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Ok so my family has been keeping this really old magikarp in a tank since my great nan caught him when she was little, and he just kind of... evolved. In the house while my parents are out. We didn't even think he would evolve, he's so old and hadn't really shown any signs he was close to evolving in the 80 years he's been with us. Anyways, the living room is wrecked and I am freaking out. Is this sort of incidence covered by insurance?

First: hoo, boy.

Second: depends on the insurance. Call your provider ASAP (if available, it will probably be under explosion or flood coverage).

Third: let your parents know too, if they aren’t aware yet.

Fourth: where are you keeping it now? If you don’t have a Pokéball to keep him in, contact the local Pokémon center. Most have unexpected evolution housing that will be able to provide a few day’s care while you figure out long-term plans.

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thinking about dan and phil skyping back in 2009 always makes me so emo ksjdkfh

when you think about the hundreds of hours of skype calls that dan and phil have had together and how they’d spend hours on skype when they couldn’t be together irl because it was the most intimate form of communication for them and they really valued the authenticity of it all and how they would fool around a lil (a lot) on skype but also get really lovey dovey sometimes and how there were probably always lots of hesitant goodbyes and you hang up first’s and then you also think about how they stopped skyping as often when they started meeting up irl more frequently but then you remember how they skyped each other from different rooms while writing tabinof and how they skyped each other while phil was at his parent’s house eatin cereal even tho he had ‘bad’ internet connection and you realize that some things never change

BTS Reacts To You Finding Out They Cheated

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“Y/n wait!” 

“Wait for what?! For you to go see her again? No thanks.” You yelled at him, grabbing the bag from off the couch and storming out the door.

He looked at the picture in the frame that sat on the table, it was you guys kissing in front of fireworks. 

He grabbed it and held it to his chest, sobbing.

Please forgive me.

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You kept eye contact with him as you slid his ring off your finger and sat it on the table. 

“Give it to someone who doesn’t make you want someone else.” You whispered as you walked away from him and left the house.

He stared at the spot where you were just sitting and then down at the ring. 

He picked up his glass and threw it against the wall, shards landing everywhere. 

I’m such an idiot.

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“You’re not going to say anything?” You asked looking at him. 

He stayed silent and you scoffed, “Wow, and to think that I was actually going to get the closure I needed.” You started to cry, “I just want to know why I wasn’t enough..” 

He kept silent so you sniffled, wiped your tears, and walked out the door.

You’re so much more than good enough. I don’t deserve you. 

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“You’re just going to sit there?” You asked, dumbfounded. 

He moved his eyes to look at you, “What do you want me to say?” 

You scoffed and shook your head, “You’re unbelievable, you know that?” 

He stayed silent as you shook with anger. You got up from the table and threw your drink at him before walking out, “Fuck you Park Jimin.”

If me being cold makes this any easier for you, I’ll be the coldest person you know. I’m sorry, Y/n.

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Namjoon comforted him as he cried. 

“She just took her stuff and left?” Suga asked.

Jhope nodded as he sobbed, Namjoon sighed and patted his back, “You fucked up man, she didn’t deserve that.”

I know.

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He chose to walk home that day, wanting to remember all the time he shared with you but with those memories came pain. 

He cried silently as he remembered you catching him with the girl in your bed, how you begged him to have some sort of reasonable reason as to why he would do something like this to you. 

He also remembered you packing your bags that very day and leaving him.

I still don’t have that reason, Y/n but I think about you everyday and how I lost the love of my life over something so stupid.

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Rap Monster:

He listened to you as you expressed how you felt and how hurt you were. 

His heart was filled with shame as the realization of what he did and how badly he hurt you actually clicked in his head. 

“I’m sorry Y/n. “ 

“That’s all you have to say?” You asked, the tears rolling down your cheek, “Okay, I’ll say it. Its over.”

You walked away from him and everything you had together, and he was the one to blame.

I can’t expect you to forgive me when I don’t even forgive myself.


I just recently read a discussion thread and I was surprised to see that many people agreed that Nico’s experience was the same as Percabeth’s, and some even claimed that Percabeth had it worse because Nico was a son of Hades, which “gave him an advantage”.

I’d like to just remind everyone that Percy and Annabeth’s journey through Tartarus was bad, yes, but they had each other, and they were helped by Bob the Titan, Damasen the peaceful but strong giant, and Small Bob, whereas Nico was really, truly alone. Now being a ‘son of Hades’ means nothing here, because Hades himself is mentioned to be afraid of Tartarus and would never go near it.

Some people also claimed that Nico didn’t go through the same Tartarus experience or met the same beings there such as Achlys or Nyx or Tartarus’ weak form unlike Percabeth, but that’s just a LIE. He mentions to have reached the Doors Of Death by himself, which meant he HAD encountered Achlys, who was mentioned to have seen so much pain and misery within him that there was little else she could do, and of course he had to go through Nyx’s palace to get to the doors as well, so he had to have encountered her too. And sure, he didn’t encounter the lesser form of Tartarus, but he DID encounter the TRUE FORM of Tartarus, and was overwhelmed by him AND the large number of monsters that he had to fight ALONE, whereas Percabeth and their friends had to fight TOGETHER.

And he did all that BY HIMSELF. No good titan, no peaceful giant, no small Siberian tiger, NO PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. He was, I repeat, REALLY, TRULY, A L O N E. And after all these years we still give him too little credit for that.

AND it doesn’t end there, because afterwards he gets trapped in a bronze jar, which was SUFFOCATING HIM, so he had to put himself in several Death Trances to survive. The kid was given NO BREAKS WHATSOEVER for a long, long time and it just makes me sad that people often forget.

Dating Justin Foley Includes

a/n: i’m so sorry this probably sucks

requested by: @zachandreggie

• wearing his letterman every chance you get

• going to all of his basketball games and being the loudest one in the stands

• “that’s my baby!!!”

• skipping the occasional class for secret make out sessions

• lots and lots of neck bites (!!!!!!!)

• he stays the night often after getting kicked out of his house

• “i’m so fucking grateful for you.”

• getting drunk in your bedroom

• slow dancing and tripping on each other’s feet

• lots of giggles

• he gets really clingy when he’s drunk

• you’re usually the big spoon because he acts like a little kid

• “baby give me kisses”

• constantly hanging out after school if he doesn’t have practice

• him watching you do homework and wondering how he got so lucky

• you tutoring him in english so he doesn’t get kicked off the team

• him being so completely and utterly in love with you

• you make him want to be a better person

Imagine your boyfriend, Chris, hearing you scream from the shower. He comes running out, dripping wet, with just a towel around his waist. After searching the entire house he finds you in the kitchen, sitting on the counter top with your knees to your chest. He face is a mixture of relief and annoyance when he asks if you’re okay. You point to a glass upside down on the floor and whisper, “There was a bug.”

working on my fitness (he’s my witness)

They say gym friends make the best boyfriends…right? Eh, according to Jack they do.

Jack and Bitty left an entire list of instructions for the house. Mostly it was about keeping the place generally tidy and not sitting on anything while naked.

Clearly there were a few Haus traditions they didn’t want to bring with them to the new place. 

This was the first time Kent was house sitting for Jack and Bitty, but so far it was a breeze. They gave him free access to their wine collection and he was allowed to eat any of the baked goods that had been left in the house. And all he had to do was make sure no one broke into the house and occasionally dust and vacuum while they road tripped with Bob and Alicia.

After each of their playoff runs were cut short, Kent had drifted around Vegas while Jack settled back down in Providence. With Bitty by his side, Jack had bounced back and jumped right back into photography, planning a road trip with his parents across the US to explore the National Parks.

Kent had lingered, aimlessly trying to figure out life after the abrupt end of the post-season. So when Jack asked if he wanted a change of scenery and to house sit for a couple weeks, he packed his bags. Even Kit wanted a change of pace and tolerated her cat carrier for the trip, and they were off to Providence.

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tree bros prompt thing where evan is trans and is super self conscious about it and then he finds about he's ace and is freaking out about it and connor notices something's up and questions him about it, sorry if i'm bothering you



Not that Evan didn’t accept himself he did. He was a boy, not a girl, he was transgender. But he couldn’t help but feel self-conscious when others knew he was transgender. It made him very self conscious when he didn’t have his binder on especially.

But that wasn’t on his mind right now. What was on his mind was that he didn’t want to have sex with his boyfriend. He had no desire to do anything other than cuddle or kiss. He was so confused he didn’t understand.

“Hey babe, did you make sure to take off your binder today?” Connor questioned as he walked into Evan’s house. Connor knew his boyfriend had a nasty habit of leaving his binder on longer than he should due to the fact he hated his chest more than anything. 

“N-no I’ll do that soon.” Evan muttered, and quickly stood up.

“Something wrong Ev?” Connor questioned, he was worried.

“I-No.” Evan lied, not wanting to bother his boyfriend with his problems. He didn’t need Connor to worry about him more than he already did.

“Evan what’s up?” Connor asked, not buying his boyfriend’s lies one bit.

“I don’t want to have sex with you!” Evan blurted out. “I just, the idea isn’t appealing, nothing more intimate than a kiss or something. Sex just isn’t something I want to do, I’m sorry please don’t be mad.”

“Ev, are you asexual?” Connor asked, putting a hand on his boyfriend’s arm.

“A-asexual?” Evan questioned. He was already transgender, but now he had a different sexuality than bisexual? Could people have more than one sexuality?

“Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.” Connor explained.

Evan almost burst into tears, that just seemed to fit him so well. That word seemed to describe what he felt so perfectly. “I-I think I am.” Evan muttered. “Is something wrong with me?”

“Evan there is nothing wrong with you, your sexuality is perfectly valid.” Connor told him and kissed his boyfriend’s cheek. “I love you always.”

“Thank you Connor.” Evan muttered, tears in his eyes.

“Don’t mention it.” Connor smiled.

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How would the UT, US and UF skele-bros react to coming home seeing their S/O's sibling trying to put a leash of their S/O's dog (that's currently struggling)?

Im on mobile so fuck formatting.


His eyes go blank and asks then what they think they’re doing. He then tells them to get the fuck out of his house and leave the dog. After they leave, he checks the dog to make sure it’s okay and calls you to let you know what happened.

Papaya thinks that your sibling is just taking your dog out on a walk, but he gets an uneasy feeling, so he says that he’ll join then on their walk. If your sibling refuses, he keeps on insisting. Finally, your sibling gives up and leaves. He will casually mention this incident during dinner.


One look at the dog and Blue knows whats up. He releases the dog and protectively uses his body as a shield and asks why they were trying to kidnap your dog. Are they in trouble? If they are then he can help them, but if they dont give him a good enough reason, then he warns them that it’s best if they leave.

Stretch knows what’s going on, but he asks your sibling what they think theyre doing, as an act of mercy and to give them a chance to apologize ans let go of the dog. But when they give some bullshit excuse like theyre going to take the dog on a walk, he blocks the entrance and calls you to confirm if that’s what you want. If not, his magic flares dangerously and your sibling leaves empty handed.


Red doesn’t care much for pets, he doesnt understand why you have one. But he knows that your dog is important to you, so he stops your sibling, threatening to kill them of theg dont leave this instant. He would’ve killed them, but they are your sibling even if they tried to dognapped your pet, you probably wouldn’t be happy with you killing them without asking you first.

Fell is more of a cat person, but your dog…has uses like being a guard dog, keeping him company, and most importantly, keeping you happy. So when your sibling tried to kidnap it, he severely injuries them as punishment and double check your dog to make sure its okay. He then calls you and asks permission to kill.

HC: SLBP Lords @ Social Media

Nobunaga : Posting 24/7 on Instagram ,selfies , food, landscapes etc. using as many tags as possible. Although he uses snapchat too.

Mitsuhide : Pinterest addict. He loves DIY and smart ideas for the house. He sometimes uses twitter too.

Yukimura : Snapchat + Facebook. He snapchats “Body goals” all day and uses Facebook just for the chat.

Saizo : Facebook . He doesn’t show off much, he mostly uses it for chatting. (although many people follow him)

Masamune : Twitter. He wants to get informed about what is happening and keeping a low profie.

Kojuro : Facebook + Twitter (because of masa) . Keeping a low profile as well, but he tends to change profile picture often.

Inuchiyo : Facebook + instagram. Occasionally showing off on social media .

Hideyoshi : Pinterest + Snapchat. He snapchats a lot , mostly Inuchiyo while he doesn’t notices him.

Ieyasu : Facebook + Twitter. He uses them both equally and he makes a lot posts daily.

Mitsunari : Twitter . Complaining online is his favorite thing to do, and he does on twitter. 

Kenshin : We ♥ it . He sometimes uses tumblr too because “it is a  beautiful place”

Shingen : Facebook + Twitter. He posts a lot on facebook and he has a twitter account just to get informed.


Shigezane : SNAPCHAT KING. Although he is using facebook, twitter, instagram, tinder and twitter too. Maybe youtube is next ?

Fuma : Facebook ( because of Saizo)  Tumblr ( because of Saizo fandom), Wattpad (beacuse of Saizo) 

Hotaru : (trying to sign up to any social media, but nobody has showed him how)

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Clarisse, are you okay? and.. what happened to Ludwig?

“I… I-I don’t know… I just came home and he was… n-not himself…

I’m hiding in the house right now, I just.. I don’t know what to do…”