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1-)) Peter was having the worst day. Lost his pen in calculus, broke his left webshooter, he didn't even see you at lunch! and to top it all off, it was pouring on his way home. It was just unlucky Petey day. he was sad and just wanted some attention and a nice cuddly spot to lay in and watch chick flicks and rom-coms (his favorites, after Star Wars of course, due to always watching them with Aunt May) he slowly went up to his apartment, bag hanging halfway off his shoulder and mumbling hello to

Part 2: May and continuing thinking sorrowful things and lumbering in his room to find you in comfy pjs and handing him his own and his favorite sweater of yours the one he always loved to snuggle up in, and shoving his towards his bathroom to change, against his protests since right now all he really wanted to do was hug you Upon exiting the bathroom Peter noticed what you’d done in his room, a fort with all the blankets and pillow in the apartment set of with a stack of movies by a laptop all for him

This is the cutest most adorable thing I’ve ever read. Cute and vulnerable Peter is the best Peter

Laying in bed Hcs for Gency my boys

- mercy is nice and cuddly with robo boy
- he finds it adorable
- he has his visor off;)
- I wish smut but no :(
- she gives him light little kisses
- he’s just laughing bc he finds her so freakin adorable
- she loves that he’s a cuddly cyborg bc that means he’s forever the cooler side of the pillow
- he notices when his angel is about to fall asleep
- he lets her
- watches her for a bit just taking in thy beauty
- falls asleep as well

I’ve been thinking about this for three days but when it finally came down to doing it my brain shut off this is my life enjoy this goodbye people

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Can we have some saeran fluff pleassseee ( and sins if you dont mind ;)) )

Nsfw is against our guidelines but I can do the fluff for you !

He isn’t really one for affection hoenstly, he is scared to be touched still because of what happened, he is scared to hurt people so gentle little things would help him a lot

Holding onto his hands when you guys go places to make sure you stay with him would mean a lot to him. 

He probably has bad nightmares and gets scared easily at night so if you stayed with him it would be nice but he might not be super cuddly because, again, he is scared of being close to people but he might lay somewhat close and play with your hair until he falls asleep

The few times he would be close to you is if you two were sitting on the couch together, he would probably lean on your shoulders and nuzzle into your neck, he is kinda like a cat. Though he is doing this because he doesn’t know how to say he wants your attention so he is trying to get it this way, which will probably make you play with his hair and that makes him happy and relaxed.

When he finally does start to relax and let’s you be closer to him he would really like to hug you, he went from not wanting you close at all to not wanting to let go of you.

He would want to hold you a lot, and probably for long periods of time too which can be inconvenient when you need to do things but it’s nice to be held so you don’t object

He would probably never be good at giving you kisses, though he would try really hard to give you ones on the cheek but he feels shy and awkward and like he is being weird or creepy so he just says how much he loves you instead most of the time.

~ Mod V

Period Pains//A Will Poulter Imagine

Anon said: How about a Will Poulter one were you’re on your period and he’s being really nice and cuddly and just pure fluff. Thank you :)

Aw yeah Will Poulter is bae


You lay face down on your bed. “Uuuuggghhh.” Period pains were the worst. You groaned even more loudly into your pillow, wanting chocolate more than anything else in the world at that moment.

As if God had heard your wish, your door cracked open and someone slid a chocolate bar, a bottle of Advil, and a glass of water through and then shut the door. You couldn’t help but smile. Will truly was the best boyfriend ever. 

You got up and grabbed the offerings and flopped back down, munching on chocolate. Your uterus made another attempt at suicide, so you took a few Advil. 

After about a fifteen minute cycle of chocolate, Advil, and groaning, you decided you were feeling well enough to grab some food from the kitchen.

You walked out to see Will sitting on the couch watching Phineas and Ferb. You grinned and sat down next to him. “You giant nerd.”

“Hey, you’re here too,” he pointed out. “Besides, we don’t want to miss our good friend Thomas in cartoon form.”

You giggled. “Thank you for the chocolate and pain killers,” you said, snuggling into his chest. 

“Not a problem. You sounded pretty miserable.”

“Oh my god, you don’t even know.”

He laughed. “I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.”

“Damn right you don’t.”

He smiled and kissed your forehead. “There’s more chocolate on the counter.”

You shot up and ran to the kitchen, snatching up all the shiny purple bars and running back to the couch, leaping over the back and landing next to Will. “Impressive, considering how shit you feel.”

“Chocolate reinvigorates me,” you responded, stuffing your face with creamy, delicious Cadbury’s. “Thank you for getting so much, by the way,” you mumbled around a mouthful of the chocolate.

“Anything for my girlfriend.”

and my favourite babes… this is gonna get LONG.

Aaron Abrams & Scott Thompson

I know, lumping them together, but trust me, they’d be impossible to separate. So you all know how much I love them, and that I basically bought my ticket just to meet them… And I wasn’t disappointed. I shook their hands, I had a photo op, I spoke to them… Theyre sooo nice. Aaron is a gigantic dork who constantly puts his foot in his mouth and who is super awkward while being super cute. He got all flustered signing my DVD because he was worried he was writing too big, and I told him to go nuts and joked he was the star of the show anyway, and he was really amused by that. He’s super cuddly looking and cute, and he smells nice (I am shallow). Scott is seriously fabulous. He was super tired and jet-lagged but still really friendly. He has zero brain-to-mouth filter and is deliciously raunchy. The thing about Scott Thompson though - because he is a comedian, and because he is super silly a lot, I think people might not expect him to be serious about stuff, but while their panels were mostly madness he would occasionally come out with great insights about his character and really interesting stories about the struggles of being an openly gay actor in Hollywood. He’s a professional with lots of work experience and a lot of insights to share, and an all-round awesome guy. Their panels were a delight. I basically didn’t want them to end :v

  • Apparently someone gave them fanmade Hannibal puzzles and on one of them Aaron’s name was misspelled as Aaroon. This lead to Aaroon and Scoot and, well, I cried with laughter a lot during their panels idk idk.
  • They pitched a show on the fly in which they would star as a cop duo. Scott would be a well-dressed cop who kicked ass (like Colin Firth in Kingsman - Scott referenced Kingsman like, twice.I know Scott, me too) and Aaron would be a cop who dressed all badass in leather and stuff but who actually sucked at his job. The show would be called Cop Cop. Cop Cop, starring Aaroon and Scoot.
  • it took them exactly five minutes to start talking about balls. Chilton’s balls, to be exact. And that was the moment when Aaron realised there was a child in the room, and got SUPER giggly and apologised to the child’s parents. This led to Scott doing a monotonous chant of ‘child… child… girlchild… boychild… genderless child… child…’ and going on a high-pitched rant about gendered toys and Aaron started kind of petting him to calm him down and I don’t even know what the fuck was going on anymore.
  • Aaron thinks Brian’s reaction to the way Hannibal and Will ended up would be an offended ‘Dude! I apologised to you! I shook your fuckin hand! How could you?!’. Scott thinks Jimmy’s reaction would be an eyeroll and a 'I *knew* they were gay.’
  • They also both agree that if they’d known about Will’s plan the both of them would have just gone 'ok that’s it I am so done with the FBI and their weird fucking shit.’ And then they’d retire and do Cop Cop.
  • According to Scott Jimmy was drinking again during season 3.
  • Aaron thinks Brian has an older sister and a younger sister (which is incidentally how I wrote him too so that’s neat). Scott thinks Jimmy never got along with his twin.
  • Aaron played Brian to totally look up to Hannibal, because he’s cool and rich and successful and all the things Brian would want to be. Scott played Jimmy to violently dislike Hannibal, because Hannibal sort of waltzed into his lab and told him how to do his job and Jimmy doesn’t take lightly to that.
  • Aaron taught us how to do a Will Graham impression. Suffice it to say, his is spot on.
  • The rumours are true - they did very much do Hannigram versions of Titanic, and of Dirty Dancing. The Titanic one involved Scott laying next to the stage, talking in a terrible Danish accent and telling Rose not to throw away the diamond because she’d need it for her pension, while Aaron just stood there and panted. The Dirty Dancing one involved Scott running all around the room mumbling that nobody puts Will in the corner (again in a terrible Danish accent) while Aaron stood on the stage panting and wheezing how he was having the time of his life. Then they did a sort of running hug. There are no words, folks. Just none.
  • Scott thinks Jimmy and Beverly hooked up once, and that was the last time Jimmy slept with a woman.
  • Aaron played every scene Brian had opposite a woman to be hitting on that woman. Scott pointed out that Jimmy would be bemused as Brian’d never get anywhere anyway, and Aaron pointed out he did fuck Freddie though.
  • gay hanky code. All I’m gonna say.
  • Scott told this incredible anecdote of how he used to work night shifts as a security guard and he’d get so bored and, well… let’s just say we promised him that what happened at the con stayed at the con, so I’m going to leave it at that ;)
  • Aaron told a hilarious story about how he totally messed up an audition once, and trying to smooth it over he thought he’d act cool, saunter up to the table and suavely eat some candy from a bowl… only realising the stuff in the bowl was not actually candy but thumb tacks after he’d already pressed them to his mouth. The best part was he actually got the role.
  • someone asked the entire cast what flower they would be, and Aaron did this fantastic thing of mock outrage about his masculinity being threatened by that question (while Scott just deadpanned ‘venus fly trap’)
  • they totally owned their panels though. I mean, they totally controlled the entire room, were super friendly and nice, and had really great interaction with the audience. It bears mentioning their panels were completely relaxed, open, and fun, and they were both really approachable.


OP: so i walked up to jensen and i was sad we couldn’t do the flower crown thing but he was so excited and everything and i just walked up to him and was like ‘omg hi!!’ and he gave me the most genuine smile and 'hi’d!’ me back and i just CUDDLED UP BESIDE HIM AND HE WAS SO WARM AND CUDDLY AND HE SQUEEZED ME SO NICE and i thanked him and he was like 'no problem’ i’m gone goodbye

AUTO: when i got to jensen’s auto i was so excited to show him the pic i brought in for him, and when it was set down in front of him i was like 'i hope you enjoy this!’ and he took a sec to properly look at it, and he was just like 'oh my god’ and cliff just exclaims 'look at that hair!!’ and i was like 'this is the days of our lives photoshoot’ and jensen starts signing it, and cliff just is like 'DAYS OF OUR LIVES!! WE WERE JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS, WE HAVEN’T SEEN A DAYS OF OUR LIVES PICTURE YET!’ at this point i’m like god bless you cliff in my head and jensen’s just laughing, and he flips the op over and starts to write something on the back then scribbles it out then starts writing again and says 'this is from… 1997?’ and writes ‘1997′ and he continued saying 'that was the first promo shoot i had and they water hosed me’ and he gave the funniest look thinking back on it 'and i was like, that’s best thing that could of happened’ and i was like 'thank you so much’ and he was like 'no problem bye!’ end me bye

Closed || Forgotten Murder

“Okay listen closely. This patient you are going to be caring for did some very bad things. Very bad. Things we don’t want to go into detail about so please be careful with him. He seems cuddly and like he’s nice but we think he’s faking. He says he doesn’t remember anything about the murders he committed but we think that’s because he’s a sociopath. Do not let him in your head.” The head nurse told the new as they walked down a long bare hallway to the new nurse’s patient. “Here we are. Room 347 solitary confinement.” The head nurse said. “I’ll leave you to it then.” She added before walking off.