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Adriana Sugars' Story (Pt.1)

by: @adriadri 

Candy the Bunny’s Story

*Learn her story?

*Do Not

~Learn it

This story is about a young girl at the age of 7 years old. Her name was Adriana Sugars. She was a happy child, enjoyed life, even with her cruel older sister. One day as Adriana was playing games in the arcade of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, Adriana suddenly sliped off the stool she was standing on. She hit her head hard onto the ground causing her head to start bleeding. A worker by the name of Peter NoLastName, was right behind Adriana when she slipped. All he asked is “Are you ok kid?” not helping her up because he was ‘holding’ boxes of parts to the parts and service room. Adriana just laid there furious at him for not helping. After about 3 minutes later, Peter put down the boxes and helped her up. Adriana only saw blur and suddenly saw a blurry figure run towards her. “Adriana?!?! Are you ok?!?!?”, Adriana heard her sister’s voice and then was able to see her sister’s face when she got closer to Adriana. Adriana slowly shook her head having one hand on her face see everything coming to dark. “Thank you sir, I’ll take her from here” Adriana’s sister picks Adriana up thanking the man infront of her, “Sorry i couldn’t help sooner…” Peter appoligized knowing he didn’t acted quick enough, he also picked the boxes back up. “I think you should take her to the hospital now, she doesn’t look well” he said in a weary voice, “Good idea, and thank you again” Adriana’s sister ran out of the Pizzeria holding Adriana in her arms. As soon as they reached the car, Adriana’s sister put a rag around her head, then she laid her down and as quickly as possible drove to the hospital. Adriana fainted only 10 minutes into the drive. For 4 hours Adriana had been out. Suddenly, Adriana saw light and woke up in the hospital with a banfage over her head to stop the major bleeding. She asked “whe-where am i?” and looked over to her left seeing her mom holding tightly to Adriana’s hand, “Oh dear god has blessed you” her mom said kissing the cheek of Adriana’s. Adriana also saw her older sister and father behind her mom looking worried, “You’re in the hospital sweetie…” her father told her, “Wh-what happened?” Adriana’s parents faced her sister, “You hit your head extremley hard on the ground” a man had helped you up and i rusdhed you here…“ her sister had said. "Oh……ok….” Adriana said with a disipointed voice, after she said that she got a major head ache and suddenly everything went black again. Waking up 2 hours later the doctor was in the room talking with Adriana’s parents, “She has a concussion right now so i think it is best to leave her here to rest for two weeks”, she heard the doctors say before fainting again. Two weeks had passed and so Adriana was back home. They had waited three weeks before going back to the pizzeria. Adriana swore to herself that she will get pay back on the one who just stood there when she fell. After the three weeks Adriana has waited, she finally went back to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. She saw Peter again and in her head she remembered some stories she has heard about him. She decided to use that on him to get her revenge. For weeks Adriana was a jerk to him and she never stopped. Peter was fed up with it and decided to kill her. As one day when Adriana was enjoying the show, Peter went up to her and asked, “Would you like some candy Adriana?”, Adriana being the candy lover and maker of some candy said yes. She Followed him into the back room and was jumping because of excitment. “Goodnight” was the last thing Adriana heard before she was slit in the throat with Peter’s axe. Adriana fell to the ground, throat bleeding and died. She wasn’t expecting to die yet, heck she didn’t want to die. Adriana woke up not herself, she wasn’t in her body, she was in an animatronic. She looked around and saw others that looked like they were just killed. she softly and quietly said “h-hello?” but no one responded. She said it again but a little louder and all of the sudden the others started moving. They looking at each other and all said at once, “We were killed…..?” then they looked at Adriana. “We aren’t the same” one of them said “No dur!”. another replied. Go-go, who now became Freddy Fazbear just stared at the purple bunny. Ben, who was now Bonnie the Bunny sarted back. Freddy’s suddenly said “That’s Ben, know it by the aditude” “HEY!” Bonnie yelled. “Guys don’t start fighting!” the yellow chicken said. CC, who was now Chica the Chicken looked at them with not a happy expression. There was one more animatronic just sitting there and then suddenly said, “You guys just forgot about the pink bunny” they all looked at the golden bear known as Golden Freddy. The one who was now Gloden Freddy was a kid named Clay. Then everyone looked at Adriana, “I have no name now” Adriana just said. “You do though…” CC replied, “What do youn mean?” Adriana replied in confusion. “Candy, Candy the Bunny” She pointed to a picture with the same pink bunny Adriana was now. “YES!” Adriana yelled, “Why so happy?” Ben asked, “I LOVE CANDY!” she fell back wanting to laugh. “Cool, don’t care” Ben said, Adriana sat back up with a murderer expression “Then why’d you ask?” she said creepily. Everyone got the chills (SOMEHOW XD). Candy had been the way she was for many years more than 20 years. She met Peter once again in the 5th year of her being dead. He was surpised and yelled “OH WTF” when he found out. Candy chases him daily just to murder him. Beware, Candy has more to her than she looks. Candy also does not enjoy seeing her friends leave. Candy is now more emotionless than ever. Candy has a fear of losing everyone she cares about. Candy will also not hesitate to kill you if you DON’T SHUT UP AND DON’T STOP BEING MEAN TO HER FOR NO GOD DANG REASON.


*Do Not

~Do Not

Peter,CC,go-go,ben,clay by: @kittietv aka me

Adriana Sugars by: @adriadri

story by: @adriadri uwu

There’s a little box sitting in Cas’ room.

The walls are still naked, the bed has no covers and nothing but the occasional borrowed book from the Bunker’s library resting on the nightstand indicates that anyone even lives in this room.

But there’s a hidden box under the bed, a box Dean only found by accident, when he was returning Cas’ freshly washed trenchcoat.
The box is empty - except for two photos (one of Claire, one of Sam and Dean) and a small, frayed black feather.

The box stays in the room, under the bed, even when Cas isn’t there.
It makes Dean breathe lighter, to know that Cas leaves something here that is valuable to him. That way he knows Cas is coming back sooner or later.

And he does.

Every time.

Because there’s something valuable waiting for him back home, in the Bunker.

And Cas wouldn’t abandon him in a million years.

Velvet Box (Mafia AU)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Summary: Hoseok is kind, charming and friendly, but there are some lies behind the blinding smile of this strip club owner. Jungkook is a mysterious, passionate musician- and don’t you know that you need to sacrifice in order to achieve your dreams… sometimes even your morals?

Genre: Ansgt, Smut, Fluff

Pairings: Reader x Jungkook, Reader x Hoseok

Word count: 5k

Trigger Warnings: Smut, swearing, strippers, criminal activity, thigh riding, oral

“You suspect that whenever he thinks like this, it means your question might have an answer he doesn’t think you’ll like.”

Part 2

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baker151910  asked:

"Baker, did you leave your hotel room open?"

“They’re walking down the hall of the hotel, her raspy laughter echoing off the walls, leftover pizza in her hand and a smile on her face.

“What?” She asks, walking behind Mike having fallen behind when he’d admitted he liked to drink milk with his pizza, the distaste on her face having turned into a fit of giggles to his frowning grin.

“Your door is open,” he says, completely serious, holding out his arm for her to stop behind him.

She freezes, backing herself up against the wall, as he makes his way to the doorframe, checking to see if anyone is in there.  Her hands start to sweat, the box of food feeling heavy to her all of a sudden.  The once steady beat of her heart begins to pound, as if a jackhammer is in the chest, beads of sweat forming on her chest.

His voice doesn’t even register until he’s hovering over her, having sunk to the ground at some point.  He’s kneeling with a groan as his knees crack, but his hands come to rest on her knees, her sad, pleading eyes begging him to help.

“Ginny,” he says, calmly, but his eyes suggest to her her current state is one he’s unaccustomed to.  The invasion not only of her open doored hotel room, but the vulnerability in the breakdown she was having.

Her hand is on her chest, having abandoned the box, pushing tightly against the bone, trying to contain the erratic beating that pulses in her ears.

“Breathe, Gin.  In,” he mimics, breathing along with her.  “Out.  There you go,” he coaches, keeping in time with the steady weight of his hands.

They stay there for several minutes, breathing in time with each other, his heavy breath, and her faint gasps, steadying to one single, strong exhale, her heart eventually syncopating with his own to where she no longer feels the panic coursing through her.

“You okay?” He asks, having never moved from in front of her, his palms balancing his weight on her knees.

She nods, not trusting her voice in that moment.

His hand hesitantly reaches out, as if debating with itself before pushing the fallen curls out of her face, and collapsing into a sit.

“Hope you didn’t hurt your knees, old man,” she rasps out with a sad smile.

“Eh,” he smirks.  “These old bones can take a beating.”

“Good to know,” she sighs.

“So uhh, your hotel,” he motions with his thumb to the door next to them on the wall.

“How bad is it?” She cringes, waiting to hear everything she owns is gone.

“It doesn’t appear anything is gone, you probably just forgot to close your door…”

“Wait, really?” She says, moving to stand up, wobbly legs underneath have her leaning on the wall.

“You should probably check yourself, but it doesn’t seem like anything was touched,” he reassures her.

“So I just…great,” she sighs, bringing her forehead to the wall in frustration.

“Does that happen often?” He asks, slowly moving to stand with her.  “The panic attacks, I mean.”

“Why?  You think they make me weak?” She immediately becomes defensive, wrapping herself up in her hoodie.

“Nope,” he admits with a grin, stroking his beard.  “Shit, if anything, I think you’re even stronger for dealing with that along with everything else.”

His statement, has her balking for a second, before a dimpled smile peeks out.

“You’re human, Baker.  I never thought otherwise.”

This time when her heart starts beating erratically, she knows it’s not so much panic, but the heat from her cheeks at a sentiment that she was inevitably falling further for the guy who always seemed to be there for her in one way or another.

“Thanks,” she says with a shrug.  “But I still think you’re weird for drinking milk with pizza,” she says with a visible cringe.

“I had beer with my pizza,” he challenges.

“But if you were home, eating pizza by yourself…” she baits.

“By myself, where I wouldn’t have to hear you talk shit about it, yeah, I’d have milk,” he admits.

“See, that.  That’s not right,” she says, bumping his shoulder.

“Just grab your pizza and get in here,” he motions towards the abandoned box.

He stands in the doorway waiting for her, and as she passes she stops, meeting his eyes.

“But really, thank you,” she says with a bite of her lip, then walks by him into the hotel, and he follows her in, locking the door behind him.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.

New outfits for our Bouei Bu!! More Better~ ✨💖✨

The All Star event was absolutely incredible and fun!

I have two heart penlights and two regular penlights. The girl next to me was at her first event so I let her borrow a heart and a normal one 😊😊😊.

Everyone came out in their school uniforms and introduced themselves. The twins’ voice actors, Kousuke and Yoshiki, rubbed Hiroki’s (Dadacha) chin until he let out a small “ahh~”.

Then Hiroki chose random names from a box to do one on one skits!

Yoshiki/Kazutomi talked about games and turns out that Kazutomi really likes board games!

Kousuke/Wombat were in the “onsen” and Kousuke had to give him mofu mofu rubs 😂.
Massun/Umehara: Ume-chan washed Massun’s back and even washed his chest from behind, but it was when he reached Massun’s thighs that moans were heard. Very loud Massun moans 😲.

Shirai/Koutarou: you know what, I don’t even know what they talked about. It’s what they DID that stuck lol. Shirai took the spotlight by whipping his belt off so fast I barely saw it. He proceeded to sit very spread-legged and very intimidating lol.

Afterward, Bouei Bu quiz was up! They asked three questions and the answers were projected on the ground. The seiyuu had to stand on the answers they thought were right.

One question was what type of university would Yumoto go to. That’s the only one I remember because it was simple but I couldn’t understand the answer 😢. Gora’s voice actor gave the next question in a video. And so many screams were made when Hiroshi Kamiya came in a video for the last question!

By the way, Shirai is a really petty winner haha. He would dance around stage and laugh at the rest who were wrong 😂.

Another challenge was who could make the cutest animal impression?

Kazutomi was a penguin who gathered things for a home and would wave to the audience with his little “wings”.

Shirai…. I don’t know what he was but he crawled on the floor and had the weirdest expression that everyone called not cute lol.

Wombat squatted in the middle of the stage and said “puru puru puru!!”

Yoshiki crawled around acting like a cat by licking himself and sticking his head under his coat on the ground.

And Koutarou was an otter! Super cute haha. He pretended to dive in the water and juggle his rock, and break shells open. But then the camera zoomed on his face and he looked at the camera with a sexy look, took off his glasses and played with them with his mouth 😳.

There was also a mosaic challenge with a pixelated photo and the seiyuu had to guess what it was before it cleared up enough. First photo was the bouei bu playing twister! Ryu was on top of a blushing Io, Atsushi was over En, and Yumoto was laying over them all lol. Second photo was a birthday party for Ryu! He looked so precious and happy!!! He was all blushes and smiles 😍😍😍. Last photo challenge was Atsushi and Kinshiro on a planetarium date. You could tell from all the screams that there are many KinAtsu fans~

Next challenge was Ikemen Pose!

Umehara drew first blood by taking out his tie from his pocket and straddling it and um… Pelvic thrusting while rubbing his tie between his legs. Shirai promptly ran and stopped him haha.

Massun dragged Shirai on stage to pose him on his hands and knees, then Massun put his foot on Shirai’s back triumphantly.

Kousuke used Yoshiki to gently guide him to lay down in bed, then he took off his jacket and put it on Yoshiki like a blanket and lay next to him. Very gentlemanly and sweet 😚.

They also did a skit where the twins eavesdropped on the bouei bu in the onsen. They overheard Yumoto say Gora likes making and eating pudding. The twins went to France and learned how to make it, but something happened and they never got to give him anything. I think that’s what the skit was about but my Japanese is limited.

White Day messages from the characters were also given! The twins said to the audience things like “precious evening”, “heavenly kiss”, “make love” 😳.

Shirai talked about money of course and ended it with “Love is… Money”.

Koutarou asked the audience what En’s favorite curry is. It’s chicken.

Kazutomi didn’t quite know what to say but he did say thank you for the love.

Massun went to each side of the audience saying “hey let’s hang out”, “I’ll be your boyfriend”, and on my side, he said “Marry me” 😳😳😳😳😳.

I can’t remember at the moment what Umehara said but it was good!!! If I remember, I’ll edit this post.

We saw the beautiful magical transformation scenes and Kousuke and Yoshiki came out in their magical outfits and sang Star The Vepper and Junjou Kakumei D.F.G. 

Bouei Bu came out in their new More Better outfits (even their shoes are different from each other this time!!). They performed Zettai Muteki Fallin’ Love and Futten Toppa LOVE IS POWER.

At the end, they announced the OVA release along with the visual AND, there will be a CG Live concert in May, June and July!! They showed a trailer and it looks awesome!!! The actual characters singing the songs!!!!!!!

Well, that’s all I have for now. It was a really super amazing event!! Saikoooooo!!

@squatcheastin on Instagram: “Behind the scenes. Right after we finished our last shot, which involved Dan taking real punches to the face, he posed with Arlo, and even gave him a pair of the prop boxing gloves. I loved having @shaylaeastin and the kids visit the set for a minute. Since then, I’ve only seen Arlo punch one of his friends. #imaginedragons #danreynolds” via @IDragons_NL on twitter.

Duel//Alec Lightwood Imagine

Being new in the New York Institute was a hard journey for you.Especially being away from your parents and your friends.But when you were leaving your instute,it was the best choice for you.Ever since you came to the institute,you’ve been training days and nights.

Little did you know,the eldest Ligthtwood was watching in every single training you were doing.He always came out of nowhere whenever you were done training,like he knew when you’d wrap it up.

He was always walking in when you sat down,talking to you,telling you to come to diner,or how you been doing.

Jace was constantly talking about how much he liked you.Even his sister was sure that he has a crush on you.You weren’t that sure.You just thought that he was just being friendly,and that was natural.

But that one day,when you were training boxing with the sandbag,you realized the head behind the training room’s door’s window.And you stopped hitting the handbag and held it.You suddenly recognized the black hair,and the rune on that person’s neck so you looked closer.The person looking immediatly kneeled.But you came even closer and opened the door and saw Alec Lightwood kneeling under the window.He stood up fastly.

‘’Oh,i dropped my stelee.There it is.’’He said holding his stelee.It was obvious that he didn’t drop anything but you went with it anyways.

‘’Yeah.’’you said turning your back to grab your bag.

‘’Have you trained with a partner before at New York Institute?’’He asked chasing you to where you’re going.

‘’I haven’t!’’You said turning to him.You were amazed by the idea of training with a partner because you were trainning with a partner constantly when you were in your Institute.

‘’Do you want to?Together?’’

‘’Now?’’You asked pointing the ring.

‘’Yeah!’’He said walking up to ring,and you followed him.

‘’Here we go.’’You said throwing a punch that supposed to hit his chin but he grapped your wrist and pulled you so you can’t move.You used your right leg to kick him,and he tottered,you used that as an advantage.Then you used your elbow to punch his stomach.The only thing you noticed that he never tried to hit you he just defended himself.You always saw him hitting in a duel but he didn’t even try to hit you.When you tried to punch him again he held your wrist and pulled you closer to him.

Then you stopped trying to hit him.

He stopped trying to parry your moves.

The only thing you were hearing was your heartbeat,his heart  beat and the way you two breathe.

He looked at your eyes for a good 30 seconds then looked at your lips.Then,he smashed his lips into yours.After a moment of shock you responded to his kiss.The kiss was soft enough to make you blush.He let your wrists go then you put your arms on his shoulders and he put his hands on your waist.

One of the best moments of your life.The first kiss you shared with your boyfriend for 4 years.And now,fiancee.


She was the kind of kid who loved surprises. Katniss always marveled at how joyfully her daughter would play hide and seek. Even though the toddler thought standing in the same corner every time was a good hiding spot. She was the kind of kid for whom a jack in the box provided hours of gleeful merriment.

Katniss, on her hunter’s feet was excellent at surprising her daughter. And unexpectedly revealing flowers from behind a back was a common occurrence. Peeta would participate with little items from the bakery or tiny paintings and drawings. They both loved the little “Oh!” their daughter would gift them with when they presented something surprising.

They had discussed the baby for weeks. But he came so quickly and suddenly. One night, they all went to bed unawares, and by the next morning there was an entirely new person in their family.

As Peeta opened the door to begin the introductions, Katniss steeled herself. It isn’t every day someone just appears and comes to live in your house. She and Peeta decided to present her brother as a a very special surprise. She just wasn’t sure the girl was ready for a surprise of this magnitude.

honestly half my headcanons are just “what increasingly ridiculous things can i make the vagabond do”

and so anyway during a heist the crew is hitting a bunch of stores at once for Plot Reasons, and ryan goes off to rob the one circled on his map

but he pushes open the door to the shop and doesn’t even manage to get his gun out before a huge box is being pushed into his arms

and ryan’s trying to peer around the edges of it as he holds it, just sort of taken aback, like, “uh–”

and this tiny old lady, like, possibly one hundred years old with enormous sunglasses and curly white hair, goes back behind the counter and says, “you’re late. start unpacking everything onto the bottom shelf in the back.”

awkwardly, ryan’s like, “um, i’m not–”

and the lady doesn’t even look at him as she waves a hand imperiously in his general direction and barks, “now, young man.”

and ryan–masked up and tall and broad-shouldered and armed–sort of snaps to attention and mumbles, “yes, ma’am.”

three hours later the crew finally manages to find him, thinking he’s injured or kidnapped or dead

and they find the vagabond working politely and diligently in a little crafts shop while somebody’s grandma barks orders at him.

(”what the fuck are you doing? we need to go,” geoff snaps.

“right, just– my break isn’t until two,” ryan says, brow furrowed in concern.)


He appeared at her door with snow on his shoulders and hat and eyelashes, a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix — also covered in snow — in his hands. He wasn’t wearing gloves, which didn’t surprise her, and his skin was chapped and red.

Scully pulled her robe tighter and rubbed her nose in sympathy with his. “Mulder, how did you even get here? The Metro’s closed.”

“Walked.” He pulled off his coat, shaking the snow out in the hallway.

“From work. In a blizzard.”

He made a face. “I’m from Massachusetts, Scully. This is not a blizzard.”

“Fine. You walked here from work. In the snow.”

Mulder crossed behind her and filled her kettle with water, setting it to boil on the stove. She wanted to be annoyed when he set his hand at the small of her back and led her over to the couch, but she just couldn’t work up the energy.

“I just wanted to see how you were holding up,” he said, and before she could open her mouth to snap at him that it was none of his business and she didn’t need his help, he added, casually, “With the snow.”

The kettle whistled. The smell of the hot chocolate made her feel sick, honestly, but she held the mug in her hands and felt warm for the first time in months. He sat next to her on the couch. When her drink cooled off and she shivered, he tucked a blanket around her and then — cautiously, slowly — leaned his head on her shoulder.

It occurred to her that maybe he needed this as much as she did.

One night, when they were young, they watched the snow fall outside, and she tried not to wonder if it would be the last time.

It wasn’t, of course.

Dark days - a Jasper Hale imagine.

Anon: Jasper imagine where you cut yourself accidentally on something and he loses control and later feels bad and avoids you.

Jasper had just carried the last box into my bedroom, I stood at the edge of my bed rummaging through a box of clothes. My family and I moved into a new house after the announcement of my mother’s pregnancy, don’t even get me started on that. Jasper walked behind me wrapping his hands around my waist and kissing my neck, I trembled at his touch. I giggled and walked away to another unopened box. As I was about to open the taped box Jasper appeared next to me. I jumped, slicing my finger with the blade.

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“You gave me a plant.”

“Yes.” Jefferson nodded, worry beginning to form a tight knot in his belly.

They stared at each other for a long moment, the little plant in its rough wooden box still resting in John’s hands.

“I can’t even take care of myself, how in God’s name do you expect me to take care of a plant?” Seeing Thomas’s downcast look, John lowered his voice. “Mr. Jefferson… Why?”

Thomas cleared his throat and clasped his hands behind his back in an almost nervous gesture. “As a gift.” A tinge of color crept up onto his face.

John sighed, pursing his lips. “Thank you.” He said shortly. “I’ll keep it, I suppose.”

“It flowers most beautifully in the spring.” Thomas’s voice was soft, and his gaze shifted off into the distance. “It reminds me of home.”

“I… See.” John looked down at the dainty green leaves of the plant. “I’ll do my best to take care if it for you.”

A small smile flashed across Jefferson’s lips. “Thank you, Mr. A.” Looking down at the other man, he reached out and laid his hand on John’s shoulder for just a moment before leaving the room.

Staring after the lanky red-head, John Adams shook his head. But he couldn’t stop the warmth that he felt in his heart, or the smile that had somehow appeared on his face.

sam and bucky raise puppies

a small ficlet for @zamnwilson who is still responsible for the AU where Sam is a veterinarian and Bucky is a lumberjack who can’t stop helping injured animals

see here and here

“Sorry, Buck. I gotta cancel tonight.”

“What? Why?”

“Somebody found a litter of two day old puppies in a dumpster.”

What the fuck. Where are you?”

“Home. You wanna… God, why am I even asking? You’re getting in your car right now, aren’t you?”


Within the hour, Sam hears Bucky outside his apartment fiddling with his keys, and Sam grins when Bucky let himself in. “Hey, man.”

Bucky throws his bag on the floor and kicks the door shut behind him with his heel. He looks like he’s on a mission when he asks in all seriousness: “Where are the trash babies?”

The seven puppies are huddled in a box filled with blankets in Sam’s living room with a space heater. Sam’s holding one in his lap and feeding it from a dropper. “Good to see you too. C’mon.”

They feed each puppy and Sam resets the clock to go off in another two hours so they can be fed again. Bucky goes about naming all seven pups.

“This one looks like a Jeremiah.” Bucky holds the wiggly puppy up to his face for a second before setting it back down in the blankets. Then the next one. “This one is Waffle.”

“You can’t name one Jeremiah, and another one Waffle. Either they all get goofy names or they all get respectable names.”

“Waffle,” Bucky repeats, and gets the next one. “Prince Harry.”

“Fuck you, man,” Sam chuckles.

“What kinda dogs are they?”

“Hell if I know. They all look like chicken nuggets to me right now.”

Bucky smiles and pets one on the head with the tip of his finger. “Joebama.”


“Okay, you name the rest.”

Sam exhales and looks at the last three puppies. He shrugs his shoulders. “Phoebe, Prue, and Piper.”

“Are those… is that Charmed?”


Bucky stifles a loud cackle so as to not disturb the sleepy trash babies, holding his sides and snickering. “You’re a dork.”

Sam wads up a towel and throws it at him. “Glass houses, Barnes.”

Period Pains ~ 10K/Reader

This was requested by @saltytragedyblizzard-53350742 I hope you’re in a better mood soon :) <3

“an imagine where 10k finds out that you’re on your period so he’s all cute and cuddly and just super fluffy please”

Warnings: A little bit of fluff.

The same time of the month every month the journey became a lot more intense, even Murphy was quieter than usual, not wanting to wake the beast inside a menstruating Warren. Addy stepped out of the small convenience store with a victorious look on her face as she held up boxes towards the truck. Your eyes lit up at the sight, almost forgetting about the pain. 10K stood behind her carrying both his and Addy’s packs and they looked full to the brim with other boxes and food.

“Tampons? You found tampons. Thank, God.” You sighed. She chucked a box towards you playfully.

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Notes: Dex has hella siblings, Aubrey is two years older than him and Jenna is three years younger. Also Dex’s family calls him Liam, but I kept his name Will in the narrative. Shout out to everyone who had extremely ugly glasses as a kid.

      He couldn’t breathe. He absolutely can’t see and he can’t breathe. His last pair of prescription contacts, which were supposed to last him two more weeks had ripped. He had scoured the bathroom for an extra pair, even tried to make do with the ripped lens, but the contact immediately fell out of his eye. He clutched his chest and took several deep breaths before pulling the bulky glasses case out from the shoe box hidden in the back corner of his closet. He steadied his hands before pulling the large frames onto to his face.

 “Yo Poindexter!” Will sank into himself, turning the corner and racing down the hall towards the closest classroom. Behind him James Corrs and Chad McGowan were dodging other students in an effort to reach him, and Will felt a rush of panic shoot down his spine as he realizes he had ran directly into Dennis Stevens. He had no idea why, but a large group of the student body, especially a group of certain eighth graders had found it hilarious when Will was forced to get glasses. For a few weeks he had refused to wear them during the school day, but one too many teachers had called home complaining that Will wasn’t getting anything done in class because he spent the entire period squinting at the board. His mother had threatened to take away his season tickets to the hockey rink if he refused to wear the glasses, and for some ridiculous reason he had convinced himself that he couldn’t tell his mother about the threats, so he complied. When he asked his older brother to take him to get contacts he had scoffed, “Twelve year olds can’t get contacts, Liam.” So there he stood, his back against a row of lockers as the crowd taunted him chanting “Four-eyed Poindexter” and Chad pounded Will’s stomach with his fists. They had only stopped when the second period bell rang, but James had turned back at the last second to punch him directly in the nose. When Aubrey was called into the nurse’s office to calm him down, he lied and told her he had slipped and broken his nose. And even though Aubrey stuck by side as often as she could from then on, Will still had to hide black eyes and bruises from his family until his fifteenth birthday. His mother had found it “incredibly strange that you want to spend your birthday at the optometrists, Liam, really we can go tomorrow.” But he had insisted, and it was the best birthday present he had ever gotten.

     He ducks his head, trying to keep his breathing shallow and even as he shuffled into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. But of course everyone is there, stuffed in tight around the dining table and leaning against the counters as Bitty flipped pancakes at the stove. He keeps his head down, but Bitty notices him immediately and chirps, “Morning, Mr. Poindexeter.” But when he actually looks at Dex, he does a double take, “I didn’t know you wore glasses!” And then everyone is staring at him, at the gigantic, thick lensed glasses. His entire body burns, he can feel the blood flooding his cheeks but the room is silent so he gives a forced chuckle, “I wear contacts but my prescription ran out.” But as he turns toward the table everyone is still staring at him in wonder, except Nursey who is wearing a mischievous grin. He knows what is coming, as a spark of humiliation and rage flutters in the pit of his stomach, Nursey huffs out a small laugh. “You pick out those frames yourself? You look like true 1960’s Poindexter, all you’re missing are the suspenders and pocket protector.” It was a weak chirp, and honestly, he’d heard it a thousand times before but hearing it from his friends, especially Nursey, who was gorgeous and flawless with perfect vision, it just stung. Immediately he felt dizzy with embarrassment and he had to bite his lip to stop himself from crying. Without thinking he ripped the glasses off of his face let them hit the ground before stepping on the lens. The second he heard them crunch, he bolted up the staircase, only faintly hearing the, “Not cool, Nursey.” Followed by an, “I didn’t know, I- had no idea-“

    He found himself on the roof, clutching his knees to his chest as he waited for Jenna to answer her cell, and when he got her voicemail, he explained that he would give her anything she wanted if she drove to the optometrist’s office and convinced them to express mail him his next prescription. He was adding the twentieth please to the end of the message when he heard the window behind him. He didn’t bother to turn around because he probably wouldn’t be able to tell who they were until they got to his side. He was typing a message to Jenna, holding the screen about an inch from his face, when a body settled next to him.

“I’m so fucking sorry, Dex.” Nursey tried to rest a hand on his shoulder, the way that makes his stomach flutter, but Dex moves flinches away violently. He hears a desperate whine from Nursey, and when he looks to his side, Nursey has a one hand fisted in his curls, with the other clutching what Dex assumes are the glasses. He sucks in a deep breath before whispering, “They look really cute on you.”

  “Excuse me?!” For someone who preached peace and acceptance, Nursey was being incredibly cruel. Dex could feel his hands start to shake uncontrollably as he reached out to snatch the glasses, but Nursey caught his wrist and pulled him in close.  He could feel Nursey’s breath on his face and see the specs of gold in his eyes.

“I only said what I said because I was trying to cover up the fact that I am so incredibly turned on by the image of you in glasses.” Dex is ready to punch Nursey for being such douchebag but Nursey is slipping the glasses onto his face (the frames had cracked in several places, but lenses had escaped unscathed) and leaned in to press a hot kiss against his mouth.

    Just as Nursey slipped his tongue into his mouth, he pulled back and searched his face, their foreheads pressed together. Nursey had eyes shut and he’s laughing breathlessly, and he reaches a hand up to cup the back of his neck and the other moves to his waist. “If you’re fucking with me I’m gonna push you off this roof.” Nursey shook his head before ducking in again, kissing him gently before whispering, “What do I have to do to get you to wear these in bed?” And Dex actually shoves his shoulder hard.

Downstairs Lardo comes back in the front door announcing, “They’re all good.” To everyone’s relief.

The Elevator - Jason DiLaurentis Imagine

Requested by anonymous

“Okay, where would that picture be?” you said as you started to rifle through the boxes in Mr. DiLaurentis’s apartment.

“I’m not sure, just keeping searching. It’s in one of these boxes,” Jason replied as he dug through a different box. 

“Jason, should we even be down here? What if your father comes down?” you asked skeptically, looking back at the elevator doors for the fifth time. 

“He’s not my father, Y/N. And if you’re so scared, why don’t you stand guard.”

“I’m not scared, I’m just being cautious.”

“He won’t come down here. He’s in Philly all week,” he said. You nodded and relaxed a little bit, continuing your search. You became distracted many times, each time with a different picture of Jason.

“Y/N,” he said, coming up behind you, scaring you. “Sorry. Stop looking at pictures of me, we’re here for the Ali picture.” He placed a kiss to your forehead and went back to his box. 

“Wait, Jase, is this it?” you asked, holding up a picture frame. Jason came over and took the picture. He removed the scrapbooking Ali had done, and revealed the picture. 

“We got it.”

“Good, now let’s get the hell out of here,” you said as you made your way to the elevator.

“I knew it, you’re scared” he teased as he pressed the elevator button. 

“I’m not scared, Jason. I just want to leave, okay?” you said angrily. You stalked into the elevator and folded your arms.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. Please talk to me,” he pleaded as he pressed the correct floor key. You rolled your eyes and kept silent. “Y/N, I-” he began to say when the elevator came to a halt. You lurched forward and smacked into the wall. Jason stumbled onto the floor and looked around. 

“What was that?” you asked as you rubbed your head. 

“I don’t know. Are you okay?” he asked, crawling towards you. You nodded and he helped you up. You pressed the emergency alarm button and you both checked you phones.

“No reception. You?” you asked.

“Nope.” You groaned and slid to the floor. Jason sat down next to you. “I’m sorry about earlier.” You sighed.

“It’s fine, Jase,” you reply as you lay your head on his shoulder. Jason wrapped his arm around you. “What are we gonna do?” you asked hopelessly.

“This, for starters,” he said as he put a finger on your chin and brought your lips to his. He kissed you softly at first, and he pulled away to look at you.

“I love you, Jason,” you said as you placed your hands on his face and pulled him in for another kiss. He placed his hands on your waist, but drew one of his hands up into your hair, pulling you close and causing you to let out a slight moan. Jason smiled and used this as an opportunity to slip his tongue into your moth. Your tongues wrestled for dominance, but eventually you just let him have control. You pulled away when you needed to catch your breath. Jason looked at you and smiled.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to the floor with him on top of you. His arms were on the floor around your head and yours were exploring his body. You pulled off the sweater he was wearing and flipped him around so you were on top of him. 

“Oh my god, Y/N,” he said as he removed your shirt so you were only in your bra. You laughed and placed your hands on his mouth to get him to shut up. He kissed your fingertips and you smiled. “I love you,” he said and sat up slightly.

You were sitting comfortably in his lap, drawing circles on his chest. You pulled his shirt off and threw it across the elevator. He leaned in to pull you close to him when the elevator dropped slightly. You gasped and clutched onto Jason’s neck and shoulders.  You both looked around to see if it was going to move again. Jason laughed. 

You looked at him but he just kept on laughing. You eventually started laughing too. You pulled his smiling face close to yours and silenced him with a kiss. He deepened the kiss by placing his hands in your hair. You gripped the loops of his jeans and laid him down. 

“No,” Jason said. You looked at him confused but he rolled you over. “I like you better from this view.” You laughed and smacked him playfully. He put his hands back in your hair and began kissing you. He lips traveled from your lips, along your jawline, earning a slight moan from you. Jason smiled at his work and took this opportunity to take off your shoes and pants. He continued to kiss you, this time leaving kisses on your neck. 

He kissed you on your neck, right at your sweet spot, resulting in a louder moan. He bit playfully at this spot. You grabbed his face and pulled him away. You took a minute to catch your breath. He waited and then leaned back in to kiss you some more.

“Jason,” you said between kisses. “We need to, we need to stop.” He stopped at this point and looked at you confused. “It’s just a matter of time until someone gets us out of here. We don’t need to be naked when we get rescued.” Jason laughed but nodded. He got off of you and sat up.

You did the same and reached for your shirt.

“Nope,” Jason said as he grabbed you and pulled you close to him. “we won’t be naked when they get us.” He kissed you again, making you forget about everything you had mentioned before. 

You weren’t sure how long you had been in the elevator, but you both had been so lost in each other that you didn’t feel it begin to move again. You only glanced up from each other when you heard a ding and the doors slid open. 

“What the hell?” you looked and saw Mr. DiLaurentis standing at the doors. Jason immediately climbed off of you and grabbed your clothes. He handed them to you and stood in front of you while you put your clothes back on. When you had, you grabbed Jason’s shirt and gave it to him.

“Dad,” Jason began but he was cut off.

“What were you two doing in the elevator of my apartment?”

“We got stuck. The elevator stopped as we were trying to leave,” you answered.

“Why were you even in my apartment build-” he began.


You looked around Mr. DiLaurentis and saw Aria and Spencer walking towards you. You walked past Mr. DiLaurentis and embraced them.

“You got my text!” you said relieved.

“Yeah, come on, let’s go,” Spencer said as she tried to lead you out of the building. You glanced back at Jason and saw him arguing quietly with his father.

“Jason,” you called. He turned to face you and nodded. He grabbed his other shirt off of the elevator floor and walked towards you.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said and kissed your forehead. You nodded and grabbed his hand. You walked with him to the cars. The girls needed you to go with them to explain so you looked at Jason.

“I need to go with them, Jase. I have to explain what happened. Maybe,” you said as you intertwined your fingers. “Maybe, we can finish what we started in the elevator later on?” you asked seductively. Jason kissed you meaningfully, promising more to come.

“I’ll be waiting. I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, too.

Love to Hate You

He never looked at you—not even once. You were friends with his friends. You knew his family, but he still wouldn’t even acknowledge your existence. You and Jimin would never be friends.  You hated him. He made you angry every time you saw him, but you were stuck being nice to him because you and J-Hope were best friends. You tried to befriend him, but no matter what you’d do, he wouldn’t even speak to you.

When you first met him, you couldn’t help but notice his beautiful face and amazing jawline. It seemed like he was teasing you with the way he would walk around shirtless whenever you were visiting the dorm. You had always felt something for him but, in time, that was what made you hate him even more. You hated that he had such a strong effect of you.

You walked through the door of your tiny apartment and dragged a big box in behind you. You’d just bought a bookshelf from Ikea, and Hoseok had promised to bring V and Jungkook over to help build it. You picked up your phone to order pizza, and you noticed a text from Jungkook.

We’re gonna be an hour late.

Jimin is coming over now to help.

Sorry to make you wait.

You sighed. How was this going to work? You ran to the mirror, fixing your hair and checking your makeup. You heard a knock at the door, and you hurried to open it. You saw Jimin, leaning against the doorframe, with a bored look on his face.

“Hey. Thanks for coming to help,” you managed to say. You tried to keep your cool. The way he dragged his feet and heavily sighed was proof he didn’t want to be there; he didn’t even have the decency to try to hide it. “The bookshelf is over there,” you said, pointing in the direction of the living room. You watched as he walked in front of you in the direction you were pointing. His red pants hugged his backside, and you couldn’t help but to look.

“Where are your tools?” he asked, turning around to look at you. Your face turned red, and you hoped he didn’t catch you looking. You could have sworn you saw a smirk on his face, but you ignored it.

“All we need is the alien keys it came with,” you replied.

“Okay. Just keep out of my way; I’ll handle this myself,” he huffed and turned his back to you. He never once respected you, and you never understood why. You started to walk away and let it go, but the more you thought about it, the more you wanted to call him out on being a world-class jerk.

“What’s your problem?” you barked at him, causing him to turn around quickly and narrow his eyes at you. “Why can’t you just be nice for one damn day? It wouldn’t kill you.” Satisfied, you walked out of the room and hastily went into the bathroom to calm down. You stared into the mirror. Your face was so red and your brow was fixed into a frown. You tried to relax your face and compose yourself.

The bathroom door was suddenly thrown open, and you were pinned against the wall. His hands were holding yours over your head and his leg was between yours, preventing them from closing. “I hate you. Why do you think its ok to tease me like this? You’re driving me out of my mind,” he growled into your ear.

You whimpered as he heatedly kissed your neck, biting you and leaving marks. He pressed his body up against yours harder.

“Stop, Jimin. I don’t want you,” you said. You freed your hand from his grasp, moving away from him. You needed to clear your head. He was making your body so hot. You didn’t want to lose control.

“Don’t act like you don’t want me. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I see how you bend over and show off your ass. Don’t tease me ________,” he muttered, closing the gap between you and him. He was so close to you that your noses were touching.

“I hate you,” you snarled before kissing him deeply. Your arms wrapped around his neck, and his hand found their way to your ass. Your fingers tugged on his hair, and you moaned into his lips. He kissed down your jaw line and ripped your shirt over your head. You unclasped your bra, and he tossed it out of the way.

He bent his head down and took your nipples between his teeth. He roughly tugged at them causing you to whine and arch your back. You tugged at his pants and slid them down to his ankles. You dropped to your knees and wrapped your hand around his member. You put it into your mouth and swirled your tongue on the tip.

“Shit,” he muttered as you bobbed up and down with him in your mouth. Your fingers found their way inside of you underwear and you rubbed you sensitive nub as you pleased him.

“Stop,” he breathed as he pulled you onto your feet. He pinned your back to the wall and pushed his hand into your panties. “You’re not allowed to play with my things,” he said as he stuck two fingers inside of you. You gasped and stare into his eyes.

“Fuck you; I’ll do what I want.” You growl. He pressed his thumb on your clit, roughly rubbing it in circles.

“You’re mine now. Don’t let anyone else touch you.” Pulling his hand from your panties, he quickly jerked down your pants, leaving you completely naked. He lifted up your leg, pressed your back roughly against the wall, and plunged into you. “Jimin!” you screamed as he quickly moved inside of you.

He didn’t stop to ask if you were okay. He just kept ramming his large length into you. Your nails scraped his skin, leaving red lines to decorate his back. “Faster!” you shrieked as you felt your climax coming close.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” he hissed through clenched teeth as he sped up. Your eyes shut tight, and the pleasure washed over you like a wave. You heard yourself whimpering. He suddenly pulled out of you, shooting his cum onto your stomach. You calmed your breathing as you came down from the extreme pleasure.

“Get dressed. They’ll be here soon,” you commanded as you started to clean yourself. You tossed him his clothes and pushed him out of the bathroom.

As you finished getting dressed, you heard the front door opening and the voices of the other boys. You walked out as if nothing had ever happened.

Since that day, every time you saw him, you didn’t speak. You didn’t pretend to like each other anymore. Everyone assumed you were just natural enemies. But when no one was watching, you both exchanged looks, knowing how you truly make each other feel.

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Hoped you enjoyed it.

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give me veteran farmhusbands

give me gabriel reyes and jack morrison taking a timely retirement and using their generous military pensions and government subsidized land grants to buy farmland in the mid-southwest

maybe ozark-country

give me jack weeding long rows of salad in a dirty flannel and a straw hat, give me gabe gathering eggs from the hens at dawn, soothing them in soft spanish, give me jack in the henhouse getting pecked to shit and whining to gabe about it while gabe laughs, says it’s because you don’t use their names, idiot

give me jack and gabe set up at the farmer’s market, their stall colorful with corn and chard and speckled eggs and boxes of tiny newpotatoes, okra, onions, fat elephant garlic that jack displays with pride because they’re even bigger than last year’s

give me overwatch visiting in the summer, lucio starting a game of pick up soccer behind the barn with genji and zarya and tracer, mei and mercy in the shade, winston and hanzo drinking herbal tea while gabe explains how he dried the lemonbalm and mint, jack pouring jesse a glass of sweet tea while they watch the game, jesse joining in after some heckling from hana and reinhardt who aren’t even playing and getting real sweaty and overheated so he has to go sit in a rocking chair on the porch, hanzo calling him a stupid man while he blots jesse’s neck

give me jack and gabriel cooking insane amounts of food to feed their strange family, literal mountains of roasted vegetables and pork they picked up at the market last week, towers of handmade tortillas, wait you made a pie but I made a pie okay everyone we have two different pies

give me old men kissing in the corn

(bonus bastion lives with them too, is great friends with delilah the barn-tabby and is usually covered in roosting chickens, beeping gleefully)

More Summer Headcanons

I still have no asks in my ask box, so I decided to do more of these.

• • •


- This boy is chill with anything.
- He probably looks REALLY good in a swimsuit, too.
- Shouldn’t he take his jewelry off while he’s swimming, though?
- He won’t.
- Expect a small splash fight, though.
- And a few kisses, too.


- Summer is really great, especially when it comes to bugs!
- Even though he’ll want to spend time with the bugs, he’ll spend time with you, too.
- A gentleman wouldn’t leave you behind.
- Especially for bugs lmao
- If this guy sees you in a swimsuit, he’ll be RED.
- He’ll compliment you a lot! But he won’t over do it.


- Expect to have dinner outside.
- And stargazing.
- Night time walks, too!
- He probably looks really good in a swimsuit too.
- Similar to Saihara (on my previous post), he’ll watch the sunset with you.