he's not even freckly


Also because I haven’t done this before for any Carver screenshots that I have, here’s a very quick little edit of what Carver looks like any time I talk about him in the context of Jay’s worldstate, and would look like in-game if the game allowed it. :DDDD

(can’t grow a breard even if he wanted to yet; has a very freckly mabari tattoo somewhere; has swirls in the hair on his neck where the hair wants to twist into one glorious twist in the middle)

ETA: added an equally quick Bethany. ;u;

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“we catch the same bus home and i always fall asleep, but you always wake me up at my stop” mickeyxian or sterek !!

Derek jerks awake as someone grabs his shoulder, but he relaxes when he realizes it’s only cute freckly guy. At this rate, Derek shouldn’t even be surprised anymore.

The first time it happened, Derek had nearly punched the guy in the face. It was only his ridiculous flailing that had saved him. He’d pointed at the stop and Derek had leapt up and out the door before the bus could move on. He’d forgotten to even say thanks.

Of course, that was months ago and the guy’s had to wake Derek up over a dozen times since then. Ever since he started his new job, he’s had to work extra hours that just leave him exhausted.

But he vows that he’s going to strike up conversation with the guy if not just to say thanks for saving his ass so many times.


Derek chugs a five hour energy before climbing on the bus. He instantly spots cute freckly guy and smiles at him. The guy smiles back, but that’s all part of the routine they’ve established.

What isn’t part of the routine is when Derek forces himself to slide into the seat next to him instead of across the aisle like he normally does. The guy looks surprised, but not unhappy so Derek relaxes minutely.

Derek clears his throat and says, “I wanted to say thanks, you’ve saved my ass way too many times and just thanks?” Derek wants to throw himself off the bus for how awkward that was.

“Not a problem,” cute freckly guy says, “Stiles, by the way.” He holds out his hand to shake it.


“Nice to officially meet you.”

“You too.” Derek smiles, this is going much better than he anticipated. It’s not his fault he’s not always capable of talking to people he likes.

The bus hits a bump and Stiles has to grabs Derek’s arm to keep him from flying off the seat.

“You okay, man?” Stiles asks, “You look a little woozy.”

Now that Stiles- it’s great to finally have a name for when Derek daydreams- mentions it, Derek does feel a little off.

“I’m just a little dizzy.” Derek lays his head against the seat in front of him.

“Are you going to pass out? Do you need me to do anything? How can I help?” Stiles asks rapidly as he gently rubs Derek’s back. Derek doesn’t think he even realizes he’s doing it, but damn, if it isn’t nice.

“I probably had too much caffeine and now my heart’s racing. Took a five hour energy right before I got on the bus,” Derek mumbles as he focuses on keeping his lunch in his stomach and not on Stiles.

“Why the fuck would you do that?”

“Wanted to talk to you instead of always falling asleep.”

Stiles’ hand stills where it sits on Derek’s back.

After a moment, Stiles finally responds, “Well, I’m not happy you don’t feel great, but I am glad you wanted to talk to me.”

“Yeah?” Derek asks as he turns to look up at him.

“Yeah.” Stiles runs his fingers through Derek’s hair comfortingly.

Derek keeps his head against the seat and just focuses on the sensation.

“Derek? Derek, it’s your stop,” Stiles says quietly.

Derek slowly wakes up and realizes that he fell asleep in his efforts to ignore his wooziness.

“Looks like you slept anyway. Probably needed it, huh?” Stiles jokes.

Derek nods.

“Can you make it home okay?” Stiles ask.

“I think I’ll feel a lot better once I’m not on a moving vehicle.”


The bus rolls to a stop and Derek stands up. “Thanks, Stiles.”

“Anytime.” Stiles smiles.

Derek makes his way off the bus and back to his apartment and only feels like he’s going to pass out a couple times.

He falls face first on his couch and doesn’t move for ten hours until he finally wakes up.
Derek stumbles to the bathroom and digs around in his pocket for his phone only to pull out a piece of a paper with it.

It’s a phone number with Stiles’ name written next to it.

Derek doesn’t hesitate.

“Hello?” Stiles asks.

“Hey, it’s Derek.”

“Good to know you’re alive; feeling better?”

“Much. And I’d really love to take you out to dinner as thanks and as a date.” Derek hopes he wasn’t reading the situation wrong, but either way he has to take that chance.

“I’d love that.”

Derek smiles. Who knew falling asleep on the bus could be so fortuitous?