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Erg races are wild. Everyone is screaming and cheering. You’ve got people all over the floor in various stages of death. Coaches and coxswains are carrying people away from the ergs so the next race can start. The concession stand sells cliff bars. There’s a giant guy literally cuddling a trash can. The race officials keep walking by to put the can back by the ergs, but none of them can bring themselves to take the trash can away from the poor guy. His cox keeps promising that he is in fact okay. There’s t-shirts for sale to commemorate the event. Everyone is high on pain/adrenaline/endorphins/shock bloks by the end of it. Good times man.

At least we didn’t have to send anyone to the hospital this year…

DA:O on sale on Steam!

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Je Ne Parle Pas Anglais ((Part Two))

@blue-child-obsession-expert​ asked: Je ne parlez pas part 2 please! I just found it and it was awesome and I would love to continue reading it. Thank you!

A/N: I highly suggest reading the first part of this to fully understand what’s happening. I’m thinking like maybe one or two parts more??? I’m sorry for my bs work, I just really want to write some holiday fics so I can get them out in time and queue them up. Part One right here!


TW: badly translated french ((if anything is blatantly wrong let me know im just a beginning french student)), swearing, nakedness, yelling, stealing.

AU: Hamiltime

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Here you were:

An immigrant who couldn’t speak english falling in love with best friend of the man you had just stole from, being hugged to his chest like you were oxygen in a room full of water.


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Okay but who would use "sweetheart"??? Zen would to to ally use "princess", Jaehee definitely uses "dear", possibly "sweetie/sweetheart"?? Seven will calk you anything and everything from "babe" to "my darling" to "that one really cool looking lava lamp at that one yard sale" (he calls you whatever he's passionate about okay??? He has so much love to give/project onto you that he combines it with his love for other things and you end up with nicknames like "smoochie cutie" (1/?)

and “Honey Buddha Babe” he’s just loving okay??? oh and memes. He called mc “The Rarest Pepe” in bed once and slept on the couch for a week.) Jumin definitely calls you more formal ones like “darling” “love” “my heart”. Yoosung calls you “honey” and “babe” and “sweetie” 24/7 (call him any sort of nickname early on and hell become a blushy squishy mess sAVE HIM). V is def like Jumin, but is cheesier with his, so it’ll be more like “beauty” “angel” “darling” (2/?) (and his personal fave, “the most beautiful living photo”). Saran isn’t one for nicknames at first, and you get called less by your name and more by “Hey” “you” “Mc”. Once he gets comfortable tho. Rip your heart bc he’s so sweet. “Babe” “honey” “love” “dear” (his personal fave: “mine” o.o" or “my guy/girl” let him be sweet ur his world ok). Finally, Vanderwood also isn’t huge on nicknames (always called Seven “707” or “Agent 707”-I’m sure he knew his name was Luciel at some point??? (3 or 4/?)

IVE BEEN BLESSED  you probably weren’t done, love but I had to,,

I’m in love with the concept of zen calling mc “princess” or if we’re going gender neutral “little piece of royalty”. also “beautiful” and if he’s feeling special, “sweetheart”. JAEHEE USES SWEETHEART A LOT. as well as “dear”, “my love” if she’s feeling special. im so blessed with all these 7 nicknames “honey buddha babe”” oh my godddd. T^T anf YES “honey” FOR YOOSUNG ALL THE WAY. THAT V ONE????? HE CK. I always use “angel” but THAT ONE. THAT ONE. YESSSSS. Saeran is so sweet omg. “dear” is a Good One for him. i didnt let you,,finish vandy’s,, but omg,,, im just so blessed by this???

Burnt Brownies (Part 21)

Title: Burnt Brownies 

Summary: Sometimes a horrible moment can be a blessing in disguise.  You learn this first hand when you manage to start a fire from a burnt pan of brownies. Firefighter AU.

 Warnings: Angst. Talk of Injury.

Burnt Brownies Master Post

Masterlist of Fan Fiction  

Originally posted by lunasdeath

 Chapter 21 

It took over ten hours in surgery to fix the damage that piping and beam did to Cas. Ten hours of not knowing if he was alright or not, if he would make it or not.  But when the nurse came in and said he would make a full recovery, that they were putting him in a room and you could see him soon, you wept with joy. So did everyone else.  

Dean had been up and about for the past few hours.  He gave his account to what had happened in the building.  It amazed you how it seemed all was fine until the building just gave out.  You did go and see Dean for a few minutes while you waited for Cas to get situated. Dean was his best friend and you knew he would want to know how he was doing.

“Hey, Brownie.” Dean said with a hazy voice.  They had him on some powerful pain meds, made him a bit loopy.  

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Any domestic!Kylux headcanons?

Um duh

Like Hux coming home after a hard day of serious (boring) work to find Kylo sprawled out on their couch, 95% naked

Like Millicent taking Kylo’s spot in bed sometimes, so Kylo has to sleep at the end of the bed 

Like Hux cooking the best fucking meals Kylo has ever eaten, and he’s damn proud of it too

Like Kylo asking Hux if they can try shower sex, to which Hux reluctantly sniffs affirmation, and that night Kylo looks at Hux’s search history and finds “how does shower sex work” typed in

Like Hux decorating their house in nothing but boring black and grey, so Kylo adds splashes of red here and there like bedsheets and bathroom towels just to spice it up

Like Hux comforting Kylo when he gets down about his family, and reminding him ever so helpfully that his parents would be there for him, to which Kylo replies that Hux’s parents are scary dictators 

Like Hux denying snuggles until Kylo gives him these big eyes and he just can’t say no

Like Kylo being absolutely furious that orange hair is all over his new black scarf, but he isn’t sure who to blame, Hux or Millicent 

Like Kylo taking tantrums and Hux being 1000% done with him, so Kylo apologizes by giving him a full body massage and maybe a blowjob with some choking involved 

Like Hux and Kylo watching Paranormal Activity together then Kylo trying to scare Hux later that night

This doesn’t go well because Hux keeps a fucking lance by the bed… don’t question it, he found it at their weird neighbor’s garage sale, okay?

today is my birthday & i’m riding high (i’m little but i’m coming for the crown)

[Fool’s Gold Chapter 13 deleted scenes, or the one where Laura & Carmilla & Papa Hollis are all just kind of happy about Laura being 16. & wish her mom could be there to see it.

turnandchasethewind & felixdawkins ask me to do these for fun. i did not come up with hsau. i am not interjecting my own issues into these fics. i make no money from these. i do not encroach on the timeline nor advance the narrative. they tell me which scenes to put in. i add little details. the scenes are canon. // ao3.]


today is my birthday & i’m riding high (i’m little but i’m coming for the crown)


hair is dripping, hiding that i’m terrified / but this is summer, playing dumber than in fall / everything i say falls right back / Into everything i’m not / In the swing of things / but what i really mean is / not in the swing of things yet
—lorde, ‘still sane’


You wake up with your face buried in Carmilla’s hair, which, despite the fact that she got ice spilled on her, smells amazing. You smile for a few seconds at her easy, peaceful breaths, but then you sigh and gently untangle yourself from her, and you look at your phone. It’s 8:42 am, which really isn’t that early, and so you know your dad is already awake. You smile—it’s your sixteenth birthday, and the two people you care about the most in the world are here to spend it with you, and that’s really cool, all things considered.

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Orser coming home to Autumn Classic


Nguyen excels in part, also because he keeps the best of company where he trains in Toronto: world and Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan and European champion Javier Fernandez of Spain. If you liked Hanyu before, better see him this year. Orser says he has two new programs and he’s never seen anything so beautiful in his life. ( And he’s seen a lot.)

Hanyu is taking an early season break from competing after developing pain in his lower back. He pulled out of Finlandia Trophy a week ago. Orser says it’s more of a preventative measure than anything. “It’s for safety,” he said. “We don’t want to rush too much. We want to make sure he’s in top form at the right time of year.”

Orser says he believes that Hanyu really needed to have a little bit more time off than he did over the summer, what with his many obligations as Olympic champion. Hanyu honours them all. He’s done many shows. And he’s done some wild and crazy jump combinations when he’s been at the Japanese shows. “At these Japanese shows, they all take turns and show off for each other,” Orser said.

And Hanyu isn’t one for backing down from a challenge. “He gets so wound up and so enthusiastic, I wish I could just bottle that,” Orser said.

He spent only two or three weeks in Toronto over the summer, but he’s been training there for the past three weeks. For the first time, Shae-Lynn Bourne has choreographed a routine for Hanyu – and it is his free skate. He’ll skate to Phantom of the Opera and lest you think it’s been overdone by many skaters, well, they haven’t been Bourne’s creations.

Orser first saw the skeleton of the program in May and it created no goosebumps. But a month ago, Hanyu got together with Bourne again to focus on choreographer and Orser was astonished at what came out of those sessions. “It was unbelievable,” he said. “It was all the stuff I knew that Shae-Lynn could do.”

Hanyu is often skeptical, and holds back when he works with someone new, Orser said. But there was a time when he suddenly started to trust Bourne. And it works.

Jeff Buttle created the short program for Hanyu, choosing Chopin Ballade No. 1. Buttle sent Orser  the music and he loved it. “Okay, but you’ll need to do a sale pitch with Hanyu,” he told Buttle.

But Hanyu loved it too. Buttle’s touch is apparent in the choreography, too. Hanyu stands for 14 seconds at the beginning of the routine with his eyes closed. They his eyes open and “it just goes,” Orser said.

Stay tuned for Hanyu magic at Cup of China and NHK Trophy. Nguyen and Hanyu will attend Cup of China together. You won’t catch Orser at home much this fall. He has trips to five of the six Grand Prix events.