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Lunch today. 👌 I’m glad it’s Sunday today because that means a new week begins tomorrow! We have some fun planned for this week. 😜 We’ll be in Madrid this Tuesday. I’m so excited to revisit one of my favourite cities! We’ll only be there for the day but have a few days planned out for the end of our time in Spain, in August, before we travel to Zagreb. 🇭🇷 It will be fun to show Kuba around since he’s never been. 🤗

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I think one of my favorite things about Mike is that he admires Billie so much!! A couple months ago (i think it was on October) he said that Billie was his favorite musician, and also Mike has learned a lot from billie like,,,, billie taught him how to play guitar and bass!! im sorry I love these two so much

aw same!!! i love how much all the members of green day just truly respect each other. i’m pretty sure both mike and billie have said that tré is their favourite drummer in the world. and whenever mike talks about tré making him a better bass player too. i just adore them

How would boys study ?

During this exams period, it is time to be a little more serious (or not) than usual and close the door to have a date with some syllabi… How boys would study ? 

It is a request from @supersweetpinkcandyposts​.

Does some of you are still in exam ? I finished mine one week ago, and now I discover what it is to be free again and find back my social life. It is weird. 

When they remember it will begin (who recognize himself ?)

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First Lines

Ahhhh the loveliest lovely in the world, @lululawrence tagged me to do my first lines, which is the coolest idea! I haven’t pub’d 20 fics yet, so I’m going to include some drabbles and WIPs too :) 

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favourite authors!

1. From Be With Me: Harry Styles may have had his doubts at first, but by the time the gates to the elephant sanctuary came into view he was one hundred percent positive. Louis Tomlinson hated his guts.

2. From I’ll Smile: The first time I saw you after we broke up he wasn’t with you.

3. From Save Your Loving Arms: “Got a light, pop star?”

4. From Like Magnets Do: The bar had no dance floor.

5. From Singing To Tiny Dancer: Louis didn’t think of Holmes Chapel often. But when he did the memories were choppy and sun-dappled like those old home movies his mum used to project onto the wall of her bedroom as they cuddled underneath thick quilts. They felt that way, too. Warm and happy and wrapped in softness.

6. From Stars: “Have I said thank you enough?” Gemma asked her lips still pressed against Louis’ cheeks.

7. In All Its Imperfections (WIP): It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.  Six shots in that was. 

8. Ladsbible AU (hahaa WIP): Louis Tomlinson was the last straw, really. Him and his smart ass mouth.

9. Broken Halos (angel/demon drabble): Despite the cold, Harry didn’t so much as shift in the hour it took for the sky to lighten from blue velvet to cobalt to rose gold. Another day had come. Just one more in an eternity of sunrises.

10. Jury Duty drabble (DRARRY, wut!): There was something worse than jury duty, Harry Potter realized as he stumbled into the dark chambers of the court. There was jury duty with Draco Malfoy. 

11. You Bring Me Home (ptsd WIP): It was just a silly thing he and Harry had. These snapshots.

12. Post-Apoco AU: Louis Tomlinson had been saying the words since before he had any idea what they meant.

13. A WWII AU that won’t see the light of day, but oh well!: Louis Tomlinson blamed the champagne. He had a weakness for it, the contrast it presented. Sugar and bubbles. Sweetness and bite.

And I’m tapped out on fics!!! I swear I will write most of the WIPs soonish once I’m done with a non-larry project :)

This was suchhhhh a fun and cool exercise! I think I go very brief on those first lines hahahaha. Thank you for tagging me Sus! <3 Anyone who see this and wants to do it, please do! I’ve been so enjoying reading them this morning!!

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You made me see Gladio in a different light after reading Chasing Suns. It's not that I hate him. I just didn't like his character much. But now I know he has flaws too so I'm starting to like him a little. Thank you for writing a wonderful piece of art. I hope to read more of Gladio and his soulmate soon? Hugs for you! FYI, my fav is Prompto ;)

Thank you so much!! I always love seeing a change of heart occur for my favourite super meat boy C: HE’S GOT FEELINGS TOO, MAN

And most definitely, I’ll be posting Chasing Suns content soon enough. The first oneshot post-story I’m currently working on involves @nifwrites OC Raine from her Ignis soulmate AU story We Intertwined, and I have a few NSFW ones for Cam and Gladio together (DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee the safety of walls moving forward HEH) a massively angsty one from Prompto’s POV (HAVEN’T I HURT HIM ENOUGH ALREADY) and there’s even a few planned for when they procreate ;)

African Americans leave Black Panther alone.

Aight, I’m tired of your shit and I’m gonna rant about it at 4am.

I’ve been waiting for Black Panther on the big screen for so long. He’s half the reason i saw civil war. He’s literally my favourite superhero, and easily one of the best characters marvel has at their disposal. I trust in the cast and crew of the movie, and the trailer has only proved that that trust is well placed.

But you. You fucking vitriolic hateful pieces of shit have to ruin everything. Black Panther is not a film for you to co-opt for your anti-white agenda. Fuck off. If you were trying this on a character that fit your demographic I’d be less annoyed, but that isn’t the case. Wakanda is a fictional AFRICAN country full of AFRICAN people. If anyone gets to claim the movie it’s Africans, but we’re not crazy enough to try and claim a movie for ourselves. And no, you’re not African. You haven’t been African ever in your lives. It’s not the greatest fucking thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean you get to put on your dashikis every weekend and spout your bullshit like you represent every black person on earth.

Okay, considering I have an entire inspirational folder dedicated to pictures of this on my computer I might as well make a post about how much I love ONE’s monster designs.

I know the focus is usually on his sillier or more comical ones, but when he brings the creepy  - he really brings it.

I mean, look at this

They’re just


freaking intense 

Like, his monster designs are one of my most favourite things, and I just want to bring more attention to how great they are. Because I don’t think he gets enough attention for how absolutely awesome his monster designs are.

jungkook thigh appreciation thread

like i am a slut for jungkook’s thighs 

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dAMN hE tHICc Af

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jungkook in white pants daddy choke me pls 

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not a thigh pic bUt OfFicER jEon pLeaSE SpaNK mE

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this is changing into a sexy jungkook thread not that i’m complaining ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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mother i have sinned 

i’m going to show y’all one of my favourites jungkook gifs prepare your panties

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he looks so manly shoot me

fake fake fake
  • the clip starts with eva talking about causeries: humorous written piece that, in english, can be referred to as “talk of the town”. eva says she’s not good at it while noora says she doesn’t even know what it is. 👀👀👀
  • even before sana starts focusing on the carrot munching, from the very first second of the clip, the audio has a slight echo to it. which could just be the staircase in which they’re in but i’d think that the team would fix it in post-prod. i feel like they left it because it gives a daydreaming quality to the scene and sana’s pov. from the start, she’s not really listening.
  • carrot munching from the trailer
  • i’ve seen people comment that noora is eating too loudly, that’s not what it is.
    firstly: have you ever managed to eat a carrot silently? and secondly: the shot is to show how much sana is annoyed by noora now. when you hate someone, you tend to find every single thing they do annoying. suddenly, they breathe too loud, eat too loud, are just generally gross.
  • in my attempt to find out if there was a word for this phenomenon other than misophonia (as i understand it, misophonia is when you’re hypersensitive to certain sounds regardless of the context or person…i was looking for a word for when it happens only when you hate someone), i discovered a video of 5mn of carrot munching noises. here it is if you want to die.
  • the mcdonald’s discourse
  • sana looks outside at sara, vilde, and laila and…
  • …i’ll come back to this image later.
  • as sana focuses on noora and eva joining the group, she tunes out the noise around her just as when in prayer or when she was looking at yousef’s facebook profile. it seems that the music from sigur rós is used here as it was used in the other focusing scenes.
  • isak literally gets his nose into other people’s business (and i feel that almost everyone noticed immediately, despite how little of the frame it takes, because of the reading sense)
  • again, we have isak trying to reach sana and he says exactly what’s on sana’s mind: “has sara stolen all your friends?”

[cont. after the “read more”]

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@ritarmandi​ : Sooo, how about my favourite topic (i’m very calculable xD): magical!Stiles in action, doing some cool battle spell, while Derek is in a total shock that where and when the heck became this guy so badass. (He totally falls in love with Stiles of course. :D)

Harry's interview on Quotidien
  • I: Can you hear me?
  • H: Yes
  • I: Welcome to Paris!
  • H: Thank you
  • I: How are you? Can you answer in French?
  • H: Good! A little bit. A tiny bit. Très bien et toi ?(very good and you?)
  • I: Very good, thank you. We start our interviews with “can you give us your five favourites words in English or French. Or a French sentence”. Someone told me you knew a French sentence.
  • H: Comment vous faites un café si délicieux? (How do you make such a delicious coffee?)
  • I: OK, that’s good.
  • H: That’s all I have.
  • I: Do you say it very often?
  • H: No... Yes
  • I: What does France mean to you? Is it something, someone etc...?
  • H: Best people I’ve known... I think her, *shows a fan* I guess. Fabien Barthez.
  • I: Yes, Fabien Barthez. Harry, you’re 23 years old and you’re one of the best known pop-star in the world. Everybody has expectations with your new album and single Sign Of The Times. Why did you choose that song? This is not what people were expecting.
  • H: I think I wanted to.. I've always liked music that made me feel something. You know I think writing it I could feet something I wanted to bring it out. I think it's a good indicator for me of what the album is to me. That's why I wanted to go with that first.
  • I: Billboard wrote that the single was "one of the more ambitious opening statements in pop this decade". Not bad, isn't it?
  • H: Thanks!
  • I: Do you have friends working at Billboard?
  • H: I don't know anyone at Billboard.
  • I: When we listen to the song we think of David Bowie, Queen, who else did you think of?
  • H: I mean, I think everyone, anything, any song you've ever listened to growing up or throughout your life or you've enjoyed, inspired you. There are a lot of different things. I wanted to just write and see what came out. I didn't know what I sounded like to make an album. So this process was as interesting for me as I think it will be for people listening to the album for the first time.
  • I: Do you know French singers other than Serge Gainsbourg? That's a tricky question.
  • H: I know Woodkid. He directed my music video.
  • I: Why him?
  • H: I think his videos are amazing, he's a really talented guy and I love French people so I worked with him.
  • I: When you're in Spain, do you say that you love Spanish people?
  • H: No!
  • I: It seems like everything has been easy...
  • H: Great tie.
  • I: You think so? It's French.
  • H: It's not a Spanish tie, isn't it?
  • I: Can I see your loafer? Oh yes! What is the brand? That's not French, isn't it? It's Italian.
  • H: No.
  • I: That's from the European Union!
  • H: Probably yeah.
  • I: It seems like everything has been easy for you, is it true?
  • H: Was what simple?
  • I: Your life, everybody wants a life like yours, with One Direction...
  • H: I mean, I feel very lucky to be able to make music, I feel very lucky to be able to make this, I feel very lucky today being in France and performing my song. I love this song. I can't complain.
  • I: What were the unpleasant things?
  • H: *thinking*
  • I: I don't know, say only one thing.
  • H: I think when you care so much about something, it's hard to get to the point where you feel like it's finished and it feels like you're adding and it never ends and it adds up. So I think the hardest part was getting into that point and be like "ok that's finished."
  • I: You said to the Rolling Stone magazine that most of the album was inspired by a woman. Really?
  • H: No I think, honestly, the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman it kind of feels like, I don't know, I put a lot of work into this. I don't feel like it revolves around woman. It's a lot about me and things I've never said before. It's more about me.
  • I: How did you start with a boy band and end with a solo career? Is it complicated?
  • H: It's been a lot of fun. You know we were very lucky to get to do some amazing things and at the moment in our lives, we're in a time where everyone is trying their own thing and have a good time. It's been amazing to see everyone doing their own thing as well. If I can do as well as the others, it'd be amazing.
  • I: Do you call them everyday or text them? Do you use What's app?
  • H: I don't have that.
  • I: Why?
  • H: Yes we talk, absolutely. And everyone is bringing stuff out. It's been a lot going on. It's been a good time.
  • I: This is the album cover! Can you describe it? Why did you choose this picture?
  • H: Yeah. So, I don't know. I worked with photographer Harley Weir, I'm a massive fan of her work. And that's amazing and I was lucky enough to work with her. I felt like this was what I wanted.
  • I: Why is it pink? Why the water? Why your back? Why? It's beautiful but why is it pink?
  • H: I don't know, man!
  • I: Really? You don't know?
  • H: I don't know. I don't think I want...
  • I: Apparently pink is Rock'n'roll's colour.
  • H: Apparently so. I don't know. I think it means something to me and if it means anything to anyone else, I wouldn't want to take away from that by explaining it. I think the cool thing about stuff like photos and art is you can just leave it. You don't have to explain it.
  • I: Everybody sees what they want to see.
  • H: Yes exactly.
  • I: Have you seen this?
  • *video of people reacting to Harry's single*
  • I: Your fans record themselves while listening to the song for the first time. You can hear relevant analysis and apparently they all really liked it. Do you read what people say about you on social media? On Youtube, Twitter, Instagram? Do you use Instagram?
  • H: Yes I use it a little bit.
  • *The public disagrees with Harry*
  • H: Yes I use it a little bit. I mean I wish everyone was having as good time as the girl who was like that with her hands. That's what I do when I listen to the song.
  • I: Are you the one using your Instagram? Do you use your own fingers or someone else does it for you?
  • H: Yes, I do mine.
  • I: Do you still vote in Redditch?
  • H: In?
  • I: Redditch!
  • H: That's where I was born?
  • I: Yes.
  • H: I don't live in Redditch.
  • I: So you don't vote there. Where did you vote?
  • H: London, yeah.
  • I: What do you think of the Brexit? Welcome to Europe!
  • H: Thank you very much, thanks. I mean, I don't really comment on politics. To me, anything that brings people together is better than things that pull people apart. That's ... yeah.
  • I: Yet, you are in favour of equality of rights, men, women, gay people, straight people... That's politics.
  • H: I don't know. It doesn't feel like politics. I think stuff like equality feels much more fundamental. I feel like everyone is equal. That doesn't feel like politics to me.
  • I: Your fans are fetishists. They know all of your tattoos, piece of jewellery, they have heart attacks when you cut your hair. Right now you're playing with their feelings. Do you know that?
  • H: Oh ok.
  • I: Yes! What is your favourite tattoo?
  • H: I think... I have a.. probably. I don't know, actually.
  • I: Which one is the latest?
  • H: The latest is this one there. *shows Arlo* And this one. *shows Jackson*
  • I: Jackson? All of them?
  • H: Yes.
  • I: What's the story behind your haircut? How much did you spend on hair products with One Direction?
  • H: Yeah, like a lot. I used a lot, yeah.
  • I: You're in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's new movie.
  • H: Yes.
  • I: How did you do?
  • H: I auditioned.
  • I: Look at you there.
  • H: I am, that's me.
  • I: Yes.
  • H: I auditioned and it was great. It's going to be a really cool movie.
  • I: Harry, it feels like we know you since you're a baby. The whole world discovered you in 2010 on X Factor.
  • *video of Harry's X Factor audition*
  • I: You auditioned alone but Simon Cowell had an idea... he put you in a band with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. You became One Direction. You found the name One Direction and you sold millions of albums. One Direction are soon considered as the new Beattles and you filled the biggest stadiums. The whole world was talking about you. When you go out we prayed for your eardrums. You became UK's pride. David Cameron is in one of your music videos, your sang for the Queen. But in 2015... bang! Zayn left the band, fans couldn't get over it. But don't worry, their favourite is now on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, he's in Christopher Nolan's new movie, he's Mick Jagger on SNL... What you don't know is that we've met in 2012. You were in France to promote an album and now I have questions. First one! When you're in a car and fans are all around you, do you see that?
  • *video of fans around a car*
  • H: I think I've actually lost my shoe there. When I got in the car... I got in the car and I was like "how many shoes do I have?" Yes I lost my shoe.
  • I: I have another question! Do you still do that before going on stage?
  • *video of Harry and Lou*
  • I: Can we do it?
  • H: No.
  • *does it anyway*
  • I: What is the weirdest question someone asked you?
  • H: I think it was actually a French interview. I got asked if I would pee in a sink... Yeah.
  • I: Ok, that's weird!
  • H: It was the first question, the first question.
  • I: It puts you in the mood.
  • H: Yeah.
  • I: What is the question you never want to be asked ever again? Did I asked you that question?
  • *Harry asks the public*
  • H: Which one? Oh crush.
  • I: What?
  • H: Crush.
  • I: Oh ok. I didn't ask it! Did you know that a French author wrote a novel about you. It's called "Styles", it's about his obsession with you. It's in French. You can translate it.
  • H: Oh! Is that true?
  • I: Yes it's true. He dedicated to you. It's called "Styles" and it's a really good book. Read it!
  • H: Thank you.
  • I: Thank you very much Harry Styles for coming tonight. His first eponymous album comes out on the 12th May. Thank you Harry Styles.
  • H: Thank you.
  • I: Have a safe journey home.

Bum’s backstory was always going to be horrific but I think the real tragedy behind this chapter was the fact that he could have had a normal, happy life. Despite the fact all the information came from his uncle I think it’s clear Bum’s father would’ve had a good job, had been raised with affection and I get the feeling he probably loved his wife. If Bum’s uncle’s behaviour this chapter was anything to go by, he probably beat Bum’s mother and that’s why she ran off with his brother. I mean Bum would probably have still had BPD but he wouldn’t have been beaten, starved and sexually abused and I get the vibe his parents were probably decent people.

Another interesting trope Koogi has used this chapter is the idea of the sins of the father. Over the course of the chapter we discover Bum’s beatings are in part due to the fact of who his parents were. Though Bum’s uncle claims his father was the favourite son I’m guessing his own fell out of favour when he married his brother’s girlfriend. At the moment, I’m fairly confident Bum resembles his mother and that’s why his uncle has this overwhelming urge to punish him. Whether Bum’s Grandma ignores her sons actions due to guilt over having a favourite or because she can’t deal with Bum’s criminal record is unclear. I mean she calls him a wicked child so I think it’s a mixture of both, making out that almost everything that happens to Bum is his fault because he doesn’t learn from his uncle’s actions. After hearing the story I wouldn’t be shocked if Sangwoo takes her as a victim as well.

Finally I want to talk about a Sangwoo - after the small snippet we’ve seen of him I feel fairly confident that my prediction he was going to be the one person to react to Bum’s story with sympathy/a need to protect is right. Koogi shows us the minute he snaps. Sangwoo is smart and I think he can read Bum’s subtext pretty well in this situation which is why rather than flying off the handle at being lied too he tries to coax the truth out of him instead. Honestly the screen shot I’ve used of Sangwoo for this post is one of my favourites because it’s so obvious his switch has been flipped but he doesn’t lash out at Bum. The need to protect his property is stronger than his desire to hurt something in that moment which just shows how much their dynamic has developed since the beginning. I also think he looks a little concerned/worried about what exactly Bum is going to tell him so I’m excited to see whether Bum’s story triggers anything about Sangwoo’s
own backstory next chapter.

The Wedding Night

Ok so @omgkatsudonplease was streaming Pride and Prejudice tonight and lots of Rivals jokes were made as we have established that umfb&mha is actually an accidental Pride and Prejudice AU. And then suddenly we found out that apparently there is an extra scene in the American version that I had never seen before and let me tell you, that Fucked Me Up because I love that film and this new scene kills me. 


So what did I do with this new, groundbreaking information? Wrote a Rivals version of this scene of course.

So without further ado may I present to you The Wedding Night scene, otherwise known as my 1am fic rambling and a snippet of what Rivals - Past, Present and Future might be like 

                                       The Wedding Night 

Walking slowly into the room, Viktor finished pulling his shirt off over his head and looked to see where Yuuri was stretched out on the bed before him. Unlike Viktor, Yuuri was still wearing the formal white shirt of the day’s celebrations but his trousers were gone and the shirt was half unbuttoned, giving Viktor a tantalising glimpse of sharp collarbones and smooth, perfect skin. At the sound of his approach, Yuuri turned to face him, eyes softening and face breaking out into a smile as he looked at his once fiancé and now husband.

“Come here,” he murmured and Viktor obeyed, climbing onto the bed to where Yuuri was lying with a slight smirk on his face and arms open invitingly.

“Of course solnyshko,” Viktor breathed, planting a light kiss on Yuuri’s forehead and then laughing a little when Yuuri made a soft noise of protest before reaching down to capture his lips in a much deeper kiss. After a few seconds he pulled away and Yuuri smiled up at him, eyes bright in the darkness of the room.

“You always call me solnyshko,” he teased, running one hand down Viktor’s side and sliding the other up to tangle lightly in his hair. “People might think you’re getting…predictable.”

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Snape Appreciation Month day 24: Favourite Moment

Scorpius: Thank you for being my light in the darkness.
Snape looks at him, every inch a hero, he softly smiles.
Snape: Tell Albus - tell Albus Severus - I’m proud he carries my name.
[Cursed Child - Part II Act 3, scene 9]

I’ve heard a lot of people saying Snape was really Ooc in Cursed Child, and Idk (and probably part of me doesn’t care too much, lol), but his appearance really hit me in the chest. I didn’t like a lot of things in CC, but…this one, I did.
I probably have too many favourite moments to count, but I wanted to use this occasion to mention this part, kind of a tribute (besides, I’ve already told ya my fav moment is the Half-Blood Prince one, hehe)

i wonder if the people who are mad abt keith’s focus in season 2 realise that you can only do one character arc at a time for a story to be easy and fun to follow. like… if you start focusing on all the characters at once it becomes a mess (watch supernatural then get back to me, you’ll see). just because keith got a lot of development in season 2 it doesn’t mean he’s the Favourite™ it just means his fucking story was the one that was being focused on lol have u ever written a fucking story. they typically only have one protagonist and a group of allies or friends for a reason.

voltron has five protagonists. seven if you count allura and coran. trying to focus on all of them at once is bad story writing. lance is my favourite and i understand the upset surrounding the lack of focus he and hunk got in season 2, but season 2 was not about them. it was about keith.

in season 1 we saw focus on shiro, and in season 2 we saw focus on keith. we still have several seasons left. give the writers a damn chance to write a story instead of a fucking disasterous excuse for a plot. if at the end of it all, all the characters haven’t gotten the same amount of focus, then bitch about it. but for right now, let the writers do their damn jobs. :/

Dr. Flug Headcanons:

  • He has vitiligo, and is hereditary in Flug’s case.
  • Scars are littered across his body. After all the things I can assume that have happened during his employment at Black Hat Inc, he is bound to have them. 
  • FTM Flug.
  • I remember reading in a post somewhere that Flug’s name means flight in German and Slys (crash) in Icelandic (correct me if I’m wrong, please). Connect this with Flug being multilingual in Spanish, English, and German, I present you biracial Flug (German and Mexican!).
  • His favourite colour is yellow.
  • Flug absolutely adores all models of planes and aircraft’s. He can name many models from different eras, including their history. Black Hat finds this information useless, but Flug could care less.
  • This one is more of a fact (and canon by Alan Turiel): Flug has received his driver’s and pilot’s license.
  • Black Hat takes advantage of this and has promoted Flug to his chauffeur and personal pilot.
  • Flug probably has a pet he keeps in the lab. (I headcanon a ferret named Flossie.)

More headcanons to come!