he's not going to notice him

my recap of 170323 The Wings Tour
  • Got sprayed by the holy water, blessedt by Yoongi and Hoseok themselves
  • Some girls lightstick bomb top went flying from behind me; thrusting her light stick too hard
  • A girl fainted in the pit RIGHT when they were going on stage
  • Taehyung likes blowing kisses and having us go insane
  • Got noticed by Jimin, Seokjin, Namjoon, and Jungkook plenty, I got a nod and smile from Yoongi.
  • Then I got Hoseok who was just being a fluffy hyper baby the whole time who had 17 cups of coffee
  • I don’t think he noticed me
  • Taehyung was pretty chill, he was exploring everywhere. I think he gave me a wave at some point.
  • The girl next to me was a Jimin stan and went nuts when she saw him do Lie, I’m not kidding, she was full on convulsing and wanting to jump the rail in front of us
  • I collapsed on my friend and the seat every time they played those bOPS
  • A girl was screaming JHOOOOOOOOPE every 2 seconds without rest. I aim to be that fucking girl. Bless you.
  • When everybody was not putting up banners at the according songs and it was confusing af since we had like 2 to 3 projects going on lmao so I didn’t get to use them that much
  • Seokjin got hit with a cap and just stared at it on the floor like “excuse you hoe I’m tryna talk tf?”
  • Someone was legit chucking plushies up there and Hoseok grabbed them all to hug them at once
  • there was so much shoving and pushing to get through processing oml it was scary seeing everyone rush
  • everyone was loud. just loud. it was perfect
  • someone gave Jungkook the American flag after he gestured to it for it to be given to him, and wore it as a cape after displaying it. this is going to be his thing. idc.
  • Jungkook = New Captain America
  • everyone kept throwing plushies at Hoseok and Taehyungs feet like guys they gotta wALK DON’T BUST THEY ANKLES
  • Namjoon smiling really big whenever we’d take over his lines
  • Yoongi doing the “let’s take out my inner ear piece and see all my bitches scream for me” for his introduction
  • fuccboi hoesucc come thru with baepsae and mama
  • jimin’s no hands when he was hip thrusting into the air like he tryna bust a nut on stage… boi
  • s l u t d r o p s
  • high notes into over drive by maknae/vocal line
  • everyone sang awake
  • Seokjin and Yoongi made me cry, and the chorus to Spring Day
  • had them back up violinists and shit for some songs, being fancy
  • I did a body heart to Namjoon and he had thAT DIMPLE FACE I FELT COMPLETE
  • Jimin teasing tf out of the girls in pit… way too close to the edge… back up bruh, they want to eat you alive, don’t do it
  • me: *watches Taehyung do Stigma*
  • me: “WAIT FOR IT”
  • also me: “hoe don’t do it”
  • me in the end: “omg”
  • he hit the note
  • I have announced my funeral
  • y'all are invited
  • when they were saying goodbye, Hoseok and two other members had us all waving our arms to the ending of Spring Day left to right for a straight minute, we mirrored them exactly the same way
  • I think my friend said Taehyung or Jimin cried
  • I’ll have to see about that later
  • many many hobi stans
  • the look on their faces when we did the rainbow ocean for them
  • seokjin’s sHOULDERS FUCK MY LIFE
  • wanna climb his ass like a tree
  • the way yoongi stomps and raps at the same time had me rolling, he’s an angry smol man tryna prove a point
  • …When someone tells you jimin is 10x more handsome in person, believe them. just do it.
  • I made a mistake of even looking at him
  • I’m swerving
  • they are very real. all seven of them. wow.
  • I was too close for my own good to them
  • I’m not okay
  • but seriously what the fuck
  • why can’t I go back in time to watch Yoongi say “fuck you and you” in a strangled growl on loop, live and in my face? :’)

I wish I could go to Newark Day 2. Please give them so much love. Stay safe. Don’t push. Don’t shove. Don’t throw too many things at them. Just be respectful. They want to have a good time and so do you!

BTS deserves plenty of love from you guys. Have fun!

More langst

I got so many followers and stuff from the first one that I’m scared to post more. But they aren’t doing anything for me in my notes so…

-Lance is dying, and he’s sad because he never got to see earth again, then it starts raining, however, the rain definitely isn’t water. (acid rain?) and every drop brings so much more pain than he thought possible, but he ignores it and his mind goes back to all those days in the rain with his family and he’s happy

-as soon as Lance hears how his family thinks he’s dead he begs to go back and Allura finally agrees. but as he’s running up, before they notice him, he sees how happy they still are and Lance thinks that his family is better off not knowing he’s alive if he is just going to have to return to space and keep fighting bc he doesn’t know if he’s going to make it back again and doesn’t want them to get their hopes up.

-Lotor uses the fact that they’re from earth against them and he has something with Lance’s dna and uses it to find Lance’s family to blackmail him with.

-after Lance’s loud comments someone mutters something like, “it was out of everyone in the universe and the blue lion HAD to pick the most annoying one” and Lance hears it and so he begs Blue to pick someone else
–(wether or not he convinces her to is up to you)

-Lance realizes that if that huge Galra soldier makes it to Shiro it won’t end pretty. and Lance may not be the best at fighting up close, but he doesn’t need to be. he just needs to create a distraction long enough for the others to get away.

-paladin body swap. however, the body comes with whatever mental problems the original owner had (such as Shiro’s ptsd). the paladins think that they know everything about everyone’s problems, but then whoever has Lance’s body starts to feel the effect of Lance’s anxiety/depression/adhd/(or whatever you headcanon him with)

-Lance doesn’t want to go back to his room bc he’s never had his own before (lots of siblings, plus roommates at the Garrison) when he is in there he can feel crushing loneliness

these probably aren’t as good as the previous one but I hope these are sufficient

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Yamamoto Dino and Hibari finding out their girlfriend is working as a bar waitress due to bills (and after being accused of being a gold-digger) and every guy keeps flirting with her


Please enjoy~

// Admin Chrome



  • Yamamoto always had a sneaking suspicion that what had occurred months earlier (the whole exile of you from the family because supposedly you were a “gold-digger”), was a complete mistake. Everyday he thought of the hurt expression on your face as the family shunned you and made you leave him. He was confused, yet he accepted the verdict since family knows best, right? … right?
  • Since then, Yamamoto had noticed that he had been going out to get drinks more often than not. He just wanted to drown himself in liquor from seeing that betrayed expression on your face. He wanted to forget you, and your perfect smile, your erotic body, and beautiful mind. You were such a perfect girlfriend, why did it have to be like this?
  • This time, Yamamoto decided to try a different bar, since the last one had kicked him out because he had gotten a little to “rowdy” with the bartender who called him “an asshole” for what the family had did to you. Yamamoto thought that this time he wouldn’t try to talk about what had happened because it was obviously not worth it. He decided to keep the pain inside.
  • He took a seat at the bar, already feeling the worries of the night start to slip away as he ordered his drink. Yamamoto closed his eyes, running his hands over his face, finally feeling the exhaustion that had been piling up all week. Suddenly, his whole body stiffened when he heard “[Name]!” being called from behind him. It couldn’t be you, it just couldn’t. However, when he slowly turned around, he saw your unmistakable smile as you visited the man at the table, writing down what he ordered on the notebook.
  • Yamamoto couldn’t breathe, his mind running a million miles a minute. You weren’t supposed to be there. Why? Why? Why? Before he couldn’t stop himself, Yamamoto was already reaching for you, pulling you away from the table (much to the dismay of the man) and taking you to a more secluded are of the bar. You were struggling to get away, but Yamamoto’s strength was far more superior than yours.
  • He knows it’s none of his business, but Yamamoto manages to corner you, his arms caging you, making sure you don’t run away. He’s asking questions on “why the heck you work here? why didn’t you just run off to another rich family?”, and it doesn’t take long until your smacking him across the face. You yell that you didn’t have anywhere to go, the love of your life having abandoned you to groundless rumors. You had to pay the bills somehow. Yamamoto didn’t have a retort, and he was even more speechless when he saw the tears in your eyes. He couldn’t do anything as you were ushered away from him, and he was promptly told to leave.


  • Dino thought about you every day. He thought of all the times the two of you had together, and all the beautiful memories you had shared with him. To forget about you, Dino had decided to throw himself into his work, so he could just forget about your heartbroken face as Dino broke up with you. The family didn’t need someone so greedy for money.
  • He had been going to numerous business meetings and dealings lately. Dino wanted to be anywhere but in his mansion, since everywhere he went he was reminded of you. It had been almost a year since the two of you had broken it off, and it had been hell for him, as he didn’t know anything about your current situation. However, he was told that you were living the life of luxury, having got a new boyfriend immediately after him. Dino didn’t know what to believe.
  • The meeting today was at a newly opened bar that had yet to have a bad review. Dino was looking forward to closing the deal on a new connection opening up with a software company. They had all been seated in a more enclosed space of the bar, where there was still a few people, but it was not crowded or loud.
  • The deal was being conducted and they ordered a round of drinks as a celebration for closing the deal and the other party had left. However, the night was dampened for Dino, as he thought he kept seeing moments of you in the corner of his eye. However, whenever he looked, you weren’t there. So, he went back to the drink he was nursing, ignoring the calls of “sweetheart over here!”, “you’re the best server in this joint, Missy.”, and “why don’t you just come home with me, I’ll treat you right~” that were being broadcast all over the restaurant. Dino felt bad for the poor server who was receiving those lines.
  • “Sorry, your original server had some business to attend to, so I hop-” Dino stopped listening, even though your lips kept moving. He hadn’t seen you in so long, that he was in shock having come into contact with you now. You looked good, as you did always. You shined more it seemed, and you had gotten a new glow to you. You had stopped talking, and now everyone was ordering more drinks, and your eyes had met his. He saw your heart stop, before you moved your eyes away.
  • Dino couldn’t say anything, nothing would come out. He could only watch as you scurried away to get the drinks. Then, as you were entering the common room again, there was a yell of “sweetheart, over here!” and “looking beautiful as always~”. Dino felt a flare of jealousy as he saw a shy smile being given at the comments, before you disappeared back behind the bar. Dino knew that he had to get you back now.


  • Hibari knew that what he did was right. He was not someone who liked being used like this. How could you be so deceiving? After finding out that you were only using him for his money, Hibari didn’t have any sympathy left for you. Hibari refused to be moved by your sobbing and pleading. He knew it was all fake.
  • It was months after the split, and Hibari still hadn’t forgotten you, even though it seemed like it. When he was alone, there would be traces of you in his mind. He would recall the way you laughed at his stubbornness, and how you smiled despite him scolding you. It was something he didn’t realize that he would miss now that you weren’t here.
  • Hibari had been invited to a meeting with another family for some new information about a war that was threatening to break out between two newly emerging rivals. Hibari, as much as he didn’t like public spaces, went for it anyway.
  • It was a crowded place, of course, and there were countless of rowdy men everywhere. Hibari knew that it was intentional too, so they could get a rile out of him. He was searching for a table, before suddenly he thought he saw a flash of your face, before it was gone. Hibari shook his head, refusing to believe that you were anywhere near this place. You were probably somewhere else, trying to leech off of more rich men to satisfy yourself.
  • It didn’t take long for the night to take a bad turn. The informant refused to give up the information without a price, and Hibari was soon getting impatient. Hibari was about to snap, but then he heard your laugh. That laugh echoed in his ears, and he didn’t even realize he was looking for you until he found you, giggling at something a customer (who was leaning a bit too closely too her for Hibari’s liking, as did another lad, who was directly staring at her behind).
  • It took all of Hibari’s willpower not to say anything, but he did crush the glass pitcher in his hand, sending glass shards everywhere. The informant screamed (probably thinking it was his fault), but all Hibari’s focus was on you. You had turned around quickly after hearing the shatter, and your eyes connected. Hibari saw you flinch, and you hurriedly turned around, avoiding his gaze all together. Hibari felt his chest tighten. All he could think about, however, was what the hell you were doing here?

Darren noticed Dustin was a lot more agitated than he was a few minutes ago. He wanted to push, but he’d just promised the boy he wouldn’t do that and he wanted, needed Dustin to trust that he’d keep his word.

“I think I’ll head home now.” Dustin stated as he quickly got up off the ground. 

“I’ll walk with you.”

“It’s okay. It’s not far. I promise I’ll go home”

“Okay” Darren responded and watched Dustin back as he walked away.

He waited about 30 seconds before he followed him.

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Hi~! Can you do a BTS reaction with them being stressed and they go to a psychologist but end up falling in love with her Thank you^^

You got it! Thank you so much for your request!

- ❤ Kat & Sar 💖

When Bts Falls In Love With Their Therapist

Jungkook: Although he has gotten many reassurances that he’s a good singer, he can’t help but feel as though he can never sing like he wishes to. Or like the other members. When he comes to you for help to get him through this mind block, he immediately notices how bright you are. As more time goes by, with reassurances from you, he begins to feel more confident in himself. So when you tell him that he shouldn’t have the mind block anymore, that you’ve done everything you can, he gives you the cute smile you’ve come to love and winks. “Oh, I haven’t had that problem in weeks. I just wanted an excuse to spend more time with you. Truthfully I-I’ve been in love with you and your beautiful voice and smile for weeks. It’s been driving me crazy. And I was thinking that, I would like to maybe get to know you on a more personal level, instead of professional. S-so, would you…like to go out with me sometime?” Unable to refuse his heart warming confession, you agree. You both silently thank him that he continued to come to you, long after he needed help. And because of your help, Jungkook would not hesitate when you asked him to sing you to sleep. Since you would make him feel like he was enough.

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Jimin: Even though he’d never admit it to his members, there were times where Jimin still felt like he didn’t belong in BTS. He felt like the others were cooler than him, and more manly. And he laughed when he was called short, he knew they were joking, but sometimes it got into his head that maybe what they were saying was true. So the day he walked into your office, it was a bad day. You must’ve immediately noticed something was wrong because you quickly took him and sat him down. That’s when he let it go. All of his thoughts about himself and his image and how he doesn’t fit in, spouting out of him in rapid fire. When he was done, he was breathing heavily due to the tangent he went on. You reach over and touch his shoulder, rubbing it soothingly saying that he has no reason to be insecure. He looks up to see you blushing, and he noticed just how beautiful you are. Throughout the next few sessions you tell him just how handsome you think he is and that just because you’re shorter than the average man, does not make him any less manly. For some reason, when you spoke this he felt it to be true. Realizing that he’s fallen for your adorable blushes and soothing touches, he asks you out. Never again needing to be reassure just how much of a man he is.

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Taehyung: Taehyung has never been stupid. Many people seem to think that, due to his playful and outgoing nature, that he must be. He never believed it before, but lately those comments seem to be the ones sticking in his mind. He knew that he shouldn’t listen to people who don’t even know him, but deep down, these comments hurt. That’s when he comes to you. The moment he walks in Taehyung notices your eyes first. And not how bright they are, but how they aren’t filled with an ounce of judgment on what he looks like or what he wears. He feels safe in this environment. As weeks pass, you helped him a great amount. You two had silly conversations, and never once did you believe him to be unintelligent because of it. You helped him learn to care less about what others think of him. But by then he realized that he cared what you thought about him. So he would try to stop being himself until you’d tell him, “Where’s the Taehyung that I’ve come to love in the past month? This isn’t you!” You’re eyes would widen realizing that you just confessed to this amazing man. Starting to panic, you would turn beet red. Until Taehyung would smile his rectangular smile you love so much. “Really!? I love you too! I just didn’t want you to think that it’s weird to love you after one month!” You shake your head, finding his reasoning comical. “Who wouldn’t fall in love with you and your silly and outgoing personality?” Taehyung would never have any trouble being who he was after that. As long as you are by his side, he can do anything. Including ignoring those comments that he no longer sees true.

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Hoseok: Jhope, unlike his usual sunny disposition, would be feeling down in the dumps. Lately he has been feeling unappreciated by fans. Not only that, but he feels as if he isn’t a good enough rapper. After all, he learned so he could be in BTS. Feeling like he’s overwhelmed with sadness, he comes to you. What he doesn’t know beforehand is that you’re a fan of BTS. So when he comes in and realizes this, he almost turns right back around to leave. But, there’s something different about you. JHope would notice the way you stared at him in admiration and awe. This makes him feel better. Coming each week, he starts to fall in love with you and the way you make him feel. He’d rap some lines for you and you’d stare in amazement and wonder. You tell him that people who put him down are not real fans, and that he shouldn’t pay attention to them. “You know, out of all the rappers, you’re my favorite. You’re just so unique and you do it in your own style, no one can copy that.” Stopping, he looks at you, wondering what this warm feeling is growing in his heart. With a smile, he leans over and takes your hand. “This may seem kind of random, but, I will hate myself forever if I don’t ask you this. Will you….possibly go on a date with me?” The way you’d hug him and squeal in agreement, saying how you’ve been wanting to ask him for awhile would only further his realization. That he was madly in love with you.

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Yoongi: Yoongi is always working hard, even though many people see him as lazy and someone who likes to just sleep. In all reality, he’s one of the hardest working people you’d ever meet. But sometimes, he takes on a lot of work. Lately he’s been stressed by all the new songs he’s producing and coming up with lyrics, that he is incredibly overwhelmed. So badly stressed that he locks himself away from the other members; from the world. He just sits in his studio feeling anxiety from the amount of things that he has to do. The members would eventually have to drag him out and send him to you. He gets there and he tells you all about his work and what he has to do. You realize that, while yes this is him stressed, it’s also deeper than that. Yoongi had become so obsessed with his work being perfect that he’s been putting himself down. Yoongi would be frozen when you touch his arm, but you reassure him that everything’s okay. “You don’t have to push yourself so hard Yoongi. You’re human just like the rest of us; and humans make mistakes. You’ll make mistakes. And that’s alright. You just have to see those mistakes as good things that open new doors to see something from another angle. So…just be human. That’s all anyone expects from you.” Your words would sink into his mind, and he lets himself open in front of you. He pulls you into a tight hug, not letting go for a while. “I knew there was a reason I loved you Y/N. you make me human.” You’d be together long after the sessions are over. And he’d live his life next to you…just being human.

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Namjoon: With BTS’ rising popularity, the group would be showing up on more interviews and variety shows. They would ask the same questions. “Who is the best dancer?” “Who fits this concept?” “Who is the leader of the group?” This is where Namjoon would of course respond. But over time, he even began to question who the leader was. Over the last few months, he began to feel like an inadequate leader. Like he wasn’t good enough to set an example for the 6 other amazing members. Feeling worried about him, they would send him to you. He’s never had trouble speaking what’s on his mind, so Namjoon would open up about how he didn’t feel good enough to lead these boys in this journey together. You would smile at him, shaking your head. “Those boys are so grateful to you Namjoon. They wouldn’t be where they are today without your guidance. I’m sure that if you talked to them, they would say the same things. You’re a great leader. You are very important to them, they look up to you. Never forget that.” He stares at you, his lips spreading into a small smile. He reaches up and cups your cheek. “You know, I wouldn’t know what to do without you. Would you like to get some coffee with me sometime? Maybe I can get to know you now.” His smile spreads wider as you agree. Ever since that day, he’s never doubted himself again.

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Seokjin: Jin knows that there are certain things that he’s good at. He’s a great cook, a good visual, and no matter how much the other members make fun of it; he has some great jokes. But, he never feels like he belongs in this group. Not that he doesn’t feel manly enough, he just doesn’t feel like he can ever compare to them. They’re all better dancers specifically. And even then the members make fun of him and he knows that it’s only meant as a joke, deep down he knows it’s all true. No matter how much he practices, he just can’t dance. Thinking that maybe it could just be in his head, he comes to you. Jin explains all these feelings of insecurity he has and doesn’t stop until it’s all out into the open. You take a deep breath, watching how he stares at you in anticipation before you respond. “We all have things that we can do better than others. Sure, you may not be the best dancer in the group, but you’re a great singer. And I’m almost certain the boys would’ve starved to death if it wasn’t for you. All you have to do is just be proud of what you can do, and don’t let the things you’re bad at define you. Just know that people see how hard you’re working to improve. And that’s all they ever really want from you.” When he hears this, he freezes. He realizes that you’re right, all he can really do is just keep working, keep moving forward. He then looks up to you and winks. “You know, I’ve really taken a liking to you these past few sessions. And, if you laugh at my jokes then you must be special. And…I can probably work harder if you were at my side. So….do you want to grab something to eat?” You smile and stand up, taking his hand. “I’d love to.”

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OQ first kiss prompt: During a power outage & they're scrambling to find flashlights/candles & accidentally bump into each other.

It’s been a long day by the time a rather vicious sounding storm rages against the windows of the town hall. It’s come from nowhere and she’s ill prepared to deal with the trip home - she’d accidentally sat on her glasses earlier and her contacts are burning in her eyes from overwearing - so when Robin arrives at her door, explains that he was preparing the meeting room downstairs for a meeting that is most certainly not going to happen now and tells her that he’d noticed her light on, she’s a little relieved to see him.

She makes no move to leave her office chair - her back is aching from hours spent bent over pile after pile of paperwork - and she knows already that weathering this kind of a storm is pointless - they’d do better to simply allow it to pass over - and so Robin takes her smile as the invitation it is and steps further into the room, pushing the door closed behind him to conserve the warmth that still lingers inside.

“You have much more to do?”

He’s looking at the sheets in front of her, at the pen resting on top. “Only about truckload.”

“I’d offer to help,” his dimples wink at her, “but then, for all we know, I could be signing off on an order to make George the president of Storybrooke and wouldn’t we be in trouble then?”

“Wouldn’t we just,” she laughs, shaking her head at the very notion before she lifts her gaze to him once more and asks, “How about you?” referring to his earlier explanation, “I hope it wasn’t anything important.”

“Oh, nothing that can’t wait,” he assures her before making his way closer as she rounds her desk to lean against the edge to better speak to him.

It’s still hard, letting him in, opening up to him. Henry actively encourages it - she teases that he simply wants free archery lessons but he always manages to squeeze at her heart with his wish for her to have someone - and she does like him but, with Emma’s arrival especially, she knows that it’ll be short lived. He would’ve loathed her, no doubt, in their land and the thought of him feeling the same now, after all of the flirting and his kindness…it induces anxiety pains in her stomach.

Still, she just can’t seem to resist him.

“You look good,” he compliments, letting his eyes rake over her body in the way he knows drives her crazy. “But then, you always do.”

A light blush dusts her cheeks as she bows her head to hide her growing smile - she feels giddy, stupidly so - as she shakes her head and breathes, “Thank you.” She’s about to steer their conversation in a safer direction - he’s got that smirk curling his lips, a flirty little warning - when a great crash of thunder is followed by nothing but complete darkness.


“Don’t worry,” she assures him, this isn’t her first storm, “they should come straight back on when the backup generator kicks in.” She fumbles for a moment, cringing when she hears a picture frame hit the ground - there’s no shatter, just an unfortunate clang - before she moves to explain, “it hasn’t been needed so it may take a while to power up.”

“Do you have any flashlights?”

“No,” she replies, toeing her way carefully in - what she hopes is - the direction of the sofa and coffee table. “But I have candles and matches over this way.”


She hears the shuffling of his feet, smiles at the thought of him in much the same prone form as herself, before she’s pushing forward, realising all too late what was most likely to happen and so, squealing in a rather unladylike manner as their legs tangled and the ground grew a lot closer.

He manages to grab hold of her and spin them, taking the impact of the fall and softening the blow for her with his body.

Her forehead connects with his shoulder and she hisses as he lets loose a winded grunt of pain, fingers tightening their hold around her biceps.

“Are you oka-”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she answers first, laughing awkwardly at the situation before she takes in the fact that she’s practically lying on top of him. “Are you?”

She can’t see his face for their in complete darkness but she feels the tips of his fingers when they find her temple and stroke back her hair from her face, “I’m fine,” he answers softly and she can feel his heartbeat thundering against her own as he traces those fingers down before cupping her jaw and guiding her towards him. She follows willingly.

It’s soft and it’s unbelievably tender when their mouths meet for the first time, their lips slotting together in the most perfect kiss that she feels from her head down to her toes. They part for only a moment to take in what’s happened before he asks her back down to him and she goes without a second’s thought because it feels right - despite what the inevitable breaking of the curse will mean - it feels right.

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Hello! I was wondering if you could do headcannons/scenarios for study sessions with Oikawa and Suga with their fem s/o. Currently am in the middle of studying for two big tests coming up and I need some comedic or cute relief in this time of stress! If these requests are closed too just delete and ignore. Thanks so much! Love your blog!

Good luck on your test dear, and don’t stress yourself out because of it.


  • Oikawa is pretty smart, he normally gets things on the first few tries without much problem.
  • That being said he’s not very good at explaining things.  When he tries to he tends to jump around to different parts instead of going one step at a time.
  • Even though he’s not a very good teacher he has very organized notes.
  • You will have to ban clicky pens from him, because when he reads he will sit there for minutes clicking the pen without even noticing.
  • While he knows it’s important to study, he will try to distract you every couple of minutes because he’s bored.
  • Oikawa likes to draw little aliens on your notes when you aren’t looking.
  • Though there are times when he’s so into studying it may take awhile for you to get his attention.


  • He’s very organized when it comes to studying.  All of his notes are neat and organized, plus he always has plenty of note cards.
  • Suga believes it’s very important to take breaks every so often when you’re studying.  So he has a bunch of snacks for the two of you.
  • Despite how long he studies sometimes he still has trouble grasping certain things, and will ask you to explain them to him.  He might ask several times.
  • About half way through the study session is when he’s ready to stop because he doesn’t want to look at the papers anymore.
  • When this happens he tries his hardest to get your attention.
  • In the end the two of you will probably end up either watching youtube videos or just talking about random things.
  • Suga will always remind you not to stress over things too much, and that even though school is important it’s not the end of the world.

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Spuhura, 29?

29: sweat

The first night, she doesn’t sleep.

Folds the sheet down to her waist.  Slips her foot from under it.

Twice, reaches to wipe at her upper lip.

Beside her, Spock breathes evenly, slowly.

She turns beneath the weight of his arm, first onto her side, her back fitted to the long line of him, then to stare upwards at the ceiling.

Her neck has grown damp.  Carefully, gently, she sweeps her hair from beneath her head, pushes it so it isn’t touching her skin.

“Nyota?” Spock asks.

Spock always carries tea around campus.  Brings a mug to his lectures, has a hand wrapped around it in his seminars, keeps a steaming, hot cup on his desk in his office that he laces his fingers around.  Long ago, she noticed that he rarely drinks it.

“Go back to sleep,” she whispers.  She rolls over to face him.  “I’m just fine.”

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Apostasia and Mastermind braiding each others hair please?

One of the things Add took pride in the most was grooming his hair. His least favorite thing was anything filthy. As he watched Ain eat lunch with his hair all over the place he nearly felt sick at how careless he was. So messy… he probably can’t even see!

He must have noticed Add staring intensely at him because he looked up from his food to face him. “Is there something wrong?”

Everything… is what he wanted to say, but bit back that thought. “Your hair’s all over your food. Doesn’t that bother you at all?“

He waited for a few seconds before Add realized he wasn’t going to reply at all. Ain was already looking back down and brushed away his hairs to no avail, more locks tumbled down every time he turned his head. The scene annoyed Add immensely.  

His own lunch forgotten, he walked over to Ain. “You idiot… come here!”

Right behind a tall grassy hill chosen so nobody else can see them, Ain and Add sat silently with one in front of the other. With a spare brush, Add carefully but diligently stroked his hair down to the ends. He was surprised the brush was met with no resistance, his hair felt soft and smooth in his hands. “Hmm? I can’t believe you actually take care of this mop.”

He didn’t reply and Add expected none. He brushed in silence until he was satisfied, and nudged Ain’s shoulder to get him to turn around. Add took a lock of hair closest to his face.

“I’m going to teach you how to braid, okay? Now you have no excuse to leave your hair like that, so watch carefully.”

With Ain’s eyes watching steadily, Add began twisting the hairs slowly, explaining throughout for him to better understand, picking up the pace after the first few twists. He fell into silence, tightening and finishing the final twist in the braid. “There!“

He moved back to make a bigger braid behind with the rest of his hair. Ain looked up, not saying a word and only feeling the little tugs from Add pulling on his hair while braiding. So relaxed in that moment he let his thoughts slip out; "How did you learn to do that?“

For a second the tugs stopped, and started again soon after. This time, it was Add who didn’t say anything. Letting his eyes flutter closed, Ain almost forgot he asked before Add replied.

”…My mother did.“ He didn’t say anything more than that.


He turned around instantly at the sound of his name. The two went their separate ways after what happened earlier, but Ain was now approaching him—For the first time even, Add notes. He still had the braids from when Add did them before. "Let me braid your hair.”

So direct, that Add looked at him questionably. He added, “I’ll remember better if I do it myself…”

“Can’t you braid your own hair?” He sighed and quickly continued before Ain had a chance to reply. “Alright, but try not to mess it up.”

Fic rec: It's taking all I've got by StrikerEureka, Otabek/Yuri/JJ, explicit, 5.4k
By Organization for Transformative Works

JJ has spent the past four years watching and wanting Otabek and Yuri’s open, domestic bliss. They’ve noticed him watching; they want, too.

Yuri doesn’t get off of him, doesn’t even let go of his neck, when they both look up at Otabek standing over them, a beer bottle now being balanced on JJ’s shoulder. He tries to say something, anything to keep from getting his teeth knocked in, but Yuri cups his jaw and starts biting and mouthing at his neck.

Otabek holds his gaze and JJ swallows painfully against the dryness in his throat. He reaches up with a shaky hand to take the bottle Otabek is still offering him as Yuri sucks at his pulse. He has no idea what’s happening.

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P1 Okay okay so hear me out homie Keith Flicks Lances nose and Lance realises how close Keith is and just "uhh Keith" Keith realises and then he just "..." he turns to walk away but Lance grabs his shoulder and spins him around. He's about to boast all confidently like 'man Keith you can stay if you want ;P' but then suddenly he gets all flustered and self conscious and THEN paranoid that Keith doesn't actually like him, so he sighs and lets Keiths shoulder go. Keith notices his weird behaviour-

P2 And then Keith, being the impulsive guy he is acts on his long time crush and gives him a huge hug. Lance is shocked but hugs back. They hug for a while because neither of them want the other to see how red their face is. They pull apart eventually and Keith mutters “if you wanted a hug you coulda asked you know?” And THEN LANCE SAYS “can i ask for a kiss?” “Sure.”

I love it omg I really like that you can feel the embarrassment coming off these dorks tysm ♥

Met by Accident - Larger Than Life

This will be Chapter 48. Viktor, Yuuri and the Katsukis spend a couple days on the Big Island before going to Oahu. They make memories together while bonding further.

As the days fly by, Yuuri notices a side of Viktor he’s never seen before, making him fall more in love with the man. You’ll have to read if you want to find out more.

Now I’m really going to make you wait until Sunday. You’ll be ok, I promise. I believe in you!


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I feel like people really don’t notice/care about how muscular Prompto actually is since everyone sees him as the fluffy boy. There’s one blindside link you can do with Prompto where he picks up the greatsword (which is flipping huge btw) and slams it down on the enemy. I don’t know about you, but normal people can’t just lift greatswords over their heads and I think more people should acknowledge that even though he’s not ripped like Gladio he is definitely strong.

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Yeah I noticed the change too but like the same thing happened to a girl in my class one day she legit looked completely different. So I think he just hit that point where just looks different.

but that still doesn’t explain why or how that kind of thing happens. I’m not the kind of person who can notice a drastic change in someone and just shrug it off like “eh it happens sometimes” because… that shouldn’t just happen. that’s not normal.

Heedo as your boyfriend

A/N: I have a little time to write this weekend finally xx 

Originally posted by aceyng

  • Okay so first thing’s first, you would meet through one of his members
  • And by one of his members I mean Gunmin, which will be renamed the matchmaker from the heavens
  • He introduces the two of you at a party and the three of you talk, but halfway through the conversation Gunmin walks away and you two are left alone
  • But you don’t even notice until 20 minutes later
  • And you have to leave him to go find one of your friends who don’t know anyone at this party and doesn’t want to be alone – aka. You leave Heedo
  • But you bump into each other several times that night and are progressively getting more intoxicated for every single time
  • Right before you and your friend are about to leave, he gets the courage to walk up to you and ask for your number
  • And you give it to him and peck his cheek before turning around right away so he can’t see the grin on your face
  • What you don’t know though, is that he is standing there in awe himself thinking “Did that really just happen?”
  • Boom, you’re dating
  • Your dates are often spent running errands and eating at cafés or restaurants while doing so
  • He always offers to carry your shopping bags
  • And at the end of the day you’re so exhausted
  • “Wanna’ go out and see a movie?”
  • “Can’t we just cuddle on the couch?” He says with the biggest pout on his face
  • You cannot reject a puppy eyed Heedo
  • He would call you things like princess, babe and sometimes even kitten
  • And you would call him sunshine or cupcake
  • Gunmin sometimes tags along on your dates
  • After a while you find it a little annoying so you decide to flip the roles and become his matchmaker instead
  • But it turns into a fun adventure where you analyse everyone you know to find the best person to fit with him
  • And it works, so the third-wheeling end up being double dates
  • Heedo would love having you lie on top of him
  • He would have one arm draped around you and stroke your hair
  • His other hand would be behind his head
  • In this position you binge watch tv-shows or talk about life
  • He would always make sure you’re healthy
  • If you got sick he would volunteer to take care of you
  • So he arrives at your place and enters your bedroom and finds you under the covers
  • You whine when he tries to remove them
  • “Heedo nooo, I look ugly right now.”
  • “I don’t believe tha- wait oh shit you really do look sick.”
  • He loves you even when you look like a mess though
  • You would cook together a lot
  • And you would kiss his cheek here and there
  • And it always brings a little smirk to his face because it reminds him of the first time you met
  • If you go to parties together and get drunk – you will definitely end up in a corner making out
  • Which results in receiving the “get a room” comment several time until you eventually do exactly that or just go home to finish your business *wink wink*
  • After the do he ALWAYS needs to cuddle, no matter if it has been rough or passionate
  • “I need to love you all the way until you fall asleep.”
  • Such a poetic sap
  • He would write all his rap lyrics about you
  • And if you recognise some of the events he describes, he would get so flustered
  • Because the lyrics are really dear to him – it’s a way for him to express his feelings for you properly
  • He’s not always able to do it to your face, but he throws in a little “I love you” here and there if you look exceptionally beautiful or if you made him really happy
  • He would love to take showers together
  • Sometimes innocent ones where you just hold each other while the warm water runs down your backs
  • And sometimes it would be heated
  • Did I mention how much Heedo loves making out?
  • Note that rappers are really good with their tongues
  • And his deep voice would release the most beautiful sounds during the session
  • Heedo really loves you
  • Please love him too

aight so because i have like zero information up whatsoever because i don’t plan my shit and do everything disgustingly spontaneous and on a whim, i’m putting basic information abt my s.herlock’s canon here until further notice cause i’m gonna go home and like…try to be productive…write a bio and shit…

basically what it boils down to is that my sherlock has DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER, better known as split or multiple personality disorder due to a trauma experienced when he was six years old, having snuck out and taken a walk in the woods and seen a man commit a serial murder. mycroft in his good sense followed him and eventually discovered young sherlock scrutinizing the body in a kind of haze and mycroft rushed his brother home. from that point on sherlock starts to ‘split’ ( the legitimate term for it ) and his personality divides itself into two distinct halves; sherlock holmes and moriarty. mycroft is the only one who knows and keeps sherlock safe from the truth even as sherlock grows older and ESPECIALLY when sherlock grows older and becomes a serial pathologist because he’s fascinated with the way serial murderers think because it’s notably different from everyone else. sherlock does NOT have asperger’s or autism and is not a sociopath. moriarty is the one who is a sociopath. jean harmen watson is a native of the democratic republic of congo, growing up under the tutilage of a travelling witch doctor medic and bandaging war wounds from territorial disputes over conflict minerals until escaping to europe and pursuing medical studies to become a doctor. his eventual partnership with sherlock becomes both a catharsis as well as a means of justice due to his experiences in congo as well as other parts of africa. irene is a serial killer hired by moriarty to get close to sherlock ( which works out SO well obviously ) and garrett ‘ gary ’ lestrade is an FBI agent hailing from…let’s say louisiana for now cause i like the idea of him being on the bayou.

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Robert will probably find him during. Heartbreaking but at least Aaron is no longer in prison hell where no one cares.

The good thing is he’ll be at home for people to notice, it’s going to pain me to see Aaron likes this