he's not kidding volt

Marluxia- Have fun you two. Be back by 8-

Laurel- Marly

Marluxia- Fine 8.30

Laurel: 10

Marluxia: 9.30

Laurel: Marly come on-

Marluxia: Fine, fine. 10. Dont be a second late Volt or else

Volt: Umm…

Laurel: He’s only kidding..


I imagain Laurel’s first date with Volt went something like this eue 

Marly is a little protective with his sisters UuU

call-me-switch-deactivated20150  asked:

[[baby prompt]] "Woaaaah did I miss somethin, whats with the kid?" Switch hid it very well but he was very very very shocked, even the shock therapy when he was a kid didnt hold a volt to this. (Bad puns are bad)

“She’s not mine, I found her at the Isles shoreline, there was a shipwreck too, I don’t think her parents survived.” She tells him as she sits on one of the small couches in the living room well holding the infant. “She needs a name."