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Piano Lessons

Requested by @nightynightnyx ! Feat piano playing Sam x childhood best friend reader

Summary: It was a Friday afternoon when you looked at Sam and realized you were in love with him. 

Living next to the Holland’s had its perks. Most of all, you created some of the best relationships of your life. Nikki and Dom were another set of parents, Tom was a protective big brother, and Harry and Paddy were brothers you could always go to for a laugh. 

Though, with Sam, it was always a bit different. You had a soft spot for him. You two got along extremely well, had common interests, and a similar sense of humor. Most importantly, you two could talk about anything with each other. Throughout all of the crazy transitions of Sam’s life, you were his constant. 

It wasn’t until Harry launched himself onto the couch you were relaxing on that you started to recognize the way Sam made you feel. 

“Oi! Harry, get off!” you yelled. 

“You do realize that Sam, like, is in love with you?” 

“What do you mean?” you asked, confused by the bluntness. 

“You’re joking, right? You don’t see the way he looks at you? His eyes light up whenever you walk into a room. Or, the way he seems to only pay attention to you, even when you’re not talking? He’s solely focused on you… It’s a bit annoying,” Harry said. 

“Oh,” you replied, blushing profusely. “We’ve just known each other for a long time.. That’s it. The same way we’ve known each other.”

“No, no,” Harry chuckled. “It’s nothing like us. You’re like an annoying sister, but with Sam. It’s completely different… Don’t try and hide it either,” Harry chuckled. “I’ve seen the way you look at him.. You’re not subtle.” 

You threw a pillow at him, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Harry.” 


The next day, it was like any other Friday afternoon. After school, Sam tried to teach you some piano as a way to relax after the week. This routine emerged once Sam started taking piano lessons and tried his best to teach you what he had learned that week.

“Before our ‘lesson’,” Sam began one day. “I want to show you something.” 

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After All [Part 4]

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Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

5606milesfromChanyeol ©

Summary: After all he realised that his life just got better.

Characters: (Main) Kim Jongdae, (Others) EXO,

This is an on going fanfic!


21st July 2017 [A Week Before]:

They sat on a nearby bench at the park, hand in hand, Jongdae never stopped smiling, he was happy while she seemed distracted, not really paying attention to even notice how much her boyfriend is enjoying such a simple thing. Though everytime he’d look over at her she’d hesitate a smile but somehow he didn’t notice it and she was glad.

She wasn’t sure how she felt but she deifnetly didn’t feel how she used to around Jongdae. Maybe she just wanted to be alone? Maybe.

She was confused, her hand slowly started slipping away from Jongdae’s but he tightened his grip, not letting go and grinned at her, she no longer noticed the things she used to about him, even his eyes seemed to stop having that little spark that she’d always fall in love in, actually she still saw it now but it wasn’t anything more than just a ‘spark’.

“I love you, ______”

Usually she’d get that exciting yet nervous butterfly-like feeling, but not this time, her hand remained loose compared to Jongdae’s secure grip, she painted a small fake smile onto her face somehow convincing as she through to herself for a few minutes before answering,

“I love you too, Jongdae.”

She stared a head for a while, the trees slowly waved with the wind, it was actually quite warm the wind was really cooling, in the distance there was a small play ground with a few kids, their squeals could be faintly hear from here. She took her phone out her pocket to check the time, Jongdae glanced over too.


“Hey, I think we should start making our way back now, I’ve got a meeting in an hour.”

-she lied.

All he did was pout in response, they got up in sync making him chuckle, she looked at him and smiled lightly, her eyes soft, their hands still glued together.

She was confused, one moment she wants to get away and be alone and the next minute she wants to stay,

But they’re going now.

“You always have to leave~” he whined as they walked down the walkway, in the direction that the sun was shining, blinding them.

“I have to leave sometimes but not as much as you~ it sucks that we never have time, 4 hours a day isn’t enough!~” he carried on complaining, she didn’t answer, she wasn’t even listening. She focused on the weather, the wind was turning a bit stronger not like it changed anything it was still really cooling-

-“Are you listening, _______?~” he was still whining,

She hummed in response, like if she listened to the rant,

He realised she wasn’t though, so he shut his mouth, stopping himself from carrying on and just walked silently beside her.

After about 20 minutes of silence they arrived at her door, letting their hands slip away, she opened the door about to walk in-

-“No kiss?No hug? No ‘goodbye’?” she turned around, he stood there like a puppy, whimpering.

She took a step back and hugged him, her arms around him loosely,he hugged her back right after, she didn’t enjoy the hug, she wanted to get out of it as soon as possible and then she did she carelessly pecked him on his cheek and fakely smiled, muttering a ‘bye, love you.’.

He smiled back and waved as she shut the door behind, sighing in relief.

For some reason she felt bad for him, through this whole day the atmosphere felt tense, she didn’t feel comfortable and she wanted to leave but once she did, she felt sorry, she felt like if she wrecked the whole day today.

Wording it as nicely as possible, she felt like shit.


23rd July 2017 [2 Days Later]:

Jongdae: heyyyy, can we meet today? I’ve got a surprise for you! :) <3


Jongdae: _______?


Jongdae: are you ignoring meee? :0


Jongdae: don’t ignore me! D:<


You: Sorry, my phone was on silent >_<


Jongdae: have you read my messageee!⬆


You: Yeah, I have :) I can’t today :( I’m busy, more meetings QnQ


Jongdae: TnT


Jongdae: what about the rest of the week? QuQ


You: Sooooo busy this week! >n<


-Not really.


25th July 2017 [2 Days Later]:

You: Minseok?


Minseok: Yes, ______?


You: Can we meet up sometime today?


Minseok: Aren’t you really busy this week though?


You: It’s about that, Minseok please.



“So, you’re avoiding him?”

“I’m not.”

“Then what are you doing?! You’ve been making lame excuses all week that you’re 'tired’, 'busy’ or have them stupid 'meetings’ but actually you’ve been sat at your dorm doing completely nothing! And Jongdae is constantly on his phone waiting for a message from you that you can meet him! He’s so damn stupid for actually believing you! I knew something was wrong but I didn’t want to get involved in this but here I am!”

“Minseok, I-“

“_____, you’re avoiding him!”

Wide eyes of the café customers where all on Minseok, the café wasn’t big so there wasn’t many people.

He looked around, his ears turned red in anger and possibly embarrassment, he glared at her and grabbed his plastic cup of coffee and dragged _____ out by her wrist while muttering a 'sorry’ as he walked past the very few customers.

The cold wind slapped their faces as Minseok pushed the door open. The weather was nothing like 'summer’, the wind managed to flip a few bins over and the rain didn’t help.

Minseok jogged up to a close-by shielded bus stop, still dragging ______ behind, when he came to a halt he pushed his hood back, looking down at her with dark eyes that stares into her soul, she bit her lip and looked down,

”_____, do you love Jongdae?“

She looked up, her eyes slightly wider and she hesitantly nodded,

“Ok but are you in love with Jongdae?”


28th Of July 2017 [Back To The Day Of The Break Up]:

Jongdae: Please don’t leave me.


Jongdae: ______, please.


Jongdae: Please stay a little longer… Even if it’s a week. Don’t leave so suddenly.


I love him but I’m not in love with him.

She hated herself for leaving Jongdae so broken, he didn’t deserve the pain, he didn’t deserve her in the first place, he deserved so much more. And she kept on repeating that to herself: that he’ll find someone better eventually anyway and she’ll make him happier and she won’t leave him.

But boyfriend or not she couldn’t stand knowing he’ll hurt now because of her.

You: I’ll stay a little longer.


high school au pt.2

thank you to @kiaaan @livvyswifi @tiberiusblacktorn @ladyofroses for the encouragement! 

DISCLAIMER: you have to read pt. 1 to get it bc this is a continuation. enjoy!

-kit was upset with himself

-he knew that something he did made tiberius blackthorn upset and that alone made him feel worse than he’d ever felt in his life

-he had been watching ty ever since he had arrived at the hellhole that was this school: his grace and the gliding way he walked and the way he would carry around a book with him all the time, the way he took things in- slowly, but all at once and-

-what was he thinking? he tried to push the thought of ty out of his mind as he scribbled aimlessly in his notebook, not even paying attention to the words coming out from his pen

-when he looked down at his scribbles, the saw he had made a list of things he could do to make ty happy

-sighing, kit knew he couldn’t escape the inevitable for longer, he was going to go to ty, apologize and after that one moment of bliss, keep pretending to be some douchey bad boy so that he wouldn’t get hurt like all the cliche teen fiction novels

-zipping up a hoodie, he headed to the place he’d know ty would be at this time

-the quad, after going to the cafe with his sister, Olivia, or something like that

-he shook his head,,his heart starting to beat rapidly in his chest, his fingers itching toward his hoodie’s strings in habit

-it wasn’t normal for him to get this nervous just talking to a friend

-right then, he bumped right into a beautiful girl with long brown hair, spilling her drink all over the front of her brown sweater

-as he stared in shock and tried to stammer out an apology, the girl stared at him through beautiful blue green eyes

- “if you hurt him, i will hurt you more than you could EVER imagine. he’s over there, don’t worry about me.”

-livvy. that was it. one of ty’s sisters. he nodded his head and headed toward the bench where a familiar black head was bowed over a steaming cup

-imagining it was coffee, kit made a mental note to get ty some later

-he sat beside ty, suppressing the urge to hold the other boy’s trembling hands

-on the way to him, kit was thinking of things to say

-i’m sorry?

-it’ll never happen again?

-but none of the words sounded right, now that he was here

-deep in thought, kit almost missed ty’s quiet question

- “why are you here christopher?”

-right then, all his resolve broke, his heart swelled with something unfamiliar, a feeling he probably should have felt before

-when ty said his name, his real name, there were no words to explain how he felt

-he knew he couldn’t go back, if he was going to do what he wanted to do…

-kit took a deep breath

- “ty, i’m sorry if i scared you earlier, really. but for future reference, do your stalking a little more discretely. also, this doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

-he cocked his signature smile, kicking himself for not saying what he wanted to say, for saying the exact opposite, for making this so much more embarrassing-

-out of the corner of his eye, kit noticed ty shivering and slowly but surely shrugged his own hoodie off and handed it to the other boy

-for the first time in the whole time kit had known him, ty looked down at him

-(it was embarrassing but ty was a little taller than him…)

-and kit stopped breathing

-from afar, he had always admired the silvery, gray color of tiberius blackthorn’s eyes but now, this close to them, they took his breath away

- “why?” ty asked.

-it was a question so justifiable and straightforward that kit had to answer it

-he wanted to say it was because he was shivering and he didn’t want him to get sick or miss a day of school because in the only two classes he actually went to ty was there with his books and his beautiful eyes and even though he would see him after school, he would miss him too much

- “because i have to get a good grades to get out of this hell obviously.”

-ty didn’t move so kit took matters into his own hands, unzipping it and draping it around the other boy’s shoulders

- “come on, let’s go back to the room,” he said leading the way back and trying not to smile like an idiot when ty pulled the sweatshirt closer around his shoulders


okay so i realized these hs aus might be more of like a series bc i conferred with @blackthorn-twins who had so many GOOD IDEASSSS and i knew i needed to put them in somehow. if you’re interested in me writing these please let me know! thanks for reading!

if you don’t think this is one of the cutest lil Drarry moments ever captured for our eyes to admire, then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

If you wanna write a ficlet based on the tags you put about Derek not being good at receiving compliments so stiles compliments him always I can guarantee you that I will 100% read it and reblog it and comment about how much I love it :D

Well how can I resist that??

The first time it happened, Stiles didn’t think anything of it. Standing over the smoldering remains of the creature that just tried to kill them, he said “nice job”, gave Derek a friendly slap on the back, and suggested they go out for celebratory we didn’t die today milkshakes. He was pleasantly surprised when Derek both agreed and paid, and he dipped fries in both to see if they went better with his strawberry or Derek’s chocolate.

(The answer was chocolate, and Derek didn’t even get mad when three of Stiles’ fries were lost in his shake.)

The second time, he was marveling at the obscure text Derek managed to track down and said, “dude, you are literally the best, I’m buying you pizza!” And shockingly, Derek let him, and even told him what toppings he wanted. That might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but Stiles had spent years watching in silent judgment as Derek picked off half the toppings from the pizzas he ordered for the pack, as if he couldn’t get another for himself that he actually liked.

Stiles told him he liked the way he rearranged the loft, and Derek sat through the entire extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring on his new flat screen.

When he mentioned liking the fancy pasta dish Derek made and asked for a lesson to make it, Derek agreed. He showered compliments on Derek’s meticulous overhaul of the bestiary and Derek let him borrow three books.

Derek never let anyone borrow his books, they never left the loft.

These events were all spread out enough that it took a while to click, but when it did, it was both a revelation and incredibly depressing: Derek had no idea what to do with even the most casual of compliments.

Sarcasm was no issue, Stiles knew that much—he’d personally thrown out enough nice martyr complex, jackass and the like to figure that out—but anything that was even remotely sincere?

He started paying attention after that, to the way Derek would stiffen and his eyes would widen a bit before his face closed off again. He would go quiet, maybe nod, and quickly agree to pretty much anything just to get the focus back off himself.

Because Derek was actually embarrassed by compliments.

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So, I was stoked to see the leaked photo of Matt Holt and Shiro. Shiro is alive, THANK GOD, because I don’t really want anyone else to pilot the black lion (I could maybe come around to Allura though…). He’s SPACE DAD. His family needs him. And Matt is alive! And he and Pidge are going to be so relieved to be together again. This is amazing. But if/when Shiro and Matt finally make it back to the castle, the ship dynamics will change, possibly a lot. 

And I think Lance is going to be most affected by this change, probably for the worse.

I mean, think about it… Lance tends to be the least favorite on the ship. No one’s best friend, never anyone’s first choice. And Matt’s going to board the ship, and everyone will get along with him extremely well, and Lance will be crushed that this guy who’s been on the ship for a matter of hours is already liked better than him. 

Shiro has already worked with Matt, they’ve dealt with trauma together, they’ve bonded. Shiro is  grateful to have his old friend back. Pidge, obviously, will be thrilled to see her brother again. Any attention she once allowed Lance is now focused on Matt instead. Hunk and Matt both strike me as very methodical, patient, and strategic. I think they’ll bond very easily. Keith probably won’t have strong feelings for him, but jeez, he’ll find Matt far more pleasant than “obnoxious” Lance. Coran will love this bright, scientific boy! How wonderful to have another ally on board. Matt will probably be very useful around the castle! And as for Allura…

Allura already adores Pidge and Shiro. And as soon as these two introduce Matt, she already knows she’ll get along with him splendidly. She includes him in battle planning. They share the information they’ve learned about the war and the status of other planets. They strategize to form new alliances. And one day over dinner, she makes a casual comment, not realizing its potential harm. 

“Matt, if we’d have found you sooner, you would have been a perfect fit for the Blue Lion. The Blue Paladin is known for being an excellent strategist, cool under pressure, and having incredible precision. With your skill set, you certainly fit the bill!”

Of course, Allura didn’t mean to insult Lance. And she’d never dream of replacing Lance at this point, not now that he and Blue were bonded. She didn’t even think Lance been paying attention. He and Keith had been bickering. But Lance heard her. He pretended he hadn’t and finished his meal in silence.

 But later that night, he couldn’t push the words out of his head. He couldn’t shake the feeling that she was right. Matt was better than him in every way. Matt had passed piloting exams and simulations so that he could go on the Kerberos Mission. After so much experience extracting ice samples, his precision was unmatched. Since escaping the Galra, he’d become an excellent fighter. Plus, he got along well with everyone on the team. It would be much easier for the paladins to form Voltron with Matt piloting Blue.

Worst of all, Blue loved him too. Shortly after arriving to the castle, Matt had asked to meet all of the lions. And upon seeing Matt, Blue lit up just like she did for Lance.

So Lance decides to leave. Matt will pilot Blue. Voltron will be stronger, and they’ll defeat the Galra sooner. Peace will be returned to the universe. Besides, maybe he’ll be able to find his way home. After all, that’s where he really wants to be—safe on earth with his family. A few days later, after looking over all the maps he could find and storing away enough food and water for a few weeks, he packs up his few belongings and makes his way to the escape pods. He passes through the silent halls of the castle unnoticed and makes his departure.

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Peaches and Cream (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut.
Word count: 2.3k

Part one: Sex Tape. Part two: Toys.

Summary: “Don’t you ever get tired?” You asked, referring to the last four times you’ve had sex today. “Nah baby, I’ll never get tired of you,” He cooed softly, taking one hand off the steering wheel and slowly trailing his fingers up the inside of your thigh.

Song: Peaches n Cream

“Jimin,” You playfully scolded, pushing his hand away from the passengers’ seat you were sitting in, “Stop it.”

It was your last night together and you were on your way to the airport to spend the last hour with him because he soon would be touring overseas in Europe for the first time. During your road trip to Incheon Airport, Jimin struggled to keep his eyes on the road in front of him and kept glancing at your bare legs.

He let out a chuckle and reached for you again, making you sigh dramatically as you thought about how you’ve been at it all day, until a couple of hours ago when you frantically helped him pack his stuff at the last possible minute.

“Don’t you ever get tired?” You asked, referring to the last four times you’ve had sex today.

“Nah baby, I’ll never get tired of you,” He cooed softly, taking one hand off the steering wheel and slowly trailing his fingers up the inside of your thigh.

“Oh and by the way,“ He began, glancing at you from the corner of his eye, not really paying attention to the road, “We didn’t make that second sex tape you promised.“

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So, I see many people talking about how Liam Payne has changed, he’s dressing up differently, he’s not the same, etc. 

And I’m like, oh yeah he’s totally changed, except he’s always been wearing similar kind of clothing. Liam Payne in the years gone by:

And this is Liam Payne recently

Aside from the chain, the clothing hasn’t been all that different but ANYWAY

Game | Harry Hook x Reader

Originally posted by ehdsisjado

Summary: It was a game between you and Harry. See who could make the other break first. And you were determined to win.

Warnings: Smutty goodness

Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at smut so let me know if you like it!

You pushed Harry up against the alley wall, nipping at his bottom lip as his hands trailed up and down your back. Just when he started to reach for the button on your pants, you pulled away from him, smirking when his hands tried to follow you.

“Sounds like Uma’s calling me. Better run.” You gave him a sarcastic pout and turned to walk away. He grabbed your hand, spinning you back around to face him. “Sweetheart, you can’t leave me like this again.” He gritted out. You looked him up and down, feeling a sense of pride when you saw the tent in his pants.

“Sweetheart, I can and I will.” You mocked, pulling your arm away from him and hurrying back to the Lost Revenge, laughing as you heard Harry swearing at you. 

Uma had you and Harry together training some new recruits. The sun was blistering hot overhead and Harry was training some new girl who wasn’t even paying attention to what he was saying but to his abs instead. It pissed you off. Oh well, she’ll wish she had paid attention when she ‘accidentally’ gets stabbed.

Angrily, you turned your attention back to the guy you were training. “If your opponent strikes first, turn the sword to catch theirs and while they’re pulling their sword back, you can apply a swift kick to either their shin or groin.” You kicked out for emphasis. “But if you strike first, be sure to-” 

“Hey!” You heard Harry bark, stomping his way over to you two. You took a step backwards when Harry grabbed your recruit’s collar, practically holding him in the air. “If you wanna be part of the crew, I would recommend actually listening instead of staring at my (Y/N)’s ass.” Harry growled. 

“Got it?” Harry questioned. Once he deemed the guy was sorry enough, Harry promptly dropped him and grabbed your wrist. “Everybody pair up and duel it out. We’ll be back.” Harry announced, hurriedly pulling you below deck. You grinned victoriously. It wasn’t often you got Harry this riled up.

You nearly stumbled as Harry pushed you into the broom closet, slamming the door behind you. Immediately, he pushed you up against the wall, nipping at your neck, his hands on your shoulders. You grasped at his wrists, already panting.

“You remember earlier? When you just pranced away, laughing?” Harry sucked even harder on your neck. You tried to hold back your moans and whimpers. It would be bad if Uma found out her first mate and loyal crew member left in the middle of training to go fuck in a closet.

“Leaving me worked up in the alley way.” Harry continued, starting to make another hickey on the base of your neck. “You’re gonna regret it.” Harry growled. You screamed as Harry bit down on your neck. So much for being quiet.

“I’m gonna make you scream my name.” Harry grinned maniacally and used his hook, ripping your shirt from your frame. “Then what are you waiting for?” You murmured with a sly smile. His eyes darkened, his grin replaced by a look of pure determination. It excited you.

“If you like those clothes, I recommend you get them off. Now.” Harry growled, undoing his belt. You gulped slightly nervous at his rough voice. You quickly shimmied out of your jeans and tugged your panties down as well. You unclasped your bra and let it fall to the floor.

You looked up at Harry suddenly feeling like a mouse in a box with a cat. He stared at you hungrily. “Come and get it, big boy.” You taunted. Before you could close your mouth, Harry was on top of you, kissing you hard, sliding his hands down to your butt. You wrapped your arms around his neck.

Harry ran his tongue across your bottom lip, demanding entrance which you refused to give him. Suddenly, his hands dipped down low and grabbed your butt hard. You let out a small squeak and his tongue dived into your mouth, quickly finding yours. You rubbed your thighs together to get more friction, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Harry.

“Jump.” Harry mumbled against your lips. You lifted one leg and hooked it around Harry’s waist and jumped. You hooked your other leg around him as he gripped your thighs, holding you up.

You set to work on leaving a hickey on his neck while one of his hands made its way down to your slit. You let out a loud moan as he rubbed his thumb over your clit, simultaneously sticking two fingers inside of you.

“Goddammit, Harry! Pick up the pace!” You hissed, getting frustrated. “Trust me, darlin’. You’ll be begging me to slow down in a minute.” He promised, removing his fingers and replacing it with the head of his cock.

Your head fell limp against his shoulder as he pushed in. You let out a groan as Harry bottomed out, his pubes brushing against your clip. You gripped at his biceps. He was physically shaking as he waited for you to adjust.

Your gazes met, his eyes with love and lust. “Go.” You ordered. Harry smirked, pulling out and stopping, just his tip inside of you. “Harry, I swear to God-” You let out a small scream as Harry thrust inside of you again, your threat falling flat.

It had been way too long since you had gotten to do this. You let out a groan as Harry began kneading your left breast, attaching his mouth to your right. You tangled your hands in his hair, tugging lightly. The knot in your gut started tightening. 

“Harry…“ You whimpered. “I’m-” “I know.” He nodded. His thrusts became less controlled. He stuck his hand in between your legs again, rubbing at your clit. You jerked and spasmed, getting so close… Harry stopped.

“Please!” You whined, trying to rub yourself against his fingers. “Who do you belong to?” Harry murmured in your ear. “You!” You screamed as Harry started moving his fingers even faster. 

“Harry!” You yelled, the knot in your gut snapping. You threw your head back, panting as Harry pulled out. “Ah, (Y/N)!” Harry yelled. You flinched slightly as Harry released himself on your stomach. You put your hands on Harry’s shoulders, massaging them lightly as Harry loosened his grip on your thighs. Damn you were gonna be sore in the morning.

Harry carefully set you down and handed you a rag to clean yourself. You finished and tossed the rag on the ground. You stood on your tiptoes, pressing your lips to his. “Love you.” You mumbled against his lips. “I know.” 

It was quiet as you both gathered your clothes. You held up your ripped shirt. “What am I supposed to do about this?” You questioned. “That sounds like a you problem.” Harry smirked.

“Ok then.” You shrugged. “I’ll just go back up in just my bra, so everybody can stare…” You trailed off, smirking as Harry’s jaw tightened. “Hold still.” Harry ordered, walking out of the closet.

After a minute or two, Harry popped his head in the door. “Here.” Harry tossed you his white tank top he as wearing before you started training. You quickly pulled it on over your head and met Harry out in the hallway.

“I think we can both agree. I made you break this time.” You grinned gleefully. Harry scoffed. “Please. I had you screaming for me. Please, Harry. Please.” Harry mocked. “Shut up!” You pushed him gently, laughing. “You didn’t win.” He declared, crossing his arms.

“You brought this upon yourself then.” You said with an innocent smile. “Wha-” You cut him off by pushing him up against the wall, lips brushing up against his. “Don’t start anything you can’t finish.” You pulled away, making Harry growl in frustration.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game!” You called over your shoulder with a smug smirk. “Fuck you!” Harry groaned. “That’s your job!”

“We both tried to grab at the last copy of that desired book at the same time and had a tug of war.” (from this post)

Sterek ficlet, T, ~1.6k words. Basically, I was going to just do a tiny little drabble as a warm-up for working on one of my WIPs, and then I was having too much fun with it to stop.

(Btw, if you couldn’t tell, I totally made up the book series in question. Any resemblance to any actual book is completely coincidental.) 

It’s definitely some kind of torture that on the day the seventh and final Path of Wolves novel comes out, Stiles still has to go to school like it’s not the most important day of the year or anything.

And okay, so it’s not like anyone else in Beacon Hills has even heard of these books except Scott, and then only because Stiles can’t shut up about them, but still. Stiles spends the entire day practically vibrating out of his skin with the anticipation. He’s pretty sure he hasn’t taken in a word any of his teachers has said today. The only reason he doesn’t try to make a break for it during lunch is that he can’t afford another detention on his record, and even so, he’s still sorely, sorely tempted to risk it. In the end, he has to get Lydia to hide his car keys from him.

(He was going to ask Scott to do it, but Scott would have caved as soon as Stiles started begging, and Stiles is definitely not above begging, so Lydia it is.)

The instant the final bell rings, though, Stiles is out of there, flying across the parking lot and gunning the Jeep. The bookstore probably only ordered a few copies, and if Stiles isn’t holding one of them by the time he leaves, somebody’s about to get murdered.

Not that he actually expects any competition, but it’s better not to let these things go to chance. He already messed up once by procrastinating on pre-ordering until they were sold out; he didn’t think it was possible for a Path of Wolves novel to be sold out. He was wrong, and now he’s paying for it by having to physically go to the bookstore to get it.

Either Stiles vastly overestimated how many copies the store was going to order, or else he vastly underestimated how many people in Beacon Hills read these books, because when he skids to a stop in front of the New Releases shelf, there’s only one copy left. One beautiful, perfect hardcover copy.

Lucky for him, one copy is enough.

Except that when he grabs ahold of it, someone else does, too.

For a long second, Stiles can’t even believe what he’s seeing. Another hand, on his book. Another hand that’s not letting go, even though Stiles has already clearly and unambiguously grabbed it by the spine and isn’t letting go, either.

Stiles turns his head incredulously to get a look at this usurper, and it’s Derek Hale. As in, made-of-muscles, leather-wearing lacrosse captain Derek Hale.

Until this moment, Stiles wasn’t even sure Derek could read, and now he’s trying to steal Stiles’ obscure eight-hundred-page fantasy novel. What.

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our little family pt.4 | park jimin

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Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au

Word Count: 4.7k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever.

Parts: 1 2 3 4


Reader’s POV

Readjusting your hat on your head, you rested a hand on your hip before wiping away the sweat that trickled down the side of you face. Who would’ve known that the day you had planned a field trip for the kids was the day of the record highest temperature your city had seen in the last decade.

Clearly you didn’t, because here you were with twenty sweaty, hungry and excited children all screaming and attacking you at once.

“Ms.L/N! Ms.L/N?! MS.L/N~” the children yelled, snapping you out of your trance, the heat making your head spin.

Looking down at the two children tugging at your skirt, they pointed towards the playground nearby and begged, “Can we all go play at the playground over there Ms.L/N? Please~” as they continued to put on their puppy faces, knowing well enough how irresistible they were to you.

Sighing, you nodded and immediately after, the rest of the children followed the two, running towards the playground and attacking the swings, slides and see-saws with all their might.

“Be careful! And don’t figh- Minjae-ah! Get off Eunhae!” you yelled in exasperation, picking up your bag and trudging your way to the playground ahead. Finding a spot in the shade, under a big tree, you set down your stuff on the bench beside it. 

Taking a walk around, you made sure all your kids were playing together, none of them hurting one another or themselves, at the least.

After you finished breaking up a fight over the sandbox, got a screaming kid off the monkey bars who was too afraid to let go and trying your hardest to calm down a crying child who accidentally stepped on an ant and killed it, you went to sit under a large oak tree, wanting to be away from the blinding sun.

Why are children so difficult to handle?  you helplessly thought to yourself as you momentarily laid back against the tree trunk, your eyes fluttering close.

Just then you felt something wet stain your arm.

As you peeked your eyes open, you looked up to see a crow sitting on a branch as it blinked at you, making you slowly look down to your right arm.

“You did not.” you gasped as you looked back up at the crow and down at the large pool of shit it left on your arm.

After blinking at your for a bit, almost mockingly, it flew away making you mutter a couple words you knew you shouldn’t have said with all these children around.

As you made your way to the bench where all your stuff were, you pulled out your water bottle and washed the sticky mess from your arm. Casually looking around the playground, you started to make a mental count of all your kids, when suddenly your eyes went wide.

It was as if it all happened in slow motion.

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— lit me up | (m)

pairing— kim namjoon x reader, author! namjoon
genre/warnings— smut, slight angst, romance
words— 9,222

:: summary— you find yourself becoming captivated by a mysterious, handsome author, but you may have bitten off more than you can chew…

note— extracts taken from the bts highlight reels, found here and the serendipity lyrics, found here. Inspired by the song found here.

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Riku: *blabbering on about some darkness crap*

Sora: Gosh you’re pretty