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I was talking to my friend the other day and trying to convince her to listen to Be More Chill, and, naturally, she asked me what it was about. I didn’t stop to think about what I was saying, and I heard the words leave my mouth before I could process them. “It’s about a teenage boy who is sexually frustrated so he… eats… a computer.”

Long story short I’ve been laughing for three days. I think she replied, “How is that even a plot?” but I couldn’t hear over the sound of my manic cackling.


I just wanna say that while Lance has a big ol’ starry-eyed crush on Shiro, Shiro just absolutely falls head over heels in love with Lance. He can hardly believe how happy Lance can make him just giving him a smile. If Shiro kept a diary it would be all about how he kept thinking about Lance and all the questions he wants answers to like ‘how can he be so perfect?’ and ‘does he like just laying in bed and kissing? Because I think he’d be amazing at it’.

At one point Shiro has to turn away mid-conversation because Lance said something nice about him and he couldn’t stop smiling and he was so red.

Thing is, no matter how the mixtape originally made its way from Dean to Cas, it certainly got its meaning when Dean said “It’s a gift. You keep those”

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Putting Syaoran aside for now; it is so heartwarming to see Kuromama hugging her son lovingly to comfort him, and her saying “you’re just like your father” is one of the best compliments little Kuro can have because he looks up to his parents so much. He just wants them to be alright and to protect them, just like his family protects everyone else.

Actually that is such an incredible point to make!

Being like his father is the ultimate compliment for Kurogane at this point. It’s everything he strives for. To have his mother tell him that he’s achieving that would be heartwarming under any other circumstance, yet here it becomes crushing instead because you know it’s probably the last time he will ever hear those words. 

It gets laced with an extra level of heartbreaking futility when you consider just how seriously he takes it too. 

Kuromama isn’t just talking about strength when she compares Kurogane to his father, but in desperation that’s what Kurogane latches onto. He’s always wanted to be strong enough to protect his family, and now he needs it faster. Time is slipping away from him. The faster he gets stronger, the more likely he will be to save his mother from dying. 

It’s an awful burden, but it’s one that he takes to heart and dedicates his life to, and he will fail. 

*looks around* are we playing chicken with who writes the fic where Victor just like, nuzzles in to Yuri and croons “tummy tum tummmmm” like a creeper, or is this one of those “you said it you write it” things

When the fandom thinks the cast still gives a shit about the ships and which ones are canon

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really dont know why a lot of people believe Keith is like. the asshole dude who is just always angry. 

hes clearly a super awkward dude with bad social skills who happens to have a lack of impulse control. 

if you actually pay attention, its mostly lance being the asshole when they interact..cause he believes that him and keith are destined rivals just because Lance envy’s Keiths skills. 

Keith doesnt even think that, like sure they can get competitive at times, but its mostly Keith just teasing Lance rather than than actually having some grudge. He actually tries to be friendly at times or at least joke around with him. 

The way he interacts with anyone but Shiro is just. Awkward. Probably cause he doesnt really know them all that well and tends to have a hard time trusting people….he has lived in a shack away from people for awhile so his social skills might be a lil rusty. 

like.. you know how lance believes hes a “seventh wheel”???? imo, I bet he isnt the only one….