he's not dead lol

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HELP IM SO CONFUSED DID CHAPTER 97 COME OUT? WHATS GOING ON SFJFCBJKG I STILL DONT KNOW WHATS HAPPENING IN THE END OF 96ngfsfhhgv is teru still fighting dimple is dimple really the fake lord psycho helmet is reigen officially brainwashed or is it implied?? HEEEEEELLLPPP IM DYING

yeah afaik the chapters are out til 97.1 O_O!!

so if you haven’t read them u should try to catch up bc they will def answer most of your questions eheh, i think eyedelater? on tumblr translates them ^q^ how kind

to answer ur question fully (BIG SPOILERS AHEAD I GUESS LOL)

yeah dimple is lord psycho helmet, im pretty sure reigen is brainwashed but its not like, overtly stated in the manga and since he hasnt eaten the candy we dont strictly know HOW he was brainwashed? probably just proximity to the broccoli tho…oh and teru is dead

edit: okay im joking teru isnt really dead lol hes just hanging around being a damsel in distress


Amon smiling at Kaneki (*´д`*)


He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again.


You ain’t a happy drunk at all.
Yeah, I’m happy. I’m just not blind.

Here is my illustration for the Ham4Pamphlet. The Hamphlet? The Pamilton.

I was given my favorite song in the show, One Last Time. Christopher Jackson is a wonderfully capable vocalist: gruff and intimidating on most tracks, but soft, mellow and introspective on this one. I chose to portray one of the calmest moments in the song, Washington under a fig tree (I forgot the vine. My computer crashed multiple times while working on this, but that damn vine is in the sketch, I SWEAR).

Thanks to Arielle Jovellanos for putting together this fantastic project and for letting me and my peers give back to a powerhouse of musical theatre that has no doubt rejuvenated a lot of our respective creative energies.