he's not a lost puppy anymore

KBTBB - Bidders Finding Divorce Papers Left By MC (Mamoru)

The divorce papers series continues! lol. Hope you like Mamoru’s part!


      You were his wife. Not his maid, not just his housemate, not his personal chef. You were with him for more than to keep him company. You thought he knew and agreed to that. He said so the day you both said “I do.” But he didn’t seem to enforce it. Affection took a back seat to sleep, conversations turned to mostly about meals and work and the like, dates became less and less frequent, even sex seemed to happen less often. You had a talk with Mamoru and things picked up…for a little while. Then the same routine resumed.

      Completely neglected, you moped around like a lost puppy for weeks. Too long. Much too long. You couldn’t do it anymore. It appeared to be a loveless marriage on Mamoru’s part. When he called you ‘sweetheart’, it no longer spurred inside you those loving emotions that it used to. It became simply another word for ______…just like 'kid’. It was too heartbreaking for you. So you did what needed to be done.

      He slung his jacket over the chair and trudged over to the couch, which was probably his favorite spot in the house. He clicked the television on. A few minutes went by before he realized something was missing. You hadn’t greeted him when he walked in, and the usual sounds of your presence had gone silent. No shuffling of feet, no humming, nothing.

      “Kid?” He called. When there was no answer, his eyebrows furrowed. You should be home.

      He began to walk through the home, as he neared the kitchen, a certain smell caught his senses. Soba. His favorite. On the counter sat a bowl of the steaming dish. A smile crossed Mamoru’s lips upon seeing it. As he neared, the detective noticed what was placed beside it; a small stack of papers. Once again, his eyebrows furrowed. He hesitantly took the papers in hand and scanned over them.

      It was like his heart had stopped. It hit him like a ton of bricks. His mind raced, barely able to process all the thoughts and emotions. He knew he had been ignoring you lately, and he knew he needed to change that, but he didn’t expect this. You had left him. You were gone. Sorrow took up almost all the space inside him.

      Why didn’t he pay attention? Why didn’t he appreciate you more? He should’ve showered you with affection, but that was replaced by laziness, and it cost him everything. Everything he held dear. The closest one to his heart. The love of his life. The person he would choose over anything else. His sweetheart.

      Mamoru sunk to the floor. The hard tile was cold and hurt to lay on, but that didn’t sway him to move. He felt like he deserved it. He deserved the pain. It would let him experience the pain you went through while bearing with him. Large hands clenched into fists, facial features scrunched up in a display of some kind of torture.

      “______…” The detective whispered. How he longed to take you into his arms, feel your warmth around him again. He wanted to hold you and whisper the most sincere apology ever spoken into your ear. But his arms were empty, just like his heart was without you.

      “If I could take it all back, I would. I’m so sorry, sweetheart. Just come back” His tearful apology fell upon deaf ears. You wouldn’t come back. It killed him, but he knew he had brought it upon himself. Now, the most important person in his life, whom he loved more than he ever thought possible, was gone. And she took his heart, no, his everything with her.

      “I love you, ______” If only he had said that more. He wanted to hear those three words from your lips once more time. But all he had right now was the note on the countertop that he didn’t see.

      'I love you, Mamoru. I’m sorry’


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does this make sense | drabble 02

• pairing: min yoongi x reader
• original series/chapter: dtms 03 
• words: 1,613
→ request: Yoongi’s pov when the reader is ignoring him at the party 

Yoongi didn’t even know what he was doing right now. Never in his life had he acted like this before. He knew something was up with you. You’d been ignoring his calls and texts all week, and when you had answered them, there had barely been a response. He’d been suffering in silence, not even sure why he was so bothered. Usually if a girl wasn’t interested anymore he’d just leave it, but he was so sure you were, just like he was.

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Warmth (Castiel x Reader)

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You’ve been feeling incredibly warm these days. Which was weird, because the bunkers heating system had stopped working a few days ago. You also noticed how Cas was hanging around a lot more. He also seemed to stick to you more than usual. Currently you were going around with a short-sleeved shirt and thin pants. Sam frowned at you from across the room. You chuckled, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. “What?” He was wearing even more layers than usual, and he was still shivering. “How can you walk around like this?!”, he gestured to your clothes. You just shrugged. “I dunno. I’ve just been feeling warm” Sam grumbled, crossing his arms.

Sams eyes narrowed as he watched Cas follow you around like a lost puppy. You didn’t even seem to notice anymore, only occasionally glancing and smiling at the angel. Cas seemed extremely concentrated, but also had a dreamy expression. That’s when Sam got an idea.

You left the room, and before Cas could follow you out Sam called for him. “Did you need something, Sam?”, Cas asked, tilting his head to one side. His eyes flickered to the door you had gone through, then back to Sam. “Are you keeping (YN) warm?”, Sam asked. He could tell by Cas’ expression that he was right. “Yes, I am. Now, if you’ll excuse me-” Sam cut him off with a gesture. “Why?” Cas’ face grew red, as did Sams smirk. “You like (YN), don’t you?” - “Of course I like (YN), we are friend.”, Cas answered. Sam rolled his eyes. “Romantically I mean.” - “I… have to go!” And with that Cas rushed out of the door. Sam just kept smirking. That was adorable, even though Sam was a little jealous of the warmth you got.

The Bull’s Chargers headcanons:

- Krem sews stuffed animals (mostly rams and nugs) for the children in Skyhold. And a plushy halla for Dalish and a plushy dragon for the chief. 

- Grim has a beautiful voice and sometimes he sings. But just for Skinner, when they’re alone.

- Skinner has a thing for the puppies. All sorts of puppies. She hit a Nevarran noble, who wanted to kill a litter because “not throughbred”. The Chargers lost the job, but Bull said her smiling “Well done!”.

- Stitches is a great chess player. Once, he challenges Cullen and the game ended in a tie.

- Dalish’s “bow” is made with a wood from a tree planted in the alienage where her father grew, before meeting Dalish’s mother and enjoying her clan.

- Rocky has a wife and a son in Orzammar and he sends home money every month, even if his wife doesn’t want to see him anymore.

- The Iron Bull smiles like a proud dad, when he looks at them, living all together as a family. 

miss-iskoola-pota  asked:

Scoundrels!! Taking pictures of my shark-toothy baby when he doesn't consent!!! No people! Do what I did! Take embarrassing baby photos and bribe to give/destroy one so yOUR FREAKING BOYS WILL FINALLY VISIT YOU AFTER LEAVING 7 YEARS AGO- *SOBS* WHY DON'T THEY CALL ME ANYMORE??!?? WHAT DID I DO WRONGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAA

“Gee, I don’t know.. maybe take embarrassing baby photos of them?”





“Why do these conversations always wander away?”



“You guys talk about them like they’re pets.”

RIP little fella 😢

I’ve never really known the loss of a human being, I’ve never known the pain one must feel. However I do know the pain of losing a pet. Tonight I lost my cat. He was sick and before I could rush him to the ER, he took his last breaths. He meowed and took a last breath before going home with his brother my other cat who I lost three years ago. Bentley, my puppy, who was like his little sister can not stop crying and running around frantically looking for him. She doesn’t understand, which is probably good. It breaks my heart to know he won’t be around anymore. I hope he’s resting now, I will always love him and his brother.

Sorry about this late night post. I just didn’t know where else to talk about this.

Forever and Always- Matt Espinosa Imagine

Forever and Always-Matt Espinosa Imagine A/N: This is somewhat smutty so if you’re uncomfortable I suggest not reading. He’s finally home. Thank God he’s finally home. I swear I don’t think I could last another week without him. My best friend is finally coming home after his year long worldwide tour! I couldn’t be anymore excited. I looked pretty pathetic, waiting by the windowsill for his arrival like a lost puppy dog but I couldn’t help it. I have been separated from my best friend for over a year and it has been killing me. You can only talk for so long on Skype and because of the carrier rates and different time zones I could barely text him. I saw a car drive down my street and pull into the house next door. His house. Yes I know we’re best friends and we live next door to each other how cliché. I saw him get out of the car and helped his mom get his luggage out of the back trunk. He wheeled the luggage inside his front door and I was practically squealing. I was squirming and silently shrieking. “5 more minutes Y/N, 10 tops” I whispered to myself. My mom peered her head our of the kitchen and giggled at me, “Is Matt home?” She asked with a smile. “Yes yes he is. He can come over right? Just for like an hour please mom” I begged. I was so desperate to see him. My mom laughed, “Yes of course hun he can stay for as long as he likes” she said. “YES!” I screeched as I jumped from where I was sitting. All of a sudden I heard the door bell ring. I ran to go open it and there standing in front of me was my best friend Matt. “Hey you” he smiled as he pulled me in for a hug. I was almost in tears while hugging him, I missed him so much. To feel his arms around me was like heaven. We stood out on my porch hugging for a good 5 minutes before I invited him inside. “How was your flight? Was it okay? Jetlagged? How was the tour? What was your favourite city? Meet a lot of fans?” I bombarded him with questions. “Woah woah there Y/N, calm down” he laughed as we sat down on the couch together. I blushed, I hadn’t realized I asked that many questions, “I’m sorry…I just missed you” I said as I looked at the ground. He tilted my chin upwards to face him, “I missed you too” he said. We were sitting side by side, skin touching but that’s how we normally sat. We looked at each other for a minute, locked gazes and then Matt began to lean in. I knew what he wanted to do and I wanted to so badly so I gave in. Even though I knew it would complicate our friendship, I just wanted to kiss Matt so badly. Our lips touched and I had never felt anything more amazing in my life. In that moment, everything else was forgotten. I have kissed other guys before but nothing had ever felt like this. It took a mere 20 seconds for this kiss to go from sweet to sexy. I felt Matt licking my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I parted my lips allowing him access and he battled with my tongue. I felt his hands creep to my back and he pulled me close to him. I laid down on the couch so Matt would hover on top of me. We continued making out like this for what seemed like forever until I pulled away. “Is everything okay babe?” He said while trying to catch his breath. ‘Babe’ the affectionate way he used the term made me feel butterflies in my stomach. “Yeah, its just shouldn’t we talk about this first?” I know that sounded like I totally killed the mood but its the truth, I needed to know if he had feelings for me. He got up off me and returned to our original seated position. He grabbed both of my hands and clasped them in his. “Well its simple” he started, “Once upon a time there was a boy named Matt and a girl named Y/N, they lived next door to each other and became best friends growing up. Matt has always had deep feelings for Y/N but never told her because he thought she didn’t feel the same way. Matt then went away for a year and the entire time he was gone he could not stop thinking about how much he loves Y/N and how he should’ve told her before he left. Idiot right? So Matt made a plan that the first thing he would do when he returned home would be to tell Y/N. And that is what Matt is doing now” he said as he looked me deeply in the eyes. I can’t believe this was happening. I had always been in love with Matt but I never wanted to ruin our friendship because it meant so much to me. “I love you too Matt” was all I could manage to say. I leaned in and kissed him, validating my statement. Sure a relationship wouldn’t be easy but we’ll figure it out. Matt is my forever and always.