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Gross 2D headcanons part 2
  • If he wakes up early he’ll just walk around making loads of noise
  • He puts his cigarettes out on the bed
  • Man spreading to the max. He sleeps like a fucking windmill. He’s also a sleep kicker
  • S N O R E S
    • He whistles in his sleep too because of his teeth
    • Screams quietly in his sleep too
  • Dances while he makes tea/cereal
  • Never turns the fucking radio off
  • Doesn’t wash the sink out after shaving
  • It’s impossible to keep up with him when he’s walking because he takes massive fucking steps
  • He’s that arsehole who taps the glass on fish tanks
  • Lights up a fag the second he wakes up and just starts chatting to his s/o even if they’re asleep
  • Blasts music at random times
  • He’ll scream whenever he sees Gorillaz on TV or hears them on the radio
  • Or he’ll be like “oh! I know this song! Where do I know this song from?” and he’s not even joking 
  • Like he’ll genuinely forget his own fucking songs
  • Steals other people’s clothes. Like EVERYONE’S. He’ll just trot around London in one of Noodle’s crop tops that’s way too small and way too short
  • He leaves the fucking windows open, both in the house and in the car
  • He still has all the gaming consoles from when he was a kid
  • He has a picture of Noodle when she was 11 and had a really bad hair day in his wallet and he’ll pull it out and show it to her and be like “look how ugly you were, Noods”
  • He has the worst pet names (“you’re my angel…dust”)
  • He steals make-up from Noodle
  • Lowkey kleptomaniac but unintentionally
    • He’ll pick up a pair of sunglasses and try them on in a shop and then he’ll forget he’s wearing them and you’ll get halfway down the street with him and you’ll go “did you pay for those” and he’ll go “dunno”

Part 1

“This Is...” Masterpost

(I feel like I’m missing a perfect opportunity to title this as ‘This is a Masterpost…’)

But here’s a collection of the This Is series that I’ve been working on! I figured I’d have one giant post since I keep touching in on different characters here and there. It’ll give me the chance to explore some new characters and come back to others! :D Also, for your enjoyment too, all in one post~
PS: You’re more than welcome to suggest some things to me too. c: I don’t mind at all~

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Through the time

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam x Reader,John Winchester, sister!reader, child!Sam, child!Reader, winchester!sister

Summary: Dean travels through the time to prevent somthing bad.

Warnings: angst, language (like just one), bad memories, characters dead

A/N: Sorry for being so unaktiv. I had alot to do the last few weeks. But I´m gonna change that. I hope you will like this one shot. It alittle bis like the episode where dean traveld back in time so maybe he can save his Mother. And yeah what can I say more? Have fun reading this and maybe let a little feedback here this would be great :) @winchesters-favorite-girl I wanted to tag you. I don’t know why I wanted to do it. But I wasn’t sure. I am shy but you discription said we can tag you in everything, so I thought why not? You are my favorite acount on tumblr your writings are so good, I love them*-* So maybe you will read this little story I made up. I hope you like it :)1

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“SAM HAVE YOU SEEN MY GUN?” I yelled through the bunker. I stood in my room already packing my stuff for the hunt we where heading to.
“I don’t know.” He yelled back. “Do you remember the last time you saw or used it?” He questions, walking into my room. “I shoot the witch, and thats it.” I answered. I walked through the bunker searching everywhere. I ended up at the garage, I looked inside baby and found it directly. “GOT IT!” I yelled so sammy would know.

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“Goth and palette meets traveler!frisk” part 4: the comfort

*when the tiny Frisk started crying, then both Goth and palette turned the look to her. palette slowly went closer, carefully looking threw the jar…*


*… The tiny Frisk’s tears where Red and blue From each eye*

*Palette looked confused by this, but he looks at Goth and nods.*

*Goth looks confused, palette laughs a little at this*

“What, what are you laughing at?”*Goth asked palette a bit confused*

“Pfft, haha, when I nooded, then I thought you would understand to lift up the jar and away from her!” *Palette replies, Goth looks a bit concerned*

“Are you sure, palette?”*he asks palette confused and worried*

*as for palette, he was sure, he nooded to Goth…he knew what he would have to do to calm this tiny Frisk down*

*Goth understands this time, he slowly and carefully lifts up the jar from the tiny Frisk*

*Frisk carefully looks up and noticed these giant skeletons that had trapped her, had took away the jar from her now.*

*Palette slowly reaches with a.finger towards the tiny frisk, she backs away quickly in fear and terror*

*poor thing, she have must been trough alot*

“calm down buddy, I won’t hurt you, i.just wanna help.”.*Palette says calmly, trying to calm down the tiny frisk*

*the tiny frisk slowly calms downs at palette’s soft voice. Maybe these two skeletons wouldn’t wanna hurt her…like her parents did…*

*Frisk was too busy thinking of why they.helped her, but then, she noticed she was in the palette’s arms now, he was gently patting her head with a finger, trying to make her relax*

*it worked a little bit,.she slowly started to calm down. Frisk didn’t notice.it before when she first woke up hear,.but know she noticed she got some bandages over.her body where she was hurt*

*Palette continues to pat her, calming her down until he could ask her something*

“hey…”*Palette said in a soft and gentle voice" ..hey buddy, hope your feeling better now, hehe….but umm, can you talk?“*he knew that was probably a rude question,.but he wanted to ask her something important*

”…i….y-…y-y-yes!…“*the tiny frisk replied softly and a bit weak*

"hehe, that’s great to know!”*Palette replied happily but gentle* “…sooo, umm,.how did ya get beaten up like that? I mean, you had pretty many scars and brusies over your body..” *Palette added*

*the tiny frisk looked at him with a blank expression and then looked away*

“i….i umm…i-i was abused…” *she replied, pallette could hear in her voice that she was telling the truth*

*palette gasps a little, Goth that is in the kitchen, cooking m, heard it too. He looks at Palette with a worried and sad expression*

*Palette gently brings the tiny frisk close to his chest aa he gently pats her head*

“it’s okay now, they won’t hurt you again…i.promise!” *palette replied*

“T…um..t-thank you!” *Frisk replied…*

*Frisk started to trust them a little bit more now!…she felt…calm and happy.*


Nova: sorry if this was short, but.hope you guys like it! ^^

Traveler!frisk belongs to me.

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Palette belongs to @angexci

Hope you like it, please reblog and tell me what you thinked! ^^

good god i’m watching kaplan’s twitter answers video but not looking at the screen while i do stuff on my other monitor and the first fucking thing i hear is ‘this question comes from noods’ but it turns out he meant ‘noods’ not ‘nudes’ like i thought he meant ‘nudes’, like someone’s twitter name is ‘nudes’ and THAT’S the first fucking question he answers is one from someone whose un is ‘nudes’


Author: b0blegum

Pairing: Lee Jooheon x Reader

Rating: 17+ (language, violence, alcohol, sexual activity)

Genre: Gang, Action, Romance


Part: part 1 // part 2 // part 3 (end)

Words: 2976

Summary: RAHASIA

/ra·ha·sia /

Origin: Indonesia

Meaning: Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Summer 2013

“Stop following me around.” A girl stopped walking suddenly, making the shadow behind her stopped as well. “Do you really think I don’t realized you’ve been following me for a week?” She turned around to nothing but a scoff.

“You haven’t changed a bit, huh? Always aware of your surrounding.” A raspy voice greeted her from afar.

“What do you want.” She asked bluntly.

“Boss misses you.” He answered, this time he made an appearance, as a silhouette he came closer to her. His hand hiding inside his pants pocket while a cigarette kept his other hand occupied. “Do you not miss her?” He inhaled the smoke than let it all out, making a perfect show of smoke with a ray of light shooting exactly to where his smoke traveled.

“I don’t.” She answered shortly.

“Don’t lie to me. I’m sure you do miss Boss, us.” He chuckled. “Don’t you miss killing those bastards with your pretty hands?”

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An imagine: The only way phase 1 Noodle would go to sleep was if 2D sang her lullabies. And if she didn't fall asleep by the time he was done singing, Noods would pop right back up and go "Again! Again!" Usually she exhausted poor 2D, and his voice, with all the songs

~ When Noodle first arrived at Kong Studios, she didn’t sleep. It wasn’t that she wasn’t comfortable, she felt fine, just couldn’t sleep. No one had really noticed at first until 2D got up to use the toilet and noticed Noodle awake and watching cartoons in her room. “Why are yew still up, love?” Noodle looked over at 2D then back at her cartoons. She sighed and shrugged, “Can’t sleep.” 2D scratched his head and went to use the toilet so he could think of a way to get Noodle to sleep. That’s where he gets most of his good ideas from anyway.

~ After sitting on the toilet for awhile, an idea popped in his head. 2D ran to his room and grabbed his keyboard. He walked into Noodle’s room and set his keyboard down on the bed. “Oi, Noodle. Come sit wit me. I fink dis will help yew get some sleep.” Noodle giggled and crawled onto the bed and sunk under the blanket. 2D smiled and began to play his keyboard softly. Noodle yawned and started to sing a little tune to 2D’s music. 2D then decided to sing along and began singing about dreaming. “Close your eyes. Fall into the arms of your dreams. Let them take you away. Let them help you fly.” 2D sang. He sang until he thought Noodle was just about asleep but her eyes popped open as soon as he stopped. “More!” Noodle giggled and 2D sighed.

~ He continued to sing every song he could think of. He sang just about every song he’d ever written but Noodle was still awake and smiling at him. 2D laughed and sat next to Noodle. She laid her head down on his shoulder and yawned again. 2D began to sing a little lullaby his mom sang to him when he couldn’t sleep. “There is no fear, there is no anger, there is no hate, there’s just me and you. Just me and you. There is only love, there is only hugs, there is only dreams. Dream, little one. Dream away.” 2D sighed and leaned back against the headboard. He looked over at Noodle to find her sound asleep against him. He chuckled and carefully laid his keyboard on the floor while he tried to get up. But Noodle had other plans. She gripped his sleeve and whined, “Don’t leave, toochie,” 2D pet her head, “Okay.” 

~ 2D got comfortable next to Noodle and quickly fell asleep. Every night after that, Noodle couldn’t sleep without her big brother singing her his lullaby. 2D felt pride whenever he sang to Noodle, he loved doing it. So much so that he wasn’t able to sleep well without singing to her. 

No holidays for hunters

so here´s a new one shot, this time about Supernatural

a/n: it´s so freaking messy. Somehow it makes more sense in my head, I´m truly sorry..

It had been a pretty rough job. The ghost they were haunting wasn´t willing to let them just go there, then looking for his body, salt it and finally burn it.

It all could have been so easy, hell, the both of them were actually quite happy for haunting something like a ghost again. All those new, supernatural things, nothing compared to a good, old ghost, right?

Well, in this case, no.

It took them almost a whole night to get this job done and they didn´t leave the house without several scratches. While Sam was lucky for only having these on his arms, Dean wasn´t as fortunate as his little brother. This damn ghost got him right in the face, leaving a big red mark on his forehead.

The only thing positive about this job was, that finally it was over.

So, exhausted and tired as they were, they decided to rush to the nearest dinner on their way. It was already 10 in the morning, so it definetly would be open. 

As fast as they could they rushed in and looked for a place that was promising a little privacy. In a corner, wide away from the windows, they found what they were looking for.

With a loud huff they got down.

“I hate this job.”, Sam spoke up.

“This ghost was the most aweful one I´ve ever seen.”, Dean agreed. With his head lying on the table he couldn´t see the waitress approaching.

“Good morning, what can I get you?”, she asked, clearly in a good mood. Both Winchester-Brothers held up their head and looked at the young woman infront of them. She had her [H/C] hair tied up in a ponytail and watched them with big [E/C] eyes.

“You both look like a coffee would be just delightful.”, she stated smirking.

“Sounds great.”, the blonde Winchester agreed, then put his head back on the table.

Meanwhile Sam couldn´t help but quirk an eyebrow at his brother. This girl was undouptetly pretty, but Dean didn´t even shot her a second glance. He really must be exhausted.

“A cesar salat please.”, Sam answered. “Alright.”, she murmured, scribbling his order onto a small paper, “What about Harry Potter over here?” That remark made Sam laugh and Dean lift his head.


“Your forehead.”, the woman laughed, pointing to his head. “Did you faced Voldemort last night?”

Dean scoffed, “I would have prefered that.”, he said to himself. “A burger for me. Doesn´t matter which kind of, I´m far to tired to care.” And with a pang, his head landed back on the wooden table.

When Dean opened his green eyes again, a little boy was standing in front of their table.

“Thank you very much little one.”, the younger Winchester said.

“No problem sir.”, the small boy grinned, than placed a plate with a burger right in front of Dean. On top of the burger were glasses drawn with ketchup, as well as a scar right above the glasses.

As the boy saw Dean looking at it, he explained: “Mom said you´d know what it meant. I for my part do think she´s refering to Harry Potter. Are you a fan? Have you been at the convention or why do you have a scar just like him?”

“Neither of it, i´ve faced a ghost.”, Dean said not really trying to hide the fact that he was annoyed. Instantly Sam glared at him and quitely hissed ´Dean´ into his direction. The boy simply nooded.

“Have you tried to burn it? After using salt, I mean.”, he said as if it was something that happened daily. The brothers shot each other a glance. “Wait, what?”, Sam asked. “You need to do that when you´re facing a ghost. At least that´s what mom said. She also said they were much easier to handle than a Wendigo for example.”

“Is your mother here?”, the brown haired Winchester asked and got a nood as answer. “Could you possibly get her here?”

“Well, sure.”, with this words the little boy rushed away and came back with the waitress who had served them. “Listen, I´m sorry for Carter´s behaviour. As I told him one of you had a scratch that looked just like the one from this Potter boy, he got all excited and I couldn´t stop him.”

Ignoring her words Dean took hold of her arm and pulled her to the seat next to him. “We´ve got some questions.”, he said in a low voice. His eyes, as well as his brother ones, wandered to the boy, who had sat down next to Sam.

“What?”, he piped, eyebrows furrowed. “It´s alright, there´s nothing that Carter doesn´t already know. This whole supernatural world isn´t something meant for a childs ears, but his father was a hunter, so he knows.”, the waitress explained after exhaling loudly. “By the way I´m [Y/N], and as you already know, this little gem over there is my son Carter.” The little boy smiled and winked. After introducing themselves, the Winchester asked, what they asked everyone. “Do you know a hunter named John Winchester?” [Y/N] starred at them, [E/C] eyes wide and mouth agape. “I´d prefer to answer this in private.”

About half an hour later the four of them arrived at a beautiful little house on the other end of the city.

While [Y/N] could persuade Carter to go upstairs into his room and either do homework or tidy up his room, the two brothers wandered around the house.

Soon Sam, Dean and the [H/C] haired woman sat in her livingroom, after [Y/N] handed both hunters a beer.

“So.. If I know John Winchester, you wanted to know, right?” Both man nooded.

“Well, yes I do.” With this simple words all attention laid upon her. “I´ve first met him about 10 years ago. He was the one who teached me about all those supernatural creatures that are living upon us. We´ve met quite a few times. Somehow we got friends and he came visiting me more often, he even helped me find this house. I liked him, he was friendly and helpful, but his every being was circling around the one question: Where to find the demon who killed his wife.”

Her eyes were set onto the bottle in her hands. “Then someday he came to visit again, this time I had a son. He was quite suspicious at first, he thought it was his.”, [Y/N] chuckled, while Dean nearly choked out his beer, Sam´s reaction was similar to his brothers, “Oh I can reassure you. You´re the only Winchester boys, no secret brother, at least not from my side. Actually, I found this little boy when I was helping a friend haunting demons. They had left this cute little bunch all on its own. So taking it with me and protecting it whatever it costs seemed to be the only logical option.”, she stated.

When she looked at the brothers she could see their eyes burning holes into her head. “He´s a demon, isn´t he?”, Dean asked angrily. The [H/C] haired woman nooded. “He is. He was born as a demon, so there´s no exorcism. Believe me, so many people had tried. Nothing would work. They all were so shocked.” A grin appeared on her face, one that neither Dean nor Sam could read. “So when John came back and saw this demonic child he was angry at me. He couldn´t really understand. Which is quite relatable, given the fact that he did know less than he thought.” And then her eyes closed and when they opened again they were jet black.

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Within a second both Winchesters jumped up, while Dean grapped the colt, pointing it right at her head. “Don´t you dare shoot me Dean.”, she said, the smile vanishing from her face. “I´ve lived in this city for all those years, hell I even help others slaying demons, my own kind! So don´t be a fool! I´m on your side! I always have been. Not every demon you come across is bad, not everyone is trying to kill you. Don´t you think I already would´ve done it if I wanted to?”

She got up from the sofa and raised her hands in defeat. “Why should we trust you?”, Sam asked, a flask of holy water in his hand. “Because I know where he is.”, her voice was about a whisper.

“Where who is?”, the blond man mocked. “The demon who killed your mother.”

sczebra: I think you get many Jeremy requests because man I have never seen better writing for him!! That fake makeout one was amazing!! But to mix it up how about Trevor and reader fluff stuck inside from the rain for the day.

once again, thank you so much this comment really means so much. i’m glad you’re liking my writing :)

You sighed as you looked out of your bedroom window at the rain pouring down onto the street below. 

“Looks like our plans for a romantic picnic are ruined,” you said sadly. You felt your boyfriend’s arms snake around your waist, pulling you against him as he rested his chin on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry, babe,” he murmured, pressing his lips on your collarbone. You turned around in his arms and stood up on your tiptoes to kiss him softly. “Wanna order takeout and eat on the floor in the living room instead?” he suggested. You smiled and kissed him again.

“I guess that could work.” Newly excited, you gathered up some blankets and cushions and set to work making a comfy little nest for the two of you in front of the fireplace whilst Trevor took care of ordering the food. Once it arrived, the two of you settled yourself in.

“This is very comfortable, you did an excellent job,” Trevor complimented as he poured you a glass of wine.

“Who knew my hidden talent was assembling adequate floor seating,” you said laughing lightly. You sighed in contentment as you shoved a mouthful of noodles into your mouth. “This food is much better than whatever we were gonna make for our picnic. Here, try some of this,” you said, holding your chopsticks in front of his mouth for him. He opened his mouth and you fed him the noodles.

“That’s some good noods,” he commented. You both laughed. You smiled as you watched him. His eyes crinkled when he laughed and his cheeks dimpled.

“You’re beautiful,” you said, your face full of fondness.

“You’re more beautiful,” he replied and you giggled.

“That’s cheesy.”

“You started it.”

You moved closer so that you were kneeling in from of him. “I love you,” you said softly, taking his face in your hands and lightly touching your lips to his.

“I love you too.” He pulled you into his lap so you straddled him and kissed you deeply. You smiled against his mouth as you listened to the rain on the window and thought about how lucky you were.


Tw: crying, angst, dissocating, mention abuse

Roman heard whimpering as he woke up. He sat up, ready to save his prince from whatever, Only to see his sleeping shirtless boyfriend (wearing only his underwear) curling up in a ball sobbing.


“I’m sorry.” Morality was shaking.

“Babe?” Prince was hesitant. All the studies he read told him that he shouldn’t intervene unless he was thrashing about. He hated seeing Morlaity like this though.

“No no no, please no.” Morality was curling smaller than Prince thought possible. Did this count as thrashing?

“No No stop please stop. No!” Morality imidiately uncurled him self and started hitting the air, sobbing and screaming as he thrashed around.

“Morality.” Roman sat up and leanded forward, trying to gently touch Morlaity’s lower leg.

He did not expext getting Morlaity’s knee in his stomach.

 He let out an “Oof,” wondering how that happened.

He managed to touch Morality before he got hit so Morality was awake; sitting and breathing heavy. He was shaking and had tears in his eyes.

“You okay?” Roman asked already feeling better from his pains.
Morality sobbed.

“Hey, hey, its okay.” Roman said pulling Morality closer. He hoped he wouldn’t get a bruise. If he did, Morality would hate himself.

He put his right hand around Moralitys body and let his left hand stroke Morality’s hair as he continued talking.

“She-she was trying to-” Morality was sobbing leaning closer to Roman.

“Shh, its okay I’m here right now. It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything.”

Morality clenched tighter to Romans shirt, trying to forgrt the screaming he heard; grabbing tighter to Roman’s arm every time he thought he heard her.

“I’m here, I wont let her hurt you, you got that? I wont let her come back for you.” He whispered. Morlaity’s sobbing had died down to whimpering.

Prince tried to lay down a little bit, slowly pulling Morality down. Morality Immidiate tried to pull back, his eyes wide with fear.

“Its okay, you don’t have to do anything you dont want to. Do you want me to snuggle you while sitting?” Prince asked. Morality was quivering. Prince had an idea.

“Do you want to go to the coms room?” Prince asked softly. Morality was still quivering, and he stayed like that so long Roman thought he didn’t hear him but Morlaity slowly started nodding.

“Okay, is it okay if I touch your arm?” Roman asked softly. Morality shook his head so hard, Roman was scared it would hurt.

“Hey, hey its okay. Can I lead you with your hand?” Roman asked softly. Morlaity stayed quiet before lifing his hand toward Roman, almost robotically.

 Crap he was dissocating.

“We’re going to get off the bed now.” Roman lead him towards the coms room, giving him encouraging words. Morality didnt seem to hear any of them but he reacted accordingly. Roman kept repeating instructions ans encouraging Morality.

Once they got to the coms he was hesitant.

“Did you want to snuggle on top of me?” Roman asked. He knew Morality was more comfortable on top, although he liked snuggling on the side as well, but he wasnt sure if Morality was in the mood. Morality nodded.

“Okay, I’ll sit down and then you can, sit in front. Is that okay?” Roman asked. Morlaity nooded. He had tears in his eyes.

“If you dont want to you dont have to-”

Morality shook his head.

“You dont want to?” Roman asked. Morality shook his bead as he took a step towards Roman and wrapped his arms around him.

Roman was suprised but put his arms slowly around Morality, ready to let go at any signs of discomfort. Morality didnt react for a while. Roman started humming into Morality’s ear.

They stayed like this even after Morality started sniffling. Roman had tried to pull away but Morality just held on tighter, almost crying.

“Its okay, I’m here as long as you need and want me.” Roman said in Morlaitys ear. Morality sniffled before pulling back looking confused.

“Its Monday. We’re in the com’s room. You had a nightmare and you wanted to snuggle but you didnt want to sit down yet.” Roman said. Morality nodded sniffling.

“Can- can we?” Morality pointed to the couch.

“Of course my love.” Roman said sitting on the couch and bringing his leg up. He let Morality crawl on top of him leaning on his side, but it was a bit awkward for Roman.

“Oof, can you please move to the right a bit, yup thats good. You comfortable?” Morality shook his head before turning his back to Princes stomach, his head above Romans left shoulder.

“This okay?” Morality croaked.

“Just move your butt up a little, yeah thats good thank you. You comfortable?” Roman asked feeling slightly uncomfortable, but it was just comfortable enough that he could manage it. Morality nodded.

“Can I kiss your shoulder?” Roman asked. He waited till Morality nodded his head before letting him giving Morlaity’s shoulder some Kisses.

“Morality, I love you .” Roman said.

“I love you too Ro.” Morlaity said, he was obviously falling asleep.

Roman smiled a little and reached for the blanket on the couch besides them. Roman had to reach awkwardly behind him, but he managed to grab it.

He threw the blanket on Morality. He was suprised to see Morality unfold the blanket and wrap it around himself.

Roman sighed knowing he wasnt going to have most of the blankets even though he was litterally under Morality. He slowly wrapped his arms around Morlaity’s hip, smiling before he kissed his shoulder again. He loved his boyfriend so much.

Roman hated that his boyfriend was suffering and that he couldnt stop it, but he was glad Morality was his now.


Part 2 of the Imagine Series
Part 1 is here

It had been a while since Magnus was in the Institute so you were suprised when he stood infront of you.

“What a pleasure to see you again”, Magnus said and you couldn’t help but smirk.
Before you could reply to him though, Maryse, followed by her son and his parabatai, came through the hallway.

“Magnus Bane. Glad you could make it.” Maryse’s gaze showed something else and you rolled your eyes behind her back.
“Well when the head of the Institute calls, the high warlock jumps.” The sarcasm in the warlock’s words almost made you laugh but you managed to hold it back.

Maryse wasn’t so much amused but kept her pokerface perfectly, as she showed Magnus the problem
They had found a few corpes with bodyparts missing. Also three vampires and werewolves went missing so it looked alot like a dark magic ritual.
Magnus listend carefully and waited a moment until he nooded.

“I will need the assistance of a Shadowhunter to do this”, he claimed and before you could even react or do something, Maryse answered him.
“Jace is our best. He will come with you.”

The blonde Shadowhunter merged forward to stand next to the warlock but Magnus shook his head.

“I’m… not talking about you…” Everybody looked confused at him but his gaze only met yours. “I want him.”

Maryse of course was even more confused but this time you couldn’t hold back the smirk. Spending some time with the warlock and getting to know him? You really didn’t have a problem with that mission.

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when ur boss calls u extra for smiling at customers like, tim, there is a literal sign in the kitchen saying “service with a smile!” Also, how do you know what extra means? who taught you this?


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Summary: Kim Taehyung is a brat. For sure. But still your best friend who always teases you for your not excisting love life
What you didn’t knew is that a certain tall, brown haired boy will confuse your world soon. 

Warnings: A bit of swearing for the beginning.

Excerpt: “Is ist ok if I call you Noona?”, he asked slightly blushing.  It was the first time our glances met. He looked kinda cute. Smiling shyly and still blushing. I nodded slowly.

Word count: 5261 // I know it’s long but please try it :)

Author’s Note: Hello you lovely people! This will be my first released story so please be gentle. I hope you like it :)

The plot is still not fully planned but there will be a second part! But at first you have to get a bit background knowledge so please endure it :P

Unfortunately I pretty much suck at summaries so i hope it is understandable.  Also english is not my first language so please tell me if i made any huge mistakes :) Thank you!

part 2 // part 3

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