he's nice and cuddly

“Hey,” mumbled Tooru, eyes of ember and gold full of tenderness. Hajime knew that only he was blessed with this sight. He was gorgeous. (He wouldn’t tell this to Tooru though) 

“Hey, Sleepykawa.” Hajime couldn’t help a grin. He was blessed. (He wouldn’t say this either)

“So rude, Iwa-chan!” chuckled Tooru.

Lazy and quiet afternoons like this were by far his favorite.

Friends Part 5

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1555

Warnings: Talk about death (Pietro’s), fluffly, sadness and a make out session that your mother woudnt be happy about.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Instead of going outside to cheek the noise, you go upstairs to Wanda’s room have never been particularly good in at dealing with conflicts, and whatever was happening between Dan and Bucky downstairs was a conflict.

‘What are you doing here?” You ask Wanda when you see that she is in her room instead of downstairs enjoying her party “I could ask you the same thing, this is my room after all.” You close the door, sitting by her side on the floor “Yes it is, but I asked you first.”

“I miss Pietro, this party is everything he would ever want but he is not here to enjoy. Now you, why are hiding?” She says taking a deep breath as she leans on your shoulder “Why did you invite Dan?” You ask her instead of answering her question, you are not angry at her you just want to know why she was meddling into this.

“You are not gonna like the answer but we have been friends for two years and I never felt that you liked anyone of your past dates ,it has always been Bucky on your mind. But the day you came back from your date with Dan, I could see that you liked the guy and you need to give this relationship with Dan a chance… a real one.”

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proof lance is a cat
  • very excitable
  • self grooming always
  • needy and somewhat vain
  • Nice and Cuddly boy
  • :3 you know the face he always makes
  • easily distracted by lasers
  • WILL sit on your shit until you give him attention. hunk is a witness
  • schemin…
  • loved by keith, local cat person


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 101
warning : smut
summary : Kai meets Reader at the Salvatore house and teases her with magic.
*gif by christophwood

Ever since Kai turned into a heretic , Damon and his friends made it their mission to keep an eye out of him and keep him busy so he doesn’t kill anyone. Weirdly none of them seemed to even consider that maybe he was changing and that now with his coven was gone there wouldn’t be any reason for him to snap. When they asked him to come over that day he had no idea the day was going to be full of surprises for him.
To Kai spending the day at the Salvatore’s with Damon and everyone else (except for Bonnie who still couldn’t stand to be anywhere near him) had seemed like the most annoying thing in the world. They kept eyeing  him, following his movements around the room while he looked around , wondering if he’d give them the slip. There were so many things there , he couldn’t help but want to check out every single one of them. It appeared that over the decades , the Salvatore’s had gathered quite an impressive collection of all sorts of trinkets.
    “Put that down creeper.” said Damon , taking a sip of his bourbon seeing Kai holding one of the old vases. “If you break it , I will break you.
    “Always so hostile , Damon. Why is that ? Has Elena stopped letting you — tsk tsk , you know.” said Kai wiggling his brows. “Cuz that would definitely do it , or maybe its just who you are. I still can’t figure out which one is it. Or what Elena sees in you. Stefan is so much better than -”
Damon held onto his glass so hard , the glass smashed in his hands sending shards everywhere. Elena ducked to try and avoid getting pieces of it in her body , rolling her eyes before pulling Damon down on the sofa with her to keep him from killing Kai.
    “Owh , did I struck a nerve ?”
    “Ignore him.” said Elena quietly , rubbing Damon’s forearm.
The young heretic kept walking around the room under the stare of the couple , slowly making his way to the hallway , checking out the paintings when the front door opened and someone he had never seen before in his life walked inside the house and bumped into him almost knocking him down.
    “Watch where you are —” started Kai , freezing on the spot. “Oh hello.”
Kai checked out the knew comer from head to toe,  twice - the girl looked around his age , wearing short shorts , a plain white top with her hair made in waves. He was surprised to figure out she was a human since there weren’t that many humans left in the Mystic Falls gang. He wondered who she is. One thing Kai knew for sure - the girl stole his breath away and he wanted her to like him and be his friend or more maybe than a friend. So far he hadn’t managed to screw anything up with her , so maybe there was a chance for at least one of those things to happen.
    “Sorry.” she smiled nervously , taking a step backwards.
    “No harm done.” he smiled , unable to look away. “Wow you are like really pretty. How don’t I know who you are?”
    “I um — W-who are you again?”
    “Oh right sorry , manners. I’m Kai.” said Kai grinning at her , nervously running his fingers through his hair before shaking her hand, holding onto it a few seconds too long.
    “Step away from the human.” said Damon , getting up from the sofa to welcome his friend. “Welcome home troublemaker. Had a good year at NYU?”
Kai couldn’t take his eyes off the new girl and she appeared to have the same problem , glancing at Damon only for a few seconds. He could hear her heart racing and  her breathing becoming uneven. Damon gave Y/N an awkward one arm hug , messing up her hair right after until she slapped his hand away.
    “NYU was — fun , I guess though nowhere near as fun as hanging out here…apparently.” she said , running her fingers through her hair trying to fix the mess her friend had made.
    “I am just trying to get to know your friend , thats all. Why ? Does she have a boyfriend or something ?” wondered Kai , not taking his eyes off her. Thinking  this girl might belong to someone else but him made him feel weird. “You still haven’t told me your name.”
    “Sorry — I’m Y/N and no , I d-don’t have a boyfriend.” said Y/N smiling nervously. Elena wrapped her hands around her pulling her into a hug. “You never said he was that hot.” she whispered to her friend.
    “You think I’m hot ?” said Kai with an smile on his face,  taking a step towards her until Damon pulled him away. He glanced at the vampire , pushing him off. “Oh stop it with the over protective stuff. I am not going to hurt her. I think she likes me , it would be a shame if I don’t get to know her at least. What do you say? Do you want to spend the rest of the day with the most dangerous heretic ?”
Damon groaned and Kai ignored him , taking another step towards Y/N. He could hear her heart beating so fast, as if trying to leap out of her chest the closer to her he got. Something told him it wasn’t fear that was causing her reaction.
    “I promise you , whatever they have told you about me - they’ve over reacted.” said Kai , snaking his hand around her waist and walking her to the sofa.
    “Yeah because what you did at the wedding was a walk in the park.” said Damon , but Kai ignored him completely. All his attention was on Y/N.
    “Who knows , maybe you will see the good in me.” he smiled lightly brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment. “Hey do you have twitter ? You should follow me - cobrakai1972. You know , like Karate Kid? ”
Y/N felt a tingly feeling spread from her stomach through her body the second Kai touched her. He didn’t seem evil like her friends had told her , he just seemed — like he wanted someone to talk to. There was no denying he was smocking hot and somehow in their first few moments together he had stirred something inside her , something she hadn’t felt since her boyfriend Kol. No way she’d hate Kai , ever. It was already too late for that.
    “Um … I don’t believe I’m familiar with that movie.” she laughed nervously.
    “OH then maybe we can watch it together like — you know, on a date?” he asked raising his brows for a moment just as they sat together on the sofa.
    “Wait – we just met and you are asking me out already ?”
    “Yeah , why ? Is that odd ? Sorry , I’m a little rusty on my social skills. You know , magical timeout and all.” he smiled nervously.
Y/N turned towards her friends raising her brows as if to say ‘Thats the super dangerous person you told me about ?’. Kai had a danger vibe around him , yes , but he didn’t seem as dangerous as her friends had made him out to be. He seemed nice and cuddly with eyes that could melt any girl’s heart. Like they already had started melting hers.
    “You two are full of surprises , aren’t you ?” she wondered turning towards her friends. “So where are my welcome home cupcakes with those red sprinkles on top ? I thought you said there would be cupcakes.”
    “You like cupcakes too ? Awesome ! Ch-cholate ones right ?”
Y/N glanced at Kai and then at her friends and then at Kai again , slowly starting to piece things together. Were they trying to make up for killing Kol with the white oak stake to get the stupid cure ? Sure they hadn’t known about her and the original vampire back then but it still hurt like hell. A nervous smile showed on her face and she ran her fingers through her hair.
    “Yeah …. with chocolate frosting and melted chocolate on the inside.”
Kai grinned rubbing his hands excitedly. “OH those are the best. I love you already.”
    “S-sorry what?” said Y/N blinking a few times really fast.
    “What ?”
    “You said ‘love’.”
    “No , I didn’t. I said ‘like’.”
    “Ohh-kay.” she said clearly remembering him saying ‘love’.
    “You like cupcakes and you are talking to me without that judgy look in your eyes all your annoying friends get whenever I am around.” said Kai sincerely. “How can I not like you ?” Kai grinned at her , pinching her cheek.
    “Don’t – don’t do that.”
    “Why ? Is it annoying you?” he said pinching her cheek again as she tried to swat his hand away. “You missed.”
Y/N started laughing , even more seeing Elena and Damon’s expressions. They were looking at them with a look of disbelief , suspicion , surprise as if Y/N had gone crazy and like Kai had done something evil instead of being all cute.
‘What?’ she mouthed. 'He is smoking hot –’
    “Alright thats - that’s enough. If you two keep it up like that I will need  a lot more of this.” said Damon shaking his empty glass in his hands , moments before he poured himself another glass with bourbon.
Kai raised his hands in defence. “Fine , I’ll stop talking.”
    “Yeah , as if thats going to happen.” muttered Elena sitting on the other sofa , reaching for Damon’s glass and gulping it at once. “Sorry , you might need to get yourself another one.”


Kai had stopped talking , mostly because he couldn’t figure out what to say to Y/N to get her to get out with him. He was starting to get worried something had gone seriously wrong with him because not once in his life he had felt that way. Why were his palms so sweaty and why was his heart doing those weird flips? How it was that he couldn’t focus on anything else but her in that moment ?
Y/N kept glancing at Kai noticing how he hadn’t taken his eyes off her , studying her face with curiosity in his blue eyes. Was she imagining it or was he moving closer to her ? Kai pressed his lips together for a moment , lightly licking his lower lip with a low 'hmmmm’ following afterwards.
Damn thats hot. she thought unable to look away from him.
A few minutes later Stefan and Caroline arrived at the house with the cupcakes her friends had promised her when they called two days ago. Stefan said something to her but she could barely see or even hear him. All her focus was on Kai and how in this moment his fingertips were grazing across her arm slowly sending chills all over her body. Y/N swatted his hand away but he didn’t give up. No matter how hard she tried to focus on reality it wasn’t possible , not with her new blue eyed friend doing all of this.
    “Oh just get it out of your system and kiss. I can’t stand the thought of an evening with the two you and that tension.” said Damon suddenly.
Y/N and Kai turned towards him. The young heretic was grinning and she was looking at her friend with a mix of shock and surprise in her wide eyes. Only half an hour ago he had practically tried to drag Kai away from her and now he was suggesting they make out. What ?!
    “I – I don’t want to kiss him. Why w-would I want to kiss him ?” she stuttered. “T-this is ridiculous.”
Kai put his arm around her shoulder pulling her towards him , sending electricity through her veins.
    “Oh sure you do , sweetheart.” grinned Kai placing his other hand on her stomach. “Owwh listen to that heart beat - racing so fast , so strong. Hmmm…”
Kai leaned in towards her brushing his nose against her cheek slowly moving it towards her neck while snaking his other hand on her stomach , getting her to lose it completely. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed for a second and glanced at Damon then at Kai , pushing his hands away getting up quickly.
    “I’ll be right back.”

Y/N almost ran to the kitchen to get something cold to drink and find a way to cool down. Kai’s touch and just his presence had sent so many butterflies in her stomach she was 100% sure somehow they’d burst out of her. A few minutes later she had poured herself a glass with her favourite lemon / ginger ice tea and had leaned against the kitchen counter , taking a sip. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back for a moment letting out a small moan.
    “Oh that felt good.” she muttered to herself.
    “So hot moaning like that…” said a male voice , sounding way too close.
When her eyes opened Kai was standing right in front of her , so close his body was almost pressing against hers. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him leaning in towards her. His eyes kept darting between hers and her lips , his breath lightly hitting her face.
    “Kai – what are you doing ?”  she wondered trying to find a way to pull herself away from him. No way she’d kiss him. No way she’d let him kiss her either no matter how much she wanted to. Luckily for her his grip wasn’t to strong and she pushed him away.
Kai grinned at her , reaching for one of the cupcakes on the counter swiping some of the frosting with his finger and licking it clean right after. Y/N’s eyes widened and she tried very very hard to push away all those thoughts , but instead of helping he pushed it even further - licking some of the frosting from the cupcake with his tongue without taking his eyes off her.
    “MMmmmhmmm those are delicious. You should try them , here.” he swiped some of the frosting and held out his finger for her. “Come on , you know you want to. Plus how can you say 'no’ to chocolate cupcakes.”
Y/N gripped his wrist and pushed his hand away. “I um …no , t-thanks.”
Quickly she turned around walking out of the kitchen when barely a few steps away from the door , Kai caught up with her and without saying a word backed her against the wall , pinned her hands over her head and kissed her as if his life depended on it. Then as if nothing had happened he walked on his way to the living room leaving her breathless with her heart pounding so fast , even she could hear it. Y/N walked to the sofa , clearing her throat and lightly scratching her head. Kai poured two drinks - handing one of them to her.
    “T-thanks.” she smiled nervously unable to stop thinking about that kiss. Kai had sneaked up on her pushing her buttons so hard they were stuck and now all she could think about was him. Even more than before. How did he even do that ?
    “Go out with me.” he asked suddenly.
    “I barely know you. Why would I go out with you ?”
    “Thats why I want you to go out with me. To get to know each other. Isn’t that obvious or do kids do it differently those days? Tell you what. If by the end of the night I haven’t convinced you, I’ll let it go.”
    "Just like that ?”
    "Just like that.” he said raising his hands in surrender and then something flashed in them for a split second. “But you will go out with me. I know you will.”
    "Cocky much?”
    "Alright you two , break it up - my ears are bleeding.” said Damon sitting between Y/N and Kai. “Y/N is the smartest person here. She is not going to go out with you -”
    "We’ll see about that.” said Kai with a smug smirk on his face. 


The evening dragged itself on. Eventually everyone stopped eyeing them and she relaxed a bit. Kai had cooled it down with the teasing but just as she thought he might’ve given up on that idea something happened.
All of the sudden she felt as if someone was touching her way down there. Y/N glanced at her lap but there was nothing there. For a moment she thought it had been her imagination and pushed the thought away.Then it happened again only this time there was a little more pressure and it felt as if someone was drawing circles her clit and a quiet moan left her lips before she had had the time to stop herself.
    "Are you okay ?” asked Kai innocently , placing his hand on her hip very slightly moving it. “Do you need water or something ?”
Y/N turned towards him seeing the devilish spark in his eyes for a second and thats how she knew - whatever was happening , it was him. He was somehow responsible.  Damon glanced at her then at Kai , grabbing the heretic’s hand and droppingit on Kai’s lap with a smirk on his face.
    "No , I’m g-good. Thanks.” she muttered with a small smile , shooting him a warning look. How can he do that , specially with Damon sitting between them?! Kai grinned at her and took a sip of his drink when all of the sudden her legs parted slightly and an invisible finger entered her ,making her moan a little louder. Damon turned towards her straight away while everyone else glanced at her and she started coughing to try and cover it up.
    "S-sorry , it went down the wrong p-pipe.”
    "Go out with me.” whispered Kai leaning over behind Damon’s back.
    "No.” she whispered through gritted teeth , feeling the invisible finger getting joined by another. Y/N gasped , starting to clear her throat to cover it up feeling them curl around pumping in and out of her slowly picking up the pace. Quiet whimpers kept escaping her lips no matter how much she tried to muffle them.
Y/N balled her hands into fists , her nails digging in her palm almost drawing blood while she tried not to moan every time Kai’s magic fingers curled inside her. A couple of times she shifted on her seat , even tried pushing her legs together but none of it seemed to work.The girl was sure if she says something her friends would intervene but — she didn’t want them to. Y/N had no idea how her new friend was doing this but she enjoyed every second of it.
    "Ahhh that’s some really good bourbon.” muttered Kai , taking a sip looking around the room innocently while he continued teasing her with magic. Her skin felt on fire and the more she tried not to moan the worse things got. It was as if Kai wanted her to moan and his fingers picked up the pace even more. Y/N rested her back against the sofa digging her nails in the cushions. For a second she glanced at Kai and could see devils dancing in his eyes , turning her on even more. Another curl of his fingers later her back arched off the sofa and a quiet moan left her lips. Kai turned towards her grinning , his fingers slowly picking up the pace while an invisible thumb rubbed her clit. Y/N’s cheeks had flushed , her eyes kept fluttering closed and the way Kai kept looking at her with innocent eyes as if there is nothing he had done was just too much.
    “I freaking hate you.” she whispered through gritted teeth.
    “What did I do ?” wondered Damon. Y/N grabbed his glass with bourbon and gulped it all at once.
    “Woawh…” said Kai with an amused look in his face.
Kai continued teasing her , pumping his fingers deep inside her curling them around ,watching her squirm and try not to moan failing almost every time. Luckily her friends had started laughing about something and didn’t hear her whimper or see her legs shake as she came. Her thoughts were a mess , her skin was on fire and the lingering feeling of Kai’s lips on hers was driving her completely nuts. All she could think about was how much she wanted him. There was one thing left to do. Y/N turned towards him with an innocent smile on her face.
    "Yes , Y/N ?”
    "Will you come help me with the um - “
    “Yeah … lets go with that.” she muttered , getting off the sofa with Kai on her tail.
Y/N’s legs felt like jelly and she tried to hide it while walking out of the living room and into the hallway , turning right instead of left , heading towards the cellar. Kai caught up with her at the stairs pinning her against the wall not waiting a second before smashing his lips against hers. Their lips moved hungrily together as if trying to swallow each other. He took her hands by the wrists and pinned them over her head , pressing his body against hers ,pushing his crotch against hers making her moan into the kiss.
    "Go out with me.” he asked again gazing longingly into her eyes.
Y/N shook her head , wounding one of her legs  around his waist. A smug smirk showing on his face pushing against her again , resting his forehead on hers. Kai started saying something but she shushed him.
‘They are listening.’ she mouthed.
‘I dont care. I want you and I always get what I want.’ he mouthed back , slipping his hand in her jeans and under her panties until his fingers reached her clit. His lips formed a small letter ‘oh’ realising her panties were pooling with arousal.
    "Someone had fun.” he whispered as quietly as possible. “I wonder what you taste like ? Hmmm … ”
Y/N s eyes widened knowing her friends are upstairs listening in. What if one of them comes looking for them ? A devilish spark flashed in Kai’s eyes and his lips smashed against hers drowning out her moans while his long fingers pushed inside her to the last knuckle curling around , pumping inside her a couple of time. Each curl made her back arch off the wall and her hips kept pushing down on his fingers wanting him to go deeper. Y/N tried hard not to groan in frustration when his fingers pulled out. She had thought teasing her with magic had felt good but that felt magnified to the max. Kai brought his fingers to his lips , moaning as he cleaned his fingers as if her juices are the most delicious treat there is.
    ”So delicious.“ he moaned , leaning to whispering her ear. "And so tight around my fingers. It will feel so nice stretching you out.”
Y/N’s eyes widened and she slipped down the wall for a moment just thinking about what would happen next but he held her steady. However on fire she had felt upstairs , in that moment she was burning up.
    “Mmmmhmm … So , what do you say sweet cheeks ?” he whispered in her ear. “ Will you go out with me?” he asked again loosening the grip on her hands.
    “Tomorrow ?”
Y/N hooked one of her hands around his neck , slipping her other down between their bodies pushing its way in his jeans , palming him through his briefs. “Only if we get out of the house in the next 15 seconds.”
    “Is that a challenge?”
    “12 seconds –”
Kai grabbed her , whooshing them upstairs and through the door before anyone had had the chance to see them , though the sound of the door closing shut with a loud bang got all her friend’s attention.
    “Pay up brother.” said Damon with a smug smirk. “Told you they wouldn’t be able to resist each other.”


We’re Just Friends. {Josh Dun x reader}

Requested: Nah

Warnings: Swearing? Josh being the hottest human being out there, um yeah and slight sexual conent, Bullying

A/N: Requests are open for Josh but if you prefer Tyler I could maybe do him too.



The car rumbled as we made our way down the highway towards Taco Bell. Josh bobbed his head to the beat of the song that was playing at the time. I didn’t know what it was but I’m pretty sure it’s Metalica. As we pulled into the drive-through at Taco Bell I picked up my bag rummaging for my wallet.

“Shit Josh. I forgot my money.” I said throwing down my purse in frustration.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay.” Josh siad pulling up to the ordering sign.

“Are you sure Josh? I can pay you back when we get back.” I said pointing to the direction we came in.

“Yeah and you don’t have to pay me back. It’s fine.” He said ordering a 5$ cravings box for each of us and two strawberry starburst freezis.

“Thanks Josh.” I said leaning back against the seat beginning to relax.

“It’s nothing.” he said grabbing the food from the clerk before driving away.The car ride was filled with silence as we turned into the nearest park. The sound of children playing in the background filled my heart with joy making my chest and face feel warm as I cracked a smile. “Why you smiling?” Josh said setting up the food on a picnic table.

“Kids are just so cute.” I said sitting across from him. 

“You want to have any?” He asked taking a bite of the first taco he pulled out. 

“No not thinking about it right now.” I said taking a bite of the taco I chose. 

“Why not?” He asked looking at you with a concerned look on his face.

“Just haven’t found the right person I guess.” I said offering him a light smile 

“ Um Y/N I’m sitting right here.” He said smiling. 

“ Yeah, yeah Romeo.” I said chuckling. We finished the tacos and sat on a bench that over looked the on-coming sunset. 

“You know what’s prettier than this sunset?” He asked looking at me with loving eyes. My heart started accelerating in my chest and the wind fled from my lungs.

“What?” I could barely make out.

“Me.” He said laughing. The anticipation fled from my heart and disappointment replaced it. I smiled in efforts to hide the pain in my heart. “I’m just kidding.” He said grabbing in my chin with his fingers. “It’s you.” He whispered before planting a quick kiss on my forehead. 


“We should be getting back to Tyler’s don’t you think? He’s going to be wondering where we’ve gone to.” Josh said standing up like nothing our of the ordinary happened at all. 

“Y-yeah.” I said and he chuckled at my studdering. 

“You alright there princess?” He asked throwing an arm around around my shoulders. 

“Yeah I-I’m fine just tired that’s all.” I said trying to cover my apparent studder with a chuckle although I know he heard it.

“Want me to tuck you in?” He asked smiling. At first the words got mixed p in my brain and I thought he said “Fuck” Instead of “Tuck” The image of his sweating down between my legs made me squeeze them together to get rid of the wetness that threated to spill out. 

“Sure. You sleeping in my room tonight again too?” I asked throwing in arm around his torso. 

“Of course.” He said chuckling. The one thing fans didn’t know about us was that we slept together on a daily basis. It wasn’t sexual or anything but it was nice and cuddly and he prvided the perfect amount of warmth. 

*Time skip*

The room was quiet beside the tiny fan I had going on my dresser. I couldn’t sleep in silence since I was a little kid so Josh knew it was natural for me to have a fan running at all times. 

“You ready?” Josh asked from the bathroom. 

“Almost.” I said as I stripped into one of Josh’s t-shirts before huddling into bed. “Alright come out.” I said throwing the covers over me before he could get a look of my pantless legs. Josh came out in nothing but his boxers and hopped into bed next to me he warm legs warpping with my cold ones.

“Damn you’re cold today.” He said pulling me against his strong torso against my weak back.

“Yeah, I guess it’s always cold in this house.” I said pushing my back into his solid body to get some warmth. He draped isarm around my stomach and pulled me closer if that was even possible. 

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said snuggling into my neck. 

“Goodnight Joshua.” I said moving to give him better access to my neck.


The morning came and my phone was blowing up with messages and notifications. I turned to pick it up but found it difficult due to Josh holding onto me closly. 

“Josh hun I have to grab my phone. It’s probably my mother.” I siad trying to reach over  again but he held me closer. 

“Mmm not yet.” He said his voice raspy from a night of good sleep. 

“Josh I’ll be back just.. let.. me grab my phone.” I said pulling my phone closerand eventualy grabbing it going back to Josh. He resumed his position and fell asleep shortly after. My phone had notifications from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and friends texted a few times. I decided to start with my friends. 

From: Y/BF/N

Dude what the hell?! Why didn’t you tell me?? sent at 3:50 am

To: Y/BF/N 

What didn’t I tell you? I’m confused?? sent at 10:21 am

I continued to check through social media seeing videos and pictures of Josh and me in the park eating

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The pictures and videos flooded through my mind and they made my heart melt but the comments made my heart sink.

From: Y/BF/N 

I saw the photo’s good for you hun. I remember you complaining about how he never would like you and shit like that! Now all I have to do is set the haters straight. Hope you guys last long! <3  sent at 10:45 am

To: Y/BF/N 

Omg I didn’t know people took pictures of that. We’re just friends. but  now I need to get Joshie up and tell him the “Great” news. sent at 10:47

“Josh, wake up I need to talk to you.” I said sitting up him following soon after. My phone held tightly in my hands I showed him Instagram and Twitter. 

“Oh my god I should’ve fucking known better. I’m so sorry Y/N.” He said looking through the comments on Instagram and Twitter. 

“It’s okay they don’t bother me as much as they are goign to ruin your reputation.” I said runnning my hands down my face. 

“Well maybe this is a good thing.” Josh said looking at you with a smile on his face.

“How is this even remotely a good thing. This shit is going to cause some reprecussions.” I said scratching my neck nervously. 

“Because I’ve always loved you and I just. I didn’t want it to come out this way but if this is the only way it will come out then so be it.” Josh said leaning forward capturing my lips with a soft, delicate kiss. I leaned into it wrapping my arms around his neck. His soft lips molded against mine and it felt right. We pulled away and opened our eyes. 

“I love you too Joshua Dun.”


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1-)) Peter was having the worst day. Lost his pen in calculus, broke his left webshooter, he didn't even see you at lunch! and to top it all off, it was pouring on his way home. It was just unlucky Petey day. he was sad and just wanted some attention and a nice cuddly spot to lay in and watch chick flicks and rom-coms (his favorites, after Star Wars of course, due to always watching them with Aunt May) he slowly went up to his apartment, bag hanging halfway off his shoulder and mumbling hello to

Part 2: May and continuing thinking sorrowful things and lumbering in his room to find you in comfy pjs and handing him his own and his favorite sweater of yours the one he always loved to snuggle up in, and shoving his towards his bathroom to change, against his protests since right now all he really wanted to do was hug you Upon exiting the bathroom Peter noticed what you’d done in his room, a fort with all the blankets and pillow in the apartment set of with a stack of movies by a laptop all for him

This is the cutest most adorable thing I’ve ever read. Cute and vulnerable Peter is the best Peter

How to be a stereotypical Hufflepuff:

Hufflepuff: So I made a great first impression with my neighbors tonight.
Slytherin: Oh good.
Hufflepuff: The entire family next door walked out of their house to find me sitting in the middle of my front yard… Cuddling with their, hm, free-range cat.
Slytherin: “Free-range,” lol
Hufflepuff: Trash can abandoned behind me because priorities. …And they all just kind of stared until I pushed the cat away and hid inside.
Slytherin: Oh my god.
Hufflepuff: I AM A WALKING STEREOTYPE. …He was a very nice cat, though.
Slytherin: Is that what he told you?
Hufflepuff: …Well, yeah.
Slytherin: Oh my god. Of course you’re sitting in the grass with a cat getting stared at. You should probably just move to Hogwarts.

Dreaming of You

A/N: I’m lying in bed sick, while writing this. In this imagine I switch from 1st person view to narrative, but don’t worry you’ll notice when it does. This imagine was inspired by my dream last night. Lmao. I might do a part 2 for this, so stay tuned!


Part 2

Archie x Reader

Summary: After your dream about Archie Andrews, you can’t help falling for him…

Warnings: none

Word Count: don’t know

Abbreviations: Y/N: Your name Y/N/N: Your nickname


I was sitting on the floor hugging my knees closer to my body. It was freezing, and I was feeling sick already. Archie sat beside me, he was wearing his signature varsity jacket. Oh, how you wished I had a cuddly jacket too. The place was un- recognizable, it seemed like I was stuck in a warehouse. I rubbed my hands together hoping to create heat, but it was no use. Archie took his jacket off, and placed it gently on my shoulders.


Heat was still radiating from the jacket. It was cuddly and nice.

“All better.” He said with a smile. A warm feeling rushed through my body, my heart melted when I saw his smile. It was nice of him, to give me his jacket.


My alarm blarred, scaring me half to death. I got up and turned it off. Ugh, my nose is sniffily and I feel like my eye balls could burn off any second now. I collapsed back into my bed cuddling close to my bed sheets. Perfect timing! My dream was just getting to the good stuff. I daydreamed the rest of it and before I knew it was 8:25, 5 MINUTES UNTIL WARNING BELL

I grabbed the first hoodie I saw and put it on. PANTS! I need to wear pants, not my Pyjamas! I haphazardly brushed my hair, as fast as could without pulling my scalp off and threw it in a ponytail. I looked at the mirror. Okay, I look representable. Now out the door! I grabbed my wallet (for food), books and bag, and I rushed out the door. Then realizing I didn’t lock door, I went back, searched through my bag frantically for my key and locked it. I sprinted to school. NO, NO, NO! I can’t have an Archie dream ruin my perfect attendance.

I flew the front door of the school open, everyone looked at me with judging eyes. I looked up at the clock in the hallway, 8:20. Crap! I read the clock wrong. I smiled awkwardly and tryed to regain myself. Students quickly carried on to what they were doing before, as if I was yesterday’s news. I went to the cafeteria and bought some breakfast and headed straight to my locker.

I stopped abruptly when I see who was in front of my locker. Archie Andrews. My stomach fluttered nervously. Why was I nervous? I don’t like Archie. Ugh, it’s just a stupid dream Y/N/N! You approached him.

“Uhhh… excuse me…” You said in small voice, you pointed at your locker and avoided eye contact.

“Ya, of course.” He rushed out of my way.

He looked at you. He has never heard you speak before. At least not directly. As you grabbed your books, he studied your face. You are beautiful he thought. What classes do we have together? He said the question out loud without realizing it.

“Me? Well, we have Science together, first block and Math last block this week.” I said while trying to remember if I have any more classes with him that I forgot to mention. I caught him off guard.

“Hellooo?” I said, extending the O. I don’t think he heard me.

“I said we ha-”

“Ya, I know I heard you, I just didn’t realize I said it out loud.” He said in a shy smile. I blushed lightly.

“Do you want to go to science together? I mean, only if you want to.“

“Ya, sure let me get my binder. As I was in the process of grabbing it, my sketch book spews out, sketches after sketches scattered across the floor. I tryed tried to pick them up vigorously. Why now? Archie helped me pick them up before someone steps on them. He starred in awwwe at one of the sketches. I looked to see which one it was. Ohhhh, no. It was a sketch of him and his friends.

“Ugh, I thought you guys looked really happy, so I thought would draw you guys.” I said in a nervous sequence.

“In a none creepy way, of course.” I added. I gulped the last piece of dignity left.

“Wow, this is really good.” His eyes softened in sincerity. You were so different from afar he thought. He never knew what you really were doing in that sketch book. Now he starred at you in amazement. He helped you up.

You closed your locker door and both of you went of to science.

“Those drawings were amazing!” He said breaking the silence.

“Thank you.” You scoffed and smiled shyly.

“No, really they are. Say, would you like to hang out with me during lunch? My friends will be there too, and I bet they will like you.” He raised his eyebrows for an answer.

Oh, Archie. If I didn’t have that dream about you I would’ve said no.

“Yes! I would love too.”


A/N: I hope you enjoyed that! Please send feedback if you have any, it wI’ll be greatly appreciated! ;)

I got a dog.

He’s a teacup poodle rescued from a puppy mill. He’s four months old and 3 pounds. He’s a runt, but also small from some fairly serious infections. He’s mostly healthy now though.

The rescue program is called Safe Harbor Prison Dogs in Kansas.

He was boarded with an older inmate who also was fostering a Wolf Hound rescue pup. The Wolfie was 60 pounds and 2 feet tall. My puppy looks like a very alert Beanie Baby, but apparently he was in charge of the huge pup. He thinks he’s a real dog. He’s very smart and playful and cuddly. And he’s so nice, like super socialized. The prison dogs are amazingly great dogs; I’m so happy to find such a terrific program.

I started out looking for a guard dog btw. So that didn’t work at all. Instead of a beast, I’ve got a gourmet hamster.

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If you're still doing requests, how about this- Kakashi and Sakura are having a nice cuddly morning after when bull decides he , as Kakashi's usual bed-mate, needs to join in? (Ps - sending good vibes. They're coming. Nothing you can do to stop them.)

 I changed it a teensy bit, hope you don’t mind! Thanks for sending in the prompt!


Also on ao3 and ffn

               Kakashi woke up feeling warm and content. He could feel someone cuddled up beside him, almost underneath him. The soft skin, the hair that tickled at his nose, how her small but strong arms were wrapped around him holding him close. He didn’t know how long she’d been awake for, but her fingers were gently combing through his hair. It was so soothing, she almost put him back to sleep. But as wonderful it felt to sleep with her so close, he missed her. He had to see her eyes, her beautiful smile.

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I keep seeing posts where there is art showing Sangwoo being all nice at the end of the current chapter or some other alternative with the text changed in the speech bubbles.

But Sangwoo isn’t nice? He isn’t this cuddly teddy bear bad boy killer. Him and Bum are both fucked in the head. Everything Sangwoo says half the time is backwards. 

Plus isn’t it more exciting for the angst and terrible shit to happen? If they got together like “BUM LET ME KISS THESE SCARS - KISS THE PAIN AWAY AND WE WILL LIVE TOGETHER HAPPILY EVER AFTER” wouldn’t it be boring as hell? I want the worst to happen, the horror and the full trauma. I don’t want some shitty cliche bonnie and and clyde rubbish. I want to see the pair of these two slowly fall apart until they’re entirely lost, caught and taken away. 

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OH MY GODDD, YOUR FEUILLY/BAHOREL IS AMAZING. Do you have any stories about F/B after a long, sexy night, just morning rutine and a lot of fluff, coz they are so sooooo in love

THANK YOU I love those two c:

Bahorel is personally offended by mornings.  Deeply perturbed that there exists a time before noon and that every so often he himself is subjected to them.  You can imagine how his morning classes suffer.

Feuilly’s a disgusting early bird.  It’s not so much that he likes mornings, he just has a drill sergeant of an internal clock and can rarely force himself to sleep much past seven or eight.  He could have gone to sleep at three the night before and still at seven oh five on the dot his eyes will snap open even as his body and mind recoil in horror.  It’s is both a gift and a curse.

So a normal morning for them often starts with Feuilly waking up and either

a) if he has to work and Bahorel doesn’t, he’ll very quietly extract himself from the bed, get dressed, prepare for his day, and have a quick breakfast (usually like a piece of toast or a thing of yoghurt or something, he doesn’t eat much on his own and rarely anything fancy). Usually he’ll also take whatever extra time he has to sit up and read the newspaper – it’s a relaxing thing for him to ease back into the real world, stimulate his mind, and see what’s what before meeting up with the other Amis later – then he heads out after drinking about litre of coffee.

b) if both he and Bahorel have to get up it’s merciless.  Bahorel is a fucking bear in the mornings and Feuilly doesn’t have time for it. He’ll leave Bahorel in agony for a little while as Feuilly’s phone alarm goes off (the phone which he, of course, keeps with him so that Bahorel can’t turn it off) and from there will pull the covers away, try to shove Bahorel out of bed, and usually in the end bribe him with coffee.  Bahorel will grumble and groan and curse the entire way but if they both have enough time Bahorel will make them a good breakfast, with like bacon and eggs and toast or hashbrowns.  It almost makes the morning not completely suck.

c) on the rare mornings where Bahorel has to be up before Feuilly he always ends up feeling really bad.  Because he can’t wake up without an alarm, but the second the alarm goes off if Feuilly isn’t already up he will be and dammit that boy needs his rest.  But when he has to get up for something Bahorel tries his damnedest to wake up quickly and turn his alarm off… and will then threaten Feuilly with coffee restrictions or bodily harm if he dares follow Bahorel out of bed instead of going back to sleep.

And finally d) if neither of them have to get up?  Bahorel will wrap his arms around Feuilly and refuse to let him leave the bed because he is warm and cuddly and it’s just really nice to wake up next to someone in the mornings, okay?  So Feuilly’s bedside table is full of books and/homework so he can lay in Bahorel’s arms in the morning without getting completely bored while Bahorel is half-asleep half-awake and has his face pressed into Feuilly’s curls.

Book 1: The Invasion, Chapters 4-5


(Housekeeping: I don’t really have a strict timeline in mind for this, I may squish multiple chapters into one post if they’re short enough, after all, we have A LOT OF BOOKS TO GET THROUGH):

Chapter 4

And we’re back: Yeerks descending, Alienstag dying, Our Heroes trying to decide whether they want some ill-defined magic powers.  Which: yes, obviously, given the title of the series, they do.

Magic ritual time!  Conveniently, this ritual seems to involve everyone touching one side of the magic box thing that Jake brought back, and five of them plus the Alienstag is exactly enough people.  Handy, that.  Would suck if it were a magic dodecahedron and they couldn’t do the ritual.

Weirdly, the actual Getting Of Magic Powers is over in a very short paragraph. Everyone touches the cube, Everyone gets a little tingly zap from the cube. Boom!  You now have powers.

Also, says the Alienstag, make sure you don’t stay morphed for more than two hours or you can’t shift back.  Which raises a lot more questions about exactly how precise this timing is, why the powers tie so neatly into Earthling time measurements, etc., but there’s no time to get into that because it is time for ACTION and EXPOSITION.

Specifically a Big Bad Dude is arriving along with the Yeerks.  Big Bad Dude is named Visser Three, and he’s the only Yeerk who can morph, and he is basically just not a nice dude. Alienstag really thinks the kids should get to running.  Which they do, but not before Tobias pets the Alienstag and gets a little extra zap of some sort, which I assume will be important later - did he get an extra power, or the ability to morph for an extra five minutes, or something?  

Once Tobias is zapped, they all take off running. And now we’re going to meet two new kinds of creatures who just landed!

  1. The Hork-Bajir, who are doing nothing to disprove my theory that Applegate is just naming these characters after cat-vomiting noises.  They are basically some kind of knife-dinosaur-snake hybrid, but Alienstag is still telepathing from a distance, and he says they’re a soft and cuddly race generally, though these particular ones have been Controlled by Yeerks and thus aren’t soft and cuddly anymore.
  2. The Taxxon, which sounds like a prescription medication of some sort.  They’re some sort of tube-like centipede things with a bunch of teeth and lobster claws.  It is at this point that I suddenly remember @theglintoftherail​ once telling me about some sort of Hunger Tube alien, and I have a terrible feeling this is probably it.  The Alienstag is not so happy about these guys, he has nothing nice to say about their cuddliness factor even when they are not Yeerk-controlled.

And now the Alienstag and K.A. Applegate are tired from infodumping at us, so we go to chapter break, apparently.

Chapter Five

Alienstag Wikipedias some more knowledge into the kids’ heads: The Hork-Bajir are basically Space Rhinoceroses, in that they can hear really well but have terrible vision.  So probably the kids’ best chance of surviving is to hold really still and pretend to be weirdly shaped rocks.

The Alienstag is also exuding some sort of Space Xanax, telepathically calming the kids so they don’t flip out and start screaming.  Which is probably a good idea because I have to assume that sometime in the FIFTY THREE REMAINING BOOKS, things are going to continue to escalate, and so they should probably try to achieve some chill at this early juncture or they’re not going to fare well later.

So everyone holds really still, and Alienstag thinks calming thoughts at them, and Marco recovers from his terror enough to make a joke about the Hork-Bajir looking like a SaladShooter. I feel like that wouldn’t be the reference we’d reach for today.  Can’t quite make up my mind what the 2017 version of “basically a ball of knives” is, though.

The Hork-Bajir are at least temporarily fooled by all this freezing-in-place, which lets us get back to the next wave of invasion, namely: Visser Three’s landing . Visser Three, because he is a Bad Dude, is going to monologue at us for a while.  Let’s just bullet-point this:

  • V3 tells us the Alienstag’s name!  It’s Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, which is…a lot.  “My First Fantasy Novel” a lot. Also I am now left with some thoughts about database design.   I feel as if a lot of Earthling databases have enough trouble just handling things like hyphenated last names, and people with two middle names, and special characters in names.  Now I really want to know about the alien database designer responsible for keeping track of all sorts of different aliens with all sorts of naming conventions, and how he makes sure his database isn’t going to choke on triple-hyphenated first names with no last name attached.
  • We find out that V3 really wants to be Visser One, which he hopes to achieve by impressing everyone back home with his conquering of earth.  So I guess the number is a rank thing and not that he’s Visser Son of Visser, Also Son Of Visser.
  • We find out that V3 is into conquering earth because we have LOT of people and also those people are ignorant and easy to take over.  We have so many people, in fact, that back home they’re going to have to build more “Yeerk pools” to make new Yeerks to occupy all the human brains.  So I guess finding out what a Yeerk Pool is, is something we can all look forward to together.  

Finally the Alienstag, whose name I am not going to bother to learn to type if he’s dying in this chapter, gets tired of this and gets to his feet and stabs V3 with his pointy tail.  You go, Alienstag.  Might as well do some damage on your way out.

V3 gets bloody and pissy and has his minions burn the Alienstag’s ship.   The glowing light of the ship-burning artistically illuminates the fact that there are some humans hanging out behind V3. That seems important and like something we’re gonna be coming back to at some point.

But we don’t really get to dig into that right now because V3 is pissed off now and apparently when he’s pissed off he morphs into a giant head with a giant mouth and, for some reason, tentacles.  (Am I going to be saying “for some reason, tentacles” a lot in recapping these books?  Let us hope so.)  (Also I want to know whether morphing into a different animal resets the two-hour clock or not.)

V3 tentacle-grabs the Alienstag, and the kids are feeling NOT GREAT BOB about all of this, and we just sort of end the chapter on this note of Alienstag dangling over V3’s gaping maw.

Good times, good times.


Frat Boy (Part 9)

Originally posted by subcas

Summary: Dean and reader return home and transition into the next part of their relationship…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Tags: @dancingalone21 @daydreamingintheimpala @pulgapelayo18@perpetualabsurdity  @jessiedangerous @charliebradbury1104 @squirels-angels-and-moose

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,602

Warnings: language, drugging, implied smut

A/N: Only like a little tiny amount of implied smut but you’ll get your fill next time, don’t you worry…

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You guys get shipped together (IKON)

Y/S/N: Your ship name

Jinhwan: -He was the first person you met when your group the YG Family. He was kind and friendly towards you. So while preparing for your debut you two were constantly in eachother’s selcas that were posted so it was a natural assumption that you two were an item. Neither of you said yes or no to the whole Y/S/N rumor you just continued the friendship- “could you actually see us as something Y/N?”

Originally posted by taehyunss

Bobby: -Your friendship with Jiwon is a comfortable and playful friendship full of selcas and skinships. When you were over you fell asleep on his bed with your head on his chest while the two of were talking. He took a picture and posted it on Instagram and that was the moment Y/S/N started getting much more popular- “well this is unexpected, should I tell her? No she’d kill me for posting a picture of her sleeping I’ll wait”

Originally posted by 97donggu

Yunhyeong: -you were a simple childhood friend who he randomly ran into one day while out exploring. You guys took a couple pictures together just to remember the moment before going your separate ways. Fans were convinced something was there due to the way he was looking at you in most. He was asked about it and admitted something he never thought he would have to- “when we were younger I used to have a huge crush on her but she moved away before I could say anything to her”

Originally posted by teambgasm

Hanbin: -he had a crush on you but you always seemed to be oblivious to it all even when the hashtag Y/S/N could smack you in the face. It was recently pointed out to you about how he always looked at you in pictures and videos. So you decided to get cuddly and nice. He kinda guess why and he was relieved- “you know don’t you?”

Originally posted by hanbinn

Junhoe: -it was a cute little friendship where you goofed off with eachother. You sat on eachother, fed eachother, and even slept in the same bed on occasions. You would often film him or take pictures of him, you started the hashtag jokingly but it grew into something much bigger- “what are you doing Y/N? Do you have to do film everything I do?”

Originally posted by junhxe

Donghyuk: -you were a shy little idol who Donghyuk was the boy trying to get you out of it. He liked how you blush when he hugged you or when he would hold your hand to pull you someway. It was an easy ship for you two according to the fans- “why do you keep blushing when I look at you Y/N?”

Originally posted by b-hanbin28

Chanwoo: -you held hand, kissed eachother’s cheeks, even cuddled but that was the kind of friendship you had. You guys went out one day just to explore the town and held hands so you wouldn’t lose eachother also smiling and laughing as you went store to store. Many pictures came out and you guys and neither of you really knew how to respond to it- “why do people think we’re dating? Friends hold hands and stuff. I guess it’s cause you’re pretty”

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Tired (N.G)

|based on the request: Can u do a Nash imagine please? Possibly where he’s being clingy and tired and cute?|

|literally so effing short at 700+ words, masterlist is in my description bbys|

“Oh my gosh,” Nash puffs as he sits in the car, laying his head back on my shoulder. “I am so tired.”

I grin down at him and lightly kiss his mildly sweaty hair. We’ve been down at the lake with his family all day and it’s been a very active few hours on the boat and the jet skis.

“Man, was today a good day!” Hayes exclaims as he climbs into the seats behind us, clapping his hands and whooting.

“Don’t be too loud!” I hiss, snapping my head around to quiet him down. “There are two very sleepy babies in the car.”

Skylynn was fast asleep the minute Elizabeth put her in her seat and Nash is pretty much asleep on my shoulder. I’m pretty tired too, we’ve been sat in the sun all day and it’s been awfully tiring. I’m a little sunburnt on my legs and chest, as is Nash on his face.

“Y/N, you’re so nice and cuddly.” Nash sighs as he cuddles my shoulder. “I don’t want to leave your shoulder. Ever.”

“Aw, babe,” I grin and lay my cheek on his head in a way to cuddle him back. “I have to go home though, I’m sorry.”

“I’ll ask my mom if you can sleep over, that way, I don’t have to leave your side.” He’s so clingy when he’s tired, he’s incredibly cuddly, it’s adorable.

“I guess I could sleep round-” A huge smile breaks out over his face and he whispers a little cheer. “But! It has to be okay with your mom and my parents and it has to be innocent.”

“Do you really think I’d do anything like that when my entire family is home?”

“No, but it’s just a reminder.”

“Hey guys, do you mind keeping your sex conversation down? It’s not the nicest thing to hear.” Hayes butts in, pushing his head between the chairs and on Nash’s head.

Wow, we’re all within a close proximity of each other right now. I feel oddly uncomfortable.

“Put your damn headphones in and stop listening boy!” Nash laughs and swats his brothers head away from us.

Hayes laughs along with Nash and leans back in his seat. “I’d really appreciate it if you two kept it down tonight too… We would all appreciate it.” I playfully roll my eyes and sneak a glance down at the sleeping Skylynn, she can sleep through anything and everything.

Nash goes to make another comment but his mom finally climbs into the passenger seat and they both go silent, typical.

They are both such mommas boys and they don’t even try to hide it, and because Elizabeth is such a religious woman, she does not appreciate swears and crude language in her home and around her so the boys have to be so careful about what they say sometimes.

Elizabeth immediately buckles up before pulling her sunglasses onto the cap of her hat. She pulls the mirror down in front of her and looks straight at me in it. “Hey Y/N, are you staying for dinner? We’re gunna get takeout.”

“Yes!” Nash moans out in joy, another huge grin spreading across his lips. “I need a good burger so bad.”

“I don’t know, I mean, I can, if that’s alright with you.”

“Of course it’s alright! It’s been such a lovely day and you’re as much a part of this family as Nash is.”

She’s so welcoming and kind, I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t like her.

Nash looks up at me with a small smirk, but with majorly tired eyes. “Could she spend the night too, mom? Please?”

“You’re meant to be going to grandmas tomorrow but I’m sure she’ll be fine with Y/N coming, so if it’s okay with her parents, she definitely can.”

I’ve only met Nash’s grandparents a few times over the course of a year but they’re pretty nice. They’re like the stereotypical grandparents that overfeed you and bake you delicious treats and give you some cash every time you go round.

I wish my grandparents were like that, the only ‘gifts’ they give me are life tips and lessons and twenty dollars on my birthday and Christmas.

“And stay in the same room?”

Elizabeth smiles and pushes the sun shield back up. “I trust you two.”

“We trust you too, mom.”