he's not signing those damn papers

Famous!Matt AU

-Matt is a popular actor in the indie movie scene. Tom secretly enjoys said movies and thinks the ginger is pretty hot (neither of which he would ever admit).
-One day Matt is at a local library or some shit and he’s signing CDs. Tom sneaks out of the house and goes there. Once the line gets to him he silently hands over the CD, Matt smiles at him (making him blush slightly because God damn those cute dimples in his cheeks) and is about to write his autograph but asks “What’s your name, cutie?” catching Tom totally off guard and making his blush deepen as he looks away in embarrassment, mumbling his name in response. Matt happily writes it down along with a short but sweet message (and a little piece of paper with his number on it that he slips into the case)
-Tom finds the paper and is confused but also curious. After days of contemplation he decides to call the number, expecting it to be one of those prank lines that play Never gonna give you up on repeat. He’s quite shocked to hear a familiar voice answer.