasionally commenting on the surroundings. I took a chance and laced our fingers together, glancing up to see a blush burning on Remus’ cheeks.

Suddenly, I felt Remus’ body lurch forward as he fell to the ground, dragging me down on top of him. I heard the same familiar laughter from behind us but instead of reacting, I chose to focus on Remus. His face was only a few inches away from mine. I glanced between his lips and his gleaming eyes, before leaning in further, closing the gap between us. The second our lips touched, a overwhelming feeling of joy spread through my body, causing me to smile against his lips. The kiss only lasted a few seconds but it was amazing. We pushed ourselves off the ground, looking behind me to spot three gob-smacked boys. I smirked at them and gave them a look to say 'I know what you’ve been doing’, which caused them to turn and speedily walk in the opposite direction.

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed.”

Remus blushed and muttered something along the lines of “I’m going to kill them” under his breath before turning around and pressing his lips to mine one again.