he's not even paying attention

I told myself that I wouldn’t give into hope, I really did but we had Luke Arnold acknowledging Tumblr doesn’t exactly stay calm when Thomas Hamilton is mentioned and now Toby Stephens just saying a simple “No spoilers” to being asked if he’s coming back.

Come on, everyone knows that “no comment” is the media way of saying “yeah what you’re saying is probably true but I can’t say yes”. No spoilers is the same damn thing when it comes to TV.

(Especially as Toby Stephens could have easily said “Um no sorry he IS dead, didn’t you even pay attention to the show up until now?” and shut us up once and for all)

Little Things // Boyfriend Taehyung ♥

- Always kissing you unexpectedly.

 Letting you put his hair in a ponytail because he looks hot asf with it.

- Being shy after being apart for so long.

- Always taking care of you.

- Stares, stares, and more stares. He’s always staring at you like you did something adorable. 

- Skyping you when he has free time which is always when you’re asleep.

 ♥  Tries to make you happy even when he’s sad.

- Doesn’t pay much attention when you talk to him at times. 

♥  Never stops talking about you to the members or to his parents.

- Struggling to wake his ass up

♥ Hates getting into arguements with you because he starts to hate himself when you’re mad or sad.

- Cheap dates which are the best dates (video game night, movie night, cooking at home, or walking outside).

♥ Tries to cook a fine dinner for you.

- A lot of annoying/childish teasing.

♥ Public affection! Making out // Holding hands // I love you’s // Him trying to touch under your clothing depending on where you two are. 

- Gets aroused by the smallest things.

-  Tries to fight sleep but ends up falling asleep on you anyways due to his schedule ( he would always warn you though).

- Sending random photos to you like this. It gets weirder each day. 

- Always wanting to cuddle and playfully pout if you don’t want to.

♥ Talks about all the kids he wants to have in the future.

♥  Playful sex // Rough sex // Always wanting to eat you out // Rough fingering // Sex on the counch // Sex on the kitchen table // Sex in the shower // Hickies (he would love them).


Briana and Olivia’s periscope in April 2016:

“It just hurts so much when they say Freddie isn’t real, because he is! He’s just the sweetest thing! He’s so precious, and—”

  • Me, before watching the Special Episode: Karamatsu is so pure.
  • Me, after watching the Special Episode: Oop, nevermind.

this moment was adorable and so incredibly soft, but it also showed us just how much isak cared?

it was a winter night, it’s now a winter morning. but he’s letting even have the whole cover. he’s wrapped him with it, he’s covered him up to his chin. it might be cold for isak but he couldn’t care less. there could be no heater on and he’d still let even have the whole cover. because at that moment, all isak cares about is even. and he’s willing to make all the sacrifices, however big or small, for even to feel better

and his whole attention is on even. he’s being so careful and paying so much attention. he notices the small portion of his back that isn’t covered, and he covers him. he won’t let even feel even the slightest bit of cold, he will do anything in his power to make things good for even 

Draco & Harry w/ Teddy Headcanons

because me and @mxrcusflint have been having a conversation about this over the past couple of days, it got me thinking, so i feel obligated to make a post

  • harry would make draco babysit teddy with him even though he absolutely does not want to
  • teddy loves draco the second he meets him and will hardly even pay attention to harry
  • draco is really unsure how he feels about teddy clinging to him all the time but he allows it because honestly the kid is really cute and he cant tell him no
  • harry gets kind of jealous of how much attention teddy pays to draco but when draco says something he obviously denies it
  • plus he really cant be that mad because draco and teddy are his two favorite people
  • draco warms up to teddy really quickly and he ends up always looking forward to when they have to babysit
  • teddy and draco both getting their first weasley sweaters and they match and teddy just grins up at draco bc draco is so cool and he’s matching with him ( @mxrcusflint mentioned this in one of our chats and i had to include it)
  • harry insists that the two of them take a picture together
  • draco “begrudgingly” does just to please harry and teddy
  • but he actually loves and treasures the picture and frames it to hang in his and harry’s house
  • teddy spending the night at the potter/malfoy household every saturday 
  • it’s always teddy’s favorite part of the week
  • all three of them have matching pajamas
  • they drink cocoa and watch movies 
  • and play board games
  • teddy forcing draco to build a fort with him
  • draco convincing teddy that slytherin is the best house
  • “shut up draco he can decide that for himself…but the best house is gryffindor, teddy, just so you know”
  • taking teddy to the park to pet the dogs that are there
  • taking teddy to quidditch matches
  • buying teddy is first broomstick
  • and it’s obviously the newest and best 
  • teddy having his own bedroom at their house because he spends so much time there
  • teddy flooing their house crying when kids at school are mean to him because his hair was pink that day
  • and draco and harry telling him there’s nothing wrong with the color pink and if he likes it then he should wear his hair that way more often
  • taking teddy shopping for all his school supplies the day after he gets his letter
  • basically just harry and draco being the best uncles/father figures ever and teddy loving them with his whole heart

The Harvey Specter way. (Mike’s way)

There are several things that this show does well and one of them is the friendship between the boys.

Most friendships with boys are always seen as very stereotypical scenes and when the topic of emotions comes up it’s always handled in a very awkward way once again portraying the gross idea that men should

 1.Not speak about emotions

 2. Are terrible at handling emotions. 

But that is nowhere near true. 

First we have Jonas who is probably one of the most introspective characters on this show. Jonas is an amazing friend who watches carefully and pays attention. He remembers the details even more so when he knows there might be reason to worry. And he is nothing if not loving and gentle with Isak. From not even thinking to put labels on his friends. To being willing to tell the rest of the boys if Isak couldn’t find the strength. To the reassurance and strength he provided Isak when he made the decision to come out. Jonas has been completely supportive and not only that he’s also so excited for Isak. His face of pure surprise and happiness when Even showed up, him leaving a comment on Isak’s instagram photo.

Then we have Mahdi. Mahdi who I don’t think even realizes how much relief he took of Isak’s shoulders when before he even came out he looked so affronted and offended at the idea of anyone considering him a homophobe. Mahdi, who at the crass (but honestly oblivious) nature of Mangus’ comment, immediately states that perhaps Isak is pansexual. He just immediately gets to it and doesn’t worry to much about what was happening before in regards to Even’s past hook ups but is more focused on the now and how that’s affecting Even. 

Finally there’s Magnus. Who … well Magnus is a bit of a comedic relief and honestly I would probably say he’s an asshole if he wasn’t just so absolutely oblivious to how his words come out. He genuinely means no harm from them and what’s kind of great about Magnus is that he doesn’t tip toe around Isak. Isak’s likes guys? Awesome, Magnus is still going to say 100% inappropriate things. Then there’s him trying to sneakily look at the phone to see if there’s a reply and you seeing him genuinely disappointed when there’s not one or his face of betrayal as he looked at Isak like ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE’RE NOT MEETING PRETTY BOY’ 

Honestly the scene of them drinking with each other is EXACTLY what girls do with their friends. EXACTLY. Come on how many times have we texted the groupchat going ‘I have screenshots what do I say’, how many of us have asked the ‘smiley or no smiley’ question. How many of us have literally squealed in excitement when something happened. 

I just love that this show is portraying the friendship between these boys in such a positive and healthy manner where they talk about their feelings and it’s normal. 

Like I know it’s fun to see Vicente Fox say the fuck word and refuse to pay for Trumps wall but like this is the guy who once said “There is no doubt that Mexicans, filled with dignity, willingness and ability to work, are doing jobs that not even blacks want to do there in the United States” and his party is full of christian conservatives that have done everything they can to restrict access to abortions and prevent gay marriage in Mexico. He hasn’t even held office since 2006 why are we even paying attention to him?

Marked ● Derek Hale x Reader ●

Based on this request :Hello! I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests, but if you are could you do a Derek hale one? Maybe where he and the reader are mates but one day he gets jealous/possessive over her and ends up biting her giving her a mate mark-thing?- by this cutie sugarpimpdaddy

WARNINGS: nearly smut, fluff, jealousy

A/n: sorry this took long.

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Derek let out a growl as the boy looked at your cleavage, not even paying attention to what you were saying.

He knew you were mates, but he got jealous every time I guy gave you the bedroom look.

Derek had enough, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“(y/n), can you come to the bedroom for a moment” Derek said, glaring at the boy, as he looked away from your boobs.

“Sure, I’ll just be a minute Tom” you said, getting up and following Derek into the bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, holding Derek’s hand.

“I want to rip tom’s throat out with my teeth” Derek growled.

“Why?” you asked, cupping his cheeks with your hands.

“Because he was staring at your cleavage” Derek grumbled.

“Derek, I don’t care what some perverted teen boy thinks about me, I’m with you, and I’ll always be with you” you reassured him.

“Well I care what he thinks about you. His aroused by you” Derek grumbled.

Placing his hands on your cheeks as his lips pressed against yours.

“Derek” you mumbled against the kiss.

“Mine” Derek grumbled, as he picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist.

Derek moved towards the bed, his lips still connected to your lips.

Falling onto the mattress.

“Derek” you moaned, as your head fell backwards.

Derek’s teeth gazed your neck, your hands tugging his hair.

Derek pushed your shirt up, kissing in-between the valley of your breast.

“Derek, Tom’s in the other room, we can’t” you gasped out.

Derek seemed to get jealous when you mentioned Tom’s name.

His teeth sinking into the skin of your chest.

You let out grunt.

“(y/n), I’m sorry I-” Derek said, realising he bit you, but you were still in shock.

“You guys aren’t having sex in there are you?” Tom asked, from the other side of the door.

You sat up, as Derek balled his fist up, glaring at the door.

You grabbed onto Derek’s wrist, making him relax a bit. Tangling your fingers with his.

“I think it’s time for you to leave tom” Derek yelled.

“Uh, yeah, um, use protection” Tom said, as he left the loft.

“Derek” you said, sitting on his lap.

“I’m sorry I gave you a mate mark it’s just I got possessive over you and-” Derek explained, rubbing smoothing circles on your back.

“Derek it’s okay, I love you, plus you’re kind of stuck with me now” you said, stroking his face.

“I would rather be stuck with you then with anyone else” Derek confessed, making you smile.

Derek rested his forehead against yours, grabbing the back of your neck, as he pressed his lips against yours…

the gang at a modern!school

- Two-Bit is such a theater kid

- Steve takes shop
- I mean, he could practically teach it

- Pony is always reading
- like he gets yelled at for reading and for “not paying attention,” even though he is

- Soda was put in learning support and he hated it

- Darry was in the choir

- Dallas loved chemistry cause that means blowing stuff up

- Ponyboy and Johnny would play games to help remember element names

- Steve is one of the best football players

- Dallas is on the bowling team

- Pony loves science
- he’s always up to date with new discoveries

- Two-Bit is so friendly to everyone
- he greets everyone and is always smiling
- and he accepts all the freshmen, even if they don’t shut up

- Darry was always busy
- sports, homework, clubs
- Pony is too

- Johnny started a human rights club

- Pony is friends with all the teachers
- with one teacher, he can just sign his papers with his favorite fictional characters’ names and they know it’s him

- Steve tutors people

- Two-Bit, Soda and Steve hated typing lessons

- Darry and Pony typed all their assignments

- Two-Bit even gets a little say in what musical/play they put on

- Two calls himself “Two-Bit Math-Ews”


Imagine getting locked up with the company in the Mirkwood cells and seeing the chemistry between Kili and Tauriel. You notice Legolas watching them and you can tell he’s jealous. Later into the evening, he comes down to your cell to pay you equal attention. You discover how he feels he cannot divulge his feelings unto his father for fear of scrutiny so you comfort him much to the protests of the company. He eventually invites you somewhere a little more private. The vast library, not far from his chambers.

GOT7 Reaction To You Not Being Korean




Originally posted by thekpopquartet

Mark honestly couldn't care less about someones race as he himself if a foreigner, if he liked someone he would like them for their personality not their race.


Originally posted by btsfunboyz

I feel like Jaebum would try and stick to liking/dating people who are Korean as it is the normal thing to do culture wise, but if he met a foreigner he was really attracted to he wouldn't try to deny his feelings.


Originally posted by markjin

Like Mark, Jackson couldn't care less about your race and to be honest he would even pay attention to it either. If he liked someone he liked someone no matter what race they are.


Originally posted by pepi-junior

I feel like Jinyoung would be a lot like Jaebum, he would stick to dating people who are Korean because once again it is the normal thing to do culture wise but if he found a foreigner he was really attracted to he wouldn't hold back.


Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

I think like Youngjae wouldn’t care about somebodies race, if anything I think he would be intrigued by them and their culture so if he met a foreigner he liked he wouldn't deny his feelings towards them.


Originally posted by got7kings

Bambam, in my opinion, would be a lot like Youngjae if he met a foreigner he is felt attracted to. He would be very interested in the persons culture and I feel like he wouldn't hold back on his feelings.  


Originally posted by chichangyu

I feel like Yugyeom wouldn't really care about the person he likes race, if he liked someone he liked someone no matter the race of the person.

Stop Ignoring Me - Stiles Stilinski (Smut)

This Is What It Feels Like - Banks ♪

 You said that you couldn’t sleep cause
Of me, told me
I caught you off guard
And then when you saw I felt the same
You pulled away
Started acting like being with me was too hard


❀ Gif credit to owners/creators ❀

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iKON Reacts to you Falling Asleep on Them

Request:  Ikon reaction when your tired and you guys are out with people so you just lean on him/hug him kind of falling asleep?


Jinhwan: “Aww, jagiya, you’re too cute.”He knows you had a long day so he would just let you sleep, despite the amount of people around you two.

Originally posted by kyungseoo

Yunhyeong: He’s so excited to have you snuggling up to him. He’s usually the big spoon, but he likes being the little spoon too. He doesn’t care if you’re in the dorm with the boys, practice was over anyway.

Originally posted by teambgasm

Junhoe: He sang you a sweet lullaby and it made you fall asleep with your head on his chest. He runs his fingers through your silky hair and he marvels this moment because it’s rare since he’s never home. Even in public, he enjoys the moment.

Originally posted by koojunhwes

Donghyuk: He’ll wrap his arm around you, not even paying attention to the people in the restaurant around you. Your tired so he lets you sleep. ‘You’re so cute when you’re sleeping.’ He kisses the side of your head and smiles softly.

Originally posted by justmevip

Chanwoo: He’s surprised when he hears your soft snoring. He didn’t know you’d fallen asleep when you rested your head on his shoulder but he didn’t mind. It was funny to him when he realized you went to sleep during YG Papa’s speech.

Originally posted by chnwo

Bobby: *sleeping with you* Your arms around him made him instantly fall asleep. He loves when you hold him, it’s comforting to be held every once in a while. The members let him sleep because they know he’s just as tired as you are.

B.I: He smiles as you cuddle close to him in the practice room while the members are still practicing. He rubs your back softly, making you enter a deep sleep. “I know you’ve had a tiresome day, so sleep jagi.”

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