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The Prince (M)

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↳ Pt 1 (1/10)
Pairing: Jimin x reader 
Genre: Inspired by Ever After | Royal; Arranged Marriage AU.
Information: Recommended song here. I have uploaded this onto my Wattpad and A03 if it looks familiar ayoo. Raiona in Māori means lion <3 Happy reading.
→ Summary: You refuse to marry the youngest prince of the Raiona Kingdom. 

02 |

“They just keep coming!”

Sorting through letters, it finally begins to sink through the valves of your heart. You were nothing but currency to the royal family, expendable to royal intermarriage for the sake of forming an alliance; an act that would bond faraway kingdoms together; a kinship of sorts. 

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hc where altean prince lance falls from the sleeping pod into white haired keith’s arms, and of course being still dizzy he looks up and the first thing he says is “could it be another one like me?” because back in altea he never had any friends to spend time with due his duty, “what is your name?” lance asks excitedly, pulling him closer by the collar of his jacket and making him blush at the sudden contact, but then he frowns cradling keith’s face, moving his bangs out of the way to take a closer look, “where are your marks?” lance says confused almost to himself, the hands caressing the other boy’s cheeks slowly going through matching yet longer silver hair and finally to his ears, his smile vanishing when fondling the round edges “you are not altean”


This is a story BASED ON the Lost Lance AU which BELONGS TO @kaxpha
which is AMAZING and everyone should check it out. This particular one-shot which is longer than I thought it’d be is based on this post and this animatic.

This is one of my favorite klance AUs ever, because you can just tell the sheer amount of thought and effort that went into it. I hope I was able to do it justice.

aNYWAY here it is. Sorry, I’m posting this later than I originally planned.

Lance’s leg was bent at an awkward angle, and every time he got the nerve to look at it just made him feel worse than before. 

Hunk had suffered a few bruised ribs at the very least, and it was likely Pidge received a minor concussion. One of Shiro’s legs had been grazed by a laser, and Keith seemed to be the only one of the five of them who could still stand on two feet.

But Lance couldn’t remember a time when he’d ever felt happier. Because they’d finally done it.

They’d taken down Prince Lotor, heir to the all-powerful Galra empire. He kneeled on the ground, hands clutching his stomach. Lance couldn’t help but feel a bit smug at that— he was the one to land a shot there.

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A Real Prince Charming.

warnings: self-doubt.

pairings: prinxiety-romantic could also be read as platonic. and paltonic moxiety.

word count: 1,587

gifs not mine

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Virgil was never bothered by the black and white world he lived in. Many found their soulmates around the age of ten through thirteen. Seeing as Virgil was nearing his 25th birthday, far longer than normal to have met his other half, he had accepted that he just wasn’t meant to have a soulmate.

  Many pitied him, offering sympathies and condolences when the subject came up. Everyone thought that Virgil’s uncaring attitude towards solemates was just a facade, and that he was dying on the inside from being alone. Virgil always had rejected this, insisting he was fine.


  Roman was a hopeless romantic from the day he was born. By age five he began to daydream about how or when he would meet his soulmate. He wanted something different than the others. He didn’t want the cliche story of meeting in class one day. But then, as everyone else found their partners and he didn’t, he began to regret that wish.

  On his fifteenth birthday he told his mother he gave up, he was fine with the monochrome life he lived. Even though he told everyone he was fine, he began to grow insecure at the thought that he didn’t have another half. His senior year, he joined drama and threw himself into it with a passion. If he couldn’t express his love to another, ten he could at least portray his feelings on stage.


  “Patton, please! I don’t want to go.” Virgil complained loudly from his bed. Virgil had had a nice night planned. Pizza rolls for dinner, then hours of Netflix in his warm bed. He had been deciding between rewatching Parks and Rec or The Office when the older man showed up on his door step waving two tickets to the local theater production of Cinderella and demanded he go.

  “No” Virgil had said before turning and walking back to his room and crawling into bed.

  “Get up you’re going! You have to get out more if you ever want to find your special somebody.“ Patton was Virgil’s best friend since childhood, and the only one who hadn’t given up on finding Virgil’s soulmate yet.

  “You’re going to this play, Verge.” Patton said, his dad voice at full power.

  Virgil sighed knowing he couldn’t fight Patton. He would give in the second he gave him the puppy dog eyes. Sighing loudly again, more for effect than any actual protest, he stood from the bed and walked to the closet to change into something more suitable for being around other people. Patton clapped his hands in excitement, barely giving time for Virgil to get his shoes on before dragging the younger of the two out of the house.


  Roman’s insecurities always made him a tad nervous before he performed, but tonight was so much worse. He was so nervous he was almost sick. His friend Logan took notice almost instantly.

  “Ro, you look like Snow White are you sure you’re fine?” he asked. Roman nodded.

  “I’m fine, it’s just nerves.” he lied. Logan looked suspicious, but nodded. It was too close to show time to argue now. He made his way over to the sound booth, leaving Roman alone to prepare for the opening scene.


  Patton had insisted that they get there early to have a good seat. They arrived nearly half an hour early and the crowd in the lobby only added to Virgil’s distaste for the situation. Patton chose a seat close enough to the front that he could see, but his anxious friend wouldn’t be in the center of any cast member’s focus.

  They sat at the end of the row so that nobody would be directly next to Virgil and if he needed he could leave without a fuss. They had only been sitting in their seats for five minutes and virgil was already uncomfortable. He felt as if he had a large rock sitting on his lungs, and he could barely breathe.

  He thought about telling his friend they needed to leave, but before he could speak the lights dimmed and the play began. Despite his best efforts to focus, Virgil felt his attention slip from the show. Around the ballroom scene a nagging feeling began urging Virgil pay more attention to the stage. It was hard to tell from the stage but the Prince looked pretty good. Virgil continued his silent admiration of the royal figure on stage until their eyes met for just a split second.

  Virgil’s world exploded. Suddenly he could see the color of the red sash crossing the prince’s chest. Whipping his head to the side, he could clearly see the blue of Cinderella’s dress. Turning to Patton revealed that his friend’s hair was a darker brown than he had suspected.

  The rock that had been on his chest grew, breathing became even harder, panic setting in. Thoughts flooded his mind, ‘He’s on stage, how will he know it was me?’ flashed in his head followed by ‘But what if he didn’t see anything?’ The rock was crushing him now, he had to leave. Standing, Virgil ran from the theater and out the building.


  Roman still felt that sick feeling in his stomach when his cue came. He was supposed to say a few lines then look towards the audience, but the urge to look before his cue was nagging in the back of his mind. When it was finally time to look, he scanned the crowd. A habit he had formed long ago in hopes he would see his soulmate. It never worked but he always did it.

  Roman held back a gasp as he made brief eye contact with a member of the audience, and suddenly everything changed. He quickly averted his eyes from the crowd, trying hard to finish the scene but he had forgotten everything except the startlingly bright brown eyes of his apparent soulmate. He stuttered out what he thought was his line before quickly looking back at the crowd, only to see the person had left their seat and was running towards the exit.

  All at once Roman’s doubts over so many years hit him hard. ‘They left because they didn’t want you! Why would they want you?’ The moment he was off stage he ran to Logan.

“Take my place!” he said, ripping of his mic, leaving his confused friend behind.


  Patton raced out of the building after his friend, worry clouding his eyes.

  “KIDDO! WAIT UP!” he yelled.

  When virgil finally stopped running, he leaned on a building, sunk to the ground, and buried his face in his knees. Patton came to a stop beside him slightly out of breath.

  “What,” he gasped out. “What happened?”

  Virgil couldn’t think of a way to tell his friend what was wrong. Everything was happening too fast and he blurted out the only thing he could think of.

 “Pat, your shirt’s blue”

  A gasp left the older man’s mouth. He quickly sat, pulling Virgil into a hug.

  “You saw your soulmate.” Patton whispered. There was a moment of silence before Patton’s words sank in. Nearly crushing Virgil, a now very excited Patton suddenly yelled, “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”

  The sudden loud noise caused Virgil to jump, and his friend quickly lowered his voice

  “Sorry kiddo.” patton whispered.

  “But we have to get you back to meet them!” Patton exclaimed, his vpice quickly rising as the excitement built again.

  “Patton…” the broken sound of Virgil’s voice caused the worry to return.

  “What if he didn’t see the colors? What if he’s my soulmate but I’m not his?” he asked, looking to his friend.

  “Pat, i’ve seen black and white my whole life! I convinced myself that I wasn’t made for anybody and now that I can see colors I can’t pretend anymore. Patton I don’t know what to do! I’m scared…” Virgil’s anxiety fueled rant trailed off as tears began down his face.

  Patton had no answer, he just held his friend and gave him time to calm down.


  Roman had left the theater building still in his costume, not even caring about the multitude of weird looks he got. He walked down the street, mind running a million miles an hour.

  ‘Why did they run when they saw me?’ he wondered only for the negative voice from before to reply with ‘why wouldn’t they run when they saw you?’

  He was so consumed with his thoughts, he didn’t notice the two figures sitting against the wall until he tripped over their out-stretched feet. He was barely able to catch himself from a rather less than princely faceplant, before a voice not unlike that of a concerned father called out “Oh my, are you okay?”.

  “Yeah, i’m fine!” Roman replied, sitting up and brushing off his costume. It was another few moments before Roman looked up to see a very familiar face.

  “It’s you!” he gasped, nearly throwing himself at his very startled soulmate. He felt his other half rest his hands on his waist to hold him steady. In a different situation, Roman might have felt awkward practically sitting on a stranger’s lap, but he couldn’t look into those eyes and feel anything other than pure joy.

  “Hello, I’m Roman. And i’ve been waiting for you my whole life.” he said quietly, looking absolutely awestruck.

  “Im Virgil.“ His shy, cute, wonderful, soulmate responded, looking up at him with a small smile.

  "Well then Virgil, thank you for bringing color to my world.”

my cinderella wakes up with the taste of ashes in her mouth and thinks of her mother’s waning sickness. my cinderella has nightmares of watching her mother’s chest rising, a wheeze escaping her ribs. my cinderella does not cry about this, because she lives in the place fires begin.

her stepmother has perfect teeth and high eyebrows. “are you done sweeping?” she asks. “i need to see myself in my tiles.”

there are long days spent like this. sometimes cinderella gets caught on things. she spends four hours with a toothbrush swiveling in small circles, her whole body trembling. she thinks if everything is perfect, nothing bad will happen. if she checks the stove eight times, it will not poison her like her stepmother’s venom. if she lets the cat scratch her once a day, it will learn to love her. if she just gets these baseboards clean, maybe her father will come home to her.

the invitation comes when she is adjusting the pictures on the wall. it is announced with fanfare. her stepmother sends out the request for dresses instantly while cinderella watches, waiting.

“baby,” stepmother wakes her on the day of, “hope you know how long you’ll be working for today.” strokes her hair a little.

cinderella stares at her. doesn’t want to go to the ball, where people will be twirling around on floors someone else spent six hours polishing, where people will be careless in eating food someone else toiled over cooking. where people like her fade into the shadows.

when she opens her mouth, she says, “let me go, stepmother.” it is worth the look of shock and terror on that woman’s face to tell a lie. cinderella, after the slap, hides her face and smiles.

they leave trumpeting. her step sisters are cupcakes floating on shoes cinderella has sown together.

in the night, she rises from her bed and coaxes a little mouse onto her hands and snaps its little neck. 

boiling the fur of it off is easy. she feeds the bits to the cat, who twines around her feet. she takes the bones under the poplar tree and lays them out just-so. she says the words her mother used to know.

deep from the shadows comes the Fairy. pink and pretty with eyes that are totally empty. cinderella knows better than to look at them directly. “you summon me?” asks the ancient one. “what needs be done?”

cinderella does not want a ball. cinderella wants a night off. she explains slowly what she wants. she gives the Fairy three things: a needle. a fingernail. a strand of hair. the deal is done, midnight comes.

she dresses in her mother’s dress, hidden under the floorboards. it is beautiful, white, shines like a river. on her feet are no shoes at all. she wants to feel the ground that carries her, that has been tilled by people like her.

at the gates, they stop her. no carriage, nothing but a smile on her. but she’s so polite. so willing. has big fluttering eyelashes. lures the guards beyond the light of the castle’s torches. knows how to work a kitchen knife.

inside, she is blinded by the brightness of lamps on granite. everyone here is laughing. gliding. cinderella glides too, effortless without any shoes. 

her stepsisters hang off one another, have their arms draped off the prince. cinderella walks up. smiles. says the words her mother taught her. 

they erupt into screams. “needles” they howl, dancing in shoes cinderella made, “needles in my feet.” they bleed all over the floors someone worked hard for. “That,” says cinderella, “is one for me.”

the prince is without words. stepmother in her skirts tumbles as she skitters forwards. she is bubbling with improper language to speak in front of royals. on her hand is a nail chipped from slapping her stepdaughter. cinderella looks her in the eyes when she says the word. without a pause, violent scratches appear over her stepmother. she is torn open. 

“that,” says cinderella, “is for my mother.”

cinderella tips over candle sticks and sets things on fire. leaves them all with the taste of ashes in their lungs. turns. does not run. 

the prince follows. on his steps, as the clock strikes midnight, he finds a footprint in blood. he swears he will find whomever it belongs to if he has to try the shoes of every girl in the kingdom. 

but cinderella is no longer a girl. the last, a ring of cathair, has turned her into whiskers and a tail. she sits there, watching him in the light. she twines around his legs and purrs at him. he finds her white coat fascinating. 

she lives off of castle food for the rest of her life. sometimes, when she is bored, she bats all of the pictures straight in the front hall. 

nobody ever finds the girl. at the funeral of the stepmother, a white cat sits by the feet of the widowed man who was her father. he has nightmares of his first wife forever after. 

I had a bad thought

I read somewhere that after a great trauma, hair can start growing white. Like completely white. 

 So what I was thinking was that after the war, Terrasen went back to something similar to what was before Adarlan, but better. 

 A commander of the armies with golden-honey hair and flaming blue eyes, brave and noble and kind. He talks to his men as often as he can and greets them by name, asks about their families, their wives and children. He is a swordsman to behold, a warrior whose tales are told across the continent, who young boys and girls idolize. Though his ears are rounded, he will live for a long, long time. And he will remember a time when Terrasen wasn’t free. When demons plagued the land and darkness threatened the innocent. 

 A black haired Lady, who rules over her land in quiet peace. Who defends it with tooth and claw, literally. Her people love and respect her, but are aware of her power. She cares for her ward, who despite her scars looks beautiful and regal and has learned to be kind to others. And, sometimes, the people catch glances of a brave commander visiting as often as he can, smoothing down his golden hair before walking into her state. 

A black haired King, whose kingdom had once been a foe. Sparkling blue eyes that haven’t stopped reading and will not stop for a while. A pale band of skin mars his throat, and he wonders if it will ever go away. His realm, which was once filled with fear and hate, is now ruled by love and kindness and magic flourished and is wielded to the best capacity of healers, farmers and every other who wishes to do good. 

A moonlight haired witch, who rules not far from Adarlan. Her and her unit of warriors take to the skies, both for the joy of flying and the call for battle. Fearsome and undaunted, they fight battles with impossible odds and emerge victorious. By blood and the strength of her sword, she is Queen and Unifier. She brought her people home, and gave the witchlings land. 

A Lady of Terrasen, young, dark haired, and cunning. Smart, clever, beautiful, kind and strong. Her dresses, reaching down to the floor, hide her ruined ankle, even if she is not ashamed of it. A dark Fae living in her lands, because, for once, he could chose for himself. Both of them ruling together. 

And, in Orynth, in the court of Terrasen, are both the Queen and her Consort. The Queen’s husband is beloved by the people who were once reluctant to welcome him. He takes joy in a prosperous kingdom and in a happy marriage. And when he gazes in the mirror, he no longer sees a story of shame written on his skin, but a story of rebirth and destiny and hope. When he looks around himself, he no longer sees cold-hearted killers, but driven, focused loyal warriors sworn to a Queen worthy of an Oath. 

And the Queen, bent not broken, is no longer a golden haired beauty. In her spare time, she twirls a lock around her finger and refuses to think of that dark time, in a beach, in a coffin, in a dark room filled with blood-curdling screams. She pulls back her white hair, and refuses to break. Her Prince distracts her, loves her and helps her in any way she can, but he can’t drive away every nightmare, can’t light a fire in each shadow. And even though the Queen Who Was Promised is perfectly capable of lighting her own fire, darkness hasn’t left her, and the dreams won’t stop. And she burns and burns with the magic of her Goddess, but she just can’t make dawn chase away the night 

why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco

i haven’t written one of these posts in forever but let’s gooooo!! here are some reasons why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco (which releases today, march 7!)

  • look,,, this is easily one of my favorite reads of the year okay we’re only 3 months in but i’m calling it
  • so in this world, people literally wear their hearts on display!! they’re called heartsglass and they turn different colors depending on what mood you’re in
  • if they’re silver, it means that you can draw runes, which is code for “do magic/summon elements” tbh
  • the runes are fire, water, earth, forest, metal, wind, and dark
  • the women who can draw these runes train to become asha
  • asha are kind of like geishas, because they are trained to entertain people with dancing, singing, playing music, etc.
  • but also!! they can fight, and they can be bodyguards
  • sooo basically, asha are both highly “feminine” but also kickass
  • anyway the protagonist, tea, discovers she’s a dark asha (or bone witch, but that’s considered derogatory) when she raises her brother, fox, from the dead!!
  • luckily there’s another dark asha in the area, lady mykaela, who takes tea (and by extension, fox) under her wing
  • (also dark asha raise these things called daeva, which are basically demons, and they kill them so that they can take the bezoars from them)
  • she takes them to the willows so that tea can train to be an asha
  • on the way there, they meet the crown prince of one of the countries, prince kance, who tea develops a crush on
  • later, she meets his cousin, kalen, who is a deathseeker
  • deathseekers are the males whose heartsglass are silver; they’re forced to serve in the army and aren’t allowed to train to be asha (more on this later)
  • lowkey,,,,,there’s an implied love triangle,,,,but,,,i love both guys so
  • anyway we get to see a lot of tea’s training which is so cool and well thought out!!
  • also tea befriends a boy named likh, who has a silver heartsglass but doesn’t want to be a deathseeker
  • however, he can’t become an asha bc men can’t be feminine blah blah blah
  • they work together so that he can get the chance to train
  • sooo the whole book is a flashback, and between every chapter (the italicized parts) is the present, but told from the pov of someone who meets tea now, after she’s done something to get her exiled (like 2-3 years later)
  • it’s really interesting to see tea’s beginning and her future
  • but it’s agonizing not knowing what happens in between!!!
  • anyway time for quotes!!:
  • “if women are encouraged to fight and draw runes and strive to be a man’s equal in those regard, then why can’t a man be encouraged to sing and dance and entertain as we do?”
  • “perhaps we should carve a world one day where the strength lies in who you are rather than in what they expect you to be.”
  • or when fox discovered tea’s crush on prince kance: “how did the first date go? has he asked for your hand in marriage yet, or should we have stayed longer?”

that got way too long i’m sorry i’m just so passionate about this book okay read it!! exquisite worldbuilding!! moreover, diversity in fantasy (bc yeah, even in other worlds, not everyone is white!!) amazing characters!! antiheroine main character!! great sibling relationships!! questioning of the boundaries of femininity and masculinity!! magic-wielding, geisha-like asha!! also, 5 confirmed lgbtq+ characters within this book and the sequel!! read the bone witch by rin chupeco!!

Beauty & the Beast!AU

formerly known as @viktor-nkfrv.

Starring Viktor as the Prince
Yuuri as Belle
Yuri as the Clock
Chris as the Candlestick
and other characters as the other household objects. And maybe JJ as Gaston.

There was once a vain prince named Viktor who loved anything beautiful. He especially loved the winter, for everything was pure and white and cold and beautiful.

Viktor’s vanity slowly took up the space in his heart, until kindness and compassion no longer had a place there.

Read more under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Steve sees one of the Avengers falling and managed to catch them. You mind a reaction to each one or a likely few who find their position unexpected ( Tony annoyed by the bridal position and threatening Steve to put him down please!)?

“I swear to God, Rogers, if you don’t put me down I’m hiding your dentures!”

Steve couldn’t help the canary eating grin on his face as Tony’s muffled yelling became more insistent. “What was that, shell head?” he asked, cocking his head to the side. “I didn’t hear ya.” 

“Dammit, Rogers!” 

The expressionless face of the Iron Man suit stared up at him, entirely contradicting the pissed off man inside it. Tony had found out the hard way that naturally occurring lightning was nothing like Thor’s and was more likely to short-circuit the suit than give it a 400% power boost. He’d dropped like a lead weight and, much to his annoyance, right into Steve’s arms. The genius had been yelling ever since, the compromising position of the ‘bridal carry’ far too embarrassing to put up with. Of course, Steve couldn’t pass up the opportunity for revenge. 

“Put me down!” 

“What’s the magic word, Tony?” he pressed, not even bothering to hide the amusement in his voice. 


Steve pulled a face and shook his head. “No, that’s not it.” 


Steve will always equate the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode ‘The One with the Blackout’ to Natasha. It had started with a friendly game of paint ball and a weak tree limb. Steve had heard the branch snap just in time to avoid it, looking up to see what had caused it to break only for something to land on his back. Natasha, ever so graceful, clung to Steve’s back like a scared cat. The angle of the fall had caused one of her legs to hitch up on his shoulder while her other wrapped around his waist, cinched tight enough to keep her from the ground. Her arms, having been all but useless during her trip down, now gripped at his t-shirt to keep herself upright. In Steve’s defense most people would be startled by something like this and spent nearly a full minute trying to dislodge whatever it was before he heard her voice. 

“Jesus Christ, Rogers, stop!” Natasha snapped, struggling to regain the grip she had lost during his flailing. “It’s me!” 

Steve institutionally reached behind him to boost her up like one would with a piggyback ride, but only managed to get a rather firm grip on her ass. “Oh God, Tasha, I am so sorry,” he panicked, grabbing hold of her legs instead to keep her steady. 

“Uh-huh,” she muttered, slowly lowering her leg from around his waist to the ground. “How ‘bout this,” she started, swinging her other leg free, “I won’t talk about you grabbing my ass if you don’t talk about me falling out of a tree. I don’t need to give Barton any more ammunition.” 

“Sounds fantastic,” he sighed in relief. “Wanna double up and get Tony?” 

“Does Ross have a problematic understanding of what a healthy relationship is?” 

Steve cocked an eyebrow. “Yes?” 


Thor, Crown Prince of Asgard and God of Thunder, was terrified of swans. This fear had been forged during the one and only time Tony had tried teaching him golf, the god finding the white birds that flocked the course amusing and wanting to pet one. It ended with 12 stitches and a vow to never cross paths with the animals again. 

He had kept to his vow till a particular mission found them in Central Park. It had been a short fight, no longer than an hour, and the god was feeling a little bit disappointed. In an attempt to make himself feel better he begun retelling the stories of his youth, emphasizing on the parts that were especially daring and brave. 

Now, the Avengers loved Thor, it went against their nature not to, but there were only so many stories they could hear before wanting to strangle the man. Which was why none of them warned him of the swan waddling up behind him. 

He had been half way through the tale of how he and The Warriors Three defeated a Mountain Giant when he heard the dreaded sound. 


All 300 pounds of Thor threw itself at the closest thing, which happened to be Steve. 

Being one of the few who could actually lift the man, Steve was more amused than annoyed at having the god wrapped around him. “Thor, calm down, it’s just a-” 

“That vile creature has tasted my blood and wishes for more!” he snapped, adjusting his grip on the Super Soldier so his legs were wrapped tighter around his waist. “Someone vanquish it!” 

No one had the heart to tell him that it wasn’t the same swan. 

“Maybe it just wants to be friends?” Sam offered with a snicker, trying his hardest not to completely break down. 

“Nay, Son of Wil,” Thor denied, his eyes never leaving the swan. “It is vengeful and blood thirsty animal that will tear me limb from limb till I-” 

A butterfly had caused his sudden stop, the insect fluttering by just a few inches away from the swan. An almost childish glean had entered the bird’s eyes and with another honk waddled after the butterfly, its tail feathers ruffling as it went. 

“Yeeeeeeeah,” Clint dragged out. “Totally blood thirsty.” 

Thor’s cheeks flushed with his embarrassment and he detangled himself from Steve. “My apologies, friend Steve,” he muttered. “I lost myself for a moment.” 

“Happens to the best of us.” 

Title: Snow Laden Confessions 

Pairing: Sidlink

Rating: Explicit

Summary:  Sidon and Link confess their love for each other after being stranded during a bad snowstorm, then proceed to find a unique way to keep themselves warm -wink, wink, nudge, nudge-

A/N: i hate thinking up titles : D

This has also been posted on my AO3 so if you’d prefer to read it there! Comments, reblogs and kudos are very much appreciated! Thanks!


Don’t make this weird, he thought fervently. Whatever you do, do not make this weird.

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What if Lotor was just super petty

Lotor: *Knocks down glasses and Spills wine red over the white carpet*

Lotor: *Disorganises books to no longer be in alphabetical order*

Lotor: *Eats the last cake in the fridge*

Lotor: *Paints over all the paints in the watercolouring set with black*


No Longer Human

Prince Adam/Beast x reader

First part in The Curse Series

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 944

Warnings: None!

A/N: Hey guys! This is the second imagine I’ve posted today! YAY!! Just feeling super inspired rn and it’s great! So, I decided to turn this request into a series. I hope you don’t mind that I did! You just gave me so much information and I just felt like it deserved so much more than just a single imagine! Hope you kids have a beyond amazing day/night! Love you!!

Request: can you please do something that’s angsty and has to do with beast x reader? maybe that reader is prince adam’s old girlfriend who is now a piece of furniture in the castle (who is of course under the spell (can talk/walk)) and she is the one who can break the spell. however, the beast believes that this is all her fault (maybe he wanted to turn the woman away to impress the reader?) and shuns her away even though they live under the same roof. reader continues to try to gain the affection of the beast because the petals keep falling but he keeps pushing her away. the whole thing w/belle happens but instead of her returning for the beast after the mob has stormed the castle, she stays in the town to marry gaston and then the beast realizes that it’s the reader all along who would break the spell ?? like rly angsty and fluffy too!! :) - @lukesos5  

The music bounced off the walls as the beautiful women spun flawlessly in their white dresses. You’d think that you would be entranced by such a wonderous sight, yet after attending hundreds of Prince Adam’s balls, it no longer caught your eye. You thought you would never get sick of attending these balls, you had obviously been proven wrong.

“You look bored.” Lumiere commented, coming to stand on the side of the room with you.

“These balls are extraordinary, but sometimes I would just like a break from them.” You sighed, wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed with a good book right then.

“If you don’t mind me asking, then why are you here?” Lumiere asked, neither of you looking at each other, instead watching Adam dance across the ballroom with the many women.

“You know why I’m here, Lumiere.” You said, catching Adam’s eyes and smiling shyly at him.

“Ah, yes! Young love.” Lumiere laughed, playfully nudging your shoulder with his own.

“Oh, hush!” You laughed with him, Adam watching you from where he danced, a genuine smile on his face at the sight of your laughter.

“Did you know he loves you too?” Lumiere asked, his voice changing from it’s playful tone to a more sincere one.

“You can’t be serious.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes at the thought of Adam actually being interested in you as more than a friend.

“Why do you think he offered for you to live in the castle after your parents passed away? He is simply infatuated with you! Anything you want, he will have ready in a heartbeat.” Lumiere paused, a chuckle escaping his lips as he saw Adam never letting his eyes drift from where you stood. “You have him completely wrapped around your finger.”

“Lumiere, you better not be just toying with my emotions right now.” You warned him, your eyes drifting back to where Adam was dancing with some random woman that he was paying no attention to. Instead, all his focus seemed to be on you.

“I would never lie to you, (Y/N).” Lumiere reassured you, placing his hand gently on your shoulder.

“Thank you.” You smiled, turning to face Lumiere who smiled in return.

Lumiere opened his mouth to say something else, but was cut off by a loud howl of the wind and the doors opening. The candles in the room quickly went out because of the strong wind and left the room in darkness. Some of the guests screamed, as the majority moved away from the doors and behind the prince.

Lumiere ran off to get a candle for Adam, who had moved forward to investigate the reason behind the doors flying open. Lumiere ran back into the ballroom and handed a candle to Adam. The candle lit up the face of an old lady who had a single rose in her hand. She seemed to be cold and shivering from the storm that was progressively growing outside.

“Please, sir. The storm is already terrible and growing worse at a quick pace. I will not be able to make it to my home in time. May I wait here until the storm ends?” The woman asked, her voice quiet and scratchy. She held up a single red rose in an offering to Adam.

Adam glanced at the rose curiously before taking it from her hands. After examining it, he turned back to the guests of his party and he began to laugh. The crowd joined in, laughing with him at the woman’s offering to him. You did not join in the laughter, instead you were more concerned for the woman that still stood there shaking and shivering.

“Do you even know who I am? Leave.” Adam sneered, the way he was acting making you completely appalled.

You moved forward to intervene, only to have Cogsworth grab your wrist and pull you back. He shook his head at you. Cogsworth knew that your interference may only agitate the prince more. You huffed, before letting yourself sink against the wall once again.

“Do not be deceived by appearances, young prince. For beauty, is found within.” The old woman warned, not backing down from Adam’s furious glare.

“I said, leave!” Adam yelled, his angry tone enough to make the people in the room quake with fear, but not the old woman.

The woman shook her head in disappointment at the prince’s response. She lowered her head, her face completely covered by the dark hood she wore. You could hear her sigh gently before lifting her head again and having transformed into a beautiful enchantress. Lights of gold shined off her and through the ballroom. Adam slowly sank to his feet as guest began to scream and run from the castle.

“Please! If I had known!” Adam begged, his eyes flickering to where you still stood with concern.

“It is too late. I can now see there is no love in your heart.” The enchantress said, her voice filling the room.

Adams muscles began to tense up as he changed into something that was not human. He quickly turned to where you stood in panic, as loud screams of pain left his mouth.

“(Y/N)! Run!” Adam screamed, tears streaming down his morphing face.

You followed his directions and began to run out of the ballroom, your heart beating at double its usual speed. Adams cries of pain made your legs move faster, but not fast enough. Soon the spell that the enchantress had cast caught up to you and the servants. You collapsed as you no longer had legs and transformed into something that was not human.

Bossy as Usual

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jinyoung

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Word Count: 2,827

Summary:  Almost as soon as you sit down, your seatmate starts hitting on you. You’ve resigned yourself to eight long hours of misery and boredom when the man from across the aisle offers you a way out. You take it. 

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evermore (beauty and the beast au) | chapter one

A beggarly woman casts a spell on the notoriously arrogant prince Ben Solo in order to teach him a lesson. Furious at his scarred appearance, he gives into the murderous rage that had been brewing under the surface. Turning to the dark side, he destroys any memory of his past life.

After Belle’s father goes missing, she takes it upon herself to track him down. There, she stumbles upon an old, derelict manor and the tale as old as time begins to unravel.

Pairing: Kylo Ren x OFC (Belle) - Although, this one is pretty much setting up the backstory. But, there is sassy Hux!

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: Some violence.

A/N: I haven’t written fic in a long time and I know this is terrible, so please be nice! I also haven’t beta’d this so if there are errors, I’ll fix it in the morning.


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Prince Of Persia

Summary: After being held prisoner of the persians, Y/N Y/L/N, the Alamut princess, get herself in a world of war and conspiracies, along with the bastard prince of Persia, James Buchanan Barnes.

Warnings: None. A lot of the word ‘respecfully’ tho.

Prince Of Persia!AU

A/N: Steve’s a little bitch, I’m sorry, but I had to.

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“I’m proud of our achievements today, brother, we’ve got the weapons, the gold, and a gorgeous princess as a prisoner… I think she’ll be a perfect peace deal between our towns, and maybe another wife”

“Really, Steve? Your wifes just started getting along and you wanna add another one?”

“Can’t help myself, Bucky, look at her!”

    The two princes talking a horse ahead of me turned their heads to give me a look. The blond smirking and the long haired brunette looking curious. My hands were chained up as I was riding a horse. Two persians guards on each side.

    My town had just fallen to the persians. Temples were corrupted. Innocent people hurt. I remember looking back and watching fire inside my mountains, burning the trees, hollowing souls. I was now heading to persian territory, with a few members of my palace who have been taken too. My younger sister, Laura. Daniel Rand, the palace counselor and a friend. Tony Stark, the town’s forger. And at last but not least, Peter and May Parker, they didn’t work for the palace - even though May insisted on cooking - they were rescued, and taken for my protection. Both were under my wing, and I couldn’t let anything happen to them. Peter was only 4 years old, he lost his parent a year ago, me and May were his family.

“Give me Peter, May, you’ve been carrying him for way too long” I say softly to the older woman behind me.

    She shakes her hand so the horse walks a bit faster to catch me up, until she was close enough to put Peter’s sleeping form in my arms. He whimpers a little, but I shoosh him back to sleep. He rests his head on my chest. I start singing him a lullaby softly. While holding him, I made sure the chains on my wrists didn’t hurt him, at least not as much as it did to me.

I dreamed a dream the other night
Lowlands, lowlands away me John
My love she came, dressed all in white
Lowlands away

I dreamed my love came in my sleep
Lowlands, lowlands away me John
Her cheeks were wet, her eyes did weep
Lowlands away

She came to me at my bedside
Lowlands, lowlands away me John
All dressed in white, like some fair bride
Lowlands away

“What’s going on back there?!” The blong yells. Peter tenses and stiffens in my arms.

“Shh, it’s okay, sweetie, focus on my voice, Then I awoke to hear the cry…” I say to the young boy in my arms.

“She’s just holding the boy, Steve” The brunette explains. He stares at us a little longer than the blonde prince. He then leans in and whispers something in his brother’s ear.

“If we do that, she’d run away” Is the answer I hear.

“You terrorized my people, my family is all here under your arrest, I have no reason to run away” I answer, even though they didn’t direct the words to me.

    They both looked at me, then at each other. The brunette cracks a big smile, the blonde shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

“We’re stopping for camping, it’s getting dark, and we still have one more night to get to Persia” The so called Steve announces.

    Every horse stopped walking. The guards got down and started prepping a fire and a couple of tents. I watched as my family was getting help for getting down of the horses. The blond prince offered me his hand, I politely refused. The brunette hides a laugh. I’d rather spend a little more time with a hurting wrist but holding Peter than taking my holder’s hand.

“Come on, princess, let’s settle you both in a tent, the kid will rest more comfortably” He offers. I think about Peter for a second. He deserved it. He actually didn’t even know what was going on.

“I’ll let him hold Peter, then you help me get down” I motion my head to the long haired prince.

“Fine… Bucky! Come here!” He calls. I put my hand on Peter’s ear so he doesn’t wake up.

    Steve explains my demanding to the other prince. He frowns at first, but nod nonetheless. The long haired comes closer and gently takes the sleeping kid from my arms. He mumbles a soft ‘easy there, buddy’ when he threathned waking up. The blond helped me get down of the horse, holding me a little longer than he should. I get out of his grip uncomfortably.

“Thank you, will you help me put him on a tent?” I ask the brunette, referring to Peter.

“Of course, your majesty” He answers - surprisingly - truly respectfully.

    I let him walk us to the bigger tent. Inside, all of my palace members were already there. Chainless. He puts my sleeping Peter in a bed near May’s. He turns to me and unlock my chains, setting my wrists free. They were red purple-ish. He slowly rubs his thumb on the forming bruises.

“There’ll be guards outside all around the tent” He informs.

“Of course” I nod. He was still holding my hands.

“If you need anything, ask the guards to call me, I’m prince James Buchanan Barnes” He brings my hands closer to his lips, where he placed a chaste kiss on each of its back. That was a respectful greeting at my nation. I wasn’t expecting him to know that.

“Thank you, prince Barnes, I’m princess Y/N Y/L/N, but I guess you already knew that”

    He grins before nodding at me. He bows down to everyone present in the tent and then proceeded to leave.

    In the following morning, as everyone was already awake, I was walking hand-in-hand with Peter, Laura was walking by my side, she stated that she was old enough to not hold hands. She was nine. The persian guards were packing things up.

“My princess” Daniel greets me, bowing down respectfully, I do the same “You look lovely this morning”

“You’re always flattering me, mr Rand”

“I only state the truth, I was wondering if we could talk about our actual situation”

“Peter, go play with my sister, don’t hurt or let him get hurt, Laura” I tell to both kids and they leave.

“How are you dealing?”

“Bottling it all up… They’ll take us and propose a marriage with one of the princes to unite the two nations… I don’t know…” I answer lowering my head.

“It’s going to be okay, xiǎolóng” He puts his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m worried about Tony” I look over my shoulder looking where the said man was sat “They’re accusing us of selling weapons to enemies”

“I don’t think Tony would do that, not after what happened to his father”

“I miss Howard… He’d know what to do”

“I’ll figure something out”

“I know, I trust you, Danny”

    He gives me a tight smile before taking both my hands and pressing a kiss on each back. I look kindly at the blond long haired man in front of me. I take his hand to cup my cheeks. He takes a step closer and also kiss my forehead. Danny was always so calm and peaceful, his aura would make you feel better just by being around him.

“I’ll go check on Tony before we leave”

“Okay” I nod before he leaves.

“Princess” Steve greets while approaching me with his brother.

“Princes” I bow down respectfully.

“How are your wrists? My brother told me the chains were hurting you”

“They’re fine, I’ve had worse”

“Well, I propose that you travel without them for the rest of the trip”

“What do you want in exchange? You just said last night that I’d run away”

“You come with me, at my horse… Or with James, on his”

    I ponder the offer for a moment. Yes, my wrists were hurting from the chains - and yeah, I’ve had worse - but the blond prince hadn’t make a good first impression for me. Prince James, whereas, has been nothing but gentle and respectful since my prison. I could bare with him.

“Show me your horse, prince James” He smirks before offering me his arm.

“This way, your majesty”

    I take his arm and he leads me to his horse. He introduces it as ‘Winter’ and let me pet it. It was beautiful. A guard shouted that we’d leave soon. I turn around to look for my family. I got a glimpse of Laura, Danny and Tony being escorted by guards to their horses. I let out a sigh when I see Peter and May walking together. The prince takes notice of my behavior.

“They’ll be fine, your highness” His deep voice startles me and makes me look at him “Nothing will happen to them, I promise” He adds.

“A promise is a strong covenant for a persian” I joke without thinking. Luckly, he laughs it off “Thank you though, you’ve been making my prison bearable so far”

“It has been a pleasure, my princess”

    He takes a step back before hopping up in Winter and offering me his hand. I sat in front of him, my legs to the left, and both his arms around my side while he held the reins to guide the horse. And like that the journey kept on.

    At the second night fall. I was almost fast asleep in the brunette prince’s arms. But the bickering of the guards wouldn’t let me. At some point I just gave up trying.

“Take a look, princess, your new home” Steve says approaching and motioning his head ahead.

    I look to where he was talking about. I can see lights and a huge town coming to view. I could already feel the heat and hear the songs from the persians. I never really left Alamut, everything outsider was pretty new to me. Everything that wasn’t Alamut didn’t feel like home.

“Welcome to Persia”

upholstered furniture

pairing: pansy parkinson x harry potter

setting: modern, non-magical, reality/film star au; based on this

word count: 4,654 words

(7:22 am) Did you see the casting news yet? For Boy Who Lived?

(8:15 am) fuck off its sunday

(8:16 am) Ronald.

(8:17 am) unless they chose to go with an actual fucking cgi flamingo i dont give a shit right now and it can wait until tomorrow

(8:19 am) It really can’t. Harry’s going to fire you when he finds out.

(8:19 am) ??????? get ur blasphemous ass back to church no he’s not

(8:20 am) Yes, he is. It was YOUR idea to scrap the chemistry test.

(8:23 am) omg what is ur DAMAGE chemistry tests r dumb af harry hates them

(8:24 am) And sometimes you have to act as his AGENT, not his best friend, and advise him to do the things he hates, Ronald. Like chemistry tests.

(8:25 am) thx for the fortune cookie fun fact i’ll pass it on to harry’s latest oscar nom ok

(8:29 am) Check Variety. They reported on the casting this morning. There was a “leak” at the studio. Naturally.

(8:32 am) harrys gonna fucking fire me ur right

BREAKING: Hurricane Hollywood star tapped for female lead in Paramount’s Boy Who Lived

October 11, 2016. Los Angeles.

Well, it’s official.

Seemingly permanent tabloid staple Pansy Parkinson (Hurricane Hollywood; The Hottie and the Nottie), better known for her outrageous late-night party antics than she is for her acting prowess, has been cast as Harry Potter’s (Under the Stairs) on-screen love interest for the futuristic dystopian thriller, Boy Who Lived, slated for release by Paramount sometime in Summer 2018. While Parkinson has been persistently vocal about her desire to make the transition from her Cristal throne in Vegas to the slightly more respectable silver screen, this will be her first role in a major motion picture.

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wolfepack  asked:

Hey! I know you aren't back yet, and I'm sorry so much has happened to you and I'm always here if you need 💕 whenever you are feeling better, if you don't mind, I'd love to see a fic about your new imagine, where Marco is super flustered over cute prince Tom but also jealous of all the girls trying to court him, and maybe Tom has to pull Marco aside and reassure him and maybe they walk back in as a couple >w< still wishing you the best in life, and anything I can do to help, just say the word!

This is so sweet to hear. Thank you so much for all your support and love! It really means the world to me! There’s not much you can do though, I’m sorry to say. Just keep going forward with life, if I see others being happy, that rubs off on me and I get happy! So thank you for smiling!
I hope you like the story! I really enjoyed writing it!!!!!

Marco felt his face flush red when Tom gave him a little smile from across the room. The demon was all dressed up fancy, with a white suit and styled hair. He looked like a prince from right our of a story book… a really weird story book about demons. But that was fine for Marco. The human made his way a little closer to Tom. He felt his knees go weak when Tom gave him a bow and kissed his hand.

“Princess, it’s a pleasure to have you in our kingdom.” Tom winked. Marco blushed deeper and Tom giggled. “Thanks for coming, Marco. I wish I could stay with you a bit longer but,” Tom just motioned to all the people he was supposed to greet. Being a prince at these types of balls normally meant he just had to smile all night and act polite.

“Y-you go.” Marco stuttered. “I wouldn’t want to keep you.” He looked away and Tom smiled a bit more. He then checked around to make sure nobody was looking and gave Marco a fast kiss on the head. Both boys were worried about the reaction they would get to a demon-human romance. So they kept it a bit quiet.

“See you soon, your grace.” Tom gave another bow and hopped away, leaving Marco as a blushing mess. Tom has done nothing but treat Marco like a princess, and Marco treated Tom like he was the most important thing in the world. And every moment of it was amazing! Marco felt like he was the only person in any world Tom had eyes for.

Until he saw that girl making googly eyes at his demon.

Marco fumed when he saw Tom give a princess a kiss on the hand and he smiled at her. “Princess Lila, it’s lovely to see you, as always.” Tom spoke, still acting like the perfect gentleman. The princess fanned herself and giggled, causing Marco to roll his eyes. “You look stunning.” Tom gave her a smile and the girl blushed.

“Of course, Prince Tom. You know I must dress up to see my favorite prince. Your kingdom is the only one really worth visiting.” She laughed at her own little joke and Marco raged, tightening his hands up into fists. “I came to a ball your mother held a few weeks ago, and I was just crushed to find you weren’t here.” Lila admitted.

“Well now that I know you were there, I regret not showing up.” Tom gave her compliment after compliment. And even though Marco knew it was what was expected of him, it INFURIATED him. How DARE that girl come onto Tom! Tom was MARCO’S prince! He shouldn’t be doting over some girl!

Marco took a breath and tried to get his jealousy under control. “Come on Marco,” he mumbled to himself “this is like… his job! Besides, nobody even knows you’re dating. It’s not like Tom would ever pick some girl over you.” He told himself. Marco looked back up and gritted his teeth. A few more princesses had come over to talk with his prince. They chatted lively and the girls would blush and giggle at everything Tom said. And what made it worse, is Tom would continuously tell them how lovely they looked, how how happy he was to see them.

“Well, Prince Thomas. This ball has been lovely but it’s getting a bit late for me to be out.” The princess Lila spoke. Her mother and father had come to collect her, and they stood there smiling like they thought the two royal children fit together just right.

“I’m sad to see you go. Until next time.” Tom smiled.

“Yes but, until then, perhaps a goodnight kiss is in order?” Lila asked, fluttering her eyelashes. Lila’s parents smiled and exchanged looks.

“Oh… uh…” Tom looked around and realized a large number of people were watching him and the princess, smiling and and saying things like “Oh I knew it”. Even his parents had their eyes on him, and his mother gave him a little motion to go on. “W-well uh… g-goodnight princess.” Tom spoke and gave her a fast kiss on the mouth. Lila smiled and a few people dotted over it.

Marco gritted his teeth and balled his hands up into fists. The princess Lila smiled and waved goodbye, leaving the ballroom. As soon as enough people were away from him, Tom ran over to Marco. “H-hey, Marco…” Tom waved nervously. He then checked to make sure nobody was looking and pulled Tom aside into the hallway, so they were alone. “Look uhhh, you know I was just… you know I didn’t…” Tom scrambled to find the words and Marco just nodded.

“I know.” Marco sighed, crossing his arms. “It would have been weird if you said no. And people would have asked questions.” He finished the sentence for Tom. “I know we both agreed to keep this a secret I just… I get jealous when I see you oogle over all these princesses!” Marco huffed.

“Well, you know none of it’s real, right?” Tom asked, a bit concerned. “I sort of HAVE to do this. It’s my job as the prince. Everyone still thinks I’m trying to find a princess to court.” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“Yeah I know.” He huffed. “I just don’t want to share you. You’re MY prince.” Marco muttered. This earned a little laugh from Tom and he reached out to lace one of his fingers with Marco’s.

“And you’re my princess.” Tom agreed. “But until we’re sure people will accept that, we need to pretend like it’s not true.” He sighed. Tom then smiled at Marco and held him a little closer. “No matter how much I wanna kiss you right now.” He added. Marco moved a bit closer too.

“We just gotta pretend we don’t know each other.” Marco mumbled, pulling Tom down a touch so they were face to face. Tom blushed a little and smiled.

“That means we can’t do… this.” Tom spoke, right before pulling Marco in and kissing him. Marco kissed back and wrapped his arms around the demon. They pulled away and looked at each other for a while. Marco smiled at the demon, but then saw Tom freeze and looked up at something. Marco turned around and saw a member of the castle staff standing a few feet away from them.

The couple just stared, still holding onto each other, and exchanged looks. The maid just looked away, then back up at the boys. “Uhm…” Marco rubbed the back of his head. “How much do we need to pay you to pretend that didn’t happen?”

  • uninterested in most royal affairs, only shows up at the meetings because he has to be there 
  • reads under the table at the meetings and someone is always clearing their throat to get him to pay attention but he never cares enough to notice that they’re trying to get him to stop so he keeps on reading 
  • when his books get hidden away by the servants he sits at the meetings with a stoic expression and everyone is always gossiping about how he’s a heartless asshole or something 
  • he’s not, he just has a resting jerk face
  • he’s probably sleepy 
  • looks very good in white long coats with golden embroideries and tassels 
  • wears these matching white gloves that make his slender fingers look even longer 
  • even though he doesn’t care about royal affairs like war and taxes, he does care about the people and so he’ll try to go out and engage with them but he’s so awkward…..he goes into town and everyone’s bowing and being scared of him and he’s just like….im here!!! to make friends!!! but then he can’t say anything and the servants end up having to pull him away like ‘prince, you’re needed back at the castle’ and he’s like !!!! i messed up again
  • he gets worked up over those things but he doesn’t know how to change it
  • as a prince he has to take a lot of different classes in like etiquette and fancy things like horseback riding
  • he likes archery though and he’s really good!!!
  • looks amazing holding a bow and arrow
  • walks around the castle with messy hair and in black jeans and a simple shirt and the servants are like ‘if the queen sees you it’s over,,, please put on something more formal,,,,’
  • he hates wearing suits they’re too formal and stuff but he has to do it
  • asked one of the servants what a snapback was and where he could purchase one lmao 
  • is best friends with stable boy mingyu 
  • is scared of horses and dogs and stable boy mingyu makes fun of him for it 
  • soooooo let’s say you’re part of the kitchen staff well wonwoo usually eats alone and gets his food delivered and for some reason when you’re the one delivering it he gets extra shy and murmurs for you to just leave his food by the door and you’re like ???? shouldn’t I come in and set it for you???? and he’s like nO it S fine…….
  • he’s just clueless how to act around you because you’re cute and he wants to talk about like good books with you but like he’s reading shakespeare thanks to his parents wanting him to be educated and fancy and he doesn’t know if u dig shakespeare……
  • mingyu finds out about prince!wonwoo’s crush on you and well from then on in it’s hell for wonwoo
  • mingyu is always like “how about i call them up to your room and then somehow i plant a banana on the floor and they slips and you catch-”
  • wonwoo is like no i s2g go back to your horses 
  • mingyu always dropping hints that the prince likes you by being like “hey what you think about …… boys who have…….nice hair…….are kinda shy…….and you know, like, are one day gonna run this country??”
  • because you’re part of the kitchen staff you get to sample some of the good food because the cooks like you but one day you didn’t get to eat anything and so when you deliver wonwoo’s food he hears your stomach growl
  • you’re about to leave but he clears his throat like “um”
  • and you think he’s going to complain about the food, but he’s like “you didn’t eat right?” and offers the plate to you
  • and you’re like !!!!! um i cannot!!! eat!!! from the plate !!! of the prince!!!
  • but it’s prince wonwoo and he doesn’t give a damn about the rules and he’s like “no……..here you should take it….i don’t want to eat…….”
  • since that day he’s always asking if you’ve eaten when you deliver a meal 
  • you find out he really likes this certain kind of tea so you always ask the cooks to make it when you know he’s feeling down or sick
  • he catches on and smiles to himself whenever you bring it over
  • one day you walk in on him practicing ballroom dance but he has no partner so he just has his hands up in air and you end up accidentally laughing so hard your tray tips over
  • you get embarrassed because you spilled everything and you’re apologizing over and over
  • prince wonwoo comes over, puts his hand over yours and helps you clean up silent and your hearts beating so loud its so cute you two look up at the same time and you’RE SO CLOSE YOU BOTH BLUSH LIKE RED CHERRIES 
  • wonwoo can’t make eye contact with you for like a week after that
  • one day,,,,,you catch him practicing again and (thnx to mingyu’s suggestion) wonwoo asks you to be his partner for a while if u have time
  • little maid you and prince wonwoo dancing slowly around his room IMAGINE
  • you find prince wonwoo asleep in the kitchen once?? and you’re like??? the chefs are like ‘oh he does this sometimes when he’s stressed’
  • you cover him with like your apron 
  • he wakes up and touches it and smiles because he knows it’s yours just from like the feel….
  • keeps ordering lemonade from the kitchen when he’s doing his archery not because he likes lemonade but because you deliver it and he lIKES YOU 
  • he wants to kiss you but like its not allowed and he doesn’t know what to do he’s so awkward and you’re so sweet and he’s just melting whenever you’re around even though he’s a prince
  • keeps doodling you on his notes during meetings
  • prince!wonwoo is lovestruck and mingyu finds it hilarious but you’re just naive and very blushy ……. it’s gr8 

All of Lotor’s generals are half breed galras right

well I think that’s because Lotor is also a half breed being half Galra and half Altean, I mean have you seen those ears

they don't look like Galran ears.

His are more pointed and longer than the others plus less cat like. And he has pupils unlike every other pure-blooded Galra in the series.

Also, another point is his hair. No Galran has had luscious long white hair (not that I can remember at least) but who also has long white hair 

So yeah, its just a theory but its got its sherds of evidence  

anonymous asked:

Chocobros finding out that their s/o (gender neutral, if that's okay?) is a spy sent by Ardyn (bonus if s/o is also Ardyn's lover)

Oh Gucci Hobo finally gets some love, how fun! I hope that I’ve gotten better at writing the guy. (I almost cried writing this, the Chocobros only deserve nice things, I am a monster!) (ᗒᗩᗕ)՞




Noctis glanced around, the wrecked battlefield of Tenebrae around him, he watched, he watched as Ardyn ran through Lunafreya.  When his blurry eyes landed on you before him, he let out a sigh of relief, “Y/N.”

Your lip lifted in a sneer, “My gods, you look horrid. Is this anyway for a future king to look?”

Noctis stared in shock, he had never heard you speak this way. Only for his eyes to turned to Ardyn appearing not far beside you. “Y/n…what?”

Ardyn placed a hand around your waist, as he pulled you close, “Are you still playing this little game, Y/N?”

You gave a playful pout to the red head man, “I was just about to tell him, no fair.”

“What…what is he talking about?” Noctis groaned, as you stepped from Ardyn’s hold, kneeling beside the injured Prince.

“Are you so behind?” You asked, stroking his hair, before grabbing a fistful. “I can not begin to tell you how annoying it was to be with you four idiots day in and day out.”

Noctis stared in shock, as black begun to creep into the whites of your eyes, as you leaned close. Pressing a kiss to the man’s lips before dropping his head to the ground.

“You can have a dead Oracle for a wife, I no longer find any enjoyment of being with a failure of a Prince.” You cackle, standing to walk back over to Ardyn’s side.

Noctis groaned, the pain in his body had long since disappeared, as he glared at you in Ardyn’s embrace. “Y/n…why?”

You chuckled over your shoulder, “Why should I settle for a foolish Prince, when I can have a King?”



“Prompto! Prompto!”

Prompto groaned as he heard your call, the last thing he remembered was being toss off the train car by Noctis, because Ardyn…


Blue eyes snapped open, as he looked around, a cell of some sorts, and he was strapped to a ‘Y’ shaped device, that was making it difficult for him to breathe. His eyes roaming the room, before falling on you standing before him. “Y/N?”

You smiled up to Prompto, only to gasp as you felt a pair of arms around your torso from behind. Your gaze staring in the shocked hurtful gaze of the blonde man before you.

“Y/n, don’t be so rude to our guest.” Ardyn chuckled slinking his way from the shadows, pulling you into an embrace, your back to his chest.

Prompto stared in horror, a  worried smile on his lips, “Y/N, is this some kind of joke?”

Ardyn smirked to the young man, before grabbing your chin turning you to him, devouring your mouth as you melted into the kiss. The elder man breaking the kiss, as you held yourself close to him, “1st rule of the war young Prompto, always know who is on your side.”

Prompto stared directly into your eyes, your gaze never wavering from his own, even as a smirk appeared on your bruise lips.

“Come. my dear, it seems that Prompto has quite a bit to think about.” Ardyn chuckled, as he lead you out the room a hand to the small of your back.

Prompto glared at the spot where you stood, he refused to cry.



You jumped as you saw Gladiolus’ be shoved away with such ease by Ravus, watching at the men stared each other down within the base. Only to turn as you heard the displacement of magic.

“I’d say that’s far enough, a hand your Highness?” Ardyn called.

Noctis sneered at the red head man, “Not from you.”

Your eyes never left Ardyn as he moved around the field, playing his cards. Claiming he could take away the army, before waving Ravus away.

“Fare thee well, Your Majesty, and safe travels.” Ardyn replied, only to stop as he turned glancing over his shoulder. “My Dear, are you coming?”

Gladiolus and the others stared as you moved over to the red head man standing by his side. “Y/N what the hell are you doing?”

Ardyn chuckled as he grabbed your chin turning you to face him, “You’ve done well to bring them this far, yet I have another need for you.”

Gladiolus stared in horror at the adoration on your face, as you looked up to the elder man. Only to watch as your eyes turned to him with a glare, a look that would haunt him, as it was the last look you gave him, before being escorted away by the red headed man.



Ignis groaned, a searing pain in his face, he couldn’t place what happened. He tried to open his eyes, but found that his left eye was sealed shut, from his right he could see through the blood rushing down his face, you, running toward him, a weak call of your name spilling from his lips.

“Ignis…” You called, as you kneeled beside the man, carefully not to touch him.

“Y/n, are you safe, are you unharmed?” He called, beyond his pain. He must have looked a mess, sprawled out before you, his face burning with pain. You kept fading from his vision, yet he did notice the flash of the over the top white coat, “Y/N, move!”

You turned to glance behind you, only to be greeted by Ardyn, “Oh, hello, my love.” You  beam to the red head man.

Ignis stared in shock, how could he have not seen it before, Ardyn never targeted you, only the others, “You were working with him all along?”

You turned back, lifting the blinding man’s chin, “Took you long enough, and I considered you the smart one.”

Ignis growled, as he turned his head from your grasp, watching as you stood alongside Ardyn.

“What do you think we should do with him?” Ardyn inquired an arm around your shoulder.

You thought about it, focusing on the one eye glaring at you beyond the blood, “Leave him, either he’ll die here, or he’ll just be a burden to the others. Either way, I don’t have to pretend to give a care for any of them.”

Ignis glared at the two of you, his wounds no longer a concern, the pain he felt in his heart was hundreds of times worse. His vision begun to fade into shapes, as you left arm in arm with Ardyn, Ignis’ world went black.