he's not going to notice him

I’m going to thought vomit for a second, please bare with me.

Alright, so. What i’ve noticed is that Jack hasn’t been online as much as he normally is. Not to say that he’s not online at all because ofc he is, but like…He’s been quieter on here, and at first I thought it was because he was prepping videos for the stream. That’s probably still a bit of the reason, but…This is obviously pre recorded. He’s been working on this for a quite a bit.

It obviously required a lot of his time, causing him to not be as present on Tumblr.

But why use security cameras? Simple.

it works perfectly because FNAF SL is the original series, the one that birthed anti. it’s only fitting that it comes full circle where WE have to watch out for HIM, much like Jack had to watch out for the animatronics. @fear-is-nameless and I were talking about this.

We stopped paying attention. Now we have to. This requires undivided attention and dedication, something the theorists of this community have endless amounts of. He’s aware of this, and he’s using it.

This also explains why he had been talking about anti so much. He was trying he fuckin hardest to convince us that Anti wouldn’t be seen for a while. He was trying to get our guards down, and it worked. We believed his lies. It was a distraction.

There’s no way he could have done this on his own. He needed some help, he needed someone who knows how to make movie quality videos that are genuinely unsettling. And hes been talking about doing something with PJ and Anti for a while now, perhaps this is it?

idk i could be wrong but aH

Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter One- Dean x Plus Sized Reader

“You’d be very wrong about that one sweetheart, but don’t worry…  I’m going to make sure that I spend the next few days showing you just how wrong you are.”

Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter One
Words: 2007
Warnings: Some sexual language.  Some body issues talk. 

AN: *THE FIRST SECTION IS THE DRABBLE. THIS IS THE EXTENSION*  So by popular? demand, here we are…  Much to my dismay.    I have started this.  LOL.  Though who am I kidding this is a birthday present to me since I turn 31 tomorrow and am feeling hella old.  I hope you like it.  Please leave me feedback if you would like this to continue.  

Tagging:  This will be at least 10-15 chapters.  If you are willing to interact with me about the story then I am willing to tag you!  Though if you no longer at least “heart” it then I will stop tagging just as an FYI.  :) 

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Ah, you gonna take me home tonight
Ah, down beside that red firelight
Are you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go round
Queen- Fat Bottomed Girls.

You would have to remember to either kill Jody or thank her later for sending Dean Winchester your way.  Being a hunter, you had heard all the glories of the Winchester brothers.  You had also heard some pretty ruthless things about the older brother.  That he was hot headed, rash, and made life difficult.  Yet, as you watched him nursing a  beer,you couldn’t help the pink in your cheeks.

He look like he walked out of a fucking J-Crew catalog and you were suddenly wishing those lips were wrapped around something else.   His hand raised to call over the bartender and you sighed.  There would be no choice but to go over and talk to him now.  Your shift ended twenty-five minutes ago according to the schedule, but Buddy your relief for the evening was running late.   Then again Buddy was always running late.   

“Junie!  Customer!”  You bellowed into the back hoping you could put off what was to come.  Your boss barked back at you to ‘do your goddamn job’. You sighed in defeat as you knew it wasn’t a choice.  Scuttling down to the other side of the bar, you smiled as you stood in front of him.   Your knees going weak when smiled brightly back at you.

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based on Dunkirk’s Golden Globe nominations

It’s Cori Duval’s first award show and she’s assigned to sit in Table 42. To her right, sits her best friend and co-star, Saoirse (Sur-sha) Ronan. To her left, sits musician and first-time actor, Harry Styles. This will be an interesting night.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts about this! I haven’t written fanfiction in YEARS, so it’s good to be back :)

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it’s you || kim taehyung

Anonymous said:
omg! so I just requested a tae imagine similar to the jealousy one you did about jimin, BUT it’d be cool if you switched it up where instead y/n is afraid that tae will leave her if you want! honestly I’m cool with either, so whichever you’d rather write would be amazing! 💕 love you!!!

Kim Taehyung x reader

Summary: With Taehyung’s naturally sociable disposition, and people surrounding him at all times, it’s easy to wonder if he needs you around.

Genre: angst/fluff

Words: 1968

thank you requesting!! sorry it took a while <33


Originally posted by livefortaekook

Taehyung was the most likeable person I had ever met. You couldn’t speak to him and not instantly fall for his kind eyes, easy laugh and amicable personality. He was so outgoing and friendly that people were drawn towards him, and he found it easy to get them to open up. I had seen him turn the coldest of people into giggling messes, without even trying.

It had always been something I loved about him, but right at that moment I hated it.

I watched from my position leant against the wall as he got his makeup done, flocked by people talking to him from all sides. He said something, and everyone laughed, the girl doing his makeup leaning against him with her hand on his cheek. She had been openly touchy with him the whole time she had been preparing him, taking his hand and putting her face so close to him she could have kissed him if she wanted to. I was sure she wanted to.

She didn’t, of course, and my rational thought was telling me she was just doing her job, and Tae was just doing his. But I couldn’t shake the angry and disconcerted feeling settling over me as I watched them.  

I huffed, wondering when he was going to remember I was there. I knew it was stupid, and irrational, to be jealous, but I couldn’t help it, especially when I had been so excited for today. Taehyung had taken me to one of his shoots for the first time, and I had been grinning from ear to ear at the opportunity to spend the day with him, and see behind the scenes. I ended up just feeling worse than I would have had I not come.

The makeup artist nodded, running her hand through his hair one last time before pulling him up. I saw her say something and he immediately laughed, clapping his hands together. I gritted my teeth when he took her shoulders and replied, still smiling.

He caught my eye as he moved to the centre of the room to start shooting, and gave me a small wave. I forced the corners of my mouth up, returning his wave from behind the camera, but I couldn’t seem to get rid of the bitter taste in my mouth.

He was even better in front of a camera. He knew exactly where to look and what to do with his body. I watched in awe as he changed position, every single one professional and it was evident it would come out well. I let a small smile spread across my face at how good he looked. That was until, the same stylist came running into the middle of the room.

She reached up to fix his hair, placing one of her hands on his cheek. He stared down at her with a smile, watching her intently, and I instantly felt sick to my stomach. Had he ever smiled at me like that? I looked at her again, taking in her perfect outfit and perfect skin and perfect everything. She was beautiful.

I wasn’t sure why my eyes were suddenly stinging, but I knew I had to get out before I let it affect me anymore. I pushed off the wall and quietly left the room, knowing he wouldn’t even notice me go.

After a while of sitting on the steps outside the studio, although the air had been cooling on my hot skin at first, I was starting to freeze. I rubbed my hands together, watching my breath float in wisps as I breathed out. I didn’t want to go back inside. It would only remind me of how well Taehyung got along with everyone; how he was better off without me.

The door behind me suddenly swung open and I twisted my neck to see one of the stylists. I tried not to let myself feel disappointed, giving her a small smile.

“Are you okay?” She asked kindly. “Taehyung’s wondering where you are.”

She was so sweet. I couldn’t even hate her for spending as much time with him as possible, and hanging onto his every word, because who wouldn’t? I nodded.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just getting some air, I have a headache.” She frowned sympathetically.

“Okay, well, I’ll tell Tae you’re here, okay?” She asked, heading back to the door. I gritted my teeth at the nickname. Part of me wanted to jump up and follow her into the warmth, back to Taehyung. But another part didn’t want him to even know where I was; didn’t want him to see me.

I settled for just staying where I was and nodding, thanking her and watching the door close, sighing into the freezing air.

“Babe!” I heard suddenly, along with the sound of the door slamming open. I whipped around, to see Taehyung, swinging through the door with a smile on his face, his eyes finding mine immediately. “Don’t disappear like that!”

He sat on the step beside me, swinging an arm around my shoulders and peering at my face. “You have a headache? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Tae.” I said, pushing his arm off my shoulder. “I just needed some air.” I hadn’t meant for my voice to come out so cold, and I regretted as I saw his face fall out of the corner of my eye.

“Woah, Y/N, what…” He suddenly spoke much quieter, dropping his playful façade and frowning. “What is it?”

I hated how I was behaving. It was so immature and childish, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how he had looked at that girl. It wasn’t even just this time; my mind had started running through every time I’d seen him interact with someone like that. He was so mesmerising, he would have everyone hanging on his every word, and he could have anyone he liked.

He would think it was stupid – it was stupid. I sighed, giving him a tight smile.

“Sorry, babe, it’s just the headache.” I stood up, rubbing my numbing hands together to generate some heat as I turned back to the door.

“No, Y/N.” I was stopped from opening the door by Taehyung’s hand on my arm, and the seriousness with which he spoke. I turned to see him staring at me with a frustrated expression.

“How long have we been together? You think I won’t notice if you pass something off as ‘just a headache’?” He shook his head, pulling me closer to him. “I’m not stupid.” I shook his hand off me as my irritation grew, hating how well he knew me.

“It’s nothing. Let’s go back inside.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on inside your head.” He took on a much gentler tone, turning me towards him again. His wide eyes worriedly scanned my features as he took both of my shoulders carefully. “I won’t know if you don’t tell me.”

“Why not?” I snapped, feeling anger grow hot inside me as he looked at me just like he had looked at the girl inside, and at how concerned he was being. “Why don’t you know what’s going on in my head, if you know me so well? How long have we been together?”

I mocked what he had said earlier, lashing out the words angrily. I knew I was being completely ridiculous, but I couldn’t seem to stop them coming out of my mouth. Taehyung frowned.


“Why don’t you know, Taehyung?” The group of girls gathered around him, her hands on his, his eyes trained on her face- “Why can’t you see how awful it makes me feel seeing you like that?” I asked, gesturing furiously towards the indoors.

He was shaking his head, obviously lost as to what I was getting at.

“Y/N, I really don’t… Seeing me like what?”

“Like that!” I almost cried, feeling my eyes sting. “Like you belong everywhere but by my side! With all those people around you, making them laugh, and letting her put her hands all over you, and looking at her like that God, why do you have to be so… so…” I sighed shakily, putting my hands over my eyes. There was silence, and I couldn’t even bear to meet his eyes.

“Y/N…” I heard him whisper, and lifted my head to find him looking at me with a heartbreaking expression that tugged on something in my chest.

“I know, I know she’s just doing her job and I’m sorry, I just-” I was cut off as he stepped forward, took my face in his hands and pressed his lips hard against mine. I stumbled backwards, surprised, but quickly moved my own hands up to his chest. The sensation of the biting cold on my stinging skin was forgotten as I lost myself in his touch, his lips hot against mine and my eyes shut blissfully at the sensation of his skin against mine.

By the time he pulled back I was breathless, my hands still on his chest as I gazed up at him.

“Listen to me,” he started, unusually quiet and solemn, “you silly girl. Listen to what I’m saying.” He let out a heavy sigh, running his thumbs up and down my cheeks and flicking his eyes around my face.

“It’s you.” He said, so quietly I might not have heard it had our faces not been inches apart.

“What?” I whispered, still feeling something tug painfully in my chest again, the sensation of his lips on mine still lingering in the air between us.

“It’s you,” he repeated, looking me in the eye, “it’s only ever been you.” He shook his head, blowing out into the cold air. “I don’t want you to think anything else. I can’t believe you do.” I looked down.

“I’m sorry… I guess I just let my insecurities get the best of me.” I mumbled.

“It’s okay.” He let the corners of his mouth curve up but his eyes were still sad. “I just need you to know that it’s you. It’s always been you, and it always will be you, and I love you.” I smiled, feeling a lump form in my throat, my airways clogged with the emotion he was pouring out to me with every touch, word, kiss. I knew it was me. I believed him, I trusted him.

“I love you so much.” I croaked, feeling tears well in my eyes. “Please, don’t… don’t….” Once again I couldn’t articulate what I was trying to tell him, but he seemed to understand, shushing me quietly and bringing me into his arms.

“I won’t, I promise.” He whispered into my hair, rubbing my back softly. “I love you so much.”

I sighed into his embrace, finally feeling the effects of the cold at how hot his body was against my skin. We stood still for a moment, feeling each other. I watched my breath curl up into the air over his shoulder.

“Can we please go inside?” I mumbled against his collarbone with a smile, feeling him chuckle and nod against my shoulder.

“You know,” he told me as we walked back inside, his hand gripping mine, “you being jealous is kind of cute.” I rolled my eyes as he smirked down at me, hitting his arm gently.

“I wasn’t… jealous.” I scoffed, outright lying.

“Oh, you weren’t?” He teased, his grin widening. I huffed, pretending to turn my head away. But really, I tightened my grip on his hand, and moved even closer to him.

When we got back inside, I couldn’t distract myself from him, remembering how his lips had felt against mine, and his words, and keeping my eyes on him for the rest of the day. 

Not that I needed to, of course: he wasn’t going anywhere. 



I made chopper shorter, because I wanted to. also, during one of my breaks I finally got time to write down the character similarities and differences between them soooooo here ya goooooo.

Oh and if you’re wondering why his MF’s nickname is Doom… Ifs because MF doom. I was listening to the “Hey!” by him and I just burst into laughter when I realized the opportunity before me. 

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Jungkook| When you confess to BTS and they reject you - Chapter 2

Chapter one

Jungkook sighs as he places his phone on his nightstand. He runs his fingers through his hair as he leans against the headboard of his bed. 

After minutes of staring at his cell phone in silence, he lies down on his bed as he keeps thinking about you.

Just as he was about to fall into a nap, Jin appears in his room and glares at Jungkook.

“Jungkook, you have been in your room for a week now. What’s wrong?”

Jungkook sighs and turns to stare at his worried hyung.


“What about them?”

Jungkook only points at his phone and Jin grabs his phone to read through his texts before throwing it next to Jungkook.

“Jungkook, you’re an idiot.”

Jungkook sat up and gaped at Jin.

“Why am I an idiot?”

“You don’t know shit about a person’s feelings do you?”

Jungkook raises his eyebrow as Jin sits on the corner of his bed.

“You can’t just reject someone’s feelings- and bluntly may I add. And then expect them to still hang around you and act like nothing’s wrong. Y/n is still healing so give them some space.”

Jungkook stared at his phone screen as it lights up. Jungkook quickly grabs his phone, hoping that you finally texted him back. To his disappointment, it was only his phone notifying him that his phone is at low battery.

Jungkook fell silent as he stares at his screensaver of you and him. He pouts as he sees your bright smile and can’t help but miss it so much.

“But, I miss them hyung.”

“I know, Jungkook… But, you need to apologize them. You’re being a total dick to them right now and it’s not fair. They’re the one suffering right now.”

Jungkook nodded.

“You’re right… I shouldn’t have said those things to them. I was just so mad that they could easily just cut me off without a single warning or hint where they are and if they’re okay… It’s frustrating.”

“Give them some time.” Jin says as he squeezes his shoulder.

“How much time though?”

You felt your heart drop as you read the last text you had received from Jungkook. You hadn’t meant to hurt him and truth be told, you didn’t expect him to notice your distance. His last message hurt you deeply, creating a new scar on your already damaged heart. 

Despite it all, you were genuinely surprised that you didn’t let your heartbreak take over you. But then again, whenever you were going through hard times you tend to overwork yourself and ignore your needs. It was  during those times that Jungkook would kindly remind you to eat and relax, and if you didn’t listen to him he would always swing by your house and make sure you take care of yourself.

But Jungkook isn’t here and from the looks of it, he’s never going to bother you ever again.

Part of you was deeply hurt but the other part was grateful. You needed to get over him and you needed to stop relying on him. 

You’re your own person. You don’t need anyone for anything. Maybe, it’s better to cut off all ties with him.

You let out a weak smile at the thought of it all. Maybe it’s time I stop relying on people too much. You place your phone inside your pocket and walked out of your class.

As you turn the corner of your science building, your nose bumps into what seemed like a wall, but you were all too familiar with this scent and hard muscles. You didn’t want to open your eyes to confirm your fears. The person seemed to be in shock because their grip on you was quite strong as they catch you but upon seeing your face- their grip loosens. 

You took the chance to run away from whoever grabbed you, but they were faster. And at a blink of an eye, the person grabs your wrist and pulled you towards them.

You tense up as the familiar scent of vanilla and soap start filling your nose. Your eyes were on the verge of bursting into tears and when you heard his voice- it was confirmed. 

“I miss you.”

Jeon Jungkook was holding you in his arms. 

CABIN FEVER | Nyx Ulric x Reader

@the-gift-of-ffxv present for @cexane
WORDS: 3,541
SUMMARY: Nyx is handsome, sure, but he also has an odd affinity for getting on your nerves. Unfortunately, you’re stuck together on a reconnaissance mission in Niflheim…for much longer than you expect.
NOTES: Apologies for the delay (take a moodboard as a consolation)! I decided to go with your “anything goes Nyx smut” prompt. Originally meant to be a quick one-shot, but things got out of hand and this is begging for a few more chapters before the actual climax (hahaha I’m so punny). In the meantime, enjoy the first chapter! Also, thanks @glaive-eve for screaming about this with me 💕


CHAPTER 1: not in a million years, ulric

“You’re to infiltrate the Niflheimian research facility located 60 miles south of Gralea. Ulric will be your escort and point of contact throughout the mission, understood?“

"Yessir…but with all due respect, sir, I don’t need a babysitter. Besides, Ulric isn’t exactly,” you pause to find a diplomatic way to phrase it, “…the most suitable Glaive for a reconnaissance mission considering his propensity to attract attention." 

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25 days of klarolineday 15
at the office
(model and photographer au)

She can’t get a good read on him and it’s driving her nuts.

They’ve been doing photo shoots together for a while now and at this point, Caroline would normally have a good idea of what kind of person she’s working with.

Not with Klaus, though.

Most days, he’s a royal ass who makes assistants scatter before him and barks commands at her in a raspy voice that urges her to talk back - and she does.

And then one day, he brings coffee to the whole crew, and Caroline’s gaze fixates on specks of paint on his fingers as he hands her her favourite venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiato with a lazy smile. He notices textbooks flowing out of her overloaded bag and asks if she needs help studying during a break.

Her first thought is that Klaus is too damn distracting to be of any help with con law. But Caroline doesn’t say it out loud. She says ‘yes’ instead.

Some days, he shows up to the set all preppy clothes and perfectly neat hair, making her think of nothing else but going up to him and undoing a few buttons, ruffling those curls.

And some days, those curls are already ruffled, as if he’s just gone out of bed, only having thrown a henley on before leaving for work. She can see an outline of a tattoo through a thin white cotton and all she can think about is tracing the lines of black ink with her tongue.

Caroline’s pretty sure horny and drooling isn’t a look Vogue editors are looking for in their next issue but keeping her face straight comes a lot harder than she’d care to admit.

And the worst part?

Judging from that knowing smirk she can observe so often on Klaus’ stupidly attractive face whenever she catches him looking at her?

He knows exactly what kind of dirty thoughts are going through her head - and he doesn’t mind one bit.

Day 3 of Blogmas

Y/N may love Christmas too much, neighbour Harry can tell by the loud Christmas music she plays, and the fact that every time he jogs past her place, he always catches a whiff of chocolate, or peppermint, or some type of cookie. Harry usually visits home for the holidays, so he doesn’t really bother decorating. This year, however, he’s been snowed in with no chance of getting out of the city. 


Christmas Wishes

•Written by Maddy @legandaryharry


Peppermint, that’s what it is. Each and every morning that Harry wakes up when he’s jogging down the stairwell of his apartment building passing by his neighbors, he will get a whiff of something, and this day it is the sweet smell of peppermint. Even when it was barely light out, the moon giving him some type of guidance on the sidewalk, the thick cold chill to the winter air, he would still make a point to go running, but oh how much Harry wishes that he could just stay cuddled up in bed under the covers and sleep some more. But for some reason just having those few seconds to see what the new smell is of the day excites him enough to pull himself up and out of bed. He knows where it is coming from, a girl lives in there, y/n. He hasn’t talked much to her, just the occasional hello and how are you? But nothing much further. She was cute, not usually the type of girl that Harry would go for but since he first saw her she did catch his eye.

Christmas was finally here, actually to be correct, it was tomorrow. Harry planned to go and drive down to see his mother and sister, but sitting here in front of the tv with the news on, it looks like he probably won’t make it. 90% chance of snow tonight stating to be about as high as 4 feet of snow and temperatures dropping down to the negatives. As much as he would enjoy getting out of the house for once and seeing his family, he just knew it would be pretty much impossible. So to at least bring in some Christmas cheer he decided to go get a tree before the snow would hit and decorate it, even if it would be for his eyes only.

Harry sped out of the door, jogging down the stairs and jumped in his car. He looked up once more before backing up out of the parking lot to notice that same apartment is lit up. The girl living in there even though she has been here for only a year she has always kept up with all Christmas traditions. Having lights hanging around keeping her dorm lit all month long, a tree brightening up her front window and the soft sound of Christmas music ranging from Frank Sinatra to Jimmy Buffett. But today he notices that really isn’t the case for her this year. There was nothing to be displayed and it seemed to be very quiet, it kinda saddens Harry and he wondered if something happened?

When Harry finally arrives to the lot full of trees, in the first 5 minutes he comes across the perfect tree, not too tall and not too wide - just perfect. The workers help him tie down the tree on top of his car and Harry heads his way back home, ready to get all of this set up. Harry’s eyes guiding all over town taking in all the bright lights of red and green. The snow falls slowly, coming down on the hood of his car and all the people celebrating for this very day made his stomach feel warm. Missing out on all the Christmas memories he had when he was young and with his family, wishes he would never taken those moments for granted.

Harry soon pulls in and parks right back in the same spot, rushing out wanting to just get this over with. Harry is currently hurling the tree up the stairs to his apartment when he catches something in the corner of his eye and noticing that it is that girl. She is busy picking up all of the mail that the mail man must of not respectfully put in her box, not noticing him yet but Harry is indecisive if he should say hello or not.

She soon hears the grunts and huffs coming from behind her, she feels confused and wonders what is going on behind her back. She lifts her body up making it a point not to drop all of the letters out of her arms, not having much patience to be standing out here in the cold much longer to pick up mail. Her heart skips a bit when she notices that it is the boy from across the hall, Harry. He is currently trying to haul a massive tree up the stairs and from the looks of it he is struggling, to the point of almost dropping it. She wonders for a quick second if it is worth it, helping him and talking to the cute boy while leaving her mail or ignoring and entering her warm home away from the cold. She decides on the first option and turns around to set the stack of mail on her patio table. She slowly jogs over to Harry trying to reach to him in time.

“Harry, here let me help you” y/n says and puts her arms around the top of the tree, lifting it up off the ground. Harry shoots his head around shocked that she noticed him and that she wanted to help, and especially that she knew his name.

“Oh y/n thank you” Harry states turning his head back just enough so that he could look at her from the corner of his eye, surprising her with a smile.

He turned back and looked down to shove his key into the door, trying to hurry, worried if it is too heavy for y/n and if she is struggling as much as him. When Harry kicks the door open and they both make their way into his living room, setting the tree up on the stand and screwing it in.

“This tree is bigger than my future” y/n states laughing while checking the tree up and down, laughing at herself. Harry laughs with her, smiling at how much he was missing out on this girl and wondering where has she been all his life.
Y/n was a short person and comparing her to the tree, it was way over a foot taller than her built. But Harry loved how small of a person she was, he just wanted to hold her and for her to cuddle into him all night.

Y/n notices right away what Harry was wearing and smiled at how adorable he was, how much Harry went into and gave great pride into his fashion. He has a cream colored sweater with a long dark navy blue coat and last some tight fitted black jeans that seemed a little too tight for his own good. Harry’s hair seemed to be pushed back by some hair gel but the occasional curl would be poking out awkwardly but y/n thought it was just as cute, loving it on him. The soft look to his skin contributing to his good skincare line and the light pink tint to his lips that y/n so wishes that she could feel.

“You are one silly girl, but thank you y/n for helping me with this” Harry thanks her, turning his way to her and he pulls his hand out for her to shake.

When their hands touch Harry feels this spark run through his body, not many girls make him feel this way. Actually when he thinks about it - with Harry being young - yeah he sees girls and finds them attractive, but with y/n he feels a sense of protectiveness when he is in her presence and he doesn’t know what that’s supposed to mean… yet.

Harry did know that y/n had a boyfriend when she first moved in but he stopped coming around and she stopped coming out as much so he just assumed they weren’t together anymore. Harry wasn’t much of a relationship guy, especially with the type of career that he has. But the one thing that Harry and y/n do have in common is how private and reserved they both are with their lives. Even if for Harry that is rarely going on social media and not talking about certain things in interviews, but for y/n that is just never leaving her home. Two different lifestyles but also they can connect with each other in such a way.

When y/n looked around, she took an over look over his place, Harry’s apartment was a lot bigger than hers. His decorations seemed expensive and he probably had a lot of help picking out a lot of things. Now she feels nervous at the day that Harry will come over and she’ll welcome him into her home, realizing that she isn’t as upgraded as him.

She inhales the sweet smell of warm cinnamon that she assumes is coming from a burning candle coming in his home. 

“Anytime Harry, now I actually have a reason to say I decorated for the holidays.” She laughs but Harry can still sense in the tone in her voice that something was bothering her.

Something was telling him to not let her go home, even though they barely knew anything about each other he just didn’t want her to go on her way. He wanted her to stay, help him put ornaments all over the tree and drink hot cocoa. He wanted to see her smile and wanted to make her laugh and for her to actually mean it.

“Would you like to help me decorate the tree?” Harry asks her suddenly, nervous to see her reaction.

Y/n shoots her head right back up at Harry looking right at him in the eyes, she can tell from the way that he is twiddling his fingers and giving her an awkward smile that he is tense. She smiles to herself in her head thinking at how cute he is and how did she ever get in this situation? All Harry really ever was to her is the famous cute boy that lived across from her, but now she is currently being asked to decorate his Christmas tree.

“Yes Harry I would love to” Y/n quickly answers needing to see him loosen up and be himself around her. In those moments when y/n is in Harry’s presence and he doesn’t know, that is when y/n likes Harry the most.

When he gives no thought to what others think of him and acts himself, acts the loving bubbly boy that he is known to be. Seeing him on tv and listening to his music, she can really tell Harry has more to himself, but from the looks to Harry’s home he is just a regular human, like me and you.

“Ok great, well let’s get started” Harry says, huffing and plants his hands on his hips giving y/n this cheesy smile that she so desperately wants to kiss.

She knows she shouldn’t be having these thoughts, I mean this is Harry Styles for damn sake he would never even bat a single at her. They both pull out boxes of ornaments, seeing the glass red and green colored balls sparkle bouncing off the lights. They set them down and one by one do they start to decorate the tree, gently hooking each ornament to a branch.

“Why is the bottom of the tree decorated and not the top?” Harry questions. Looking at her with a confused look but laughing to himself.

She looks so cute trying to attempt to decorate the whole tree but with her height and built it is just almost impossible for her to reach for anything close to 6 feet tall. So she is left with having to resort to decorating the lower half, she did try to drop them on the top but really that was just from the help of Harry grasping it from her fingertips and doing it himself.

“Heyyy you know I have some disadvantages because of my height” y/n complains giving Harry a pouty look that he pleases so much to just run the tip of his thin on her bottom lip, the redness to her lip that he accurs came from her biting it from her being so nervous.

Harry has always seen y/n as just this girl that was reserved and friendly but never really understood what drawed him to her. But seeing her now under this light, giving him this spunky attitude with a mix of cuteness makes him so happy that he let her in.

“It’s ok to be short y/n, only short people are cute” Harry flirts giving her a cheeky smile looking right in her eyes waiting for a reaction but he looks back at the tree before she has a second to process what he said.

Y/n doesn’t know what to say, she doesn’t get if Harry is actually trying to make a move on her or if he is just being nice trying to feel pity for her loneliness. She looks down smiling to herself trying to hide her flushed cheeks not wanting Harry to know how much his words affected her. She inches her eyes back up to him looking back down at her with a look that she feels like she might just pass out.

Harry is looking back down at her while waiting for her response. She is wearing a big plaid fur hooded coat on, even in the minute of picking up some mail she can’t go any moment with out being warm.

“Thank you Harry… but I don’t know if that’s completely true” y/n whispers trying not to get Harry as wilded up as much as she did. She just acts like she said nothing and gets back to working on the tree. “Because you are tall and…”

“Are you trying to say I’m cute?” Harry giggles at her attempt to express her feelings to him, her very bad but cute attempt. He watches y/n get flustered again but this time having no mind in him seeing her this way.

They talk about each other trying to get to know one another a lot better. Asking about life, their jobs and family. She finds out Harry’s tour is coming soon since being on a 3 month break he’s sad to leave friends and family for so long but he loves doing his job. He has a mother and father who aren’t together, he has a stepfather but who has sadly passed away recently. He also has a older sister named Gemma that has a boyfriend named Michal. She feels sad seeing Harry’s face fall a bit when he mentions about his stepfather, knowing that it is a sensitive subject.

She could hear Harry talk all day and tell her all about himself learning so much more and never get bored of it. The way that Harry shows passion and love for what he does and the people that he is surrounded with makes her feel so happy. Seeing a man so satisfied and joyful with his life, who believes so strongly in himself like Harry’s is with his music is just an amazing thing about him.

Harry continues asking her about how things have been going for her and what he should learn about her. She tells him that things having been going fine for her, she has actually been promoted recently in her job. She loves what she does but actually these past few months she’s been feeling like something is missing. She doesn’t wanna go too deep into her feelings but she has been feeling very lonely lately. With her job, she is too busy to see anyone including her friends and family, even when they include her and invite her to places.

She mentions that she has a mother and a father that aren’t together anymore too, they separated when she was only 13. Her mother has a boyfriend who she lives with, she used to live with them before she moved into her apartment last year. She has two brothers that are older than her and a half older sister from her father’s previous marriage. Y/n still seemed sad about something and Harry wanted to figure out about what. Both having siblings and adding family members into their lives is something that they both can connect with each other.

“Are you still with that one boy?” Harry carefully asks y/n without startling her too much on the subject. He notices that she stops what she is doing and just stands there with not sudden movement, he feels as he must of went too far and touched a touchy subject. He hopes that he hasn’t made her upset to wanna cry or leave.

“We aren’t together anymore” y/n huffs out but smiling to try to hold it in and hide the hurt over the memories in her voice.

She tries to block out everything that is playing out over what she has been dealing with for the past few months. She doesn’t wanna get upset but she knows in herself how much this boy has hurt her and all the lies that make her wonder what was even the point of trying with this person in the first place. Realizing in the end of the relationship that there a lot of people out there that are better and she shouldn’t have been treated that way. She knows she shouldn’t be jumping into relationships or even having crushes, maybe being here with Harry or even having these feelings aren’t the best interest for her. But she just can’t pull away and leave, something in her head is telling her to stay.

“I’m sorry” He says, making her come out of her daze and awake to his words coming back to reality.

She gets back to what she was doing and acts as if she was not affected, that she was in a better place in life and that love didn’t bring her down. “No Harry it’s really fine, I’ve moved on no need to worry” She says trying to make herself look preoccupied.

“I’m glad we are hanging out, I like you y/n” Harry smiles trying to bring the mood back up and make y/n happy again.

She smiles back at him seeing him stand tall and proud above her, looking at the little stool that he brought from his kitchen to help him get to the top. She actually thought that Harry was an older man when she first moved in and only saw him from the back but when first be greeted realized who he was and how friendly and sweet of a man he was.

“I like seeing you too Harry, it really means alot” y/n mutters out to Harry, she wanted to hide her smile but she can’t, she knows and he knows that she is just bursting with this radiant glow and happiness on her face. Feeling so thankful for this to happen and why on earth she ever deserved this, wondering where this boy has been all of her life.

They start to sort through boxes and continue to decorate the tree, with y/n doing the bottom half and her passing any ornaments up to Harry to put on the places that she can’t reach. She catches Harry’s staring at her from the corner of her eye, but really she has always noticed that Harry was secretly been keeping an eye on her. He was the boy that never moved his eyes, they just would stay in one place. Soon, as the night passed on and the moon came out, his eyes did move but they just never left hers.

Her heart was starting to feel warm and her hands were becoming to feel extremely clammy. They were near the end of being done and she didn’t wanna leave, she loved spending time with Harry but she also didn’t know how to express her feelings. But unknown to her Harry was having the exact same worries as her.

They both step back wanting to get a better view of the tree, now in all of its glory. The bright white colored lights, the many green and red ornaments, even the oddly shaped kiwi ornament that Harry claims came from his many late night adventures to the store and thought it was cute. But the very most important part was the angel standing tall and beautiful at the very top. Harry looks over at y/n catching notice of her smile, it was like a blur and she was the only thing in the room but them two. The beams from the lights bouncing off and lighting up each fragment of her face, making her look even more beautiful. He just wants to make her his by the end of the night.

“You look beautiful” Harry just blurts out and he doesn’t understand himself where it really came from. He stands there just as frozen as the ice starting to harden out on the pavement on the roads, at any moment something else might just slip out of his mouth. He notices that her face drops when he makes the comment but Harry really isn’t sure what has come to it. Does she hate him now and want to leave? This is a bad idea, Harry shouldn’t of ever done this, why would some simple normal girl ever want anything to do with a guy like Harry.

“I like you Harry” She whispers feeling a bit more confident, even enough to look up at him to see how he will feel.

She knows deep down somewhere that Harry must feel the same was that she does, I mean why invite her over here, compliment her on her height and now say that she is beautiful. She decides to walk over to him but not to do anything else just to look up into his eyes, detecting every motion and detail to his face.

“Can I kiss you?” Harry asks, and y/n just stands there giving Harry the ok to proceed. He lifts his left hand up to her cheek while leaning down to her face. Harry still feels so nervous, not knowing what to take of it. What is this for them, will they become boyfriend and girlfriend or will y/n leave and never come back, breaking his heart.

“Please” She begs out to him, trying to sound seductive but doesn’t know at the attempt. Harry doesn’t do anything yet though, won’t move yet.

“Are you sure?” Harry asks one more time, making sure that is just what she wants to do, not wanting to pressure her into anything. Hoping that he doesn’t seem pushy or think she might regret after it happens.

“Harry just kiss me!” y/n says urgently not wanting to wait any second longer, to feel Harry onto her.

That’s when Harry takes the very last opportunity and leans down to her and catches her lips in between his, lightly drifting his hand onto her lips pulling her closer to him. She takes her left hand running her finger tips onto his cheek up into his hair, lightly tugging wanting him even closer. Her lips are so soft and Harry just doesn’t wanna let go, he is pulling him in even further captivating him. He tastes a slight taste of peppermint to her lips, smirking at the memories he had of that same sweet smell this morning. But Harry stands here kissing y/n like she is water and he is parched, wanting more and to never stop. He can hear the faint sound of whimpers coming from her mouth each moment that they open each others mouth, trying to move against each other. He smirks knowing that he is making her feel this way, never guessing that the night would play out this way.

He’s guiding her thumb running up his jaw, tilting her face up to his taking in any moment to have her closer to him. Her heart was starting to race and she doesn’t know why, was she actually having true feelings for this boy. Should she have confessed her feelings and would Harry want the same things that she does. Dreaming as much as coming home to see him lying on the couch for her at home giving him a welcoming kiss and just loving life. But would that be real or just some type of fairytale playing over and over in her head.

But that’s when Harry lets go, he’s breathing heavily and he doesn’t know what to make of it. He’s still leaning his forehead against hers, still wanting to feel her skin on his. Her light breathing and her chest rising up and down, is it from the short makeout or maybe she is nervous on what to say or do at this point.

“Will you stay?” Harry asks, deciding to talk first. She looks up at Harry smiling just as much as on the outside as on the inside. Harry only ever expected to be with his family spending the holidays together, but never woke up expecting he would be right here with her. Now deep down he is so thankful for this storm keeping them both from being apart from each other.

To give him an answer she lightly pecks the side of his cheek, smiling into him and pulling away. Happy to how the night will play out and the rest of their lives. Dropping her hand to her side and searching for his to grasp and intertwine hers with his. Needing to feel the warmth of skin onto hers, even if that didn’t mean his lips. This morning she didn’t expect that her day would play out like this but on Christmas night she realizes that this was the only Christmas wish she could have asked for.

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hii!! could you do a headcanon or a one shot of joyce confronting hopper about hiding el for a whole year?

Joyce tries to let it go, she really does, because she understands the need to protect your kid, fiercely and unrelentingly and she figures that’s exactly how Hop thinks of El. He has to, after an entire year.

She tries to forget all the times she noticed, already sick with worry over Will, how haunted Mike Wheeler looked whenever he came over; how he grew quieter and quieter each time she saw him.

She tries not to wonder if she had known about Eleven being safe if, maybe, they might have been able to help Will before things got so bad. But Joyce knows that’s selfish and she swallows the thought, more angry at herself than at Hop.

But it comes up on the night of the Snow Ball, when Hopper waits outside with her. She can tell he’s just as nervous as she is, his eyes flirting across the parking lot every so often. But then, as he’s staring off down the road, he asks her. “Do you think I was wrong?” And from the uncertainty in his voice, Joyce knows it’s not the first time he’s thought about this question. And her doubts, her anger at being kept in the dark, melt away.

“She’s a brave girl,” Joyce replies, fingers twitching with the want to be wrapped up in Hop’s warm hand. “And strong.” Hopper opens his mouth to protest but Joyce doesn’t let him get there. “But you weren’t wrong.”

“I just don’t want to screw this one up,” Hop mutters, vulnerability lacing his words, filling his eyes.

“I tell myself that every day,” Joyce allows herself a small smirk.

“You’re doing a good job,” Hop assures her, “One helluva good job.”

Joyce smiles and pats his shoulder. “You got her here, Hop. She wanted this so bad and you got her here. We’re both doing a good job.”

It goes unsaid, but they both wonder, briefly, if maybe it’s a job they might do well together.

Coffee at the library...

Chris Evans x Reader 
Pure Fluff , maybe a little warning against stress during studying? 
Words: 4996

(and as always, I would really love feedback - I wanna improve!) 

Hours that feels like days, that’s how long I’ve been here at the library.

Reading, taking notes, writing page after page in a soul crushing attempt of getting my mind wrapped around this huge school assignment that’s going to count for 50% of my finals. A part of me dreads that I will never be done. I will fail miserably and end my days as a stripper in some dark and shady club. 

A big sigh of defeat leaves me, as I put down my pencil.

My back is sore, my neck stiff and my butt is numb from sitting on the hard library chairs for so long without moving. 

I roll my shoulders a bit back and forth, trying to get the blood flowing again and get the tension out of my body. 

As I stretch my back with my hands high above my head, I hear a loud cracking noise coming from the top of my spine and travels to the bottom. God, it feels good.

I’ve been bottled up in my own little world of studying for so long, that I haven’t seen the people come and go around me.

To my right there’s a couple of girls I’ve seen around school. They too are hard at work at some unknown assignments. One of them chewing her pencil with a frustrated look on her face. “I know how you feel, girl!” I think to myself.

At one of the many book cases is a guy, holding an already big pile of books. He’s searching for another one, and is so completely focused in his task, that he doesn’t notice the redhead girl standing in front of him, reading the back of a book cover.

I watch what happens like it was a movie playing in front of me. I could have warned him, but for some reason I don’t. 

He walks into her back, both of them jump by the sudden disturbance of their concentration. He drops the pile of books from his hands in shock, and immediately starts to apologize his clumsiness to her.

They both bend down to pick up the scattered books on the floor and bang their heads together, which just makes him apologize even more.

I can’t hear what she’s saying, but she’s clearly not mad as she sends him a dazzling smile and put her hand on his forearm in reassurance. It’s cute how he blushes, and even cuter how they both reach out for the same book and instead grasp each other’s hands.

I can’t help but to smile at that little happening. It’s like taken out of the perfect romantic movie.

I secretly hope he asks her out. It would be the perfect story to tell their future kids, ‘I met your mother at the library, almost knocking her over with my big pile of books. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen…’

I look around, taking in the surroundings and the people around me. An old couple looking at books together. More students. A couple of kids by the comic books. A mother with a baby on her arm, looking like she could lay down on the floor, curl up and sleep for hours.

I love to people watch, and a big library like this, gets all kinds of types to come.

I’m about to pick up my pencil again and turn my focus to the books, when I notice the guy sitting at the next table right in front of mine.

Jesus Christ, he is gorgeous!

My hand has frozen mid air above my pencil case, and I’m embarrassed to say… I just stare with my mouth slightly open.

He is extremely good looking, not the kind of guy you usually picture in a library, more likely on the football field or maybe in a fitness center. 

He has dirty blond hair that’s slightly tousled as if he has been pulling it in frustration. His jaw line is to kill for, with a nice scruff covering it. I’m pretty sure it would cut me if I touched his jaw. Oh God, I want to touch his jaw! 

Broad shoulders that are hunched over the books on the table, Muscles straining against his navy blue t-shirt, big arms that makes my thoughts go right to the gutter. His biceps, slightly moving when he scribbles or turns a page in one of the many books.

Under the table, his long legs are stretched out showing off his immensely strong thighs. Holy shit, the images going through my mind! Oh, what a girl could do on those thighs. Naughty naughty!

That guy is pure hotness, and images that isn’t suited for a library is running through my mind. 

I can’t seem to get my eyes off of him, and I think he senses that, because suddenly he looks up and looks right to me.

I look right into the most beautiful set of eyes. Light blue, with a hint of green in them, framed with a darker shade of blue. Just stunning!

At first he looks at me with a bit of confusion. The look of someone coming back to reality after being concentrated for a very long time.

But his confused frown quickly gets erased by an amazing, breathtaking smile. 

Literally breathtaking, I forget how to breathe for a few seconds, before I get myself together and smile back at him and then look down to my books again. Red heat is creeping up and staining my cheeks.

When I look up again he is back to work, focusing on whatever he is writing. But now there’s a light smile on his lips.

Jesus, that guy is dreamy! 

Guess who’s back… In the library… Buried in books and ready to give up all of this studying, to become a burger flipper at some cheesy burger joint. Yes, it’s me…! 

The library is buzzing today. Quiet buzzing, it is after all a library, but there’s a lot more people today than there’s been the last couple of days. Yeah, I should know, I’ve been here every day for 5 days, and I’m not done yet. 

It’s that time of year, where everybody is working on some sort of big assignment, and apparently today is 'going-to-the-library-day’ for everyone. 

I don’t mind though, everybody seems to be occupied by their own things, so there’s not really any disturbance. And I get to people watch again, whenever I take a break from the books. 

I can’t deny I’ve been looking for that guy the last couple of days, the blue eyed god of handsomeness I like to call him now. And 3 out of 5 days he has been there in front of me, distracting me with his good looks and frustrated grunts when his paper isn’t going as smoothly as wanted. 

We’ve been smiling hello and goodbye smiles when either of us arrives or goes home. Even a few “I feel you, this is shit” smiles, when one of us makes just a tad too loud sound of frustration. But that’s it….unfortunately. 

And today he’s not there to distract me with thoughts of not that much pureness. Maybe that’s for the better. 

I chuckle a little to myself, and start looking around. 

The red haired girl is back again second day in a row. Casually strolling through the section from the other day. She keeps looking around though, so I’m not sure she’s here for the books. 

I catch her eyes and send her a warm smile. Whatever or whoever she is looking for, I hope she’ll find. But I have a great idea of it being a who, a guy with a big stack of books to be exact. 

Geez, the cheesy romantic movie scenario in my mind won’t stop. I’m a total sab aren’t I? But I do love a good love story. 

Please book-guy-dude come and find your book-girl with the fiery red hair and the dazzling smile. She’s looking for you. 

My focus returns to the books with a smile on my lips, a new energy is suddenly in me, and I’m soon lost for the world around me again. 


What is that? My mind knows that smell… Oh god, its coffee! Who am I going to beat up to steal their coffee? 

My head snap up to find the one with the delicious smelling brew, but instead of coffee, I see him. 

Even with tired eyes and hidden in a big hoodie he looks absolutely mouthwatering. 

He does look utterly beat up today though. I don’t think he has slept in a while. And my, up till now non existing maternal instinct is suddenly awoken. 

All I want to do is to wrap him in blankets, give him a tight hug and rock him gently from side to side until he is sound asleep like a kid in its mother’s arms. Where did that come from? 

The protecting feeling is swept aside as fast as I got there, when I get a whiff of the coffee again. 

Dammit, I really need coffee! 

My eyes and nose search for the magic elixir of life, and find a girl just 2 seats beside me, with a big beautiful cup of mocha. 

“Excuse me, girl with the coffee” I whisper not to disturb other people around us. She looks up, kind of confused but then gives me a smile to continue. “Where did you buy that?” I point to the large paper cup with the plastic lid, spreading the wonderful aroma around us. She looks quickly at the cup and then back to me “outside the library, they put up a small coffee stand. They do that every year around this time, for all of the students working on their big projects”. That is words from the mouth of an angel I think to myself. “Would you mind looking after my things while I go grab a cup?” I ask probably looking like a lost puppy by the thought of coffee being so close to me, yet so far. 

She chuckles and gives me a nod. 

I quickly grab my purse and stand while whispering a hushed thank you. 

On my way out there I walk right past the Blue eyed God of handsomeness, he looks up as I pass giving me a tired defeated smile. 

And there comes the motherly instinct again, I just want to hug him and tell him that everything is going to be alright. I don’t though, but I do give him a knowing smile back. 

The coffee stand is bigger than I thought it would be. It’s clear that they have been here before, and knows just what the students want.

Coffee, muffins, fruit, chocolate and much, much more.

My mouth starts to water, and I suddenly remember that I haven’t eaten in hours.

The man behind the stand looks at me with a big great smile. Of course he does, I’m here to give him my money for overpriced coffee and a snack.

I try to be a bit annoyed by the fact that he’s earning his money on poor students, that’s too tired to go home and make a proper meal, but truth be told I just can’t. He is an angel send from above with small gifts of life to us mortals.

I give him a big smile back and order the biggest cup of coffee, a chocolate chip muffin and an apple too… You know, to keep healthy and all.

As he starts to prepare the things, my mind wanders to the tired good looking man back at the library and before I even know what I’m doing, I order another big coffee, milk and sugar on the side and of course another muffin. Everybody needs a little sugar now and then right? 

I thank the man and tells him that he’s a lifesaver as I start walking back, to which he gives me a heartfelt laugh and tells me, that I’m not the only one who has told him that today. I believe him.

Looking at the people leaving the library, almost all of them looks tired as hell, and I can only imagine that they are there, doing the exact same thing as me, working on one of the biggest papers of their life, ever.

As I near my spot I pause briefly at the blue eyed God, and put down the tray with the coffee and muffin on it. 

I don’t say anything just go back to my seat and gets settled in again.

When I look up he is watching me with a puzzled look on his face, which only makes me laugh a little, while I raise my cup towards him in a silent toast. “To struggling students and good grades my friend!” I think to myself. 

Gratitude is written in his face and he gives me a little nod as a thank you, a bright big bright smile, and blue eyes that suddenly seems a bit more awake and makes my heart skip a beat. 

With thousands of butterflies in my stomach and a last smile to the man in front of me, I head back to the books. This paper isn’t going to write itself. 


A week and 2 days, and I’ve been here every day for at least 4 hours, most days more. 

The paper is coming along slowly but steady. I start to feel like I can actually get this done, even if I might be left with a bald spot from all the frustrated hair pulling I’ve done over the last week. 

Even if it is going forward with the paper, today isn’t a good day. I have barely written anything, and I’m so, so, so very tired. 

And I’ve spent more time watching people around me, than I’ve done writing or reading. 

Coffee-angel is in her spot beside me with her friend on the other side of the table. 

The red-fire-hair girl has found the book-guy-dude and they have spend time together with, what I guess is studying, the last few days. I can’t help to watch them now and then, and I catch them both looking at the other person when they are not watching, with adoration in their eyes. If this isn’t ending with little red-haired book-loving kids, there’s no justice in this world. They’re so cute together, and they don’t even know it yet! 

In front of me is the blue eyed God of handsomeness, and he has been there ever since the day with the coffee. Reading, writing, sighing in frustration, giving small outbursts of happiness when he cracks the code of a problem he’s been working at and best of all, sending me more of those breathtaking smiles. 

We have become kind of a group, without even knowing each other. Coffee-angel with friend, red-fire-hair girl and her book-guy-dude, blue eyed god and myself. 

I like it! 

I look down to my books again, the letters are twirling around on the pages as if they were doing a ballet and they don’t seem like they want to stop any time soon. 

I probably should pack up my things and go home to get some rest, but I can’t make myself do it. 

I. Need. To. Finish. This. Paper! 

My head hit the table with a loud thud and a bit too loud of a groan escapes my mouth, but right now I don’t care! 

I don’t care about anything! Maybe I might actually be good at flipping burgers, or taking off my clothes for money. It almost seems like a great alternative right now. 

I put my arms under my head and close my eyes… Just five minutes, then maybe the letters has stopped their ballet routine of the swan lake. 

My eyes snap open so fast, that I’m afraid they are going to pop out, when someone puts a hand on my shoulder. Shit, did I fall asleep? Did I snore? Please god, tell me I didn’t snore in a full library. 

I slowly look up and into the bluest eyes in the world. The blue eyed God is crouching beside me, his hand on my shoulder, his thumb drawing little circles on my neck. 

Like a flick on a switch my heart starts to beat faster, and I’m sure it’s going to jump out of my throat. With wide eyes and a big gulp I try to get my beating heart back down where it belongs. But I must look crazy because he gives me a side smirk and his eyes are kind of teasing. 

“Oh god! Did… Did I snore?” I ask in a hushed whisper, dread is painted in my face, I can feel it! 

He looks amused but his smile becomes a little shy, his hand is still on my shoulder though, and it feels so warm. 

“No, you didn’t. I think I stopped you from falling totally asleep” he looked my right in the eyes, with amusement playing in his. 

“I thought it was about time to pay back what you did for me the other day, you look like you need it”. His smile was genuine and kind as he put a tray with a large coffee, a chocolate chip muffin and an apple in front of me. 

My eyes go back and forth between him and the tray a couple of times, before it really sinks in what he’s done. 

“Wow… I mean… Thank you! You didn’t have to do that though” I manage to find a truly thankful smile and put it on my lips, instead of the strange one I assume looked like I was confused and maybe even in pain. 

“I know, and neither did you. But I wanted to” he said, again with that damn, breathtaking smile of his. I’m sure he knows exactly what he’s doing to women with that smile. He’s God damn beautiful. 

“Thank you” I whisper again, and he gives my shoulder a squeeze before standing up and walks back to his place in front of me. 

Hours suddenly flies by without me even noticing. Getting more done than I have the last 2 days. 

But best of all, several smiles and looks gets shared between me and my handsome savior. 


Over 2 weeks in, and I’m more than halfway done. I can finally see the end of the tunnel and the prosperity of me being a stripping burger flipper is starting to fade out. Thank God for that! 

A few days after the blue eyed God brought me coffee, he came to the library and found his spot taken. I was already in my seat, Coffee-angel and friend at the other end of the table. 

Red-fire-hair girl and book-guy-dude at the other table, side by side closer than ever (this is going the right way, I have a few good names for your kids in the future). 

But his spot was taken, by two guys with laptops and books all over the place. 

He looked lost and misplaced at the same time, until he saw me and the empty space in front of me. 

A silent glance to the empty chair and a questioning nod of his head, he asked to join my table. I, of course, nodded yes. Maybe a bit too fast, but who the hell cares, he was going to sit even closer to me that day. 

A relieved look in his eyes he walked over to me and started unpacking his things. 

That was 5 days ago, and we still sit at the same table, even though his spot is empty almost every day again. 

I guess he has a new place to sit, not that I mind. I really don’t mind! 

We switch between getting coffee for both of us, not even questioning the other when it happens. We’ve talked a little here and there, but nothing major. Most of the time is spent on studying, and for some reason that seems to go so much smoother now. 

Almost too smooth… With this pace my paper will soon be done and I won’t have a reason to come back and sit here in from of the blue eyed god. 

That makes me sad to think about. 

I must look heartbroken, because suddenly he clears his throat and whispers to me with a concerned look in his eyes “hey, are you okay?" 

I stare at him and watch how his brows furrows, small wrinkles shows between his eyes… It makes him look utterly adorable.

I smile at him, not sure the smile really reaches my eyes and just nod. "yeah, yeah… I’m fine, just tired you know. This paper is sucking the life out of me” I chuckle a little which seems to make him relax a bit. “Yeah I know, they really know how to keep us busy don’t they?” he gives me that side smirk I’ve fallen in love with the last couple of days  before looking back to his own papers. 

I study him for a while, trying to remember as many details of him as possible for when the day comes, and we’re no longer going to meet like this at the library. 

My attention gets caught be the red-fire-hair girl and the book-guy-dude. She is sitting with her head in the books, completely engulfed in what she’s reading and completely oblivious to how he is looking at her. That is so very clearly love, that is painted in his eyes. Lucky girl. 

He is watching her, with such adoration that I actually get a kind of jealous, and makes a little sound of frustration. But the feeling of jealousy is soon forgotten when I see him, slowly, take her hand. 

She looks at him, surprised at first, but then gives him the happiest smile of all, and then links her fingers with his, before going back to the book she was reading. Happiness written in both their faces. 

“Finally!” I mutter under my breath expecting no one to hear, but the gorgeous man in front of me giggles and turns around to look at me. 

Apparently he heard my frustrated sound and followed my gaze to the two, and saw the same thing as I did. 

He gave me his handsome smile with amusement paints in his eyes “So you have been following those two too? Just waiting for him to make the move?" 

I couldn’t help but laugh "Yes! Ever since they bombed into each other and he dropped all of his books. It took him long enough though”. 

I couldn’t help but to be truly happy for them, who would have thought you could find love in the library? 


Days have gone by, me and Mr. Blue eyes has been working in front of each other for more than 3 weeks now. Last part of those 3 weeks by the same table. 

We have been talking more, especially since the day that book-guy-dude finally made his move, and I genuinely enjoy his company. 

He has both brain and humor, and more than once I have been choking on a laugh trying not to make too much noise, and more than once it has failed miserably. This apparently, only has made it his mission to make me laugh even more. 

And today is no different, not unless you count the fact, that my assignment is finally done. 

I can feel him stare at me, and when I look up I see his teasing smile and the look in his eyes that tells me, that he is about to make me laugh… Again. 

I almost start giggling, just by the looks of him, but I manage to keep a lid on it and only give him a questioning amused smirk. 

He snorts trying to keep it in, tilting his head to the side to make me look over and see what he’s seeing. 

I do just that, and my eyes go wide in pure horror and absolute entertainment! 

The uptight old librarian woman, that for some reason always works on Fridays, the one day on the week, that the students is most giddy, has her skirt stuck in her underwear. This should be reason enough to burst out laughing alone. But what makes me crack up, is the fact that she is wearing big bright pink underpants with the words “Sexy mama” printed in big glittery letters over her ass. 

I look at Mr. Blue eyed God and completely looses it! 

I can’t help it, my laughter just doesn’t want to be contained anymore and it bellows out through the quiet library, while tears stream down my face. He is laughing too unable to control it and also guided along by my own uncontrollable laugh. 

Coffee-girl and friend looks in horror at us, while the uptight 'sexy-mama’ walks towards us with a stern look on her face that says “keep quiet or get out" 

But as she walks past Coffee-angel and friend they get a good view of her, dare I say, sexy underpants. And the look of horror on the poor girls’ faces makes Mr. Blue eyes and myself crack up even more. 

I cannot for the life of me, stop the laughter and I can see it pisses of the librarian. 

She stops right beside Blue eyes and says with a hushed but very angry voice "You too need to stop this noise at once! If you can’t keep quiet at the library, you need to go somewhere else! Understood?" 

He looks at her, tears of laughter running down his cheeks, amusement painted in his face and another fit threatening to burst out again, but he manage to say” Yes! Yes, I’m so sorry. We… we will stop now. Sorry" 

She looks at us both, with stern eyes and no sign of having a clue of what fun means, what so ever, before giving us a quick nod and turns around. I look at Coffee-angel, because I know I will start to crack up again if I look at him, but she too is trying her damn hardest not to laugh. 

And we might all have made it, if it isn’t for the fact that stuck up librarian woman drops her pen right besides the blue eyed God, and bend down to pick it up. When she does that, the 'sexy mama’ letters get stretched to a maximum, right. In. his. Face. 

That’s all it takes. Me, him, Coffee-angel, her friend and a few others nearby cracks up in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. You know the one where you can’t breathe, your stomach hurts and tears just keep falling down your cheeks? I haven’t laughed like that in ages. 

She turns around and practically yells at us “out! Out now!”. If eyes could kill, we would both be so very death. 

I don’t know how we manage, but we pack up all of our belongings under the watchful eye of 'sexy mama’, waves goodbye coffee-angel and her friend and walks out of the library together. 

Once outside and more or less in control of our laughter, he looks at me suddenly full of concern. 

“Oh man! I’m so sorry, I just got you kicked out of the library!”. 

The bubbling feeling of laughter emerges from my stomach again, and I just barely wheeze out “THAT was totally worth it!" 

Amusement is back in his eyes and a sly smirk pulls at his lips "No, but really… You got kicked out because of me. What about your assignment?" 

I look at him and grab his arm, God dammit he is fit, and gives him a reassuring look "it’s perfectly fine. I actually just finished it about two minutes before 'Sexy Mama’ got all up in your face”. 

I double over in another shriek of the giggles and he grabs my arm to keep me from falling to the ground while joining in on the fun. 

When we finally get control of ourselves I notice how close we stand. I can practically feel his body warmth, and the smell of his cologne is amazing. 

“Good” he says while looking me straight in the eyes “I finished mine a few days ago”. The smirk is back on his lips while he watches me struggle to understand what he just said. 

“A… A few days?… Then why did you keep coming back?" 

"The coffee!” he says like it was the most common thing in the world “… And the company" 

And just then, I realize that he is looking at me, like book-guy-dude was looking at red-fire-hair girl, with the purest adoration in his beautiful blue eyes. 

A shy smile plays at his lips while he reads my reaction. I can’t stop myself from beaming at him while I ask "Really?”. 

“Yeah! I mean, where else do I find a beautiful girl, that brings me coffee, cupcakes and uncontrollable laughter at the one place where silence is expected?” he leans in closer to me, “so, what do you say? Want to grab something to eat? Like dinner? I think we’re already past the coffee date thing” he winks at me and I grin at him “I would love that!" 

He looks so relieved and happy when he says "Great! I know a good place, come on” and then takes my hand. 

With a smug smile on my face I look at our joined hands and whisper under my breath “Finally!” he catches my eyes again when he says “Yeah, it took him long enough” hinting to the day book-guy-dude finally made a move on - red-fire-hair girl and took her hand. 

“Oh, I’m Chris by the way” he gives my hand a squeeze while properly introducing himself for the first time “Y/n” I answer looking at him thinking “you will always be the blue eyed God to me baby… Always" 

firebugsworld  asked:

Moddy! Moddy! Moddy! I woke up today and there was SNOW!!!!! Which seldom happens in my neck of the woods are you taking prompts right now? May I prompt clone fluff with snow?

Watching the vode with a small smile, Obi-Wan remained out of sight as they continued yelping and shouting in happiness, all of them engaged in a group wide snowball fight with clear teams having been defined by some kind of unvoiced rules the vode alone seemed to understand.

Even Cody had joined in on it, was doing his best to dodge the snowballs of his fellow troopers as he packed snows into balls and threw as hard as he could.

Obi-Wan could hear them laughing, the helmets only barely muffling it as the thump of the snowballs hitting armor sounded alongside.

It was natural that most of the vode had never seen snow, Kamino was a water planet where it rained all the time practically with a few sunny spots now and then.

Most of them had been leery of it, stamping around on the crunchy snow before clearing camp and setting up as needed even as they tried to figure out how to work with all the white things around them.

And then Obi-Wan had excused himself to go talk with the council elder in the closest city to try and negotiate some supplies.

When he returned…

Well, he had heard the troopers even half an hour from camp and had snuck the last meters to it to watch the all out battle.

It amused him to note that Waxer was not wearing his helmet as the men had made a snowman and it was wearing what was obviously Waxer’s helmet and Obi-Wan wondered how they had evolved into a snowball fight. Their delight was infectious as it suffused the Force and Obi-Wan was loath to interrupt them as he remained hidden behind one of the tents to watch them chase each other down.

In this war it wasn’t often the troopers got to utterly relax to such a degree that they seemed to forget that they were soldiers and Obi-Wan for one was not going to remind them until he had to. There would be no harm in them playing hooky for a few hours or even a day.

At least not in Obi-Wan’s eyes.

Watching for a few moments until he felt too cold to remain, Obi-Wan slowly snuck away to the mess tent and got the portable heaters going and by the time the troopers noticed he was back, Obi-Wan had several pots of tea ready along with some hot chocolate and broth. “I figured you’d all need something to warm up on.” The Jedi offered with quiet delight as the troopers all let out various degree of embarrassment at being caught by him.

“Something warm would be nice.” Cody finally got out in a choked voice, helmet missing, his cheeks flushed red and his eyes full of sheepish delight as he got himself a mug of warm broth before he settled down beside the Jedi.

Slowly, one by one, each and all of them got themselves a cup of what they wanted and settled down to drink, cuddled close to each other, helmets off with flushed faces and their embarrassment turning to quiet joy at Obi-Wan not reprimanding them or scolding them.

“…You would have been welcome to join us General.” Waxer piped up suddenly, his upper lip coated in hot chocolate.

Smiling behind his cup, Obi-Wan gave a nod. “Next time Waxer.” His smile turned wicked. “Maybe I’ll have to bury you all in the snow with the Force if you gang up on me though and make a bunch of vode snowmen.” He teased, getting stunned and delighted laughs in return.

Outside the tent, soft snow fell quietly.

Be Smooth Shawn Part II

a/n: And here it is! Part 2 of Be Smooth Shawn. Per usual, this is unedited so forgive any grammatical errors! Feedback appreciated <3

“So, have you texted her yet?” Aaliyah asked while leaning against the doorframe of Shawn’s room.

“Yeah, I texted her a couple days ago. We’re actually going to get coffee in a little bit.”

“You aren’t wasting any time are you? You going to Lou’s? I don’t think many people know about that place so you guys won’t get disturbed.”

“That’s the plan kiddo. I’m a bit nervous though ‘cause it’s been so long since I’ve gone on an actual date.”

“I can tell dude. You need to stop pacing around the apartment because I’m getting stressed just watching you.”

Selecting the largest pillow he could find on his bed, Shawn turned and lobbed at it Aaliyah, rolling his eyes when she deftly catches it. “Don’t you have some homework to do or something?” he asks.

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V. Hope That Tomorrow Gets Better

Summary: “It’s not a big deal; you’ve experienced far worse, you were abused and I was only-”

“Stop it. Stop comparing your pain to mine all the time. You’re allowed to not be okay,“ Patton says.

“No, I’m not,” Logan whispers.

“Yes. You. Are.”

Warnings: Implied Child Abuse & brief sensual content

Pairings: No Romantic Relationships 

Notes: Part 5 of the We Didn’t Start The Fire series

Tag List (to be added or removed, message me!!): @wilsonprs @abstractedthinking @future-watcher @milk-withtwosugars @vladimeme @the-sanders-sides  @choco-latte-timtams @overly-analogical @parkersanders @mydogsaresofuckingstupid @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet @cattonsanders @kittyboof8  @but-jesuschrist-im-never-good @walrus-flail @angelpatton @pointless-blog-name @marshughes @erlenmeyertrash @freepaperie081 @ilovemygaydad @jiyudreamer  @anxious-but-whatever @mollycassmith @purplepatton @armageddonhascome  @half-blood-geek @soft-blue-badger @helloisthisusernametaken @ironwoman359 @misc-merde @yoshimicherryopal @bubblycricket @thomasdeserveslove @puns-and-patton @nyxwordsmith @adfandertime @jughead-is-canonically-aroace

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Wooden Toy Chapter 5

Author Notes
Word count: 3633
Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Warnings: very mild Angst and Smut

Previous Chapters:
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Originally posted by clayymarek


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anonymous asked:

I have a few prompts I'm. It sure how to play out, so I want to see how you would write them. Here's one: (even though the Losers may know of this, let’s pretend they don’t) Richie sneaks around to smoke. No one knows about this. One day, Eddie finds Richie on the cliff the Losers jump off of into the lake whenever they go swimming. Richie is sitting there smoking, not noticing Eddie. Eddie sees the cigarette and smoke and he gets mad and yells at him.

I’m so sorry this took so long! I’ve had a hectic couple of days, but here it is. It’s really short, and kind of really crappy, but I really hope that it’s at least tolerable. Also I PROMISE I will get my other requests done as soon as I can I’m so so sorry for the delay everybody! If anyone else has any requests, feel free to hit me up and I will get it done as soon as I can!

@reddie-to-go, you requested I tag you, which is amazing because you are awesomely talented and I love your writing, and I have no idea why someone as amazingly talented as you would want to be tagged in my stuff, but here you go 💖💖💖!  If anyone else would like to be tagged, go ahead and let me know and I will make sure to tag you on my future pieces!

Richie Tozier hated skulking around to smoke.

It wasn’t as if his parents cared. In fact, he had even smoked in front of them once, hoping that he might provoke any sort of reaction; he wasn’t surprised when all he had received in response was stinging indifference, coupled with the all-too-familiar stench of cheap liquor. Nor could he care any less about what the people of Derry thought of him smoking. Yet, here he was, hiding in the comforting embrace of the quarry like some sort of fugitive. He looked out over the rocky precipice that the losers often used as a launching point into the water some feet below, and took a drag on the cigarette clutched in his hand, the smoke curling and swirling around him. He sighed. No, he didn’t like skulking around to smoke. But he would hate to see the look of overwhelming disappointment in Eddie’s eyes if he found out even more.


Eddie had precisely one place in Derry he could always go to calm down if he had a difficult day. Well, the one place other than the one by Richie’s side. The quarry. Along with the Barrens, it was the de facto stomping grounds for the losers, and Eddie always felt at peace among the shifting grass and comforting whisper of the breeze through the trees. It was just the sort of place he needed now.

His mother had been especially overbearing today, a result of the news special on the dangers bacterial infection in public places she had viewed the night before. Then there had been the ever-present storm cloud that was Henry Bowers. It seemed some people never got over Eddie’s fanny pack. Needless to say, the day had put him in a rather foul mood; spending some time at the quarry would do him some good. Already, he could feel his mood lifting as he strode purposefully towards his waiting sanctum. With every step, the leaves under his sneaker-clad feet crunched, and his mood lifted just a bit higher. He began to breathe easier, allowing the woody air to fill his lungs.

The afternoon sun shined softly through the trees in thick golden rays, falling unevenly on the ground and bathing Eddie in blissful warmth. A smile flitted across his lips at the sweet sensation, a smile that grew wider as he looked ahead of him and saw the very familiar, and unaware, form of Richie Tozier, back turned to him. The sun, brighter in the cliffside clearing Richie stood in, seemed to amplify the already bright colours of his patterned Hawaiian shirt. Eddie continued forward and opened his mouth to shout a greeting, but his words died in his throat as he watched Richie lift a cigarette to his mouth and take a drag, the smoke cloud writhing and swirling insidiously around his head. Eddie’s momentarily high spirits shattered, replaced with confusion, which morphed into a stinging hurt. How could Richie not tell Eddie he smoked? They told each other everything. Then the hurt gave way to a powerful, burning anger. How could Richie smoke?! Didn’t he know how bad it was for you! Finally, Eddie managed to find his voice.

“Richie?!Eddie cried. Richie spun around, obviously startled by the sudden outcry. His eyes widened in shock as he locked eyes with Eddie.

“Hey there, Eds,” he managed weakly, before Eddie spoke again.

“Is that a cigarette?! Were you SMOKING?!” Eddie stormed forward, his soft features twisting into a visage of outrage. Richie looked down at his hand, the cigarette still clutched between his fingers, and promptly disposed of the evidence, flicking the smoking stick into the waters waiting below.

“Well, um, I mean technically,” Richie willed his voice to take on a nonchalant air, but his confusion and worry was painted across his face.

“Technically? I saw you, Richie!” Eddie screeched. He waved his arms emphatically, using them as an outlet for the sudden burst of energy his discovery had cultivated.

“Eds, why don’t you just chill, okay? Yeah, I smoke, it’s not like it’s a big deal, lots of people smoke,” Richie’s tone shifted from his normal joking demeanour to a serious, almost defensive air. The change caught Eddie off-guard, cowing him into a momentary silence. Suddenly, he was painfully aware of his behaviour, and the worry etched into Richie’s features.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Eddie asked softly, his words dripping with hurt. Richie’s heart fell as he saw the disappointment in Eddie’s eyes, and a pang of guilt shot through him.

“Eds,” he began delicately. “I mean look at how you just reacted. You came in here guns-a-blazing,” Eddie blushed, a wave of guilt washing over him as he considered Richie’s words.

“I’m sorry,” Eddie mumbled weakly, his face downcast. “But you should have told me, we tell each other everything,”

“Well, the truth is, I know how you feel about smokers. And I just, I didn’t want to let you down,” Richie’s voice was raw and full of hurt. It cut through Eddie like a knife, banishing the last vestiges of his anger the way a strong autumn gust carried away errant leaves.

“Chee, you’re not letting me down. I just, I don’t want something to happen to you,” Eddie hesitated, considering his next words. “The truth is, I don’t what I would do if something happened to you,” he sighed.

Richie chuckled despite himself. “Eds, I’m not going to disappear because of a few smokes,” he reached forward and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I know, you just, you know I worry,” Eddie sighed, leaning into the touch.

“That’s for sure,” Richie chuckled. “Look, if it really bothers you that much, I’ll quit,” Eddie looked up at Richie, eyebrows arched in surprise.


“Sure, anything for my boy,” Richie pulled Eddie into an embrace, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy. Eddie melted into it, offering no resistance.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” he mumbled.

“Don’t worry about it, Eddie Spaghetti,” Richie released Eddie and reached into his pocket and pulled out a beat-up carton of cigarettes, chuckling as Eddie eyed it with contempt.

“Look, quitting, see?” Richie turned and catapulted the package over the cliff, sending it careening into the lake. “What’s a couple days of withdrawal if I’ve got you to nurse me back.” Eddie giggled and took his hand.

“You know you really shouldn’t litter like that,”

Richie smirked. “It’s a good thing I have you to set me straight, Kaspbrak,”


I haven’t been watching the stream but

looking through the annomalies that have happened, there seems to be a theme when Anti appears of him “still being here” and “always watching”.

What if the fact that Jack said he was going to take a long break from Anti stuff is what spurred our Glitch Bitch into giving us this.

He’s always there.

Always watching.

And he hates going in Circles.

So this time, he’s not just been noticed by Jack. And he’s not happy that Jack has tried to push him aside.

But; that’s just a theory.

EXO Reaction to going on a date and noticing the other members spying/bugging

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Literally him everytime he makes eye contact with the boys* “I’m going to kill you when we get home… you are going to regret this… you’ll see… not you Kyungsoo… the rest”


*Him when he gets home* “I’m leaving! I need space! You didn’t have to follow me… why are you even asking how it went? You were there! Aish… I can’t believe you! I went out with my girl! Is that so wrong?” *Making a drama scene because why not*


“Aigoo… this is so awkward… I’m sorry jagi… they are just… very protective… sometimes they believe they are my parents… it’s okay… they’ll leave soon don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” *Meanwhile he’s messaging Baekhyun those embarrassing pictures he took when showering*


*Back at the dorm* “Don’t even look at me like that and ask like you didn’t know! We both know you were in the date with us! It even felt like going out with friends… not with my girl… ugh I hate you. I could be at her place right now but no… you wanted to come home together”


“You find it funny? Not annoying? Ah thank god… I was worried for a second! They are nice… a little bugging but nice… To be honest they’ve been wanting to meet you… shall we take this opportunity and invite them to have dinner with us?” *Takes everything with philosophy*


*Does everything to lose them in the way* “I think they are gone, we can go now. I wanted some private time with you. Tell me where you want to go, I want to have a nice time with you…”


“Whyyyyyyy why are you guys doing this to me! You seem to particularly enjoy this Kyungsoo! This is not fair! Okay yes I did the same to you but still… ahhh you are making me blush! Please staaaahp!” *An embarrassed but in love Baekhyun*


“Luhan doesn’t like this… Luhan is angry…. Luhan wants to be left alone! Why are you guys laughing! Please just leave! I can’t be corny in front of you!”


*Goes to the restroom where they are hiding* “Can you guys please go home? Or at least keep it quiet? It’s starting to get pretty uncomfortable with you around… and don’t even say it’s a coincidence! I know you followed me since I left the dorm!”


*When you aren’t looking* “Just go!! I’ll make you all pay when I get home if you don’t go now! You guys surely have a death wish!” *I would run if I were them*


“Wait… how did you guys know I took her to the Valentine’s Themed Park? Did you follow us? Woah… that’s so much dedication… you guys are amazing. I didn’t even notice. Did you have fun? We did… oh but you already know that… keke” *So chill*


“Okay guys before she comes back… take this and get out of here okay? Yes sure… buy whatever you want… just go. I want to be alone with her, you guys are distracting me!” *$uhot taking care of things xD*

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The One Where El Steals a Dog

Characters: El Hopper, Mike Wheeler, Jim Hopper, Karen Wheeler

Time: Post S2

WC: 2.3k

Summary: When Mike’s heart breaks, El saves the day.

[A/N]: This isn’t fluffy. This isn’t angsty. It’s…Halfway Happy. 

It was a warm June afternoon when Mike and El biked to the Wheeler’s for dinner, their high strung backpacks rustling their hair. Mike had already picked El up from the cabin, ranting about his mother’s meatloaf and spring salad that he’d been waiting for all day. It was Friday, just the day before the party was going to have another big D&D campaign. El was going to see him again then the next morning, but their time alone away from everyone else felt right. Everything was normal until Mike noticed a sign sitting on the porch of a house just off the road. In big black letters, the sign said “FREE PUPPY.”

Mike had always wanted a puppy, but his parents never let him get one. When the Byers had gotten a dog, Mike spent hours over their house playing with it until Karen came by, wondering why Mike always said goodbye to the dog with more affection than he ever said to his own mother. 

El nearly ran into the back of Mike’s bike when he stopped in the middle of the street. El knew what a dog was, but the word puppy never came up in conversation. She’d been at school with Mike for a year now but this was the first time she’d heard the word. Her brow furrowed when Mike told her to wait there and he’d be back in a second. She watched inquisitively as Mike rang the doorbell and spoke to an older lady behind the door. A few seconds later Mike was holding a black and brown glob a fur, a collar and leash in the other hand.

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